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State Bank of India


Consumer complaints and reviews about State Bank of India

Praveen vasu
Apr 28, 2017

Amount debited incorrectly


I have a debit in my account stating transfer to INB SBI EPAY for RS. 500. I am not aware of any such transactions. Please let me know the details.
Sivasankar Venugopal
Apr 4, 2017

Credit Card fraudulent Transaction

I got call today from 7081248073( Representative introduced herself as mena singh and employee number 301994), you had not redeemed your credit card points, we shall credit you 4802 Rupees for that. I am calling from SBI, she asked for the credit card number, date of birth and finally CVV also. I told I cannot give it. she told I have sent an OTP now, verify and tell me to confirm. she had done 6 transactions with 6 OTPs for 4802 (for Idea Money, M-Pesa..) I was not realized at that time, But I asked her what is idea she told that's vendor , she did not give time to think, Even I was not able to check online as well due to slow SBI server or maintenance. when I logged in, came to know 6 transactions were done and lost it.

SBI one of the most worst toll free service. No option to block the card immediately. I had sent message then after few hours I got call, even though I raised the request for blocking the SBI credit card, representative told me your card was not blocked so far. then she blocked the card. even there is no option to cancel the fraudulent transaction. and she raised the complaint but she told 90% this may not help in this case of OTP leakage.

My SBI Credit card Number:
Mar 2, 2017

mis behaviour and irresponsibility of sbi employees

my fellow indians, iam here to respond against the sbi bank employees.my dear friends we know that our govt few months before demonitised.it is good for our economy and iam a supporter of it.but it is only possible with well participation of bank employees. i noticed that some of the sbi bank employees making people nervous and they are misbehaving and talking rudely to their customers it making all the good employees who serving same sector bad name.in our country there are more illiterate people are there they don't know what is bank formalities and how do the bank transactions. the bank employees who have above mentioned nature dealing with illiterate people make them more confused. because iam telling all these things i have reason.iam now staying in banglore at yelhanka.iam working in private firm as a supervisor.according to all the people need bank account i take four of my employees who are working in lower sector to near sbi bank.there i saw that one who are sitting most responsible chair talking ugly words with that people with the reason of they are not complete their online firms and how to came here and shouted them and speedily say the formalities of creating the bank and said that come after completion of all these.poor people they don't get anything.then they decided to go another sbi branch which is main branch.the situation not different from there.another experience i have is my aunt atm card problem. it my aunt applied for atm card from yelahanka new town branch.but it is not came.me and my aunt went to bank and ask in enquiry they told ask in 4 counter we go there and ask with the employee she shouted us and tell i dont know go and ask with enquiry .we go there and they you go and ask with speed post and tell that we didn't have time deal these things just go and ask in post office. we are totally upset and realize that we are depositing our money in the bank then we want do something to it we want beg to bank employees and hear their bad words.it not fair it is not we are respecting our and its rules and regulations but the employees who come to serve us is not good.they are think that they kings we are their slaves.they are come late and go earlier.iam not including all the employees there are some good employees are there.
iam share here my experience and my views.
i have one request please share these message to responsible authorities and help to people who are suffering with this unreliable act of the employees. please share and dont be silent.this is the time for respond.
Feb 10, 2017

please reflect lien amount in my main Account

sir i am a medical doctor by profession working on research project....i have acct in STATE BANK OF INDIA
Acct . 20133111654
name Abu ubaid
they put INR 3000/- as lien Amount ....
please reflect that amount in my Account
Email.. ..abu81994@gmail.com
and I never did any transaction......of 1500 and 1500
Mohammad Abbas Joo
Feb 7, 2017

Credit Card Not Received


I applied for SBI Credit Card in November 2016 and today is February 07, 2017. Till now I didn't received my credit card, but bills of the card are being sent to me via email. I can't even view those bills because the password of the bill is credit card number. I contacted SBI Credit Cards Customer Services more than 50 times till today and I get only one response and that is: Dear Sir,

We have again raised the request for card replacement through SR# 117789009681. Once the card will be dispatched you'll receive the tracking details through SMS.


SBI Card


Till now 1-14541171366, 1-15853392334, 1-17789009681, 1-17598513353 and 1-15984731832 these SRs have been created but none resolved. I don't know whom should I contact now and what to do on this.

Feb 4, 2017

Requested to Clear the lien amount a sum of Rs.64000/-

Dear Sir,
A sum of Rs. 64000/- have been put on hold is visible as lien amount.

Kindly requested to clear the amount and reflect it back in my main balance please.

My DSP account No 20054331032
Branch Name SBI Supaul
Mob No 8729947106
E-mail ID akyanupriya@yahoo.in
Jan 23, 2017

Mis lead with the information

Hi Team,

I had received a call from SBI with the intimation that I am eligible for the credit card without service charge and joining fee for the first year and following year if I do a transaction more than a lakh then the free bie will applicable.

But very first month I had received a statement with service fee and joining fee as around 2500. I had raised a complaint on this and a representative informed that within a week a card will be closed.

At the moment itself I had broken my card. I had not activated my card as well.

But post that I am received a calls for payment and I advised them the same. they tried to route the call to the termination team but call was not connected. I tried many times to reach the termination team but nobody is picking the call.

How the company would keep charging on the non-activated credit card.

I do not have a card number to provide to you for further verification.

Could anyone please take a action on this and waive the charges which was leived without any reason on incorrect information.

I hold HDFC and ICICI credit card and am the one of the privileged customer for them and every year I get a gift from them.

I never thought that the stabilized bank like SBI would do such things and penalizing the customer.

Arrange the call back to my number 9620300652 to take further information to proceed with cancellation.

I am really very dissatisfied with the representatives dealing and SBI card's service.

Vasanthara G
+91 9620300652
Jan 20, 2017


I am holding SBI Credit Card. A fraud/unauthorized transaction has been done on my card for Rs. 7920/-. First thing that clicked is the person who was acting as a representative from SBI called with all my details. The point is customers data is being leaked out to some third party.

If SBI's data bank is secured, how can a third party know all the information of customer including the last transaction that was made on my card and what was the mode of the payment.

Also, now SBI representatives instead of helping, are saying to pay the amount that has been done on the card. Such a pathetic service by SBI and what kind of security measures they have god knows.

Please take a strict action. And also, I'll make sure that if this thing continues,and bank is not ready to resolve the issue, I'll see to it that banks reputation goes for a toss for sure.
Syed Mujtaba Muteeb
Jan 11, 2017

SBI ATM withdrawal problem (debited amount twice)

Dear Sir,

I went to ATM 3822 +KHB MAIN ROAD BANGALORE- on 11.1.17 around 8.07 P.M, i requested for Rs 4000/- but the message I got is SORRY UNABLE TO PROCESS & I tried again in different ATM immediately, for Rs 4000/- from Atm 70112 +SIB BHUVANESWARI RT BANGALORE I got the amount.

But i have been debited for 8,000 first of all i cant withdraw 8,000 in a day as per the restrictions,

As this is technical problem

I want you to help me in getting my money back.

And they should close their customer care service as it is waste, they are always busy.

Name; Syed Mujtaba Muteeb
A/c Number: Last 4 Digits 9705
Mobile Number:9686451289

SBI ATM withdrawal problem (debited amount twice)

Jan 9, 2017

Amount deducted twice

Transaction cancelled but amount deducted when I was paying for Hathway broadband!
Resolve it immediately!
Complaint no PO429227109714
Ac no- 20336246795
Jan 7, 2017

auto sweep details not visible in account

I have opted for SBI Auto Sweep facility for my account in SBI which is SBI BEL Factory campus
I used to get the details of the auto sweep account in my internet banking.

I have PPF account in SBI Jalahalli

Later I was not getting the details of the auto sweep details in my online internet banking login.
In spite of complaining to both SBI BEL factory campus and Jalahalli bank multiple times and after giving written complaints to brank manager (BEL Campus) multiple times, the problem is not solved.

I am not able to view /keep track of the money auto swept. Because of this I am not able to track the details of money credited/debited correctly.

I am greatly displeased with the service of SBI, as there is no solution given for me till today regarding my auto sweep viewing,
Kindly take care of the problem as soon as possible.

My SBI Account no is 10838677179.
My mobile is 7760937627

Syed Kzd
Jan 4, 2017

ATM Transaction failed but amount debited

On date 04.01.2017,I did transaction and the transaction is failed but Rs 10,000 amount debited from my account ( THRICE 4000,4000 AND 2000 ) and also I don't get any debited message.

So, I request you to kindly look into the matter and credit the amount what ever it erroneously debited.

In RBI rule we can withdraw only 4500 money per day.Then how it's possible to deducted 13000 amount in my account.

SAVINGS A/C # 11196813045
IFS CODE - SBIN0007130
MICR - 560002004
BANGALOR -560017
Dec 14, 2016

Fraud call asking Bank details

Hi ,
I received a fraud call on my mobile from a number 8969011766.
The person introduces himself as a manager speaking from Bangalore SBI-head branch.
He says my SBI ATM CARD, is subject to cancellation and he needs my details .
The 1st question he asked the valid thru date.

When I told him that I will report this to police , he disconnected the call.

shree ome
Dec 13, 2016

Lien amount

Dear sir,

I m shree ome my accnt 32338696347
My actual balance is not showing in accnt statement 4000 dedect my accnt in lien amount why no any loan at me .please update my clear balance

Shree ome
Dec 10, 2016

money deducted from my card and transaction decline

SBI Saving bank account no.32986518069 a some of Rs,395 deducted but the transaction declined to merchandise hence my purchase was not done..Dated 9th Dec2016

I request you to revert my money in my account. photo attache for detail

sm shrivastava
Dec 6, 2016

Balance put into lien amount

Dear Sir ,

This is account number 20168919252

My Rs.2000 have been put on hold is visible as lien amount.

Kindly clear the amount and reflect it back in my main balance.

Account Holder name : Mohd Khalid

Account Number : 20168919252

Mobile Number : +91-9540098015

Branch : Jasola
Dec 1, 2016

Enquiring for SBI ATM Card No


Today evening I recived a call from mobile number - 7549820584 asking SBI ATM Card details. He commented that my ATM card got locked due to non submission of KYC and need these details to open same. It is obivious that this is a fraudulent call. Hence kindly trace all Outgoing & Incoming he has done from this mobile number and cross check his conversation and today only catch him else he may switch off his mobile

Nov 16, 2016

Fraud transaction on my SBI credit card(Payment Made to TRENDON_EPayKerela)

The Manager,
Credit Card Department,

My self Sreenivasulu Kambham from Bangalore.I received a phone call on 16th Nov 2016 my cell no 7204629509 behalf of SBI KYC verification dept. And one thing i need to highlight is he knows everything things about my card after check all he ask me for otp .after 1 minutes he make transaction of rs 7815/- .by TRENDON_EPayKerela SBIPG IN merchant. how they can operate and deduction my account. Pls check and refund my amount in my card.

Please can you investigate and help us to get refunded.

Sreenivasulu Kambham
Oct 31, 2016

Balance put into lien amount

Sir ,
This is account number 35827875077
My Rs.5000 have been put on hold is visible as lien amount.

Kindly clear the amount and reflect it back in my main balance
Divya KG
Sep 26, 2016

ATM card

Dear Sir,

My ATM card form SBI have been dispatched on 20-Aug-2016 and in the track consigment it says ( 02/09/2016 18:34:58 BNPL SP Hub MANIPAL Item Booked )

Kindly advice me the status of my ATM card at the earliest.

vaib singh
Aug 17, 2016

Unnescessary Charges

I applied for sbi credit card platinum. Now, before even i could have got my credit card they sent me credit bill of RS 3499.
How dare they charging money like this. Anyhow I am not gonna pay any penny of this, but its so ridiculous.
Aug 1, 2016

ATM PIN not issued even after 20 Months

My name is Narendra Kumar Gupta having S/B account no.10269113323.ATM Debit card no.4591500236903338 was issued to me in November 2014.I was neither given ATM PIN nor any one time password to activate my debit card.I contacted SBI helpline to issue ATM PIN.They told that as per format SMS is to be sent to them.I sent SMS as per their format and got the reply that my credentials are bot there in database while i am operating this account for the last many years.
I am feeling helpless as what is to be done?
Amrapali Trivedi
Jul 19, 2016

Amount deducted from my account but not transferred to merchant side

Iam Amrapali Trivedi , I made payment of Rs. 7000, by swapping my debit card on 8th July 2016. My account debited but not transferred to merchant side.

Txn no. 619009350310

I made complaint also.
Ticket no. : PO429225052827

I already mailed three times to my branch.But I didn't get any response from their side.

I mailed on grievance redressal cell helpline.lhodel@sbi.co.in and
gm.acps@sbi.co.in those are present for customer help and services but delivery failed and server error arrives, seems these emails are not in service now.

Please consider my request and react on it immediately. It is too urgent for me to know the transaction status. Do, please try to resolve this as soon as possible.
I will be very grateful.

Thank you
Amrapali Trivedi
Mobile no. 9818398079
Jul 3, 2016


Whomever concern,

this is sonali here from hubli. Iam an account holder of SBI BANK Residency road branch Bangalore.. as mentioned above subject, this is writing for the justice Against SBI Froud people.. !
My PF amount cheque is been deposited to the Bank on January 22nd 2016.. its been misplaced by the SBI people and still i didnt get amount of 25000.. when i enquire for my need they easily says that they cant help it.! kindly do followup provide me the justice.. this is not the first time iam writing this,very much disappointed with the service i got from SBI People..if your amount is been sticked what you do! iam too much tired off running behind this people.! this time ill make hell in bank!

P.V.Madurai Muthu
Jun 13, 2016

Returning of Cheque

I have given a cheque to my customer for Rupees one lakh, Cheque book is provided by State Bank India , Richards Town Branch,
Sulthanyapalya Branch, SBI, has returned the cheque stating that my phone no. is wrong, in this month i have issued two cheques to other two customers but they have been realised.

if the phone is out of order or not reachable, is this is correct to return the cheque.

what is the faith of dealing with the customers, for using SBI cheques?

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