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TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India)


Consumer complaints and reviews about TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India)

Mar 6, 2014

problem in outgoing service and deduction of balance time to time.

My Mobile No. is 7666474266. of Reliance GSM
1) Reliance GSM service providers stops outgoing service time to time.
2) Cuts balance time to time and not returns even after request.
3) Stops call of consumer care number 198.
Mar 6, 2014

problem in outgoing service and deduction of balance time to time.

1) Reliance GSM service providers stops outgoing service time to time.
2) Cuts balance time to time and not returns even after request.
3) Stops call of consumer care number 198.
Mar 5, 2014

No. barred by TRAI no. is 9041569366

Hi Team ,
I was using tata docomo no. since last 4 years and from today onwards my no. has been blocked . when i called to cust. care they told me that your no. has been barred from TRAI from from our side . Sir/Mam , this is very important no. of mine that i request to you please unblock the services of this no. bcoz this no. effect my bussiness . I understand that some 1 may be register a complain about this no. but request to you unblock this no.

Thanks and Regards ,
Parbhat Khatri
Mar 5, 2014

Regarding No. blocked by trai

Hi Team ,
I was using tata docomo no. since last 4 years and from today onwards my no. has been blocked . when i called to cust. care they told me that your no. has been barred from TRAI from from our side . Sir/Mam , this is very important no. of mine that i request to you please unblock the services of this no. bcoz this no. effect my bussiness . I understand that some 1 may be register a complain about this no. but request to you unblock this no.

Thanks and Regards ,
Parbhat Khatri
Feb 28, 2014

Activate the sms service is been blocked by TRAI

Hi I am Ramesh, i am from Anantapur (A.P). I am using mobile, mobile no is:9642181848 as UNINOR Service provider.

When i called to Uninor Customer care about my issue, which is i am unable send any SMS. Then Uninor Customer care person replied to me saying that we has never blocked your to send SMS to others, it is done by TRAI.

Please help me out from this issue.

Feb 28, 2014

Without my notice number is safe custody


My name is Rajaram from Bangalore and I was using Tata Photon+ (9243317345) device for more than a year and I upgraded to Tata Photon 3G service by mid of 2013 and hence raised a request to cancel Tata Photon+ permanently in the month of Aug-2013 and I got a confirmation mail from the service provider for the same. There were no further updates from the service provider and yesterday (27 Feb-14) I got a call (after 6 months) and told me like the number is in safe custody and asking to me re-use this but am not interested in taking back and the same has been communicated to the Tata Photon team in 2013 itself. I was not even notified about this Safe Custody process. Now the Service Provider is updating me like, I will be charged till 6 Mar-14.

Why should I pay when I did not use this and placed a request for cancellation in the month of Aug-13.

Later, I raised a cancellation request for Tata Photon 3G as well because of the poor speed and I did not want to continue with that.

Please help me to close this out and I can't pay any amount to service provider since I didn't use their service and I have clearly communicated the team to cancel it permanently.

Thanks for your help.

0 96866 68415
Rajasekhar Valluri
Feb 24, 2014

False information about the plan (Vodafone)

My mobile number is 9966968196 i am using Vodafone rs.199 postpaid plan from last 3 months and using Vodafone network from last 6 years.

Actually i am activated promo card every month with rs.30 and get 300 messages and last month that is January'2014 middle of the month i called to Vodafone executive and rs.30 promo is not sufficient to me for messages and asked about more messages plan and executive suggested if you go for rs.60 promo you will receive 1000 messages so that i activated that plan on dated 19th January 2014 and usually i received bill on February 1st 2014 that is amount rs.952. i was shocked, and immediately called to Vodafone customer care and i asked about break up details of the bill and i got to know that they charged messages on prorate basis which i was used between 1st January'14 to 19th January'14. Actually when i was asked about the promo rs.60 plan they were not explain once you change the plan between middle of the month you get charges on prorate base for all your previous messages, without any intimation they charged rs.147. Then i have been continuous follow up with customer care executive form 2nd February'2014 to till date and every one taken the request and promised to reverse that charges because of our executive were not informed about the charges, Request no's:1.1626414888 dated:02-02-2014
2.1632281206 dated:19-02-2014
3.1633680816 dated: 24-02-2014

Kindly help us to reverse the extra charges.

Thanks & Regards
Rajasekhar Valluri
Feb 20, 2014

False information to sale net plan

Am customer of Vodafone.
Have received massage from VZ-61112 on 10-02-2014 with the below mentioned content:

"Enjoy 3G Speeds at 2G rates! 1 GB 3G data for 30 days @ Rs 155. For 3G Speed,use 3G-enabled phone in 3G coverage area. Special one-time offer valid till 31-Mar."

Before making recharge , Called Vodafone care on 19-02-2014 to confirm whether will get 3G data on this recharge or not. And on his confirmation recharged my number 9049921048 with Rs 155.

Now I got 2G data in spite of 3G, when I called customer care and spoke to their senior executive Tanmay Arole, Got explanation 'Sorry for wrong information, now we can not do any thing"
My concern is how can the sale their services by making false commitment with customer and revert back with "SORRY".
Request you to take necessary action on this.
Email: kdiwakar1@gmail.com
Feb 14, 2014

airtel 3g data card

Poor Network in airtel last 2 month

I am prabhu from Village- hyderabad area chintal. I am using airtel 3G data card no. 9502847191...From last 2 month i am facing lots of Network related problem in my area.Low coverage in Indoor/Outdoor. I am not the single user of Uninor in my area other peoples also facing same problem. I complained in airtel customer care but no action been taken regarding this. Pls try to resolve the issue ASAP.

Cell- 9177801679
Mail ID- m.prabhu@live.in
vipin rajput
Feb 14, 2014

Poor Network in Uninor last 1 week


I am Ravi Kumar from Village- Sahawali, Muzaffarnagar. I am using Uninor Prepaid no. 8445268456...From last week i am facing lots of Network related problem in my area.Low coverage in Indoor/Outdoor. I am not the single user of Uninor in my area other peoples also facing same problem. I complained in Uninor customer care but no action been taken regarding this. Pls try to resolve the issue ASAP.

Ravi Kumar
Cell- 9286321031/8445268456
Mail ID- vipin.rajput13@gmail.com
Feb 14, 2014

value added services though not opted.

i have taken mobile unlimited airtel broad band connection , 3g 650 data card plan (without voice without sms,bill plan charges including rental (incomming - home free) at Rs 650/- and my connection No: 9741652160 in the name of RAVINDER OHRI.

To my dismay I am charged with Rs 297/- in addition to my bill plan towards value added services such as sms services which I have not opted and also airtel provider not consulted me before activating such services more over my device for which took airtel connection never support sms services . please look into this kind of day light robbery by the airtel and do justice.

MOBILE -9741652160
Feb 13, 2014

stolen balance from 9699752555

I refilled Rs. 247 for 3G pack on 03/02/2014 time 8:45Am on mobile number 9699752555 but I saw todaymy balanced is Zero I never do from this mobile any call and sms than how it possible whenever I call customer support they always says that our system and server is slow we. Can't see any details and nothing do
Please help us
Chandrashekhar Sharma
jayrajsinh gohil
Feb 12, 2014

acount number 100000114362139 in pymnt issu...

hello, sir/medam

my account no : 100000114362139

account holder : jayraj singh gohil

landline number : 281 3054681

last advocate notice : 87430749468

advocate giving me notic of amount 660 INR for last bill

but i have allready paid 27 nov 2013

even my landline in suspend mode in 2010

then even why giving me bill ?
Feb 6, 2014

wrong details in documents

As per my documents which i had submitted to docomo while making my sim issue is now not being matching with your details related to my number.
From the last 3 years aroung i am using my number and now its being said that bthis number is not in my name.
While in the same i had given ration card as a identity proof and from that my address is same and also matching.
so its being a part of fault on yours then fro the same i want to change the name and make it mine.
saurabh kothari
Feb 5, 2014

Fraud by TATA SKY


I am using DTH facility by TATA SKY my subscriber id is 1017599331. I have added English news channel as add on package and to my surprise it was not working for me. When I have contacted TATA SKY they informed I need to change the set top box but since package is added they will charge money from 5th of February 2014.

This is simply fraud since because of their failure to provide me correct set top box and information on time I was unable to use their services. It should be reversed and strong action should be taken against TATA sky.

Thanks & Regards
Feb 5, 2014

excess ISD billing - Vodafone # 9581000311


I am using a Vodafone postpaid mobile number - 9581000311 since past 4 years. My average bill for each month has been close to 1000. However, my recent bill reached close to 6000. When I called the customer care to ask for a break-up, I was informed about an unrealistic amount being charged for ISD calls (actiually not made), that was contributing most to the bill.

Please suggest the process to get this bill corrected. As the mobile service provider is not accepting the error/mistake.
Feb 5, 2014

reliance data card

I got Reliance Data card connection some three years back by paying advance amount for the data card . They never sent me bill and every month I used to contact them and they will come and collect the amount. Despite my repeated request for sending me the bill they never complied with the request and finally after informing them and after making payment upto date i requested for cancellation and surrendered.

After 3 years today i.e. 05.02.2014 I got a call from 8802759455 informing me that they are calling from consumer court and why you have not come for hearing for the complaint made against you. When I enquired about the details about what is the nature of complaint and about the complainant the caller gave another number 8802761294 and asked to get in touch with the number. When I contacted the number he said that he is senior advocate and Reliance filed a complaint against for non payment of data card no 9380980651 and you have to make payment of Rs. 2376/- immediately failing which the Reliance made a claim of Rs. 20000/- and you have to come to delhi to attend the case. When I enquired about why I have not been provided with notice and without knowing what is happening how can I make payment. For that also he reiterated to make payment first otherwise you have to come to delhi.

sir, what is going on and what happened to Reliance and why they are sucking the blood of poor consumers/customer. Should Reliance not ensure that 1. bill for the due amount is received by the customer. 2. Whether the customer used the data card after surrender and if so the details of usage. 3. Whether court notice served to the customer. Do they have any record for submission of monthly bill and court notice and the case being so why they are threatening me through the lawyer. Just because of they are big company and spent any amount by engaging advocate to threaten the consumer, the basic right of given opportunity to submit his version by the affected customer was not given in this case.

In fact I have to file a case against Reliance for harassing me and the mental agony after 3 years that too without providing any basic information. Without providing bill and even without in forming they used to disconnect the connectivity and every time we have to call them and they never inform mode of payment and the representative used to come and collect the amount. Because of this type of poor service only I have cancelled the data card that too after making full payment.
Feb 3, 2014


I have requested my three mobile numbers to be ported on 18.1.2014,however only one of the number has been ported,for the other two numbers the Manager of the LOOP Gallery at Dombivli West asked me to produce the original Photo ID and Residence Proof .
After submitting the papers he answered me that your numbers will be restored soon and again I have to under go the same procedure , as this is the only way as per the TRAI guidelines .The TRAI official will visit my home and will verify the original papers as submitted by me . I don't understand that out of three numbers one can be ported and remaining two , the proof are required where as I have bought all of the numbers at the same time with the same documents. The verification process was done at the time of allotment of the numbers to me .
The LOOP company even did not bother to contact me however my Mobile Numbers were disconnected immediately I am even .not in a position to Contact Customer Care.
This is a total harassment to me and I would like to file a COMPLAINT against the LOOP Mobile Company for withholding My Numbers UNAUTHORIZED.

My Loop Cell no. 9773776363 , 9776464 , 9776858
my latest contact no is 9320830389

Warm Regards

Shripad Deshmukh
Dombivli west
Jan 30, 2014


I am using TATA DO CO MO PREPAID PLAN my no is 9634773773 this no I switched from postpaid to prepaid in December 2012 the company has taken full & final bill of Postpaid plan & documents started the service as prepaid no. no today they have sent SMS,hi, your services are barred on no receipt of documents,prior to this sms they r asking that bill of post paid plan exists whereas the co. has taken cheque of postpaid plan as final payment & after receiving that amount they have forward my no from post paid to prepaid plan.
Jan 30, 2014


I am using TATA DOCOMO POST PAID plan in Dec2012 on my request the com has changed from post paid to prepaid plan for which they have accepted full & final payment & DOCUMENTS. after then they have started prepaid service since December 2012 one years has completed the company has stopped its services for not depositing bill/ documents.Kindly asked the company to immidietly activate services.
Jan 30, 2014


I am using IDEA8476006677 since I am not receiving bill to my address I requested the service provider on 23/01/2014 to change my no to prepaid for which the Ganga Plaza Meerut office of Idea asked he was not authorised to do so kindly go to MANAGAL PANDEY OFFICE MEERUT they also asked me to move opposit ANAND HOSPITAL MEERUT & this office was also unwilling to help me failing which I paid the monthly bill 200/ + 50+20 & on ;the same day on 23/01/2014 I sent request of no Portability but the Idea company neither changing my plain nor leaving the no for another service provider .
Jan 30, 2014

Number not activated (by Reliance) through MNP

Dear Sir/Madam

I have purchased a phone of 4S on 21 Jan 2014 with the scheme of Reliance.

I have applied for MNP from Airtel to Reliance on 23 Jan 2014 at Reliance Web World in Nehru Place with Unique porting Code.

Due to wrong UPC placed in the form by reliance officials my request has been rejected and have been informed through SMS. The name of the person with whom I was handling was with Ankush who has called me to inform that my form has been rejected so I have to visit web world again to collect the SIM. He has called me from 011-32070048. One more person having mobile no 9999225698 has also called me for the same.

Again I have collected the SIM from Nehru Place Reliance Web World.

On 29th Jan, 2014 I have again got SMS from Reliance that my services will be activated tentatively at 12:30 AM.

This is to bring into your kind notice that since early morning of 30th Jan, 2014 I am trying to get start my phone but unable to do so on account of wrong size of SIM given to me. Only then I came to know that I have been given Nano size of SIM instead of Micro Size of SIM.

Even calling to customer care from different number I came to know that my services has not been activated. Service Request No. for activation as lodged with Reliance is 3689194782.

Again they tell me to go to Reliance Web World for further activation process.

I reached at 10:15 to Reliance Web World in Green Park. They asked that they will not be able to help until and unless new SIM is purchased. I paid them Rs 15 and purchased a new SIM. They have taken photograph and snaps of mine. I have taken print out from there for address proof and they have charged it as well @ Rs 5/ page.

Then they said it will be start working in an hour. after waiting there for more than an hour when I again asked them to see the status they started new story that it will be activated in 4-5 hours. They also said that the vouched which I have purchased need to be updated in the system and it will take another 4 days for getting the benefits.

At 12:30 PM I got a call from Amit having mobile no.9015975057 that my nuber has been activated but still it is not activated.

Poonam, Pramod and Jishan(Mo No 9313555500) I have requested all for activation but nobody has responded in professional manner.

I am suffering on account of chosing Reliance .

You kindly fix up on account of whose fault I have to suffer.

On account of this I am loosing business opportunity. Who will pay for that.

Take immediate and strict action against the culprits.

Thanks and regards.

Naveen Kr Mishra
Jan 28, 2014


Jan 28, 2014

mobile number 9843816898 barred

My mobile number deactivated. , I am a professional LIC Advisor. , I
had lot of customers. Please activate my number 9843816898.
Jan 25, 2014

RE: Wrong bill of IDEA

Dear Customer,

We have thoroughly checked your Idea account details and it is found that the charges are levied correct in your bill towards GPRS as per plan assigned. Moreover, we wish to affirm that your concern has been acknowledged and your complaint for coverage has been initiated with us under reference number C1-14777666299 and you shall hear on the same at the earliest. For further assistance, kindly contact our Idea customer care helpline.

Thanks & Regards,
Customer Care, Idea Cellular

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