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Consumer complaints and reviews about shopit4me

Apr 20, 2015

shopit4me is fraud company

Pls shopit4me i request u refund my total money from himanshurana 9662022675
Nimmi Malhotra
Apr 15, 2015

We can help in refund

We can help in refund from this company. Send details to reportfraud@grahakshikayat.in
Feb 19, 2015

How you get refund

Dear friends
This is a totally fraud company. if you really want your money back then first of all change your Debit/credit card security pin, by doing this they will not deduct any amount from your account in future.
then go to your nearest police station for F.I.R.
First they will ignore you but tell them every thing and register a complaint against them.

Go through proper channel then only we can answer the blady company.
Jan 27, 2015

Fraud site / Cheated me by CAR contest

Dear All,

Be Aware of these fraud people , again & again i am getting the calls to pay Rs.35k to return my money of Rs.1,65,500/- which i have already been launched the complaint against ' www.shopit4me.com '... like they are playing new game with me to return the money or the items which i have mentioned so far....

Ph.# 011-49283150 & 011-49538200 by Ankita, Rohit roy..! they are trying to make me again BAKARA to get / grab the money..


+91 93470 76311.
Jan 27, 2015

Fraud site / Cheated me by CAR contest

Dear All,

After i have return the compliant of those people, i am getting the calls regularly from e-commerce group saying / plying with new trend, ie, they want to return my amount of Rs.1,46,500/- out of Rs.1,65,000/- , but for that i need to pay to them the security deposit to release that fund Rs.35,000/- to their account... persons names are Rohith roy / Ankitha ....but i don't understand why i should pay the security deposit, whether they are thinking my money is more that 1cr or so... if at if anybody wants to transfer the funds from Abroad even that will not needed of that much value...ha..ha.., (Ph.# 011 49538200; 011-49283150)

So they are trying to make me BAKARA once again to get the amount, instead of returning in view of either by depositing into my account or by giving the required usefull products which i have mentioned to those people...!

And also i am getting Dhamki , i will not get if i don't pay... why the hell should i pay to those people again?


+91 93470 76311.
Jan 26, 2015

Not Refund of my paid amount


Complain: Complain regarding compensation because of fake commitment and not refunding my Payment by company name www.shopit4me.com.

My name is ASHISH KUMAR. This is my complain about website address www.shopit4me.com out of three product only 1 received and that is through
shopitmarketing which is
four times costlier than displaying on their website or even six times than market rate others orders i did not received even after cancellation mail of
product no response from their side and my
amount is not refunded into my account. This is my complain about website name shopit4me.com.Three person namely mr. ramesh ,kritika and siddhart followed me
constantly and managed to take three orders by me
fraudently.In which one I received and two doesn't. I complain about it in their customer care
telephonically but they did not response me properly and asked me to complain it through mail .I complain about it many times but they did not
respond me as yet .
It look like a well planned scam running
by company they are calling people and making fool using website ,internet and calls to promote their selling. First ramesh call me in the month of
February and tell me our branch has selected you as a lucky customer and you will win a BMW car on 16th of April and that function will organize at GIP mall noida.
You Just need to pay an order of value amount 12999 for this registration against this we will send you our welcome kit of that much value besides of it every time
you will shop from our website you will get an extra 50 to 60 % discount on every purchasing. I enquire about that website and made payment on 10th of march the
product I received is so inferior in quality and cost is three times more than from their own rate displaying in website when i asked about it they told me not to
worry about products it is just a welcome kit you are not buying something you are just paying a registration amount. After some time once again they call and told me
to pay 20000 RS more because they need to generate an id of value RS one lakh in which branch will pay 80000 because you are participating from branch side firstly
I denied to pay any amount because Ramesh told me that this is the only amount you need to pay but later they managed to make payment by me on 27th of March 2014.

But this time i did not get any confirmation mail from their side then i afraid and call to their customer care and complain about it and told
them to refund my amount and cancel my order they told me not to worry siddhart sir will call you
and resolve your issues now siddhart told me why you are worry sir you are now locked at no. three position and apart from your order you will get amount
one lakh sixty thousand and since we have
internal setting with concert so you will definitely get BMW 1-series car on 16 th of April since you are
participating from Delhi branch side even your whole taxed amount will be borne by Delhi branch only
Your whole arrangement ticketing to staying will be borne by Delhi branch because branch will get a contract of value Rs
10crore and branch will get contract only if you win. He provided me a mail Id and password
by which i can avail discount 50 to 60 percent. But he told me to pay once again 5000 more because only 75000 Rupees is accepted by
branch and from customer side they at least 25000 must be paid I paid this amount on 12th of april
But while making payment I logged in their website through the mail ID that is provided by siddhart but when i logged in g-mail account
through that mail ID I found this ID is already registered to someone else.
Till today I did not received their second and third product also i want to return their first product as I come to know that this all things are fake.
They are making people fool through this online marketing. May be they doing it
on large scale and generating million of amount. They are also asking about debit card /credit card information from people .
I just want my whole amount back plus all those expenses that i made in them calling and using internet
that is thirty eight thousand plus 2000 extra into my account and take their so called welcome
kit back as it has not market value of 4000.Such type of scam business activity must be stopped and such people must be sentenced to the jail.
I do have thier call record with every explanation. Whenever I making call to their customer care department and complaining about it
they just get back to me with another line to keep me in their touch and makes me busy in their scam. I do have their hundreds of call record ,
mail record, Bank statement everything that is enough to proof them guilty.
These are the no. From which I got call From their side

The telephone no. are :01409800406,01148289550,01148289450,01148289350,01148289400
The company customer care no. through which these person are identified by different executive :011-43333334

order ID of value 12999/- is 7479

26th of march of value 19999 - is 100000841

12th of april of 4998 /- is 100001218

Status of first order product received.
Staus of second order product I not received and refunded through same courier as i already complain about cancellation.
Status of third order I received conformation mail about cancellation.

As after process of of first order I have been told by ramesh that I have been locked at no. 6 position and at least my gift hamper of
value 50 to 60 thousand is assured. After process of second order they committed that I locked at now no. 3 position and at least gift
hampher of value 160000 is assured and after placing third order They told me that actually sir now you are leading to all other participant
and will be declared winner on 16th of April 2014.But as company failed to make any promise and provided me a fake mail ID for platinum membership.
Also i asked them if all these events are true then provide me everything in written but they did not did like that. Now I have left with no option to
complain to you about all these . May be they are calling so many people to raise millions of fund and may declared a winner on any day to person under his influence.

Sir, I would like to request you to stop such type of activity because these are the big threat to online business and trust.
In compensation against it I request you to ask them to make payment at least 3 times more than actually I paid. Total amount I paid that is 37996/-.
Then I request you to ask to pay them at least 1,13,988. Actually I wasted lots of time and money regarding this fraud activity.

They also demanded my pan card ,my mother Voter id card on their registered mail id that is info@shopit4me.com to look all these drama real. There is also a breach of commitment
by company in written as in mail that is provided by company to me before ordering it is written in mail that winner will announce in 16th of April 2014 but that doesn't happened.

Now I want my compensation against these fraud commitment through you by the company .If they will get such kind of punishment they may stopped promoting such kind of fraud
commitment. I already cheated by twice by such activity.
If there is violation of any rule against online business then court must also fine against such fraud.



Jan 23, 2015

my amount refund

i am daily contact your customer care & complain board
but they not response me
my 89999/- and 2499/- amount deposit since 30 august 2013
last time to inform to you that
Jan 23, 2015

fruad company

shopit4me.com is a fraud company
its customer care not any response only one answer contact senior within 5 minute
complain board not provided any nomber
Jan 7, 2015


I want to make one complaint regarding Mobolio Car Contest.

On dated 10 Dec 2014, I received one call from Kunal Sharma, as per him I have been selected for this contest on shopping points basis and final result will be announced in . And he asked me to deposit Rs 3999/- in A/c no. 586011024210 in Ingvys Bank as entry fees for this contest so I deposited the same by cash on same day.

After that I got information that contest has been postponed to Mar 31 2015.

Than again I received a call from Deepsikha that my file have been approved by seniors and some Anil Malhotra wants to talk to me. Then when I talked to him he again asked me to deposit Rs 20000/- in same account. So I deposited the same through NEFT from my bank account no. 000201636733 on dated 03 Jan 2015.

But again Mr. Anil Malhotra called me that he requires Rs 50000 for booking and paper work of my car. So I deposited the same through NEFT from my bank account no. 000201636733 on dated 05 Jan 2015.

So total of Rs 73,999/- was deposited by me in the Ingvys account no. 586011024210 till date but now I want Total refund in my given account by today.
Jan 2, 2015

Fraud site / Cheated me by CAR contest

Dear Friends,

My name is 'Sarraju'i lost Rs.1,65,000/- through 'www.shopit4me.com' people by names '"DOGRA / MUKESH AGNIHOTRI'" , may be these people are having different names to cheat with different location people.... they said to me ours is a very nice / good / fair organization to conduct CAR contests rottenly, and for this time they have conducted HONDA MOBILO CAR CONTEST'which will be held on Dec'21st 2014.. so they have been collecting the money through this website as to purchase some items / goods through this, then can be eligible to participate & get the car, and they garbed my SBI credit card information at the first time through my cell phone talking and entered the OTP code which was sent to me for the final payments... So this has not been conducted so far & while i am talking to the customer care, they are keep on saying they can get back to you in this past two months...!

So i request the people / friends not to believe these people to invest through this website nor even belive these people as i lost the money i am here with warning everyone be aware...!

Kindly help me if anyone knows these crime to get my money back.

Thanks & regards
Sarraju - HYD
+91 93470 76311.
prabhat chandra shukla
Dec 17, 2014

bmw car contest, refund of my amount Rs.2.75 lacs

refund of my amount Rs.2.75 lacs
shopit4me fraud company and fake CONTEST organize
fraud company and fraud CONTEST
Dear friends
. I am Prabhat Chandra Shukla and I alert you again from this fraud company. Please beware from this company and don't believe on executive if you receive any call this side company. Because this company is highly fraudulent and executive fake commitment to the people and fraud with customers . So i alert you from this company please avoid the call if you receive from this company. If you want full details please call me I tell you story of this fraud company. Please don't any transaction with this company. Please call me before any transaction and any participate in this company.
Prabhat Chandra Shukla
Nov 28, 2014


First of all these company is fraud and makes fraud under car contest. I hv been a victim of it,
They gave me consolation prizes which r nt of my use most they gave me adiksha diamonds of
40000 and told market prize is 60000, and told me when I want I can recover my money by selling it,
Bt when I tried to sell I m getting 5000 thousand only, so I request these company to please dont
Make people fraud most of people hv there savings which u loot, and I request people do nt make any
Transaction which company, and dont ever tell ur account details,and please shopit4me try to be
Honest and sell ur product nor under contest.
Nov 26, 2014

Final Request

Attn:- Mr.RAJ Malhotra /Deepak/Rahul.

As per telephonic conversation with you on 06 th NOV 2014 , told me make payment favour of Shop it Marketing Pvt Ltd  Account No-586011024210(ING VYSHYA BANK) for Mobilio Tax & formalities. I have been completed all formalities as per your call (recorded).
Therefore,send the same amount AND EARLIER AMOUNTS to  my STAE BANK OF INDIA SB A/C No-  10950369787, IFSC-SBIN0010939.
You Must Reply Now thru Mail/Call.
Nov 21, 2014

to tanuj talwar

chutiye tereko phone hi kaatna h to laude gand marane tera nuber diya h bhadve....
Nov 21, 2014


tumhari maaka randi ke aulado..... saala tum sab ki maa benchod hazaar bhadvo se chudvae hogi tab tum jaise madarchod paida hue hain...... kahan h vo rand tumhari refund department ki jisne mujhe bola tha ki kuch aacha comment karo hamari site k liye phir hum refund karte h aapka... benchod teri gand me aacha comment karta abhi tum logo k liye... tum logo ko to ghadhe se chudvaunga. Benchod ghadha bhi aacha ho gaya tum logo k liye suvar aur usse koi aur nich jaanvar h to usse chudvao...
Nov 3, 2014

Resolution to all customer of shopit4me.com

Dear All

This is to inform you all that if you have any queries or complaints against shopit4me.com, you can directly contact grievance officer of Shopit Marketing Pvt Ltd, these all comments are from negative company.fake and cannot help you at all.

Tanuj Talwar
Well Wisher 1
Oct 31, 2014

Bajate Raho Inki

My Dear friends Don't Need to Worry . Am With You And I know All the process How Will You take Your Money Back Wait And Watch ! Shopit4me You Don't Know About Me ! Who m i ! You Don't Have Any Choice Tumhare to Aunde Ho Jaae Ge Aunde Seriously Guys Wait And Watch ! Esi Esi Durgatna Gatne Wali Hai K Samaj Nhai Aega Dhoti Bachae Ya Something Els Panga To Liya Hai To Nanga Bi Ha Ha Ha But Shopit4me Is Bar Galt Bande Se I Don't Want Back My Money Which is 4.2 lack ! I Don't Need That Money But Shopit ha ha ha ha ha take care your self lagane wala hu mai Or My Dear friends I am Your Well-wisher Defiantly I'll help You Wait wait shopit ha ha ha Or ha Dosto Mai Yaha Hu Agr Koi Bi Suggestion Chaie K next Step Kya Le To Mai Yahi Hazir Hu Take My Help !
prabhat chandra shukla
Oct 31, 2014

refund of my amount Rs.2.75 lacs

shopit4me fraud company and fake contest organize
fraud company and fraud contest
Dear friends
. I am Prabhat Chandra Shukla and I alert you again from this fraud company. Please beware from this company and don't believe on executive if you receive any call this side company. Because this company is highly fraudulent and executive fake commitment to the people and fraud with customers . So i alert you from this company please avoid the call if you receive from this company. If you want full details please call me I tell you story of this fraud company. Please don't any transaction with this company. Please call me before any transaction and any participate in this company.
Prabhat Chandra Shukla
Oct 11, 2014

Shopit4me - Threatened to do transaction

When I denied to accept offer they started giving threatening calls, and asked that I'll make you do the transaction forcefully. HIs words" Tu 24 ghante me online payment karega, dekh liyo, jo kar sake kar liyo" . It's another sort of cyber crime.
Don't know why cyber crime department is not taking any action against these frauds.
Oct 7, 2014

regarding my complaint

It is regarding my complaint which was with abusive words and foul language which I used as to get my refund from shopit for which I am sorry. I had a talk with Ms. Anjali from your refund department and she took my account no and ifsc code of my bank and hopefully ill get my money back within a short time. I hope you dont create more problem for me and you'll refund me the amount which you have deducted without my approval. Again I am sorry, but then you transfer me my deducted amount as soon as possible. I would also want to hear an apology from your side for troubling me to an extent that I went to use such kind of language against you.
Report Fraud
Sep 21, 2014

Consumer Complaint

Please send your grievances to below email ID:

prabhat chandra shukla
Sep 17, 2014

shopit4me fraud company and fake contest organize

shopit4me fraud company and fake contest organize
Hy Friendssssssss

I am PRABHAT CHANDRA SHUKLA and i again n again told you beware of this company and employees. These are not any organize contest but people are come in his talk and make a fool. So i daily update you please beware of this company and company employees. If you receive any call from this company please ignore and avoid this type call because this is fraud.

Now you tell me which company take from to you 20000 and product send 30000/- . I tell you these are send duplicate diamond and duplicate product useless product which market price is nil.
So i request to you again beware from this company and this company employs. If you want any Clear queries please call me and i told you full story of this company.

Mahi Gill
Sep 13, 2014


Shopit4me.com free shipping is the most delayed one. Amazon and Snapdeal Ships items faster when it comes to free shipping. Shopit4me.com has in-a-day and next day delivery options, but you will need to shell out 100-150 bucks more for this. This is okay. But in order to get more people opt for this they deliberately delay shipments. My shipment reached the Bangalore hub in 12 hours from Delhi. Shopit4me.com delivered the item 4 days after it reached bangalore. This is deliberate and is a cheap tactic to make people opt for 1/2 day delivery. Ebay, Snapdeal and Amazon are ahead of Shopit4me.com now.

The customer care responsiveness was excellent when they launched Shopit4me.com. Everything is on the decline for the past year or so. Shipped became slower. A couple of my frieds received damaged products and they were not given adequate replacements. Shopit4me.com was such an awesome company. I used to tell people about products reaching me in less than 24 hours. Now I advise them not to shop fro. mShopit4me.com to choose snapdeal/amazon. Every product is cheaper in these sites by 5-15% and also they ship faster. Customer care is also better.
Mahi Gill
Sep 13, 2014

100% satisfaction

Nov 12, 2013 | I am an avid online buyer and buy almost 90% of my necessities online.

After gaining enough experience I would like to inform all that .SHOPIT4ME is one of the best companies to shop online with almost 100% accuracy.

One can be assured of quality, price, packaging and fastest delivery before the given time.

I purchased DVD player, home theater, hand blender, books and many more products.

Each time I placed a new order I became more and more confident about their service and work culture.

My friend whom I had recommended SHOPIT4ME received a faulty mobile handset. On complaining to their CC they simply replaced it with no questions asked. That’s what I call e-commerce ethics and customer is always right attitude.

Bima mishra
Sep 13, 2014

Thanks to shopit

Bima mishra
Good experience from shopit4me
I also register my self in bmw car contest i have paid 4998/- i i also won a consolation prize black is always my favorite color so I won this American Tourister 15 inch Laptop Backpack in black color for my laptop. This is good quality product made up of good material, design, shape etc. It has a rain cover also to protect from rain. Product is nice and ideal for laptop. My laptop comfortably fits in it. I recommend this bag for all sorts of laptops. The bag is really comfortable and has sufficient space. I would really say to you shopit thank you so much to giving me this consolation prize

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