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TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India)


Consumer complaints and reviews about TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India)

PS Gill
Apr 16, 2013

Undue bill and stoppage of outgoing call service

Dear Sir,
I am using this SIM no. 9815946477 from last many years. Last Year in 2012 (May), I switched my connection with TATA DOCOMO. Suddenly this month they stopped my outgoing calls 5 days back stating that I crossed my credit limit of Rs. 800. On enquiry I was told that I used Rs. 1200 within 7-8 days thru Internet. I'm using Internet on my phone from last few years through Wi-Fi connections at my home and in my office.
I never asked Tata Docomo for any Internet services. I wonder how suddenly this service got activated on my phone and unknowingly how I accesses Tata Docomo's Internet services.
They say this service is pre installed but I never got any message about its activation or usage unless I crossed my credit limit due to which my outgoing was debarred.
This is nothing but blackmailing the customer who was unknowingly duped of his hard earned money on the name of a service which was never asked for and now being asked to deposit money for services which he never used knowingly.
I wrote several emails to customer service at tata docomo but no action yet.
Please look into my issue and try resolving it asap.
ashok sarkar
Apr 14, 2013

Subscribing unopted service

with due respect,Sir, I am a MTS(cdma) SIM user,No is 9153817210.On13Th April,2013 night i received a massage stating that "THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING TO NAVARATRI PACK,YOU HAVE BEEN CHARGED Rs 25 FOR 25 DAYS" . Sir, i did not send any request for navaratri pack or any other value added service. This is not fair,so i am praying you to resolve my problem. Do the needfull as soon as possible. Yours Faithfully, Hiya Mukherjee
Zeel Raval
Apr 14, 2013


This is to ask you that its been 2 days that i have registered my complaint to you.. Still my money is not refunded by the airtel..
It seems that you have not taken any action for this. Then what is the use of complainting you if any action is not taken.. take some quick action and try to get me my money back.. not try i want it back..

Zeel Raval
Apr 13, 2013

No signal and No service

-----Original Message-----
From: Ashraf [mailto:rahman.a@networkchamps.net]
Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2013 12:24 PM
To: 'Appellateauthority.delhi@tatatel.co.in'
Cc: 'customercare.delhi@tatatel.co.in'
Subject: RE: Regarding Tata Photon Service~~M12276721

Dear All,

Reminder I for You

If you not resolved signal problem, I will escalate in TRAI, and also take other step for Tataphotone +

Poor network service in Sherghati District Gaya,Bihar 824211

Thanks and Regards
N K Network Champs Pvt. Ltd.
0120-2607480, +91-8800898355

-----Original Message-----
From: Ashraf [mailto:rahman.a@networkchamps.net]
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 3:03 PM
To: 'Appellateauthority.delhi@tatatel.co.in'
Cc: 'customercare.delhi@tatatel.co.in'; 'Ashraf'
Subject: RE: Regarding Tata Photon Service~~M12276721

Dear All,

I had already mail to you regarding network problem, Your staff contact me and resolved escalation but
Mian problem is Tower signal is not coming CDMA mobile and your Tataphotone,Kindly provide signal to connect Tata viz and mobile frequently otherwise my whole Access GB Provide me pending, I am unable to use.Today call your customer care she told me I cannot log complain against Tower or signal, She told me mail to Delhi Circle then take step.I am living

Sherghati,District Gaya,Bihar 824211(Here is all mobile company tower working accept you Like Uninor,Airtel,Vodafone,idea,Aircel,BSNL,Relience ETC)

Kindly shortout problem on urgent basis due to your network problem I am using Airtel/Vodafone broadband

Thanks and Regards
N K Network Champs Pvt. Ltd.
0120-2607480, +91-8800898355

-----Original Message-----
From: Ashraf [mailto:rahman.a@networkchamps.net]
Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2013 6:18 PM
To: 'Appellateauthority.delhi@tatatel.co.in'
Cc: 'customercare.delhi@tatatel.co.in'
Subject: FW: Regarding Tata Photon Service~~M12276721

Dear Sir,

Today I have recharged Rs.755-/ for 28 Days unlimited due to remote supporting our team

But I am again facing same problem Error number 777 and 767,678.So I am requesting kindly resolve my problem on
Urgent basis, in Evening is video conferencing TCS,I am proper business partner of tat photon Plus for prepaid and
Postpaid connection all over India to give engineer for remote supporting, If am I am handling team how can reolved problem of client and team. So as business background kindly resolved immediate basis,Otherwise company will take action
And terminate all 68 Prepaid and postpaid connection

service request number PTCD12037493,Your customer care executive full illiterate not able to listen problem and shortout
He could understood what effect business

I am unable to connect net

So,I am request kindly short my problem on urgent basis ASAP

Current Location:Sherghati,District Gaya Bihar 824211

Thanks and Regards
N K Network Champs Pvt. Ltd.
0120-2607480, +91-8800898355

-----Original Message-----
From: Ashraf [mailto:rahman.a@networkchamps.net]
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 10:28 AM
To: 'listen@tatadocomo.com'
Cc: 'Ashraf'; 'customercare.delhi@tatatel.co.in'
Subject: RE: Regarding Tata Photon Service~~M12276721

Dear Pravin,

I am again fetching same problem at Sherghati District Gaya Bihar

Sometime your photon running Smooth and Sometime getting problem remote access is not available

How can we give your tatphotone to our engineer they are supporting from anywhere

When I am using airtel broadband never getting any problem, Due to business level using your Tataphotone

I have early morning talk to sharabjeet,She is little knowledge to shortout problem,She told me visit our store

But it is not store proble it is vendor problem when through accessing net

Complain Number running: ptcd1203321

Thanks and Regards
Ashraf Rahmani
N K Network Champs Pvt. Ltd.
0120-2607480, +91-8800898355

-----Original Message-----
From: listen@tatadocomo.com [mailto:listen@tatadocomo.com]
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2013 4:22 PM
To: rahman.a@networkchamps.net
Subject: RE: Regarding Tata Photon Service~~M12276721

Dear Mr. Rahmani,

We refer to your email dated 15th FEB 2013 regarding connectivity related concern for your TATA Photon number 9211071829.

I Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

I would like to inform you that we have registered your complaint related to connectivity related concern with the service request number PTCD12037493 and the same will be expected to be resolved by 19-FEB-2013 end of the day.kindly please make a note of the service request number for future correspondence.

Thank you for surfing with Photon.

Warm Regards,
Photon Care Team

Now Check Anytime ? Your Photon Bill Amount, Due Date, Last Payment, Data consumed & more
? Just connect to Photon & click here or go to http://tata.yahoo.com
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? Add it to your favorites & access this information whenever you connect through Photon.

Pay Online | Brand Store Location | Reach 24/7 Photon Customer Support at 1800-266-121 (toll-free)

-----Original Message-----
From: rahman.a@networkchamps.net
Sent: 2013-02-15 12:54:52.0
To : customercare.delhi@tatatel.co.in,listen@tatadocomo.com
Cc: customercare.delhi@tatatel.co.in
Subject: RE: Regarding Tata Photon Service~~M12276721
[Note: Please don't change the subject for internal tracking purpose and immediate action.

Dear Sir,

I am getting same problem since 9th Feb 2013,

I went to Delhi on 10th Feb and back 14th Feb 2013

When again try to connect but getting remote problem

Kindly shortout my problem ASAP

Thanks and Regards
N K Network Champs Pvt. Ltd.
0120-2607480, +91-8800898355

-----Original Message-----
From: Ashraf [mailto:rahman.a@networkchamps.net]
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2013 5:40 PM
To: 'listen@tatadocomo.com'
Subject: RE: Regarding Tata Photon Service~~M12276721

Hi Govind,

Thank you supporting all Tataphotone Team

Thanks and Regards
Ashraf Rahmani
N K Network Champs Pvt. Ltd.
0120-2607480, +91-8800898355

-----Original Message-----
From: listen@tatadocomo.com [mailto:listen@tatadocomo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2013 4:22 PM
To: rahman.a@networkchamps.net
Subject: FW: Regarding Tata Photon Service~~M12276721

Dear Mr. Rahmani,

We refer to your email dated on 06-FEB-2013 regarding unable to connect to
the internet service for your Photon number 9211071829.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

As the discussion over the call on your alternate contact number 8092931162,
I would like to inform you that the your complaint has been closed stating
prepaid complaint has been restored for the Data services.

Thank You for surfing with Photon.

Warm Regards,
B. Govind Raj,
Photon Care Team.

Now Check Anytime ? Your Photon Bill Amount, Due Date, Last Payment, Data
consumed & more
? Just connect to Photon & click here or go to http://tata.yahoo.com
? Yahoo! home page will open in a blink.
? Click on My Account on the left side of the page & get a quick &
easy access to your Photon Account details.
? Add it to your favorites & access this information whenever you
connect through Photon.

Pay Online | Brand Store Location | Reach 24/7 Photon Customer Support at
1800-266-121 (toll-free)

-----Original Message-----
From: rahman.a@networkchamps.net
Sent: 2013-02-06 12:21:30.0
To: customercare.delhi@tatatel.co.in
Subject: FW: Regarding Tata Photon Service~~M12276721
[Note: Please don't change the subject for internal tracking purpose and
immediate action.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Photone Number is 9211071829 and Complain number is ptcd1203321

I have came from Delhi in Sherghati District Gaya Bihar

I want to access net but not access in Sherghati I had called so many times
customere care but nobody short out

My problem, You cutomere care representative little knowledge, Not given
proper solution, somebody saying in port problem

Somebody saying BTS problem, I went in Tata photon store Gaya and Engineer
logged complain but not short out problem

If I am in Gaya access net without any problem when come my native place
sherghati not access how can say port problem

My company using 20 Photone connection prepaid and postpaid, When I will
back Delhi I will terminate your all connection and use other vendor

Due to I am main person to use net any remote area and giving support to my

It is not right attitude to improve business and promote your Tataphotone to
our Engineer

I am providing manpower supply to HP,TCS,Igate

I am humble request you kindly send engineer and short out my problem, Due
to my personal problem access net from Sherghati

Kindly help me without any delay to work smooth for our company

Thanks and Regards

Ashraf Rahmani


N K Network Champs Pvt. Ltd.

0120-2607480, +91-8800898355/8092931162
Hitesh R Shah
Apr 12, 2013

Miss used of Mobile on unknown address

This is to draw kind attention that now a period small children playing in street (near home around within 10 meter) as they free from annual exam. Before 2 to 3 days ago at noon time one young boy (25 yrs old) came on 2-wheeler and call little girls (10 yr. old) both knonly & give one cheat written this mobile no : 9979200934 & say to phone him & gone away. The baby have told to his parent & give cheat, than after we are connect this phone, but that person never attend mobile & then cut moble. Once he taken mobile but answer miss bevahier & cut mobile.

As we have contact to Vodaphone Showroom but they have not given address. Any how we have received it address but the address is not his but some other once. Because Mobile is in Ahmedabad and address is out of city (it is far as 200 kms)

As we say this person try to kidnap small girls. This is to request to stop SIM Card, Mobile No. : 9979200934 while address is Gandabhai, 45, Bharwad Chowk, Nr. GIDC, At Sokhada, Khambhat, Anand-388620.

Our request to stop SIM and try to find the person and punised him. Because to stop kidnaping small girl from their miss uses

thanking in anticipation.

Hitesh Shah 95376 73331 Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
Zeel Raval
Apr 12, 2013


My complaint is for Aietel company. On 8th April i had done the recharge of Rs99 for 3G internet providing 300mb.. But the company has done the recharge of BBM.. I am using a Samsung phone and the company had done the recharge for BBM. i got the message that the recharge has been done.. But my internet scheme was not started.. And when i made a complaint to the company, they told me to refund the money in 48 hours.. But my maoney was not refunded and they also told that i will get the normal balance of Rs87 .. after the completion of 48 hours i again made a complaint, then they told to refund the money in 24 hours.. The 24 hours is also complete and my money is not refunded yet..

I am very disappointed with the company..

Zeel Raval
Apr 10, 2013

vodafone 3G not working,refused to refund money

To whomsoever it may concern,

I am writing in hope after trying to call you guys 4 times and not getting a satisfactory answer.

I hope you must be well aware of an outage at your end last week, because of which I couldn't get access to internet for 2 days(friday night till sunday). A representative logged a complaint where I would be receiving a call on 15th April.

My internet(2G) came back on Mon, 8th April. Same day i recharged with 249rs for 3G. Now the speed is worst, lesser than 2G network.

I called vodafone to check what's wrong, they redirected me to check my net speed online. Another representative asked me if i am running short of balance. Last person I spoke to, said I'll be getting a call back from technical team on 15th april. Does this mean, I'll face issues for next 5 days and i should simply wait for a callback?

I am a smart phone user, an IT professional. I was calling assured that its something wrong at your end. However, this is going no-where. I m using vodafone from past 6 years. There's no loyalty bonus, no discount and your services are getting worse with time. It's forcing me to port my no. To some other service provider.... X(

Note: Please stop my internet services immediately and refund Rs249 asap. Fyi, i have around 300rs as balance in my account. It would be great, if someone could actually read this and get back to me!

Diksha Mishra
prakash s sharma
Apr 10, 2013

illegally demanded 50000/- rupees as deposit for activate roming service.

Respected Sir/Madam. Iam prakash.s.sharma. my mo. no. is 9820238851 which is post-paid.i am a customer of vodafone service last 15 years.but in 21 march 2013 suddenly my mo is showing no service.and that time iam in out of maharastra and in roming. my phone was totally off 8 days because of no network.when i came in mumbai i contact vodaphone service center and 6 time visit vodafone gallary at mulund l.b.s marg.meet miss sneha and vijay lakshmi.they told me i must deposit 50000/-rupees than my roming service is activate.i shocked. again i visit and contacts both vodaphone service centre but all useless.they given me only assurance but not solve my problum.they not explain why they want this deposit amount.i am a photographer. my all business is depend on contacts and because of vodaphones this behavir i face a lots of troble and loss. and main thing is today date 10 april 2013,yet my problum is not solved. after kalyan,bhiwandi,and vasai my phone show me no service. i request all related authorities pls help me, solve my problums,and controle this telecom services for cheating consumer. thanks . yet now i am in problum. PRAKASH SHARMA. MO-9820238851.
Apr 7, 2013

Obscene calls and messages

I am getting obscene calls and sms from numbers like 543216553924081, 5432169213929, 5432169276815, 5432169213932, 5432169213949, 3948, 5432169276808, 5432169213956,3922 and many more. Please help me. My number is registered o DND as well.
Apr 6, 2013


Apr 6, 2013

Re activation

The Manger
Indian Express Building, No.1,
2nd Floor,Queen’s Road,
Bangalore – 560 001, Karnataka

John Vesly
#32 3rd Cross 3rd Block
HBR Layou Bangalore 560043

Respect Sir/Madam

Sub:- Grievance about your Service (SR NO.0000755560, 0000742813)

In respect to the above subject I want bring you kind attention to the problem I am facing for last three week, to locate my details please find my RMN. 9742329363 I have raised a request for a temporary deactivation of one of my connection because my children exam on 17th Feb. 2013 . in fact I am holding 4 TV connection from ACT TV for last few years. the next day that 18th Feb. onward all my 4 connection were deactivated and it was not working for since then. I have informed there to the customer care many time I have called and informed about the situation but it was not rectified and it, today that 08th March 2013 the technician came and asked me to pay the bill which I suppose to pay the bill on 15th of every month the pathetic situation is that I have not used the service and also the service is not given still they asked for the payment where I have not payed for the unused service. So the technician given the option to disconnect the cable or pay the bill there was no option as a customer to pay for service which was not used. And also when I have to give the setup boxes I have to get back the boxes Tata Sky
Therefor Please see to my issue and take appropriate action as Trai gives all the right for a customer
Thanking you
Apr 6, 2013

Amount deducted without giving any reason

Sir, I am a Reliance GSM sim user. one week ago i recharged my number with 150 rupees, but 4 days ago i received a mail from reliance(no-53600) stating that "your account is reached below 5 rupees pls recharge". I was really shocked by seeing that massage and immediately i checked my balance amount there was only 0.53 paisa... Then i called the customer care number and i asked why my balance amount is deducted, but they were unable to tell me really what happened???. They registered my complaint and provided a reference number(20090266) I spoke to Mr. AMITH and MANIKANTA in customer care cell and they informed me that same will be resolved within 24 hours and your amount will be refunded but till today deducted amount not refunded. Daily i am calling to customer care guys for the purpose of knowing the status they are giving some nonsense answers and now that 24 hours TAT time is extended to 72 hours. But now 96 hours is gone still its not resolved. This is not first time to me same thing happened me last time also and more than 100 rupees amount deducted from my account. This is not tolerable, so I am reaching you to resolve this on preority basis and I am planning to change my service provider. Pls resolve the issue as soon as possible... Your assistance is highly expected.
Apr 6, 2013

complaint againt Reliance communication

I am user of no.9389442179 prepaid customer from last 5 years. At regular intervals i was facing problem of activating undesired & un opted services in my phone and reduction of account balance.
Not only this my call rates were also increase without any notice to me from 50 paisa flat call to 75p/m.
I feel like cheated by the company again and again. Please do the needfull
Ajay Kumar Dwivedi
Apr 4, 2013

about dishtv sevice

I registered a complain at 1/04/2013 time 2 pm but not solved my problem I am calling costumer car 20-30 time but not solve my problem . i write to company ceo but this is sad my problem stand affter 4 days . company says he resolve problem at 24 hours .
awdhesh kumar
Apr 1, 2013

port for my no

dear sir
Complaint Airtel co
I was a customer of Airtel, till the time I gave a request to Airtel my number (9702328648) MNP.cood I requested 9th March 2013 and not provided the mnp cood so pls . I got a confirmation message from Airtel that services from idea so pls help sir

my name avdhesh i pandit
mo no 9702328648
my email id aroyalsundaram@yahoo.com

thank you sir
Mar 29, 2013

Plan Change

shikher bhandari
Mar 23, 2013

Complaint against Airtel

I have a connection of airtel mobile no. 9810240992 user name Shikher Bhandari. I have already paid the amount on their website www.airtel.in and the pay portal used was of ICICI bank. The payment was made on 21/01/2013 for Rs. 2100/- through my debit card no. 5046819036304606 syndicate bank. The transaction id 56710003 as shown in netbanking. I have sent the details number of times to them but they are still not accepting that the payment has been received.

To my surprise we have a landline also from airtel no. 01146529194, they are claiming that they have not received payment for this number also whereas this time I had made payment by cheque and same has been cleared from my account. The amount is Rs. 1444/- transaction id 360007464197, date of clearing 15/03/2013. These people are again not agreeing to the details provided. I feel this is becoming a regular habit of this service provider to harass people and try take more money than actuals. They are threating to disconnect the numbers.

Kindly intervene.

Thanks & regards

Shikher Bhandari
Arup Hazarika
Mar 22, 2013

Activation information

Dear sir,
I want to know how many mobile connections are activate on my id proof. please help me to know about that information.


My Address-

Vill- Mazgaon
P.O- Tezpur,Sonitpur,Assam
Mar 20, 2013

Reliance Post Paid conection to transfer Pre Paid Conection

Respected Sir,

I am the user of connection of Reliance postpaid Mo. No. (07878011077), 20th Feb I have given the three time requeste of Post paid to Prepaid From Reliance Shop but they have not change after i have given the three to four time requist but they have also not change the postpaid to prepaid. all process take one month time but not solve my problem. Then today i have called customer care so they ask me your outstanding bill. This bill is Feb to March bill but I have alredy given the request my last bill paid. so today new bill genrate and that is my out standing bill.
I expect you solve my problem & take some action relaince
Mar 17, 2013

unfair deductions and bad services by tata docomo

my tata docomo gsm number is 8237159061. earlier i was 11 mailed to customer care's e-mail in which i was requested that Rs.92/- (22+43+30) has unnecessary deducted from my account. then i have call to customer careand ask them my problem. but they put my call to black list because after that i cant call to customer care. after that amount of Rs.48/- (3 +45) was credited in my account but now continue small amount has deduct from my account.

i have received call from company side, and company's employee was promissed me to send details of my deductions on my e-mail and she promissed me for call on my number. but i am not received any details on my e-mail or any call on my number.

after that i was mailed to customer care but every time they say to me as below:

"Please be informed that you have used to multiple session and hence the amount got deducted form the main balance and request you to check with the same."

kind your information the say company as above is totally wrong because i have active internet pack till. i have mailed to company 11 times requesting that "please return my Rs.92/- (22+30+43-3) and give me direct numbers of your higher authority officer (nodel officer). then i was request to company for giving me details of sites which chargeable site(s) are use by me and give me total details of deductions from my account. but they didnt responce to my mail and they put my call and e-mail id in black list.

it is therefore requested please give me justice.
Mar 16, 2013

A complaint about Bharti Airtel (Mobile number portability for 9871851251

Dear sir

I was a customer of Aircel, till the time I gave a request to Airtel to convert my number (9871851251) under MNP. I requested for the change on 6th March 2013 and my number got converted on 12th March Midnight. I got a confirmation message from Aircel that services from Aircel shall be de activated from 23.30 and Airtel services will then be operational.

But now its been more than 5 days since I am unable to make outbound calls and cause of that I am facing a lot of challenges while facing Airtel Customer care. I am holding this number since 7 years and this is what now Airtel has to offer me, frustration and harassment..

I called up on Airtel toll free (121 and 198) many a times but there's no response from them. As you know Delhi is so much unsafe now a days and carrying a mobile without outgoing is a big challenge. The most frustrating part is that they have stopped my Aircel services and also barred my outgoing calls. I also visited the Airtel customer care center at Rohini Sec 7 Ahuja Telecom but no answer was provided to me.

I request you to take strictest action against Airtel and specially Ahuja telecom (Airtel authorized relationship centre) located at sec 7 Rohini. and help me with a solution

Looking forward for a response.

Thank You
Sumit Mehta
Mar 16, 2013


Mar 14, 2013

Romming plane problem

Dear Authority,

I am using BSNL network mob no is 9441768251. after discussion with customer care center i recharged for 199/- roming plane as per plane the call cost is 1.2paisa for 1sec but the network provider are charging for 1.5Rs even i spoke for 10sec.

I am reached the customer care center also there is no response.

Please register a complaint and clear the issue.
my mail id is giri2sesha@gmail.com.

Thanks& Regards,
Andhra Pradesh.
rajesh sarin
Mar 13, 2013

Hopeless service provided by Airtel

This message has not been sent.Dear sir, I would like to bring to your kind notice that our bank(PNB) took corporate connection from Airtel ltd and every officer is to convert his existing connection to Airtel to get reimbursement. But right from the lst 7 months M/s Air tel ltd is not inDraft
This message has not been sent.ActionsClick here to continue working on this message.
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 3:09 PM

Dear sir,

I would like to bring to your kind notice that our bank(PNB) took corporate connection from Airtel ltd and every officer is to convert his existing connection to Airtel to get reimbursement.

But right from the lst 7 months M/s Air tel ltd is not in a position to give satisfactory service to customers in PNB, Rajendra Bhawan, Rajendra Place New Delhi despite our repeated requests , complaints.

Now since yesterday we at this building are getting NIL coonectivity
Mar 12, 2013

VAS provide without intimation

Respected sir
my name is pankaj patil.
i am using uninor sim card but i am irritated by uninor service. so many times they provided unwanted and useless services without any intimation or no green signal by them or me at high rate.they deducted money from balance. even when i try to talk to uninor executives or dial uninor customer service i can listen only recording not able to talk to person after pressing lots of numbers and different boaring mode. my mobile no. 8625937005
it is my heartly request to you to look in to the matter and take some firm steps or action against uninor company.and help me to get my balance back to me.

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