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Dec 15, 2015

cancelling of holidys and making the students do social service in... DAYALBAGH EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE

We are forced to stay in the semester break... And are asked to do social service inspite of the fact that we were given punishment on account of bunking classes ..but they think that that wasnt enough for us... These are our holidays... And why should the students be punished if the teacher itself doesnt want to take class...

I hope you will clearly look into this matter..and stop such things which are again and again getting related to things in dayalbagh.. Please take necessary actions

Thank you
Pulkit k. Jain
Dec 13, 2015

Examinations not held

Dear sir ,I am currently enrolled with showbit university in the 3 rd year for B.com. the session must have ended by July 2015. However because this showbit university is keen on making money they are considering fresh applications from the students till date and are not conducting exams for the students and this is baffling me . they are not giving any response to us in the name of confidentiality . I will request you to take a stern action against them as they are ruining many careers .also a penalty shall be imposed on them. And will ask them to conduct exams on priority basis and to provide result as well in no time .because its almost 6 months late . I hope u will listen to me and take necessary actions. Thank you in advance . Pulkit Jain
Please revert if possible 9716608211
Dec 9, 2015

Delay in releasing JRF amount

My name is Prathyusha Annavarapu Ph.D Research Scholar, in Krishna University, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. I have been enrolled under the UGC-JRF Scheme in the year of 2015-16. My grant has not been released from 6 months. I have submitted all the necessary documents like Joining report, continuation certificates, HRA certificates, UGC-JRF award letter in the Canara Bank branch , Patamata, Vijayawada IFSC code:CNRB0000893. My financial condition is not so good that I will carry my further research work without fellowship.So my kind request to you that you should give your kind attention in this matter.To whom should we contact for any communication in this regard.My details are given below

Student ID: 336116
Date of Birth:28-02-1991
Stream: Lifesciences
manoja panda
Dec 1, 2015

regarding jrf fellowship

Sir, i am manoja kumar panda qualified ugc jrf dec 2013 and now working as a jrf in the population studies department of fm university which effect from 24th february 2015 and i receiving five month fellowship from ugc. The last three i am not geting my fellowship. I am a student of bpl family and now i am facing many problem for my research. So you kindly considerd my case and help me to receive my fellowship manoja panda
Nov 24, 2015

Updated Answer Keys of DEC 2014 UGC-NET after Redressal of Grievances

kb tak redressal answer key aayega sir dec 2014 ka .......
Nov 17, 2015

CMJ university

I had completed BCOM from CMJ University Shillong I want to verify my Mark sheets details like a background check is it a real one or a fake. i want to do this because i heard some rumours that CMJ university provides. My mark sheets photo copies are attached with this letter please check and confirm as soon as possible. I am waiting your reply for my bright carrier

Name of Candidate :- Mohd Faisal
Registration Number:-30131110114005
Year :-2013
Nov 16, 2015


Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Archana, my Enrl.no:12APITN0169 - M.SC (IT) from School of Distance Education Bharathiar University. i have completed my final exams on may 2015 , yet my provisional certificate , consolidate are not issued. Now am studying M.Phil in Vivekananda college of arts and science college (Autonomous) , Tiruchengode. i need all my original certificates for the purpose of certificate verification in Periyar university. But ,School of Distance Education Bharathiar university controller of examination has not responded to me . please help me sir , i need my all original certificates for further higher studies. So i am requesting you to please kindly help me. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
E-mail id : chana2591@gmail.com
Nov 15, 2015

for PHD Honour

CMJ University — Request for PhD honour

1 Review
Cm cmj on Dec 23, 2014
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All University of U.P.not issued phd ordinance for enterece test for phd at that time. My relative working in private sector and told my father about the cmj university who conduct phd program.
My father check on net for ugc approval alongwith state govt approvel and found correct.cmj university in the list of ugc and a approval letter from ugc on website of university.then desire to appear for university condected phd enterence test.after some days my name is in decleared result list.
1- I have passed post graduation in home science on year 2010.
2-I have passesd phd enterence test condected by cmj.
3-I have enrolled for phd admission in 2010 after getting post graduation marksheet.
4-I am residing with relative there for compilation of PHD.
5-I work under supervisor allotted
6-I start phd in the guidence of guide provided by the university.
7- I have submitted work course on which PHD run on the subject theme which is checked by supervisor/guide. The work course submitted to committee. The course was approved by the committee.
8- After approval work course I start thesis for PHD which is checked by the supervisor/guide & who corrected were any mistake.
9-My father purchased & managed many books for thesis.
10- The thesis matter was surched from above provided books. My father also help to write the thesis.
11-The whole completed thesis being given for printing at authorised printing press.
12-The completed thesis submitted through supervisor/guide to the committee for seen and for approval.
13-The thesis was approved.
14-The result of PHD decleared & I decleared passed.
15-I paid university prescribed fee, seminor fee, supervisor fee & residing, fooding, transporting charge etc. I spent time at university from last 2010 to 2013 which is long period for gaining the degree. I cleared/Passed PHD on 2011-2013.
16-I have heard late that some investigation agency has object to provide the result/degree on the direction of state government & lodge the charge/FIR on university.
If there is no Deen/chairman than the compitent authority why not taken any action & requite the Deen/Chairman at that time or at inspection time. There is no any role of any student.if there is more students enrolled for PHD than it is the duty of compitent authority to intrupte to inrollment on admission time. If the university take admission according to rule or beyond rule then there is no any fault of any student. The degree should be honoured by any compitent authority because the student is innocent about such matters.He worked hard to complete the thesis for PHD & inrolled before the action taken by the government. So why the student suffer who is inrolled/ take admission in PHD course from 2010 to 2013 degree to be honered. The student does not know the faculty capacity approval for PHD seats . So The students take admission in the university if the approved capacity being full then the duty of university to stop the admission & the compitient authority also visit the admission. Who is make inpection time to time & permit that the university is very best & re-approved after satisfaction of university & its studies, admission.
So in thus way all the admission is valid & the PHD degree should be honered to all. Who is admission taken from 2010 to 2013. I completed all reaserch program ei voiva, thesis, research cource, reaserch printing &Seminor which all required by any university.
Thanks for kind consideration & sympthitec order for honour of PHD degree by seeing the future of student.

Request for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honourRequest for PhD honour

Complaint Status
[Dec 23, 2014] CMJ University customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Nov 8, 2015

Irregularities in conduction in exams and late declaration of result

Respected Sir/Madam
I am a student of Bhupendra Narayan Mandal Univesity ,Madhepura.I took admission in this university in 2012 for doing graduation, but it took our 2nd year examination in Feb-March 2015 and the result is declared in October 2015. Now it has taken more than three years and our graduation has not completed and don't have any clue of it's completion.
Kindly look into the matter personally so that the examinations should be conducted without any irregularity as this trend is going on from past several years. It is spoiling the career of the students.
Do something as soon as possible.
Looking forward from you.
neha nayak
Oct 27, 2015

NOt providign my orgional certificates with correct name

Respected Sir/Madam

i feel after watching all this review that there is no such action taken by Goverment in this matters but still hoping to get positive result i tooo write my story. i have complted my BBA From Manomanian sundarnar University tirunelveli, Tamilnadu,through ITCT Paste computer education Ahmedabad, Head office is in Nagpur. which authorised Centre of this unive. i have contacted university for last 4 years they havve not given my origional certificates MOreover at time admission they have done spelling mistake still there is no correction done by university & wenever i call them they give very third class rude answer that we will not provide your cerities if i call them regularly.. how come giving permission to this kind organization??

if anybody can help me pleas help me

request to govenrment authority to take strict action on this

neha Nayak
Sahil Shrivastav
Oct 19, 2015

Not Issued Mark Sheet and Final Degree yet

Dear Sir,

I passed out from PK Institute of Technology, Mathura in 2014 (pursued Diploma in CSE). I have been struggling from last one year to collect my Final Mark Sheets and Degree from the Institute. Every time when I call them, they say that it has not come yet,call us next Month and keep on delaying. I have also visited the college this year but they have the same answer since last one year.

The way their personnel speak is very rude and one of their comment says - "You have to keep on calling 100 times if you need to collect your documents".

Please help me out in this regard as it is affecting my further studies.
Shella Rani
Oct 8, 2015

Sathyabama University PhD Registration

Sathyabama University:

Simply Spoiling of PhD., Candidate Life. Day by Different Rules. ok.,

In Journal of one Line copied and paste also Its Huge Problem, they will cancel Your PhD Degree after Submission of Thesis (seven Years).

No Solution for Rectification and Resubmission. Torturing Life Threatening.

Arrogant way of Handling the PhD registered Candidate.

Please Take action on this to change the Vice Chancellor,
Subhasish Paul
Oct 5, 2015

Student career have destroyed due to Magadh University

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that due to carelessness of Magadh University and his undertaken Pate College. I have lost my time, money and valuable career growth and doesn't have any way to establish my career expect that doing suicide. The reason is that last 2 years college is doing forgery with me and I am waiting to be believed.

The issue is in details :

Sr. Patel College, Hilsa, Nalanda is the branch of Magadh University. This college is affiliated with Magadh University, Bodh Gaya. He has completed examination B.Sc Part 1 and Part 2. Due to absent of practical marks, Shabbir Alam got promoted in Part 2 and Part 2 has been cleared. Now, from two years, Shabbir Alam is struggling to give the examination but carelessness of University and college, from last two years, just forgery the student. In this year also, he filled the exam form and college staff confirmed that he will give the examination of part 1. Due to that part one is not clear then he is not able two appear in part 3. College staff has taken 5000 Rs before 2 years back.

About Sr. Patel College - This is a private college affiliated with Magadh University. This is only on paper, first year at the time of admission, it will show all formalities. After that no one will be available into the college. No class, No office duty of the staff, if you want to find details or mass card, admit card, you need to find the college staff house, go, go, ten times twenty times, then professor will meet you. Then he will listen and they will resolve issue or again same theory will be applied for next meeting.

Now, 1st year exam has been started and didn't get admit card for 1st year. When professor met then told that we have lots of form, i am not sure why your admit card has been missed. Please note, this is second time for admit card. Last year they did same history again repeating.

Now, I have a question, is it the status of education at the graduate level? Is student time and money doesn't matter? if college not agree to give any classes, ok, student can do self study and will give the exam. but again they will crack the career of students every time, what should we do? To whom is responsible?
Is not responsible University as Magadh University? Is not responsible colleges? There are so many colleges have same situation in Hilsa as well.

I am asking higher authority what should we do? Should we commit suicide? we are asking permission for your authority. Please give me permission for suicide.
What the Issue can u tell me? & I think magadh university should to take a necessary step..Please Higher Authority its my only request to you look into this matter & clear this all issue/scam/racket Pls pls pls....
If you have any query and want to know any details,please let me know..

Requesting you to please give us permission to suicide or resolve this issue any how.
What the Issue can u tell me?

Yours Sincerely,
Magadh Univery, Patel College, Student
Subhasish Paul

send email - Subhasish.paul321@Gmail.com for any kind information
Oct 2, 2015

Fake marksheets

Respected authority,

" MONAD UNIVERSITY"HAPUR, UTTAR PRADESH, is providing marksheets and degrees to the students who neva took an admission there, never went to clases and never appeared for any exams..
Few of my friends were having an academic gap of around 2-3 years after completing their clas 12th..and they went to MONAD UNIVERSITY"HAPUR, and paid some money and now they are enjoying the status of being graduates and this university for the sake of money is doing this business..
I request u to take an appropriate action against this university as this is a serious issue..
Oct 1, 2015


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Manoj Kumar Nahak, here inform to you, I have appeared the CBSE-UGC NET EXAM ON DECEMBER-2014 and I have qualified the Net Exam for Asst.Professor Only. Now I am unable to apply for the job due to Non-Receipt of NET Qualified Certificate.
Sir, Pls.Send NET Certificate earlier as possible

Thanks & Best Regards

Manoj Kumar Nahak

Sir, here I have given following details.
2. ROLL NO-41081196
Sep 22, 2015

they are not giving me my MY Degree certificate since 2011

Hello Sir,

I am so much frustrated and upset as after passing my exam ( under Taminnadu open university via ST Peters collage test centre ID:330601) they are not giving my degree certificate, I have contacted them many times , visited their office but they keep me bouncing.

Please can you advise what should i do to get my degree certificate.

D Mukherjee
Sep 21, 2015

Public & National holidays are working days

Hello Sir/Madam,

I work at Lakireddy Balireddy College of Engineering , Mylavaram, Vijayawada and the rules over here are so stupid that the institution director E.V. Prasad ask us even to work on public holidays. We were forced to come to college even on Independence Day too and the upcoming public holiday Bakrid is also a working day for the staff of our college and even National holiday Gandhi Jayanthi is a declared as working day.

We don't have any authority to inform about this over here so am writing this to inform you the things going on so that some action can be taken against the Director for behaving so rudely against the staff.
Sep 15, 2015

for the improper checking of exam papers

Mam, I am milan sharma from Delhi. I am perusing my btech from kurushetra university, haryana. Recently my 1st sem result is declared and they give me two backs, but I m full confident about my exam was good. Even if I try for fill rechecking form the result of rechecking will come after 1year. Then plz help me.
ambadipudi divya
Sep 13, 2015

loss of Registration ID

Dear Sir/Madam,
I lost my registration ID, Can you please help me in recovering that..? Please help me out as soon as possible as i have been selected in the awardees list. Thank you.
ambadipudi divya
Sep 13, 2015

loss of Registration ID

Dear Sir/Madam,
I lost my registration ID, Can you please help me in recovering that..? Please help me out as soon as possible as i have been selected in the awardees list.
Aug 28, 2015


I am KUMARI KALPANA . NO- 94314318265/06244-224088
ROLL- 12212
REGN. NO- 10079/97
SESSION- 1997 TO 2000
I have given my examination in 2001 & now at present it is 2015. I have waited for my result since 2001 & it is goin to be almost 15 years. All my attempts for my report card has been wasted by the college & university. At first they told me to be paitent and after some time they just never paid attention to this problem. I have done almost everything for my result but still I have been kept away from it. Other wise I have to take help of our JUDICIAL SYSTEM.
I am still waiting for my RESULT.
Brig Mahesh Dewan
Aug 28, 2015

Non Compliance of UGC guidelines foe qualificatio Ratio of teachers in nEngg/Mgmt Inst in Greater Noida

Greater Noida Inst like GNIOT, NIET, Accurate, ICE, Gulgotias,Skyline, etc are not holding no of Prof/.Associate Prof./Asst Prof both on the count of authorized Student /Teacher Ratio as well as per qualification desired. The standard of teaching is much below standard & the Labs required for various courses are just for name sake. UGC has not carried out checks & what ever checks were done are fake & the team just sign the compliance after accepting money from Mgmt. We are cautioning you to initiate action against all such institutes failing which factual data on faculty & their qualification & numbers will be provided to HRD Ministry for action against UGC & AICTE
Surjit Singh07
Aug 28, 2015

Fake university

I have done graduation in Animation from Arena Animation aprooved by Nahatma Gandhi University, Meghalya. I wan to do masters in this field. but the result of the final semester of mine was not declared yet. I applied for confidential result of mine. they demanded for DD of 500/-. I do so, and after that they stop answering my calls and reply to my emails. Please do something, so that these universities stop playing with Students. Take strict actions against Arena Animation, Aptech and M.G.U. Please
Aug 25, 2015

result not declared

This is to say that my name is Rohit Kumar. I am pursuing DMLT from vinayaka mission university via distance education mode. I had given exams in the month of April 2015. Results for the same have been announced on the website a few days ago. But my result does not show when I enter my roll number. At the information center they are asking me to wait for some time. I thought it might then become too late to complain . All the contact details provided over the website are useless.
Kindly look into the matter. My registration number is 557711/406061140847
Aug 24, 2015

non refund of admission fees

Dear sir i have paid Rs10000 towards admission fees the DD no-178333 dt.28-05-2015 for my son KAKANI SRIHARSHA's admission in B.TECH CSE. at K L UNIVERSITY, VIJAYAWADA, ANDHRAPRADESH on 30 may,2015. I have contacted them telephonically and personally with cancellation letter with in the date they have given to me at the time of counselling for the cancellation of his admission .After my conversation with the institute personnel's, my son and my self personally visit their campus for cancellation but their behavior with our was very irresponsible, even one of the persons there (don't want to disclose his name) , i was asking him to solve my problem. They denied to refund mentioning the amount cannot be refunded after admission. But there admissions are still not closed. I had also humbly requested them through telephonically to refund the amount by deducting proportionate charges, as his vacant seat can be easily filled. But there is no response from their side.
Please help to get the refund and take necessary action against the concerned authorities for their irresponsible behavior.


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