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The Commissioner of Delhi, MCD West Zone


Consumer complaints and reviews about The Commissioner of Delhi, MCD West Zone

Apr 17, 2015

complaint against running trade without munipal licence an encroachent on god

It is brought to your kind notice that sri bala ji conmunication c block ganesh nagar new delhi 18 is ruumnning trade without municipal licence an encroachment on govt land by his board plz take necessary action against above said shopkeeper immediately
Apr 15, 2015


dear sir
i am

Pradeep son of shri satya prakash Gupta i am handicap of 75% of my right foot
i was apply from m c d p c o both since 10/09/2008 apply for the first najafgad zone my file number
to apply this 1554 and other sec apply date 22/09/2008 to M C D Commissioner of west najafagad zone and sec receiving number is 2443
kindly help me sir i am belong to middle class family Today 7 years complete nothing improvement to the file so please help me I AM faithfully
request you sir please focus on my file my permanent address RZ 10A/M BLOCK NEAR RADHA KRISHANA MANDIR WEST SAGARPUR
NEW DELHI 110046
Mo 9911880351,9891371947

Apr 13, 2015

Cows on Main Pankha Road

Dear Sir

I would like to draw your attention on large number of cows on main pankha Road and C-1, near Mata Chanan Devi. I had met an accident on 11.04.2015 due to this but nobody care for this.
The large number of cows may seen on Pankha road ( Sita puri bridge near Garbage house ) and Red light of C-1 ( near Arya hospital, pankha road ).
Kindly do the necessary action against people who leaves their cows unattended on roads .

Sandeep Kumar
Sumit Safaya
Apr 13, 2015

No Sewage cover

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I would like to draw your kind attention that sewage cover is missing from BG5 area near Indane Gas Godawn. Almost month has been passed without cover.
Sir, while parking car many times due to high volume of traffic in that road some cars got stucked in that sewage resulting in damage of car.

Request you to take immediate action so that any big mishappening can be prevented.

Thanks & Regards
Resident of BG5
Aman Ahuja
Mar 22, 2015

Improper Drainage System & Water Logging

improper drainage system & water logging which causing harm to houses
dear sir / mam

i would like to draw your attention that in our locality (Shukar Bazar ,Uttam Nagar,New Delhi-59 ) sever problem of drainage system although in past drainage lines made which have broken due to logging of water as it has no outlet of drain lines because of which most of the people have taken safety blocking the drainage which was causing harm to their respective houses so i request you to make proper system of drainage and drain lines (which have completely broken) so that logging of water could be avoided not harming residents houses and lanes in this regard i request you to do needful. i shall be thankful to you.

yours sincerely,
Mr.Vinod Ahuja,
T-116,Shukar Bazar,
10 Feet Street , Near ICICI Bank Atm,
Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110059
Inderjit Singh
Mar 19, 2015

Increasing street dogs numbers

Number of street dogs are increasing every six months . They hv become a big problem in keeping the streets clean . More ever they are health hazards , spreading tiks etc n other diseases as most of them are suffering from skin problems . Small children are scare of them while playing outside their home . To catarize them urgently is the need of hour . Kindly respond . Thanks

Dr I SSindu , D/38 Ranjit Vihar , Nilothi ext Delhi 41

Vice President , Resident welfare Assosiation

Mob 9958925338
usha kiran vasisht
Mar 18, 2015

Inconvinience to public by sweepers between 8am. and 10pm.while sweeping the roads

During the office hours in morning between 8am.to10pm.when people leave for office in a fresh mood, MCD sweepers on the roads are most of time found sweeping the roads thereby making clouds of dust in the air. On objection they start fighting and seem ignorant. The time of sweeping the roads should be before 7.30 am. so that general public is not affected and people reach their office in fresh mood and better appearance. This should be taken care of by the higher authorities, and time of sweeping the roads by MCD sweepers should be fixed either before 7.30 am. or after 10 am., thereby making a clean atmosphere for public and fresh surroundings
Mar 3, 2015

To close all polluted factories from Residential area in Uttam Nagar Nand Ram Park

The pollution control board,

Sub.- Complaint against unauthorized factory in residential area where they are creating noise & air pollution, child Labor is also working.
These people make lots of things that creates pollution they cutting the iron they On their Generators any time they making some sweets gudpatti etc. so that they creates all types of pollution like Water pollution, Noise Pollution and Air Pollution for all of this we have to face a lots of problems in a day they creates so much incident like Asthma, Cancer, Cough Blood and the biggest Swine Flue as you know that Swine flue increasing because of dirtiness and garbage so we would like to bring this to the notice.
And as you know that in the laws Section any factories or any types of polluted work should be located out of 25km at where the Residential area.

The houses of common people, people nearby are not able to take rest /sleep at their home for whole day. Working their hand machines make a huge noise that can be heard in all the nearest houses in the street specially at night & early morning when working people reach home & need some rest to relax our mind the sound of their air pressure machine & cutting machine make our life miserable. And so that our street's child's,they can't study,they can't play because of the noisy atmosphere, and girls are scared to come out because of the labor's bad behavior Not only this but the people working in this factory is very rude and misbehaving/ misconducting throughout the day.While working during the day and night these workers listen to FM Radio, Songs loaded in there mobiles at a very high volume which makes it even more difficult for people living around to sleep in piece. People living around cannot expect moments of piece. So we the people cannot tolerate and bear the working of these illegal factories in this residential area any more. This factory is situated at Uttam Nagar Nand Ram Park G Block.

Thanking You
You'r faithfully
Local Resident
Mb No.-7531881971,9716209789
Mar 2, 2015

non-authorised building

sir, in tihar village several house are constructed in-between the electricty pole and moreover these are dangerous in various point-of-view, like GOT-FIRE, take current from electricty pole. Various houses are lied on other house becuause they get-off their place and rid-off their roots/niev's, they are collapsed at any time.

Sir, if u don't take action in-time, a BIG tragedy is occured in TIHAR VILLAGE AND YOUR ORGANZIATION IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THIS.

Rachana Sharma
Mar 1, 2015

Blockage of drains and water logging in home

Respected Sir,
Z-12, C, Dayalsir Road, Behind Kangna Banquet Hall.
Drains are constructed in all area but all are blocked. Water is logged on road and now coming with upwards force in house. Many house owners have blocked intentionally drains in front of their home to save them from such water logging in their house. Yesterday i was mailing u on the captioned subject and just went downstairs to click pic and got slipped and get injured due to water logged and cud not send u mail..
Please help us. today also v went to office unknowingly that if rain will again fall, water will enter our home and destroy things.
Water is logging due to number of reasons:
1. Construction of flats - all the sand, soil and waste material blocks the way of water drainage
2. Sewerage blockage - due to heavy spilling of waste from under construction plans- cement, block of bricks, marble finishing waste....
3. drainage blocked intentionally to keep self free from tension of water logging.
The person who faces will take action for it, but no one takes full proof action to illuminate the root cause.
I request u to please support us as it is causing diseases and so many other risks involved

Rachana Sharma
Test user
Feb 23, 2015


Tagore garden extn near holy child school has 7 parks and few residents have made a welfare with the help of local mcd officer and stared receiving money from government monthly for maintenance of all the parks but from the day one only 2 parks are being maintained and rest all money is spent where that no one knows. Please do something as our parks are in really bad situation . President of the welfare is Mr Handa from c block and he runs cable business from so many years.
paschim vihar extension ass
Feb 23, 2015

Complaint against an illegal Buchar Khanna and illegal meat shops in residential area Madipur B & C Block

The latest new in Delhi is a swine flu threat and Delhi hospitals on alert after first swine flu death as per current new.
We would like to raise an important concern for an illegally Buchar Khanna and pig meat shops in B & C Block Road Madipur JJ Colony in residential area. There are many (shops) are running without licence.

Despite many complaint and reminder MCD has not taken any action against these illegal Buchar Khanna’s & meat shops. As per norms every shop has to obtain a valid license before running these kind of activities. However all of them running their shops & Buchar Khanna’s by paying inducement to the MDC officials.

We would like to request you to take strong action against them and seal all the illegal shops and Buchar Khanna’s in the area. All the resident of this area are highly obliged & Thankful.

Valid Reasons:
1. illegally opened (shop) in residential area.
2. Causes nuisance because it is on high traffic lane.
3. Causes massive sound of animal killing early in morning every day.
4. Huge traffic jam is there because of Vehicles Park outside the shop.
5. Openly selling the pig meat without fear of Law and order.
6. They are farming pig in the area & sheltering in the area-Madipur C Block.
7. Life is going hell in this area.
8. Many Health issues to come due to these shops like swine flu diseases fresh air issues bad smell etc.
09. These shops because all sever is jammed by blood of animal and road is very dirty with wasted of meat & blood also and the other religion worker is very harassed.
10. Copy of photographs is attached for your perusal & early action.
11. They all drink wine and eat meat standing there and they pass the comments to girls and other women.
12. It is situated in the common passage area and it has become impossible for us to pass the way due to heavy smell and a bad crowd always gathers there in the evening time.
13. If they continue this illegal activity and frying pig meat in night openly at public place then a time will be near when crime graph will be on the top of its height. We all residents are irritated by him.

We pray to you make to us peaceful environment of our peaceful life. We request you to kindly take serious action against such activities not allowed in the residential area and the same address.

Hope you will take proper action against these shops
Feb 20, 2015


Respected Sir,
I am from MAIN PANKHA ROAD ,SITAPURI ,my complaint is about two issues and both are also related to "SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAAN" . Sir there is a big drain from dabri mode to uttam nagar and due to flyover at dabri mode it was covered from dabri mode to c-2 red light and a Subway is made to clear the garbage of drain by JCB machine but due to non availability of public toilet in that area peoples use it for toilet and it is exactly in front of our homes .So , its very awkward situation of residents of our colony and also to peoples crossing MAIN PANKHA ROAD
Feb 13, 2015

Stray dogs

Hi Sir,

I live in the West Delhi's, Beriwala bagh, subhash nagar area. We are feeling insecure due to dreadful stray dogs, which roam freely in our area. The dogs have already bitten two children in our area. Inspite of repeated complaints to authorities, no relief has come our way. As such, we are very scared to leave our children to play in the parks, which have been literally converted into an Assembly Hall for stray dogs.

From the last one month we are not feeling safe while traveling late night back to home or early morning going somewhere. There are more than 20 dogs in our society which are causing problem and biting kids

In the circumstance, I urge the MCD authorities to take immediate necessary steps to remove those stray dogs from our area and allow us to live in peace(Beriwala Bagh, Subhash Nagar, Near durga mander, west delhi).
Feb 3, 2015

marne ki dhamki

Respected Sir
I am putting at 278 four storey tagore Garden new delhi and i am in big trouble, meri family ko marne ki dhamki di gai h..mere neighbor jo ki flat 277 me rehte h vo hune bht pareshan kr rhe h main mera bhai main r bhabhi offc hote h r vo log br br aa k meri mummy k sath gali glosh krte h r yhn tk marne ki dhamki de rhe h r aaj to unhone mrre bhai ko offc phon kr k marne ki dhamki di h r kha ki hun niche se tumhara lenter tod rhe h r pura makan gira rhe h r bht gali de rhe mjhe r meri mummy se bhi main r meri family bht dare hue h pls hume bachaiye vo log bht khtrnak h r khte h ki police to humari jeb me h vo kuch ni kr skti humara..pls hume to sirf apse umeed h pls help me plss..unhone mere bhai ko is no is dhamki di h 9718382525 r unka nam Raj h r unke bete ne call kiya h ..main r meri mummy ghar me akele h...pls bachaiye hume...mera phn no h 9891331222

Thanks &Regards

Radhika Narayan
Feb 2, 2015

street light in park

DDA park between Mayapuri,press colony and Subhash nagar needs more lights .Its unsafe
Jan 27, 2015

Complaint for garbage and malwa

The commissioner
MCD, Delhi 110059

I would like to inform about Garbage collection. My name is Babloo sharma.
My residence is B-38, Street no. 22 mahavir enclave part 2 near power house uttam nagar new delhi 110059.
There is a empty plot in front of my home. it has a lots of garbage here.
many peoples infusins the garbage here and overreach. so many diseases are spread as well. I have been living here since 30 years or more then. I had never seen owner of this plot even/nor relatives. Some garbage is lying on the road. so we are facing many problems...
The residents are very upset so we are doing a complaint huff and puff.
If owner of this plot enspheres with wall then it would enough for us.
Eventually, I request to MCD for resolving this issue as soon as possible.

Babloo sharma
Phone No. 9911095842
Jan 24, 2015

malba on street

Humari. Street per logo ne unwanted malba daal diya hai wo bhi concreate se bani street par.ab nikalne mein problem hoti hai..kya yeh llagal hai ? Kya mcd us malbe ko utha nahi sakti hai kya ? Sirf past mla ke office ke yaha broom lagti hai ..kya un mcd employee ko nahi dikhayi deta hai wo malba ?aisa kyu hai ???????????????????????????? Please wo malba uthwa lo .agar mcd ke pass truck hai to !!!!! K-2/6 peepal chowk mohan garden new delhi 110059.metro pillar 754..

Vipin Garden
Jan 2, 2015

installation of net tower

Dear Sir,

i m residing vipin garden 77 number and inform to you that one of non member of flats has been install net tower on roof without any consent and which is not good for environment and health of family . so we requested to you please do needful
Nov 27, 2014

Encroachment on street of Shiv Nagar Extension, New Delhi – 11058 and creating nuisances


Municipal Corporation of Delhi
West Zone, New Delhi.

Sub :- Encroachment on street of Shiv Nagar Extension, New Delhi – 11058 and creating nuisances


My name is Vikram Sidhu and i am resident of Wz 576 b/1, ground floor, Street no 20, shiv nagar extension, jail road, New delhi - 58.There is an encroachment on back street of our house by a washer men (Press Wala) adjoining to my house . He has putted the wooden structure in the back street and has created the nuisance. The washer men has done the encroachment on the back street by keeping two tables. The washer men is always surrounded by lot many people who always keep on screaming and talking creating worst situation for us even sitting in our own house.
These guys think that its their place and no one have right to move them as they had been sitting there for many years. I tried several time to make them understand that they are causing disturbance to us but there had been no effect. This guy also have a big family and all of them keep sitting there whole day talking and screaming loudly.I will be thankfull if you can help us get rid of these guys as I am fedup of them now, but still due to my family I dont want to get into any quarrel or fight with them.

Just hope some reply from you..

Thanks Vikram Sidhu

Wz 576 b/1, ground floor,
Street no 20.
shiv nagar extension,
jail road, New delhi - 58
Nov 23, 2014

Road Blockage with personal materials

Address against whom complaint is being made- Name-SUNDAR, VIDYANAND

Address :C-3 / 26, VASHIST PARK, PANKHA ROAD, STREET NO. 26, NEW DELHI, 110046.

Respected Sir,

The person named above has opened his grocery shop in the street with their materials like snacks etc in the middle of the 50mtr road. They create ruckus by drinking and not allowing cars to cross the road.

Please do the needful at your earliest.
On behalf of residents of VASHIST PARK, PANKHA ROAD

Oct 7, 2014

blockade of the road with personal material

hello sir
i myself resident of shakurpur H.no-G-1122 want to complain on gulati builders as he is encroaching the road and blocking the road for hours in a day with his construction material and the trucks which are getting material for his shops in the name of GULATI BUILDERS AND SUPPLIERS SHAKURPUR J & G block, its been months we have said him personally and even police also warned him but he is not ready to clear the road, in fact he is putting more of his material and his personal trucks on the road. as the metro work is going on in Netaji Subhash place the road is closed from the main road and this is the only road left to enter Netaji Subhash place as i work in max hospital as i have to attend the emergency calls from the hospital and have to reach the hospital in no time but because of his nonsense i am putting the patients in trouble. kindly consider it as a major problem of the residents and do the needful.
Sep 29, 2014


i am a resident of I Block ( I - 113 TO I-134 ) , KIRTI NAGAR. NEW DELHI.

The internal road has been dug up for over a month now and even the debris is lying just outside the houses. It has become difficult for senior citizens of the block to step out of the house. We are shocked at the state of affairs at MCD, that why the road was dug first of all, if there was no plan to repair it for so long, it is internal road and needs to be redone immediately otherwise if any mishap takes place because of uneven road, and most of the occupants are senior citizens, then MCD should take the full responsibility.

It is over a month now and needs your preferred attention please.

Mrs Kumar
Naresh lakhiwal
Sep 18, 2014

sewage blocking

Dear Sir/Maim.


I would like to inform to you that my name is Naresh Kumar i am Residence of B/2-503 25 yards j j colony Raghubir Nagar, New Delhi-110027, last from many days we are facing sewerage blocking problem in our street due to this water supply is also not Good we are getting unhygienic water in our homes, so this is my humble request to you kindly do the needful.

Thanking you,

Naresh Kumar
Raghubir Nagar,
New Delhi-27.
Sep 12, 2014

unauthorized construction

dear sir,
please help me out i have forwarded manny complainst against c-25 bhagwan dass nagar east punjabi bagh 110026.
i have filed manny complaints against this property but there is no action taken by your team against this property.the owner of this property has built on 2nd and 3rd floor witjout any NOC without any map.
your team came and destroy a little bit but i cant understand how they put even a single brick when they dont have NOC and they even dont have permission from your team.
everyone including GA of this zone taken money from the owner and done all the construction
kindly its a request please destroy all the new construction which was held in last one year on second and third floor of c-25 bhawan dass nagar east punjabi bagh new delhi110026

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