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Consumer complaints and reviews about Tata Sky

May 27, 2014

Harassment by TATA SKY

Service request reference number 1-29223517775
TATA sky ID 1051635439

This is such ridiculous thing...i m using TATA Sky services from 3-4 years for annual pack and never have not faced this issue . I did recharge of Rs. 6400/- in Sept-2013 for renewal of my annual mega pack. I have received confirmation call from tata sky that my annual pack is active. Also on my tv screen it was shown dat my package expiry date will be in sept 2014. Then on whose consent TATA Sky have activated monthly scheme???? I made complaint regarding this nd it was told to me that annual pack has been activated....there was confirmation call from TATA sky's office in bangalore as well Mahalakshmi...

Though i got confirmation from tata sky for successful renewal of annual pack, pls show me where is it written to call back for renewal. Dont make me go to consumer forum or any other authority. Request your help to Get my annual pack renewed or else i will have to launch FIR against TATA sky company for such kind of harassment. I am getting reminders to pay before 30-05-2014 for continuation of services. I am not going to pay any extra amount because of TATA sky's shitty rules and confusion at TATA sky...

Pls help me to resolve the Issue.

Jayraj Lokhande
Mobile - 9819251079
Feb 24, 2014


My Tata Sky ID - 1038627020 and I have to reinstall the dish on the Address -C/71 New Naimeshpark doc. Near Someshwara 3 , Opp. Nilkanth Mahadev,Thaltej Ahmedabad Pin.380061
Jul 4, 2013


Subscriber ID - 1024541276

Complaint Number

1-20428087620 - Status closed without resolution. Register on 05/05/2013 Charged Rs. 150/-
1-21493519755 Status on Hold but still been charged or Visit & Setup Box Replacement. Charged Rs. 150+350
1-21405291461 - Status closed without resolution and charged for visit and setup box replacement.
1-21470864383 - Status Closed and charged without resolution Charged Rs. 150+350

Been chareged twice in two days for setup box replacement without even getting a setup box.

Type of Transaction Amount(Rs) Description Transaction Date View Receipt
Other Services 150.00(DR) Service Visit 02 Jul 2013 NA
Other Services 350.00(DR) Hdlg Chrgs of STD Swap box 02 Jul 2013 NA
Other Services 350.00(DR) Hdlg Chrgs of PVR Swap box 01 Jul 2013 NA
Other Services 150.00(DR) Service Visit 01 Jul 2013 NA

This is Serious concern and at this point in time my account is in negative because of your lousy customer service attitude and laid back attitude..

Requesting your intervention and Immediate resolution to the problem.

My addon packages have been disconnect because of these debits..

Please ensure a reversal of all debits and activate my channels..
Pramod Agarwal1
Jul 1, 2013

Non Attending of complaint

Customer complaint reference number...... 1-21444774454

No one from company is attending despite repeated requests on customer care dept...every time they ask for 2 hours time and then never resolves the issue, which is pending since last 5 days.......no company official is interested for this case.....company has to understand that everyone in the company is getting salary from the revenue given by customers like us......would
I've to take this issue to the highest level till it gets resolved .
Navneet Poddar
Apr 14, 2013


I had purchased the TATA SKY connection bearing no. 1082729532 on 05-05 2012 ,and was informed by the dealer (Choice Point, Shere punjab, Andheri east, mumbai 400093.) re-location within the span of 1 year was not chargeable .

On 8th of April 2013 I have called TATA SKY to confirm that when they will send their so called engineer to re-install the same . They said we will charge 200 for same (which was then agreed to 175 for the same by the engineer)

Next day on 09th of April I again called and told not to send the executive as I have been told by the dealer that it is free then why should I pay.

Later on 10 th of April so called engineer of TATA SKY came and re-installed the connection , he said we will charge 175 for same and went away.

On 11th of April I received a message from TATA SKY that they have deducted 400 Rs from my TATA SKY account, 200 each for re-location(dismantling) and installation.

A tata sky connection was pre installed at the new premises which was unknown to us. However, the only work the tata sky so called Engineer did was to pack up the antenna dish on the terrace and kept it a side.

Therefore I fail to understand the reason for deduction from my account and being a responsible citizen of my beloved country I am not going to bow down and keep quiet against this injustice and do what it takes for the sake of innocents.

I was promised by a tata sky employee Vikas that my tata sky connection will not get de-activated till the wrongful charges levied on me are reversed and a speedy reaction to my complaint. However my account was deactivated on 14 april 2014 and nor could his words of speedy reversal be of any substance.
Dec 12, 2012

set top box is not working and charges are being deducted

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Himanshu Kanthaliya residing in Borivali (W) of Mumbai. My Tata Sky is 1010756938 and was working properly until one day (9th Dec 2012) some technical problem arised and it stopped working and my account balance got dducted automatically. It was continuously showing NO SIGNAL on my TV screen. I contacted customer center and an executive came at my place and repaired the line. I was told that i wont get charged for this thing because there was a problem in the connecter of the cable and all the residents of the building share 1 big disc installed on the terrace. But still i got charged with Rs.125/- that got deducted from my account the very same day.
After 2 days (11th Dec 2012) it again stopped working. I called the same executive but he is not bothered to receive the calls or respond to my messages. I again contacted customer service depptt and explained them the whole situation but the are not able to understand even HINDI language as all these people are Hyderabadi. They cant even speak English nor Hindi properly.
Kindly intervene the matter regarding the false charges, rude behaviour, false promises and mental harrasment. I will be very thankful to you.
Himanshu Kanthaliya.
Sep 21, 2012

unable to view my sevices

My name is ASHOK KUMAR PRAJAPATI AND MY CUSTOMER ID IS 1059568277. I am not able to view my TATA SKY SERVICES since 5 days and i gave complaint to tata sky associates , and they are telling within 24 hours engineer will attend your house but not a single person is bothered about my problem. every time i call to customer care associates , they are telling your complaint has been registered and it will resolve very soon.
please look into the matter i do the needful.
Jul 3, 2012

No Service/No Signal

You can address your complaint to tata sky’s official handle @tatasky. They will check if there is signal issue due to the setup of Dish and make necessary changes. I once faced an issue where I paid for the package amount but my account was de-activated. I tweeted regarding this complaint and tata sky immediately responded to my tweet. All I had to do is submit my subscriber ID. The customer service team instantly gave a callback and my account was activated. I suggest you too should provide your subscriber ID either here or tweet regarding your issue with this complaint link. I am sure they will look into your matter and send a technician asap.
Jun 27, 2012

No Service/No Signal

I am using tata sky since last 6 months. And I have been facing continuous problem of poor signal.
I was foxed by the foolish commercials and purchased tata sky and now perishing.
Tata sky may be good provided 1) clear sky, 2) no rain, 3) dish located at higher place 4) no moving object close to the dish. I feel cheated by using tata sky. HD channels are out of question many a times i am not able to watch regular channels. Now at this point of time if i stop using tata sky, i will straightaway lose the amount which i have paid for the digicomp and for installation.
I know in our country a common man can't take on a corporate giant but i have suffered and i want my money refunded.
If the service providers of tata sky have skin of human being please respond to my appeal and provide me with solution.
One can contact me on 9320074901
May 28, 2012


I have requested Tata Sky Customer Care on 13th May 2012 to relocate my services which till date is pending.Their commercials talk about Customer convenience and 24 hours as the time to get things done but in reality it takes more than 15 days.Their executives...escalation department have very poor way and manners to deal with Customers.It is BEST to ignore the field team as they are a bunch of jokers and LIERS off course.

I have been harassed to the core by the Company and that too after being a Customer for 5 years.
Akhilesh Tiwari
May 23, 2012

Tata SKY

I have recently relocated from Goregaon(E) to Kharghar Navi Mumbai.I given the request for reinstallation on 21/05/2012.But till date i am juggling with customer care.Tata sky says they have some issues with locla cable operators who donot allow tata sky or any dish tv.But tata sky has still not clarified as how they will resove this issue.I am without TV for last 3 days.Jungle Raj in Kharghar.Nver faced any such problem in Mumbai.
May 10, 2012

Re - installation of Tata Sky from nagpur to Navi mumbai

You can address your complaint to tata sky’s official handle @tatasky. They will check with the status of relocation. I once faced an issue where I paid for the package amount but my account was de-activated. I tweeted regarding this complaint and tata sky immediately responded to my tweet. All I had to do is submit my subscriber ID. The customer service team instantly gave a callback and my account was activated. I suggest you too should provide your subscriber ID either here or tweet regarding your issue with this complaint link. You can get your subscriber id from the bill payment that you made on purchase of Tata Sky HD+. I am sure they will look into your matter and help you out with the relocation and installation.
May 4, 2012

Guttar ka Service

I give request for re-installation of Tata Sky dt 1 May 2012. They give assurance we give better service. Executive call, he come at my residence dt 3 May 2012 at 2 pm for re-installation. But Executive not come. I give near about 28 call for Executive not visit to my residence. But thereafter they not given service of re-installation. After all feedback from Tollfree No. I think that, this is Worlds too bad Service of Guttar ka Service. Sub ID-1044919460
Madhuri Gawade
May 4, 2012

Re - installation of Tata Sky from nagpur to Navi mumbai

I am having Tata sky since 6 years , Now i transfer from nagpur to navi mumbai ,for re-installation at new place at navi mumbai ,I request to tata sky helpline on 02/05/2012 at 1400 hrs and my request no is 1-14168281104 and till date on 04/05/2012 at 1500 there is no calls from dealer.
I have contacted seven to eight times to helpline number till date for my re-installation .
Jan 12, 2012

Problem with Tata Sky HD box

I have purchased a Tata Sky HD box and after purchasing it i have faced severe problem with the set top box.In the first year itself there was problem with the video as the TV was not receiving the signal and it took almost an hour to get the video on the TV after starting the HD Box.
After complaining for the same those guys came and changed the set top box with some repaired set top box just after 3 Months of changing it the set top box had audio problems and this time they charged me Rs 125 for visiting as theyd said that I am out of warranty period an I dont know why do they charge if they are providing me the service they should cover it .
Again after a month of two the Set top box has no audio and is again replaced .
My Subscriber ID is 1051407359
Nov 27, 2011

Hidden cost, fraud and harassment.

We subscibed for Tatasky connection on 13 November 2011. The connection was taken by availing the phone service help desk. We had a chat with customer service executive named Santosh.
He gave us the following offer:
Pay Rs.2800 by credit card and you get installation free of cost as well as 2 months of free services by your company. We emphasised as to whether there are no hidden cost for this installation to which your executive replied ''no sir, there are no hidden cost''. We demanded invoice to which the executive said will be provided to you at the time of installation. As agreed the payment was made by credit card.

At the time of installation your dealer demanded Rs.500 and we had a talk with their customer care executive who suggested us not to pay these charges as they are charged voluntary by the dealer and requested us if need be to file a complain against such dealers. At the time of installation thier staff didn't provided us with invoice any they relented that the invoice will be sent to you by courier. They didn't demanded Rs.500 as complain was already made.
After 9 days the services has been discontinued.

As a genuine consumer we called their consumer helpdesk and had a chat with their executive (Neelema in Bangalore) who was unware of what these charges are for and emphasised to pay these charges as early as possible.

We have already filed a complain by mail as well on their site but to no avail. They call us and discuss our complain. They now repeatedly call us and harass us by demanding these charges.

This is wrong on the part of the company to apply such hidden charges and harass their consumer.

Also note that we have not received any invoice for the payment made as promised by your helpdesk executive (Santosh).
Jul 26, 2011

No service support on signal issue / discontinuation of service

Dear sir,

I am Harshadbhai Contractor, I am using TATA SKY DTH TV service, which is not working properly.

I am continously complaining it for long but there is no response agains it, no person attend my complaint in personal or in any way.

Jul 23, 2011

Pathetic Service

I have booked an Tata Sky HD connection on 18th July 2011 for my residence Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. But till now installation is pending. I have called so many e-times to their helpline but as usual they always appolised for delay in installation. Today they informed after calling so many times that installation will not be possible as local cable mafia not allowed to enter the premises.

If they know well in advance & doesn't have guts to install then why they accepted new connection request coming from the Kharghar area.

I have also suggested them that I will take the installation devices from nearest dealer if their engineer is afraid to carry those things. But they declined the request as I have booked the product via phone so installation kit should be given by them. Also I have asked send me e-mail or SMS whcih can be shows to police for their engneer's protection. But they hesitated for that as well.

I have spoken to one of the police officer in kharghar area & he deny such incidents happened recently. Also I have found couple of DTH connection in my building itself. I am not sure why these peoples are not coming for the installation?

I hope they will either get the installation done or will refund my money immediately.
Jul 21, 2011

No service even after payment


I had asked for relocation of my TATA SKY connection in the same suburb. The request was raised on 2nd July 2011 but the same has not yet been completed.I had made more than the required payments before raising the request. However, every day I am promised that the work will be done and then the engineer does not turn up and I end up waiting for them at home wasting every evening.

In fact they have closed a work order withouth completing the same on 18 and opened a new one on 20th. Even for this new workorder no one there has been no progress.

I want a refund of my money so that I can get the services of another D2H provider.

Manoj H
May 27, 2011

false commitments

I am having Tata Sky connection and they advertise that i have to answer quiz everyday and earn zeetos. These zeetos can be exchanged for toys. I had sent such request for exchange of toys on 3rd March 11. Till date i don't have any information and Tata Sky helpline is not giving proper answer...
Apr 5, 2011


i have a logged a complaint on 1st apr 2011 with tata sky and the engg visted my place on the same day and told me that my digicomp was not working and needs a replacement and he told me that he will do that by 02.04.11 morning 10 am and today i writing to on 05.04.11 and still my problem is not sloved,its more then 4 days that i logged the complaint.on 04.04.11 i had a word with there call centre executive named Dhaval Dave, ketan, and there technical head HUZEFA MOHAMED they told me that they dont have digicomp boxes for replacement and i have to wait for more 2 -3 days to get a replacement of my digicomp after that he told me that he can't do anything more then this and told me to wait for more 2-3 days.
i just have a small question to ask that TATA Sky is a big name in the market and they only dont have digicomp for replacement in mumbai, and on another hand they give promises to slove the complaint in 24 hrs and not only that they also provide installation of new connection with in 24hrs. so it simply means that they have digicomp for new connection not for the exsiting customer to replace.it means we are fool to take a connection and make the payment on time and bound to get this kind of services from the service provider.
ref: complaint reference number is SR0404110533781. filled on 04.04.11
Mar 14, 2011

No Instalation

Hi, I do have same problem. I have made request on March 9th and crossed 5 days, No single call/no intallation happened. Repeated calls to the Tata Sky Help Line have yielded me a standard response "We will revert to you in 24 hours". One of the worst service from TATA Sky
Dec 4, 2010

No service support on signal issue / discontinuation of service

Dear Sir,

I am residing in Sher-e-punjab, Andheri (E) in Plot no.207, flat no.202. Since 27th Nov, am not getting Tata Sky channels service. Have made domestic calls around 8 times to them & international calls from London around 5 times, yet no engineer has been sent to look into the issue. This is after we have taken an extended warranty offer!
Kindly look into the concern, we were promised SLA of 24-48 hours & TATA guarantee when we had opted for this. Till date, 4th Dec, 2010, no service support has been extended even after repeated follow-ups from our end.
We are extremely frustrated and really hope that you caould help us.

An extremely harassed customer,
Sonalika Yadav
Nov 10, 2010

delay in installation/mis guidance

I have purchased LG, LCD on the Diwali Day on 05 Nov 2010. I got a coupon of TAT Sky for free installation. Accordingly I have sent SMS to 56633 as directed on the Activation Coupon. We got a response that their concerned Department will contact with me withinn 4 working hours but till date no response of the contact persons received despite repeated messages sent to TATA Sky. Please advise me how I have to complaint and get the TATA Sky installed immediatley.

With Regards.

Avtar Singh
F-3, Rajamani Heights, Opp- Spurthi Gas Agency
Golnaka Alwal,
Mob : 9705208313
Nov 9, 2010

delay in installation/mis guidance

i have purchased LG LCD from Kohinoor, they gave me tatasky Coupon free. For the installation i have to sms them. I smsed them on 3rd Nov. 2010. i got their reply that my request has been registered and they will call me in 4 hours. they didnt call me. after 5 hours i called them on 022-60006633. they told me that my request has been forwarded again. now i will get a call..., but i didnt get it again. i tried calling them again n again. On 6th Nov. Mr. Sandeep (executive from tatasky helpline no) told me that i will get the installation done today itself by around 8pm. after around 1 hours i got a call from mr. Vijay (again from their costomer care no. 022-60001234) saying that sir you have to sms once again. and after that u will got a call from ourside. i smsed them again. but no call was received from their side. i again called them in the evening, i spoke to mr. Amit (from senior desk), he assured me that i will get a connection in between 24-48 hours. i again didnt get any call or any hardware from their side. i again called them yesterday, i spoke to mr. Neel (Team Leader), he also assured me..., i told him that i want to talk to ur seniors and i want to complaint against all the executives i have been talking to..., he transferred the call to ms. Reshma (supervisor). She didnt do anything..., phone got disconnected..., i again called them... then i spoke to mr Sayiad, who spoke to the area engineer directly n assured me that i will get the connection by today 12pm. but no engineer has come till now... now i am calling again n again... they are not coming on the line...
it is so frustrating.... They are behaving as if they are doing some favour to me....
Deepak Sharma

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