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Consumer complaints and reviews about Spidigo

Tejas Patel
Dec 24, 2014

Speed Not Up to Mark After Long Follow up

My User ID : tejas_81

This is the West of time to follow up you regarding any complain because from last 10 days I have called your costumer care regarding speed problem.But not single follow up has been come from your side as well your customer care and Engineers are not taking any argument seriously.

I feel very foolish that because I have paid 15Month Subscription to you Kindly refund my Money I requesting you that Please Look in the matter and do not cheat customer.
Nov 24, 2014

Making a Fun of Customer Complaints

I feel like Spidigo care is making a Fun of Clients complaints.

I Registered my complained on 22nd Nov'14 Saturday around 2:30 PM. A lady told me that you will get the phone call. After couple of hours I got the phone call and said that there was a technical issue which was resolved and they closed my complain without even confirming that my net is working or now.

Again I called them like 5:30 PM. From different person I get the same instructions that you will get the phone call.. But this time it was very smart. They closed my ticket without any call and confirmation. Whole Saturday passed without any action.

NOW It was Sunday 23rd Nov. 2014.. I started calling them from Morning 9:30 am onwards till 3:00 pm I was only getting BUSY TONE on customer care... Pathetic Feeling.. Finally some one answered my call but got the same reply. You will get the call.. This time a technical guy called my and said Engineer will call you today and problem will be solved.. NO ONE CALLED ME. Net was not working whole SUNDAY.

IT"s MONDAY 24th Nov. 2014 Now. I called again like 9:00 AM. A lady answered my call and same thing. An engineer will visit soon. He will call you.


I hope they realize the value of time and customer... I am with Spidigo for more than 3 years now. Was thinking to take any other action or not. Should i stick with Spidigo? I need to take actions!!
Nov 18, 2014

Wifi Guidance

respetected sir
its a week that i have purchased spidigo connection. let me tell you that the customer service center you run is probably the rudest. they don' t guide us how to configure the wifi router and they tell us it should be done buy the person form where we purchased the wifi router dumb answer. i bought them from croma do you think they would come and configure it.... don't you think it is the companies responsibility to configure to wifi router. they even provide us the ip address. the only reason i had purcahse your connection as there are no other connections in that area. your a sad company unethical company.
user id. devarshi22
Oct 17, 2014

spidigo complaints

dear sir,
i am reading spidigo complaints and got the same thing with me.
they have encashed my 6 months connection payments by cheques and documents before 2 months.
daily i am making calls for connections or refund but nobody is authorized to resolve my issues.
really, very disappointed with spidigo and i have not seen such worst service ever.
Oct 13, 2014


13 Oct 2014


I purchased a broadband internet connection from Spidigo on 08 Oct 2014, (2 MBPS unlimited for 6 months + 1 month free), along with a wireless router, for my office premises.

I paid them a total amount of INR 8800.00 by cheque (Cheque No. 74108 of Corporation Bank dated 08 Oct 2014) which includes the installation charges (INR 250.00), cost of the wireless router (INR 2500) and the cost of the internet service for 6
months + 1 month free (INR 6299.00).

The connection was promised to me within 5 days.

I have provided Spidigo with documentation which would normally be considered of a confidential nature as proof of identity and proof of address (a copy of my most recent municipal tax bill, my driving licence, and my photograph).

The Spidigo representative said that someone would call me to verify my information the next day, when he collected the cheque and my documents.

Spidigo have cashed the cheque on 10 Oct 2014.

When nobody called me up to 10 Oct 2014, I tried calling the representative, Mr. Vivek, who had visited me to take my order. His phone (mobile no. 78198 13539) was switched off (at 10:30 AM), and then, after trying repeatedly, even when the phone
rang, he would not answer my calls.

I also tried to contact Spidigo's office number (079-6619 9999) repeatedly, and after numerous attempts, was able to speak to some lady, who said that she will ask someome to call me back.

Nobody has called me to date.

I tried calling Mr. Vivek again today morning at about 11:30 AM, but his phone was switched off.

After repeated attempts, I was able to reach their office number again, and asked the (gentle)man about the status of my order, and why nobody had called me. He said he will pass on my "request" to the concerned people, and somebody will get in touch with me soon.

When I asked him for a time frame, he said he could not commit to a time, because he did not have this information.

I asked to speak to somebody senior, and he said that he did not know who I could speak with. When I asked him for the number of some senior official of the company who I could speak with, he said that he did not have that information.

I told him that I would like to have a categorical reply about the status of my order, and if I do not get the connection by today, I want to cancel the order, and want my money back.

There has been no response forthcoming from Spidigo so far.

I am concerned about the loss of my money, and also possible misuse (criminal or otherwise) of my private and confidential information that Spidigo have in their possession.

I intend to circulate this complaint widely to all possible fora online, and may also escalate it to appropriate legal action for bringing Spidigo to book for wilful negligence, resulting in gross deficiency of service, and causing me inconvenience, loss of business, pain and suffering.

I would appreciate your assistance in circulating my complaint as widely as possible on your platform, and taking any appropriate action that you can, to ensure that Spidigo honours its obligations to its customers.

Thank you for your help.


Asaf Shamsi

CEO & Director, International Operations,


Ahmedabad, India
bhomik mehta
Sep 29, 2014

worst service and poorer customer support

tech person comes after 8 days of repeated complaints. told me that he want to go on terrace at 11:30. then he did not come back. problem as it is. no one responding.
Sep 10, 2014

Customer satisfaction... ! not in their menu...

Support Ticket No: 140901949, lodged 2nd sep, 14. After that I tried to contact their office many a times. Every call ends with a promise that it will be rectified by the very day itself, but alas, all wait goes in vain. They are too busy in not giving any support or service to the loyal customers. Once we pay for their service, they make us a puppet of their wish. Buy plans from them at your own risk. You are sure to get a top notch pathetic service....
Sep 2, 2014


only one day before i instolation spidigo net 512mb unlimeted plan , same day instolatin man tot solve my problem
and not working wifi and spidigo man router instolation extra charj 300 i pay this man, but not properly not work

pls solve my problem in internet


Pradeep Jha
Aug 20, 2014

Very bad support and worst service spidigo


I am writing this mail to inform you about the WORST SERVICES being provided to me. The internet is not working since 16th August.. When i called on 16th, the customer care informed me some technical person would be calling me to resolve my issues. but there was no call…And today i.e. 18 aug i got a call.. the technical guy visited my place around 4 p.m. He mailed you guys (
aman malhotra <aman.malhotra@spidigo.com>,
SPiDiGO Broadband <Shafik.spidigo@gmail.com>,

) that the problem has been resolved but no sooner he left my house again the same problem erupted…I have been facing this problem since last 13th july 2014 the day the service has started in bopal..

I am really frustrated with this and i feel harass…I want a permanent solution to my problem..I Just don’t understand why its taking so long to solve such a small problem.

I want this to be solved immediately or else i want refund…


User id : mansha

Pradeep Jha
Jagdish Singh
Aug 17, 2014

non working on net

401 parshwa towers
Near Pkwan-II, SG High way, Bodak dev,

SUBJECT : Improper/ Non working of Broad Band (USER ID : archana.singh, Motera Area, Ahmedabad)

Dear Sir

I am using SPIDIGO Broad Band Service since 2010. When it works it work but when it stops it takes 10-15 days time for rectification. This I am experiencing since purchase of services. All the time after repeated complaints it is rectified.

How is the performance Pl. Look into below FACTS:-

1. On Current renewal of the year 2014, the person who visited for collecting Advance Annual Charges ensured good quality service. I requested him to get change location of ROUTER, as this may improve signal quality. He ensured work will be done in 24 Hrs, but no one turned up for 3 months.

2. The broad Band was not working properly from 15th July to 29th July, 2014. After lodging complaint complaints are closed without making broad band functional although I specifically requested “CUSTOMER CARE” to send some technical person at location to solve the problem, but complaint was automatically closed without rectification of NET WORK error.

3. Contacting “CUSTOMER CARE” takes minimum 30-45 minute. There is no system of ONLINE LODGING of complaint on your WEB Page.

4. I send mail at available mail ID’s on your Web site i.e support@spidigo.com/ broadband@spidigo.com/ cr@spidigo.com till date no reply communicated. As a result of mail I received call FROM 7819817722, 7819813534, THE PERSON ON PHONE TALKED NICELY AND INFORMED THAT SERVICES WILL START WITHIN NO TIME AFTER PAYMENT BUT ON COMING TO SERVICE OF EXISTING BROAD BAND THEY IMMEDIATELY DISCONNECTED.

5. Following complaints number were given by “ CUSTOMER CARE” in SPAN of 10-15 days. All these were closed without rectification of net problem
1. 140725042
2. 140723771
3. 140722624
4. 140721822
5. 140720110
6. 140718799

6. Complaint No. 140723771 was closed at 11.45 in night. I called customer care at 01.00 Hrs in night to ask why it has been closed. CUSTOMER CARE told Mr Anil Damar has closed the complaint after giving BULLET DOSE to net. But Bullet did not work in above closed complaints, after dose.

7. Besides CUSTOMER CARE I contacted following number of “SPIDIGO” but same result
1. 7819813534
2. 7819813629
3. 7819813728
4. 7819817722
5. 7819813507
6. 7819813545

8. After repeated calls on 24.07.2014 one Mr. PIYUSH visited did something Net worked for an Hr or so and stopped again.

9. On 25.07.2014 after making more than 50 calls to Mr OM Prakash Mobile No. 7819813545, Mr OM Prakash ensured that it will be done by evening. No result. Mr OM Prakash stopped lifting my call.

10. After repeated complaints and follow up on CUSTOMER CARE your representative visited on 29.07.2014. Complete unit at TOP was replaced & BROAD BAND was made functional

11. On 01.08.2014 again net stopped working. CUSTOMER CARE number was busy for 4-5 hrs but by night NET again started, without any complaint

12. On 02.08.2014 again it stopped working. Customer Care again informed it will be Rectified in 48 Hrs. By night it again started working .

From above you can very well note the QUALITY & Response system in place. This may be either due to Untrained Manpower or Overburdened Manpower. As a customer I am getting Very Poor Quality after making ADVANCE PAYMENT IN THOUSANDS OF RUPEES.

In view of above EXTREMELY POOR QUALITY SERVICE & Continuous Cheating/Misbehaviour by your officials as brought out above, I request you disconnect the services, collect your items installed & refund the money at the earliest, as there is no Guarantee of FUTURE QUALITY SERVICE by ‘SPIDIGO” . Failing which I have no other option but to move to CONSUMER COURT for seeking COMPENSATION for Harassment by “CUSTOMER CARE” operators closing complaint no 140725042 /140723771 /140722624/ 140721822 / 140720110 / 140718799 without rectification of error and Continuous harassment by persons bearing Phone number 7819813534 / 7819813629 /7819813728/ 7819817722 / 7819813507 / 7819813545 /07966199999/ 09687681806/ 07966199888/ 08511150596/ 09737619665 for all the time cheating and giving MISLEADING INFORMATION which is leading to TRAUMA.

8 Devmangalya Bunglows
Motera Ahmedabad
Aug 14, 2014

Very bad support and service of SPIDIGO

I not able to use internet service of spidigo connection. I have complained many a times and suffering from last 5 month but not getting proper service, support and solutions. So spidigo's service and support are very very bad.
Aug 13, 2014

Snapdeal Not refunding money

I had purchaged a rebook shoe in offer from SnapDeal site for Rs1500/- in july 2013. I found the product as damaged one, their custumer care officer assured the refund and told me to parcell the product to okhla industrial area Delhi, I done the same. Now
they given me some refund status code but that is no mean, every time I call them for refund they are telling me your money is refunded, attach us the statements starting from july till today. I also done that 4 times. I really afraid after this incidence to purchage online.
HarDik MeHta
Aug 9, 2014

Refund Issue

A sales person named "Dilip Pandey" from spidigo collected 9400/- cash and gave us receipt with the name of "Makadia Nikan" on 15-july-2014 for a new connection and when engineers came to install device on the same day, they couldn't detect signal so they told us to apply for refund and we did too. They also told that refund will be done within a week but till today (25 Days) we haven't received refund and no one is responding or attending our queries and there's no authorize person's contacts are working. They are always getting busy or unavailable in the network. So where we could contact for our refund and when we will be able to get refund??? We are really frustrated with customer service of Spidigo.

Refund Issue

Aug 1, 2014

worst Ever Service & Return MOney and loss

I had complain about my internet connection and register the complain. But till 60 days not solve.

They assign some *Kaushik* Engineer but don't know whether he is in company of not.

It's very worst service. Never go for this.

Don't buy the plan for long term otherwise you will never come out of this like me.


username james75

my moble 9925007220
Aug 1, 2014

Worst Customer support

I had complain about my internet connection and register the complain. But till 6-7 days no body is attending.

They assign some ** Rajput ** Engineer but don't know whether he is in company of not.

It's very worst service. Never go for this.

Don't buy the plan for long term otherwise you will never come out of this like me.
Jul 30, 2014

poor service + no customer support + mental stress

I have taken new conection a month back. But its not working at all from day1. Despite many complaints there is no reply from spidigo. They are very prompt only on day1 for receiving money. Thats it. There task completes here.

My user id is : pateldhiru. N spidigo representative to whom i was contacting were karan and safik. They were hardly revert back to my complaints. Its so frustrating. Its like men5al harassement.

1 more thing to note : spidigo customer care numbers were busy 24 ×7. Then what is the use of customer care number.

Why spidigo gives false promises n harasse ppl ?
Jul 20, 2014

not to resolve my complaint

I have just purchased a new broadband connection but I have never experienced the actual committed speed and raised multiple speed complains but none of them has been resolved but closed without any rectification. These are the ticket numbers which has given to me but none of them is resolved but closed: 140717749 I just want to close the connection and want refund from them. My user Id - abdulrashid01 Mobile number - 8866649527 here is the screen shot that plan is 2 mbps and i am haing the speed is less then 1 mbps

not to resolve my complaint

Jacks Patel
Jul 20, 2014

not resolve my complaint and not answering

I was complained 3days before but no one ia arrive to solve my complain and they just cal me our technical person is on way but 3days pass no one iss here to solve my complain my complain No. is 140715577
Jun 30, 2014


I have never seen this kind of worst internet provider. Those who r thinking of taking connection don't take Spidigo at all. I am stucked up for 15 months. customer support will be the worst part. No 1 listen u.
Jun 10, 2014

Worst Isp ever

spidigo is a clean scam. The provide worst service. Their internet is mostly down due to maintainance. They never answer my phone calls also. so if you are going to take spidigo internet connection after reading this then, you are a moron.
Apr 28, 2014

instaltion makong fool of spidigo users

i have paid spipgigo broad band connection in advance,after paid there is no response from instalation people .i paid amununt on 23.4.2014 ,but all ph no making fool busy response feed back tones.no voice from office staff, my coonection agent chandra net pvt ltd bodekdev ahmedbad..very very supid service response from this office people, name is spidigo working as like buffollow speed in this company, all people working as buffolow speed guys .not spidigo speed.
request to all
plse no one to show intrest with spidigo net connection ,
fool people will connect with fools
keyur modi
Nov 9, 2013

poor network

net is working very slowly,we have complaint many times but problem not resolved so please take any action
Aug 16, 2013

bye bye bitch(spidigo)

hi my fellow victims of this leech, i am from ghodasar and a victim of this leech called spidigo(i don't know why i haven't noticed earlier it's name only says "speed is going out of orbit = SPiDiGO" f**k me.

i am subscribed to them since april 2011, well to be honest i can't say that this period wasn't full of troubles with them, but at least they have sorted out it perhaps after giving me a sh*t ton of stress and exhausting me mentally, but at least they were able to resolve it.

but i am having problem since 24 of july(2013) and those illiterates of wireless, can't even identify the problem, well i had helped them in sorting out the problem which was to upgrade my current device, but this suckers i don't know what to say, have this god damn attitude of that they know every god damn thing of wireless technology and how network works, but still they don't understand these terminologies of interference and noise in wifi, what a shame.

still no solution offered by them, and to be honest i have made my complete mind of migrating from them preferably to reliance even bsnl will do :D

those who are looking for a "Broadband" connection
and please
avoid spidigo at all the f**king cost, well and if you are so daring that after reading all this you will opt on them then best of luck with the number of days which you are going to waste on them, the amount of mental stress you will have and the lost of concentration on all of your day-to-day works, good luck to you brave future martyrs of Internet

but still a word of extreme caution to those who rely on internet for their JOB, it's a complete no-no, avoid spidigo at all cost or prepare your butts to pay it in many folds

thank you
Aug 6, 2013

not working internet connection last 10 days

since last 10 days my INTERNET is not working for user name pratiksanghavi . i called at your customer care for the solution he told me to resolve the complain and my complain no is 130803398.your company service person come and solve the problem but after 2 hour my internet connection is not working and after that i called your customer service but it always busy

So note my complain about not working internet connection

Do the needful for this as early as possible

Jul 22, 2013

No network poor customer care service

I am facing Net connection problems and also very poor Customer care service of spidigo in 2mbps plan since 4 days,so i want to discontinue my plan and want refund as i started my new plan about a week ago.

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