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State Bank of India


Consumer complaints and reviews about State Bank of India

Feb 5, 2016

scam call asking for card details

got a call from 9102955831 asking for SBI card details saying if u dont give, SBI will block the card. Please close this number
Aakash Deep
Jan 16, 2016

Balance put into lien amount

Sir ,
This is account number 34598169189
My Rs.6,541.22 have been put on hold is visible as lien amount.
I have contacted my branch and there is no holds from my branch they told me that amount is on hold in atm switching

Kindly clear the amount and reflect it back in my main balance
Dec 22, 2015

money got deducted from my account

Dear sir/mam,

I have Rs.200 in my sbi account.I got a message from sbi that the current balance was Rs.185.can you tell me why 15 rupees deducted from account?was it penalty for maintaining 200 rupees in my account or any other problem? I kindly request to clear this at once

Yours faithfully,
M.Pavan sandeep,
Dec 21, 2015

lien amount of 100000 rupees in sbi acount

Dear Sir,

Today my balance got nil and i seen 100000rs lien amount in my sbi acount . Please solve this problem i didnt tkn any loan . I want my money back .
My branch in panki kanpur im in mathura please help.

Pragyanshu Srivastava
Dec 8, 2015

Cannot process payment

i was suppose to purchase some goods from ebay i connect my sbi bank account with paypal acoount but the transaction couldn't be completed using the selected card. I also attached the error file.
kindly, look into the matter and revert back as soon as possible.

Cannot process payment

Oct 11, 2015

Transaction Failed but money got deducted


I paid Rs.406 through my SBI debit card in Sagar Healthcare Bangalore and after entering the PIN it is showed as transaction failed .Because of that i paid it through cash.After some time, when i checked my online banking page, it is showed as Rs.406 is debited from my account.
How many days it will take to credit the money back to my account and whom should i contact for the same?

Sneha G

Transaction Failed but money got deducted

Jay Ghi
Sep 24, 2015

Online Fraud

I have recently opened an saving account in SBI. on 14 th sept 2015 I recd call from a person and seeking my debit card details for verification. He was aware that I have opened the account recently hence as it is a verification call from the Bank. I gave my card details. Then 2 transactions he has made POS purchases.
POS 091414245522 erupee_SBIePay SBIPG for an amount Rs. 10,000

POS 525704140790 VODAFONE-BILLDESK MUMBA for an amount Rs. 4999

after a weeks time my account is credited with 4999 from Vodafone. Can we not track the fraud as he has made the payment for VODAFONE bill???

Kindly help us out what to do.

Moreover for all these purchases OTP also not recd to my mobile number. But still then he is able to make fraud!!!

Hope you will help us.
Sep 14, 2015

ATM Cash not dispensed, but 4000 debited.

4000 cash debited from my account, but cash not dispensed. Error: Unable process this time. Try later... I didn't get transaction slip. It happened at SBI ATM from Passport Seva Kendra, Ameerpet, Hyderabad on 09/09/2015 , 08:30 PM .

I have raised complaint from SBI complaint forum through customer care Toll free no. & provided the SBI Complaint Ticket Number : AT429220284483 .Please check and refund money.

Thanking you
Sujeet Kumar
Sep 8, 2015

About lien amount

I am having account in sbi raipur gcet brunch. 1128 rs is deducted from my savings account and 1128 amount is also deduct as a lien amount. What is lien amount. How to resolve that problem.
Sonal jakhetiya
Aug 28, 2015

cif not transfered

Dear sir, I have given an application to transfer my sbi account number 30098027527 from sbi keshwapur branch (Branch code 00846) to sbi kadugodi branch (BRANCH CODE 05376), with all KYC documents, before 04 months.
Sbi keshwapur transfered my account to kadugodi branch but they transfered my CIF to any other branch due to this mistake of your staff I am facing a lots of problems, since it is my salary account and I am a railway employee posted at bangalore.
Hence it is my request to you that as soon as possible arrange to transfer my CIF from keshwapur branch (Branch code 00846) to kadugodi branch (BRANCH CODE 05376).
Thanking you sir...
Aug 9, 2015



After visiting the SBI bank branch several times I had been told that the PPK kit is not available. After several vists I do got the PPK kit and bank manager told that the PPK will be activated after 24hours. But I have been trying from past 1 week and its still not activated. Upon contacting Bank Manager, she is replying saying that there are so many complications and she cannot process my request. She was too arrogant throught out the conversation. She is supposed to be polite as she is incharge. When ever I visit the branch and request for something she reply saying that she is new to branch and she dont know any thing about it, how can a responsible Bank manager reply like that.
Sachin Rk
Jul 30, 2015

online transaction fruad.

yesterday i got a call from phone no: 7563848120. that his name is rohit sharma and he is calling from SBI main branch. firstky he told me that i have to renewel my card so he need some of my card details so i have told all my card details and now my account is debited 9000/- .so what should i do now?
is there any solution for this.
Jul 25, 2015

Prank call asking account details

I got a call from this no. +91 7797 539427 asking my account details. They told my account will expire today and I have to provide account number and details. The person also told me that he is calling from SBI main branch Bangalore. When I hesitate provide information they used abusing words.
Jul 6, 2015


Respected Sir/Madam,

Today I was subject to a call that seemed to be either fraudulent or subjective to a criminal nature.

Call received from the following number
Supposed Name of the person Rohit Sharma.

The caller introduced himself as the Bank Manager of SBI (very unconvincingly). He initially kept asking me for my ATM Card details so that they could be renewed.
I do not hold any account with SBI. When I confronted him, he started asking more questions on what bank I do use. Note, Person did not clearly know how to introduce the Bank.
Person also does not have the demeanor expected of a manager in SBI.

Once I confronted him about a possibility of a fraud, said person began using foul (uncouth) language.

I would request you to please look into this. While I might be over-reacting, this could be a criminal activity too.

Concerned Citizen
Jul 5, 2015

Struggling open new Account

To the General Manager--
This is what is happening with me, I want to open a Salary account, I saw a big banner in our company Accenture about your bank and thought of opening an account. I reside in Banaswadi Bangalore 560043, I filled in the online application I got the some Transaction Number to be shown at any SBI branch and get the account opened.
First I went to Horamavu Branch, Bangalore which is like 1 Km from house, I went to the bank and met the Manager (Mr. Naik) and requested to open a corporate account, the manager did not even know what is a corporate account, then I explained that I work for so and so company and so here I am, he asked me where do you reside, I told my permanent residency is Kolar, however I am renting a house in Banaswadi, he asked me, do you have passport or Adahar card in Bangalore address, I said I don’t have, but I do have rental agreement and Gas bill, he immediately said, we cannot process your application, you need to go to Kolar or Banaswadi. It looks he is not even interested in talking to me. My frustration started...
Next day I went to Banaswadi branch which has a same pin code, the person who saw the address in my rental agreement said that it is Dodda Banaswadi, so you need to go to another branch, again frustration...
Then I went to Dodda Banaswadi branch of pin code 560043, I went to the Associate Manager and said that I want to open a new corporate account, she immediately said that we cannot open any new accounts at this time. I asked her, I want to see the branch manager, then she started telling the stories that they are running with low staff, lot of pending applications and she can accept the new applications only next week.


Can you please tell me is there anything like you already have lot of customers and DO NOT need any new customers?
Some of your staff talk in a way forgetting that we are your customers. Please remember that you are not doing any favors for the citizens.
I have seen lot of private banks, who are more ahead in customer services than the way you are...
You might say then go to some Private bank. The only reason I am opening an account in SBI is I am planning to take a home loan of 20 Lakhs next month.
Please look into these kind of issues immediately and improve the country by getting more money though new customers. JAI HIND!!
Jun 2, 2015

Fraud calls

Hi, i had got my wife a SBI credit card from my account. One guy started to call from below numbers had told her that they need some details to enhance the security of the card with a Chip and picture of mine on the card. He told my name, ending digits of the card, So she called me to check. When i called him back, he asked full details on the card. So i disconnected the call and got my credit card blocked. Please note the below numbers if they come back again. Currently all the below numbers are switched.


The name guy who called me was DAKSH MEHRA.
Ranjan Kumar Rout
May 25, 2015

Account Balance is showing as 0.0

Hello Sir/Mam,

My name is Ranjan Kumar Rout. I checked my online account and although the balance is Rs.0.00, There is a Lien amount of Rs. 1,12000. I dont know whats this lien amount.
I have take education loan this account . My available balance should be Rs. 2100. and i running this account for saving. saving also.
I really need the money and Please do the needful asap.

My SBI account number: .00000031865889890
Branch: chandol-2038
Gyanveer Singh
May 13, 2015

IMPS transaction could not be completed, but money debited

I initiated a IMPS transaction yesterday (i.e. on 13/05/2015), the transaction was successful. Later in the evening I received a message that the transaction could not be completed. I also checked with beneficiary account , if the money was credited in that account.
We found that the money was debited from account, but was not credited in the beneficiary account.

Narration: TO TRANSFER

Transaction Ref: TRANSFER TO 3197894044300

Please resolve the issue.

Branch Name: SBI- Bannergatta Road, Bangalore.
Sidhanth Singh
Apr 20, 2015

saveing account lockkkked

dear sir, my saving account in state bankof india ,saveing a/c no.20045995335,branch name. doorvani nagar, account holdar name sidhanth singh ,email.id sidhanthsinghsoni@gmail.com,my account is locked plesae unlock my account.
Rankush Agrawal
Apr 7, 2015

ECS Debit Returns

Respected Sir/Madam,

Ref:My SBI A/c no 00000031527840464 -RT Nagar Bangalore

With reference to the cited subject I regret to inform you on 28 march 2015 same of RS 88/- has been debited from my above said S B A/c in the name of E C S Debit return charges I want know what purpose this amount debited in my account. Kindly note that all DEBITS for Mar'2015 have been honoured and there are no ECS return. I contatced My branch they are unable answer I request you to clear this at once

Yours faithfully
Rankush Kumar
Apr 4, 2015

Creation of lien Amount

A sum of Rs.500 is deducted from SBI-SB Account and also a lien balance amount of Rs.500 has been created.Hereby i dont know...What is lien balance? What is the purpose of creating lien Balance? How to resolve it? Kindly help to get my money back credited to my SB-A/C.
Pallavi Jadhav
Feb 11, 2015

inter bank transfer

SBI to SBI transfer through Internet Banking
I transferred Rs. 7300 from my SBI (anushaktinagar branch ) to another Punjab & Maharashtra co op bank account (Mulund branch) on 30th Jan 2015. The money was deducted from my account, but debit status shown failure & the beneficiary has not received the amount yet( as of 12th Feb 2015). I had registered complaint through customer care, but, not received any reply yet. After this there has been no prompt replies from SBI.

Please help in getting this issue resolved. As i am away from India so I am unable to walk in to my home branch.

Below are the details.

My Name: Prashant jadhav
My Account number: 31062095990

Beneficiary Name: Prashant jadhav
Beneficiary Account Number: 100120785

Transaction Reference Number : IR55539311
Complaint Number: PT9992216564848

Please interfere to help resolve the conflict.

Present contact Number: 9969322660
Arun Karthik
Feb 6, 2015

dineying to open account

I Arunkarthik from jalahalli Bangalore went to SBI bhadrappalayout branch to open a SB account which is 1.5kms
When I request the manager to allow me to open a SB account in that branch with all the required documents she is
Direct me to go to jalahalli SBI branch which is 1.7kms from my house or HMT layout SBI branch
Why should I go for a farr branch when I have a branchIs close why are they doing like this please give them correct instrations
So they do not do this others

aarunkarthik666@gmail.com /09739830786

dineying to open account

Jan 19, 2015

Problem in remittance of Education loan

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have availed an education loan from State Bank of India to pursue my higher education in the US. For payment of fees, the method used by my University which is Illinois Institute of Technology,Chicago (and many other Universities across the globe) is PEER TRANSFER. Peer Transfer is a payment gateway for Universities where one can pay the tuition fees in their own currency instead of US Dollars(USD) and they in turn will pay my University in USD. Almost all banks are doing Peer Transfer, EXCEPT State Bank of India, mostly because they will lose out money on the petty commission they get on Forex conversion. For Peer Transfer, the overall amount is higher than what is charged by SBI, meaning I will be withdrawing a slightly higher amount on my education loan and also paying a higher interest for my loan repayment - which in tuen benefits SBI!! When almost every bank in India is doing Peer Transfer, this non cooperation by SBI is ridiculous and they will tend to lose customers for not updating themselves with the latest procedures and techniques used for fee payment. Due to this archaic procedures of SBI, I have no other alternative to pay my fees. Request you to kindly issue an ordinance and ensure SBI like all other banks in India cooperate and serve their customers who are their assets.

Thanks & Regards,
Karthik Sastry
Jan 8, 2015

SBI to SBI transfer through Internet Banking

I transferred Rs. 7500 from my SBI (electronics city branch ) to another SBI account (jakkasandra branch) on 28th December 2014. The money was deducted from my account, but the beneficiary has not received the amount yet( as of 8 January 2014). I had registered complaint through customer care, but, only received an SMS stating that the amount was deposited on 28th January itself. After this there has been no prompt replies from SBI.

Please help in getting this issue resolved. As i am away from India so I am unable to walk in to my home branch.

Below are the details.

My Name: Rahul Mukherjee
My Account number: 33052076065

Beneficiary Name: B Venkateswara Reddy
Beneficiary Account Number: 32931817777

Transaction Reference Number : ITB6015454
Complaint Number: PT9992215774454

Please interfere to help resolve the conflict.

Present contact Number: 00974 30110251

SBI to SBI transfer through Internet Banking

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