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Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about TNEB ( TAMILNADU ELECTRICITY BOARD)

adyar Ramakrishnan
Apr 20, 2014

Excess meter reading in digital meter

N.G.K.Murthy 2/16, second cross street, Karpagam gardens, Adyar, 21/04/2014 Chennai-600020

The Divisional Engineeer, TNEB, Chennai.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Excess units in new digital meter
On 06/03/2014 our meter was changed to digital meter .
Our average consumption is less than 500 units for two months ( in the last several years)
This month when the meter reading was taken we were shocked to note that the consumption is 1245 units for two months after the new meter was fixed.
I wonder how this happened and request you to check and make necessary corrections so that I can pay the bill in time. If the meter is faulty please change without any delay.
There are so many reading in the new meter and confusing.
I am also approaching the local Asst. Engineer and informing him.
Pleas take action immediately.

Apr 10, 2014

how to get two line connection in my home

we have one home but is divided by 2.one for rent, another for our use but rent people is ask separate conncetion .so how we got two line conncetion and the rule .and what are papers should we produced please help me.soon.
Apr 9, 2014

Disconnected Power Supply without giving any information at Panayur,Chennai

TNEB disconnected power supply in my home without giving any information at panayur Chennai..Its controlled by Injambakkam EB. I am paying Current bill regularly..But I could not able to find the reason why they cut the power supply... Apart from this they charged me double the amount..could not able to figure out why..
Apr 7, 2014

low voltage problem

sir ,
myself gowri shankar residing at mayapilliar koil street teachers colony kadherpet vaniyambadi, due to low voltage problem our area suffers for last two days (from sunday & today) kindly make proper arrangements immediately
haryy rock
Apr 5, 2014

drainage overlowing

AM residing in locality 244b pillayair koil street the drainage water overflowing and there staganated water overflown the unclean water mosquiotes are breeding no proper cleaning of grabbage and drainage water
so please see to that take neccesary steps to solve this problem

jm harish 606@gmail.com
haryy rock
Apr 5, 2014

electicity high voltage and low voltage

I AM HARRISH residing in 244 b pillayar koil street locality there is proper power supply last two months about this problem i have complained to a.e but no response from e.b department often there is high and low power supply in our locality due to this many electronic items are getting repaired
so please i request you to solve this problem as soon as possible

Mar 24, 2014

always abnormal request


my number of account is 62020021495 It is in the name of the proprietor We are the renters of this Flat. We are in this Flat only, for about one year.

Each time we want to pay the Bill collector is telling " you consommation must be more than that." Last time they changed even the meter After also he is always telling like this Last time I paid 810Rs/ for the month March 2014. We paid the amount but they did not note the consommation reading.

If they don't note the reading what they think to do for the next time. You know very well the next time if you read from january 2014 it will be more than 500' and so the amount will be noted as high consommation.

We consumed for 1st janu 2014 avec new meter 125 Now they must add for this 810 RS/ for about 310 reading it must be about 425 or 500

They must not reduce the sum But they must reduce the reading. We are two retired persons. We also have the notion of economy and so how you can expect high consommation

The meters are conserved in one locked room by the owner and we couldn't even open The meter is new type So i couldn't bear this type of comments. What is noted in the meter we are paying.

Mar 23, 2014

Excess billing on my Electricity bill

My Consumer number is 092140073239.
Most of the times I am getting excess billing and eb reading is getting recorded double than what I originally used.

This time consumed units is recorded as 900 units but I originally used only 550 units due to this I have to pay 2000rs more than the original bill amount.

Please take a action immediately as I am facing this issue continously even after I complained this to my EB office in Kannagi nagar.
Mar 3, 2014

Humble request to check huge penalty excess bill & inproper reading difference.

The chariman (superintending engineer)
Consumer Grievance Redressal forum chennai EDC/west
TANGEDCO (formerly TNEB) chennai-40

Ref : consumer no : 0944023414 & EB card no : 440:234:14

Respected sir,
28-04-2013 No Display-meter dead amt Rs 2520 (No proper shed HP not in use)
28-06-2013 No Display-meter dead amt Rs 36357 ( Repeatedly applied for petition for meter change for last one year its your fault to change the meter instead of EB dep charging heavy penalty & excess bill issue for us and forced to pay the bill because due date to removing FUSE (amt paid no valid reason given by EB dep).
Meter changed on 30-08-2013
31-08-2013 reading starts at10units but they charged 3082 units amt Rs20525 -HP NOT IN USE - paid because of due date no valid reason given its apart from our strength.
30-10-2013 reading 450 entry in card 640units for Rs5595 - actual reading should come10-450 only 440units that also paid no valid reason.
30-12-2013 reading 1040 difference 590units Rs8023 - please check how sir the amt went high last month for 640units Rs5595 now below 590units Rs8023 difference ac-cured amt went high no valid reason given by AE.
28-02-2014 reading 3270 difference is 2230units its unbelievable reading and they charged Rs25250.since in our sub-meter shows not more than 300units
Please do the need full sir, it repeatedly happens every time billing and your help to solve the problem how? can i pay this amt Rs25250 am receiving only Rs8000 as a rent. Then how can i run my family & my 2yrs child welfare requirement facing this kind of EB issues.
Respected Sir & Madam,
Am holding a property for last two years and am not aware of EB system in full detail, past one year i facing huge amount of penalty, excess bill and in-proper reading difference in my card, every time i use to meet AE regarding this issue with clear petition to put solution till now i didn't get any response form their side with valid reason for this issue and at the time of due date commences am forced to pay the EB bill what they mentioned because they will remove the FUSE, this happens repeatedly. This is for your kind notice to put an solution for this issue, since am getting rent only Rs8000 out of which i am paying the EB bill for this month Rs25250.
sir, my Humble request to check my EB card statement and please do the need full.

please do the need full
Thank you.
B.Dhanabakiyam w/o Maria Luvison.S
247/7 PKM Lane Ambattur - Athipet, chennai-58.
Feb 22, 2014

High amount of reading and bill amt for 40 days

The reason for this complaint is due to the sudden bill amtof Rs 7000.

For one and half a month they are asking to pay above 7000,
Our usual EB payment will be below than Rs.1500.We never get this units so far.
The estimated amount is Rs. 7000/- we can’t afford to pay the excess amt.
so please take immediate action and do the needful to us
Feb 12, 2014

commercial connection given for clinic in residential flat

Health line dental and physio clinic run by Dr.S.Sudhakar and his wife Dr.Harita Sudhakar at plot no 74 flat c4 venkatesh enclave venkatesh nagar extn 2 first cross street virugambakkam chennai 600092 in a residential flat without obtaining permission from corporation and health dept.. How did EB office at Natesa nagar in chinmayanagar chennai gave approval for commercial Eb connection for residential flat flouting laid down norms and procedure ? Request immediate steps to be taken for remedial action.
Feb 12, 2014

comeercial EB connection given for residential flat for running clinic

Health line dental and physio clinic run by Dr.S.Sudhakar and his wife Dr.Harita Sudhakar at plot no 74 flat c4 venkatesh enclave venkatesh nagar extn 2 first cross street virugambakkam chennai 600092 in a residential flat without obtaining permission from corporation and health dept.. How did EB office at Natesa nagar in chinmayanagar chennai gave approval for commercial Eb connection for residential flat flouting laid down norms and procedure ? Request immediate steps to be taken for remedial action.
Feb 10, 2014

Abnormal Reading

Sir.., Iam Arul jothi mary .. Address. 31/1, 19th cross st, v.s.puram, shenoy nagar, chennai.30.
connnection no. 167.056.380.... every two months we used to meter reading between 630 to 850.. but today (10.2.2014). it is shown around 3530 units...... we never get this units so far.. the estimated amount is Rs. 19,263/- .. kindly accept the compliant and solve the problem..
mobile no is. 9094052034...
Hariharasudhan Palaniappan
Jan 27, 2014

High Voltage

Consumer No: 09320012579, Meter Number : 13303508

at night hours we receive high voltage ie more than 260 volt.

kindly rectify the issues
Dec 30, 2013

Meter not working

Dear Sir,

We are residing in "New No 228/1, Old No 95/1, Ana Mayya Arcade, Easwarran Koil St, Madipakkam, Chennai-91". Our EB meter not working and several time registered complaint to EB, but still no response. I request to you solve the problem earliest and thank you so much for your immediate action.

EB No: 245-233-183.

Thanking you,
contact no.9841171664
John White
Dec 28, 2013

Severe damage to Overhead power line POLE



John White
Dec 26, 2013

stay wire damaged

Dear sir,
I am B.Punitha. I am residing at No.65, Main road, Opposite police station,Manalmedu,Mayiladuthurai Taluk, Nagappattinam Dt., 609202. The stay wire connected to my house is very damaged so that the condition that it get fell down and it affects the neighbour house. so i request you to take immediate remedy for that problem. My E.B connection number is 730.
mob no. 9442456613
yours faithfully,
Dec 21, 2013

Delay in Light post installation

I am seeing that no response for the people's complaint.Good.I know that same will be for me.I would like to say the problem which i face because of this corrupted nation.

First of all There is no electricity in my home. We paid amount for the line post installation.But till now there is no action or information about it. When we go and ask this to EB office.No response.Sometime they are asking us to pay some amount to officers.This is really ridiculous.Do we have to give the amount for letting them to do their duty?

It's been 7 months now since we paid for he light post.
Address: 5/241,valli nagar,manganallur(post),kuthalam(taluk),nagapattinam(dist).
Dec 18, 2013

EB means Excessive Bribe

Dear Sir,

Sorry to say like that, but that is the truth. I want to start a small scale industry near Thiruvallur. I going through terrible experience from them. Everytime i need to pay bribe, EE and AD keep on changing, every time for each person i've to pay. If you want proof, please acknowledge my mail.
Nishanthkumar V
Dec 18, 2013

Low voltage and power cut

Respected Sir,

I'm a resident of mettupalayam and i'm facing low voltage problems throughout the day. i can hardly switch on any appliance and due to low voltage we are unable to sleep. it causes severe problems . i kindly request u to have a look on this problem

SC-66 Jeevand puram
5/418 A, CTC(OPP), Mettupalayam-641301.
(near SMYL Hospital opposite)
Dec 17, 2013

street lamps not functioned in last one month

Respected sir,
I am kavisaran living from srirengarajapuram steet, sakkottai village. my street 5 street lamps only not functioned in last one month. so many times complaint with area linemant. but nobody actioned in this problem. The childrens, parents are affected with lot of problems. Please help with immediately solving the problems earliest. Thanking you.
Dec 14, 2013

street lamps not functioned last one month

Respected Sir ,

I am kavisaran. srirengarajapuram street sakkottai area steet lamps are not functioned with last one month. so many times complaint area lineman. but not actioned with this problems. so many problems affected with child, children, old people, animals, sometimes arrived in snake, thel, naduvakili, and poison insects. recently one accident in this area. so please request to solving this problems earliest and Properly woked in this area 6 stree lamps. Thanking you.
Dec 12, 2013

street post stay wire is lying on within our house premises

dear sir

over 50 years the street light post staywire put inside our plot area is giving difficult to us. over the years my grandfather and now mother is always complaining in nachiyar kovil eb office. No one was considered in this regard. when this post was installed my grand father and his family at ana nallore opposed and asked to put the stay wire installation in the street, the EB person put it inside our plot. Actually they have to put one extra post in the road middle and put the stay wire there itself so that front side post will be free of stay wire. This post is actually at end T- ROAD.

since my grandfather nomore, and my mother is also aged and that stay wire is still inside our house premises giving trouble please remove the stay wire from there and take remedial.

BABURAJ 9600843174
Dec 7, 2013

street post damaging condition

Dear sir,
I am G.Rangabaashyam living in Kumbakonam, kamaraj nagar, 7Th street, 1st cross, one of the street light concrete post in my street very damaged condition, most of the children play every day near the post, It will be ready to fall at any time, so, I kindly request you to provide new post and save children and public, Thank u very much sir. my mobile number 9443125465
Dec 6, 2013

Meter fault

Respected sir,we are residing in D-4,Rose Block,R.C.Metha Green Park.No.1 Milk Colony Road,Madhavaram Chennai-51.Our usual E.B.Bill payment is below 1,500/-only,but this month we got a amt of Rs.3335/- we complaint to the E.B people they came and said that our meter is running fast,but they are not taking any action to replace the meter and asking to pay us the excess Amt.and saying that wont be adjusted/refundable , we cant afford to pay the excess amt.so please take immediate action and do the needful to us.
Thanking you,
contact no.7871138345


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