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The Commissioner of Delhi, MCD West Zone


Consumer complaints and reviews about The Commissioner of Delhi, MCD West Zone

Jan 28, 2016

water seeping into house

Water flowing into house from drain. There is one plot attached to our home and from that plot water is flowing into our home's basement. There is crack also in our all room's floor.
Bad smell coming in basement. Pl help urgently. Thank you.
Phone 9873637887

Address R-246, Mohan Garden, Pipal chowk, near sanjivani public school, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi - 110059
dimple Sachdeva
Jan 27, 2016

drain overflow

I am Dimple Sachdeva, Residing at M-15,16 Sainik Nagar, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110059.
Street roads here are FULL OF DRAIN WATERS now a days causing difficult to walk, Stings like hell. Sending you some pics for the same.

It would be appreciable if you can help us to get rid of the Mess as soon as possible.

drain overflow drain overflow drain overflow drain overflow

Jan 16, 2016

monkey attack ( danger situation )

dear sir,

my name is vikas gahlout. I Inform you this complaint regarding about monkeys in nangloi . monkeys were attacks on childrens and all thoese who also sitting in at home. there is a dangerous situation for AAM AADMI. please take a quick action on it & helping us from monkeys.


vikas gahlout
ankit tondak
Jan 9, 2016

unauthorised consturcation

dear sir,

on the illegal construction is on very easily & police also involed in this. in moti nagar thana. house no wz 404 basai dara pur new delhi 110015 this property is disputed and the matter also is in the court but some people doing illegal & unathourized construction in day & night n yesterday there was a big fight.& who has working illegally now so u request it to see the matter & stop this illegal consturcation.
Jan 9, 2016

Lane garbage in our scociety

Respected sir

This is to inform you that this complaint is regarding the lane is full of garbage and dengue mosquitos
we informed many mcd officers about it but no such actions taken by them . In our neighbour hood many children is suffering from dengue.
Totally Stink water in the street & Lane has been Blocked

i Request you to Please take a suitable steps about this condition

Jasbir Singh

D-22 vishnu garden Ex-5 Street No. 6 Dharam Puri new delhi - 18

Lane garbage in our scociety Lane garbage in our scociety Lane garbage in our scociety Lane garbage in our scociety

Jan 9, 2016

Lane garbage in our scociety

Respected sir

This is to inform you that this complaint is regarding the lane is full of garbage and dengue mosquitos
we informed many mcd officers about it but no such actions taken by them . In our neighbour hood many children is suffering from dengue.

The heaps & dust are lying in the street.

Please take a suitable steps about this condition.

Bijinder Singh

D-31 vishnu garden Ex-5 Dharampuri, Stree no-6 New delhi-18

Lane garbage in our scociety Lane garbage in our scociety Lane garbage in our scociety Lane garbage in our scociety

dheeraj kumar choudhary
Jan 8, 2016


wish to inform you that we live e block vishwash park uttam nagar, there is seawage line that is left about 40 mt. some builder floor are prepared there but not development of sewage line. only small attention require you with honesty to solve this small problem.

i understand that you senior who has retire knoe this problem expect you to do and solve this problem.

thanks & regards
Kusum Dhakkad
Dec 27, 2015

cow diary in residential area M- Block, Mohan Garden

hii, I would like to request you to take immediate action for our problem regarding cow dairy in our M-block. we are facing this problem from past many years and no proper result came out. the person who has opened this dairy (Mr. Solia Singh) and challenging people that no one can do anything as he has back support from MCD department. Our life became miserable here as we are at risk for many problems so i request you to do the needful.

Thank you
meena dadhwal
Dec 27, 2015

cow diary in residential area M- Block, Mohan Garden

Respected Sir
In this era of advanced technology we expect you to please also pay attention to our online complaint. We have many time complaint about pathetic, worst and bad condition of our M-Block Mohan Garden. From past many years we have been continously complaining about this matter to Pradhan of area and MCD department. Although few remedial actions have been taken by MCD as they came to see the area but that person (Mr. Solia) used to get information before hand and he used to take off all animals to other place. At our place survival is really pathetic due to cowdung, mosquitoes and this block is at risk of many health problems. As mentioned above we have complained many a times and he even used to threaten the people and says that he has his jack in MCD so no one can do anything. we all are really now fedup with all this and not getting actual solution to the problem. Please consider our problem and do the needful as soon as possible.
Pinky Goel
Dec 25, 2015

Sewage blockage problem.

We are facing Sewage blockage problem from around 5 days, our nearest all sewers are blocked due to which water level has been rising in our commode. Now the situation is so bad sewer in front of my house is blocked and overflowing.

There is a very foul and bad smell all around, hence mosquitoes developed in the area and gutters of surrounding house have been chocked and completely blocked. Small children playing outside the door have already affected by diarrhea. Sometimes we feel vomiting & nausea.

We request you to please take this as a very serious problem. And kindly take immediate action to resolve the problem at the earliest. Please also arrange to send the Machine so that the gutter / sewerage totally clean.
Subodh Verma
Dec 18, 2015

air pollution in residential house at D 112 ajay enclave

Pollution complaints in residential house No. D 112 Ajay Enclave and nearby houses has been lodged two times earlier on 14 Dec, 16 Dec 2015 but no action has been taken so far to stop or seal this activity which is causing acute Asthma and other respiratory diseases. Mr Praveen Saluja residing in D 112 (Top Floor) has started fabrication of Thermocol items and is indulged in spray painting, welding, hammer work and minute particles of sparkle material which remains spread in entire building of D 112 Ajay enclave where I am the owner of 2nd Floor. This work has been started without any permission or license from the competent authorities. Entire neighbourhood is suffering from asthma, nausea and vomiting etc. but no action has been taken against curbing this activity in residential area. We again request the authorities to take action failing which we will be compelled to approach the Court of Law for redress all of this pollution menace in a residential area.

Yours faithfully,
Subodh Verma, Owner of 2nd Floor at D 112, Mahesh Madaan, Owner D 113, R.S Awal Owner D 112 A and other residents of D 90, D 135, D 136 Ajay Enclave, West Zone, N Delhi

air pollution in residential house at D 112 ajay enclave

Dec 10, 2015

Garbage in house for last 15 years and owners dont care

We have been cleaning neighbours house for past 15 years.Requested them many times but they dont care about garbage,alcohol bottles or people going and doing shit in property.Address is 388,Bhera Enclave,Paschim Vihar.I requested you to kindly take some actions as soon as possible.

Thank you.
Dec 2, 2015

water seeping into basement

Water flowing into basement from drain . may be restaurant beliram sewage is flowing into drain.
Bad smell coming in basement. Pl help urgently
Phone 9810546744

Address 23 nwa, club road, west Punjabi bagh, new Delhi. 26
china eastern
Dec 1, 2015


hi i am the citizen of this county lived in moti nagar 5 block is suffering from insects flys which are coming from the these long trees these trees are not cutted by about 5 to 6 years all houses family having problem from these trees and from insects flys i request u to please cut long trees and make them short now a days winter season start and no sun shines are coming to all of ours houses

i request u to please cut the long trees from these tress germs %become more and more and problem of flyes in and also having big big bat(chamkadar)in it please cut it fast

thank you
yours faithfully

block 5 park facing new delhi 110015
land mark ---near fun cinema

at last i requested to cut it fast
anam ansari
Nov 27, 2015

main line blockage n over flow


I am a resident of 56,DDA janta flats ,site one,vikas puri,new delhi-110018, The main sewer connecting the my house sewer system has been blocked for nearly 6 months now and lodging complaint with the concerned department of the same has not helped. Now the situtation is so bad that sewer water has filled up my bathroom and its become so difficult to live in this situation.
Please clean the main line of our area as soon aa possible .
Nov 26, 2015

Sweeper related

मैं (रविंदर कुमार )आपको ज्वाला हेडी मार्किट ( Behind IFCI Colony) की सफाई की दुदर्शा के बारे में बता रहा हुँ, यहाँ के निवासी सफाई नहीं होने के कारण बहुत परेशान है ,सफाई नहीं होने के कारण यहाँ पर बीमारियां होने लगी हैं और छोटे -छोटे बच्चे बीमारियो की चपेट में आने लगे हैं। गंदगी की कुछ तस्वीरें मैं संलग्न कर रहा हूँ। किर्पया इस मामले में कुछ जरुरी कार्यवाही करे।

Sweeper related Sweeper related Sweeper related Sweeper related

Rachita Chugh
Nov 12, 2015

Unhealthy Living conditions

I am sending you photographs in which unhealthy conditions we are living for last 25-26 years. There is no regular safai karamchari visit our place. We have complained to the concerned authorities so many times, but no action has been taken. We have lots of hops from you, we will be living in healthy conditions.
Kindly look into the matter ASAP and please make sure that immediate action is taken. We as citizens of India should get a clean environment to live.
As we are paying all the taxes regularly we expect a cleaner and healthier environment from the concerned authorities to provide us.
and today the mirror of our car is broken someone threw stone at it. we have even lodged a police complaint. but what if something bad happens..
they drink and sit in front of our house i cannot go out of my house after 10 as it is so unsafe.
Kindly look into the matter...

Unhealthy Living conditions

Nov 10, 2015

Unauthorized construction government land

Dear sir
I have comlaint that the above said plots and latest complaint on vide receipt 168/GA ated3 11 2015 by hand in your office.
I have complain with R T I.on 1st oct 2015.
And comlaint with R T I on 23 oct 2015
D.C office Rajori Garden.
And complaint to.
1.A C P and D C P office Rajouri Garden.
S D M west zone
Deputy Commissioer M C D West
And to C M App party 16 sept 2015.
No action has been taken agaist the owner and he still doing works. This building id not constructed over night it took many months and startrsed inthe month of march with basement.
This has basement and 3 stories designed.After this complaint where I should complaint.
Nov 9, 2015

Lots of pollution and bad smell of chemicals harming health coming from the car repairing market in residential area.

Their is a car repairing market near my house which is located in residential area of janak puri a/2 block. They use such chemicals or paint which is having such strong smell effecting the Health of people living in this area. We cannot go to park for walk due to such smell as we feel chocking in throat. This can lead to asthma too. We avoid going out of house especially in evening due to the strong smell of the sprays they use. This even effect our eyes too. Bht Zada Jalan hote hai eyes main. Ye smell hamate ghr k andr bhe a hate hai. Bht Zada problem Ho rahe hai in cars ke vjha se. Please help us. Humane bht baar police ko bhe complaint ke hai but they don't take any action. Please they a step as soon as possible. I will be thank ful to.
Dharam Devi
Oct 28, 2015

Illegal tree cuting

Sir, It is intimated that one big tree is being cut in front of the Clock Tower , Hari Nagar New Delhi Pin Code 110064, They constructed the building in under in plot one big tree today is being cut the tree . Please take action Now same may please be stopped immediately. It is now 06.30 hrs of date( 28/oct/2015)....

Attached picture

An early and immediate action is solicited.

Mrs.Dharam Devi ( President)

Illegal tree cuting Illegal tree cuting

Oct 26, 2015

Requirement of speed Breaker

Dear Sir

This bring to your kind notice that some kind people made speed breaker in our Gali(Phase-II, Gopal Nagar, Najafgarh, under old main power line) to avoid accident from over speeding cars and bikes.

But unfortunately they have been broken by your department after getting complaint for the same, as they are not legal. which is correct, done by you.

Now I am requesting you to kindly made some legal speed breaker as per the department rule and regulation. Because this is request from those children who are regularly playing in the gali in the risk of danger of their life. Because there is not any place available for them to play.

Please understand & we would be very grateful to you.

Thanks You very much.
Oct 19, 2015

Drainge water

I would like to draw the attention of drainage system is in this area. Drainage water is going in vacant plot or flowing on road. There is no system of drainage. Drainage water affects the public health. We have done several complain regarding it but no action action taken so far.
Oct 12, 2015

Illegal connection in sewer line

Respected sir

This is to inform you that this complaint is regarding illegal connection in sewer line at gali no 9 om vihar phase 3 uttam nagar new delhi 59.
As you know that in this above area the sewer line is under process not started but some peoples of this street has done the connection in the line without any permission.

So please visit this area and do the necessary action otherwise the whole line is blocked.

Thanks in advance
Harish Kumar
shakti dadhwal
Oct 1, 2015


Dear Madam/sir,
Hum M block k rehne wale hai. yha ek person pichle kafi salo se cows ko rakhta hai or uske pas na hi itna space hai k wo 2 cows b rakh sake bt fir b wo kamse kam 100 cows rakhta hai . uski cows galiyo me ghumti rehti hai or yha k logo ko preshan krti hai .. hmare gharo k samne wo cows ka milk nikalta hai roj subh sham . bolne par hume dhamki dete hai k hmara koi ni kuch bigad sakta.. mcd wale hmse paisa khate hai.. hum sb ne kai bar complaint ki police me b aur apne mla ko b but aj tak koi sunwai ni hui ..unki wagh se galiyo me itni gandagi hoti hai k rehn muskil ho gya hai ...pls koi action le ...nad most important thing y hai k jb b hum complaint krte hai to agar mcd ati b hai dee phele information mil jati hai nd wo cows ko bhaga dete hai .. nd milk subh 3-4 bje hi nakal lete hai .. pls do some needful action.. we are hopeless now
Thanking you
M block , near T point rama park road
mohan garden new delhi
Sep 30, 2015


Respected sir

This is to inform you that this complaint is regarding the lane is full of garbage and dengue mosquitos
we informed many mcd officers about it but no such actions taken by them . In our neighbour hood many children is suffering from dengue.
Please take this complaint seriously and take an immediate action

NEW DELHI 110043

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