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Consumer complaints and reviews about State Bank of India

Sep 14, 2016

Complain Against Branch Manager Musarambagh Branch Hyderabad IFSC Code SBIN0010328


I am a account holder in SBI, Musarambagh Branch, Hyderabad with IFSC Code being SBIN0010328. I approached branch for re-issue of Internet banking user id and password. BRanch issued the same on 12.09.16 at 11.00 am and advised me to login after 2 hours. I tried to login using the User id and password at 16.00 hours.

It gave error saying that the user id and password are wrong. So again on 14.09.16 I called branch to find the reason for errror. Staff told me that BRanch MAnager didnt authorised it on that day i.e. 12.09.16. Also advised me to try again after 1 hour. I tried to login after two hours. IT gave same error again. Again when I Called BRanch, Manager was rude. He was speaking without logic.

His Number is +919989502347

Praveen Kini
Sep 12, 2016

Not printing pass book

Dear sir,

Myself hemant nagin patil I am suffering from severe problem of not printing my pass book due to not repairing printer from last 5days an also employee of that window also absent date 12:09:2016 due to this my work getting late an also other employees are not cooperating well so kindly adress my problem and take strict action against SBI shahada branch dist nandurbar state Maharashtra
Sep 12, 2016

Rude Behaviour of Bank Employee

I am an account holder of SBI BENACHITY BRANCH DURGAPUR .Branch code 3905 .
First of all SBI have to give the guide lines to their employees how to behave with the customers.This is not at all fair to deal with customers with such a worst behaviour and a careless word.
What's the problem to give the proper guidelines to the customers.
on 12th september 2016 I and my husband went to SBI CHANDANNAGORE Branch, HOOGHLY, IFSC CODE - SBIN0000053, MICR CODE - 700002222.
There a lady employee name SWARNALY GOPE , who speaks in very rude language to my husband for asking how he gets loan on buisness ground.For loan purpose what papers bank wants all documents there have properly with us and instead of this I am also employee of defence in C.I.S.F for being as a garanter of my husband for loan purpose .She doesn't wants to hair any thing what we wants to say only just saying herself in rude language and saying also in rude voice go from here.When we said that we will complaint against you to your senior she just said ok , you will.
When we go to her senior for report her ,BANK MANAGER wouldn't hear us he only hear her , he does not rectify her anything. Second time when we asked him about her he only said his words to transffer the savings account branch to their chandannagore branch but outlook that matter.
As a defence personnal we also loose our calm and patience but didn't rude over the human. She does not manage the customer she get angry when we ask the prosseser of loan.
It is my personal request you please take the action against it.Give her a proper guidence or fire her from the post.
Jayita Chakraborty (Central Industrial Security Force)
ph no 9963861934
Sep 6, 2016


Hello sir, '

I am a account holder in SBI, Shopping Centre Branch, BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY, VARANASI (U.P)

The staff is very uncooperative and they usually mislead with wrong information. All lazy old men are there in the bank who do not work efficiently and do not give preference to customers.

I am going from last one month for barcoding my passbook. but the manager did not respond.

There is bad service regarding messaging service ( credit amount message generally not received).

Aug 22, 2016

Lack of co-operation between branch manager and field office

We are farmers and we had kisaan credit card (KCC) accounts. Govt. is giving some subsidy for those farmers who operates their kisaan load properly and deposit their loan on time. So we supposed to get that subsidy from bank in 2014 but they did not transfer our subsidy in our account from 2014. We continue contacted branch for our subsidy amount but all they the time they gave us excuses and did not gave us our subsidy. Now it’s been 2 years for it but we are still waiting for that subsidy.
roxx raj
Aug 15, 2016

misbehaviour by staff

Sir misbehaviour to an old lady by your employe name sudhir branch narnaul code 123001 no response from your employe and also no work is done by this employe for that lady.. ....
Aug 10, 2016

Branch Manager talking offensively

Dear Sir,

My sister took educational loan but due to some case she has to prepare for GATE one yr. In that period she was unable to pay EMI.
Branch Manager called her and she told him to give her some time, sir as she didn't have job at that time.
He is telling that " I will give you time, in return what you can do for me".

Tell me sir, is this proper attitude with a girl?
How can such uncultured persons recruited as Branch Manager?

When i talked with branch manager about my sister's loan, he is telling that my sister should talk to him.
how does it matter to him, we are paying EMI, why he wants to talk to my sister.
This is too much sir.

This is intolerable.
If you want then you can take action on him, if i found such type of behavior next time, then I will take some wrong action.

Thank you very much
Aug 10, 2016

Customer Executive misbehaved and disconnected the complain call Inbox x

Dear Servicer Provider ,

This is to bring into you kind notice that today i had call to your customer care number 18004253800 the executive who attended my call was not ready to listen my query and he behaved such a unprofessional way.

I tried to tell him regarding my query but he was in very hurry and disconnected the call without listening me .

I am really surprised how such people had hired by you.

Please find below the details of mine and if possible kinldy provide the solution of the query -

Account name - Gaurav Shukla

Registered mobile number - 9565577865

Call time - 1.14 pm approx.

Looking for your valuable revert

Jul 25, 2016

state bank of india near u nite hotel

Reaspected sir/ maam
My father and mother went to sbi bank to open an account according to mr. Narender modi's plan
Without money account. But the people over there insulted them badly.they used very bad lanuage like these people have no work they r coming here to disturb us
Pls take strict action against them .bcoz they r full of arogance bcoz of their govt. Job.. thy doesnt know tht thy are sitting there for commom man.govt is paying them for wrk .. not for insulting people.

Thanku ..
Jul 25, 2016


ATM as i have Applied for Atm,for that pin number not yet received so far. Varthini replied me to receive the secret number.on Friday. I have inform them to receive on Monday but she not giving today.(A/C.10747830472,MY MOBILE NO.9443191515) Thankyou Sir.
sunil singh rawat1972
Jul 13, 2016

misbehave with complainants wife

good moring, I Sunil Singh Rawat Deputy Commandant of 8 th Bn.S.S.B. M.H.A. an account holder of SBI Branch Rohta Road , branch code 16609 Meerut, I want to lodge complaint against branch manager A/C no presently deployed at gaya bihar.
Today on 13/07/16 I sent my wife who is also account holder in same branch and account is linked with my account, to sort out problem but branch manager had un misargued un wanted talked with my wife and passed undesirable , unexpectable comment
on me when I was no there due to my unavailability and nature of duty, this is one kind of serious mishaved of branch manager & manager must posted out from the bank.
mahendra teachar
Jun 22, 2016

brach menajar beheviour

sarod branch menegar sir crop lone agriculchar bojani entri foum 25 dey no replay branch menagar sarod why? mahendra
Jun 11, 2016

SBI Employee Indulge Indirectly in a business.

A SBI Employee is indulge indirectly in business, all the business decisions are taken by him for which his mails as well as redirection of mails of director of the business are validation. I want to file a complaint about this guy, Can anybody please guide. As this person is exploiting people in the name of his credibility due to position in SBI.
May 29, 2016

irresponsable behaviour

sir ,
my father was a ex-service man.my father drawing pension from the darsi sbi branch there the officer s are very rude to the customers.the customers who are coming there is all formers and pensioners the staff behaving rude to the customers and irritating on them.most of the customers illiterates they dont know the procedures but the staff fires on them they dont even respect the retired soldigers. if they apply for loan they granting the loans to their wish not with the rules.the staff are not attending dutys for time to time.especially the assistant manager and the field officer is very rude with the customers. if the authorities did not take any action immediately many will suffer please take immediate action
Manish123 Mishra
Apr 16, 2016

Rudely Behavior Of Manger

Hi Sir/ Madam,
Shaker Bazaar (Branch code - 2117) SBI bank manager behaviour is very rudely towards customer . He dnt know how to talk with ladies . He is using very bad language and threatening me. This is not at all fair to deal with customers with such a worst behavior and careless word. Please its a request take strict action towards him .

Sudha Mishra
Manish123 Mishra
Apr 16, 2016

Rude Behaviour Of Service Manager

Hi Sir/ Madam,
Shaker Bazaar (Branch code - 2117) SBI bank manager behaviour is very rudely towards customer . He dnt know how to talk with ladies . He is using very bad language and threatening me. This is not at all fair to deal with customers with such a worst behavior and careless word. Please its a request take strict action towards him .

Sudha Mishra
Apr 7, 2016

Reagring Employee response

Requested thru mail to SBI, mandideep (M.P) bank regarding the interest certificate but your concern Dept representative DEEPIKA Ji(8889806543), has not given proper response and try to misleads by making false statements and talking rudely.

Request for corrective action.

Apr 6, 2016

Account closing

SBI Topsia branch , Kolkata. All staffs and manager are very rude, they don't have any manners to talk to customer. Whenever I ask any question they can't give proper answer and said go ask from government. They don't know any rules and policies about their own bank. Few days before I faces too much problem for my ATM card. I got my ATM card after 2 months from date of apply.
I decided to close my account, when I asked the service counter person to close my account he told me not today come tomorrow, when I go next day then the service counter person was absent on that day then I ask others employees about closing account then they said only service counter person will do it no body else. Then again I go third day and I ask service counter person about account my closing then he told me to give KYC, I ask him what is KYC and why it is important to close my account? After that he started shouting on me and told me to go and ask from government. After that I go to manager to ask about KYC, he just reply me no by shaking his head (I thought he don't have tongue in his mouth). After coming out from bank gate I decide that I will not enter in this bank again in my whole life. It was my insult.
I can't close my account till now, I made the account zero and left it.
SBI is the world worst bank.
I know that it's no use to complain on this site or any other place about SBI because there is no any hearing in SBI. But then also I am submitting my complain on this site with hearing expectation of 1%
Apr 5, 2016

Grafter manager

Branch Daltonpur(08737)Daltonpur branch mannager saving account opening days of euphoria business running bribery. Obstructs any guy with a bad use of the manager.
Pavan Shetty
Mar 30, 2016

Cheque Book Not issued, Matter of one's life

Hi Team,

I have requested for cheque book through internet banking on 18th march and have received message saying it will be delivered by 3 working days and they have closed my request saying Cheque book has been delivered, where till today have't received any speedpost (Contacted Postman and he confirmed there is no post on my name from last month) . I have raised case with SBI through phone, CMS, FB, (OP1129123560716, CB1050823626128) but no one helped me in this case. Branch manager had given me a wrong speedpost acknowledgement number: AQ004522170IN.

Basically this request has been raised on priority as one of my family member has to under go heart surgery and have told this to chief branch manager of both the branch by showing the proof where my loan is only pending for the cheque leaf but he had not helped instead he told me this will take 10 more days. Is this way to respond? SBI employee's are not a human being? don't they know the value of one's life? also have written a mail to branch managers ITPL complex and Koramangala Branch Code :010508 with all my pain but they have not taken any action.

Please let me know if any way to contact higher officer where they can understand value of one life? Or please do let me know if I can take this to media?

Account number: 20249647671
Branch: Koramangala Branch Code :010508

Thanks in advance.

Pavan Kumar A
Mar 26, 2016

Regarding account opening

Dear sir/madam,
I went to state bank of India, Bhandup(w), Gadhwnaka branch to open new account. This bank is open on Tuesday to Sunday & closed on Monday. I think this facility is for working people. When I asked for new account opening form it is said to me that you should come on Tuesday to Saturday between 9am to 11 am. Then what is the purpose to open the branch on Sunday. I requested to branch manager kindly open my account , he asked me to go to the lady which was having charge of account opening but she was not ready to take my form, she asked me to come on Tuesday to Saturday. She was arguing and complaining that they have to come on holidays(Sunday), but they are getting holiday on Monday instead of Sunday, then what is the use to working people. Kindly pay attention and take action.
Abdul Rasid
Mar 16, 2016

Internet Banking

I went yesterday to Falakata SBI ,Branch code 1297, for internet banking,1st I have submitted KYC form ,when it's wanted to update for internet banking,they said my account No is Blacklisted then they is not given to you for net banking then I went to the manager he said it will discuss after 5 PM.from 11/03/2016 to 17/03/2016 I am suffering this problem.
Mar 15, 2016

phon number ragisterd and atm card

sbi bank shakha code No-01060 me aplictons deke aaya hu ki mera phone number feed kiya jaye ur muje atm card ISSUE kiya jaye me 30 day se shakha me jakr time khrab kr rha bank staff kaam krne ko razi nahi h. mera samsya ka samadaan kiya jaye Branch managr jI ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Name- mohammd ARIF...............................................................................................................................................................................................CONTEC-NO-09268424387
Mar 15, 2016

Regarding ATM PIN


I have requested for a Re-pin through customer care center. He told me that with in 15 working days of bank, you can collect your pin from your home branch. When my father arrived to Home branch which is in Chhibramau (Kannauj).
No one provide proper solution regarding any issues/complaints.
Rudely Behavior.
We greatly dis-satisfy by the resources.
Now we lost our believe towards your Bank.

md ziyaul kareem
Mar 11, 2016

rude behavior of bank manager

SBI Branch located at k.t.p.s. kanti...
this branch employee are treating customer as Dog..
ther are not giving proper response...
For opening one account they took 3 days.
and if suppose someone come for opening account they will say that they dont have form....
they dont have respect to customer

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