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subhagruha projects(india) pvt.ltd


Consumer complaints and reviews about subhagruha projects(india) pvt.ltd

Feb 8, 2016

Mokila Project


Are you talking about project near Mokila near sharkerpally, hyderabad??
Jan 8, 2016

All False commitment and very poor response

Hello All,
I am also one of the victim here and deeply repenting on my investment made with them, so want to share my experience.
I have purchased in Sukriti Nivas Phase-1 in January 2014 and on top of land value, they took Rs. 50,000 as development fee which they committed to build club house, parks etc. and I was told that within 18 months everything will be completed and it will be full fledge venture but to my surprise nothing done yet. I have been visiting on regular basis they just laydown the sewerage pipes and came up with half build roads with poor quality of material.

They least bother on their commitment and their existing customers and making all false promises. They will show you another world before purchase and start ignoring you later. Very pathetic experience hence better to stay away from them

I am requesting on this forum to all investors in Sukruiti Nivas, Shankerpally to form a group and approach them collectively instead going as an individual.
Nov 24, 2015

Subhagruha Avantika - Money not refunding


Please do not belive subhagruha projects and the people who are working on that.My self has been cheated by them.
One day a guy came to home with avantika project voucher, really made fake promises and forced us to take the avantika plot in sankarpally.

While taking , salam and srinivas talked like anything , that if we have any problem we will refund your money , just pay the advance 1 lakh , later you can pay at registration. On their words, we paid the money 1 lakh , now we have money problem , not able to buy the plot , when we reached and tried to talk to them , to refund money, they are saying it is against their company policy.

How these people are cheating the middle class family. salam ,sunil and srinivas these guys are making money by using middle class families. No builders are doing like that , these subhagruha company is cheating the people with out refunding money. Its almost 3 months, they are not refunding money. If in case , 40% will be deducted, how they will say like that. Is it their money.
I am giving to complain to the tv channel about this and I will show them what the subhsgruha people are really doing.

Every builder in hyderabad is refunding money. subhagruha are cheaters.

Dont believe subhagruha and dont buy any plot / villa in subhagruha. Really you people will suffer. they are irresponsible.

Soon you will see the news of subhagruha cheaters.
Nov 23, 2015

booked the plot but no information till now

I am also the victim of subha gruha venture sukruthi royal, i booked the plot in aug 2012 by now almost three years,no information form the subhagruha management,if some thing is moving please update
Nov 21, 2015

Worst experience

I booked a plot in Subhagruha project, Hyderabad and am having a harrowing experience with them. They initially convince you and once the advance is paid, then they stop caring. In spite of numerous followups there is no registration till now. There is no single point of contact. We are asked to contact Mr. Satyanarayana and Mr. Mahesh pertaining to registration and neither take any responsibility. It is a waste of time and money to invest in this project. Most importantly you lose peace of mind.
Oct 29, 2015

Subhagruha Sukriti Royal

I am a also victim of SubhaGruha Skuriti Royal. They are just telling some reasons and delaying whenever I called them up. (3 years now)
Please let me know if any developments on this and keep me in the loop whenever anyone is going to shubhagruha office to check/fight on this. my email: javed.saj@gmail.com
Sep 23, 2015

Subhagruha projects

Guys, don't worry. I am a customer of Subhagruha. The owning process of a plot was very smooth and fair.

I purchased a plot, got registered with in 10 days from the payment.

Be confident, pay the balance dues and get the plot registered.
Without paying money no one will do the registration for you.

I am very happy with my purchase in Subhagruha Nivas at hyd, Shankarpally.
It's going give me huge returns down the line. Very good venture. Reliable and safe. I verified all docs by lawyer.

I am happy to be part of this investment.

Initially I was worried after reading all these bad reviews but with my personal experience I realised and I can assure you all, buy with no regrets. It's safe heaven.
Thanks to Subhagruha for giving me peace of mind.
Swathi shakthi
Sep 6, 2015

Sukruthi Hills plots

Hello friends, did any body bought plots in subhagruha, sukruthi hills, we bought it in 2012, please reply to me is there any development recently or any hope in future.

Thanks and Regards
Aug 28, 2015

Shukruthi Royal Project

I am also victim of this fraud company. I had paid 2.5 lakhs in Oct 2012 and till now no registration. I called them and they told that Approval didnt get for Phase 1 and suggested to buy plot in phase 2 where they have approvals with same price.
Please post some date we will meet and fight against them for registration.
Please loop my mail aazaad4u@gmail.com if any group is there.
Aug 20, 2015

Shutdown the business

If you can't run fair business, shut it down. Why you want to play with innocent buyers. Why are you spreading wrong message to the customers.
Because of such fraud companies, people stop investing in Realestate.

Perform legitimate business. Promise what you can.

False promises are not good. You people are creating bad situation for your self.

Good feedback will give you more business and bad feed back will kill your business.

Return all advances to the customers.
Aug 20, 2015

Shankarpally layout

Subhagruha is a fraud organisation. They are selling with false commitments. Layouts are not HMDA approved. Not ready for registration. Not value for money.

They took advance 50,000rs from me. Next day I told to cancel the booking and they told it's not possible to cancel.

I paid rest of the amount around 6lacs borrowing from friends and relatives at higher interest rate. They told the registration will be done in 10 days time. It is almost one year since then , still they are working on it. No registration. No money back. I was stuck. I was paying all high interest rates on the borrowed money and could not get the site registered from subhagruha. It's a fraud company. I want to go to court and ask for justice. I feel like betrayed. Lonely and hope less. I want to quit my job as I was frustrated with this kind of frauds. ...why India is like this.....why good has to suffer...how the customer should be treated in a business but why Subhagruha treating customers like hell....How judicial system handle such compliments....I don't have any documentation .... Only agents false promises.....
Aug 2, 2015

Subhagruha Projects - Sukruthi Avantika

It is 30 Km far from Gowchibowli junction. Yes, we also faced the same problem. Please be careful while buying and do not trust what agents say about this project.
Jul 21, 2015

Subhagruha Sukruthi Avantika at Shakarpalli

What about Sukruthi Avantika? Has anybody heard about it? I have heard that it is at Shakarpalli and above 25 KM from Gowachibowli
Jul 11, 2015

Subhagruha Sukriti Royal

Dear all
I am also facing the same problem, request all the people to mention their Email Id & contact num, Spoken with some agents , they are telling to wait up to Aug-2015, other wise amount will be deducted , I dont understand why deduction? they have to add some interest and return. ss.manugula@gmail.com , calling time after 8PM
Jul 3, 2015

sukruthi royal

I just called them. They are telling to wait to till Aug end (another deadline ??). If they failed to start registrations, they will refund the money.
Idiots enjoying the interest on our hard earned money. They have no shame in extending the deadlines. Too unprofessional guys. They have no fear on law and order of INDIA
Only god can save INDIA and can punish these culprits. We should also drop a message to Sirivennela Sitharam Sastry not to promote this cheating company
Jul 3, 2015

Sukruthi Royal

These buggers telling me the same story. Paid 2 lakhs as advance more than 2 years ago to book plot 369 and there appears to be no registration in near future
Former AP Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy inaugurated this Sukruthi Royal Project. Probably, if anyone have some contacts. May be, you can request her to talk Management at Subbhagruha and refund the money of those who booked plot at Royal. I am trying with some contacts known to me.
Jul 2, 2015

Sukrithi Royal

Hello Friends,

We are planning to go to SG banjara hills office tomorrow (Satrunday 4th Jul) at 11:00 AM. They have promised us that they will return the money back if no approval for Sukriti Royal by June 30th. Please join us if possible.
TV Ramana Murty
Jun 28, 2015

Non registration of plot

I have posted my complaint in this forum on 27.6.2015. I have verified from the Registration Department site today. I am glad my document has been registered on 24.6.2015.

TV Ramana Murty
Jun 28, 2015


Its been more then 1 year I have paid 10 lakhs for two plots and not yet registration completed..
My family members been in touch with these guys but they telling the same story "registration will complete with in next 2 month" ..
Recently I have been touch with the one of the famous news channel and explained the situation and they are looking very positive to get this in there news
I will soon update you on this ...
TV Ramana Murty
Jun 26, 2015

Non registration of plot

I have purchased plot No.93 in Subhagruh Udbhav near Kandlakoi, Hyderabad. At the time of payment, the marketing people told that once the amount is paid, the registration will be done on the spot. Believing the Marketing people, I have paid the total amount. Even after a month, the company is not responding. The staff and the marketing people are giving different versions, one says the plot is registered but are not able to give the document number nor giving me the document.

This is nothing but cheating the public.

TV Ramana Murty
Jun 26, 2015

Sukruthi Royal Approval Delayed

Hi All,

My name is Vedavyas. I have also paid 2.5 lakhs as booking amount for Subhagruha Sukruthi Royal Plot registration. It has been more than 2 years but no response from them. They gave a deadline that they will make the Registration by end of August this time again. Did any one had the meeting with the Subha Gruha Management and got your money back or any kind of response of registration. Please let me know. Please add me too in your Group. My email id is vedaavyas@gmail.com.

Please help me out. The money is stuck and no use.

Thanking you in Advance.

Jun 24, 2015

Delaying registration

Last year in August I booked a plot at Subhagruha Sukrithi Varishtaa near Visakhapatnam. Paid One lakh as booking amount and five lakhs as allotment amount in November 2014. At the time of booking i was informed of registration after getting LP number which takes about eight months. It is now nearing one year and there is no sign of activity in the plotted area and their office here said now they can not give a time frame. What are the options for me to proceed against them ?
Jun 12, 2015

Sukruthi Royal

I am a late entrant into this team (came to know about it recently!). I have an experience of more than 2 years in locking my hard earned money with Subhagruha people and the only response I get from these guys whenever I question them is ' it is almost done - just 2 more months..".

I know that this team went to SG office in Banjara Hills office - but didn't knwo if anything happened or any further meeting happened..! Can some one let me know please? Also, if you guys are planning for any further meetings - please let me know. I don't want to miss it.
Apr 20, 2015

sukruti royal no hmda approval yet

Its a good idea we talk in the gmail group and plan our next step. I have sent an email to the group requesting to add me.
Apr 20, 2015

Subhagruha victim

hi All,

I am also one of the victims of subhagruha. Hope you are right these Subhagruha people are using divide and rule policy. i too went to Subhagruha Banjarahills office on 14th March 2015 sharp at 10.45 am, but they took me into separate meeting room and had the same type of discussion.
Every time when i call and ask about HMDA approval they postponed it to next 3 months. I am totally feedup with them. Its better to form a group and then approach them rather than single. Its our hard earned money. More than 2.5 years gone like this and its time for all of us to fight for our money. On march they told we will get L.P number by end of March and by end of april registration will start, but nothing is going well. If they are not capable to get the L.P number then why can't they return our money with interest.
Friends its our money and we have to get it back. lets decide a date and fight together. we should even find out the actual status from the HMDA office, so that we won't be cheated by this stupid SG employees.

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