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subhagruha projects(india) pvt.ltd


Consumer complaints and reviews about subhagruha projects(india) pvt.ltd

Priti Mitra
Feb 12, 2017

Forced to pay advance token money while visiting the plot site

I went for the visiting the plot site, and as soon it was over people were presurrising us to pay the token advance of Rs. 1 lakh 1 thousand .

I wanted to first to have a ground reality check and then wanted to pay the advance as i was not that much convinced beacause of the so far location of the site.

DO not fall in their trap.

Avoid listening to honey or sugary promises.
Do not just beleive them as they would say that, 70% plots are.already booked
They would.say that only 6/7east side plots are left for booking.

According to.them they would complete the construction of Villas and plots by One year.butyou will notsee any construction going on there.

You would also not see any labour working there at the plot site.

They would also arrange lunch and during that time you would be chased by SHUBH GRAHA Marketing agents.

FINALLY some how as i was not convinced i didnot make any payment but.during that entire 2 hour conversation they wanted me to.make payment .

They even told if you are not able.to make paent 1 lakh payment today then HOLD the plot by making 25 thousand payment but i.denied as i.do.not.see any development in.the area nearby to.it.

Make your decisions wisely and carefully only once if you are satisfied to perfection .
Feb 7, 2017

Subhagraha Avanthi @ Nandhigama

Anybody took plot in Subhagraha Avanthi @ Nandhigama ? please let me know cost/ Sq Yard ?
I see couple of reviews that they did false promises ? whatever they commit during the initial discussion will not be done ?

Anybody successful registered plot from Subhagraha ? I want to talk to them, please let me know
Feb 5, 2017

sukrthi avanthi @nandi gama potancheru mandal hyderabad

Hello All,

This is Yadaiah.(cell 9395580374)
I am also one of the victim here and deeply repenting on my investment made with them, so want to share my experience.
I have purchased in sukruthi avanthi @nandi gama patancheru in November 2016 .
I was told that money will be refunded if not interested. It is promised by Subhagruha people(Mr.Suneel director, and Mr Vasudeva Rao GM) during site seeing.they forced me atleast you can enrolment / membership by paying rs:101000/- for booking the plot(52 having 202 yards)in this process in a hurry with sbi card i paid token amount of Rs 1,01,000 for this plot.(land).
Due to financial problems I am unable to pay remaining amount for the site and told the same to these people.
But they are now telling that money is not refunded now. I was shoked to hear from the above people.
They cheated us by false promise.
They least bother on their commitment and their existing customers and making all false promises. They will show you another world before purchase and start ignoring you later. Very pathetic experience hence better to stay away from them

I am requesting on this forum to all investors in Sukruiti Nivas, Nandigama to form a group and approach them collectively instead going as an individual.
Dec 31, 2016

SUBHAGRUHA mistakenly mentioned SATYANARAYANA BORRA gm name

I assumed the person name was SATYANARAYANA but later realized that he was not satyanarayana.

BORRA SATYANARAYANA resolved my issue.

Dec 31, 2016


I have mistakenly raised against subha gruha they have refunded my money back

Dec 31, 2016



you paid only Rs.1000 per plot booking, If you want any clarification please come to our office.
Dec 28, 2016


They arranged cab to visit place we said we will take only if we like as prior notice once we reach there (Avanthika) they forced me to pay token amount. Satyanarayana GM is a big cheater.

Better they can beg for money instead of doing like this. They are very cheap fellows. i dont know how sita rama sastry garu Endorsing this fraud project.
Dec 16, 2016

10% of amount asking for cancelling plot from (membership & Enrolment)

Dear All
I am T V S N Murthy, paid Rs1,01,000/- towards membership and enrolment of a plot from Subhagruha Venture( Advika, Plot#83).
Due to financial problems i am unable to go further and register the plot on my behalf. I have spoken to Mr. Mallikarjun(Hyd office) several times about the financial issue. He committed that he will process the cancellation request and return back the amount.
I have visited the branch office located in banjarahills and approached Mr Mallikarjun for cancellation. First he refuged to accept the cancellation request, after so much of discussion he took a written request letter for cancellation and asked me to wait for 2 days.
Today 16/12/2016, He is telling that i need to pay 10% of my paid amount as a penality.

However no one from Subhagruha team told that there will be penality if we go for canellation.

I am unable to pay 10,100/- towards penality.

Kindly treat this as a complaint and do the needful.

T v s n Murthy
Nov 4, 2016

Subhagruha Avanthi

Any body has taken plot in Subhagruha Avanthi...
Oct 26, 2016

What is Price of new venture

what is the price we could negotiate for their latest venture Avanthi at Nandigama, did anyone book the plot there. If yes then what is the best price to get one
Oct 26, 2016


Hi All

I am also one of the victim person. Subhagruha is one of the fraud and fake company. They will take token amount as 11k rs. and they will ask 1L rs. in next 10 days. If u want to cancel it they will not refund single rupee money back. All executives are cheated people.

So plz plz plz... don't trust subhagruha ventures.

Oct 17, 2016


Hi this is srinivas i taken plot (250 , 231sqyrds) in subhagruha at lahari resorts in saide venture it's sukrithi avanthika so recently i completed registrations with bank loan so very happy to take a plot in subhagruha.

7th Phase
kiran kumar321
Oct 15, 2016

About Subhagruha ventures

I am one of customer of subhagruha...

Kiran kumar ( pragathinagar ),

very happy to taken a plot in sukrithi Avanthika 313, done registration also with bank loan / low rate of interest

registration process also very easy.
Sep 19, 2016

Subhagruha Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd is a fraud company

Subhagruha Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd is a fraud company. Please avoid this company and don't book a plot and they cheated many people.
<B> All the LP numbers mentioned on their Layouts near kolluru ORR are fake. All their commitments are false </B>

They confuse venture names and they repeat the same venture name (Ex: Avanti in both Vishakapatnam and Hyderabad , AVanti and Avantika are the ventures in Hyderabad,Sukriti Nivas can be found two locations in Hyderabad.) in different places.
Sep 8, 2016

Victim of the Fraudulent People

I am also one of the victims who paid the money first and then started investigating around these fraud people.
Subhagruha project people - Please refund my money back. I will deeply appreciate if you can honor my request and refund my money back.
Aug 26, 2016

Missed by an Inch

Hi All,

I have contacted subhagruha ventures regarding a venture in kollur which is near ORR.They have visited my place and explained me about the project and the site looked perfect to invest (story in not over) and taking this as an advantage they started saying that there are very few plots left in the east facing and you have to block them by paying them in advance or else in the weekend they may be sold out .So i have given them a token advance by PD cheque .still they were like atleast 1 lakh needs to be given or else we cannot block but some how managed to give minimum token amount by cheque.Then we went for a site visit and it was way long long long from the place i stay and it was approx 27 km from gachibowli junction.After the site visit i got to know the reality about the venture that it was once owned by lahari resorts and they couldnt market it well and it went to subhagruha and the model house is also made by lahari only.The worst part is the pricing which they said is around 9k per yard and after some negotiations they say it is 8k but to be frank it is only worth may be 3500 to 4000 not more than that and the reason is that there is lot of land available around in the approach road which will kill the travel by 5 to 6 kms after knowing all this i silently moved away by not entertaining the sales exe and took my cheque back or else i would have been cheated.
Aug 1, 2016

Shubhagruha - Cheaters company

One of the worst companies in property buying. Paid 6L for Sukruthi Royal 4 years back.. till date no registration. I have to go to there office 20 odd times to get my money back with absolutely zero interest. Lost interest for all the 4 years.... and more over they will make u to wait for hours to get the refund.

Dont even think of Shubhagruha.... Just cheaters and cheaters in the entire company...
Jun 28, 2016

Registration of plots

Dear All,

I am also a recent victim. Do any one of your plots got registered till now. If so can you please share the details. And more over its better to form a group in facebook or whatsapp and can maintain a list of the plots with the owner names and the details of registration if already happened. May be we may also find some interesting details as till now every one are posting but no clear information. Then we all can arrange a day to meet and accordingly come to a decision how we can go forward.

Best Regards,
Mar 25, 2016

Subhagruha (sukrithi Avantika)

Hello friends,

I have taken plot in sukrithi avanthika it is well designed venture with good planning.also I have completed my regestration process.
very good and progressing venture.I am very happy with my investments in subhagruha.

keep the same tempo guys.
Mar 18, 2016

regarding sukrithi nivas

Its happy to inform you all, I am customer of subhagruha projects, I booked plot & completed registration also in sukrithi nivas which is located at shankarpally is very convenient, good location from city. I am very happy with subhagruha it is an excellent opportunity to invest money. I hope to i will get more return on this plot
Mar 9, 2016

Subhagruha Projects - Sukruthi Avantika- Hidden facts

Hi I am one of the missed victim of Subhagruha Ventures (Subagruha Avantika).

I went for site view at lahari, shankarpally, it was ok but they asked me to register the plot by paying some booking advance. I said want some time to analyze and discuss with family. They made me hurry up by saying there are very limited 3-4 East facing plots available and today we got 30 bookings and if u don't block the plot, you will miss this golden opportunity bla bla ..Fortunately am not gone to their trap..

I went back to home and found some interesting facts about Sukruthi Avanthika (Former Lahari Ananda). These details were not shared to me by any Subhagruha marketing team. Demo villas shown to u are built by Lahari only, in fact there is no development
from last 2 year rather than extending the roads and started construction of parks.. Below video posted close to 2 years back by Lahari Ananda. You can see around 4 to 5 villas are in construction phase in this video and they are the same now as well.. Who have visited the site can understand this..

Video Published on 23 Apr 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCk4Gs5L5k8

Also, i came to know lands are much cheaper than their quoted amount 9599/-. Don't blindly believe what they say..

I have verified HMDA websites and all .. and there is no mention about 100ft road to Lingampally. These guys will say its already approved and Manjeera pipe line is going..

am just sharing my thoughts, it may happen to you on next week.. Don't believe marketing people words..They will offer you lunch at site and will say special discount only for today because of so and so....

AT ANY COST DON'T PAY THEM ANY AMOUNT IN ADVANCE.. Just do your ground work before committing anything..
Feb 29, 2016


Dont invest anything with these guyz. they r no 1 fraudsters. First will plead you to get it and then says LP is taking time (for more than 2 years) and when the LP is available they will not allocate what u paid for stating the prices have gone up hence cannot register with old prices. There are cheap scamsters to an extent wont shy way form selling their near and dear for money. You can find media reports on these scamsters on youtube. I was told that owner spent almost 1 crore to stop media showing truth about these scum bags
Feb 14, 2016

Subhagruha Victim

Hi All,

Yes, Really Subhagruha is a cheating Company..Do not even allow them to your main gate...I am one of the victim ...They deducted 40% in booking amount to get refund.. They do not bother about the customers because they are more earning in this cheap business..
This is very fraud company...Do not go with subhagruha..
Feb 8, 2016

Mokila Project


Are you talking about project near Mokila near sharkerpally, hyderabad??
Jan 8, 2016

All False commitment and very poor response

Hello All,
I am also one of the victim here and deeply repenting on my investment made with them, so want to share my experience.
I have purchased in Sukriti Nivas Phase-1 in January 2014 and on top of land value, they took Rs. 50,000 as development fee which they committed to build club house, parks etc. and I was told that within 18 months everything will be completed and it will be full fledge venture but to my surprise nothing done yet. I have been visiting on regular basis they just laydown the sewerage pipes and came up with half build roads with poor quality of material.

They least bother on their commitment and their existing customers and making all false promises. They will show you another world before purchase and start ignoring you later. Very pathetic experience hence better to stay away from them

I am requesting on this forum to all investors in Sukruiti Nivas, Shankerpally to form a group and approach them collectively instead going as an individual.

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