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Consumer complaints and reviews about State Bank of India

Apr 24, 2015

ATM machine problem from last 1.5 years.

We are from Munagapaka(Branch) office. That ATM is attached to Bank.
from last 1.5 years which is not work in progress.
every body suffering with ATM machine problem.
Because of huge number of customers containing our Village SBI branch.
Munagapaka(Branch) office people won't responding to make repair ATM machine.
As possible as soon you have to make them repair the ATM Machine.
kalpeshkamini shah
Apr 24, 2015

mis information by sms

your sms misguide me about cheque dis honour
kalpeshkamini shah
Apr 24, 2015

mis information by sms

i have received massage that my cheque no. 0000562765 for INR 5,000 is issue from AC XXXXX732629 dishonoured Pls contact branch manager on 17 April,2015 & I withdraw Rs. 5500 By ATM at Riddhi Regency at SBG ATM S10A009165001 from same AC at night 10 PM on 170415 & then after I get massage on 18 April,2015 that cheque has been dishonoured charge INR 253 deducted. I realy shoked is this possible? Plz give me proper guidence for this matter. your staff said that do complain on this way so it is good for your bank's reputation?
Apr 18, 2015

A lady customer not responding the customer's queryies

Dear responsible sir, I had went to the kattumannarkoil sbi branch bank today 18-04-2015 onwards. the second counter a lady cashier sitting in the chair. All my bank related queries, she had not responding me , often she is angrily speaking all my questions. sometimes she is emotionally speak with me. for example where is accountant of this sbi? spontaneously she is speaking it is not my duty.... Go and ask somewhere.... Is it a way to behave with a sbi customer? I don't know whether she is appointed properly or appointed compassionate background? At the same time I am asked the bank accountant give me the complaint book so as to register her activity against the customer... but the bank manager till now they are not maintain the complaint book. I am extremely requesting you to secretly supervise her duty and come to your own conclusion what I am said is absolutely you feel correct....My kind request is please give her in-service training How to approach and how to speak and how to make tolerance with public, and update her rules and regulations of bank, Another request is follow all bank staffs unique method of service of bank . The working staff giving me the response differently, for the same doubts.. what's it mean which makes confusion and mental fatigue, agony etc....
Apr 6, 2015

education loan

I had applied edu loan application form.in dhabouli sbi bank ..dis--saharsa....my loan was sectioned..but not issue me draft..i went to bank many days.and I call the bank manager..but he says. I will come tomorrow..always say tomorrow...what did I do..i am pursuing b.tech 1st year.my exam is held on 30/04/2015..please help me...
Apr 4, 2015




31-Mar-2015 TO TRANSFER INB ICICI Bank Credit card ICICI_CC Payments BSBI3725366717IG00USBWF3 TRANSFER TO 2,500.00

Mar 27, 2015

Misbehavior of state Bank of bikaner and jaipur bank employees

I have my bank account in sbbj jaipur shyam nagar branch. The staff is pathetic here and very rude they made me sit in the bank for more than 2 hours for a very pretty issue. And made me run around in the counters. One of the employee whose name is Mr. SP Mathur is one such person who I would like to mention. When I told his to help me since I was sitting there for a long time. He asked me to shut up and not to waste his time. This is highly embarrassing and this man has no manners at all and doesn't know how to talk to women. These bank employees are really rude and visiting this bank is a real pain.
Rahul Motwani
Mar 20, 2015

Very bad service and not giving proper reply

Clerks are not giving the reissue form for Internet banking. BANK SBI BRANCH-OSLO CIRCLE.
I am looking for strict action against them.
Mar 15, 2015

bad service

सर आमच्या बँकेतील कर्मचारी आलेल्या ग्राहकांना इतक फिरवता कि जीव नकोसा होतो .आता नुकसान भरफाई शेतकर्यांना लवकर मिळत नाही ५०वेळा चक्कर मारावे लागतात मी स्वता बिसनेस लोन साठी महिनाभर फिरलो नंतर म्यानेजर ला सांगितले असता
मला ५०हजार लोन मिळेल असे ऐकवले. jwellari shwooroomला मी आपल्याला सांगू ईशितो किग्राहकांच्या जीवावर आल्यास ब्यांकेची तोडफोड सुधा होऊ
शकते ०९४२१८४९७०८
Mar 14, 2015

branch manger forcing to purchase accidential insurance

I am living in lucknow kalyanpur i want to open a account in kalyanpur branch when i reached the brach and submiting my online application form as well as physical form branch manager said you have to take accidential insurance when i denied the branch manager mrs vineeta rai she said that in my branch if you have to open the sb a/c you have to take the accidential insurance also other wise i will not open your account

Plz take strict action towards the branch manager

Thanks and regards
Amit Chitranshi
Mar 9, 2015

giving rude answer branch manager anaparvathi

This is M.SELVI. Sir I'm the account holder for the past six months. I took a loan for financial assistance under unemployment youth employment generation programme loan for three lakhs. I asked before two month s regarding about this l manager, , whether can I give this account number for this loan she said if government was going to give I'm ready to give she said. After three month over from the kakalur government office they said to get a letter from the bank. I gone to that lady branch manager anaparvathi she said I have another loan manager now she have got transfer to nanganallore u better come next month she said and she also said I'll give my contact number 9444399367 u give me a call on Monday Tuesday Wednesday she will come on those three days I'll inform to you she said, and for the past two months I gave a call from mine number 7299909212. What she said is for the past two months she is not coming here what should I do ma better u say ma.im very sorry ma she is saying in this way.
Then by the next day i asked her madam this is not way to answer you are a branch manager and you asking this way u no problems mam better u give ur head office address I'll give the complaint regarding this i said.. on the next day she asked me to give a call i gave nearly ten times more than that, she is avoid ing my call. And then my brother called anaparvathi branch manager and he said we will give the complaint regarding about this whether we don't have work. U are asking her to give a call for more than fifteen calls she made u are picking a call and you are saying tat u are little busy what is this madam up to 6 of clock u are gave the same answer, Suddenly branch manager she is giving answer that sir u send ur sister ill give u a reply u don't want to give complaints regarding about me ill take care of this incidence, u send her she said. At the next day I gone and I asked her she simply throwed mine documents outside and she is saying how dare your brother will call me and he his saying that he will give complaints against me in the main office u are not in this ward why should I give loan to u if from the government is sending letter alsoI won't process you .so let me see how you will get the forms from me she said. Then I asked her madam once I got a new opening account u din said that I'm not in this ward but now when I said about the loan u are saying that u are not in this ward what is this madam this is unfaithful to me and I cried there itself, for that she is giving me reply me that I don't want to see also those nonsense with out unknown I opened account on that day for you ,what you will do now go and complaint any where ill talk to head office , I'm in meetings now why should I talk to you get out from here she throwed mine paper s out. I came outside. Is this is the way will a branch manager will talk sir, if she is not giving a letter to a loan ill attempt suicide, she mad me ashamed in front of all the people better u close mine account sir I don't want to have account in this branch she made me ashamed and I came out.
Feb 25, 2015

Branch manager denied to open SBI A/C

I went to open my wife’s SBI account in Paigambarpur Panchkoshi Road Varanasi (Uttarpradesh) and get the Account Open Form from the SBI employees after completion of all the formality then I go to Branch manager for verification .I'm very surprised to listen to that person (B.M) giving an arrogant answer to me. Mr.Munnalal Supoot (Branch Manager) told me that only local persons would have open an account in this branch. If there is any provision why the B.M told me paste the photo graph in bank account open form. Please take my complaint and necessary action against B.M
Suchandra Malik (Email.Id s.mallik@hotmail.com)
SOS Hermann Gmeiner School
Mob.No.+91 9936744425
Details Address of SBI
State Bank of India
Branch Code.SBIN 0017627
Paigambar Pur, Panch koshi Road
Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
Feb 16, 2015

SBI,BEL Maharajpur ghaziabad

Dear Sir/Mam,

I have ppf account inSBI,Agra branch.and I m living in ghaziabad.I urgently required to verify my ppf account transaction detail,so I went to SBI,BEL ghaziabad branch.there was a female staff ,I asked her about the issue and she rudely,denied to do the same making an excuse that it will increase her work.

Is this the way of handling a customer problem.and how can she refuse to do the same.its her duty.

Kindly take the action.it is really very pathetic

Feb 10, 2015


I went withdraw money on December.but machine was fault, it debited from my account.i didn't get money.i have made many complaints.still no action being taken.And Also given written to letter to my bank manger.Still No action. Its very bad service from SBI bank to customers.
Jan 31, 2015

requested for details to open branch account but got a very arrogant answer

I went to open my SBI account in shivam road branch,Hyderabad.I went to one of the employees and asked for the details to be submitted for opening my account,.I'm very surprised to listen to that person giving an arrogant answer to me.if he is very much busy he would have told me to wait in a manner,rather he shouted at me in front of everyone. And when I told that this is not the way to speak,he told me to go out.he said that I still didn't open my account do he don't want to listen to me or give respect to me.sorry to say that he is an aged person so I couldn't shout at him..please take my complaint and please make them to speak sensibly..
Jan 16, 2015

casual approach

From last 2 to 3 days our office assistant is visiting SBI deccan Gymkhana Branch, Pune for FD statement. It has been observed that the ladies working in that branch have very casual approach they are not at all professional and the most funny apart if we visit the branch on any festival day then we will find half of the time they will be not on their seat. We dealing with HSBC, ICICI, SBI Maroal but this is the worst branch.
Jan 14, 2015

Negelegence to the core

I went to the SBI Branch in Jogeshwari Branch on SV Road, Mumbai. I was surprised by the negligent behavior of the staff. I need my PPF pass book to be updated. The account was opened at Nariman point branch. I was made to run to multiple counters and the staff was least bothered about the same. I went to a counter where a bar code had to be placed. I am not sure of what reason!! The person there told me that the pass book cannot be updated and I should go to the branch where the account was opened. I told him politely that SBI has a core banking solution, and I was asked to keep my passbook for 3 days and I will be given a call. I was taken aback with the rude behavior. is this the kind of attitude that we are looking and calling this as growth?? I thought of complaining the branch manager but I was getting late for my work.. I am not sure of what action will be taken against this. But I felt this is important for me to post my grievance on this platform.

Mumtaj Khan
Jan 10, 2015

Pension papers (life certificate ) not sent to the treasury

As usual,I signed my life certificate in the presence of the branch manager of state bank of india,main branch jalna on 1 St November 14. When I did not get sms regarding pension deposit in my account, I inquired to the treasury. The treasury told that my life certificate was not sent by the bank.
The bank has not acknowledged my email complaint. The bank employees don't pick up phone or take calls. The contact centre of the bank has askedme to approach the branch ,which doesn't answer phone call or acknowledge email.
This is deficiency in service as well as insensitivity to the consumer.
Mumtaj Khan
ritesh garg
Jan 6, 2015

misbehaviour of branch manager

My name is ritesh garg . I visited my nearest branch of State bank of India I want to open my account .
The branch manager told me to have an insurance to open the new account .
I told him that I dont want any kind of insurance I am only interested in opening a new account . He told me he will open new account with insurance only when I asked him for the notice of the same then he deniyed to give me the notice ...i have right to know the information about the product and i don't want any insurance why sholud I pay rs. 2000 for the same . He threaten me by saying that you can file complaint against me where ever you want to do no one will do anything to me .
now plz tell me where is my falut .

Name of the employee : suraj Aggarwal
Designation : Branch Manager
Address : Dr.ambedkar nagar branch (tigri) branch code 4843
jogendra sharma
Jan 4, 2015


Respected sir
I am customer of sbi main branch siwan from last twenty years, on first January I went branch to withdraw some amount as it was first January the branch was empty only twenty to twenty five people was there only one counter was running although each cashiers were present in there respectives counter, they were free doing nothing in there counters when I request them to make me payment one of the teller he refused to pay and referred to counter number 8.As there was rush there I went to another counter that was counter number 5, the teller refused and referred to again counter number 8 on being asked as you are free and there is no customer here why not you are making me payment mr Mahender singh replied a phrase MAI NAHI DURGA JO UK HAHA HAI SO UKHAR LO as I am old man I didn't argued him and return to counter number 8.After some times one of the manager came and alloted some work to teller who was making payment on counter number 8 and asked him to do the work immediately , the teller on counter number 8 went to counter number 5 and requested him to make rest of the payment but again mr Singh refused to make payment , the teller asked if you are free then give them payment but Mr sigh refused as a result of both the teller disputed for a moment .I was shocked to see the whole scenrio; I came bank at 12 noon and went at 2 pm without getting payment. Sir I do request to you please take solid action against mr Mahender sing he is only tarnishing the image of bank , I must suggest you to see the cctv footage.

Thanking you
Jogendra sharma
By xyz0187@gmail.com
Dec 31, 2014


Dear Sir,

I am having a credit card account with SBI.
Due to financial crisis there was a huge due on the card because of which i had to opt for a settlement.
Total outstanding was 1,33,000 approx and settlement opted for 75,000 with 6 installment which was co-ordinated
by SBI collection agent named MANJUNATH GOWDA having ph: no :8790177902.
Mr GOWDA has mis guided me during the course of settlement stating that he would reduce the settlement amt to which
I had to pay him some ransom to which i did not encourage and after one installment due to non-payment of installment the settlement was cancelled and a fresh settlement was offered for 63,000 for 1 installment which i had to agree forcefully due to mis-guiding of another collection agent stating that last settlement was a bogus.
Unfortunately i could not honour this too due to financial crisis.

Later on Mr GOWDA again approached me intending to help me in this crisis.
He promised me of a fair settlement from SBI and cheated me of Rs 18,000 without giving me any receipt.
It has been more than 5 months and he is not attending my call neither he responded.
He constantly giving me false promises and does not respond properly.
I had informed the SBI collection department to which no action is taken till date.
Apart from this i got an abusive call from a collection agent from NO: 9180 32486862.

There is no action taken by the bank or collection dept against Mr GOWDA.
I would request the concerned person to take a stringent action against such fraudsters so that there should be such
an incident.

sanjay kumarr singh
Dec 2, 2014

not crediting of amount in the a/c

Respected Sir,

I, Sanjay Kumar Singh, deposited a cheque no 028484 of Rs 25000/- Canara bank, Viman Nagar Pune on 22-11-2014 in the branch State Bank of India, Nagar Road Pune to deposit the amount of Rs 25000/- in the saving account no. 30397369630 which belongs to Mr Mukesh Kumar. Till date, thev amount has not been credited in the account. Now I ask you that how many days it should take to clear the cheque in the home city?

Sanjay Kumar Singh
Mob: 9960524557
email: kumarsinghsanjay12@gmail.com
Dec 1, 2014


i am a custemer of sbi my account no 31399188135 i have three chances one personal loan all amount i have paid two chances salary advance already paid now manager dhirender jangar have denied i have a request given him but no reply has been give me
it means create a doubt .manager said me that my name is in cibil but as per rule of 2005 my credit is 704 which is good not bad so i am again request that instruction may issued to manager
Nov 29, 2014

SBI account opening

i tried to open a sbi account in kallakurichi branch(000852),the bank staffs are dragged me 4 hours yesterday,and today i went to the bank they won't accept my account form.now i had a bad opinion about SBI bank.Is all SBI banks are like this?.
an employee in counter number 7 answering very bad.

mail id:callmesure@gmail.com
Nov 26, 2014

Stressed mind of bank Employees

Sir/ Madam
i sat in front of my computer to claim a complaint about the behavior of an employee of SBI bank, but all of a sudden it strikes me, if my brother or sister was in that place, what was my role????.

yes i am very much ashamed for the happenings, but instead of all this, let us think in the different way.

Brothers and sisters of the bank let us try to get reduce the mental stress by our self.

who so ever having concerned about this, please start practicing yoga and meditation, it makes mind cool and calm at any type of situation.

Name not required,
but sure i am a citizen having responsibility.

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