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Consumer complaints and reviews about UGC

Jul 28, 2014

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur. Karwar, Nagaur Road, Jodhpur

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur.
Karwar, Nagaur Road, Jodhpur is the most irresponsible university that can not prepare a webpage properly.The phone no.s given in the page are all non-working.They will ask for personal details to fill up forms and then the will not maintain the confidentialily and make them public.

So worst their staffs are !!
Jul 27, 2014

Non receipt of NET-JRF stipend

Sir I am research student form Gauhati University. I have cleared NET- JRF in 2010 with office ref. no. F.17-19/2008 (SA-1) dated 4 Nov 2011. I would like to know why the UGC is not releasing the stipend in time as i am facing difficulties in my research work. For the last one year i did not got the jrf stipend. Please help me in this matter as i belong to a poor family , i can't always depend on my family for the research work. And if there is no fund in UGC den why the RGNF fellows are getting their stipend in time. Plis help
Jul 25, 2014

Physical education not included in best four in D.U

Dear sir, I have just passed my 12th exams and had took admission in Delhi university .i had difficulty in taking admissions in D.U just because my physical ecu. marks were not included in my best four percentage. My question is that when physical edu. is not included in best four then why it is being tought in schools . And that too in some colleges it is being considered and in some colleges it is not. why is that so? I hope my question will be answered shortly. Your consideration in this regard will be highly appreciable.
Jul 18, 2014


CMJ STUDENTS lodge your grievances to Meghalaya Government through pgportal gov in.
Lodge your grievances addressed to Meghalaya government pgportal.gov.in to validate your degree ASAP.
Jul 17, 2014


We are students of ME-CSE 2nd Year RGPV BHOPAL.We didn't get any Stipend from your side since last 6 months from january 2014.
Please Provide us necessary stipend ,otherwise it is impossible to pay fees of college and mesh.
Jul 15, 2014

regarding the unfair practices of Management in BIT Mesra, Ranchi

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I am a student of BIT Mesra, Ranchi and writing this mail to you seeking your help into a matter.




Kindly look into the matters. I wish you could take the issue seriously regarding the same.

Thank you

Jul 8, 2014

Fake SC papers.. NO punishment

How can person get fakeSC certificate? How can a person get UGCNET papers leaked? How can a person with fake SC get a job in SC backlog post as lecturer in aided college? How can a 10th class failed person make platform for PhD at Telugu department, Sri Venkateswara University? How can a person manage a fake PhD thesis to submit there? How can a person manage social welfare department officials for years together to suppress all complaint against a fake SC person? Let District Collector order an inquiry as per LAW. How can a person bribes a social welfare department officer(Deputy Director) to submit wrong report? How can a fake SC person to bounce back into job, even after District collector removed that person from job? How can an appeal is made to Principal Secretary to review District collector's report? How can a writ petition makes re-appointment imminent after removal from lecturer job? How can Salary is claimed there after by getting contempt of court orders? How can a HC Lawyer makes every one a mute spectator? Everything is possible in HYDERABAD. It is not just JAADOO TV (MAGIC TV). You can find such jaadoo art in many corrupt women, corrupt lawyers& corrupt judges.Even a daughter takes scholarship with fake parents income certificate. Their contributions speak louder than their portraits. Juniors provide lot of information respectively. A corrupt always gets the lap of other corrupt to get consoled. please visit Andhra Saraswatha Parishad, Ram Kothi, Hyderabad. Enquire about a woman lecturer --- smt Biruda Raja Ratnam, who got fake SC certificate and won the hearts of many corrupt people.
Can a District Collector's report given as fake SC against her make any sense in HYD? Her husband set 1st wife ablaze? Rest..
Do you wish to see her? plz visit - http://profileengine.com/people/407220167/papa.raju.sarikonda
Do you wish to see order? www.apcce.gov.in/Documentation/June2013/Raja%20Ratnam.pdf‎
Do you want to know HC petitions? Refer AP High Court WP 34222/2011, CC 201/2011, WP3754/2012, CC 1023/2013.
Do you want to know her 420 acts? Ask all family memebrs & relatives.. every one has each narration of agony.
Do you want to know her lawyer acts?Every detail can be had from Sri Papa Raju's family members,siblings- how police harassed
Do you want to know all above? Ask their juniors... They will narrate how seniors managed Police & Judges in Hyderabad.
All family members & relatives wish to say that her lawyer made HC into London theater to perform his& smt Raja Ratnam's skills
All of them pray to Judges & Dist Collector to be aware of her Lawyer, who delegates his persons for his missions-
Truth must win - SATYAMEVA JAYATE- The declining ratio of boys & girls is highlighted, but not honest&corrupt judges in court

Fake SC papers.. NO punishment

Jul 7, 2014

7 yrs jail for FAKE SC Papers in jobs

How do a fake SC employee is escaping punishment easily and Law is not at all implemented by lawyers & judges for bribes.
with reference to letter GOI DoPT Order No. 36011/1/2012-Estt. (Res.) dt 10 Jan 2013. A Fake SC case is not tried as per law. Refer AP High Court WP 34222/2011, CC 201/2011, WP3754/2012, CC 1023/2013. Just follow the HC lawyer sri Godey Satish. How many people know that he threatened other members in accused family not to reveal any truth. A true case study with updates is presented to AP Govt for past four years- Smt B Raja Ratnam, Lecturer, ASP College, Kothi, Hyd. Dist collector followed the steps laid in constitution and found her with fake SC. He removed her from the job. But, she bounced back into job easily by paying bribes. Even all family members knew it, as she cheated many in many ways in lakhs. She adopted corrupt path in life to progress. in this process, she chose to catch the corrupt people to supply UGCNET papers, que&answers, Ph.D thesis and many more. Many corrupt people extended their services. She made a successful platform in Telugu Dept, sri Venkateswara University in 2007 to get Ph.D there.Lizard or wizard ..god knows. She openly challenges that she can mobilize her corrupt friends in various departments to favor her any time. This was witnessed in High Court through received orders as above. Can any one remove her from job, which was secured with fake SC certificate. Do not believe the perception of judges, which is biased. If they followed basics, case could have completed within 10 mintues by summoning all other family members/siblings on one day.
nabeena ameen
Jul 2, 2014

I applied for ugcmrp,i am not getting login id

I went to the site (www.ugcfrp.ac.in).Click on the link "HOW TO APPLY", to know about the procedure, then click on the link "REGISTER" to access the "Registration Form" (Please answer all questions without omitting anyone).
Then press button "Submit". I have not received my login id
Jun 21, 2014

Dravidian University PhD before 1.6.2009

Sir, Dravidian University, Kuppam (A.P) deceived thousands of PhD Scholars by violating the UGC Norms in 2009. For this, the University started collecting crores of rupees illegally from the innocent scholars without fixing any last date for the PhD registrations. Only after the UGC had revised its new norms (1.6.2009), Dravidian University suddenly and technically aranged a committee and declared that it had cancelled more than 5000 registrants enrolled AFTER 1.6.2009. But the PhD registrants who were cancelled, approched the High Court of A.P. The case is even now kept pending. But the present V.C purposefully refuses to do any step to evaluate the theses submitted by the eligible PhD Scholars registered BEFORE 1.6.2009 (2007-2008 and 2008-2009 batches). whenever asked, the VC used to blame the then-V.C and give tough responses. More than 3 years elapsed. UGC should intervene and save the affected eligible PhD scholars by taking immediate steps for the genuine PhD registrants.The present VC should be morally directed to do positive steps to evaluate the theses submitted by the eligible PhD scholars. With hope, -S.Sagayam
ratika sharma
Jun 19, 2014

Delay in Scholarship

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Myself Ratika Sharma, doing Ph.D in Physics from Jammu University, i have qualified NET/JRF in Dec. 2012. I sent my documents along with the scholarship form, joining reports and a covering letter with reference no. RA/SA/UGC- JRF 13/1414-15 and dated 31.07.2013. In response to it i got a letter from your office with letter no. F.17-77/2008(SA-I), dated 7 Oct. 2013, in which u asked me to send my registration letter of Ph.D. I have send my registration letter along with a covering letter through my Research Supervisor and H.O.D. of my Dept. two times. Now one year has passed but i did not get any reply from your side. i request you to kindly response me about the proceedings and sanction my scholarship as soon as possible so that i can take forward my research work smoothly.

Thanking you.

Yours Obediently
Ratika Sharma,
Phd. Student,
physics Dept.
Jammu University
Jun 18, 2014

State decision abou CMJ Degrees

Mera desh mahan. what a strategy. sare students ko ek side rakh kar sirf apna one sided decision sunaya Meghalaya government ne. kya India me private uinversity ka kuch existence he ki nahi. agar nahi to fir innocent students ko kyun dhokha diya ja raha hai.
Jun 16, 2014

Marksheets not given even after 3 years

Respected Sir/Madam.

I have passed Bachelor of Science in fashion designing from INIFD Dehradun center in the year 2011. It is one of the college affiliated to Annamalai University. I have some issue during my education. My marksheets of all 3 years was not provided to me during the course. Many times i have contacted to INIFD chandigarh regarding marksheets but no such positive response was observed. Its almost 3 years i have completed my graduation and still i am waiting for my marksheets.
M. Dhavamurthy
Jun 13, 2014

Release of the remaining fund under the scheme of RGNF – Requested – Regarding.

Ph.D Research Scholars
( Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship awarded students 2010 - 2011)
Presidency College (A)
Chennai – 600 005.
Tamil Nadu.

Sub: Release of the remaining fund under the scheme of RGNF – Requested – Regarding.
Ref : UGC File No.F-16-1800 (SC)/2010 (SA-III), Dated : May,2011 (18.07.2011)

We are doing research (Ph.D) in Presidency College (A),Chennai-05, Tamilnadu. We would like to bring up the delay in the release of RGNF fund for your kind notice.
With Reference mentioned above, Five SC candidates have been awarded under “Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (RGNF) for SC/ST candidates” during the year 2010- 2011.Through RGNF scheme, the candidates are aided with the fellowship for the span of Five years. However, the fund has been disbursed to those five students only for the first year. The Utilization certificate, details of expenditure and Mandate form have been sent twice to the UGC for the further process. Moreover, we visited to UGC twice and discussed with RGNF section officer about the status of our fellowship. Nevertheless, we have not yet received any communication from UGC in this regard.
For want of money the proposed research works, experimental works and the data collection associated with our work have been stopped abruptly. The extensive two years of work have not been summarized as it demands money. Eventually we are not able to communicate into any publication, which ultimately questions the future of Five students’ Ph.D.
Being born from poor families, we don’t have any financial support from anyone and any other source of income to meet out our daily expenditure.
Thus, we (the five students) beg and seek for the intervention of honorary vice chairman, UGC, New Delhi in this regard to initiate the process of disbursing the remaining funds to us as soon as possible.
Having high regard and hope for you, we request you once again to make necessary orders to release the fund mentioned to light up the future of us.
Thanking you

Date : 13.06.2014 Yours faithfully
Place : Chennai – Tamil Nadu RGNF awarded scholars (Ph.D) Presidency College (A)
Jun 8, 2014

CMJ University

CMJ university, approved by UGC, set up and working in peace for past 4 years, suddenly when the tenure of visitor comes to an end, there are complaints about irregularities of university, visitor joins and promotes another new university being set up in same state... It has been more than a year that this has been happening, people are 'speculating' that degrees are purchased...I know of people and universities who do many things in name of management quota, there is no action against them....they are highly prestigious...!! and who decides that degree is purchased??? Anonymous user commenting on threads??? I'm a topper from eminent university, I got selected at eminent universities of India for Ph.D, but I selected this place, coz there was no BRIBE or personal assignments of my Ph.D guide...!! did anyone told you this...?? I am a busy person earning living, I have better things to do, than requesting the govt. to grant status of degrees valid or to burnout my money to do 'representation' of my degree...
Supreme court doesn't decides on the case, Meghalaya Govt. doesn't publically announce the decision ??? are we expecting this to be some thriller ans suspense drama of TV so that we can keep up checking the updates on unauthenticated Facebook pages...???
I have participated in many debates online...but my comments are not published...for them being controversial..why the student has to bear these things..?? we had check the status of university on UGC site, filled rti and passed exams, that is what student is supposed to do...we are UNKNOWN to the intricacies of how chancellor has to be appointed and how visitor has to work.....
Is it the threat of losing vote bank that govt. doesn't declare the fate of the university....there is one victim every 4 years...singhania, etc...now CMJ ....Hard earned money of people, time that they devoted to be qualified and hopes to earn a living for a better future is in clutter...!! moreover, people think that we have 'purchased the degree'....I know people who have qualified research paper and don't know what is primary research....even a management undergraduate knows that...??
Do , "we the people of India" .....have to suffer like this...?? this is the fastrack court??? is this the way government takes decision...."can't decide--3 months more???" and let the student bear the loan, so that interest of bank increases...???....
does this complaint board is good enuf to put things across??? is there any good place from where I can seek a reply...??
Jun 3, 2014

eligibility criteria for PhD in mangement

hi sir
i am Master of Business and Economics and M.Phil(economics) from kurukshetra university.
i want to know UGC norms that am i eligible of doing PhD in Management.
or i am eligible for PhD in economics only
Jun 3, 2014

For CMJ Degree vaildity

I Mohinderjit from Una Distt. I cmpleted my M.Phil in Library Science in 2011. My Reg. No 80182911100082.Sir m sofrustrated by the liar report of Moosaray a former governor of Meghalaya. Sir we all cmju students r so frustrated pls vaild all degree we shall thankfull to you.Thanking you.....
May 29, 2014


Hello sir,
Mr.Karthickraja studying ME structrural engineering ,he is illegally studyind in jeyam college of engineering college,dharmapuri,tamilnadu.he is paying money more than 30000 for attendance in that college many students are studying like this sir,please take action sir,then what is the difference between regular students and this kind of students.last two years he is working but he is regular PG student??????????
its wrongly way of education sir,he is zero in his subject but the university is going to award ME.pls take action sir??
May 23, 2014



Can you please verify that registration no B.U/2010/1000453570 . My email is.... iram138@gmail.com

May 23, 2014

persuing two degrees same time

in ugc notification dated 28 december 2012 a comitee was formed to look at the issue of persuing two degrees at same time what happened to that issue.what was the dicesion of that comitee
Akash Tanwar
May 21, 2014


There is the state government or the court who can validate the degree in present situation. All students should force the state government collectively to take the decision in favour of student. Retired Governor is enjoying the retirement somewhere whereas all student are wondering who have invested time and money. State government is ready to release the terrorist / criminal and can also waive off the money taken by the public as loan as they stand collectively to force the government to take the decision in their favour. Farmers can force the government in maharastra and other states for getting the loan waived off. what about you dear ??? We are being punished without fault whereas there is fault of governor / state government/ UGC, where they were sleeping for three year.

Kuch karo warna zindgi bhar rote raho dear and ro ro ka maro. you can do the same thing are you ready ??????
May 21, 2014

Valid the Phd Degree of CMJ University

The student of PhD Registered No. 80188310111653 admitted in Jan 2010 and passed on May 2013. I have full filled all the requirements of C.M.J. University for the course PhD in Library Science. I have issued provisional degree certificate. I awaited for final degree certificate still not issued. Mean while I knew that degree of CMJU is not valid degree. I take the money for the Ph.d. admission from the relative. At that I have no job and how I return this money to the relative. Current time I am suffering with depression, anxiety. . Today I am 39 year old. Please provide me guidance with your kind information to get the approved degree or my paid money back.

Thanking you
May 18, 2014

Phd final degree

I the student of PhD regd. No. 8016810101821 admitted in Jan 2010 and passed on May 2012. I have full filled all the requirements of C.M.J. University for the course PhD in Structural Engineering. I have issued provisional degree certificate. I awaited for final degree certificate still not issued. Meanwhile I knew that degree of CMJU is not valid degree. I have paid my all saved money of life for admission. Today I am 48 year old problem of bad visibility eye disease, I cannot read books or write continuously now. Please provide me guidance to get the approved degree or my paid money back.
Thakur sunil
May 15, 2014

Degree validity of cmj university

Myself sunil kumar , I have passed my PH.D. DEGREE FROM CMJ UNIVERSITY 2010-2013.
Why the State Govt. , & UGC did not tell about this case the cmj university chancellor is not approved & all the admission from 2010 onward admission are invalid during our study where ugc and state govt. Sleeping between this period. What our guilty please think on the future of passed out students. I take the money for the Ph.d. admission from the relative. At that I have no job and how I return this money to the relatlive. Current time I am suffering with depression & Blood pressure disease.
Some time I think to do the Succide becase my future is spoiled.
May 12, 2014

the complaint about the irregularities of university

Respected sir,
i am the student of be final year EC branch. from a private institute recognized to rgtu bhopal..it seems that in rgtu ,there are so many corrupted persons.those are making the whole system corrupt.by bribe..because first they fail a student in exam by some numbers that he/she can't take the advantage of grace..after that the student apply for reval/retotal by thinking in a hope that the mistake of checking staff can be improve & he can get 1-5 no. which is necessary for his passing marks & he can save his year to waste..for the applying of revaluation the university charged a good amount. then they usually result most of the(more than 95 %) revaluation as no change.they declare the revaluation result too much late & declare the last date of filling exam form..by this the student comes in a dilemma that what would be his revaluation result..he would be pass or not..about which he is confused.because he has a ray of hope that he may be pass because he gave his exam very well..but university have no mean of it..& in this dilemma the students have to fill the exam form & submit the exam fees. whether they would be pass or fail..if they wait for revaluation result..they will have to also submit the late fees which is more than exam fees. & the checking staff don't check the exam copies with full attention because they get some rupees per copy means if they check more & more copy they will get more & more rupees..I've heard by some persons those are also check the copy.they told to each other..that it's their season of earning money..hence they check copy very badly & too fast because they want to earn more & more money.at last some student pass by paying approx. 20000-25000/- per subject in bribe which is contribute in whole system.you can inquiry about this by sting operation.there are some persons in university who take bribe directly & some take by mediator.some faculty of engineering. colleges are also involved in it...the whole process from filling the exam form to final result is per-planned for taking personal advantage.
at present university have also declare the last date of filling the exam form & doesn't declare the revaluation result of 5th sem..so we are in a dilemma. so please help us.every student know about it..but nobody dare to share about it.
i am a simple student who have no any power of any type..no any source of any type but i've dare for complaining about it..so kindly don't disclose my identity in any form to anybody..& its my humble request please take strong steps against it & save our future.i'll be obliged to you.

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