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Star Jalsa

West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about Star Jalsa

Apr 14, 2015

regarding serials

I just want ask one simple question............"can any one make programme and serials that will entertain people?"
please stop this serials which spreads negative energy in the society. All star jalsa serials follow the same rubbish concept. please let people know that exactly you want show to the society.. It seems you deliberately want to spread the message of jealousy and hated. People in real life are already facing ups and downs in life. At the end of the day they switch on tv to watch some entertaining programme. But this rubbish serials really spoils the mood. Henceforth I am sure people are loosing interest in Bengali programmes. Please try and produce programmes and serial that will spread good message across the society. Please do not portray any negative message to the society..please please please..
* please stop "jal nupur" ..hell lot of nonsense*
please take concepts from SABTV...specially...serials like "Tarak meheta ka ulta chasma"...
Apr 9, 2015

Bojhe na se bojhe na

I am getting no interest at BOJHE NA SE BOJHE NA now a days after changing. story. Writer has intentionally killed this story. He is nothing but a smell emitting egg.
Mar 21, 2015

Bojhe na se bojhe na

Why they are changing story of "Bojhe na se bojhe na" ? It is the Bengali version of "Iss payer ko keya num du ? I was following from the start. But i think i have to stop now. They story is going pathetic.
Samarendra Sundar Thakur
Mar 19, 2015

Jal Nupur

To The Director/Chief Officer of Jal Nupur Serial, C/o Star Jalsa

Aar na likhe parchhina. Amra swikar korchhi Srimati Aparajita Addhya khub bhalo pagoler abhinoy korchhen. Kintu katha holo aapnara ja dekhaben amaderke tai dekhte hobe. Kintu apnio nijeo janen je ekgheye abhinoy karo bhalo lagena. 1) Karone akarone pari je sudhu kannar (Cry) abhinoy korchhe amader oi kannar abhinoy boro ekgheye lagchhe, badhoyo hoye amra chnnel change kore annoyo kichu dekhi. 2) Parir gaan record korte Bombay theke loke elo Pari to Ektai gaan kore (Sraboner Dharar Mato) Ekta gaan Sunte ki bholo lage keno annyo gaan pari korena. Pari ki nije nisedh korechhe. Darshakder Jodi gaan sunatei hoi tohole er par theke annyo gaan sunabrn. 3) Parir abhinoy ki ato beshi kore dekhachhen tohole amra bolbo Jal nupur serial-er namkaran thik hoini. Puro serial tai Pari Vittik hoye Jachhe. Amader mone hoi Srimati Addhya to khub dhani lokh tai abhinoy korte unar taka-poysar kono dabi nai, seijonya apnara ghure-phire unar abhonoy dekhachhen. Darsaker katha kichhui bhabchen na.
Namaskar – S.S.Thakur, Berhampore(W.B.)-19.03.15
Mar 17, 2015

Bojhena se bojhena

It was very good,infact best serial due to romance ,less violence,fun but now it was getting too bad with violence ,sad, negativity . Please stop this
shanu simgur
Mar 16, 2015


Dakhun kanamachi serial ato valo hoa sotteo arokom vabe ses na holei valo hto...choto golper mto laglo ses hoyeo hlo na ses...jodi amar msg ta dakhen plz serial continue korar chesta korbennn....
Mar 14, 2015

Jal Nupur Disgusting

Ki korchen bolun toh!Kajal r Neel kothay?kajal k maje maje dumurer fhul hy jai r Neel babaji mone hy poisa pai Ni tai chole geche. Dekhechen eto bichiri serial korle ei hy. Ha ekn sona thammmar bor k Ana ho6e ete Ki hbe. R bhumi k dekho nirlojjo behaya meye. Real lyf e onno bhodro serial koro na.. Pakistani serial Zindagi te Ki sundor ho6e. Indians jago jago. Nongramo na dekhiye positive approach dekhan. Noile eke eke sob viewers chole gele market e fusssss. R kanamachi Ki holo serial ta bekar sesh korchen kno parle ei joleeeer nupurer story k jai ram ji Ki korun
Feb 25, 2015

Repeat kanamachi in morning


Kanamachi is being shown on 11PM night and early morning 3 AM. why do not you repeat kanamachi in morning time when all of the other serials are being repeated ?

11 PM is quite night and again 3 AM is inpossible to watch in general schedule. Please repeat the serial in a proper time so
that people who can not see on 11 PM night can watch.
Feb 24, 2015

Jal Nupur Serial should end immediately

Please end the serial Jal Nupur. It is one of the most non-sense serial that is running on Prime Time. Dialogues are intolerable and does not fit the culture we belong to. Please stop it. If you do not get a story then pls stop it abruptly, we would not mind. Constant conspiracy of Bhumi, use of uncouth language- Soja banglai ar Nyakamo Newa jachhe na. Parir role ta din din nyakami te parinoto hoye gechhe. Ar eta truly speaking Children with Special Needs der ritimoto apaman. Ei rokom ekta character potray korchhen kar social implication maratwok gobhir. Secondly, golpo ta Neel ar Kajol er, hoye gelo baki sob peripheral der ar je du joner golpo tarai hawa. Ki darkar bolun to viewers der punish kora. Oi jaigai ekta bhalo serial anun, amra dekhbo. Kintu ja deben tai accept korbo eta apnader ke bollo, ar viewers der etto stupid bhablen keno apnara. Emon bhasar byabohar hoi serial e, je badir sokoler sathe bose dekha porjyonto jaina. Ei serial ar kono goti nei ar hobeo na kajei bondho korun.
Feb 18, 2015

monotonus tumi asbe bole

Only one actress Rupanjana.one sided torture on Nandini.No revenge from Nandini.writer is bogus.he think viewer are cow.
it is a disgusting serial.stop this serial.
Feb 18, 2015

tumi asbe bole

Disgusting serial tumi asbey bole
Jan 17, 2015


I am regular veyors of you. My favourite serial in KANAMACHI. But I can't see this serial in night. Bcoz I am do this service 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. So, I have impossible see this serial in night. So, kindly requested to you & I want to show this serial repeat in morning before 10 a.m.
Ankita Koley
Jan 3, 2015

All Daily Soaps

Daily soaps are meant for entertaining the mass as well as for spreading some social awareness. But the ones aired on star Tv network or Zee network, are not even worth watching. In recent times, Indian Society is facing a tough situation regrading the position and respect of women, the bullshit daily soaps are only adding to it by showing some idiotic and unrealistic female characters. I think these channels are against of women empowerment that is why it is only showcasing the characters who are tolerating all kinds of domestic and mental tortures and still doing along in their in laws' houses. They are defined as the ideal women. Such a filthy mentality of the script writers!!! No female lead is professionally or academically sound. They are grown up only to get married twice or more and fighting against the ex-es of their husbands and suddenly they turn into some investigators with super powers. It's a humble request to the authorities to check the contents before telecasting these melodramas. A large part of the rural population watch these shows and get affected massively. People tends to believe the impractical characters to be ideal and start expecting the same behavior form their closed ones. Ultimately there is no sense to telecast the so called "feminist" serials which are only presenting women as unrealistic housewives and nothing more. Indian society needs a huge up gradation on this particular issue.
Jan 3, 2015

jani dekha hobe

stop wasting our time.. we thought It would be a great start but since start watching this felt like same thing repeating again and again ... decided not going to watch it any more.. sorry for being harsh but its true. thnks
Dec 29, 2014


I feel it's high time Jhilmil is becoming intolerant, please change your story line. In one serial four negative character is becoming intolerable now. It's high time Jhilmil and Shikha should be punished. You are sending wrong message, people are not like these characters which you are portraying. Please change storyline.
Sanhita RCM
Dec 27, 2014

Complaine against direction of Bodhu Baran

This mega serial are too much vogas,& the director and his direction are very much poor,and story is like that fantacy.Because-in last of 2014, we see Kanak was arrested without any evedience! only speaking about the mudder. It is mirrakle because now police are very much first for any mudder cases but only this VOGAS mega serial we can't see nothing about realistic life. So,in this circumstances at first this serial is non-sence and the director always want to higher position of TRP with this vogas, unrealestic serial. So, we are want to either stop the serial or rectified the story and direction.
Oct 29, 2014


Make it realistic. Please change the story. Kanak need to win now
Oct 29, 2014


Pls make Konok realistic. She is appearing extremely stupid and it just makes the whole drama STUPID.
At least make her able to fight against the evil. It's high time now she takes the path forward to becoming an able wife of the family. She should now be portrayed strong and taking over charge with husband's support. She should not go on begging and crying. It will be a good story if now she starts giving lessons and punishments to the evil.
Pls it needs to change as it really portrays a very negative, stupid and unnatural picture.
Oct 6, 2014

Stop showing negativity in the serial

Please show nice short drama instead of long serials. most of the serial, you are high lighting very much negativity,which certainly gives very much wrong message to society and also to the kids. Most of the serials ,so much of stupid negative characters spoil our patients. Unnesssary domestic violence , suspicion ,marrying 3/4 times, funny tricks are packed upin your serials.kindly get rid of these things and show some good , constructive thing from which society can be benifited. The negativity shown in your serial makes an bad impression in young minds and make them suspicious.the kid will be growing up with a view that our society is full of bad people and most of the people do the bad things inthe society,
Oct 6, 2014

negativity in star jalsha serials

It has been noticed in most of the serials ,negative character shown inthe really sends a wrong message to the society.like in bhadhu baran ,character of konak's MAMI and cousin jilmil shows too much of negativity that is very much detrimental towell being of the society.some silly things are shown, like mixing some thing in the food, and doing all sorts of bad thing which are not very common in our society.one thing it has become apperent in the character of kanak ,that she can judge whai is good when it comes for saving life, why after so many incident why konak cannot judge her mami and JIlmil for their misdeeds.
In the serial TOMA amay MELA, THe character of Debor again giving a bad message to society.
Oct 2, 2014

bojhena se bojhena

BSB has lost its xing. Although it is a remake, is there a need to follow the Hindi original in toto? The atrocities are too much to bear and Aranya is turning into a villainous type. The pace is extremely slow and boring. Pls ask the production house to revive the romantic relationship instead of blindly following the Hindi show. There is too much of violence and vindictive treatment of women which is unpalatable.
Star Jalsha
Sep 30, 2014

all serials

I just want to say that all Star Jalsha serials (and Star Plus to say the least) follow the same formula:

(1) evil people get more evil without ever getting caught; they go to the extent of killing or causing extreme harm to others;
(2) good people are so good to the point of stupidity (the role of Kanak in Bodhu Boron), they never stand up to the truth;
(3) married couples are at loggerheads and are continually misunderstanding and fighting with each other;
(5) the serials are packed with a large number of unnecessary characters and when the writers do not know what to do with them, they suddenly strike them off for some time or for good;
(6) each scene is unnecessarily long with useless dialogues and sudden close-ups with the same annoying music.

In short, the serials glamourize and promote jealousy, hatred, conflict and any other negative words that you can think of. Please get some good examples from the American serials 'Friends'. After ten years of its successful run, it stopped but people, including me, still watch them as they are realistic even though they may also include some negative issues. Besides, each scene is short and they naturally flow from one to the other.
Sep 25, 2014

over acting of chracters

one request from my side,please stop showing too much domestic politics in serial,now it is unbearable,if it continues for more days i will get suspicious abt my own my mami.please stop it.
Sep 18, 2014

TAM, bring back Riju.

Why Riju is replaced all of us need the answer. Bring back Riju who is the perfect actor as Nishit. Moreover the Jodi or Roosha and Riju is the best. Either bring back Riju or stop this serial. Otherwise we will stop viewing this serial.
Sep 14, 2014

Jol Nupur

জল নুপর সেরিয়ালটির সাথে যারা জড়িয়ে আছেন তাদের বলব, দয়া করে এবার খান্ত দিন, আমাদের এই নোংরা সিরিয়াল আর দেখতে ইচ্ছে করছে না, দয়া করে বলবেন এই সিরিয়ালটি কবে শেষ হবে? যেদিন শেষ হবে সেদিন আমি রাস্তার ফকিরদের মাঝে মিষ্টি বিতরণ করব। লাল বাবু হয়ত নিজে ও বুঝতে পেরেছে যে এই অবাস্তব সিরিয়াল এ অভিনয় করে কোনো লাভ নেই আর তাই ওকে দেখা যাচ্ছে না। কিন্তু বাকি যারা অভিনয় করছে তাদের বোধয় লজ্জা শরম বলতে কিছু ই নেই, এমন একটি অবাস্তব এবং কুরুচিপূর্ণ সিরিয়াল এ দিব্বি অভিনয় করে যাচ্ছে। পারি কে আমার মত কেউ ই আর সহ্য করতে পারছে না , অতি অভিনয় কখনোই ই ভালো নয়। ভূমির কথা আর কি ই বা বলব। ..এত কিছু ঘটে গেল এবং যাচ্ছে অথচ ভূমির টিকি টি কেউ ছুতে পারছে না , আবার তার সাথে যোগ হয়েছে আরশি। .বাহ বাহ কি মজা। ..সবচেয়ে আশ্চর্য লাগে যখন দেখি যে মাসের পর মাস এসব চলছে কিন্তু কোর্ট থেকে ভূমির মা এর বিচার এর কাজটি থেমে ই আছে। আপনারা আসলে কি চান বলুন তো..আমাদের কি পাগল মনে করেছেন , যা দেখাবেন আমরা বসে বসে দেখব ? ১০ ইঞ্চি লম্বা বেগুন সবার পোন্দে ঢুকানো উচিত , বিশেষ করে যে এই সেরিয়াল্তির লেখিকা।

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