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Consumer complaints and reviews about TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAMS

Neelima Daka
Dec 21, 2014

About seva

Respected sir/ mam
I m Neelima from vizag, i m completed PhD (Biochemistry). I want to do seva to Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam for peacefulness. How to approach u r members. Please inform me.
With Regards,
Jiya Malani
Dec 17, 2014



I have book the online ticket for dated 24.12.2014 by using online option.While booking the online ticket form there was one option asking for Id proof Number,I have provided my passport number,but by mistake i have punched one wrong word in id proff number,and ticket is booked,can any one help me to let me know what to do in this case.

Dhivya Pandurengan
Dec 4, 2014

confirmation on the ticket not available

I have booked 6 (300rupees) tickets to visit tirumala on tuesday (09-12-14) in online yesterday 3.00 p.m. the amount (1800) has been debited in my account but still i didnt get any confirmation regarding it please give suggestion to get ticket confirmation or money back.
Ramkumar T T
Dec 3, 2014

confirmation on the ticket not available

sir I have booked 4 (300rupees) tickets to visit tirumal on friday (05-12-14) in online yesterday 8.00 p.m. the amount (1200) has been debited in my account but still i dint get any confirmation regarding it please see to it my name is RAMKUMAR T T
Dec 1, 2014

The most inhuman treatment-Lord has left Tirumala

To start off with...as everyone has mentioned, there is no spiritual sanctity any more at Tirumala!
Its just a business, people are ill-treated without caring for their age or situation, in-short there is no humanity there any more.

Understandable, that the crowd is huge, but this is the very crowd which provides the necessary funds and visibility which makes Tirupati what it is now, without the devotees or spiritual sanctity its just another business establishment.

I had booked a Kalyana utsavom Seva for Nov'30-2014 and my parents couldn't accompany me for the booking in Bangalore as they were out of country and from the internet I found out that parents can buy on the spot tickets for 150/- and accompany you, trusting that I took them along and experienced one of the worst behaviour ever from a police man at the ticket checking counter....who I don't even consider was worthy enough to be compared to a dog...it will be insulting the dog, because even that animal didn't bark like he did...he absolutely abused them for staying around and trying to find ways to accompany us...it was a very sad moment and it affected us so much that I didn't even pay my respects to the lord...I felt he is sitting mute to all these atrocities.

There is no clear direction or system in place which helps the pilgrims to reach their respective que's or entries.
And non Telugu speaking people are in trouble because none can speak any other language nor have the patience to direct every lost pilgrim around.
I guess, the temple authorities have taken it for granted that, yes, pilgrims will somehow manage and money will flow...that somehow manage mentality which has kept our country as a developing nation for eternity prevails even here for long and I am not sure what the concerned so called IAS officers or "highly educated' officers do as part of improving or setting up a proper system.

No miracle is needed...JUST DO THE BASICS RIGHT...PERIOD...JUST DO THE BASICS RIGHT---ANALYSE...IMPROVISE...STABILIZE, over a period of time, the system will be set and will take care of itself with little maintenance, right now it rots!

And from what I have seen all these years, I have no hopes that it will ever be done, but nevertheless feel like sharing my views as it might tickle somebody somewhere to at-least think...forget taking action...at-least think.

The guys everywhere are abusive...arrogant...behind money...nonchalant...lack basic humanity...most striking fact...THEY LACK BASIC HUMANITY WHICH DIFFERENTIATES HUMANS FROM ANIMALS...ALL OF THEM...NO EXCEPTIONS...there is no spirituality or even if you have it...you will lose it there!

I had the worst experience in terms of finding and taking a pre-booked so called TTD cottage, which was not a cottage at-all in any sense and one arrogant inhuman so called TTD officer who made my aged dad stand in the que, refused to give him a pen while he was happily chatting on the phone and without even looking at my pre-booked receipt asked me 7500/- for a cottage...I cant find apt words for the system or the people who run it...ITS ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

It goes on and on and on and on...from the lowest rung TTD official to the highest want money...money and more money for anything and everything ...everyone puts out his hand and asks for money for anything and everything.

All the sevas are booked for 20 years in advance by VIP's...VVIP's and the innumerable agents and quacks who run the show...common man will have to go thru like goats and sheep...its a very sad sight the way old and sick people who cant even walk being jostled and rushed inside the main area...ITS SCARY!!

One interesting fact I noticed was that the crowd as compared to my visits from childhood is going down day-by-day and a day will surely come at this rate when civilized people will dread going to Tirumala.

Finally, I don't think so the Lord dwells at Tirumala...maybe he did 100 years back...he must have gone back to Vaikunta long back...sick of the dirty humans and their never ending greed and actions and words...definitely he wouldn't dwell in the midst of such filth.
Maybe, even he feels that its a no hope situation which will eventually breakdown or destroy itself due to its greed and self undoing---a predominant trait in humans...especially the greedy ones.

Lord Shiva showed that at Kedarnath...humans had spoilt the sanctity of that divine abode...they used it to fuel their greed and like a virus inhabited or rather infested the pristine surroundings with their filth...what did the Lord do? He cleaned it up in one swift deluge...even he was sick of the humans and their greed...in the line of fire many innocent's lost their lives...that's the price one has to pay for being another so called HUMAN!
But the temple stood, still the humans will never change...they will continue to infest and infect...its a cycle.

Lord Shiva is a furious lord...he is a destroyer and he just did that...he destroyed!

But Lord Narayana is a resurrector...he does not get furious,he is tolerant...he is kind...but for how long?

Will humans ever change? NOPE...they wont...Kaliyuga is over due and what started has to end...going by what I saw at his abode at Tirupati...there is no fear of god or righteousness...or morality...in anyone...all that rules there is MONEY...GREED...ARROGANCE!

Its a very sad state of affairs at Tirumala...kind of an eye opener of the pathetic state our human race is in, its an irony that I had to realise that at such a divine place...its a business centre...no more a temple!

God is in us...in every human...hope the concerned humans realise that and respect that!

Sorry Lord...I ask your forgiveness if I have in anyway offended your abode which is infested with virus...I hope you cleanse it soon and come back to Tirumala and shower your grace on the future race...BECAUSE 100% sure you were not there...100% sure you cannot be there in such a environment...

I hope this helps, I am reachable at the following number!

Abasaheb G.Deshmukh
Nov 29, 2014

Tirumala Tirupati devasthanam

Today date -29/11/2014
we shemed on behavier of Tirumala temple addministration for torcharig thousands of pilgreems without any reson of stoping of darshan lane
kitty krish
Nov 4, 2014

online service gambling

why am i not able to book tickets in online portal from 1st november onwards.
and the site is not woking properly even i am using the best speed internet....and d site is opening early too.
what is dis???
and u are blaming public..please provide proper service or else quit TTD online service.
and increase the number of tickets for sevas by deallocating to VIP's..avoid VIP darshans tickets for sevas.
VIP's also the people same as us.
why u are providing the best service to them.
"""is money and political power influencing TTD????"""
tell them to book tickets as normal people.
dont do politrics in tirumala....
kitty krish
Nov 4, 2014

about ttd online service

why am i not able to book the online tickets from november 1st onwards as u changed the timings from 12.15AM to 9 AM.what is happening in ttd online service.the tickets are not displaying after 9 AM.and the site is opening early 1 or 2 minutes before 9 AM.its just like gambling and blaming public.if it is so why u are providing this type of service.please provide necessary service to public or else quit this online service.what is this???just a stupid thing.
Oct 27, 2014

Booking of ESEVA is fully trash

To the waste staff of TTD
Here it's all trash you are blocking the seva tickets as we login at 12:15 pm exactly also we never get a single ticket i m trying it from so many days till now i m not getting and in tirupathi all things are done with money only if you want to be done any darshan or getting of laddu if you pay extra you will get it so simple. waste management
Oct 9, 2014

Missing item in a bag deposited

I have booked darshan ticket Rs.300/- through online for 5th Oct. I have deposited my bag and cellphone near TBC-!29 counter on 5th Oct at 11.30a.m. and collected the bag and cellphone at counter no.8 at common collection counter.I have kept prasadam like sugar candy,cashew,dry grapes and almond in a plastic cover for offering in the evening when the swami comes in procession via Mada street.But the cover was missing and I could not offer the prasadam. The receipt no. is 492016 dated 5th Oct. issued by Vaikuntham Q complex !&2
I request you to look into this matter and take appropriate action. An early reply in this matter will be appreciated.
mob: 0988 444 9570
Oct 2, 2014

wonderful temple with rubbish rules!!!!

I am bhavya sivanesan I wished tirupati with my mom n dad on 28.09.14 and this was our first wish to tirupathi. From yhe starting everything was wrong.we booked our dharshan ticket online so we were search the tb129 for more than one hour.even that is ok coz some people near helped us by directing us there.finally we got the Q and during checking the lady guards removed the flower from me n my mom.if ao y u allowing flower sellers around ur temple.next one a guy stamped our e ticket ( he stamped on one and left the other ) that was his mistake as being first time visitor we didnt know anything so we moved on with the Q.we had dharshan at 3pm and came ,so we moved directly to get our prasadham.when we reached there and came to know thaat the other copy ahould also be stamped. We explained him all that it has d date n time.he told that this could be even a xerox copy .we got shocked. You treat people like shit , no human respect n belief.I lost my first time prasadham with hurted my parents a lot.if u people are humans send my prasadham to us.I lost my 6 laddu.horrible rules like getting token for extra laddu some where n prasadham somewhere.worst rules.so I felt bad on first visit n decided not to return there .

Remember god is looking at all these.

Bhavya sivanesan
1/26 ampalakaran patti,
Valar nagar main road,
Sep 18, 2014

online seva booking for TTD

I have been trying to book a suprabatam/nijapada darshan ticket online ever since the 60days advance booking was brought into effect.On all days at 00.15.15 hours itself it is showing 0 for all sevas except Kalyanotsavam and Vasanthostavam .Obviously TTD staff(computers) are loging in from a white listed URL before 00.15 hrs and cornering these tickets well before public are allowed to login.The IAS logs of activity of the ttdsevaonline web site needs to be audited by independent body to dispel the doubts.
Sep 13, 2014

delay in darshan

we have been regular walk on foot up the hills for the past 45 yrs and i am 63 yrs of age. ur services to walking pilgrims improved a lot ove er the years. but now they are treated like ordinary devotee. austerity should be respected. it is not easy to go on foot. so u have to reintroduce quick darshan for waking devotees. i was forced to wait with pain for 1 hr in the queue and made wait in the cell for 5 hrs. this is very painful. pls encourage people who are walking by foot. this is good for the temple and purification
Venkata Ramana Reddy
Sep 7, 2014

ttdsevaonline are not relesing the seva tickets properly

Hi Sir,

My name is venkat from tirupathi,i am trying to book suprabatham seva ticket from past 3 month through online..But guys are not at all releasing the tickets through online.I took yesterday screen shot at exactly 12:15AM,i can able to see all kalyanosthavam and vasanthosavam all alloted seats,except suprabhatham seva.Please take action on it and save fraud on online website.I know you will take action on it.

Below file take at 12:15 AM and even TTD will release the tickets at 12:15 every day.

ttdsevaonline are not relesing the seva tickets properly

K P Ranga Rao
Sep 7, 2014

TTD boking computer not working still one month

Dear Sir, My and My Friend's family are planing to darshan tirupati on 3rd Nov 2014, in this connection we have already book the train ticket and last Friday we were go to TTD kalyana Mandapam at Bhubaneswar and we are surprised to know that from last one month the system is not working thair,Please advice us how we book the darhan and accommodation their at Tirupati.

K P Ranga Rao
E Mail-kavvali.ranga@gmail.com
Sep 4, 2014


Respected Sirs,
Namaskarams to all of you first by me.

I kindly with inform you that, the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams granted Veda Pandit Posts to several Government Temples in several Villages. But some of few lines came to my notice that, The Vedapandits not regularly attended to their duties and gone to ourt side Smartham duties without giving their Vedam Voice in the concerned Temples. But the TTD paid their Salaries in every month. So, the TTD is loss of huge amounts in the same.

I further submit that, the TTD must receive the Every Vedapandit Salary Statement through concerned Temple Executive Officer counter signed and then only send to TTD for releasing the Salary to them. Otherwise the said irregular duties continued by them. So, immediately passed a suitable order in the same and follow the correct procedure in the said issue.

I further submit that, The Veda Parayanams timings not known to local Villagers, who comes to the concerned Temple regularly. So, immediately take necessary steps and passed an order to all concerned Temples that, VEDAPARAYANAMS TIMINGS BOARD mustly affixed in the concerned Temple Mandapams OR write on the Temple Wall with how many times they will attend in a day.

I further submit that, if the Vedapandit went on leave, who is the granting authority of their leaves and how many leaves they availed in a Month or Year. in the said matter MUSTLY MAINTAIN ATTENDENCE Registser in the said issue.


So, this is my kind request to your all,
sasikumarprabhu V.R.
Aug 27, 2014

complaint regarding the failure in Security Arrangements in the Q-line of Darshan for pedestrian and sarvadarshan

Sasikumar prabhu V.R
9/1244,ganesh pai road
The Administrative Officer
Sub: complaint regarding the failure in Security Arrangements in the Q-line of Darshan in Pedestrian and Sarvadarshan.
Don’t know where to start and how to start the note: After two years I along with a twenty members of family visited Thirumala for Darshan of Sree Balaji in a schedule of programme for three days on 15.Aug.14, some by Pedestrian way get punched at Biometric system at 2.45pm and others by Sarvadarshan.
It was a “Worst” experience in our life and very disappointing to say that when we stayed in “Q” line of pedestrian which was started near Narayanagiri guest house at 7.30 am nextday in the midst of heavy rain there was a strong pushup created by some croud which looks local people who visit every week and some are shouting very rude words in Telugu to other state peoples and clashes, attacks at them by hands also. But none from the security dept. involved to control the Q-line who sat on their chairs itself and heard from them saying that the crowd is too much to control. “Let me know at which instinct the service of security is needed,Is it at uncrowded time or at the visit of VIP’s only. I with my child of three and half yrs stayed in line at about ten hours without having the food and there is no resting place in Q line anywhere upto VQC. But food serving is going on at every corners but is hacked by some muscle powered guys,I thought as if i was in a refugee camp. Due to unhealthy conditions ie.without rest and normal food my kid got dehydration effect and fell unconscious and also dysentery.Again I am disappointed,when I searched the emergency exit door which was at some distance and locked and found neither security nor the free service people there. By god’s grace however I managed to come out over the angler opening at the top of the Q-line shed.My colleagues reported the issue orally to the security officer at the aid post. IT WAS VERY PITTY AND BAD APPROACH from the superior of security even denied to register a written complaint from us.(reminds to refer TTD news of cvso- Apr 28/14) My child(lakshmisree) has been referred to Aswini hospital in the casuality for which I mentioned above and if required, can verify the hospital record register for details.
We common man category visit the temple either once in Twice/thrice year with a schedule of three to four days by reserving Train and accommodation for a short periods everywhere, when compared to the local peoples who visit every week or fortnight and make obscenes for the food provided in Q line and Darshan. You were following a good system of providing darshan to everybody even if it takes more than a day, but now it is a totally failed system. Along with me so many people from different part of the country (Karnataka, Maharashtra,other states) skipped the Darshan very sadly and left hill in a hurry to vacate the accommodation and catch train back to home.They are not able to offer The Kanikyas in the inner hundi which they offer daily in house by prayers.
Remembering these flash backs, It looks the temple is now a Commercial place or a business center and Darshan for VIP’s only with healthy condition.The insalient features at Thirumala for common man is that 1. For Darshan Pay money (50,300 etc.) or by sevas which have to be booked in advance.2.Free and fast Darshan only for Rich people via VIP tickets (money power) 3.The non VIP’s use muscle power visits regularly through Pedestrian or sarvadarshan have no restriction to visit temple.TTD monitors every days devotees count who makes darshan (eg.1 lakh per day in your web) but not looked at repeatetors or outsiders and also not aware of those darshan skipped people.Recently you have launched e-booking for seegradarshan,but what is the periodicity for darshan for anytype of booking or pedestrians.
Now a days I made an oral survey from my native place the state of Kerala (unable to speak Telugu) that I got the result they are unhappy with the Darshan and seva facility provided apart from accommodation and free service compared to the previous periods. We have a relationship to the diety of hill at our native place which we pray and offer collectively having a strong thought that god of Thirumala is living in the place where we worship in the name of Venkatachalapathy. We too celebrate utsavs and poojas same as in thirumala.
It looks to remind you to read the notice board at the last gopuram entry for pedestrian which says about the T.T.D. is not a tourist place but a pilgrim center…………… But the routine life at the hill looks like only a business place ( pay money everywhere) like for tonsuring by means of Gurudakshina,if not paid will be harassed or not tonsured. For submitting keys at the vacation point of accommodation provided by TTD booked in advance by the devotees like that I can’t mention every instant.
Also TTD has restricted the entry of Senior citizens and other people from long distance once in 3 months Darshan ( via sevas or booking in advance) but no restriction to locals entry who visit regularly.
From the above experience we came to a conclusion that the visit to Thirumala is very bad and going forward will loose blessing and presence of God there ( which I hope now lost partially) since it is kaliyug. TTD will be responsible for any misbehaviours with respect to human rights activities at the hill. do take necessary step and action by visiting the Q lines by spot visit for providing seegradarshan to pedestrians because so many outsiders are leaving the hill without Darshan who are not complaining anywhere/body or not interested, that they knew ,if given any written it will be put in waste basket. I hope this letter will too go to the waste basket without any action taken. GOD Bless the administration and everybody in the world.
Awaiting your reply at the earliest. Please provide seegradarshan (short duration) for the devotees from outerstate who visit once for darshan quickly rather than locking them in qline.specify time for darshan as previously you were following.limit no.of people with punching.
DT. 25.8.14
Sasikumar prabhu
Copy to : 1.cvso,thirumala
2.district collector, tirupati
3.human rights commission, A.P.
Mani Iyyappan
Aug 16, 2014

No human respect in thirumala

we are 25 members come and walk by steps to thirumala including 8 children but in inner temple near lord venkedeswara there was no human respect in single percentage temple official treated all people like goat and cow, please make a q in inner temple.
Rajkumar Melgiri
Jul 24, 2014

Please solw it is


I'm visiting to load venkateshwar temple on 21-04-2014 and I'm fst going to accommodation and they give me NGC room 521 B and who is take my ID proof and they talk with me unproparlly and next day I have to going take extra lLaddu who is given there computer operate he give all are coming in Q naa only one tukan and there come to security guard and take 7 to 8 tukan immidetaly and I ask him give me extra one sir but he told me get out and they security guard come outside give some one take 200.00 amount this is not fair naa sir please do something sir.

And service is very very very good. Like bus. Toilet. Cleanses. Etc super sir.

My no is 09916033778
Jul 23, 2014

salem office

sir i am venkatesh from salem,here the reservation office have not give the respects,give no explanations,manager give the partiality for our relations and friends.
i have apply for room but he told not vaconcy but i check online the rooms have available.then i told to manager,he ask me internet speed is very slow or computer problem.this is happened regularly so please get any actions sir......
Jul 8, 2014

Darshan to disabled people

With all due respect to your process of Darshan, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that, recently we witnessed the darshan being seeked by a woman who was disabled by both the legs, and was enforced to crawl on the floor to have the darshan of the Lord Venkatesha, it would be really nice to all the devotees of such kind to be allotted with a time slot and should have the wheel chair all the way till the end to seek the blessings of the God, hope you understand the problem.
Jul 3, 2014



i am in coimbatore resident. i want to TTD dharsan ticket on 24.07.14 . i go to TTD office for booking dharsan ticket for last 5 days regularly. the TTD staffs told booking not availble due to Preprint format not available .he don't know when the ticket in coming . pls make arrange the ticket print. they are many people coming daily in TTD office in various are . he is not answering response.pls avoid in future sir .

Jun 24, 2014

person missing

k.seethamma Age;60 Tadekonda guntur [D.t] we missing the TT devastanam sunday date;22-06-14 time 2;30pm so plz help me any one people. my contact numbers 8099905197 9703324868 plz..................help me
Jun 21, 2014

Not able to receipt after paying money online e-donation through registered TTD online Account

I made a donation online of RS. 50000 to BIRRD trust ( Managed by TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAMS ) on 18/06/2014 through my TTD online user ID is devi_elangho@yahoo.co.in. But I am able to get the receipt online which suppose to be generated immediately. And I am not able to find this in donation history also. I did not get any information regarding this to my registered email. I might have called may numbers of TTD without any proper reply. I really don’t known whether the money has gone to the right place. I have send the e-mail to PRO & JEO of TTD.

Kindly help me in getting the receipt to my e- mail

my e- mail :

Jun 21, 2014

Not able to receipt after paying money online e-donation through registered TTD online Account

I made a donation online of RS. 50000 to BIRRD trust ( Managed by TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAMS ) on 18/06/2014 through my TTD online user ID is devi_elangho@yahoo.co.in. But I am able to get the receipt online which suppose to be generated immediately. And I am not able to find this in donation history also. I did not get any information regarding this to my registered email. I might have called may numbers of TTD without any proper reply. I really don’t known whether the money has gone to the right place. I have send the e-mail to PRO & JEO of TTD.

Kindly help me in getting the receipt to my e- mail

my e- mail :

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