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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAMS

Nov 27, 2015

TTD Kindly Teach Culture Your Staff

--TTD Kindly Teach Culture and Educate Your Staff
Where they are staying,
--before hire any employee please educate them about TTD (God)
--One more thing I beg you don't make TTD as commercial temple

Lord venkey bhakthudu
Nov 25, 2015

Barbaer Behaviour

Dear Sir

I am giving a complaint on Barbars in Sapthagiri Cottage, (On 23-nov-2015) especially Barbar ID is 1517. He is working there for whom?, TTD is not paying to him. Begging money in Tirumula is prohibited. but TTD excluded only to barbers?. Without money they are not ready to shave the heads. What is this nuisance? and what is the usage of Cameras in barbar rooms? Please take necessary steps on this type of people other wise tirumala will be a business place.
Gayathiri devi
Nov 22, 2015


Its a wonderful devastanam towards the world..I saw..but here also have some corrections to be strike out on my mind that was
*dear devastanam members please provide purified hot water on free of cost on all over the ttd.
*please advice the shop members to give respect to customers ..
*in ttd channel please provide Tamil language..before indepence it was tamilnadus's city
*in seva rooms the seva peoples are fighting..please make an idea to stop this nonsense
Jyothsna Panyam
Nov 6, 2015

bad facilities during bramhothsavam

Dear sir,
I have been a devotee of venkateswara swamy all my life. So I attended Garudothsavam during Dassehra bramhothsavams for the first time.. I was disappointed deeply sir.. Because there was no one to guide the devotees. There were many police personnel, security officers and many more volunteers wearing badges., but in fact they were just minding their friends, their relatives but no one else.. Cann't you engage good men who help people rather than these good- for- nothing volunteers?? As I am new to tirumala, I asked a police personnel guarding one of the gates to thirumada streets.. I explained to him that I have come with my mother to have Garudothsavam darsan and canon't stay the whole night there because I had to attend my office the next day, so requested him to tell me which thirumada street gallery should I go to so that I can have my darsan and reach back to tirupati before midnight. That stupid policeman sneered at us.. As though we were robbing him of all his wealth, he said follow the other ongoers, and reach one or the other thirumada street, he was also commented that we were not VIPs or TTD staff to ask any queries.. There were at least 6 other security personnel who ignored us and were laughing as if they have stuck a joke. Sir.. Is this the way your people behave with the public?? TTD staff are already pretty famous for corruption, now adding to this.. IGNORANCE.. You people better watch it out sir.. Lord venkateswara is watching all this.
Coming to spectator's galleries sir.. Have you at any time seen a simple church which people attend during sundays only?? Their galleries are better thought of than yours sir..
People come from long distances just to have a glimpse of The Lord sir.. U deprive many even that glimpse from them?? Is it ethically correct.. Plz think over your policies.. VIPs or non VIPS are not before THE LORD
MSN Murthy
Nov 6, 2015

Sr. Citizen darshan

Dear Sirs, The Sr. Citizen darshan que has been changed from the front area of Temple to other location ie. back to Supatham area. The entrance for the Sr.Citizen is very far distant for which the old aged persons are not able to walk to such que entrance. The battery vehicle operators are not helping and escaping for shifting them. The is our experience. Hence, the entrance for the old Sr.Citizens may be allowed near Supatham area only instead of asking them to go to far distant area i.e. back side area.
The extra laddu tokens are not being issued in Sr.Citizen darshan complex except coupon for 2 laddus only per person. Kindly arrange to issue extra laddu tokens at the same time while issuing normal 2 laddus token. Kindly do the needful.
Yours faithfully
MSN Murthy, G-5, Srinivasam, SLN Function hall land, Mallapur, Hyderabad 500 076
Mobile: 9492336094
Nov 5, 2015

Not a complaint but a suggestion

Dear Mr.Chairman,
Trust you are doing good as TTD chairman, it,11-Apr first new broke out that you would become the chariman, so now almost it is 7 months into this highly prestigious more importantly well respected job.
Recently I have traveled to Tirumala and had couple of darshans one through Sahasra Deepalankarana seva and another through my baby who is about to complete an year.
Tirumal oka pavitra kshestram kanuka andaru happy feel avvutaaru darshanam ayyaka. However, few suggestions if you really want to make a mark on your life sir. While climbing down, we realized how nice the roads have become, but the credit obviously will go to N.T Ramarao for initiating the improvement of these roads likewise if you can also initiate some changes I am sure generations will remember you forever unlike Mr. T Subbiramieddy, Kanumuri, these have come and gone without honestly any service to the society and neither to the temple.
Here I go with the suggestions.
1) First of all there is absolutely no helping hand for people to locate places where the respective seva's are done. If for telugu people like me it is a nightmare then I can imagine the fate for other people. Clear cut sign boards, people with multi-language speaking are absolutely mandatory.
2) NO process improvements are done at all in making the darshan a pleasant experience. It is always a terrible experience for normal people. Already in India there is MOB mentality so the only way is barricades and forced discipline. Now some barricades in the garbha griha are put but not completed the chain not sure whether it is due to Aagama Sastram or lack of will. In the airports moving escalators will be there, that can be thought through is a suggestion.
3) For senior citizen's the distance to walk has increased by toooo much distance, not sure whose great idea it is. They are 65+ and need to be respected. So improve the conditions pls.
4) From Vengamamba side to Supadam not sure who has constructed those barricades they are absolutely rubbish and need to be demolished rightaway.
5) Most of the piligrims dont wear chappal and walk barefoot. Now these great roads in Tirumala give an UNWANTED Acupuncture treatment, we seriously dont want this treatment. You have hell lot of money so pls use it for the benefit of people
6) Story of laddu is varahaswamy likes it and it should be in the shape of BHOOMI, earth i.e. ROUND shape, now it has taken VADA shape god knows whose design it is, can it be worked on pls.
At the end of the day devotees travelling should feel like they have really visited the abode of vishnumurthy vaikuntam and not some average place.
One thing either you can read and throw this out or act and be forever in the hearts of people.

T deenadayalan
Nov 4, 2015

Rude behavior, corruption

We visited tirumala on 3/11/15 for saravadarshan 11am at 4 pm all 3 gates opaned at a time due to pilgrims wewe suffered lot of difficult , they were standing more than 30 minutes, the hot milk was diverted to some other place, v shame incident we were seen at the a/c store place of Garlands ,2 Nadaswaram plyers with Nadaswaram were BEGGING with pilgrims , lack of Route Sign boards in English, or Tamil. Inside security guard behavior with a women Volunteer really feel sorry ( who pluked her ID card,teared & PUSHED her)
Sandip Patil2500
Oct 16, 2015

Refund payment

Dear Sir,

I am very disappointed from your service. This is inform you that i am following from last 45 days in your refund service also i draft you more than 19 mail.He told us please provide payment debited proof after that i am sending transaction receipt. Now i am contact with 0877- 2264489 but nobody receive my call.So please let me know what i can do because nobody is responding for my mail & my phone calls.
I need this payment in Urgent basis,
Please do the needful.i already send mail to your senior level also but still i am not getting any response please do something.

Thanks & Regards,
Sandip Patil
Oct 13, 2015

Online E-Seva booking

There are several problems with online E-seva booking, which has become hassle to everyone. As mentioned by many in this forum, site will stop functioning from 11:00 AM onwards. If TTD server is not capable of handling it, they should fix the issue. If TTD officials don't want to do so, it is better if they accept it gracefully (?). Why is it so difficult for such a famous board to cater to such small requirements?

these are the problems I see every time I try to book a ticket: 1) Page will not load 2) Page will not show Captcha (without which I cant login). 3) Wrong password entered (even if I enter correct password) 4) Once logged in, and click on e-seva, it will take forever to load the page and sometimes it just gets logged out or it will not give any response at all. 5) Availability pop up doesn't load 6) It will ask to enter all the personal details again (which we already entered during registration) including photo upload. 7) If one is lucky enough to get through all these points and able to reach till payment details, after entering card details, it does not take you to payment gateway (!!!), it will continue loading till one fall asleep.

TTD officials tend to say it is internet speed problem. No it is not. These days almost everyone uses good bandwidth internet. and it works perfectly fine everywhere else.

Is it not possible to -
1) have a proper website design for such important task
2) To save all the details (including photo) and reduce the turn around time at the time of booking?
3) have same list of identity cards across the site? (Why PAN card is allowed identity card at one place and not in the list in another place? )
4) have one single id as unique identifier that is registered id which will stop the same user accessing with different ids? Why mail id is a unique identifier? One person can create any number of mail ids.
5) restrict the login itself (at the time of seva booking on first Friday) if the user had booked the ticket in say past 6 months?
6) have ticket allocation more frequently (once in a week or so) to reduce the load? If login itself is restricted based on past booking history and if its more frequent quote, it should reduce the burden on system.

If TTD officials really want to serve the public than VIPs, I am sure it is not difficult for them to solve the problem.
Oct 3, 2015


The TTD has started releasing the online quota on the first Friday of the month but without upgrading their sever. It is not only a Herculean task to enter into this user unfriendly site but very difficult to transact either, at the busy hour. It rejects the password several times despite carefully entering the meaningless combination of upper and lower cases and numbers. People normally would want to book a seva or accommodation but the site open in the Special Darshan (Rs. 300 darshan) site which is irrelevant. Once done, this does not carry into the eseva page despite several attempts. If one succeeds in the entering the eseva page it asks for age, state and photo etc which are not required as these details are already with the TTD. I have entered the details of myself and my wife several times but it never moved further to the payment; the site hangs and that is the end of it. Overall it appears that the website is cleverly designed to delay so that no one succeeds in booking for the arthitha sevas performed in front of the Moola Murthi. TTD should forthwith remove the requirement entering the security code and once the person succeeds in registering for an arjitha seva, he should be quickly enabled to make the payment. I hope some one at the TTD will act.
Yours sincerely
Oct 2, 2015

Pathetic E Seva Booking

Again a big mesh....As like last month , this month also no body can book tickets for particular seva's.. Really amazing...Even 10 of my friends from different locations ( USA & UK also )could not able to open the website to book a single ticket with having high net speed ( Max 75 Mpbs ).
But after 2 hrs , website was in the position to book unimportant seva's ( Impartant seva's showing Zero ). How it is possible...TTD is openly cheating in the name of God....If they are open, Let them release the names of pilgrims booked the tickets for Thomala....Arachana....
It is more convenient to book the tickets on daily basis rather on monthly basis....
Sep 28, 2015

Eticket not received

I have booked special darshanam ticket amount debit from account neither ticket generated or received in email... Please send ticket details or refund my money 1800/-


Sep 27, 2015

Rude Behaviour of TTD staff

Dear Sir,

Me and my wife visited Tirumala on 26th September 2015 for my infant baby tonsure ceremony. We were told by friends that TTD allows separate line for parents with infant babies.
This is to bring to your notice the rude behavior of TTD staff (Superintendent) who was monitoring infant babies queue line. We later understood that he had a doubt about the baby's age. He did not stop us and tried to enquire with us about his age. He did not ask us to show the Birth Certificate. Without giving us any notice or idea of what was happening, he started squeezing the cheeks of my baby. The baby was very uncomfortable with this behavior. My baby is 11 months old and has one teeth on his lower Jaw. When I enquired him about what he was doing, he was rash in saying that he was checking the teeth of the baby. I told him that he should have asked us, so that my wife or myself would have opened his mouth to show (if that was the rule). He turned very rude and started saying that he has every right to check the baby and the parents should not interfere. I told him that he has right to questions and ask for a Birth Certificate if required. But does not have right to touch the baby (or rather squeeze his cheeks) without letting us know. He started shouting at us saying that we do not have any right to question them and should have brought Birth Certificate instead of questioning him.

I replied him that he has right to send us back to get the certificate if that is the rule. I had a scanned copy in my email and I would have brought that. Other staff members joined him and started arguing with us. They said they would like to check the baby again. This happened only because, I was not pleased with their behavior. I show them his mouth and said, I would show any number of times, but your handling of baby was wrong. My baby has health problems, we take a lot of care.

We were so upset with the incident. Finally they let us go but never stopped yelling at us.

I am surprised if TTD has a rule which allows the staff to squeeze babies to check for teeth. I know babies who get teeth in their 7th month, some get them in their 9th month. I am not sure if the behavior would be supported by the TTD higher officials. If these things continue, we would loose faith in the holy place. Please let people know in advance about bringing Birth Certificate. That way they do not have to face the ordeal we faced.

Thank You
Rama Krishna
Rockstar RaKesh
Sep 27, 2015


hello sir,

hi i am trying to book tickets for kalyanotsavam on october but on some specific days that seva got blue color i.e quota was not

released when will that specific quota get released...

plzzz help me regarding this information.
Sep 26, 2015

eseva booking

i am trying to book thomala archana suprabhat seva from last 1 year but at the time 9.00.10 i cant see avabale 1 ticket what can i do

pls guide me and publish the list of thomala archana booking name no and booking time and pls realise the kota on daily basis like 56 day or

60 dyas
Sep 25, 2015

Let us Know Exact time to release eSava Quota

i am not able to book eseva & eaccomodation through TTDsevaonline boooking portal. Please let me know at what time the Quota get released.

Thanks & regards,
Chandra Mohan G
Sep 24, 2015

TTD Online Booking

LORD Balaji. Please punish these people who are becoming rich and looting public on your name.
Non Functional web site
No clear instructions on when the accommodation is released.
Some places it is 60 days in advance. In some places it is 56 days.
Sep 24, 2015

Not able to book ticket even 56 days

As per the guidelines of TTD online booking for Kalyanotsavam willbe opened 56 days before. But, to day i.e on 24th Sept 2015 I cannot find any of the available tickets for any seva. IN check availability, i noticed quota not released or full.

Please advise what is the correct days for advance booking? rajyasodha@gmail.com

Sep 22, 2015


Dear Sir,

I have lost my mobile phone on 20.09.15 at Tirumala and immediately I have given complaint at Crime Station, Tirumala
with Mr.Swami, Sub-Inspetor (Mobile No.7396872309). He has also confirmed that he will give information immediately
after getting my mobile. I have already given my mobile details including IMEI number.

Mobile No.9442133788-BSNL & 9087053868-IDEA (IMEI No.352238062463781)
Address : 189-A Jayaprakash Nagar, Ganapathy, Coimbatore - 641 006.
Other Contact Numbers : K.Mandrachalam - 9443445002 & M.Karthick Babu - 7598293788

Anyhow I have collected duplicate BSNL Sim for the same No.9442133788 on 22.09.15.
So, please contact the same number for further details.

I request you to kindly look into this matter and do the needful immediately to search my mobile.

Sep 21, 2015

Unable to book even before 56 days

As per the guidelines of TTD online booking for Sevas/darshan have to be opened 56 days before. But, to day i.e on 21th Sept 2015 I find that Kalyanotsavam/darshan tickets are issued up to 16th Nov. 2015 and not allowing to book, showing zero availability. Please advise what is the correct days for advance booking? I think currently online booking restricted by TTD. Kindly guide when to book tickets murtyits@gmail.com.
Sep 19, 2015

Kalyanotsavam tickets

As per the guidelines of TTD online booking for Kalyanotsavam willbe opened 56 days before. But, to day i.e on 20th Sept 2015 I find that Kalyanotsavam tickets are issued up to 15th Nov. 2015 i.e 58 days in advance( Red mark is found in 'check availability column). Please advise what is the correct days for advance booking? r.v.ramani. rvr242@gmail.com
Sep 14, 2015

Fine for over speeding in ghat road

I went to triupathy by car. My car was driven to tirumala by my friend before 2 months. Friend over speeded while return. He was not fined at the time of return. But when I went after 2 months they stopped my car and said that it was blocked. to release it they demand 300 rupees. We argued why the fine was not raised immediately. officials didn't respond properly. They just demand 300 to release the car. Once we paid 300 they release the block but they didn't give receipt for 300. We demand the receipt but they said all money goes to Elumalaiyan. Fine is not specified any whereelse. These ridiculous officials are just sucking the money from all by the name of god. None of the place fine amount is not specified. but these stupids are collecting money.
Sep 10, 2015


Last Week I Booked ticket For special darshan Rs.300.

Twice amount was debited from my account but i dint received the ticket.

Worst Service.

I thought within 3 to 4 Days. Amount will get refunded But till now not.

Without providing the ticket. I Dont understand How they are taking the amount alone.

Kindly refund my Amount.

Anyone tell me. Whats the procedure to reach out this peoples.
Sep 8, 2015

Rs300 Darshan Tickets

Hello Sir/Madam,

I booked 3 tickets for Darshan Rs300 each for Saturday's Sept 12, 2015 slot between 1pm to 2pm on the website https://www.ttdsevaonline.com/eSpecialentrydarshan/SpecialDarshanHome.aspx but did not receive any confirmation email from your end.

Please check & let me know the status of the same.

Name: Prasoon
Ph: 8867210381

Sanjeevi Jagadish
Sep 8, 2015


Maintain the site properly how can you fool the people taking their money and not issuing the receipts/confirmation of their bookings. By reading all the above complaints i don't feel safe to book my accommodation and darshan tickets and accommodation's are always full their must be some hacking going on or poor maintenance check out. Only 300/- darshan tickets are getting booked without any complaints where as for seva and accommodations booking their is always a problem either with unavailability or no receipt/confirmation after booking

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