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Consumer complaints and reviews about Star Jalsa

Dhrubaa Ghosh
Feb 17, 2016

Wrong portray of Women in Ichche Nodi

Wrong portray of Women in Ichche Nodi
It appears that an illusion prevailed in the minds of the one in defence of Ichhe nodi (an earlier post) where it was assumed, that everybody believes this absurd story to be a true one because of the fantastic performance by the artist’s. Are you looking for hot water under ice?? Except for Mr Chandan Sen, who happens to be the saving grace of this serial, the rest (except for the mother in law bickering like the ones in slums) haven’t much to demonstrate as the writer wanted to nurture her favourite character the antagonist! The script is tilted towards negativity and therefore all negative roles seem to be melodramatic!
An illogical plot heavy with immoral stuff, nowhere near realities can NEVER BE A BELIEVABLE STORY for anybody in the “RIGHT FRAME OF MIND” for your kind information.
In today’s time and age of women’s empowerment, it is unacceptable to see the character of women being decimated! The MINDSET of the script writer and direction are the ISSUES that are being RAISED!
A script writer who is a woman herself DEMEANS WOMEN in her stories, showcases the protagonist woman to be immune and inert to all humiliations with no self respect and no clarity of mind. She glorifies the antagonist (another woman), who is more of an OBSESSIVE MANIAC having a destructive approach, and lies at the drop of a hat, demonstrates the sadistic approach of this writer. It’s a SHAME to find women being portrayed like this!
I hope the script writer and Director are aware of the recent KIDNAPPING of a young woman executive in NCR/Delhi ( IN NEWS) which was a FALL OUT of the film” DAR”! SO, SERIALS AND FILMS DO HAVE AN IMPACT ON THE VIEWER! PROVED! Therefore, try to be responsible and balance out the character of your antagonist as lot of young women might be watching this serial!
The Director, the second culprit seems to have shut off his thought centre and is desperate to show any trash without keeping the social values in mind. Not only that, producers have invested in such a shoddy plot and are probably waiting for the NATURAL DEATH of this serial now as Trp remains slumped.
Surprisingly, the SELECTION committee of the channel for serials also seems to be lackadaisical and therefore is turning a deaf ear to our requests, protests by continuing to air trash.
But we shall carry on with our views and point out the irresponsible behaviour till it ceases.The tagline " Chalo Paltai" is a false hope. Therefore, to the defence, learn to hear the voice of dissent as they are protesting for a good reason and spare us from your stupid assumptions!
Feb 15, 2016


Jodi karur kono serial nie kono problem thake tahole tar ba tader sei serial dekha bandho kore dea uchit ..but they should not have any right to protest againt the evil things which are being displayed in that serial..what a great logic !!! Tar mane director script writer ra ja eche hobe tai dekhaben and viewers jader jonno ae serial gulo bachorer por bachor cholche tader kichu bolar thakte parbena ba tara bolleo channel authorities as well as the creative team of the serial will not give any importance to them and will keep on showing the non senses as per the script as script can't be changed according to the viewers...etai jodi fact hoe tahole bibhinyo intervew award functione era kano bole j darsok ra tader kache important??Its true that in most of the serials there is a villain character who always used to create trouble and one innocent character always used to suffer but its also true that after certain time that villain character gets punishment but here 'echenodi' is an exception.Here bad always wins over good...and that why the viewers are only requesting to show some positivity ..dats it...and at the end I just want to say that jodi karur ae complaint gulo nie kono problem thake tahole se ae gulo pora ba dekha bandho kore dik instead of protesting against these complaints.
Dhrubaa Ghosh
Feb 15, 2016


The post " Mithher Joy" was a rebuttal to the posts in defence of Ichhe Nodi.
As rightly pointed out earlier I repeat " No amount of explanation can justify this unethical and immoral track"!
Dhrubaa Ghosh
Feb 14, 2016

Ichhe nodi - Mitther Joy

Hyan, jader dekhte ichhe korche na ei illogical plot tara definitely bondho koreche ba kore debe tar jonno kono upodesh r proyojon nei!

Kintu amra shomaje baash koree ebong shekhane “ just golper” name ja khushi TV te air kora hobe, eta chuup kore mene newa jay na! Kichu shamajik day nischoi ache shob kichu ga jhede ki fele dewa jay, golpo bole ?
Ekti illogical absurd golpo jekhane kina domestic violence dekhano hochhe without any solution, using media, jeta shomaje bibbhinno manusher kaache pouche jachhe, shekhane day nischoi ache!

Uttojito na hoye “erokom tai hoy” bole shobai jodi ga dhaka diye ghapti mere boshe, tahole to kono poriborton ashe na ebong sheijonnei hoyto gotanu gotik jinish dekhen ebong etao golpo bole mene nen aneke! Jar jonno kono serial r kono QUALITY bole kichu nei.Tai response is important!.Response gulo ke uttejona na bolatai sensible karon eigulo important for improvement of a program.

Golpo jodi CHANGE nai kora jay tahole bondho kora uchit ebong shetai chilo REQUEST karon jothesto hingsha utttejona amra chotur dike shunchi, ar emon golpo nai ba dekhlo loke! Karon kono shikkha to nei,upobhog r bepar o nei ( trp dekhe bojha jay) ,na creative inputs in terms of the script or direction , karon golpo r goru to gache chodeche ja bujhchi!

Acting r bhalo cast chilo bolei jara serial dekhen na ba shomoy nei, tara shomoy ber kore ei serial ta dekhten ebong asha rakhten je eta ektu anno rokom hobe!
Acting bhalo bole respond korche ebong ai ajgubi golpo shotti bole mone hochhe KONOTAI MANA GELO NA karon loker APPOTTI, jebhabe golpo ta roj bola hochhe with NEGATIVITY! MITHHE KE PROSROY EBONG TAR JOY dekhano hoy ! THAT"S THE FOCUS!

Well, annay r biruddhe respond kora ba kono irresponsible act point out kora, tar jonne ki anno bhashay serial dekhte hoy??? Jodi tai monobhab hoy,tobe sheta ke bole “JUDGEMENTAL”!

Loke dekha bondho korbe ki na sheta tader upor chada hok ! Kintu Channel dayitto niye action nitei paare taking the protests into consideration!
Feb 14, 2016

Perfect recipe for a disaster

Sorry to come back again...just one statement needed a reply...you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand the plummeting trp of ichche nodee...obviously viewers are switching channel...
Feb 14, 2016

All the best...show some sporting spirit..

A big thank you. Atleast SOMEBODY is defending and replying. Sure enough we as a viewer respect all the actors playing the character in ichche nodee. We appreciate their acting talent so much so that the actor playing adrija is often badly spoken of (which she doesn't even deserve). The problem is with the story. True enough, all the stories are same. So why this chalo paltayee. If people stick to a particular form of story telling then it becomes 'you see one and you see all'. That is what happening in our serials. We are not encouraging author based stories anymore. Please do not blame the viewers when they want a good story. You have a responsibility toward viewers also.When a story is good, viewers don't show any stringency in appreciation (open up facebook site, regular activity in those sites) and when story goes for a toss, criticism will flood in those same site. Be sporting and show some positivity in action. A big change has happened when soaps came in flooded the floor and now probably limited episode series will be in demand where storyline doesn't go for a spin.Story cannot be changed on viewers whim ...that's fine (shows how little respect some people have got for the viewers). We have seen good serials in the past. Please do not demean those good work saying indian serials have nothing new to offer. Trust me there have been many in bengali channels only. Respect them who have done good works.
Feb 14, 2016

Airing Trash - Ichche Nodee

Jodi karor Ichche Nodee r story bhalo na lege thakey, taholey dekha bondho karun na... Apnader kotha onujai ki story change kora jai... writter je rokom script likheche, sei onujai i episode gulo tairi hochhey....
Tobey ekta jinis bhalo bojha jachhey j protita character eto sundor bhabe obhinoy korchhey protyekta shilpi j dorsok ra ekta TV serial er story ke sotti bhebe uttejito hoye porchhey..... Etai to shilpi der kachey sobchaitey boro puroskar.
Indian television e joto daily soap hoy, sob er i story ek gotey bandha. ekjon villain sobsomoy khoti korey jabe aar ekjon khub bhalo manush tar khotir sikar hobey.... ta hothat eto uttejito howar ki aachhey ei Ichche Nodee golpo niye. Apnara ki ei prothom Indian Serial dekhchhen naki na etodin sudhu bideshi serial dekhechhen?
Feb 14, 2016

An important afterthought....

Viewers can try zee bangla shows . At least in their show female protagonist are shown with much respect...and shows are worth viewing...not like star shows where female protagonist are treated like doormat by her family members, husband, in laws....highly unacceptable for a modern women with self respect.
Feb 14, 2016


There was a post few days back defending the current track...also hints like only pain can make you a great singer since the beginning of the show. Ya to some extent that right that your creativity is honed and acquire depth through your personal loss. But what we have been discussing is that why the current track when they could have stick to previous track of adriga marrying anurag. What they have shown is in very bad taste and highly immoral. The message is that bad will win over just that you have to be immorally obsessed. DO NOT JUSTIFY THIS IMMORAL THOUGHTS. NO AMOUNT OF STUPID EXPLANATION CAM JUSTIFY THIS TRACK. Now there will be remarriage...already we are living in a society where couple go through stressful time enough to break their marriage and after watching this kind of trash people will be more encouraged to take the second dip....institution of marriage is being mocked in trash like this. Doesn't leave much respect for mother, mother in law, husband like this. I am consciously not mentioning sister part. Relationships are taken for toss. Trash like these should be discouraged. Now we are living in a society where relationship are maintained on thin line and dramas where maintaining a relationship like marriage is nurtured nicely should be encouraged. If the maker wanted pain for female protagonist they could have gotten the male protagonist and the antagonist marry each other in the first place. That way the msg they wanted to make would have justified and decency would have been maintained. To think that this serial was watched by many renowned people now seems hideous. STOP YOUR TRASH AND DON'T JUSTIFY THIS NONSENSE. Ms Script writer train your creativity from anuja chatterjee. You can create trash only but she can write script. Definitely I will complain to ibf.
Dhrubaa Ghosh
Feb 12, 2016

complaints regarding Ichhe Nodi

Ebar complaint korte hole ekhane lekhar kono mane nei karon IN creative team and the Channel dujonei hoy poden na ei post gulo ba ignore koren. Amader views gulo to value koren na bolei continue korchen nongramo dekhano ebong khub aggressively korchen!
Ekta kirokom "etai Gilte Hobe dorshok der" bhab!

Tai ebar complaint take effective korar jonne ekhane likhun.

Whom To Complain

The Secretary General
Broadcasting Content Complaints Council
C/o Indian Broadcasting Foundation,
B-304, Third Floor, Ansal Plaza,
New Delhi – 110049
Phone Nos. 011-43794400
Fax No. 011-43794455

Post Box No. 3812

Email : bccc@ibfindia.com
Website: www.ibfindia.com

To see the list of Head of Standards & Practices Department of all the members of IBF Click here

Form ti online download kore submit korte paren.
Tonok jodi node tobe!
Feb 12, 2016

Do some changes in the storyline of echenodi

Serial to darsokder entertain korar jnno banano r dekhano hoe..so darsokder opinion keo importnce dea uchit..bt echenodir creatv team as well as star jalsa ato complain ato post ato request korar por o kono kathae kane tulte raji na.They are still showing only the negetive and nonsense things in every episode .They are simply ignoring the viewers...Are u people thinking of increasing the popularity of this serial even after ignoring the viewers?? If u are really concerned with the popularity of the serial then kindly try to give some importance to our requests and plz show some positive things so that all the viewers can enjoy this serial.
Feb 12, 2016

ichche nodi

Dear Director
aajke episode e koto bajhe jinis dekhiyeche.kobe eta bond korben..ar koto din titi meghla oper habi hoye thakbe.bhul korche titi ar meghla sob bhugche keno.ar family lokera ki blind je ora eto kichu dekhte pachche na.anurag e maa to ar kichu bolar neyi.se abar na ki educated ekta maa.ar anurag to ekta spineless chele je ki na kokhuno meghla ke bhalo basto....rubbish ekta chele...erom cheleder to doctor ki kono profession e shobha daye na....ebar kintu ei sob baje jinis bond korun...ar titi real chehra ta sobai samne anun...tar songe meghla keyo thik proman korun...shudo meghla baba ar piklu da r luking sensible in the serial...baki ra to jache tai log...ebar kintu bond korun sob bhul bhal jinis...
Dhrubaa Ghosh
Feb 12, 2016

Don't underestimate the viewers Ichhe nodi

Abaro ajker post pode bojha gelo je protidin nongramo dekhano bede choleche. Apnara, mane the three musketeers ( Script writer,Director and the Channel) ar kotodin kaane tulo diye nijeder nongra mission niye continue korben?

Edike chalaki kore propaganda korchen through Facebook about Valentines day! Keu apnader ar bishhhash kore na shutorong Trp badanor kono chance nei karon dorshok Meghla Anurag er moton oto gadha noy. Apnader ei chalakir jale keu ar ebar pa debe na bole amar mone hoy karon shobai jaane apnara oi shujog e aro nongramo dekhaben. “Shobhab jay na mole……. To apnader jonne projjojo!

Bondho korun nongramo dekhano noile ebar dorshok ar ekhane na likhe shoja bcc@ibfindia.com e mail korbe. Don’t underestimate the viewers! Anek request kora hoyeche ebar na bodlale shothik jobab debe dorshok apnader. Ekdom nirlojjo apnara!
Feb 12, 2016


Kaar ichchhete nirlojjobhabe ei serialtate domestic violence dekhano hochchhe ? Eto pratibad, eto samaalochona satteo apnara thamchhenna.Diner par din aaro beshi kore dekhachhen. Keno ? Abilambe ei sob nongramo dekhano bandho korun.Natun kono programme suru Karun. Apnader kombeshi sob serial-er-e ek daskha. Kintu eta jeno sab channel-er sab kharap serial-ke chhapie No.-1 kharap serial hoye daariechhe. Please etake ebar bandho korun.
Feb 11, 2016


Daya kore echenodi serial ta bandho karun otherwise serial er plot change karun..viewers are getting irritated and disturbed by the constant nonsenses which are being displayed in each and every episode of echenodi..Perhalps this is the only serial where dishonesty alwys wins over honesty ,lie always wins over truth and evil always wins over good.This should not happen.So please do something regarding this.
Feb 11, 2016

Ichhe nodi

Birokti kor serial... Please bandha korun.... Ei serial ta dekhte dekhte manusher mon theke biswas jinis tai chole jabe ..... Samaj e bajhe provab felbe ei serial ta ... Plz bandha korun ei serial ta....
Dhrubaa Ghosh
Feb 11, 2016

Shame and disgusting Ichhe Nodi!

I used to watch Ichhe Nodi as I would find it refreshing with good old melodies, an interesting cast and would look forward to some good performances. However, I stopped watching it for quite some time because of the absurdities shown and have managed to keep it out of my household as well (fortunately not contributing to the Trp).
Well, I am glad that I took this wise step sometime back as I didn’t want to be bogged down with such irrational stuff. Instead, I found reading posts was far more interesting than watching the serial. I was proud to see that viewers respect the values in a society and will not take any trash that is being projected in the form of a story.
However, the Director and script writer both have decided to overlook these protests (FB posts and Star Jalsha complaint) and the serial is already a disaster with the trp plummeting.
The most disheartening and disappointing thing is that the Channel has decided to ignore the viewers! They seem to be promoting their tagline "Chalo Paltai" with a different intention like encouraging immoral acts in a family. As per the serial it’s heroic to marry twice, it’s good for mothers to lie and torture daughters in law, be abusive, cruel, relationships going for a toss. But the most unbearable and irrational part is to believe a liar like Adrija who happens to be omnipresent! Ridiculous!
It’s a shame that the script writer and director couldn’t come up with a better script and give the story a positive spin till date.Sadly the Channel hasn't taken any step either.
Absolutely, a disgusting and shameless act!
Nonetheless, we shall continue writing aggressively and pointing out the lack of creativity and immoral story telling in this serial even without watching it. Just by reading posts!
Carry on with your rubbish Star Jalsha as many TV remote's will be on for other channels at this time when you air Ichhe Nodi and we shall also be adamant in keeping the trp down till you listen and value us.
srikanta chakraborty
Feb 11, 2016

ichhe nadi serial

Ichhe nodi serialis now worst serial which is telecasting to give some perverted idea to know how & what way to humiliate the woman by others womens.& how to torcher by her husband. These are the cases of womens insulatation. . Nobody, not even so called intellectuals, those are showing their face for debate in television for any issues. they are also keep silent. This type of serial helps criminals to entice crime.So please stop it immediately.Thank you,

Srikanta Chakraborty
Feb 8, 2016

Journey from morality to immorality...ichche nodee

All the immorality packed in one show....mother sister shamelessly obsessed with her brother in law, uttering dialogues like she will flirt with him in front of her sister, a mother carrying torch for her old flame with so much sense of possession that she can not accept any other girl in her ex's life, a mother bickering like a fisherman at daughter in law and voila not the least and probably the best.....a mother lying about one daughter to unjustly to save other daughter's skin and passing it of as managing stuff....nice one
If someone is lacking creativity its okay but to pen down such absurdly immoral stuff ....just in the name of wishing lake is unethical.....wishing lake will start crying...
Feb 7, 2016

All the best ICHCHE NODI team...

To Whom It May Concern
Wow what a progress in this serial named ICHCHE NODI....Although I don't watch the show anymore (am not contributing to its TRP) but from the complaints I can make an educated guess. Its such a shame that the writer being a lady herself think that a women has no other thing to do except for running after a guy who doesn't care for you (women driven by negative pshycology). I did some research on her work and she seems to follow the same pattern serials after serials. She does not come out of her comfort zone and try something different...limitation in her creativity and for this we can't even blame her. But she definitely gave me a messege (right or wrong thats relative)...marrying into a joint family...BIG NO...living with your in-laws...BIG NO. And if you are married to a guy who stays with his parents,the first thing you have to do to save your self respect being on gunfire, is to shift to a new flat and offcourse without any in-laws. In all the message to the society is ...DO NOT MARRY INTO A JOINT FAMILY OR ELSE SPLIT IT BEFORE THE DAMAGE IS DONE. WOW...well this is good follow up of star jalsha CHALO PATAYEE tagline. I normally don't watch serials much but because the serial was little refreshing with so many songs that I started watching the show. But in future I will be more cautious not to watch anything penned by this writer. It will be a garbage eventually. And definitely remote is in our hand...that is reflected in slipping of TRP from no. 1 to I guess no. 15 or 16. Way to go.....
Anirban chanda
Feb 7, 2016

Regarding icche nodi & aaj ari kaal bhab

Sorry to say the serials are getting worst in ur channel shame type & worst of the worst serials are icche nodi & aaj ari kaal bhabh u can't' give good stories then don't' bring such foolish story. all heroine are the fools they are putting the axe on their own legs what a rubbish most of the viewer are leaving watching these such a worst serials.
Dhrubaa Ghosh
Feb 7, 2016

Ichhe Nodi

The title of the story is suggestive of the fact that the wishes made, might be granted by the river and the viewers are aware of that! But to believe a story based on this concept in today's time is quite absurd. Well, one could argue that it’s a matter of choice as different kinds of people view it.
Even if we go by the title, the way the story is being narrated is absolutely crude. The depiction of a cultured educated Bengali family is objectionable. It is actually abusive and that is what people have requested the channel to look into. Also, when a story ( fictional) is shown on television, it should be done with some discretion, finesse and creativity in mind. Any trash cannot be aired on media in the name of entertainment as this serial recently, has been disturbing people. It is evident from the posts that it has created a lot of noise and objection with regard to the story telling.
Besides, destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. Even if such wishes were made, destiny to a great extent is in the hands of the individuals who made those wishes as it is said that "you carve your own destiny".
Relationships are to be respected, valued and built to make them cherish-able. If the story had focused on these and perhaps dealt with more finesse, it wouldn't have left a bad impact as it has done at present. While the remote is in the hands of the viewer to switch on or off, serials are meant for relaxation and are not meant to be a nuisance ( Ps keep in mind a lot of viewers are compelled to because of TV being on in most households) and they do have some social implications which the narrator should keep in mind and therefore it is important to remind the channel of its tag line " Chalo Paltai" so that we could expect better and more polished programs and not trash serials like Ichhe nodi.
Feb 5, 2016

Ichhenodi Na Mitthyenodi ?

Ichhenodi to ekta crime story noi. Athocho serial-ta te eto violence aar cruelty dekhano hochhe je balaar noi. Amader complaints guly ki satti paraa hoi ? Tahole ei crime gulo regular basis-e dekhano hochhe ki kore ? Abilombe ei sob nasty serial dekhano bandho korun. Ta na hole bujhbo ei site-ta purotai ekta vaota. Ekhane complaints janie kono laav nei. Star Jalsa channel-er kono credibility nei.Jemon Channel temni tar programmer quality. CHHI!!!!!!!!.
Feb 5, 2016

Storeyline, social messages and harm

My wife watches these serials, regularly. I used to with her. Now, I feel sick every time I see these aweful storylines. It is so bad, the channel should be banned right away, because this channel depicts women, their role in society, their contribution in family life and also roles of other agencies in society as grossly undervalued. Insult, abuse and oppressioon appear to be the only rewards they get. The producers, directors, the scriptwriters, the editors and others are simply a bunch of amateurs, trying to do a man's job.
Stop watching these rubbish.
Feb 5, 2016

Ichche Nodi

Dear Director

Its very sorry to say that in the beginning the serial was so good and refreshing.But now it is going to worse. Atleast show something

practical.How can a girl like Titi everytime make Meghla down that to because of no fault.Meghla's character is so pure and true.And

howcan a doctor husband like Anurag agree to all that is happening to his wife Meghla and he is supporting his mother and that

Psycho girl Titi.Instead he should stand by Meghla and help her to come out of all these problems.He should help Meghla to build up

her singing carrear and not be as a silent viewer of all this nonsense.He should also bring out the actual picture of Titi in front of the

whole family and should throw her out embarrasingly.Its high time now viewers will not tolerate this much.Nobody I think will tolerate

all this wrong doing which is done to Meghla for long time.

So its a suggestion do justice to Meghla and bring out the actual picture of Titi in front of everyone as soon as possible.

Thanks and hoping to see something good in the serial soon.

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