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Consumer complaints and reviews about UGC

Bahram Ramesh
Jul 24, 2015

About admission in ph.d in economics at kuk

Respected Sir,Madam
With utmost regard it's submitted that I bahram Ramesh and my brother Mr.Nasir Ahmad(Afghanistan) national applied for ph.d in economics at kurukshetra University Kurukshetra Haryna,we deposit the fees $2000 about Rs125000 ,our all document checked,by our department, and we got admission my brother completed his course work and I am also about to complete.
Now after these all and after deposit of fee,now a person name Mr Vajay the person dealing in ph.d section giving many objection to us.
First he asked about our research visa, we gives prove that our visa is under process, then he gives objection to my brother that you did MBA so you can do ph.d in economics, before admission I asked him that I student of MBA can do ph.d in economics, he said yes but now he is not accepting
the other objection he gives to me is that my percentage is below 55, yes I am accepting this objection, but I have prove that our VC gives me permission,and I have prove that the eligibility conditions for foreigner student is only pass mark. And I want to say that why before admission no one said this,our chairman and all professor of our department checked the document and they accept that we are eligible but still Mr vejay sir in Register branch giving objection
Sir in fact I want to say that I am feeling that he has problem with me as I complained from him other offices
and latest our VC is also change, so I don't know what should I do as our case is not final after depose of Rs 250000.
I will be thankful of you to any help
Barham Ramesh
Jul 12, 2015

Non refund of admission fee

SIBM istitute of PGDM at Pune enrolled my daughter Miss Rubal Bagde as per following details and payment is made through NEFT.(The details are as given here under)
The subject admmision is canceeled as per refund rule of the University ( Before commencement of the acedemic programme) in this deduction is liablle is Rs 1000/-.

SNAP ID : 6019196
Category : SC
ID : R14YG101
SIBM Ref. No : SIBM / / Admissions 2015
Provisional Admission offer letter SIBM
Pune, Two years full time residential MBA

3/13/2015 State Bank of India
https://retail.onlinesbi.com/retail/paymentenquirytxndetails.htm?merchantCode=IBRTGS&referenceNo=IR58757804&viewType=PRINT&debitAccountType=S… 1/1
Inter Bank Transfer
INB Reference Number IR58757804 13Mar2015
[04:11 PM IST]
Debit Transaction Status Processed
Debit Account Details
Account No. Account Type Branch Amount Commission Amount Transaction Type UTR Number
00000010438713432 Savings
NAGPUR INR 5,20,000.00 INR25.00 NEFT SBIN615072979873
Credit Account Details
Account No. Bank Branch Transfer Type Amount
050310210000032 BANK OF INDIA KARVE ROAD NEFT 5,20,000.00

Now , the istitute is neighter resposding on mail OR on phone
(Ashwini Adawade
Sr.Accountant, SIBM-P

Requested your help to get back Refund at the earliest.


Parent of the candidate cell number 8879667354
Jul 11, 2015

about an engineering institute

Respected sir/madam
I am a student from an engineering institute in North India.. Himachal Pradesh/solan.The name of the intstitute is Shoolini university foundation of biotechnology and engineering sciences..
As my parents are investing much money on my studies in this institute ,even I am giving my best to pass out.but the problem is the staff faculty of electronics and communication.yes I know,teachers way may not be wrong to judge a student remarks,but they just take some student names as of mine and put into the defaulters list.I don't know how an engineering institute works to give remarks to a student,but for me I am tend to think that in the last of every semester I am failing. Even after doing such hard work ,I am awaked day night for my exams. It's not been problem if I was not doing hard work. But I putted my best efforts to succeed..but the staff faculty as putted my name in defaulters list-they fail me evry time,it seems that for them its just for fun.but here I am depressed of such actions from the faculty.is UGC can listen to my problem,or may not..but my effort is to be good citizen of India,and to aware the public about the behind working of such private institutes system to the right place.hope someone is their to understand what I meant with these lines. THANK YOU
Jul 8, 2015

using profile in college faculty without my concern and appointment since 5 years.

dear sir,

before 5 year i went to one college for post of lecturer, they interviewed me and take certificates photocpy and said that they will inform me for the appointment.
but no appointment and offer letter is recieved.
currently from internet i came to knoe that my profile is using in that college as faculty since 5 years.

what should i do legaly to that college managent ?

plz guide and take strict actions againt this type of college.
Jul 6, 2015

Non Receipt of E-Certificate of ugcnet june 2014

I have qualified ugcnet June 2014 obtaining cut off marks in the unreserved category. However, owing to my ignorance I wrongly applied in the obc category in spite of being a general candidate.In the e-certificate download section I was sent a letter to send my testimonials xeroxed and attested for verification like all other candidates. But whereas others have been issued their e certificates I have not been till now.I made recurrent calls in ugcnet phone number 011 24115423,24113447.They are only assuring me that I will get my certificate and I need not worry.First they told that I will get my certificate by 30 th June 2015 and then by the first week of July 2015. What is ironical is that my friend Amirul khan ,ugcnet June 2014 Roll No 11300063 also wrongly applied in the obc category,but he has been issued e- certificate even though he has failed to obtain unreserved category cut off marks.What an injustice to me?Will I get poetic justice?
yash tomar
Jul 5, 2015



My self yash tomar I have completed my polytechnic E.C(2011-14) from venkateshwara institute of engineering Meerut, Sri venkateshwara university gajurola, I have completed my diploma in 2014, but till now university did not give my marksheet , without marksheet I am unable to get job. My enrollment no is E1100657 plz help me, I m so helpless...
Jun 30, 2015

Lawyers or blackmailers - sri Godey satish

Some professional are always compared with animals in life. Teachers utter students as donkey, monkey..dog, pig etc. Shameless people are called as Pigs. Abusing in filthy language are called as Dogs.If any one tries to reply them, they will beat (bite). So people must take care of them. A rat behaves in it's own way of living. If you observe it's life style for a full day, you can analyse its life. similarly, if you observe a lawyer for a single day, you can analyse his behavior, attitude and cruel mind. He will never change. he thinks none observes him. But those observed him for one hour, can analyse his tactics all through life. Sri Godey Satish is observed thoroughly by sri sarikonda Papa Raju's family members. that lawyer thinks he made many profits out of the disputes in the family. Lawyers are basically parasites. So, nothing new can be heard from them. Sri Papa raju thinks sri Godey Satish is his god father, who made people to shut their mouth in asking the refunds. sri Godey satish is shown as Dawood Ibrahim in papa raju's family, who charges money if any one questions his style.Sri Godey Satish might have fooled the judges as a lawyer, but not the family members in fakeSc case. he should feel ashamed of his behavior in public life.
Jun 27, 2015


Jntuh Pharmacy not Maintaining Cadre ratio and Faculty ratio . But Insisting to all Pharmacy Colleges under Jntuh To maintain Cadre Ratio and Student Faculty ratio. As Per UGC norms How many Prof available In pharmacy dept WHAT THEIR API score as per PBAS format . Nothing Maintaining I fell it Jntuh Wont follow the Any UGC OR PCI Norms But All Affiliated Colleges Has to Follow What this rule.
Jun 26, 2015


I am a student of Indian Institute Of Psychology. I have appeared in the final year 2nd semester's examination of M.A Applied Psychology (PGRI) in this June 2015.
Now there is news that many of the affiliated institutions have been removed from Mewar University. My only question is that that will my degree be UGC granted and will I be able to get admission in other University for higher studies and will it be granted by UGC for seeking job in government and private sector?
Please advice because a huge fees was charged and 2 years were invested in the education from Indian Institute Of Psychology (IIP), Noida.
I will wait patiently for your respond to my query.

And if my degree and marksheet is not UGC granted then what legal measures can I take against Mewar University and Indian Institute Of Psychology, Noida?
Dinesh Kotia
Jun 18, 2015

Abusing on call


I got a call from one of the KSOU (Karnataka State Open University) executive "Dhammpal Gaikwad" [dhammpal.gaikwad@ksouodl.com] for MBA. He got my number through shiksha.com

I was gathering information about MBA & Executive MBA from him meanwhile he transferred me to his colleague "Rahul das" [rahul.das@ksouodl.com].

After gathering information I decided to not to go with KSOU and told same thing to Rahul das today on call. He called me from number 9730 624 117.

On call he started abusing on me.

It is my personal decision whether I want to go with KSOU or not but this is not the way one should talk to the person specially when he is there to give the required
information. It is none of his business whether I go with KSOU or not.

Is this the way you are treating the candidates who approach you???

Shame on you of being a university. A university without values
Sikander Singh
Jun 13, 2015

MGU UNIVERSITY_Regarding Results

Dear Team,

I am Sikander Singh (Enrollment No: MGU122SNS12073711050), Completed my MBA (2012-14) in Oct 2014 From Mahatma Gandhi University Meghalaya (MGU). It's been already 8 months passed we have not received our results till date. We have been trying to contact MGU but they are asking asking us to pay extra Rs. 5000/- for each semester confidential marksheet but they are not answering that when they will release the mark-sheets. It is directly affecting my career.
Please kindly take some serious action on it and help us to come out of this issue.
Sincerely looking forward to the early and positive response.
Sikander Singh
Jun 13, 2015


A description about lawyers in india by a famous telugu writer RA.VI. Shastri is remembered from his story 'ILLUSION".
A senior lawyer gave him a valuable advice. He told Murthy to remember one important thing. He stressed that that was the only way to succeed in this world.
The senior lawyer spoke somberly, The English man said that the early bird catches the worm. In other words, you have to wake up early if you want to catch the worm. The English man is not an ordinary man. He never says anything unless and until he has scrutinized its pros and cons thoroughly. He never does anything unless there is something in it for him. Therefore, you wake up early everyday, go to the court and have the doors opened. In the evening, wait until the court doors are closed and then go home. Make sure you are present in the court each and everyday. Prostitutes wait at the door. Foxes hang round the graveyards. The cranes linger by the shores. I know the similarity is not a pleasant one. Yet that is what we need to do. If you want to climb up the ladder, you will have to hang around the courts. You may play hooky, giving flimsy excuses the cricket match at noon, a matinee in the afternoon, or some other errand, and so on. If you do that, I am telling you, you will not succeed as a lawyer. That is for sure, I am telling you from experience. Do you know what the term 'court' means? It is a jungle. Do you know the Telugu word for hyena? dummulagondi. Hyena laughs sounds like that of humans. If you approach him, mistaking him for a human, he will eat you up alive. That is the way in the courts too. We have to entice the parties that come to the court. That is our job. What can we do but act like the hyena? We can't blame him for eating up the man who approaches him. It is the man's fault to go to the hyena. Are you listening? In fact, it is not only the hyena. There are other bigger animals as well. They maul us if we are not careful. Therefore, we have to be on guard all the time. If we are not, the parties eat us up. The truth is that is how the whole world moves. You and I cannot do anything about it. The English man had drafted the law in accordance with the principles of this stupid world. Never forget that he, the English man, handed down all these things to us—these courts, the law books, the law degrees, and the witness procedures. There so many courts for the parties to choose from. There are as many precedents for the judges to draw from based on a ruling the judges prefer to give. And there are just as many rascals in the country to get upon the witness stand and give their statements anyway you want them to. We are here to train the witnesses. Whether it is a criminal court or civil court, they are concerned with only the statements of the witnesses but not with truth. You can throw in all the sizzling terminology like ˜justice,duty, and truth. But remember that this is all just an illusion. That is the way the system is and we are acting within the purview of the system. That being the case, how can they call our action a sin? No, the sin will not touch us. If there is anything that can be called a 'sin' that goes to the judge who gives the ruling. The parties bear the expenses. The witnesses and the court clerks are entitled to bribes. We are entitled to our fees. That is the law the English man had laid for us. The officers take the apples and the people rake the leaves. The rules are the same whether it is our country or theirs. That is what he had taught us. Sweating is for the workers and profits for the owners. If anybody questions this rule and rebels, we have the courts to support us. And then there are jails. Without these things, there is no regime for the English man to call his. He is a great illusionist. Just imagine what a great magician he has to be! Look what he did. He came to our country, sold our own salt to us, and turned around and taunted us, ˜You ate my salt. How can you not be loyal to me? courts and jailhouses built for people, and beautiful mansions for himself. And what did he do at the end? He suspected that the stupid laborers might seize powerâ”like the way it had happened in other countries. He was afraid that it could turn into a total disaster. So, he handed over the regime to his fellow businessmen and disappeared quietly behind the curtains. What an amazing showmanship! What a magnificent performance.
The senior lawyer finished his speech. He always goes into raptures when he recounts the merits of the English man. He speaks with his eyes half-closed and lost in a fit of reverie. If he were a woman, he would have run away with some English man long time ago.
EVEN IF YOU WASH THE SKIN OF A RAT FOR ONE YEAR, YOU CAN NOT TURN IT TO WHITE. IT WILL BE BLACK ONLY. Courts must reform lawyers first, then try for people.
If a give a chance to a woman to do duty who loves to cheat, then you can follow her way of life easily. Insolvency drama, fake tears, suicide, police complaint, lawyers and many drama actions. Lawyers and judges are known for their expertise. one narada maha muni in epics created many wars. But many are seen in lawyers who ruin the lives of people by getting in home. All desirous of money earned by some one.All the affairs of woman are known to family members. they can cheat the society, but not the family members.
Jun 12, 2015


It is very pathetic that I am pursuing research in Mathematics under the financial support of UGC JRF in Science, since 31st July 2014 but I still not have salary of any month from UGC. My financial condition is not so good that I will carry my further research work without salary.So my kind request to you that you should give your kind attention in this matter.My details are given below

Name: Argha Ghosh
Designation : UGC JRF in the University of Burdwan
Joint CSIR-UGC NET award letter No: 2121240941 and Ref No. 23/12/2012 (ii) EU-V
Joining date : 31st July 2014
pihu singh
Jun 9, 2015

need information related to parents income certificate.


My name is pihu Singh.I am student of Ph.D. I need information related to parents income certificate.My parents are died.so i have not any parents income certificate. Please help me in this regarding information. what i fill in parents income certificate coulumn. so i fill my scholarship form.I am very thankful to you.
Jun 8, 2015

complaint regarding non payment of salary by aided degree colleges in hyderabad to lecturers asper ugc norms

I would like to draw yourkind attention that most of all aoided degree colleges in hyderabad are of exploitative nature and they are not providing salary totheir lecturers as per ugc norms. the lecturers are forced to work against will for their survival. the salary provided in 2015 by aided degree colleges is mere 12000 to 15000 per month consolidated. the nation expects good lecturers in colleges to provide quality education. yuo tellme sir how its possible to work at such low payment which is much lesser den salary to a clerk in corporate offices. plz pay heed to this severe and alarming problem before it gets too late to repair and recover.
Arpita singh411
Jun 5, 2015

Fraud by a school

A school Maa Gaytri Inter College kaptanganj basti take admission of the students in B.Sc on the behalf of the Bhagirthi Singh smarak Mahavidyalaya Vajirganj Gonda, affiliated to AWADH UNIVERSITY, and at the time of examination they don't gives the admit card and said that college have no seat to take exams of those students.
They told all this to students when all other universities closed their application form of entrance.
Like this they spoil two years of all the students and money also. They refused to refund the money.
If everyone did like this with village students then how can they go for the higher studies ,how can one will develop,how can this country will develop?
No one knows how parents of a village earn money and what they do for the education of their children but if everyone exploit them like this then no perents initiate for the higher education of the students.
this is the humble reqest to you from me on the behalf of all the students and parents who suffered this, plzz sir check all the related things and take necessarry action.
Thanking you
Jun 4, 2015



Law and quotations are good to read from books. In practice, there is a lot of difference. Anti-defection law was brought in 1985 by late sri Rajiv Gandhi. But, never it was imposed stringently. If an opposition party MLA/MLC/MP jumps to ruling party on the name of welfare of his constituency people, the parent party appeals to speaker to disqualify the defected member. Later, they appeal in High Court and to Governor/President. To the surprise, none of the constitutional heads have ever taken stringent measure to stop this menace. just they ignore it as it is of not their duty to protect the constitution values. Dilly dallying between them for more than 4 years is a regular practice. The chief minister forces attorney general to say the resignation letter of the defected member is under study by speaker for indefinitely. what a mockery?

It is also same with fake scheduled caste job holders. If a complaint is received by District Collector and further he investigates to find it true, then removal process starts. But, 'STAY" orders come as a jolt to District Collector efforts.It is well known truth that lawyers hate honest people. A passenger is fined/punished for pulling a chain of a running train, if no valid reason is shown. But in high courts, there is no such punishment to lawyers. No one punishes them for their chain pulling activities especially in fake SC papers job holder cases. Lawyers 'Jugal Bandi' force the Judge in hearings to put the entire removal process on halt/loop line by all means. Thus, they ensure the Govt employee continues in service by drawing salary and other benefits. Every one knew how lawyers and ruling party play with law and constitution.

If a mathematics teacher fails to solve a simple problem within two days, then people make mockery of teacher's ability in public as ' that teacher knew nothing'. But, same is not uttered against a Judge, who takes years together for a simple case like fake SC papers. we found that Judges don't even summon the other family members to find the truth. They think matter will be resolved among their lawyers only. This way, they cheat entire country for bribes. Many lawyers have no moral values. They got immoral strategies to defeat a honest persons, who think of country, social welfare and constitution. That's may be reason, villagers say 'lawyers are never invited for weddings/happy ceremonies'. There is a case in this regard. smt Biruda Raj Ratnam , a fake SC lecturer in ASP Oriental College, Kothi, Hyderabad. AP High court WP34322/2011, WP3754/2012, CC201/2012 and CC1023/2013 are evidence for this nature. some one should help in advising the District collector to meet other family members of smt bBiruda Raja Ratnam to know lawyer's ill activities in this regard. Save India
May 20, 2015

quite the course without compeleting the 3 year

I read in b.com professional in panjabi university patiala. pu patiala runing a course 1 year . but suddenly university decide university not run the course without any notice , when i call the university ,university member told that it is university decision you are not able to ask why university stop the course ,without any advance notice .please help me how do next in our course .because i spoil our one year.
May 14, 2015

Delay in taking semester examinations

I am a student of a college affiliated from RGTU(RGPV), BHOPAL, M.P. Sir I want to complain about my university that delays a lot in conducting examinations of Bachelor of Engineering (BE) graduation course. In this semester our eaxms will start from 8th June 2015.
We face a lot problem in giving exams in this high tempered Summer season.
I request you to please talk to RGTU authorities and ask them to conduct exams earlier in April or May like another Colleges (MANIT Bhopal, SATI Vidisha, SGSITS Indore) and Universities(RTMNU Nagpur and Pune Universities).

I will be thankful to you for this.

Student of
4th Semester
May 5, 2015

Not Received grant since for 2 and half year

I am working as UGC major research fellow on UGC major research project in Bombay College of Pharmacy since form Oct. 2012. The tenure of project is of 3 years. We received our first instalment in September 2012 since then we not received a single rupee from UGC we tried contact but their answer is always "funds nahi he modi sarakar jab degi tab ayeaga".

Since from last 1 and half year I was working without stipend. Its really hard to survive but these Govt. People have nothing to do with it. Like wise me their are many students who are waiting for there money. I am writing here not to get notice my struggle but to free my minds frustration about our Indian educational system.

Thank you.
Deepak Bansal 10
May 3, 2015

shobhit university

Shobhit university gives me two years degree within one year in distance mode and saying this valid but not giving in any written evidence
Deepak Bansal 10
May 3, 2015

shobhit university

Shobhit university gives me msc degree within one year it is two years degree course but university gives me within one year
May 3, 2015

college not maintaining standards, herrassing faculty

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am a faculty member from Vignan's Lara institute of technology, Guntur, AP. I do not know whether you take action or not, but with a small hope i am writing a mail to you.

This college is not maintaining the standards of AICTE. They are herrassing Staff and students also. They do not have sufficient class rooms. Classes are running in Labs.

Over college timings, Students are who are coming from longer distances they will miss the first hour. They made the college as a tution point for the sake of admissions. Faculty

are made to work beyond college hours without paying proper salary. no standard rule for all. Rule will vary depending on the candidate. faculty are working with job security fear.

They dont know whether they have to come college tomorrow or not.

Facts finding committee of JNTUK is coming to college in this month... for that so many manipulations. duplicate staff. duplicate attendance registers etc etc...Like this so many

to list. May be i didnt presented in a proper way. Its become very tough to survive there. Could you pleasee consider my request.
Apr 28, 2015

Degree not received even after 5 years of course completion- college and university not supporting

Dear Sir,

I have completed my B.pharma in year 2010 from IIMT college of medical sciences affiliated with UPTU. Even after 5 years they have no satisfying answer why my degree is not handed over to me. its totally irresponsible behavior from both. they are just doing fraud and harassing students.

Please help.

Best Regards,
Sujit Delhi
Apr 27, 2015

Exploitation in Lovely Professional University with Students

Respected Sir,
My Younger brother is a Btech (cse) final Year student of Lovely Professional University , Jalandhar. Due to bad economic condition of our family , We could not deposit 7th semester's fee on time and hence, the university Charged a fine of rs 5000.Now , the heights of the exploitation is that "In spite of paying the late fine,they didn't mark the attendance and wanted us to deposit rs 7200 per subject ( A total of rs 72,000 for ten papers including practical papers.) before the Semester exams ". This Amount of Rs 72,000 we need to pay as fine yet. We are not able to pay this sum of money because of our poor economic condition. This is case of many students in the university. They have crossed the limits of exploitation. Kindly, take this into consideration.

With Regards,

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