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Southern Railways

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Southern Railways

Jan 23, 2015

dredging under and beside of the railway bridge on the swarnamukhi river at naidupet, andhra pradesh

Dec 16, 2014

Harassment by Parking fee collectors

Today 16.12.2014 at 4.50am I was alighting from Mangalore express at Trichy Junction travelling from Chennai Egmore. and I Called a Taxi to travel to my residence. The Taxi driver has parked the car outside the premises of the Railway junction parking limit and that I carried all my luggages to that point where the cab was which is perfectly away from parking area. Yet the agents collecting parking fee rushed to the place where my cab was just movinging in and loading my baggages and blocked the cab and that agent harrassed me to pay a parking fee of Rs.10/- and forcefully colleced the same by issuing receipt No. 5654 carrying the Licencee Name as R. Ramesh. Who is to check this harrasment by the Licencee R. Ramesh and his team.
poonam khatri
Nov 30, 2014

Introduction of New Trains

I have been travelling from Chennai to Mumbai for the past twenty years. This is the most neglected route among the metropolitan cities.There are no fast trains running on this route.some fast trains like shatabdi or torrento should be introduced in this route and also new tracks should be laid.
sekar krishnamoorthy
Oct 6, 2014

Fine amounts collected by the TTEs are properly deposited to Railway or they are embezzled by the TTEs.

Dear Sir,

I T.K.Sekar travelled from St.Thomus Mount to Tambaram in EMU Train on 06.10.2014 by 11.00 AM. Mistakenly I boarded I class compartment with II class ticket. One TTE Mr.Muruganandam entered and examined my ticket, fined me, I too offered no excuse as the fault is on my part due to my negligence. I arranged money and to pay the same to him. He asked one of his colleague to collect the money. He has given a receipt for Rs.310 as fine bearing number: LOCAL AL 0386441 with the round seal of T.G.S.Squad Madras B. It is all over then.

My contention is,

For Gods sake nobody can read, what he has written in the receipt.
Why TTE Mr. Muruganandam asked another man to issue the receipt from different receipt book which was not his?
Could I be ascertain that my fine amount credited to Indian Railway or not?

Thanks with regards

Sep 3, 2014

Seat Reservation in Hubli Dharwad Intercity

I recently traveled from hubli to bangalore (1-Sep) on the intercity train # 12726. Having experienced the rush earlier and having 2 kids travel with me, i decided to book tickets for the reserved coach. i was lucky & happy to see that the tickets were available on thr IRTCTC website, however, my happiness was short lived when i sat in the train. Initially, there were a lot of co passengers who boarded the same compartment although they did not have any reservations. Around an hour later, the TC diligently ensured that the passengers without a reservation were asked to move to a different compartment. This really helped the situation for about an hour or so, however, the moment the train reached davangere station, the compartment was full again and from then on, there was no difference between a reserved compartment and a general bogie.. Me and my family who had three reserved berth were pushed and had to fight our way to keep our seats. Even after repeatedly mentioning that ours was a reserved bogie, we were told that the reservation was only for the seats and that any passenger traveling with a valid general ticket can also board the same bogie. On defending my belief that they are not allowed in reserved compartments, i had faced with a lot of commotion and had to back out fearing worse scenarios with already pissed mob. The TC was no longer available from Davangere to handle the situation.. probably had got down.

My request is to have a TC or police to control the movement of crowd for the reserved coaches without which there is no meaning in booking a ticket a reservation we have to go through the same trouble as a general class passenger.

Thank you
Chetan Tulsian
Jul 7, 2014

Transgender's creating more problems in train

Hi, in chennai sub-urban trains(Chennai Beach-Chengalpet) transgender's are creating more problems by asking money to every people. They are misbehaving if a person is not giving money. Kindly take necessary actions to avoid these problems from transgenders.
Jul 7, 2014

Transgender's creating more problems in train

Hi, in chennai sub-urban trains transgender's are creating more problems by asking money to every people. They are misbehaving if a person is not giving money. Kindly take necessary actions to avoid these problems from transgenders.
Jun 16, 2014

theft in trains

I KV Ramachandran with mywife Susheela travelled by visakhapatnam kollm train on 17th April 2014 No.18567 by sleeper S3 49&52
wherein our trolly black suitcase which was tied by chain stollen by cutting the chain into two pieces noticed by us in Erode only The suitcase was caontaining money of Rs.25000/ and ATM card and chq book with PIN No. and the Miscreant has withdrawn money from the account in SBI ATM RLY STATION KATPADI Rs. 7000/- The complaint was lodged first in Erode and subsequently in Vellore(KATPADI) RPF . We lost our important file with house papers original tax bills water tax and all our clothes leaving no clothers for changing at our destination. The Katpadi Railway Police has got the photo of thief from SBI ATM an still the SI Mr. A.RAVI is unable to find out our goods and money and moreover he is telling that the amount cannot be traced out as it doesnot have record but the other things in the suitcase ie. clothes, ladies hand bag gents hand bag can be traced out. But still we have not received any positive reply from him after calling him on phone several times. We need the case should be solved immediately and the lost things along with the cash should be returned to us.
Jun 4, 2014

Southern Railway Parking - improper additional charges

In Southern Railways bike parking area in Tambaram East (Chennai) railway station, monthly pass is Rs. 125 only, but they are asking Rs. 240 for the first month and Rs. 140 per month thereafter. In the monthly coupon, it is printed on Rs. 125.

If 100 new comers, Rs. 10 k is taken by them out of the law without any receipt etc. Similarly, Rs. 15 additional charges per month for existing users (if 500 people, 500*15=Rs.7500)

Authorities are requested to kindly do a raid, investigate, and remove this.
Apr 22, 2014

Train has not halted as per schedule, lack of information on coaches and Station master was sleeping at his duty

I have booked train tickets from Katpadi Station to Madurai for 23.04.2014 along with my family, train and booking details are given below:
Train name : DDN MDU Exp
Train No : 12688
Date of Departure : 23.04.2014
PNR Number : 2830640550
From Station : Katpadi
To Station : Madurai

We have booked our tickets in B1 coach and there is no information on coaches in the station and the display boards which shows the coach position in the katpadi station are not working, manual information on coach information is also not available. When we tried to approach station master, he is sleeping inside his room and we try to wake him up but he has not responded. We were totally clueless on where B1 coach comes. When train reaches we noticed B2 is in the front part of the train and B1 coach is not near by B2. Sleeper class coaches are next to us and the doors are not opened. We have been running to get into any of the coaches along with my kid and elderly parents. But before we get in to any coach the train has started moving and we could not get in to running train and so we missed the train. The train which is supposed to halt for 2 mins has departed within few seconds. All this mesh has happened because of station master sleeping during his duty time and lack of information on the station. I request railway department to take necessary action on the station master of Katpadi station and make proper arrangements in the station where all necessary information is displayed properly, So that common man who depend on railways are not affected like us. I need speedy reply for my mail and my booking amount to be refunded.....


Dec 8, 2013

coach not maintained properly

R/sir, as per PNR 4257020391 & 4810710653 T.NO16105/ 16106 I TRAVELLED 3ac B1 coach has not maintained properly bathroom door were not properly closed, no tissue papaer, hand wash soap liquid not provided, toilet jug not provided its very highly difficult to travel disabled person, old aged person, since i reported to concern TTE their not carred, they simply diverted pl give the compalint to guard complaint suggestion box, sir i am 75% affected by polio how i can move to guard area, my heart is very wounded when they used words, 94440 14440, kindly rectify the problem to travel other passengers also,
Nov 23, 2013

I lost my luggage in train no 12681-special train(No police was in train)

Actually i missed my luggage while im traveling on 16.11.2013 through coimbatore xpress(special train-weekly once). after crossing erode junction i just woke up and found my luggage bag was missing. Which it consists of my original license, original pancard, atms, samsung basic model phone, dresses. I cant find any of the police in the train. My request was to allocate some guards in these kind of special trains.
What i surprised was, while i raised a complaint in coimbatore railway police station they simply said to go erode railway station. Even i contacted to erode railway police station, they said complain this to coimbatore railway station.
So what can I do now?
Nov 4, 2013

Pathetic condition of train Toilet

Dear Sir
My Complaint No W/SR/TVC/000024310 dated 24 Oct 2013 and refer PNR No: 425-6058303, Train No: 12483, dated 16-10-13 from KYJ to ASR. [S6-5 & 8] This is regarding the pathetic condition of train compartment, in which I had to travel from KYJ to ASR. a. The flushing system of the all toilets was missing from the locations. Hence no passenger could able to flush after using the toilet. Just imagine what will be the conditions of the passengers traveling 3600km (3 days) like us whose seats are allotted near this area. It is quite regrettable and pity to state that, we could not eat and drink a glass of water during the entire journey due to the horrible smell from the toilet. b. It is quite deplorable, shameful to say that, what does maintenance staffs do at Yard and what are the moral responsibilities of the superiors. When will stop such ill-treatment. It is requested that, please investigate the matter and do the needful to solve the problems permanently.
Rajan Varghese 404, Parshva Deep Stella, Vasai Road West Maharashtra- 401 202 Mob- 09665113394.
Nov 1, 2013

poor maintenance of coach

we had a horrible night journey when we traveled from agra to chennai by grand trunk express on 30th oct 2013, pnr no 2722411407, in coach no 05027, berth no 3 and 5, It was horrible when train exceeds speed of 45 to 50 kmp, the vibration sound unbearable and disturbed every one and robbed their good night's sleep having paid fare fro 2ac , we deprived of the happiness of travelling by ac coach, i called the running staff attached to Ac units they also said it is due to vibration under the coach, and need to be attended by the engineers of the maintenance depot,
My request to you is to look in to this sound and rectify the problem before it becomes a major one and save huge amount of money, and can avoid a mishap ,
Thanking you
N venkatramanan
Nov 1, 2013

poor maintenance of coach

I traveled along with my wife in 2A berth no 3 and 5 in coach no 05027 from AGRA to Chennai by Grand trunk exp took train on 30th October 2013,PNR no 2722411407
iam sorry to say the pitiable condition of the train and its maintenance, I traveled in both GT and TN Exp several times, but i found it to be sorry state of affairs in our SR , The coach in which we traveled really a horrible because of terrible vibration sound emanating from below the compartment, i was shocked to see the condition and poor quality of maintenance, I called the Ac mechanics who are on duty in the train, they also noticed and said it is mechanical problem, needs attention from senior engineer, also they said they will be making comments in their books , and they said they are helpless, Then TTE was informed and TTE told through them if I need a change of berth he will arrange and give, I was reluctant in going to different compartment with all my luggage etc.on the second night journey, i managed without regular sleep and reached chennai in time, Thanks to the driving staff
I request you, through this complaint to do attend the problem before it becomes a big one and end up in a mishap.
MS Kaushik
Oct 4, 2013

Not visible 06805 & 06806

The ad is been posted for the new train from Trichy to Sai nagar and back. But they are not visible as of now. We tried going to the counter to book but they are also unable to view the train.

Please check that the database is been loaded and the henceforth check if you announce the train please upload the same in the irctc also

MS Kaushik
MS Kaushik
Oct 4, 2013

holiday special trains is not been shown in the reservation counter and in irctc

holiday special train number is 06805 , we have seen a ad about holiday special train from Sai Nagar Shirdi to Tiruchchirappalli they have said that they will upload the train on october 1 so that we can reserve the train pleace take a necessary action
Sep 23, 2013

About North Indian Guys

I am working in cochin, my native is chennai. Every week I am going to chennai and return to cochin. Usually I preferred unreserved coches. I found many north indian guys smoking inside the train itself while the train is in motion. They will not obey others and also not care with co-passengers (aged people and kids). Kindly get through this compalint immeditate.

Jul 21, 2013

College boys misbehaving with women passengers

On 19.07.2013, Friday we were travelling in train no.56821-Mayiladuthurai-Tirunelveli Passenger [11.20 AM departure time]. It reached Trichirapalli at 2.00 pm. Lot of students boarded at Trichy junction. Those students traveled from Trichy to Manaparai. Boys among them were using mobile cameras. They search the compartments where lot of women and girls are more crowed. As soon as train started, they started targeting good looking women and girls and tried to either video-graph or take photos with their mobiles, pretending as if they are speaking in their mobiles. Once they complete taking photos, they exchange their photos with their friends happily and make comments.I was with my wife and daughter who noticed the same and advised my daughter to close her face with shawl. It irritated the boys. On account of which, till they got down at Manaparai, they criticized us and passed sarcastic comments on us. It was a hard journey for us, I was helpless and didn't have courage to fight with the student rogues. It is a very bad culture from the students which I never expected. If railway police look into this and check with their police personnel during such time many offenders who cause inconvenience to women passengers will be caught. It seems those boys will be having season pass/students' pass.If they are caught red-handed and punished either by ceasing their mobiles or their season/concession tickets, other boys will have fear to do the same. Will the Southern Railway authority take necessary stringent action against them?

With regards.
S. Purshothaman - Cuddalore-1
Perumkolam Vaidyalingam Hariharan
Jul 3, 2013

Incorrect information from IRCTC about Marusaagar EXP.

12977/12978 are ERL to AJMER /AJMER to ERL weekly Marusagar super fast expresses. Railways have provided a stop for these trains at TIRUR under Palakkad division.The train has been stopping at this station for more than 3 years now.

IRCTC which has been doing the online booking has been maintaining for the past one year or so that 12978 exp. does not stop at TIRUR and has been displaying the train shedule in their website without a halt at tirur. This is at variance with the SR time table and Trains At A Glance published in July, 2012.I had pointed this out through Email and even kept track of "the train running status ", displayed by SR in their website indicating the actual duration of halt, the time by which the train is behind or ahead of sheduled time etc.In spite of this IRCTC was adamant and refused to take booking from Ajmer to Tirur and instead advised many passengers that tickets should be either booked up to Calicut or Shoranur.When I persisted with the issue as a matter of principle, some one sent a mail that we should wait till July2013 since train timings are being revised. In the New SR Time Table frrom July, 2013 also the train 12978 has a stop at Tirur for 2 mts. but IRCTC continues to maintain its casual approach.of misleading customers.

What concerns me as Management Consultant are the following.

1. the amount of inconvenience and avoidable expenditure to committed passengers.
2. Misleading statistical inputs since many passengers out of sheer helplessness would be forced to buy tickets to destinations they would not want to travel
3. A great disservice to SR, despite their good intentions.

Can anybody take some action on this and keep me informed?

From: Prof. P. V. Hariharan,B -5, Praveens Vijaya, Near SBIOA School, 380, Church Road, Mogappair East, Chennai 600 037

Tel. 044 - 26561908 / 9381044908 pvh_46@yahoo.co.in
Jul 2, 2013

permanent delay of train arrivals

Dear Sir,
I am a resident of Mangalore (karnataka) and facing a problem of train arrivals by stopping almost all the trains near the Nethravathi River bridge for long time sometimes even more an hour saying no platform available which is happening for the last few years.

The people coming from the south going towards Udupi and Manipal (students and even parents) are getting delayed to catch the connection bus in the night and even get stranded in Mangalore.

Please, take an immediate action against this problem.

Thanking You,

Rajakrishnan Nambiar
Mob: 8050497263
Jun 19, 2013

Selling Tatkal Tickets

Hello Sir,

Night ATM Securities in Ambaturai Railway Station are selling the Tatkal tickets to passenger and making the demand. Kindly change ATM place or take a action on them.

sathishkumar anbu
Jun 18, 2013

irregular gate open at kadampathur

Dear Sir,
At Kadampathur Gate the Gate men will make new sense to open the Gate. They close Long time the train Comes. This Case makes big big trouble to travel disable persons and pregnancy Women s . So Pls take corrective Action to replace the gate-men to save them.
Jun 9, 2013

playing cards played at running train

we the office goers returned from chennai the train no.16089/16090 yelagiri express daily.some passengers in the compartment occupied the seats in the un reserved seats even with out the persons for playing cards.It leads much inconvenient to the co passengers .they are shouting,smoking,teasing other passenger.even ladies could not escape their troublegiven by them . i humbly reqest that the ralway authority may protect the passenger .
sam Christopher
Jun 4, 2013

Theft of jewels in train no.12696

on 23.5.2013 we travelled from Trivandrum to Katpadi by train No. 12696. My son Gift Sam, my daughter in law and 4 month old child travelled by III A/c B1 coach in their allotted berth No.45 and 46, while my wife and I were in S4 coach occupying berth No.9 and 11. My sons luggage consisted of three travel bags and a back pack (laptop bag). My daughter in law was in the lower berth and my son in the middle berth having kept their baggage under the lower berth of the opposite side of the cubicle. A family consisting of two boys and a husband and wife in the mid way occupying the other six berths in the same cubicle. They had pushed towards the aisle side the three travel bags of my son and had kept their luggage consisting of a big suite case, a big travel bag along with some other luggage in the gap. My son's laptop bag had got covered behind the big travel bag belonging to the other family under the opposite side lower berth below the sealed window.
My daughter in law having noticed three of my sons luggage pushed towards the aisle side had looked for the laptop bag and had found it behind the big travel bag belonging to the other family. She had checked this laptop bag at around 2:00 am and had found it intact. When my son had got up at 6,30 in the morning of 24.5.2013, and noticing some of the clothes from his laptop bag strewn down, had checked his laptop bag. He had found the zip of the bag opened and a packet consisting of 20 sovereigns of gold wrapped in a lungi and kept deep inside the laptop bag missing. My son had immediately informed this loss to the TTE. He had told my son that he should report the loss to the station master in Katpadi. Hence he had contacted the police help line by phone from the train itself. He also called my number and asked me to go to his compartment urgently. I went from my compartment to his compartment and got to know that his jewels were missing and the matter has been informed to the TTE and the police help line. I went back to my compartment to tell this to my wife and also informed of the loss to the TTE of my compartment. He asked me to get a Theft report form from the TTE of B1 coach and get it signed by him to be handed over to the railway police at Katpadi. Hence I contacted my son and asked him to get the Theft Report Form duly signed by the TTE of his compartment, which my son did. But the concerned TTE had replied that there was no such form. So my son contacted me again and informed me of this reply. Hence I once again met the TTE of my compartment who immediately gave three copies of the theft report form and offered to take me to the concerned TTE to help get the form signed. But after half filling the form, having realized that we were nearing Katpadi we excused ourselves and disembarked. As per the advice of the TTE of my compartment we went to the Katpadi Railway Police Station and informed of this theft and on their advice my son took our car and went to Jolarpet Railway Police and filed a complaint the same day (i.e. on 24th May).

My question is why did the concerned TTE plead ignorance of knowing there ever existed a Theft Report Form. I feel that the concerned TTE did not want to give such a report and had pleaded ignorance. This is deplorable. Why did he do this? Can we get back the lost jewels? --- Sam Christopher, cell No.9443309076.

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