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Consumer complaints and reviews about UGC

Oct 21, 2014

qualification - for sc employee

I would like to bring to your kind notice that I am working as a Associate Professor in one of the reputed university at Chennai. Whereas my department head discriminating me due to I am a Scheduled caste Arundhathiyar employee saying that my qualification is not valid as per UGC norms. kindly help me in this regard and my qualifications are listed below:

B.Com – Regular – Loyola College – University of Madras-62%
M.Com-Distance – Annamalai University-64%
MBA (Part time ) – 3 years – Measi Institute of Management (New College) – University of Madras-secured University Second Rank Holder.-78%
PhD- Commerce – Bharathiar University
BL – Bangalore University – Regular- 58%
ML – University of Madras- 57%

He is pointing me in the qualifications of above as MBA Part time(3 yrs) and PhD in Commerce. But as per UGC norms specifically mentioned , for PhD in the relevant or equivalent discipline .So I am kindly request you to send the reply for me based on my qualifications which I am qualified to work in the department of management studies .

Thanking you
Yours faithfully
cell no :9941007767
shahnawaz Rampuri
Oct 20, 2014

CMJ university, Meghalay Degree validity

Dear Sir,

I passed B.Tech from CMJ university in 2012. But now I have facing problem that no any good university taking my admission.

Kindly help me for my further education.

Shahnawaz R
Oct 18, 2014

fine torcher

collection of huge amount of fine in E.G.S PILLAY ENGINEERING COLLEGE at nagapattinam
fine torcher for college development and for staff bonus
they blackmail for money for hall ticket.

mohinder sharma 1971
Oct 18, 2014

Refund of registration amount

I paid as booking amount of Rs 10,000 for admission in B tech in Arni University Himachal Pardesh vide R/No 2109 dated 31-05-2014 for my Daughter Shikha Sharma.Then I did not sent my daughter for admission due to some domestic reasons. I went for refund of the same with my daughter for a number of times, but all in vain. Then I wrote a letter for refund on 15-09-2014 by speed post , unfortunately I have not received the amount.
You are as such requested to get my money refunded at the earliest and oblige.

Mohinder Sharma
Father of Shikha Sharma
Ward no 3/4 Samba J&K
Mob No 09697624200
mohinder sharma 1971
Oct 18, 2014

Refund of registration amount

My daughter shikha Sharma applied/booked a seat in B Tech Civil on 31-05-2014 and paid as advance Rs 10,000 ,then my daughter did not get admission. Hence I went for refund personally with my daughter but always they commit to refund but not refunded yet.
Then I sent a letter to them on 15-05-2014 by Speed post but till date they have not refunded , I request to get my fees refunded at the earliest and oblige.
Ashok Kumar
Father of Shikha Sharma
Ward No 3/4 Main Bazar Samba.
Oct 18, 2014

non receipt of monthly UGC-PDF fellowships

Dear sirs/Madam,

This is to very happy to work under UGC-Post Doctoral Fellowship Scheme for SC/ST students. My Regn ID is UGC ID-PDFSS-2012-13-SC-TAM-3983. But sir for the past several months I have not properly received the monthly fellowships, monthly HRA for the respective periods (which is provided by the UGC Norms) and Annual Contingency for the year 2013-14. I have duly submitted all the relevant filled in forms[Continuation Certificate, Six Moth Report, Annual Cotnigency Report, HRA for the recent three months] signed by the Research Supervisor and The Registrar and uploaded the same scanned copy through my respective Bank Officers. But so for no payment of fellowship is made under any title. So I request you sirs please take necessary steps to avail the arrear fellowship funds, HRA, Annual Contingency for the past several months which will help me to do my research work without any disturbances.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Oct 17, 2014

NO Classes in Physiology

Respected Sir,
I am a student of Sri Ramachandra Medical University and Reserach Institute from Chennai.I am tottaly upset with the professors in the physiology department-they are NOT taking class for post graduate students.From the day one of the college till now not even a single lecture was delivered.Even upon a humble and repeated request they deny to teach.They give a list topics for the exminations and we have read by ourself or we need to write it the OHP sheets and and read in front of the profeeesor and they will listen to that and move out of the classroom-within 10 minutes the class will get over.If this continues please imagine the quality of the student passing out of the college. all student went and requested the professors for teaching the subject they replied as they have 26 courese and no time for teaching the post graduate students, but everyone complains that tehy are not taking classes giving only semeniers to the students we don't know to whom to thay are claasses( if tehy have 26 courses).they teach oly MBBS students since each student pay 60 lakshs for their addmission and others pay 1 lakh.What kind of discripency is this??

kindly take action.
Oct 13, 2014


Activation of fellowship
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am research student from Mahatma Gandhi University, Anneparthy-Nalgonda. I have qualified UGC-JRF for Chemical Sciences in Dec-2012 and have registered for PhD. on 27th July 2013. I have send my joining report to UGC for the activation of fellowship. For the last one year I did not got the JRF stipend. But the institute is not getting any reply from UGC about the fellowship activation. Please send the fellowship amount as soon as possible. It's very difficult to live on without money.
Thank You

Yours Obediently
Phd. Student,
Chemistry Dept.
Mahatma Gandhi University,
Telangana State (Andhrapradesh)
Oct 10, 2014

Delay in release of Emeritus Fellowship

Emeritus Fellowship Grant Number: F.6-6/2012-13/EMERITUS-2012-13-GEN-855/(SA-II)
From May 13 to April 14, my fellowship of Rs 20,000 was credited by 7th of the Month but from May 2014 the payment of Rs 20,000 has become very erratic. We are working in our Host Institute as full time Faculty Member still our payment is very irregular. We have not received anything in September Month and today is 10.10.2014(10th October 2014) and still our grants have not arrived.You must realize that September and October this year are Durga Puja, Diwali and Chath month in Bihar.Please regularize our payment.
Bijay Kumar Sharma
Oct 5, 2014

Fees refund

respected sir/ madam,

Myself vinay kumar from Chamba H.P. I took admission in Arni University, Kathgarh (Indore) H.P. dated on July-2014 but after 2 months in september i call to university that due to some personal problems i can not continue with course and please refund my fees amount. But now the Dean of the university My Ravikant Swami said that the admission cancel date was August and we will not refund the fees and don't comne to university.

Please tell me what should i do and please help me in this matter.

the contact no of the Dean is 9888599102

Vinay Kumar
From Chamba H.P.
+91-88949-05550, +91-94188-39525
Sep 26, 2014

Arrest for fake paper takes 36 years

Susant Kumar Pradhan (58) was arrested from his village Batignia under the Tikabali police station on Thursday, the police said. In 1978, Mr Pradhan, who belongs to the SC, managed to get an appointment as a typist in the RBI by producing a fake Scheduled Tribe (ST) certificate. He is presently working as an assistant manager with the RBI. According to inspector L.N. Tiwari of the Tikabali police station, Mr Pradhan was arrested under Section 420, 468, 471 Indian Penal Code (IPC) on the basis of an FIR filed by Kandhamal district welfare officer (DWO) Paramananda Prusty.
After reading the news, every Indian must remember a Story of his childhood. One King gifts a lamb to a Priest for the services rendered to him on some prayer. One thief looks at it and plans with his four friends to grab that lamb. The thief deploys his comrades at different junction points of the en-route to priest's home. while the priests returns to his home, at every junction he encounter each friend of the thief. Each one asks the priest why he is carrying a 'foal'( a baby donkey) to provoke him to get rid of that lamb. That priest gets doubt after four encounters and leaves the lamb on the road. The thief picks it up and makes merry. In fake SC cases also, the King( District Collector) presents a fake SC report, but Priest(Judge) is misguided & provoked by the thieves to leave that lamb ( fake SC report) on the road. Family members, relatives and neighbors knew all these tricks played by the bad lawyers in the courts. Nothing is secret. The Priest(Judge) must keep faith in the King(District Collector) instead of the thieves. Atleast, The priest must find his own reliable sources to verify the truth instead of just relying the thieves. This story is not to insult any one, but it has come after knowing all the developments in another fake SC job holder & her lawyer, who think they can fool every one. Refer AP High Court WP 34222/2011, CC 201/2012, WP3754/2012, CC 1023/2013. smt Biruda Raja Ratnam, who got fake SC certificate and works as aided lecturer in Andhra Saraswatha Parishad, Ram Kothi, Hyderabad. How many years this case will take...only time will tell. District Collector must gather more information from other family members to know the true picture of her lawyer and his activities.
Sep 23, 2014

CMJ University

I have teaken admission in phd in CMJ University in 2011. Now I am not getting any information about the status of my admission.These is news about CMJ University
What should I do?
From where I get all information?
Whether I will get my fees refund or transfer to any other university?
Sep 19, 2014

Phd for 1 Rupees get it sooooon

under bharathiyar university two person friends register same time ,same thesis, submitted same time wheather university provide phd for this. more over university should not mention external examiner detail to the students but here they get money and told about all detail about external examiner easily students can deal directly with external examiner. In this way they are producing researcher to our National
Sep 18, 2014

Delay in releasing grants (JRF)

Respected Sir,
I am a UGC-JRF in Environmental Science June' 2012 and enrolled at A.N College, Patna since Nov' 2012. My grant has not been released yet. I have submitted all the necessary document for it in Nov' 2013 itself. I personally visited (solely for this purpose) UGC thrice and met Mrs Gulati twice and Mrs. Siwach once, but to no avail. Neither they respond to the mail nor give any clear information over phone. I am not in a position to visit UGC again.
The financial difficulty is hampering my research work. I am deeply depressed over the state of affair. I regret my decision of joining Ph.D. The attitude of UGC is compelling me to quit it. Kindly sort out my case urgently.

Thanking You,
Tahseen Anwar
UGC- JRF (Environmental Science)
PG Dept of Envs. Sc
A. N College, Patna
Sep 13, 2014

Fake SC Job holders India

Fake SC Job holders India... Once there was a king, who use to run along with a horse to reach his destination. He is most stubborn, adamant and gets angry soon, if any one suggests to him about his activity. He was dictator too. Always he use to be late to reach his destination. He was always surrounded by sycophant ministers, who were corrupt. One day one common observed this running with horse activity and dared to ask one of the the sycophants ' why does the king run along with horse..can't he ride a horse?'. The sycophant minister got that common man arrested and charges framed against him. Before the hearing took place, that sycophant minister briefed the King more than enough and negatively charged the King against that common man. On the day of hearing, the common man asked the same question to King. Reply came from the King that he doesn't have enough time to stop and get on the horse for a ride. Hence he was hurry to run along with it. The common man laughed. Soon he was punished severely for laughing at the reply. In India many practices resemble this story, why truth is adopted immediately. was it the mistake of the King or his sycophants, some cases run for years. No one dares to tell the truth due to dictator attitude of the Kings. Fake SC job holders are taking benefit of this attitude all over India. A law for punishment must not be made concentrating on the fake SC criminals. But, it should me made on lawyers, who are the big stake holders for a law's malfunctioning. Family members always knew the antecedents of individual(fake SC) and his/her lawyer activities.
Sep 10, 2014

CMJ University

The Authority
UGC , New Delhi,

Dear Sir,

Myself S. Mukherjee previous year given to CMJ University 32,400/- (Rupees Thirty Two Thousand Four Hundred only) for taking of the admission of Phd., ( in management studies). But that time I enquired to UGC that it is approved or not (university) UGC people checked and told me that the above university is approved by them. But why afterwards we came to know the fraud. They taken my hard earned money and gone. Receipt of the above is with me. If UGC helps me it will be highly appreciated and never forget this help to get back the money.
I am very much kind enough that UGC definitely help me & help to get my money back from CMJ fake university.

Thanks & Regards,
S. Mukherjee
email : mukherjeesubrato
Sep 5, 2014

Cheated by Shobhit University

I am Sumant Kumar, sir i took admission in Shobit University for M.com as distant education through IT Zone Infotech INDIA (Address : Plot No. 143, Ist & 2nd Floor, Sector - 24, Best Mega Mall, Rohini, Delhi - 85) , since i am working with a company and i was not able to persue as regular course.Now the problem is , they are not willing to give the certificates. for this i have called them no of times but they are not responding well, i personally spoke to the Director of IT Zone all my problems what all i am facing just because of this, but the director of IT Zone every time will try to escape by giving some reasons like your work ll be done in couple of days but till now nothing is being done from his side & now a days he is not picking my call. Sir its affecting my job severely, due to this even after having so many opportunities for promotion i am not getting promoted just because of this. Sir i am mentally harassed by these people since no action is being taken in past 3 months. I will be fine if they return money whatever i have paid. So that by using that money i can try getting admission in some other trustful university. I have also mail to Shobhit University on dt: July 2013 for knowing the status but university is not responding.

The fees details are given below:

DD issue in the name of Shobhit University.
DD No. 068583
Bank Name : Indian Bank
Branch : Mehrauli Road 00943
Amt: Rs. 12500/- DD & Rs. 2000/- Cash

Therefore i am requesting you, sir kindly look into the matter and help me to come out from this.

Details of IT Zone Infotech India - Mr. L.B. Singh, Mob No. 9818298818, Address : Plot No. 143, Ist & 2nd Floor, Sector - 24, Best Mega Mall, Rohini, Delhi - 85

My Details - Sumant Kumar, Mob No. 9716047770, 8750706069
Aug 25, 2014

phd from cmj

respected sir,
please help me about phd CMJ UNIVERSITY Ph.D PROBLEM
The student of PhD Registered No. 80187310111452 admitted in Jan 2010 and passed on March 2013. I have full filled all the requirements of C.M.J. University for the course PhD in MANAGEMENT. I have revived provisional degree certificate. I awaited for final degree certificate still not issued. Mean while I knew that degree of CMJU is not valid degree. I take the money for the Ph.d. admission from the relative. At that I have no job and how I return this money to the relative. Current time I am suffering with depression, anxiety. . Today I am 39 year old. Please provide me guidance with your kind information to get the approved degree or my paid money back. fake degree my mobile no. is 9665377744
Aug 20, 2014

Delay in releasing JRF amount

Dear Sir/Mam,
I have cleared NET/JRF on DEC 2012and have registered for PhD. on 1st April 2014. I have submitted all the required papers to the nearest branch of Canara Bank.But till now I haven't got any amount as fellowship.Please advice. what is the normal time required to process an application. To whom should we contact for any communication in this regard.

thanking You
Aug 19, 2014

activation of fellowship

Dear Sir,
I have qualified ugc-jrf for life sciences in 2013.I have send my joining report to ugc for the activation of fellowship.
But the institute is not getting any reply from ugc about the fellowship activation.Please send the fellowship amount as soon as possible.It's very difficult to survive without money.

Thank You
bhuwneshwar kumar
Aug 18, 2014

PhD from CMJU

madasu sasidhar
Aug 18, 2014

posting of non qualified persons as degree college lecturers


I am qualified in APSET (physical scinces) according to the advertisement given in the month july i applied personally for the post of degree college lecturers on contract basis.Official persons said that interview dates will be announced in news papers it is almost one month since i applied and no responsn from officials and more worsely it is known that classes arecomenced with persons who r not qualified in SET or SLET orNET .Regarding this i request u to take necessary action andjustify those who are qualified.If u take proper steps it stenthens our confidence and strenthens faith in indian constitutiont

thanking you,
pratisha Borborah
Aug 13, 2014

delay in NET/JRF scholarship

i have cleared my Net/Jrf exam in 2013. but I didnot get my stipend till now. I am Mphil Research Scholar from JNU, New Delhi. i have submitted all my documents in Canara Bank (RK Puram Sec-13 ) but it is of no use. Even the workers in the Canara Bank keeps the work pending due to lack of men power in the branch. it is very difficult to do my research work without any stipend. Moreover, it would have been really helpful if UGC can provide a fixed period of providing the stipend. it is a problem faced by many students. Hope to get a solution
Aug 10, 2014


The student of PhD Registered No. 80187710105465 admitted in Jan 2010 and passed on March 2013. I have full filled all the requirements of C.M.J. University for the course PhD in MANAGEMENT. I have revived provisional degree certificate. I awaited for final degree certificate still not issued. Mean while I knew that degree of CMJU is not valid degree. I take the money for the Ph.d. admission from the relative. At that I have no job and how I return this money to the relative. Current time I am suffering with depression, anxiety. . Today I am 33 year old. Please provide me guidance with your kind information to get the approved degree or my paid money back.
Sumant Jain
Aug 1, 2014

Nit kurukshetra did not consider Ugc net (Comp.Sc And App.)for the post of Asstt.prof. in computer Science And Application Department

Respected Sir/Madam,
I had given the interview in Computer Science and Application department of National Institute of Technology for the post of Assistant professor on July15,2014. The minimum eligibility criteria for this post was First Class in MCA or M.Tech in Computer Science/Computer Applications and The candidates should have cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by the UGC, CSIR or similar test accredited by the UGC like SLET/SET. But the candidates selected for the post was not UgcNet Qualified. If these candidate does not fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria for the post,how they are selected for the post. And I am rejected even after qualifying the ugc net after doing Mtech(Computer Science And Engineering). If Ugc net qualified candidate are rejected and non net qualified candidate are preferred then why University Grant Commisson is conducting this test.Please see the partiality done by them in the selection process.
Thanking You

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