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TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India)


Consumer complaints and reviews about TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India)

abhijeet tak
Apr 19, 2014

donggal not reactivated from store

i am using tata dongle having no 9226444963. this device service has deactivate from last 3-4 month. this is prepaid device. now i want to reactivate this device. i go to the tata store but they say they don't activate this no. this product was stop by company. i just ask about that device what i do about this device???? they have no answer. i want my money back ? they said we cant..

please tell me what i do ????

reply me on - 9028747449 or abhijit.t92@gmail.com
Apr 19, 2014

Complaint Regarding Royal Developer Dehradun

As per TRAI regulation if we receive any type of marketing call from mobile that number services and other numbers on the same name is barred and their is a penalty against that. I am receiving a marketing call from Royal Developer Dehradun from their number 921951005. I want to take action against them.
sabina yasmin
Apr 17, 2014

out going call stop without any notify of the number 9775333444

Respected sir
withdue respect I sabina yasmin the post paid customar of vodafone and my cell number 9775333444 without any notify vodafone stop out going call stop.nobody infomed me what for out going call stop and till now vodafone not responce .why they stop out going call
I send mail vodafone care but responce,I informed vodafonecustomarcare but they unable to provide information
also I visit vodafove store and I request actualy what happen please re active but they do not know ?
Now what I do please sir give one guide line?
thank you sir
sabina yasmin
chanchal sharma
Apr 17, 2014


Cheque no Amount cell number
074642 1034 9350334640
074644 1480 9312589702
074643 1226 011-32531174
These cheque clear on 02.08.13

Cheque no Amount cell number
074577 1034 9350334640
074578 1480 9312589702
074579 1226 011-32531174

These cheque clear on 13.08.13 but these amount are not credit of these numbers
These cheque deposit sector 22, Gurgaon Haryana.
Apr 16, 2014

Balance Deduction

Hello sir/madam,
My mob. no is 9924177004
This is regarding my complained of balance deduction for VAS service amounted to rs 280/- in the month of January , I have raised the complained first on 28th jan'14 vide complained no. 1436762273. This complained.

After few days when I inquired about the same I found that there is no such complained recorded. So I again lodged the complained on 24th March'14 vide Complained no. 1471629898 as on the same day again money has been deducted from my account amounted to Rs.280.He assured me that your excess bill amount will be reversed in few days.then again I lodged the complained on 05 April'2014 vide complained no. 1479577140 / 1479593058 I have talked with the senior supervisor but he didn't ready to short out things on urgent basis.

But i try to contact him via Call again , but i did not get any response from him.

kindly i request you to sort out this problem.

Apr 14, 2014

regarding false commitment of vodafone

Sir when i was porting my no then vodafone called me and offer me another plan of Rs. 499, where they have offered me 1000 (L+N minuts) and additional 1000 national minuts. and other benefit but still this plan has not been activated as they told me that it will be activated within 48-72 Hr. they have committed me on 5th April 2014. My service request number is 622450878.
Apr 12, 2014

Issue in Internet Service.

We Zuberi Engineering Company Kanota Jaipur, using internet connection of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. C-Scheme, Jaipur. The Internet Services of Reliance was availed from dt. 25-Dec-2013 to till present day and having interrupted internet services so many times. This time we are not getting any service from last 5 days i.e. 04-04-2014 till today.
We complained on the above subjected matter so many times on Reliance customer care and also to the representatives of Reliance Company but the problems still persist. Following is the list of representatives provided to us from Reliance whom we complained about the matter:
1. Mr. Rajat – Head of Rajasthan, Reliance (9314088880)
2. Mr. Mukesh Chaplot – Technical Head of Rajasthan, Reliance (8302588880)
3. Mr. Pankaj Parashar – Marketing Manager of Rajasthan, Reliance (9529044333)
4. Mr. Praveen Gupta – Sales Manager of Rajasthan, Reliance (9649316000)
The complaint nos. corresponding to every request at customer care is as follows:
1. 20018392
2. 20093406
3. 218800256
4. 218902683
5. 218914974
6. 218800258
7. 21891974
8. 218949693…………………………………………………………….

The above complaint nos. were provided us every time we complained on the subjected matter without clearing the previous complaint number. We also asked for the concerned person or senior or responsible person’s contact details but that was also not provided.
Our Company’s work is totally dependent on internet so there is a huge loss of work and also so many employees are sitting idle, all that loss is being bear by our company.
We request you again to resolve the issue within a day or disconnect our services and return the entire amount which we had paid for Reliance internet services so that we can avail internet services from some other internet service provider.
We expect we will be provided better services from Reliance.

Thanking You,
For Zuberi Engineering Company
Jagdish Prasad
jogendra kumar
Apr 11, 2014

Regarding port of no from Idea to Airtel.

A request was made to port from Idea to airtel on date 27 march 2014. UPC code provided & last date was 11.04.2014. A sim card also provided by Airtel. But now after 16 days my no are not activated. Kindly look into the matter.

My idea no - 8741808685

Jogendra kunawat
Apr 10, 2014

VAS USSD charges deducted twice or three times every month

Dear Sir

I Subhayu Malick having connection of Reliance GSM (Smart). NO. - 9883099997

I receive a sms twice or three times in a month i.e. ''Amount charged for VAS USSD Services Rs:3.00.'' and the amount is deducted from my balance.

I contacted the Customer Care Service many times but they say there is no VAS activated in my number.

I have done all the procedures to deactivate this. But it continues.

May be the amount is too less but why?

Please short out this and advise me to do what.

Thanks & Regards!

Subhayu Mallick
Apr 9, 2014

mobile number portability

I want to Port my BSNL no. In to Airtel but when we go to the process then a message came that request rejected by donor due to some contractual obligations. I tried three times and every time same message comes. Plzz solve my problem I want to switch my BSNL in to Airtel . my no. Is 9456009656 . plzz respond did soon plzz.
Apr 9, 2014

my sim card is not activated in my name

sir my connection is not activated in my name he is activated is other person i have request the company helpline no but theyare not transfer is my name plz help me
Apr 8, 2014

Airtel cheating customers in new way

Last 2 times I ask port out from airtel due to over call rate,one of the executive called me and brainwash me to retain in the same that they will avail offer as 10Paise booster in few days.so I accepted and retained.but I didn't receive a offer.I compromise myself and put the booster pack of 295.pack benefit is airtel to airtel is 10Paise and other mobile are 30Paise and the confirmation was given by the airtel retailer.After that I checking my call rates and it is going 1.7 Paise per second.I complain about this to Airtel customer care and they simply replied it was wrong information by retailer and we are not responsible for that. I said ok but avail me a plan for other mobile 30Paise and you may take extra charge for that, but the executive strictly says no option for that. I am very upset and this plan is extraordinary way to get money from the customers.The only advantage of this pack is first call itself 10Paise and in other packs first call cost is 75 Paise. According to that if I save 65Paise per day means for 84 days it is 54.6 rupee only , then what is the necessity of this pack(in 235 rs booster 1St call is 75 Paise in 295rs booster, first call itself 10Paise, it is the only difference, for that they charging 60rs extra).apart from this if I did minimum 10 calls to other network per day means I will lose 10rs instead of 3 puree.so per day 7 rupee means 84 days they got 584 rupee absolutely. So kindly make arrangement for me to reduce my call rates and I am ready to pay extra money also. And enquire about this waste plan to the company and the retailers also must having the product knowledge. I am really very much disappointed in customer care as well as the nodel care of Airtel. Atlast my only hope is you only. Please do the needful for me.
Apr 7, 2014

Change of portability from Airtel to Idea

I want to port out my number 9970160723 from Airtel and port in to Idea. I followed all the process for porting out but still Airtel is not assisting properly for this process. Airtel closes the request every time I raise it for port out saying that we are unable to contact you. When I call back to 198 or 121 they ask me to file new request for port out. I am doing this from last one month. But still no action taken from Airtel.

Requesting you to check with Airtel and do the needful to port out my number from Airtel and port in to Idea.

Apr 7, 2014

Change of Portability from Airtel to BSNL

Hi Team,
I was using Airtel Post-paid Mobile No.9840766006. Now, I want to change my service provider from Airtel to BSNL network by retaining the same Mobile No. Eventhough, I sent SMS to 1900 for the above Mobile No.portability on 3.4.2014 and 4.4.2014, I didnot get any reply still now. Hence, I request you to take immediate necessary action to get a reply regarding the above Mobile No. Portability and to change my service provider from Airtel to BSNL network by retaining the same Mobile No.9840766006.

Thanks and Regards,
Apr 6, 2014

Wrong plan activated

Dear Sir/Madam,

Few days back, I had port my number(9910908482) from Airtel to Vodafone and applied for corporate plan whose monthly rental is 99INR.(MNP_ST_MV_STANDARD flat199) (having 150 local and 150 std free calls).My STD calls are higher then Local for that reason I had chosen this corporate plan.
On 8th March my Sim was activated, but the plan that was activated on it was not I had applied for. Plan that was activated was(VG_KN_MV_ACC49) having monthly rental 49INR (having higher STD call rate).
On the same date I registered a complained against it but still my problem is unsolved.

I got a call from your MNP call center, they said that problem will be solved by 24th or 25th March if not I can take any action against them.

So you are requested to solve the problem as soon as possible and generate the correct bill as of my selected plan else I will not pay any bill until it is corrected and give reimbursement. If problem still persist, I will again apply for MNP and take action Vodafone.
Apr 2, 2014


am taken the simcard for my husband proof .two moth ago my simcard was missing and in my own city next am given the proof local retailer pay RS.150 given to taken the simcard. suddendly the simcard will not work no incoming calls & outgoing calls lat am use the sim card date29.3.2014 and am calling the customer care there is no response to tell what is the reason for simcard will not work and next day am going vodafone showroom in tirunelveli in that place there is no proper response. now 4 days my simcard will not work what is problem and refer it quickly pls my bussiness dealing phone are get that number only. vodafone is good network am told my friends .but now am fell so sad to this porblem . with in oneday how would you block the simcard. that simcard will very important for me
pls refer it:
Apr 2, 2014

My Mobile number Terminated without reason

Termination of reliance mobile number

I applied for mobile number portability from airtel to reliance for my number 9003706053 due to network issue.I submitted the required document and port in request was successfully completed, After an year my number has been terminated by reliance. I Called reliance CC , they told they are not having any detail of this number called appellate authority, said that my number can`t be activated when I asked reason ,got response that we have not received physical documents submitted by me. I used my number approximately 1 year in reliance and I didn’t get any message from reliance regarding non-receiving of documents. Please take necessary action to activate my number.
Apr 1, 2014

Inconvenience caused by Siticable for viewing channels by displaying permanently at the middle of the screen my ID01760749747 no.with a black patch

I am a siti cable customer for DTH cable service in Kolkata. My ID No. 01760749747 as mentioned above. For some days I notice at the middle of the TV screen my ID no. is permanently displayed with a blackpatch. This creates lot of inconvenience and irritation as some important information at times is blocked by the patch. I urgently request you to forthwith remove this to enable me to view the preferred channels uninterruptedly.

=Hirak Kumar Datta
Apr 1, 2014

Inconvenience caused by Siticable for viewing channels by displaying permanently at the middle of the screen my ID no.with a black patch

I am a siti cable customer for DTH cable service in Kolkata. My ID as mentioned above. For some days I notice at the middle of the TV screen my ID no. is permanently displayed with a blackpatch. This creates lot of inconvenience and irritation as some important information at times is blocked by the patch. I urgently request you to forthwith remove this to enable me to view the preferred channels uninterruptedly.

=Hirak Kumar Datta
Mar 27, 2014

unauthorized portout from BSNL TO AIRTEL REG.

My BSNL mobile number : 9441773137 is being ported to Airtel without my knowledge, and any kind of proof, and even they have not provide their ported in sim. It is highly intolerable and harassment to me. Now I have lost all my business deals because of this unwanted things made by the Airtel operator. i want to ever use BSNL service only. kindly cause justice to me to get back my BSNL service.
Mar 25, 2014

Recharge not done

On 08/03/2013 i have recharge of Rs. 48 for pocket internet, and transaction no is: KOR14030814102300353.

After recharge my PI active for 7 days, and after it is not work at all. Then i contact to customer care for my concern. They said that there have not any record of Rs.48 recharge in there system. But i have that particular SMS for that particular recharge.

kindly tell me where is my money ?

I request TRAI to stop this kind of illegal practice by AIRCEL.

Mar 25, 2014


Dear Sir / Madam,

My number is 9312089190. I am your customer of Reliance for last 6 years. I want portability. I’m sending messages for last 10 days, They are not providing portability. I have requested 20 times on customer care, first time service request no. 218190279 and the second time is 218280252. After that I don’t get portability. I have sent messages on 1900 more than 10 times in 10 days. They said number does not match. I m very fed up with reliance, They are doing harassment everyday .

I have visited to their store in MAlviya Nagar, New Delhi. They said they wont give me portability.

S K Jain
Mar 24, 2014

overcharged Bill

My reliance Mobile NO. 8262020111.

I received the reliance bill for billing cycle 22.02.14 to 22.03.14. in which rs 145.80 was charged for Mobile internet whereas my handset have no provision of mobile internet.

In last billing cycle 21.02.14 to 22.02.14, the mobile internet charge included in bill which was rs 54.00

As my handset has no provision of mobile internet.

So please made correction of amount and refund the rs 54.00 from last bill payed.
Mar 24, 2014


maine apna vodafone number 9828966798 airtel me port krane ke liye 2 bar application diya 2 bar maine naya porting code bheja lekin vodafone wale port nahi krne de rahe hai.........maine airtel customer care se baat ki to unhone bola aap vodafone me pta kijiye ki wo port kyo nahi krne de rahe hai....
Mar 22, 2014

Disconnecting the network without proper reasons - Restore the network.


The Project Director, DRDA Medak District at Sangareddy for use of employees has taken (67) Sims under CUG Rs.75/- plan and paying the bill amount every month as per the demand notice supplied by your agency (WARANGAL ZONE). Inspite of regular payments made by us your company is constantly disconnecting the network without showing proper reasons, which causes lot of inconvenience to the user of the Sim as well as head of the department. We come to know that reliably your agents are not updating the payments against the Sim cards and simply furnishing the excel sheet indicating huge outstanding amounts. While contact over phone they are not able to justify outstanding amounts. Further, they are neither supplying monthly demand notice properly nor coming to our office for reconciliation.

Please intervene the matter and resolve the problem immediately.

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