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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about SRI CHAITANYA JUNIOR COLLEGE

Nov 13, 2015

Bad Food, Irresponsible staff and Principal

My daughter joined, Sri Chaitanya Jr college MPL campus SaiNagar

I gave complaints to Principle and staff 10 -15 time on

- Food quality and some times they serve stale food
- NO review or feedback mechanism
- NO counselling sessions
- Arrogant staff behavior

I am totally satisfied with answers they provide during the conversation and many times never pay attention

I am not sure who to approach and escalate to next level , it force me to post this complaint -

sarath babu 2270
Sep 29, 2015

fee refund

I had paid admission fee of Rs 2,300/- to Sri Chaitanya Junior College, S.R.Nagar branch, Hyderabad on 27.2.2015 for admission of my son in junior college. Vide Receipt No.6184866 and Admission No.156020177 Dt.27.02.2015.
At the time of admission I informed that I may get transfer to anywhere in India due to my job and college authorities informed that they will refund my fee if my son is not joined in their college.

Subsequently I got transferred to Warangal and we enquired for Sri chaitanya branch in Warangal but there is no branch in Warangal and that’s why I submitted letter to refund my fee on 10.6.2015.

Till now I did not receive any reply or refund of my money from the college. I wish you will respond faster and refund my money back.
My bank details:- Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Ameerpet branch, Hyderabad
Account number – 0118636000000019
IFSC code – LAVB0000121
My correspondence and communication address:-
D.No – 12-2-18, SVN Road,
Warangal – 506002
Mobile number-7702207535
Sep 25, 2015

Reducing the size of S2 section from 90 to 70.

I am father of one of your students of S.2 section of Gosala Sri Vybhavi.II. I would like to bring these facts to your notice in anticipation of quick response from you. After merging some of performers of other sections into S.2 recently, the S.2 class room has swelled to 90 approx. As a result, the erstwhile pupils in S.2 are facing the following problems as on date.
1. Lack of proper air, felt suffocated
2. Lack of proper visibility of the Board,
3. Due to poor visibility and audibility, lessons being taught are not followed properly especially by last row benches; not even being noted down properly,
4. The above problem aggravates when other section gets merged with other section for any particular subject (no place is left even to put a chair),
4. Unmindful of the above point, the lecturer rubs off the points on the Board too soon and too quickly adding to the frustration of the back benchers
5. AC in the room broke down long back, not rectified.
Students will be in a better frame of mind to learn the subject if the student strength per section is reduced (I am not taking about student teacher ratio here), they are of the opinion that the points raised above, if attended, student teacher interaction will improve and they can learn subject properly.
venkat reddy kallu
Sep 1, 2015

about physics faculty

the physics subject faculty not attended the complete revision classes of satya sai campus , chaithanyapuri, Hyderabad for the ac 9 iit ipl students.from 16th aug, 2015 to till today I,e 2-9-2015. the students who are appeared jee mains and advanced for the year 2016 was suffering from subject of physics. so I request the college management, please arrange the physics faculty as early as posiible for the recovery of out going chapters. thanq
Aug 30, 2015

Irresponsibility of sri chaitanya jr college

Sri chaitanya college has lot of irresponsible behaviour towards the certificates.they are ruining the life of poor or average students.they show good care towards merit only.
I have lot of issyes in my certificates they issued to me.
I wonder there is lot of complaints amongst sti chaitanya college and you people of this forum donot even responded to anyone of this.
Victim of lakshipuram campus,guntur
Aug 7, 2015

Requesting about to provide the solutions of the answer paper of jee mains. and eamcet.

I am a student of Sri Chaitanya college.The college has its very excellence in teaching.so I am very enough to say that it is the best college.And by the after conducting the examinations of Jee mains and eamcet at the weekend,please provide the solutions of the objective question paper.as you are conducting examinations according to topic wise u the question paper probably covers all sorts of objective question it will be good enough that knowing unknown questions solutions and it will be good at revising during revision and may help student to revise all model questions in exam.moreover all the teachers might not be able to discuss the question paper after the examination due to hurriness of completing the syllabus according to track sheets or any other reason.SO,KINDLY PROVIDE SOLUTION SHEET instead of key sheet.I hope u will soon do these for the help of many students during revision.
Thanks you for concerningit is not a complaint but request of many students
Jul 6, 2015


kadapa chaitanya students force
Jul 1, 2015

vp character (sreekanth) from kadapa sri chaitanya balaji bhavan near koti reddy circle

I am one of the student of sri chaitanya college in kadapa near koti reddy circle balaji bhavan...i am here to complaint about our vice principal sreekanth.....unwantedly he was rising his hands on students...n trying to beat us for his own entertainment.... N when we used to talk with jl's(madam's@ladies)he was trying to beat us severely and he was keeping links between jl and student....i am questiong "how a vp can do like that"..and our vp was personally targeting on some of the students....mostly no student like him... I hope sri chaitanya staff will understand the feeling of a student....n such gender bias vp should be suspended and punished severely and he was man handling us....so we the students from balaji bhavan sri chaitanya near koti reddy cricle kadapa.... Request to take necessary actions on him
Jun 24, 2015

Robbery by paid phones.

In all Sri Chaitanya branches they are collecting too much of amount for phone calls. They are collecting Rs.25 to Rs. 35 even for less than 5 minutes talk.It is very in human on your part to rob like this from students who are staying away from their parents.
sandipogu prashanthi
Jun 22, 2015

accomidation food facilities

1. S.JOHN(9490231347)
2.T.SAMPATH KUMAR(7382886952)
ramana parimi
May 30, 2015

about principal mohan rao Guntu palli campus,Vijayawada

We are the parents of some victim students of sri chaitanya college Guntupalli branch would like to bring to your kind notoce that principal mr Mohan Rao is mis behaviouring with studemts and he is having very sadisam mentality, tarcharing students with his talks.So many students are suffering from that principal. Kindly enqur the students about his behaviour.your campus is getting bad talk with teese person.
Lakshmi Gayathri
May 11, 2015

faculty in gosala

I am going to join gosala campus.everyone are frightening me saying that only merit sections will get good education.this is not fair everyone have the same problem. the other facilities are very good only it is a minus point.so please take my message into consideration and provide best faculty to all the sections please find a solution please please!!!!!!
Apr 27, 2015

irregular responce of reception people.

Hi readers.,
As of the academics sri chaitanya is an excellent institute. But as of the receptionists of vijayawada sri chaitanya cpt girls campus are worse. They feel like the worry of parents about their child is an nonsense and headache. Is this the way of them to treat parent.
I would like to remind them that parents are paying money and they are taking money. How could they talk this stupid nonsense. They don't even care of students health.
I request the management to take action on them. And teach them how to treat Co-people. Actually I don't remember the name of the lady who behaved like that. If the response is same from from them I decided to suggest my family and friends to not to join their children to a institute like this.

Thank you for your time to read this
Apr 23, 2015

no conduction of classes


We are the parents of some victim students of Sri chaitanya college - Anakapalli would like to bring to your kind notice that after first year exams classes have been conducting only for the toppers. That means there is no uniform treatment for all the students in your colleges. you are cheating the public during the admissions in this regard and creating mental disturbance in the students and parents. There is no upto date information regarding the student's exams and marks to the parents. The students belonged to us were 75% in 10th class but after joining in your college they have come to the least positions. your colleges after tieing up with Narayana , you are least bother about the students of average and dullers.It's our kind request to conduct classes to all the category students.
siri vybhavi
Apr 23, 2015

teaching at gosala

Im an MPL student of prestigious GOSALA campus at Vijayawada. Well, there are nearly upto 1500 students in our campus who are embedded in 17 SECTIONS of which only top two sections (1A&1B) will be given good quality of education with best teaching faculty. And the remaining section students will be thought only theory and little for EAMCET. I wanted to ask "WHY ARE YOU SHOWING SUCH A VARIATION WHILE YOU ARE COLLECTING SAME FEE FROM ALL THE STUDENTS AND WHY YOU PEOPLE CONCENTRATE ON MERIT STUDENTS EVEN IF YOU KNOW THAT THEY ARE MERIT". So please look after the students of all ranges without just throwing 10th qualified Junior.Lecturers. Dont answer me but just rectify yourself. THANK YOU.
FROM: An old victim of SRI CHAITANYA.
Apr 11, 2015

to send bhaskar sir to sarada bhavan

There is a lot of problem for an experienced teaching staff at Sarada Bhavan Vsp.The teachers who prove their excellence are sent to big campuses with higher salaries. Bhaskar sir,a chemistry lecturer who worked at Sarada bhavan till 2014 was sent to another campus. He made his students achieve 15 medicine ranks which is a great success for a campus . When our children are in their 10th class,we enquired about the faculty with ex-students.We were told that it has an excellent faculty.This was proved in the EAMCET-2014 results.The reason for getting those many ranks is due to getting >35 marks in chemistry.But when we joined our children in that campus he was transferred to another campus .So please send him (bhaskar sir) again to sarada bhavan without decreasing his salary package atleast for MPL-1.Hope Sri chaitanya would send him and brighten our children future.

Parents of sarada bhavan,
Apr 3, 2015

not taking care for EAMCET at SARADA-2,Vijayawada

Dear Sir, because of the dispute between students & principal the lecturers are not taking care about the students. They are not giving proper guidance in studying & teaching classes. There is no decipline in students. The lack of proper guidance from the lecturers they may spoil their career. So, kindly take care of them please..... PARENT
valli lanka
Mar 1, 2015

no complaints

I don't have any complaints on the respected college because iam not a regular student.as I was student I won't to know my hall ticket details of 1st year 2015 in online.so plz anyone tell me about user I'd and password.
shiva chowdary
Jan 14, 2015


SRI CHAITANYA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS .....the worst society in educational field. you people are to be praised you made a step forward to establish institutions at peak times when there were no such .but along with the time your institutions also lost the good faith and administration . guess your love over students forced you people to offer packages to deans,principals and money crawled thier eyes. PLEASE DONT THINK THAT I'M NOT YOUR STUDENT I STUDIED IN A BOARDING SCHOOL FOR 6YEARS AND JOINED YOUR COLLEGE FOR INTERMEDIATE . TRUE THE WORST EXPERIENCE I HAD IN MY EDUCATIONAL LIFE, the next year i left your college and i was satisfied with the other. .

the food you provide at HYDERNAGAR is like a POISION by paying the money were are killing ourselves with the food. and the study hours ONLY THE DONKEYS can follow it. please check hte other college which are better than you BS RAOhas so much black money than JAGAN POLITIC LEADER. PLEASE FRIENDS HUMBLE REQUEST DON'T JOIN IN THIS COLLEGE THEY MAKE PROMISES ,PERFORM THE OTHER. THE WASTE COLLEGE OUR SOCIETY HAS........
Dec 17, 2014

No Complaint

My child is studying in Sri chaitanya Nagarbhavi campus. because they are academically very strong. If my child late coming also i am getting calls from college. Any time i can called to principal and enquire about my child. first time i worried about affiliation. personally i enquired in education board. now i am very happy my child is safe. now academically my child is very improve. i am getting good support from college faculties. i referring to all parents if u want ur child become a Engineer or Doctor, blindly u can choose Sri chaitanya Nagarbhavi campus.
Nov 27, 2014

teaching at vyas bhavan sri chaitanya jr collge visakhapatnam

My ward is studying jr. inter of BipC , Physics concepts are not explaining, For example if the class is Surface tension, not explaining very fundamental definition of Surface tension. Simply giving formula and straight away solving problems. It is just mugging with out knowing anything. Actual problem arise when question is asked with a little logic. this is for top MPL batch.
Nov 26, 2014

smoke pollution

I went to visit a house in Srila park, which is a gated community adjacent to Chaitanya college. But realised that there was lot of smoke coming from Sri Chaitanya college's kitchen. I was surprised to see them burning the wood outside the kitchen causing smoke pollution to the residents of the Srila gated community. Being an institution of that stature i did not expect them to cause problem to the neighbours for so much time.
Sep 22, 2014

Refund of advance fees collected

Dear Sir,

I was contacted by Sri Chaitanya P U Collage Bangalore for advance admission of my son to +2 integrated.

I was given provisional addmission in Vidyaranya Pura Branch which I did not want. I gave a letter to them requesting for a transfer to Sheshadripuram Collage which they said will be done.

The same was not done / intimated to me till July 4th on which date I admitted my son to another collage as it was the issue of my sons future.

Further on July 9th (two days after the collage started) I went to the Vidyaranya puram collage for claiming the refund of the advance fees Rs. 10000.00 paid. There I was informed that the admission of my son was transfered to sheshadripuram and they gave me a letter dated July 9th stating the transfer.

Then I approached the Sheshadripuram college for the refund. They collected the letter and the original receipts ( Xerox is with me) and informed me that I will get the refund in 20 working days.

Today it is 22/09/2014 and I am yet to get any thing from them. I tried calling the person in the admin he asked me to call accounts. When I called the number published on the website I was informed that it is not the college number and it was school umber. When I asked for the college number I was told "we do not know".

I need help.

Shashidhar V
Sep 11, 2014

Admission Fee

Srichaitanya PU college, Nagarbhavi branch in Bangalore has given false promises.

They asked me to pay initial admission fee in advance and assured me if not admitted in school the same can be refunded. But now when I called them, they says that there is no such refund. It is nothing but cheating the parents of students.

Mr. Leninbabu told himself as manager of school for admissions and he assured me refund of fee also. Now his mobile is switched off always. This is how the Srichaitanya management behaves with people.
Aug 16, 2014

About teaching in tirupati meenakshi soudham

One of my relative is studying in sri chaithanya juior collage for girls(meenakshi soudham) bi.p.c in tirupati for the first time when we came to the campus they welcomed us with great manner but they are not able to provide a good education to the student the proffessors are not able to teach the protions it was just a partial work by the professors i dnt knw why the sri chaithanya collages concentrate only vijayawada is srichaithanya nt able to give quality education to the students in tirupati meenakshi soudham so finally what i want to say is that please change the professors who are in capable in particular subject and appoint the professors wh are good,better and best in particular subject here i am nt going to mention about the fees it's the secondary thing for us.all of the what we want is a good education we are not asking for quality food or luxaries just proper planning all behaved principal request u to change the principal who is really good,efficient and well behaved staff they cant able to complete the portion exspecially for medicine

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