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V3 slim care ,Bangalore


Consumer complaints and reviews about V3 slim care ,Bangalore

Mar 29, 2016

No weight loss

New Bel road v3 branch. Worst experience , took weight loss 5kg Rs 11,000/- , visiting since a month Sept no result yet ,very disappointed, 5o k one shot paid want I don't know what to do der is no refund if I quit the package , already losted huge amount don't want to visit for loosing my tym n patrol . No weight loss even 1 kg
Mar 25, 2016

v3 slim care hair removal treatment

it is worst branch, they will makes us wait for long time, only for money sake they will do after paying money they will illtreat just unprofessional behavoiur, they cheat us after taking money laser treatment is bogus, the machines they use their is different, each time they will use different, there wonot be any hair treatment simply they will tell it is useless to opt. they will tell that they have very good experienced people working over there, but they are totally waste .I Paid 15000. Never go for Stem Cells treatments for hair and never go for beauty related treatments there. I have got too much hair fall after taking treatment there and also they have not yet complete my package courses.this is one bogus bogus please people donot really this, doctors will be there they are not MD's / MBBS . all is fake .donot pay money at a stretch.
sanjeeta m h
Nov 2, 2015


Jayanagar v3 branch. Worst experience , took weight loss n pigmentation treatment , visiting since a month 0ct no result yet ,very disappointed, 5o k one shot paid want to fuck dem all I hate it I don't know what to do der is no refund if I quit the package , already losted huge amount don't want to visit for loosing my tym n patrol .bloody basterds ass hole
Sep 2, 2015

Cheaters , worst and unprofessional

I took laser hair removal . They are such a bastards that they take used razors to shave the hair , and not even close eyes during the treatment . Laser beams are dangerous . They are least bothered . Every time I go , the person who treats will change , and they will knowing nothing about our concern . The machine they use itself is fake . It's like a Chain item . For 1 session they used big machine , after that they just used a gun type machine which never looked like a laser machine . After 2 sessions , the machine was changed and it looked like a shave machine . It's very surely fake machine and fake people . Please don't go behind any advertisements . They are just cheap people . In one off the sessions , they used barber shaving knife to shave hair and I got a cut . The so called doctor said it is very common and all bull shit . No body there are doctors , u just find a set of Coorg people cheating the customers . They don't even follow the session dates properly . I paid the money , and had to wait for 3 months to get started . They were telling machine has problem . Over all , even after completing the session , I haven't seen one percentage of results . The rooms are dirty , they use old towels , worst bed and cannot express the worst ever experience that I have faced . Please don't ever step into v3 slim care esp. BTM branch . Don't waste your money and time . You will get upset than the required service .
Jul 13, 2015

All beautycians are not a trained.

V3 is the worst beauty parlour in whole Bangalore. Don't go to any off the branch.Because the one who is providing the treatment is not a trained professional.They don't know anything and also its not a registered clinic.For laser treatment and all they should be well trained other wise face wwill going to burn.To guys please take care of your skin before going to V3 slim care.When it come to weight reduction they will charge 5K for reducing 5KG weight.If you go there after 1 month the weight will same.If you ask them they ll tell that you have not done the diet thats y weight not reduce and your 5000rs gone.So in order to reduce weight just go to part and do jogging don't waste on this fake clinic.see goolge rating 4.4.But we have lots of complaints on this.Eventhough the clinic has got 4.4 rating.This is amazing and also think it is a fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeee clinic
May 21, 2015

Thank you

Thank you everybody... I was about to buy a deall in Groupon for their hair straightening services. After reading this, no way am gonna do it... thank you guys for saving my hair and money..
ankith 12
Jan 15, 2015

Very Happy With The Service

am just surprised after seeing this complaints ,as i have taken a 10 kg weight loss package with some therapies as the consultant suggested and they committed me i will loose 10 kg in 3 months and yes i lost my 10 kg weight loss in 75 days but i followed the suggestions given by the dietician and the doctor . and am happy to say that i had a problem with gastric from last 5 years,after taking this services and loosing weight that gastric problem also solved. Thank You v3 slimcare and Team BTM Branch
Dec 16, 2014

Unprofessional,Money suckers,Frauds,Waste of money

They are very rude and unprofessional in providing the service. In the beginning they will just try to impress us with all nonsense talks and they provide one good service but as move on treatments will be worst and they will not give slots also. What are the Packages we take will end up with other unsatisfied service. Just dead waste of money. They will tell that they have very good experienced people working over there, but they are totally dumb and they are not experienced too. I Paid 15000. I'm very much unhappy with their service and treatments. Never go for Stem Cells treatments for hair and never go for beauty related treatments there. I have got too much hair fall after taking treatment there and also they have not yet complete my package courses. Every time they will give one or the other reasons for not offering sides. They are frauds and you will never get good result in V3 SLIM CARE. The staffs itself don't know how to treat the people. They made to wait for many hours but at the end they will not even give the proper treatment. They will some non sense reasons like, medicines got over, beautician not available, Slots are full. If we go there we will not get proper service and Waste of time too. They will not value for customers time, emergency, money. It's real dead waste of paying our valuable money over there. They say that they will give one complimentary free session if we refer friends. That is also just fraud. They will not provide any thing. VERY BAD SERVICE IN V3 SLIM CARE. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.
Sep 1, 2014

Never go to V3 Marthahalli

I agee to all the negative feedback here so wont write too much detail. But basically
- Very very rude and unprofessional management.
- very dirty parlour
- Never buy groupon coupon and take their serice
Aug 21, 2014

V3 center Coles Rd Frazer town

I had a package with the V3 parlor and paid Rs 12000 for it. Twice I was assured I am getting an O3 facial but next time when I checked with the staff she said she has never done an O3 facial and that she had given me a regular facial.
Staff assures you that they are using brown branded color but will apply any local color which makes your hair brittle and the sudden jet black look makes you look weird.This time when I visited them on 10th August the staff said they do not have the brown color in my preferred brand and that it will come next day. I kept calling them each day and they gave different excuses why there is no stock. When the color was not available till 20th August I lost my cool but was assured they will call for a separate brown colr from Loreal and use it for me.I went to the parlor and the color was already mixed and ready. As the staff applied I kept expressing my doubt as the color appeared black and not brown. When my hair was washed it was black and brittle.When I questioned the manager she said it was raga color, staff said it is Loreal. They kept on a defensive conversation responding as per each other's comment.
Decided that once my pack is completed I will never step in V3. The owners are never available for the customer's to express their concerns.
Aug 1, 2014

V3slimcare Marathalli Cheating

V3 slimcare Marathalli branch conducted a promotional stall in Ecospace/Pritech park. Gave voucher and asked to come to Marathalli.
They are cheaters and they wont do as per the voucher.
Fully Fraud.
Ashwini Davies
Jul 25, 2014

Card Missing

Had taken up a package and the staff said the bill is not necessary as the card is sufficient. Called today and they say that the card is lost and nothing can be done.
Jun 7, 2014

Horrible Horrible: Money Suckers and Horrible Service

V3 Slim Care is the worst Parlor I have ever been to. I have been in many cites both India and abroad but such horrible pathetic salon is no where to be found. All money minded. I took a 40000 package as it was my marriage and HAD TO continue services for a few months. I hated all the services there and the beauticians and hair experts are the worst ever. They blatantly ask for tips and even quote the amounts. The manger girl is another "clever" person who will almost force you into her parlor and convince you with promises, all fake promises. Not once they asked if I liked any of the services, instead they wanted me to sign up for more packages. Ofcourse I didn't!

I am happier going to a small parlor near my house. Atleast the people are courteous and ask me for my feedback.

Basic etiquette missing. Must improve or shut down. More importantly don't fool people or hurt their feelings. Its all people's hard earned money.
Nov 25, 2013

very unsatisfactory services

I had gone to Sarjapur V3 Slim care as I had bought the coupon from groupon. The services were not satisfactory. Person like me is not comfortable with men giving head massages, and they did not have a lady to give me head massage instead.

They have hand few staff and lot of customers from groupon deals. They ask us to take the appointments in two sittings when we don't have time to avail it in 2 sittings. But they don't forget to collect the full amount in 1 sitting.

The facial room was stinking, untidy, unclean towels were used. Only the haircut provided by the guy was satisfactory. That too we can't say it was wonderful. The haircut provided was the only service that was satisfactory.

I will and will never recommend anyone to this Salon. If none believes me,you can go yourself and experience the truth. One of the staff also told me the salon is not professional, which is very true and recommended other top salons to me!
Nov 12, 2013

v3 slimcare jaynagar

worst beauty services in the world probably. went thru a groupon deal and right from the time you step in u want to run away. it is filthy to start with. the massage was ridiculous. she used two teasppons of oil probably. it smelt horrid post tht traumatic experience i developed pains i never had. they had no shower area nor a hot towel wipe.. post uding the dry towel she folded it back for the next customer to use! yuck!. the facial was the quckest n the worst one i ever had. post these 2 services,though my coupon contained all theservices i refused all of it cause it was a waste of my time n money
Sep 25, 2013

worst exp, got cheated twenty thousand

They took money saying servic available on weekend and took 22000 Rs for five sessions and then no response on session details. I called them and all excuses saying madam next week then next Sunday. It went on for two months and when I shouted and asked for my money back, they started treating as if they are paying from their pocket. Never seem such cheats who die for others money and have no decency how to talk to customer. I am planning to file a case against them. I need my hard earned money. I would be happy to donate that to orphanage than to these junk dirty minded uneducated fools.
Sep 22, 2013

worst service in marathahalli

Please don't have an idea of going to V3 Slim care, Its a worst services offered by them .They are looting money with people but they are not loyable to customers. i have paid Rs. 37000 for weight loss but no results from five month.and maria - manager & one more lady called Lena they are very rude,they dt even no how to greet the client. they wont even bother about clients ,they just need money and service is not even worth for the money, after swiping your card getting appointment is very difficult with them, if there no clients also they will show up their cheep attitude to give appointment. its really very bad experience with V3 marathahalli

and staff are very keen,but the managers are really bad , in front if client only they will start up with their bad language.

kindly never ever visit v3 any branch
Apr 29, 2013

Fraudelent and Unprofessional

.I purchased a hair treatmentnormal version(kera therapy) from V3 of worth 5000rs and I was told that your hairfall will reduce with 100% satisfaction.After 3 sittings my hairfall increased drastically and i sopke with Ayesha(an employee of V3 jayanagar) and they said ur hair quality is too low and hence we suggest u to take an advanced version.I took that and paid them entire 30000 rs and had 1 session and that day only my head started paining like anything..and when i discussed the problem with my family doctor he said not to take this service.so i called them and spoke them they spoke so rudely and when i call them again they said to call later as the concerned person is not available and when i called them again these people are not picking my call only.never ever go to V3.I feel so cheated that my amount has been taken by frauding me and not refunding my amount.

Apr 25, 2013


Thought of buying this v3 slim deal from grouopon. Thanks for you feedback & appreciate it. I avoided this deal there by saving money & avoiding pathetic experience :)
Apr 24, 2013

Good Experience

I am pleased to tell that your staff is very professional and out lets ambiance is very very good.

I purchased V3 slim care voucher through one of deal website. Service was excellent and I got shock when i seen so many negative feedback on same. As a customer we might gone through different experiences. But still i can say this was the one center where i felt customer oriented. I visited many slimming centers, this is the one of the good. As far as for an appointment i called many times for spot appointments and 2 or 3 days before and didn't get the appointment either in Jayanagar or Marthahalli outlet. I can understand these locations are situated in very busy area where theirs week end appointments will get full until next 2 weeks. When they explained and shown me their appoints slots i always called 1 week prior for weekends appointment.nice place to get your services.

I recommend this to my friends. Thanks V3 team.
Apr 9, 2013

No value for customer, Highly unprofessional

No value for customer, Highly unprofessional

I bought a deal from one of the deal websites, and when I called them up for the appointment they really dint seems to be interested. The manager wanted me to come on her convenience. The worst, annoying thing was they don’t provide you all the services in one go!!! YOU NEED TO GO IN 2 SESSION’. That I got to know only after reaching there …How anyone can fool their customers so well.!!!

I reached 5.30pm and they started their services only after 6.30Pm(No one can offered to loose time) and I was out of the parlor around 8 Pm. Service’s availed are > Facial +Head massage +Hair wash. Just imagine what kind of service they might have given within 1.30hour. The staff is not well trained at all but still they do their best !

After this horrible experience I was not convinced to go next time during weekdays. Still I took a chance, next appointment at 10.00Am. I explicitly told her “I can’t wait since my cab is at 11.00am. No wonder there was no one available at the parlor. The manager lady come in 10 min’s and told me that they don’t have people and asked me to wait till 11.00Am. When I screamed a little she felt offended and got ready to do it by herself. Madam you don’t even know how simple waxing is done?
And you are the parlor manager isn’t that funny.

Talking about the MANAGER (Pooja madam and one more lady ‘forgot her name’ ) Madams please give some time to your clients also, other than looking yourself in the mirror + taking exclusive care of yourself + drinking water++++++++

To the owner – Serious attention required madam as your managers are not bothered about your parlor anymore. Neither they know ABCD of your products and services.

Never try this parlor. More than the quality of service, Managers laziness and disgusting behavior will make you feel sad.
There is no Connection between their price and quality if service.
tanu sarkar
Mar 27, 2013

session not given nor tummy tuck

i have paid rs 8500 for 5 kgs weight loss and my mom paid 16000 for 10 kgs loss , and the recepitonist fooled us as that she would give a better deal .... later on for two week they gave session and they are forcing us to reduce weight by purself, till we reduce we want get any tummy tuck nor any session .... the lady in r t nagar asking us to go back home and insisting us to reduce and come back.... pls dont get attracted to this kind of packages.... its a poor service i have ever seen
Mar 8, 2013

Horrible and Dirty (literally) experience

I am a massage enthusiast and always am regular on getting body massage. I also have a regular masseur who visits my home every month. I had been to V3 as my masseur had been to hometown and used one of the deal coupons they promote in their Jayanagar centre

Things went bad

- the receptionist is very rude. Kala, I guess, her name was and treats guests like dirt, The tone was 'if you want to come at this time, you come, else dont come sir' :)))... I was shocked to hear this

- I went there and a overly made up lady spoke to about things and sold their other offerings at exuberant rates and I just wanted to try the services mentioned in the timesdeal voucher. they collected the payment and said, it will not be best of the service sir, if you want better ones, it will be more :(

- I opted only for two of their 6 services they had put on deal as I knew it might not be great as the lady only spoke on how basic the services will be if I used the coupon

- Hair trimming was fine as I have very limited hair on my head :)

- Body Massage - One man who was not very happy with what he was doing took me through an aisle which was more like government hospital wards. Dimly lit and sad looking. I went into one of the rooms which was all oily and dirty and he asked me to lie down. I asked if they would give me a disposal inner garment and that is when he started

- He said no and asked me to get down to my basics and lie down on the table. They had kept a oily towel to support the head. I lied down and the man started how bad it is for him as he has never done a massage for 250 Rs in his entire life and he has a list of elite clients who pays him 2-5 K per massage and how his company is not making profits because of the deals.

- He touched his fingers in the oil (not sure what oil it was) and would have collected say 10g of oil . He managed the entire massage with it and applied it all over. It is something which was smart if him.

- Only thing, he dint do was to hit me because I was using a voucher. He said he was from Orissa and how many years of experience he had in this field and everything else against people in Bangalore. It was one of the worst massages I have ever had.

Worst thing was yet to come as he said, they do not have place to take a shower after the massage and if I wanted it, I will have to pay more. He used the same towel which was under my head and tried to wipe the oil. That was disgusting..... The towel was filthy and I am sure he had used the same one for all his customers as I saw him folding it after I left the room ... It was yuck,.....


I would probably say to the management to look into who they recruit if they really want to be in business...

I wish them good luck with their business.
Mar 8, 2013

Wrost Services, Please dont opt

Hi Everyone ,
Please don't have an idea of going to V3 Slim care, Its a worst services offered by them .They are looting money with people but they are not loyable to customers.I got deal for 400 But i paid 20,000.V3 Slim care is worst services i have ever seen .
Feb 25, 2013

Got cheated

Hi everyone please dont ever take up deals from v3 slim care Jayanagar.

I went through a deal that was and took up laser hair removal and free beauty service, but i got cheated for the same, they did'nt use proper laser machine nd to my knowledge it was a fake one, i had undergone laser treatment before this time in v3 i had been only for a maintenance session. After 2 or 3 days of getting laser done the hairs for which the laser has been done should fall on itself but in my case it did'nt fall but started growing then after 5 days i called them up and told that i want to speak to the concerned person the receptionist said leave ur number i will ask my manager to call back, but i never received aany call from them, i kept on calling but so far no response from them and also the free beauty package from times deal is not actually free they charge more under the name of tax which is equivalent to thee beauty package. So please dont ever take up any beauty treatment in v3 slim care. And the beauticians there are not very hygenic and the rooms are very dirty. And the staff dont respect or care if we are from a deal.

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