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Tata Sky


Consumer complaints and reviews about Tata Sky

Jigar Shah
May 22, 2016

Not receiving service


My tata sky subscriber ID is 1014601304 ,I am not receiving the TATA Sky service since last 4 days and made a complain couple of time but no response finally they registered by complain on Sunday and informed me that technician will visit by 7 in the evening but no one turned up and when i called them they told me that executive will come tomorrow.They wasted my whole day.There senior executive told me that executive will call me before 10 but no one called me.
Further to that I have ordered Showcase movie on 14-04-2016 for Bajirao Mastani and they have activated Airlift and deduct 2 showcase movie from my alloted quota which is 6.
My complain no. are P1FYAI0- POQ6IQ9

Still no response.

Aatish Chavan
May 16, 2016

Non availibility of technician

Since last 6 days i am requesting for tecnician. Each time the person on their toll free line informs that technician will call in next 2 hr. Trust me, those 2 hrs never came in last 6 days. Really poor service of tata sky in goregaon mumbai. The quality of their call centre fellow is also poor same as their signal quality. God save Tata.

Aatish V Chavan
May 15, 2016

No installation of tata sky dish for 5 days

I am having worst experience of TATA SKY DISH. I requested reinstallation of tat sky dish and even after 4 days no one has come for installations

I request all persons that do not go for tata sky dish. Services of tata sky has became worst.

Ramesh singh
Apr 25, 2016

For deactivate HD service

My tata sky ID no 1079689434 is automatically activated HD service. I call several times to customer Care but they nither help to deactivate this service . I feels shocked when when a customer care boy advice me to lodge FIR in consumer forum then only i can deactivate your HD services. I am very unhappy with tata sky services , requested you kindly deactivate my HD chanels.

Pankaj kumar
Id 1079689434
M/ no. 9421827826
Apr 24, 2016

Tata Sky frequent non provision of services inspite of payment

I have Tata Sky recorder and 2nd TV connection... Inspite of full payment, frequently they disconnect all channels in the 2nd TV, and then I have to call up and shout on the helpline, and they after asking lot of stupid questions, resume the service by asking me to send a foolish SMS.. I cannot understand when they deduct the money for the 2nd TV why non provision of services, frequently, (it has happened to me many times, particularly when 2nd TV is not switched on for 2 or 3 days ).. Ideally, they should provide all the channels which is being provided in the 1st TV in the other connections also, as per the advertisement, whether we watch or not.. I find it disgusting to keep calling and shouting for connection which is not provided, inspite of payment.. Today, I asked for escalation to the Manager, who made me wait for more than 10 minutes and disconnected, when I started telling him angrily about my issues.. That is why I want to put it on the Internet , so that it gets escalated as a complaint..

My contact number is 8097023469 for the Tata Sky connection
Sanjay Bhende
Apr 17, 2016

Reinstaltion tata sky

I have changed my home at seawoods ...i want to reinstall tata aky ....my detail adress is Sanjay Bhende, Radhakrishna apartment, flat no 204, sector 44,beside church seawoods Nerul
Apr 14, 2016

Poor Service

I have been using Tata Sky for the last 7 years and using common dish antenna for the entire society. Recently some of the channels, that I have subscribed to, have stopped working and showing 'cloudy weather signal' which normally happens during rainy days only. When contacted Tata Sky, I was told that a Technician Visit would be required to sort out the problem and since the Set top box is not under warranty, Rs. 170/= will be charged for the visit. Since only few channels are blocked out, I asked them to clarify how they are expecting problem in the Set top box and charge me Rs.170/=. But they do not have any answer, but repeating that the technician visit would cost Rs.170/=. I have paid entire annual fee for viewing these channels without any problem, but I'm not getting the services I'm entitled to. There is no value absolutely for the customers and till date the problem is not sorted out. On the earlier occasion also, when the services were blocked out for the entire society due to some disturbance in the dish direction, Tata sky charged Rs. 170/= for all the connections in the society. How can they charge for the same service (correcting the direction of the common dish) for all the connections without the customers consant (we refused to sign the technicians visit paper as the problem was in the common dish, not in Set top box) . There is no response from Tata Sky and if Tata Sky continue treating its customers like this, they will soon be thrown out the business. Subscription ID 1052663968
Nilesh K. Naik
Mar 31, 2016

Commitment by Service / technical team not kept

Sent to Tata Sky by email,

Dear Sir / Madam,

Please note the following points due to which i am dissatisfied after many years of relation with Tata Sky;

1) We have a common Tata sky Dish installed in our society. As the society secratary i recommended Tata Sky to the other residents.

2) This Dish was replaced by people from MDU department about a month back. Thereafter i started getting no signal problems.

3) I reported the issue. Many times the signal would start on its own and many time it took more than two hours to start. On every occasion my complaint was taken at the call centre, but the service person never called and every time the Work Order got cancelled on its own.

4) On wednesday 23rd March morning at around 8:40 AM again there was no signal and so upset with the response I requested to cancel my connection. I was told that some one senior from back office would call me on Thursday 24th March morning at 8:45 AM and then after addressing my problem connection would be cancelled.

5) It is one week today and no one called and my tata sky was disconnected. On calling the help line Mr. Bhupendra attended my call and said that Tata Sky was disconnected as per my request. I AM SHOCKED AT THE APATHY OF THE BACK OFFICE. WITHOUT CALLING THEY DISCONNECTED MY SERVICE. WHY? DO YOU NOT VALUE CUSTOMERS OR DO NOT CARE IF THERE IS ONE LESS.



Please put your self in my shoes and view the scenario. And if the services are going to be cancelled without any telephonic converstaion, then please refund the balance amount.

My Customer ID - 1004505218
My Cell no (RMN) - 09768050504
Alternate No. 07506640019


A loyal but disatisfied customer

Nilesh K. Naik
Mar 18, 2016

Not giving service for 8 days.

My Tata sky sub ID is 1010352902. Despite having all dues clear and continuous repeatedly complaints my TV remained closed for 9 days.
They are falsely creating my account in negative.
The Tata sky representative gives false information and guidance.I recharged my account two times in one hour. After repeatedly charging my account they still say it is in negative balance.
And still the service is not available
They are absolutely unprofessional in their approach.
Kindly do the needful

Sachin Sutaria
rizwana s khan
Feb 28, 2016

no response frm tata sky team

After regularly 2 months complain. No reaponse is coming frm tata sky team. They just ignor us saying will come.. actuly we hav shifted frm belapur to kharghra... n we r paying 4 destop box but due to some how we r not getting one connection... n for this we r keeping on complaning to come n complete the remaning task but no one is listening to us its now 2 month almost... n we r planing to shift to airtel..
After so many warnings n complains no body is listening... hope I will get help frm this.
Feb 27, 2016

DTH services

Complaint against TATA Sky

I am a consumer vide user ID - 1000078958 and using TATA sky since last 10 years. Ever since I upgraded my setup

box into TATA sky+ HD ,continuously facing problem of either in signal or in setup box.

I have made many complaints by calling customer care number , though technician visit and do replacement of setup

box , however issue is still persists. The main issue I want highlight here is the attitude of these customer care

personnel and approach taken by the company in attending customer issue.

The attitude of customer care personal is very arrogant , at a time they simply disconnect my call without any

reason and Most importantly they even not register my complaints. I need to call them repeatedly to lodge my service


The approach of company is only levy the charges without providing any justification. I have purchased a new setup

box and it become faulty before warranty period got expired. The technician came and replaced new setup box. The

new setup again gone bad within period of three month. This time also technician came and replaced setup box

without doing any investigation. The job of technician is to come and replace setup box and to verbally

communicate about warranty period and charges. There was no complaints form or any letter provided on warranty

period or charges levied on.

However Company is very promptly in deducting charges from my account for whatever the amount is mentioned by

technician. One time while lodging service request I clearly told that I will not pay service charges since

problem is repeated in nature and is not solved completely. Even then company promptly deducted amount from my

account not only for service charges and also levied a handling charges for which I have not got any explanation

from them till today. I am pursuing them to provide clarifications and provide me list service request lodged by

during the year 2015 (Because in year 2015 I have faced my issues), till today I have not got any response on my

request.The company is maintaining deep silence on this issue and however they are very eager to charge customer as

and when they feel like. I have lost the completely faith in TATA sky.

Jan 29, 2016


Jan 24, 2016

Annual Membership exhausted in 9 months

I paid ONLINE annnual subscription on APRIL 16 for subscription of 1008450544 ...of tata sky standard package which is on my wifes name shobha tyagi 9821782577...... now in january they are saying its exhausted because we did not call up the call centre n confirm about the annual package .

Its for the first time i learn than a ONLINE TRANSACTION needs telephonic confirmation ....


Anil tyagi
98217 82577
Jan 9, 2016


I bought a Tata Sky DTH is may 2015 and its under warranty period. From very first day there has been service issues. First they said its due to monsoon. Once monsoon will be over it will be alright. monsoon got over but my problem didn't. I don't receive a single channel. For four month they kept convincing me to recharge my ac every month saying that they will solve my problem. Then finally I raised my voice to them on twitter. Few technician came and gave up. Then I again went to twitter and asked for redressal of my complaint. One day I got a call from Tata sky, they offered me 1000rs and said that they will take away my dth n I will not be a tata sky consumer as my membership will be cancelled. I said its bribe and corruption. I will not accpet. Then I kept raising my voice on twitter. They gave my number to goons who started calling and harrasing me. They threatened me with dire consequence and asked me talk to amazon not tata sky. Then I spoke to amazon via an official mail and they said its tata sky responsibility. Its been 6 months I am running post to pillar but tata sky is paying no heed after looting me as much as they can. They have totally disowned me now. This ponzi scheme of tata sky and amazon has looted many consumers like me. plz provide a solution.
Thanks and regards,
Prashant Jha
Tanvi Shetty
Jan 7, 2016

unnecessary adding of packs without my request

i am from borivali and these tata sky people has just given us headache since we switched to it.Now i did not even request for any fun learn pack and star movies but still these people are cutting money of these from my account.And moreover wen u call the executives they dont give any respond to it .What should i do now ha?.If this does not get over , i am going to discontinue tata sky . Tata sky id 1105644478
Oct 25, 2015

no connectivity and no response to complaints

i had a problem with tata sky for some time i had called their complaint no many times but it had no good response they want is to do it on our own if we were able to do so why would we need the complaint no at all this not only wastes time but also our money we have to get it done locally.
currently my setup box has stopped completely and there is no image on the tv and no respond by the box.
now we have no other option but to depend on your service which i highly doubt would be provided in time if not done pls come and collect thr box and pay back our recharged money
my tata sky no is 1073029462
thank u
Oct 13, 2015

No Service

My Tata sky services is barred regularly, for the repetitive complain, no one addressing the same, if some of the person attain the
same, he is not competent enough to deal the issue. my id:1070563000, check the same with the service provider.
Arun Singh
Oct 11, 2015

bad connection

wrost working thats no need of cutomer satisfaction
Ashok Suchak
Sep 6, 2015

Defect in service

Regarding subscriber ID : 1037303490, I have effortlessly tried with the help of call centers and finally I had to write Harit Nagpad (Managing Director - Tata Sky) to get resolution to problems faced by me in getting signals since December, 2014 up to August, 2015.

Since, before December 2014, I had problems in watching most of the channels and there was message of “No Signal”. I raised this issue with Tata Sky Call centers since then in December, 2014, February / March, 2015, June 2015 and August, 2015 but Tata Sky took 8 months to solve this problem of “No signal”.
I had been given various reasons while calling at call center as to call centers was under migration so cannot take any request and Tata Sky is under satellite migration process so that was temporary. Whereas visiting engineers at four different times have given me different reason as to (a) change the disk and cam, (b) replace cable, (c) relocate it, and (d) lastly change the digicom during their visits for complaints entered in December, 2014, February / March, 2015, June 2015 and August, 2015. Finally, engineer visited and changed the Digicom which had resolved problem in August 2015 (if I recollect correctly it was 23rd August, 2015).

Nonetheless, I had made humongous efforts since December, 2014 to get the service restored, Tata Sky failed to restore the service for 8 months and I had to compromise on the channels as I was not able to see almost 70% of the channels I had subscribed.

Once the service was restored I raised numbers of issues with Tata Sky call centers as to refund the entire sum of subscriptions I paid since December 2014 till the service was restored in August 2015, but every-time I have been informed that there was no service request registered by me in past so they cannot process the refund. The forts I have made to resolve issue with call center can be evident from the trailing e-mails attached which were sent to help@tatasky.com and Managing Director of Tata Sky Harit Nagpal (without any resolution by Tata Sky).

I believe that no customer can have trail of entire service requests placed over the period, but I wound as to how Tata Sky could not have that. However, while running through my previous statements and e-mail, I could find out atleast one out of requests raised 4 to 5 times dueing December 2014 to August 2015. The request was raised in the month of December 2014 and engineer had visited to attend service requests (If I recollect correctly request no was 1.34730037680 or 1.34735621165). This can be further evident from the visiting charges of Rs. 170 levied on 12 December, 2014 to substantiate that I has started efforts in December, 2014 to get service restored. However, the engineer could not resolve problem and accordingly I had to make efforts to resolve problems in February / March 2015, June 2015 and finally in August, 2015.

Further service requests to continuation of efforts are JO604VV, JPEU6OZ, JPEA7OZ, JQK8YOK, JT15HAR, 1.34730037680, 1.34735621165, etc.

Further, during visit by engineers I had specifically denied to levy any visit charges as every time Tata Sky cannot charge for service which it did not resolve in past. I understand when I got call back on 1st September, 2015 and 6th September, 2015 from Tata Sky against some of these complaints and it was wonder to know that Tata Sky do not have any service request registered in past including in December, 2014 which I have provided date of charges debited by Tata Sky and service request number.

Further during call on 1st September, 2015 Ms Bhakti (Senior) had committed me to arrange call back within 24 hours from Nodal Office and agreed to send me relevant reference number for complaint forwarded to Nodal Office. I am yet awaiting reference number as committed and call back from Nadal Office. While taking to another executive today Ms Preeti (for complaint no JT15HAR / JT15HAB) it was even surprising to know that there was no such commitment given to me. I would advise in this situation to listen recording of call to understand way your executives fool your customer. If this false statement can be made by Tata Sky, there is no surprise that you do not have records in your system of complaints raised with you. With this I do not agree as to Tata Sky does not have recorded to service or they have intentionally chosen not to record the service.

Having regard to inability of Tata Sky to restore the service during December, 2014 to August, 2015, I would like to get the entire sum of subscription refund which I have paid during this period and did not get service. Also Rs. 100,000 compensation for the mental harassment caused due to forgoing and defect in service by Tata Sky.

As per me, none of the service request is resolved and considered close though concerned executive have suo-moto chosen to close the service requests.

Reach out to me at 919619777234 only if you can resolve this to my satisfaction.

Ashok Suchak
Sep 2, 2015

2nd hd box not installed till date, in spite of several reminder.

From 4th June 2015, your service personal could not installed my 2nd hd box till date. But your finance section has already deducted Rs.170/- & Rs.230/- .
There is communication gap between your technical wing & finance wing. Please try to confirm from your Nagpur dealer that whether they have installed the 2nd hd box of ID no:- 1047413800.
Awaiting your response.

Aug 20, 2015

No signal

My Subscriber ID : 1011771738. I have tried to contact all possible way and resolve my issue but every thing is in vain. The screen of TV is showing the pop up that Set Top Box is not receiving Signal. Yesterday when i had a detailed conversation with call center floor manager on my charges as call are chargeable at there call center is routed to USA i think. He is saying to send a technician for signal issue i have to pay a amount of 170.. which is a funny surprise to me as the disc belongs to them the set top box belong sto them. and to check the isuue with there hardware i have to pay the charges. I feel its a scam what this tatasky is running. they intentionally stop the signal and after collection the charges they again restore the signal. I cannot imagine the currency they are making out of this I make myself very clear that if they want to resolve they have to come and resole what ever there instrument issue otherwise i may go to some other operator. I will not pay charges for there mistakes and signal issue or hardware issue. and i will take this to highest authority. Regards Sandeep Das

No signal

Vandana Mainkar
Aug 7, 2015

deduction of amount without intimation for attending problem of society

we had lodged a complaint against tata sky because we were getting no signal now and then. this problem was there for several days for all the members of our society. when we lodged a complaint the person from tata sky visited the society. there was a problem in common dish which was just shifted due to wind in heavy rain. he just shifted the dish and charged rs.170 for technician fees. this amount was deducted from our subscription. actually there should not have been any charges for just shifting the dish. and if at all it was chargeable it should be charged for all the members but it was deducted from our subscription without any intimation.
our customer id is 1004736342. name is subhash m mainkar.
Jul 30, 2015

No responce for tata sky re-connection with hd box

Register request on 27/07/2015, for replace hd settop box as my settop box is old, am not able to view channell still recharge

but no resolution yet received, customer care always promises for priorities but there is no priority has seen
shahid johar
Jul 9, 2015

service treat like a business

i am subcriber of Tata Sky in last to tast week there was a problrm with the setup box technically i given complaint on toll free no & service guy came & toll that your warranty prioriod today is the last day & replace with the old box with my new box again within a week the old setup box has same problem when i call & given complaint the guy said now you have to pay the charge of changing setup box when i was in warranty priority he should have replace with new new setup box he replace with old one & now they are asking for a charges very bad very poor service getting by service when they known the warranty is getting off that's why they replace with old box that again customer call pay chages for changing setup box

my rigestered mobile no is in tatasky is 9167228481

Shahid Johar (Abida Begam )
Jul 8, 2015

Unauthorised access to Account details and change of account without intimation and deactivation of account

1.my name is Ajay Kumar Pandey and am your subscriber since 2012 the sub id is 1016983650 and card id is 000157557380 my registered mobile no is 8879152697.my address is 401 bldg no 12 Mhada powai.

2. Since today morning my account is deactivated and when consulted on helpline was told that my accont is in the name of Mr Tanuj Gautam even my registered mobile number was changed and my card is deactivated.

3. I have not made any request for cancelling my subscription or change of ownership then why this confusion. who is Tanauj Gautam and how he got access to my account details

4. This is a serious breach in the security of account and needs to be addressed at the earliest.

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