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Consumer complaints and reviews about UGC

manoj shree shivhare
Sep 17, 2016

increase the ugc net challan date

Sir, I complete my graduation from gajraraja university Gwalior m.p. my challan could not be submit because I had jondice Please sir increase the date. I m preparing net for years. So please sir increase the date
manoj shree shivhare
Sep 17, 2016

increase the net challan date

Sir, I complete my graduation from Devi ahilya bhai university Indore m.p. my challan could not be submit because I was in hospital. Please sir increase the date. I m preparing net four years. So please sir increase the date. Its my life sir
niraj rathore
Sep 17, 2016

increase the net challan date

Sir, I complete my graduation from Jiwaji university Gwalior m.p. my challan could not be submit because I was in very critical situation. Please sir increase the date. I m preparing net lastyear . So please sir increase the date
sandeep shivhare
Sep 17, 2016

increase the net challan date

Sir, I complete my graduation from Jiwaji university Gwalior m.p. my challan could not be submit because I was in very critical situation. Please sir increase the date. I m preparing net two years. So please sir increase the date
nikhil sunar
Sep 17, 2016

increase the net challan date

Sir, I complete my graduation from Jiwaji university Gwalior m.p. my challan could not be submit because I was in very critical situation. Please sir increase the date. I m preparing net for years. So please sir increase the date
nitesh rathor
Sep 17, 2016

increase the form challan date

Sir, I complete my graduation from Jiwaji university Gwalior m.p. my challan could not be submit because I was in very critical situation. Please sir increase the date. I m preparing net for years. So please sir increase the date.
Sep 17, 2016

Grievance regarding caution money


I, Akshat Shukla, had completed graduation from NIMS University Jaipur in the year 2013.
Sir, at the time of admission they had taken 20,000/- rs. as a caution money for hostel and college.
I am trying since last 3 year to get back the amount but nobody pick the call in account section and if they pick the call they ignore our grivenance completely.
Sir, I tried every possible way to get back the amount but I could not get the same.

I request yo to please consider my plea and help me in getting back the amount.

I had attached the college and hostel receipt for your information.

Sir, please find the list of my batchmates who had also tried but failed to get the amount.
1. Salu nair
2. Kapil dakua
3. Sunil gupta
4. Vikas singh chauhan
5. Mihir patel
6. Nilesh mandhare
7. Drupad shah
8. Dhaval hakani
9. Dhaval bhansali
10. Rajiv kumar.

Sir, we belong to middle class family.
20,000/- rs. is a big amount for us and also this is cheating from college side if they did not return back the amount.

Hoping for a positive response soon.

Thanks and Regards,
Akshat Shukla
Sep 16, 2016

Corruption in University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata

UEM Kolkata.
Just an year old autonomous college.
We were assured fake promises while joining this institute.
1)Students who break rules by consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes and weeds within college premises, college hostel premises are told nothing. But people who accidentally hit each other in crowds are rusticated, We know it doesn't make sense at all. The person who did not complaint earlier was rusticated
2) Since it's a new college, we had a single building till last year, now there are more students who cannot be accomodated in that building so the college has started making a new building. That sounds well enough, but they've resumed the classes for the second years even before the building is ccompleted, it's under construction and highly risky for students.
And also we don't have laboratories, there are curtains inna single room diving it into 3 labs having mostly defective equipments.
3) There was an award function held in our college for students who had performed well in higher secondary and semesters, but on the day of the event, prople who were awarded were the 5 pointers & 6 pointers having 2-3 supplimentaries and people who had really good marks in boards 85%+ were not awarded, as promised earlier. The ones who were awarded were the ones who used to flatter the teachers and other heads if the college for the entire year.
4) Serious students suffering from ill health genuinely, with proper proofs are disbarred for their low attendances inspite of the fact that they're proving their illness. It was the college's fault to organize a fest during working days for an entire week and then to makeup the loss of that week, there are extra classes being held on weekends eith compulsory attendance as a result of which people are losing their attendances, had the classes been on normal working days people would have much better attendances.
5) Faculties abuse and insult students unnecessarily in unparliamentary languages in front of their juniors. They insult their parents, upbringing and family background for no reason.
6) PARTIALITY in this college is giving better opportunities to people who don't deserve it, in every field, be it performing in fests, or appearing in exams or other felicitation ceremonies. And the very bright and talented students are not getting proper opportunities gor the same just because they don't flatter the authorities?

There are a lot more reasons for which we, majority no. of students in UEM would seek your kind cooperation and attention to please look into this matter very seriously, since we are really worried about our future ventures from this Institute.
Please take proper steps. Thank you very much.
Benjamin Konki
Sep 14, 2016


Respected sir/madam, I Benjamin a student of little flower degree college of uppal. Here wants to inform u that our college is doing a lot of injustice to every student of this college especially by the principal Rev brother Jaico gervasis nd vice principal Mrs. P. Jayanthi reddy. Here I wants to tell that, even after paying the college fees, for seminar trip they still charging huge amount of money nearly like Rs. 200/- nd that to for petrol nd diesel charges of their college vechile(bus) sir, I don't understand how come they take money from every student, of the class where it's the responsibility of this college to take the students to seminars that to by not taking money from the each student ,they are just indirectly charging huge amount of money, even if the student fails to attend the seminars due to health issue they are still asking for money, nd they are just blackmailing the student in other words they are torching the student for money, by not giving them exam hall ticket even after they paid the exam fee, not only that this college is not spending the money of freshers or farewell party in a right way they are taking 450/-Rs nd they are just spending 100/- sir, Here I want to direct yur attention here ,that what about the remaining 350/-Rs.they are keeping them in there pockets, sir,I should say they are purposely charging huge amount of money, nd taking much of the money from this students money, nd keeping 350/- Rs. In there pockets, even if the student ask just to show the whole bill of the program of freshets party or farewell party they are warining them that not to ask if not they will suspend or give T. C, sir, here student has the right to ask the bill, because it's there money, sir, not only that the same situation has had with me, saying to give Rs. 450/- if not they won't give hall ticket final exam, I said how can that possible I even paid my exam fees but still I have that receipt but still they forcabily took 450 rs from me in last year of March just two days after my exam starts final exam starts, sir, if they continue like this how come a student whose parent has low income would bear all this, sir, I kindly nd humbly request u took take serious action on both brother(principal) nd viceprincipal of this college, sir, here there is huge corruption is going on this college sir, I mean not only in our degree but also in. Inter nd school of LFDC uppal Hyderabad so, please kindly take a serious action,
thank yu. From, Benjamin, moulali Hyderabad telangana 9603881944. benjaminkonki@gmail. Com
Sep 10, 2016

No holiday for bakreid

We are students of manipal jaipur, our problem is that college is not giving holiday for bakreid, and this not for this year.. Every year situation is same. We can't understand this is specially for us or every religion is same. They don't care of any government notice. Don't know why but we have believe in your organisation, please do some action. And keep your respect up.
Sep 3, 2016

Fellow Ship with held with UGC

Dear Sir,

With due respects I beg to say that my daughter AFNAN QUADRI was enrolled in IIIM Jammu for completion of phD.She got admission in 2011 in Punjab University and was deputed to IIIM Jammu.Moulana Azad Muslim Minority Forum awarded Fellowship on merit.For two years fellowship was paid to her smoothly but after two years it was not paid to her.When contacted IIIM Jammu they told that the money has not been send from UGC.Accordingly I myself went Delhi and contacted the concern people (Miss Monika) who was kind enough and told me that utilization of funds has not been send by IIIM Jammu.When again contacted to IIIM Jammu they told that it has been send to the authorities of UGC.All of them played me like a football throghing me from Jammu to Deli and Delhi to Jammu up to 2015 when my daughter completed her phD.Till this date nothing has been done.For your information when this fellowship was stopped that time I was not able to send her money,because of my limited income.It was also not good for my daughter to leave her research halfway.So I was forced to barrow loan which is over due now.

Now it is requested to your good self kindly let me know what to do.File No in UGC Is F.40-55(M)/2009 (SA III/MANF ) and the balance is above 6 lacs.I hope that you will do the needful.Prim Minster says BEETI BACHAVE AND BEETI PADAVE.

Name of my daughter Afnan Quadri cell No 09654476730
ex Sr Research fellow IIIM Jammu

Thanking You Sir
Yours Faithfully
Manzoor Quadri 09419007546
F/O Afnan Quadri
9A Pamposh Colony Natipora
Srinagar Kashmir India
Aug 29, 2016

About disbursement of Post Graduate Scholarship for SC/ST Candidates,2014-15

Respected Sir/Madam,
I state most humbly and respectfully that I have been awarded the Post Graduate Scholarship for Professional Courses 2014-15 under the Ugc Scholarship Scheme bearing award letter no. is PGSPROF-2014-15-SC-TRI-24801.
I have updated the bank passbook and found that I have not received the scholarship amount of Rs.7800/- for one month, January 2015.
In total, I have received the scholarship amount for 23 months instead of 24 months..I did complain regarding this matter 2 months back but there was no satisfactory answer received from your side. Also I have enquired about this matter in the bank but they also are not aware of this fact.
May,I,therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to have a check on this matter and help disbursing the remaining money for the month of January 2015 and oblige thereby.

Aniruddha Das
M.tech Student
NIT Agartala
Dept.of Chemical Engg.
Contact No. +918794373217
Email-I'd aniruddhadas159@gmail.com
shoaib hasan siddique
Aug 21, 2016

burdwan university

One of the biggest worst university ever from last 2 years the university is sleeping. I have completed my graduation in 2014, but the university still not gave me my certificates. I m not going to request u to help me i just want to infrom u. And finally burdwan university ki maa ki aankh that it.
PG gate students
Aug 20, 2016

stipend not given to gate students till now

our university is non AICTE University, but approved by UGC.

we (PG GATE qualified students) joined as self finance-no stipend in to college.

but as per notification is released on Feb 2016 our college is also supposed to give stipend to gate students.

our college is not giving stipend to us as per notification is released on Feb 2016 i.e., to give stipend as per norms from now,

which will be reimbursed to college by UGC after giving from college funds.

when we go to officials of college regarding this issue saying that "UGC is not responding to our mails about reimbursement and all , so that we may not give the stipend to gate qualified people."

we are relieving college in few days.

Please discuss with such universities having only UGC and help us in getting stipend.
Aug 16, 2016

Not refunding the fee

I had provisionally blocked seats in BA English Hons for My Daughter in KR Manglam University on 04 June 2016. We have deposited fee of INR 25000 to block the seat.

Finally My daughter got admission in Dr Ambedakar University Delhi & we finally inform KR Manglam that my daughter has got the admission in Ambedakar University and not coming for the admission.

I finally told them on 30 July before the start of new session and told them to refund the money.

I have written mail regarding the same and also called Mr Azhar 8800697011 30 July.

I was told that no money will be refunded as per university policy. I have checked with other universities and they are refunding money after deduction of Just Rs 1000.If all universities are governed by UGC then there should not be different rules for different Universities

Registration NoREG001831

Name Of Student Smriti Dutt

Course BA English Hons

Need your help to get the money back.

Regards Sachin Mohan Dutt ( Father of Smriti Dutt) 9810154494
Ahmar Shabab
Aug 11, 2016

Regarding If I detained in one subject during semester exam so how's my cgpa is calculated

I'm a student of Aligarh Muslim university.i want to know that if any student is failed to attend or detained in one or two paper in a semester exam so his cgpa is calculated wheather suppose if I have a 6 subject in 1st semester and I detained in one subject due to short of attnendence and I give exam rest 5 subject so how's my cgpa is calculated under cbcs system wheather cgpa is calculated number of paper in semester or its calculated number of paper appears in the examination ..
Sir it's very urgent please sir tell me.
Your faithfully
Student of Aligarh
Aug 11, 2016

violation of rules at Mizoram University

Respected sir/madam,
With due respect i want to draw your attention towards the violation of rules at Mizoram University.

1) There is no proper fee detail for various category . If a student is from ST category he/she has to pay same amount what general category students are paying.

2) Hostels are not alloted to students coming through JEE(main) 2016. Its very funny to hear that we've to give interview for that. Classes started from 1 aug 2016 . We didn't get hostel yet and we've to frocefully stay at hotel outside the university.

3) No warden inside hostel . He just comes once in a month.

4) food given to student is only twice a day i.e in morning and in evening at 7:00 pm so early. There is no Lunch and no evening snacks time table . Meal menu is only dal,rice and potato fry every day just on sunday non-veg . What ll we do as we've come from other state and we eat thrice a day .

5) Alcohol drinking and smoking cigrate is going on openly inside the campus.

6) classes started from 1 aug 2016 but no sign of professor .

7) if we ask something from official they response in a bad maners as if i want there life .

8) no cleaness inside the campus aswell as outside the gate .

9) There is no proper security for students.

10) We don't have director and Proper dean office.

11) No WiFi.

Our prime minister says "parey ga India toh barey ga" .how India will go ahead when we don't get basic facilities though it's a central university.
Its my request to UGC to do surprise inspection at MZU and keep eye on it as it's far away from your reach people here has forgotten actual purpose of University.

Hopping for a favourable response .

Yours faithfully
Sudent of MzU
(sorry sir/mam i can't give you my detail if MZU official finds out this, they ll spoil my future
Aug 11, 2016

fees issue

Sir in my college tit bhopal they actually not giving the date for the fees submission atleast 10 days before.yesterday (date 10 of August) they suddenly posted on their site for submitting the fees by 12 of august otherwise the 25 /-as late fees will be charge .sir it is actually impossible to submit within two days . sir it is a request to help us .
Aug 9, 2016

original degrees with held by college since 5 years as job security

1. I joined Jaipur National university, main campus in June 2011 as Asstt. Prof. In electronics and Communication Deptt. At the time of joining, they kept my original Btech degree and original Mtech mark sheet as job security.

2. I conceived while working here and my gynecologist advised me complete bed rest in Dec 2011, following which I sent my resignation along with the medical certificate.

3. I approached the college authorities for my documents in Dec 2012 but they told me that I need not collect my documents. On the contrary I can join the college when ever I can. Had this communication with PA of Mr. Sandeep Bakshi, chancellor.

4. Now I need my documents back, the OSD and Dy.Registrar are asking me to deposit 3 month salary as I didn't give proper notice at the time of resigning. My salary was 30000 when I left. So it amounts to 3*30000= 90000. They r saying that they won't be giving my documents unless I deposit the amount

5. Both r so v rude whenever I approach them and nice they don't even attend my calls. Tried speaking to PA of chancellor sir but he's saying that chancellor sir doesn't meet anyone for documents issue.

6. Sir college authorities kept telling me to join back, so this means I was still on rolls and they were using my name and documents. If so., then I need compensation for the same as I wasn't working anywhere all these years

7. If they accepted my resignation, then they have no right to retain my documents.

8. Also i need compensation as they have been using my documents even after my resignation.

9. They are harassing me for my documents. Demanding for 3 months salary as compensation.

10. When I tried to explain them that my condition was critical and it was simply impossible for me to attend college, they made fun of me and said it was none of their business. All they need is money and only then I'm going to get my documents back.

Sir please help me to get my above stated documents back.

vimmy bhatia
Aug 8, 2016



Subsequent to issuance of NOC by Department of Mathematical Sciences, IISER Mohali for UGC Post Doc Fellowship for Women application today, I tried in vain to submit my online application. However, I could not submit the application successfully in spite of my best efforts as the UGC Website did not respond which might had happened due to technical problems with the website. I kept on getting the message, "The www.ugc.ac.in page isn't working" as a result of which I could not submit the application. Since today is the last date for submitting the application and I am still sitting on my laptop (it is 23:02 hours IST now), I have no option but to request you to allow me to submit my application after this date and give me at least 24 hours after your website starts working. Kindly help me and do the needful.

I shall be obliged.

Charu Goel
Email: charugoelchd@gmail.com
Cell: +919318921000.
Aug 6, 2016

bank isnot giving the amount of scholarship

sir I am student of jhanji hemnath sarma college,sivasagar under dibrugarh university. i am a selected candudate of ishan uday scholarship.the bank is giving the amount of scholarship to some of us and the others are waitng for long.why in sibsagar branch only? other branches are giving amount for two times. plz take urgent steps
Smarika singh
Aug 4, 2016

Fees issue

I have applied in north cap university ncu sec 23 .on 7 july .they select my name in 2 list .and i paid one lakh twelve thousand and five hundred .but due to financial problem i am not able to pay this amount after every semester . So my father decided to refund the amount but the last date of refund is 18 july said university...and we apply on 20 and they are saying that they cant give that amount back....we are from middle family and we cant afford that amount ...and they r not giving our money....we were just one day late and they r showing their policy...what the rule is this ..please sir help..
Smarika singh
Maitreya Mitra
Aug 2, 2016

College is not giving sallary from two Months

Vasanta College for Women is a reputed college of Varanasi, manage by Krishnamurti Foundation India and Affiliated with Banaras Hindu University. College is not giving salary to their all employees (Teaching and non Teaching) from two Months. All employees of college facing a great financial crises. It is beyond imagination that when all other colleges of the city regularly getting grant form UGC and giving salary in time why Vasanta College can not manage the same. Please suggest that what type of action employees should do for solution.
Results pending
Aug 1, 2016

Results not declared

Results not declared of re exam conducted by Punjab Technical university - DEP on May 2014.

I had appeared for reappear exams of sem 2 BBA from Mumbai in May 2012 . My results are not yet declared though I have successfully completed all other semesters of BBA . I have been requesting to PTU DEP via their online process & email too but there has been no response.

Roll Number -12208150019
Siddharth ballu
Jul 29, 2016

Appealing for the declaration of bba 6th sem. Result

I am a student of BBA 6th sem. Nd now i m going to take admission in MBA but i am unable to take admission in MBA becoz yet our university MJPRU is not declare the result of BBA 6th sem and the commencement of MBA new session from 4th of aug. ... now i beg to UGC please don't neglect this application and take action on it as soon as possible becoz if MJPRU is not declare the result soon or our this yr goes totally waste ...

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