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Consumer complaints and reviews about State Bank of India

Nov 26, 2014

Stressed mind of bank Employees

Sir/ Madam
i sat in front of my computer to claim a complaint about the behavior of an employee of SBI bank, but all of a sudden it strikes me, if my brother or sister was in that place, what was my role????.

yes i am very much ashamed for the happenings, but instead of all this, let us think in the different way.

Brothers and sisters of the bank let us try to get reduce the mental stress by our self.

who so ever having concerned about this, please start practicing yoga and meditation, it makes mind cool and calm at any type of situation.

Name not required,
but sure i am a citizen having responsibility.
Naiyer Alam
Nov 17, 2014

complaints against sbi empolyy Mr Dhananjay

I have saving account of sbi bank empolyy Mr Dhananjay misbehaving to me one day i am going to withdraw 10000/ Rupees but Mr Dhananjay Talk to me .I am not withdrawn small amount and refused language and he have swipe machine but not used he some time talk to us machine is not working and servers down so please sir action to Mr Dhananjay misbehaving the customer Name - MD.NEYAR ALAM ACAUNT NO -31879998519 MOBILE NO-9931279977
Oct 27, 2014


i went to sbi to get pin of my ATM card but they told that it got expired bcoz you had not taken it within a month from opening account. Then they took a application from me & i filled form according to instructions. The officer told that Rs 50 will be charged & after 10 days u will get new pin.After a week Rs.50 got deducted from my account on 16 oct 2014.
10 days are over i went to bank 3 times but they still say that pin is not available.this is really harrasment & wastage of precious time.Plz take some immediate action in this regard.
Account no:00000033158604522
Sep 30, 2014

Arrogance, Nepotism & Failure in Providing Service

I have SB Account with State Bank Of India, JP Road Branch (Branch Code:12959). Since last three months, this branch is not providing service of Printing of Passbook. Non availability of this service is almost on alternate day on an average. Every second day Staff of this branch blatantly refuse to update passbooks. There is no remorse in their behavior and in their voice when they refuse customer for the service customers are entitled for. On raising complaints about the same, Mrs. Smita Bhalerao the manager seems to have least interested in resolving the issue of passbook printing. On repeated requests, only once she gave in writing that the branch is refusing to print the passbook. This phenomenon is occurring daily. Everyday I as a customer almost since the inception of this branch request The Manager to give me in writing that the branch is refusing to print the passbook, which she (The manager) is not doing so. She has refused to give me in writing about the deficiency of herself and her staff. There is an another flaw which makes vigil and self respecting customer like me cannot tolerate is NEPOTISM. She, allows her known customers to jump the queue while transacting with the window. For CASH Transaction, there is only ONE WINDOW which remains open and all disciplined customers who stand in queue are made to feel LOW and DISGUSTING when The Manager and the staff at the WINDOW vehemently disobey the principles of discipline and equity. Such incidents make disciplined customers who stand in Queue highly demoralized, insulted and a sense of "disgust" prevail in them. I have lodged separate complaints for above against The Manager Mrs. Smita Bhalerao for discrimination and other charges leveled by me as above and would like to draw attention of persons like Mrs. Bhalerao that TIME has changed and gone are the days of 1970s and 1980s and 1990s during which such discrimination were allowed to be proliferated without raising the voice against it..............
Sep 26, 2014

not granting vehicle loan


Myself and my wife are both busy medical practioners in our town inn kuthuparmaba .
My wife is a dermatologist in government hospital . i went SBI kuthuparmba branch ( 02228) 2 weeks back for a car loan for my wife. the manager and the guys concerned with loans assured that loan shall be granted if we provide the salary certificate whihc was given. They gave me a personal mobile number and told me to call him the smae evening. i tired to call this guy for the past one week and no one responded. i finally went to the bank and enqiured. . then manager of the branch said he wanted some guaranteeing from my side also. then i asked him that i am having an account here . my wijfe is having an account her fr the past more than 5years and she has alredy produced a salary certificate then wts the problem.. he still refused. then i infor,med him that vijaya bank has already consented to give me loan and i am here only because they have told me to wasit. he cooly told me that i can get loan from vijaya bank. he told me that i can close my account here .. i closed the account in that braanch ( s/b ac no. 3048745321) and also had descided to close all my association wiht the bankd includin my mutal bebefit schemes and insurnce shcemes.
i being the secretery of local branch of Indian Medical Association and many other forum in the place had raised this issue to all the members. . all of them told the manger is high headed and useless and all are now ready to withdraw their accounts there.

please reign your managers who bring disrepute to your bank.
Sep 10, 2014



Sep 9, 2014

Regarding Cheque and Irresponsible staff


My name is sharad kumar singh. I deposit a 13000/- cheque on 6-sep-2014 at 10:30 AM in Sbi branch qutab plaza DLF phase-1 gurgaon haryana but the cheque not clear till yet.on your branch there is a notice that when we submit cheque till 11 am so that cheque clear same as till 6 pm same day.

When i go in guraon branch for enquiry the office go for lunch ..I dont know how many hour they take for lunch till 3:30 the officer come and told today amount credit but no amount i get till yet in my account

I am really unsatisfied for your service.This issue i face 4th time in gurgaon branch where i submitted my cheque..

when we talk to manger he say that transfer your account in this branch.and most of your employ use abusing language when i go inquiry.

I mail from you every month but from your side no one can call and take necessary action and that truth i am unsatisfied from that branch service.

Thanks lot for a worst service sbi gurgaon branch(dlf phase-1 qutab plaza gurgaon) provided to the customer.
Sep 4, 2014

Irresponsible employee

Respected sir/madam,
Employee (Assistant branch manager) in state bank of india NIRMAL branch is irresponsible and most of the time he was by talking phone calls in Office hours. If we ask h strictly he postpone our work. Many account holders are suffering due to his behaviour. Please take action against him. We are common people we can't do more than this on govt employee.
Sep 4, 2014

Irresponsible employee

Respected sir/madam,
Employee (Accountent) in state bank of india NIRMAL branch is irresponsible and most of the time he was by talking phone calls in Office hours. If we ask h strictly he postpone our work. Many account holders are suffering due to his behaviour. Please take action against him. We are common people we can't do more than this on govt employee.
Sep 1, 2014

irresponsible service of sbi official branch code 2773

sir .i am the account holder of sbi ,pakala ,branch code 2773. The service of the bank officials was not good.Their behavior was rude on customers. Many of the customers suffered about the rude and irresponsible behavior of the staff. number of account holders in the branch are mainly pensioners and salaried persons suffering about the delay of crediting salaries and pension in their accounts by the staff. If anybody questioned them they give reckless answer.somebody reported to the branch manager.but he said the staff does not obey his orders. many of the bank officials left the bank by 4pm. please kindly respond to this report and take necessary steps .we hope a favourable response. thanking you sir.
Pramod Kumar 1987
Aug 29, 2014

Complain against branch manger of Ghaziabad

I am completely frustrated by the behaviour of this United Bank Of India branch Manager - Ghaziabad (U.P.) he doesn't deserve to be a Manager at all. I am talking to him for a third party payment by check purpose but he is a Branch Manager but don't have any knowledge regarding the bank rules.
branch manger is worst performance in bank. he use bad words in the peoples how behave hate people he is don't now please take action any one



UNITED BANK OF INDIA - GHAZIABAD is located at UTTAR PRADESH state,GHAZIABAD ... Branch code is - GHZ510.
So i am hereby complaining against bank workers and bank manager. Please take this matter seriously.
i hope you will take action against and please give me response......

Best regards,

Pramod Kumar
Aug 27, 2014

rudeness of a bank employee

please do not encourage damn reservation candidates...they are useless in the work processes such as in your bank ..they cannot give the correct messages to the customers.he is a dumbest person who is unqualified to get that job. this is the incident happened to me.

to pay the house loan monthly amount, they made me wait in the queue without giving correct info. at last for asking to give the correct information that bastard employee humiliated me in the public ...made threw away by the security ..this incident happened to me in june 2014. i ll have a chance to take revenge on that stupid employee... i may kill him because of my temper....so please do not make a criminal through such kind of dumbest persons...sorry for using abusive words.
thanks for your concern
Aug 7, 2014


I and my sister went to pay our challan for cu admissions.Unfortunately the server went down in the midway of processing the fee,so we were waiting near the counter.The watchman asked us to sit.My sister politely refused.The man then started abusing us that we were using trash language.The behaviour was horrible and the man went to the extent of speaking ill of our educatin and family.I would be grateful if action is taken or shown me the way how to reach the forum for their punishment.
reddy sreedhar
Aug 6, 2014

personal loan

Personal loan
I want to take personal loan from SBI/Mauda-441104/nagpur/maharashtra for house rep re purpose .
But said bank manager has not considered my requesting
Aug 1, 2014

Request For Open Branch in my Village.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My self Mr.Jagjivan Hirpurkar, residence At-Post- Borgaon-Peth, Ta, Achalpur, Distt-Amravati, Pincode-444806, i request to you kindly open branch at my native place.All near villages need to go the Tahsil place for banking purpose.This is also agriculture villages & it is growthful for bank.

Nearest Villages-


Thanks & Regards,
Jeevan Hirpurkar
Jul 5, 2014


Do anybody really review these complains against such rude and offensive employees of SBI.
Does any serious action has ever ever taken place against these complains??
Jun 28, 2014

complain against byasanagar branch manger Mr subhrajit jena

Deze sir
I soumya ranjan Pattnaik having account number 31110811538 in Byasanagar branch Jajpur road.
I went there for getting a new passbook as my old One was finished.
After getting the passbook I went to manager for his authorised sign he refused.
On further request he told me to leave chamber otherwise he will drag me to jail.
Hence it is my requst to quarry the matter and take propor action on the matter.
Tha.King you
With regards
Mob 7504335591
Shilpa sharma
Jun 10, 2014

To opening new account

I went to SBI bank main branch Roorkee to open an account but they are not treating us as a customer. they people said very rudely that there is no staff to open an account and asked me to come tomorrow. when I asked about documents to open an account, they were not listening me and answering very rudely. They always misbehave as we are their servant not a customer and I felt very insulted that time. so now I have changed my decision. now I will open my account in another bank.
May 21, 2014

Misbehavior of branch manager

I thought to start SB account with SBI bank jointly along with my close friend who is staying nearby the bank. Actually our plan is to deposit some money continuously up to six months and then start a business. The SBI Branch Manger/Malumichampatti . Mrs K,S,Sujatha has spoiled our dream. She is not treating us as a customer .The behavior was so bad. Last week we met her and requested for opening account .She told us to come next week(21-05-14) account cannot be open on other days. Today we met her and she explained SBI will not entertain for joint account. We understand from her speech that due to tight work in their office she is trying to avoid more customer for their branch.
Our opinion is she is not suitable for the responsible post.
Mobile no.9843010937
May 6, 2014

unable to get the account open form even

dear sir/madam,
Myself santhosh kumar, I just need to open one saving account but i didn't get even the account open form. this happens again and again in Salem 5 roads branch in state bank colony. there is one old aged person is there i don't know his name but he is the one who said one worthless reason that is " do you know how many filled account forms i have go and come back next monday". but i considered that as because of work stress but i got the same answer on next monday also. this were happen to my friends also, actually i need that account for my insurance amount receiving purpose because of this delay i just opened my account in idbi 4roads branch. please do the needful things for your customer.this irritating behaviour should spoil your brand growth so please take care of that.and also that branch is in main area of salem city, so don't lose customers like me. please take this as your consideration and do the needful thing as soon as possible.still i cant open my account.

thank you
santhosh kumar
Apr 14, 2014

I want take legal action aganest sbi

Dear sir

I have sbi account ... my brother and my brother in law were deposit 4 thousand one time and 3 thousand another time that time amount cut 50 rupees for each time.. the cause is intercity chargers ...previous charges is different from now ...

I called to sbi customer care they told to me what is that "if you deposited single rupees with other branch of sbi that time also intercity charge is 50 rupees this is RBI rule they told to me .....

please thing heart fully not commercially.... banks provide service to people not business...SBI also take chargers like internet charges,atm charges also taken yearly..

please make intercity chargers based on amount like bellow ten thousand certain chargers above ten thousand to 30 thousand certain charges like based on amount

one day my friend deposited 200 rupees to me that time 50 rupees taken by intercity charge remaining amount is 150 rupees in that amount I have taken 100 rupees from atm only

please take decision based on common people......



Apr 10, 2014

Cheque return

Dear Sir,

I have bank account with with The Cosmos Co-Op.bank Ltd.GIDC,Naroda,Ahmedabad,Guajrat.382330,
I had paid my service tax by my bank and given a cheque to SBI, GIDC,Naroda Branch,
Now New CTS Clearing system start ,but SBI Employee treat my cheque as a OLD Style and Send to It's Main SBI Branch
Now Main Branch Doesn't send my cheque to my Bank Branch and made it as return.
There is sufficient balance in my account , The mistake was made by SBI Main Branch.

Now how can i take necessory action against SBI???

sun bhagawati
Apr 10, 2014

Ignorance of employee towards customer

Dear Sir,

I am a consumer of S.B.I. Gauhati University Branch, I have a SBI PA Insurance which will expire on 11.04.2014 that so why I am going to renew on 9th April, 2014 at 3.20 P.M. after fill up the Insurance form the executive told me to submit the form to another table but think is that he should not show the proper table. More than 20 minute I move one table to another table but they unable to accept the form. After that one executive show me one lady executive and told me to submit the form on her table but the lady executive ignorance me and she busy (talking) with her colleague. I told her to see my form but she still busy with her colleague.

Sir, this Branch is situated under Gauhati University campus & this Branch belongs to University Employees and students and bank is a public related sector that so why they must be aware of it. Ignorance is not duty of Bank employees.

Sir, Therefor I request you please take strong action against those employees.

Thanking you

Sun Bhagawati
Mar 30, 2014

Irresponsible staff

Hello Sir/Mam

I opened new account in SBI branch (Suhag Nagar, Firozabad (UP)). I filled whole form correctly and clearly
but i thing the staff is illiterate, Because I received passbook and ATM card with Wrong name, Wrong address, Wrong Email-id ad I think the remaining details in record are also incorrect.

So please take some action and need help to correct my all details.

accnt no.- 33737145106
Mar 23, 2014

New SBI Bank

How to Open New SBI Bank in Our Village .place are Available .

Plz Help Me

Er. Pankaj Singh.

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