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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAMS

Harinatha Reddy Gora
Feb 20, 2017

Did not receive ticket details to my email

Hi Sir,

I have booked two tickets for 25th of February 1PM slot of especial entry darshan for Lords darshan on 01.02.2017. Transaction reference no. Is ID17020109400531912202. But the receipt could not be printed. I will be thankful to you if you can please mail me the receipt to me. My mail address is harinathgora@gmail.com

Thanking you sir.
Your early reply in this regard is highly solicited.

Yours faithful,
Harinatha Reddy Gora, Bangalore
+91 9959316265
Feb 9, 2017

VIP Darshan Lucky DIP Offers

Respected Sir, I am not sure if there is any authorization issued by TTD to "greatindiafilmsusa.com", We came across this and wanted to bring this your attention as a Devotee of Lord Venkateswara. The VIP Darshans are to be issued for a purpose and we definitely feel that the intended purpose is not to let people use them for lucky dips like this. How are these people getting VIP Darshan tickets to distribute like Burfee to whoever they want.Please refer to the below article online. We would request TTD to take appropriate actions against these kind of activities without written permission from TTD.

We understand the movie is based on the story of a Devotee of Lord Venkateswara but that doesn't let the makers/distributors to make these kind of lottery offers and derailing the spirit of VIP Darshans for the sake of Marketing the movie. We would request you to take necessary actions against the people who made these offers and the people who let them do it.

Article Link:- http://www.greatandhra.com/movies/press-releases/free-vip-darshan-in-tirumala-79953.html

sreenivas estam
Feb 3, 2017

Not able to book tickets for suprabhataseva through online


I am sreenivas .and my parents wanted to have a darshan and suprabhata seva as well on the date may 14 th on their marriage day.I am well planned today and trying to book tickets on febrauary 3 rd 2017 .
I have noticed the problem with not the site .When I moved to payment page they actually disabling that option from which bank payment should user use .this way user cannot proceed further to payment gate way .

This is creating a wrong indication on the TTD ,the next way I am planning is I should give this task to some one thrid party (out sider of TTD) and he is bargaing that if you give 1000 rupees extra on ticket they can book tickets for any dashana from backend.

But ,I am feeling regret that I would have opted for that option.

Some of my father friends are following this way and they are happyly having the darshan.

Please stop this kind of activities .

Thank you .

Jan 31, 2017

Darshan Pass cancellation/postpone policy


Can any one tell me what is the reason behind the policy that does not allow devotees to cancell or postpone their darshan schedule?

It really does not make any sense, people some how manage to come along with their family from very very long distances?

it made me feel that lord is a product and TTD sanstan is the owner of it. hence people have no choice but agree to what TTD responces.

Very Disapointed,
Jan 30, 2017

Rooms booked via internet are horrible

Why is that if we book rooms online are so horrible. i booked a room for rs1500 via ttdsevaonline.com and when i arrived at Tirumala, a very old room is allotted for me in CRO office which is not worth of Rs 500. when I ask why it is like this, the allotment officer says for inetrnet booking that is the only building allotted in which the commod in the toilet is broken, sofa is torned and the room is so dirty.

Having said that, when I go to Padmavathi and book directly, for the same 1500 I got a neat and clean guest house which is supposed to be for VIPs. why is that VIPs are given so much importance than a common man. is the Rs 1500 is different of a VIP than a common man? who are these VIPs? who made them VIPs? becoz of the common man they are VIPs.why is so much differentiation at a God's place.

If that is the case why at all a internet booking is in place. Please remove all the old cottages from online or give an option the select what type of a room available in online booking. when we plan our trip in advance that means that we do not want to face any problems going there.

As a common man I request the TTD authorities to pls give equal importance to everyone.

Bala Bala
Jan 26, 2017

Ttd special dharsan

Forget to take printout of ticket confirmation copy , pls send the confirmation copy of tickets to this mail ID
raj_blossem@ymail.com or yuvabalaji1@gmail. com

For your reference

The darshan date is 12-02-2017.
Transaction reference is ID17012519515069962042.

Pl do the needful

Jan 21, 2017

Dress Code

Why Dress Code for Seeing Lord Venkateswara Swamy?Normal Pants should be allowed for Men.People should be comfortable with the wear.Because some Politicians wear Dhoti they should not ask everyone to wear dhoti.There should be dress code that should be meaningful.It's very unfortunate to see such kind of restrictions being put on devotees.
Jan 21, 2017

Tonsure Center collecting money

In Tirumala it is noticed that after tonsure they are asking to deposit 100 to 200 rupees in the hand wash area where there is no CCTV coverage.

There is a person standing and monitoring whether money is kept over there. Please look into this or fix CCTV in that location. Also for hot water they are collecting money.
Jan 21, 2017

slapping devotee

In Earlier complaint I forgotten to mention the date we went for darshan the date was 12.01.2017
Jan 21, 2017

slapping devotee

We went for darshan around 7.00 pm when we went to main temple at 9.55 pm at that one the security( Lady) who is inside the temple before god slapped my wife. She not beaten my wife but also two more ladies who are behind my wife. Pulling or pushing the devotees for the sake of other devotee darshan is OK but who is she to beat the devotees. If you look into the cc cameras putout at 9.55 pm inside the temple ( before the god) you can find out what is happens. When we questioned the security persons iside the temple pushed out the temple. Immediately the security lady was sent out of the temple in another way. When we went to complaint one of the TTd employee Mr.T.Subrahmanyam (Superitendent office) offers darshan and asks us not to complaint when we refused to withdraw complaint they all (Employees who are at the cc camera supervising and Especially Mr.T.Subrahmanyam )ffought against us and ask us to go complaint in police station if you have guts. How far it is reasonable we came all along long distance to see the god these people who are working for us behaving such rudely and beating the devotees is not excusable please take action against these people especially the lady security who is working inside the temple and Mr.T.Subrahmanyam superitendent office.,
GAjula Narashima raju
Jan 9, 2017

Regarding darshN

I had Fatshan of Lord balJi on ykunta akadSi what I observed is that so many women and girls,children senior citizens are pressed pulled and what and all happened every body knew this why don't u change some strategy of separate men and women it is possible pl try
Jan 3, 2017

Forgot TTD user I'd through which we have booked tickets

We have booked seva tickets through ttd user ID, the booking reference number is IS16112709310329514727, Accommodation booking reference number is IA16112709355557515423.
But we have forgot the user ID through which we have booked the tickets to take print outs. Could you please send either the user ID or the PDF format of the booking reference number to visalakshik1@gmail.com

Please do the needful. Thanks in advance.
Dec 21, 2016

lot of robbory

I have booked room in ccs on 16/12/2016,i was acoompained with my wife and my son for next day foot path darshan,
mean while on 17/12/2016 my wife wake up at 3.30 am to enquire for hot water when we both of them was sleeping he went outside by shuting the door to ask hot water in the reception ,on that ocassion the robbory came to the room and stolen away of rs 14000from the room when we were sleeping, with in 5 minutes when my wife came saw we were shocked,and also adhar card of son and my wife, i complained after foot path dharshan at night 8.30 pm and got reciept for adhar, why iam saying when went to police lot of complaint was coming in to the station this shows the lack of security to devoties the devasthanam should give safety and secruity the devoties , my suggestion is the world largest devoties come to tirumala when compare to mecca, and jerusulam
we should be proud of with our religion, the tirumala devasthanam should give security if the govt. fails to do this you have the fund the board should make private security and fix up cc tv camera all along the area and 100% security ,if the safety and security provided lot of devoties come to offer for hundi if i would have paid in the hundi to the lord i would be satisifed so lot of robbry going like this to my knowledge so lake of security please kindly pay attention to this

Dec 20, 2016


Dharshan ticket
I have booked two tickets of special entry darshan for 22-12-16 transaction reference no is
ID16122106012808910914. But the receipt could not be printed.I will be thankful to you can please mail.me the receipt to me my mail address is


Thanking you sir
Your early reply in this regards is highly solicited
Yours faithful


Vijaya Kumar Gattu
Dec 19, 2016

Darshan tickets

In my complaint I wrongly mentioned date of special entry as 03.03.2016 instead of 03.03.2017. Please pardon me
Yours faithfully,
Vijaya Kumar Gattu, Adoni
Vijaya Kumar Gattu
Dec 19, 2016

Darshan tickets

I have booked two tickets of especial entry darshan for Lords darshan on 03.03.2016. Transaction reference no. Is
ID16121810160851986020. But the receipt could not be printed. I will be thankful to you if you can please mail me the receipt to me. My mail address is vkgattu@gmail.com.
Thanking you sir.
Your early reply in this regard is highly solicited.
Yours faithful,
Vijaya Kumar Gattu, Adoni.
Addepally ramarao
Dec 17, 2016

Corrupt TTD JEO


I have complained through this forum many times that TTD BOard members, especially, JEO. Srinivasa Raju is diverting the funds of the temple. Last week one of their member was caught with 200 crores. I Sonot understand, why JEO Srinivasa Raju is not touched from the year 2010. I strongly believe that he is involved in very big scams In TTDas he is hav g contacts with political bigwigs, he is not touched.

Through this forum, I appeal and pray to The powerful, Lord Venkateswara Swamy to expose his scams to public, and punish him.

Addepally Rama Rao,
Amba Garden,
Dec 10, 2016

Booking in Spl.Entry Darshan Ticket

Good morning, I am Bhuvaneswari, in my TTDsevaonline website I have booked my tickets for Spl.Darshan on 12.1.2016, but website not give the payment status immediately, but amount was deducted in my account the TTD will not accept the darshan ticket was failed.The transaction ID is 16121013310521011397, kindly reverse the amount of Rs.1815.53 to my account which is debited to my account from TTD
Thanks & Regards,
Dec 3, 2016

room booking was bclocked

i have tried for booking rooms but my bank account is not responding
Dec 2, 2016

Suprabadha seva booking

Dear Sir,

To-day (02/12/2016) I opended the TTD seva on line booking for suprabadha seva. I opended your site around 10.20 and March month's calender without quota not released screen was appearing. It was appearing for more than one and half hour with out any change. Then I logout from the site and again re-enter the site but it was not reachable. Then again I came out from this site and again re-enter your site. But this time suprebatham, Nijapadha seva were completely exhausted. Why sir. Why it is happening like this. I sit before the system for booking Suprabatham on 19/03/2017. But I was very much disappointed. Please look into this and do the needful so that if possibe please book a ticket for Suprabadha seva on 19/03/2017.

Expecting your favourable reply.


Nov 30, 2016


Dear sir,

To day I have opened the TTD seva online booking through chrome browser. Previously, 90 days availability was displayed. But from to-day, only December Month's available chart is shown. What about other months. i.e coming friday, your new calender will be used i.e. 90days calander. But only december month's availability is shown. Why it is happening sir. Please resume the earlier display i.e chart for 90days. Please do the needful and resume 90days chart ( e-seva for 90days booking)
Nov 20, 2016

Have not received the activation link

I got the OTP but no activation email. Who can help
Nov 15, 2016

slected the room but payment not accepted

I have selected the room and proceeds for payment but while payment process got the error http 500 .

After that I have tried again and got the reply that I have already selected the room.But It is not booked for me and it is asking to wait for 3 months.

My emailid:kramanjaneyulu.mtech@gmail.com
Nov 7, 2016

Change of user name

My email Id has become invalid now but I have booked room using the email ID. I have not printed it. May I know the procedure to proceed further. The room booking has been done in my name Kanageswari K for Nov 19th before noon. I had not taken the printout then. Here is the payment details. Your debit card XXXXXXXXXXXX6300 has been used to make a purchase of Rs. 504.3 at TTDTIRUPATI MU on 07-SEP-16.
Nov 3, 2016

Amt paid online but printing of ticket not done

I had booked room for 27Dec 16 for 2 days and paid the amt but i could not take the printout. Plz advice 9337018123

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