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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vijay Tv

Feb 9, 2016

Top 5

very ridiculous decision with top 5. How can fareeda always in top? she cant worth.. I dont know why chithra and srini do like this. Mano is totally waste. throw from judge pannel. if mano wants to give fareeda give his own. Pls dont play the youngsters future...
Feb 9, 2016

Super singer5 poor judgement

Anand and raja are very versatile singers. No one can beat Anand's expression. The songs he bought to the stage are rare and very difficult. He completely justified the songs. Siyad is good only in certain type of songs. I am not sure why Fareeda is even in top 5. This is not a sympathy talent. She cried and got judges sympathy. I hope at the grand finale, the public realise that. Unless Vijay TV do some score changing to bring Fareeda as the winner. Anand should be the winner and Raja should be the first runner up.
Unfortunately Anand got a bad throat this week. Hope he gets better. Even if he doesn’t win, he is a winner in many hearts, and his songs will be popular and he will be a popular playback singer. He had already sang with Alka Ajith and couple of other songs. So the industry knows who he is and what he is capable of.
Vijay TV can go ahead and give that house to Fareeda because of her tears. She singer always the same kind of sad old songs.
K V Subramanian
Feb 9, 2016

airtel super singer

Talent and versatile singers are not the favourite singer for the judges especially mano. Watch mano when Raj ganapathy OR aravindakshan sings. He is not attentive or enjoying their songs but is found dejected if he is unable to point any mistakes but in case when fareeda sings you look at his face and body language giving a signal for his liking to other judges. We don't feel like seeing the programme now. Competition should be only with participants of this season. I am not casting any aspirations against singer's of previous seasons. They should be honored to sing again in this programme and they should have an exclusive programme on New Year, pongal or deepavali or any special occasion
Feb 9, 2016

Its a talent competition

I have been watching super singer 5 from the start and I find comments against Faridhaa too much.. This is a talent competition for singing.. Not carnatic competition.. Why she need to sing carnatic song?? U asking legendary singers to be judges.. Isn't Usha Uthup a legendary singer? She gave Faridha a standing ovation. Didn't Faridha do a dual voice singing in Varai En Thozhiye from the movie arasiyal? Who are you to comment that judges are not proper judges. What have you done musically to have the knowledge to judge them? Mind it Mano/Sreenivas/Unni Sir have given dozens of songs which no one can replicate. Why are you guys being so hateful towards the judges when they praise Faridah?? I just wonder whether its because a Widow n Single mother or because she is a Muslim? Eppada tiruntha poringe? When you cut your hand its the same colour as Faridha? Please change your mentality
muthaya selvaraja
Feb 9, 2016

seeni is damaging vijay TV

Dear Vijay TV Management

The Super Singer was subject of discussion at recent gdoha indians get together .
It was a unianimous that seeni was siding with Siyad. This is damaging the TV station name and makes a mockery of the program.

Seeni countering Arjun mother's statement that he travelled from usa by saying that Siyad travelled from Kerala and very far,

Whta a dumb statment by such a top singer whom I admire so much for some great songs.

Anyone in south india knows it only takes less than 12 hours by road and 2 hrs by flight. Seeni unknowingly let the cat out of bag.
We think the strategy of the judges (seeni) is that to keep Siyad in the game and WAIT for an Opporune time for one of the other singers to a mistake. Then sneak in Siyad.... Please deny if this is not your strategy...
Feb 9, 2016

Super singer

Illayaraja didn't give chance for Hariharan in the earlier stage, but many songs sung by Mano because of his musical knowledge. here some brahmin guys are criticism him. how many musical challenging song he gave to us .. stupids guys
Feb 9, 2016

Airtel Super singer

It is going in the right way!!. here some karnatic ,religious lovers blaming the judge and judgement. for Super singer program is not for Trvaiyaaru . this is purely for film music related competition , not require to known karnatic music.

The selection is based on their current week performance.if they missed anything def'ly should eliminate.

Here some body supporting their view in religious perspective and few language perspective. and few blaming panel for their religious verry. Funny people .... where they went during flood.
Feb 8, 2016


Why the judges for junior supersinger come back for the seniors especially Mano. He is having favoritism for Farteeda does not even to compeat with Anand, Raja Ganapathy, Siyad. She always cries for the pity, seeking sympathy and sings only the same old songs. I don't know how she got selected to be the one contestant not even singing the carnatic songs. We are all very upset to even watch the show
kumari raja
Feb 8, 2016

teasing others

hello sir this is not a complaint its a request from a common man from tamil nadu.media is a good source to create impact in society but vijay tv creating trend how to make happy others by teasing others.this trend is not stop with that program itself,it create new trend in public,teasing others in public and make their friends happy.its affect society in future so kindly reduce this type of motive programs
Super Singer
Feb 8, 2016

Vijay TV Super Singer 5

Siyad should have been eliminated long time back, instead Arjun was eliminated. Arjun is definitely better than Siyad. Siyad sounds nasal always.
Fareedha does not deserve to be in the finals - what a waste!!

Are the judges capable of judgement?
Feb 8, 2016

Vijay TV Super singer 5

Why is that Fareeda, sings always old songs with same kind of songs. One thing wanted to know, is any way this complaint would be reached to Vijay TV. Please ask judges to give judgement in an unbiased way. Why is that Raju Ganapathy, Anand are always ignored with so much talent they have.
Feb 8, 2016

Super singer 5

I am watching this super singer season 5 from the beginning. I don't know what musical knowledge Siad has. All the songs he chose were very flat and kind of melody. If you watch Rajaganapathy and anand arvindakshan - they selected different songs in different style, classical, semi-classical, melody, light music, folk and in all the styles they showed their own creativity too. Can any one tell me - did Siad try any different style? But they encourage Siad only. Dont know what is their idea behind this...I see even Unnai Sir also support this..very unfair...
I could guess Siad will win second prize and Faritha will win first prize. The judges can determine the Vijay award but not any one's life. I wish Rajaganapathy and Arvind will win in the real life...
Feb 8, 2016

super singer 5

It's unfair Anand will be eliminated from semifinal.
As we know last week, his performance was outstanding if compare to siyad and rajaganapathy.
They arrange semifinal 2 just cause want eliminated anand.
This is nt talent competition but for waste competition.
No use to see super singer after Anand eliminated.
Feb 7, 2016

Airtel super singer 5

If my guess is correct Siyad will be next person to go to top after faredha. After going through the promo i guessed this. As usual this time also raja will be eliminated in the second round of semi final. This time viyay tv already planned to gain popularity in kerala. That is why they are promoting siyad too much. This siyad will be winner and fareda will be first runner up. Third place will go to anand. I am not against poeple from kerala. Atleast vijay tv should change the name of the programs as Indiavin bramanda kural instead of Tamilagathing bramhand kural. One of friend posted some comment about the biased nature of the judges in Srinivas' s facebook. Immdly Srinivas blocked my friend id. That is the characteristic of judges.
Feb 7, 2016

Airtel super singer 5 semi final

Very unfair .. Faredha is just NOT WORTH IT esp compared to the other singers raja and anand

Gaining sympathy votes is not he right way for a program that has this dimension
Feb 6, 2016

Usage of Programme Stage

Usage of stage should be restricted to only performing. Unlike other Constants, Farida always tries to be sympathized by becoming emotional and telling her personal struggles (as if she is only the Widow around the World) and most ridiculously the useless Judges (specially Mano, Anand Vaidyanathan and at times Srinivasan) entertain her. All Judges, if you are so caring about Farida, register part of your savings or properties in her name but DO NOT USE A PUBLIC OR OTHERS PROPERTIES AND SHOW YOUR SYMPATHY ON ANYONE.

In my view & crores of this programme viewers, Farida should have eliminated long back and SHE DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE EVEN AT 20TH PLACE.

Feb 6, 2016

Biased Judges

Judges are totally biased...Every Judge is an idiotic person (many times they are below the 5 sensed animals)....Farida just sings flat and easy songs and Judges give her "Wow appreciation" and everyone falls in to her feet including Anand Vaidyanathan. Mano went up to the level of praising her by saying "saakshaad Saraswatiye un roopathila indha medaiyila nikkara" when she did compete with Sai Charan in Quarter Final, . What a Chuthia he is? What a song Sai Charan sang (Vendriduven....in dual voice) and Farida sang a very flat and easy song (Ennullil Edho.....).

Janakee Subramanian
Feb 6, 2016

SS 5 - Judges are Biased

Yes, absolutely Judges are biased. This is not the 1st season where they are biased. I feel during Audition itself it is decided who should be given the prize. The show just keeps going only to please the audience. Audience are also MAD , they think everything is true. In fact I have an evidence also in another reality show where the contestants where called in the morning and told them how they have to talk and what they have to talk. I stopped watching SS. I request the channel to do justice because crores of people are watching and they can find out the good and deserving singer.
Feb 6, 2016

vijay TV ss5

I'm watching ss5 since beginning of the show.....
It is unfair that fareeda just singing as the same tempo! Always choose old songs as she only knew that, come on this is a international program whereby the standrand should be there not by showing sympathy! This is a competition not a sympathy creating program....
Please choose the singer wisely...especially the judge are really prejudice! Whenever the performance like shit...they said wow, and whenever the performance wow...,they giving too much of comment
Please.... Be fair in choosing or giving marks for the talented one
Feb 5, 2016

Super singer 5 Biased judges

SS5 judges are very much biased and / or promoting Malayalam / Telegu singers and sympathising with one contestant. Especially Buddha like Mano and Buddhi like Subha. Why on earth these two stupid idiotic persons make comments on Carnatic music. They should be removed at once. Mano is fit to cook only buriyani ( if at all it is edible) and Subha should sing only in the bathroom
Feb 5, 2016


Why can't the judges and Vijay tv stopping the SS5 competition at least by now without continuing. The stupid idiotic judges have already decided the finalist and the winner. It is really a waste of time of remaining contestants, mums & dads and the public. The judges Buddha Mano and Buddhi Subha do not know anything about Carnatic music make negative comments and praise those singers dear to their heart. They should be removed from the panel. Mano is fit only to prepare buriyani ( once he commented that he will be cooking buriyani if he hasn't got into music). Both of them are fit only to sing in village music concerts to fool the masses there.
Feb 5, 2016


The competition is a waste of time not only for contestants and also for the public like me. The stupid donkeys of judges have already decided whom they have to select to go into the final. Why can't they announce now itself. What does Buddha Mano and Buddhi Subha know about Carnatic music. They are arse licking bathroom singers and fit to sing in the village concerts. I sincerely request Mano to go and prepare buriyani at wayside boutique to earn his living.
Feb 5, 2016

judgment and selecting of ss5 is not fair!!!

Why every time the ss5 judges never respect to the talented performance ... why always the judges like to choose fareeda, and in every round they only wanna give a good comments to fareeda even she sang a same kind of songs.. why they didn't encourage the other contestants because for me all other contestants doing well better than fareeda, we can heard other kind of songs ,variety of songs from Anand ss5, Rajaganapathy ss3, and siyad ss4 and others except fareeda.. actually the judges should judge with their performance of how they perform every round... not judges with their sympathy or family problem or personal problems... if the judges wanna do something for fareeda means,just do whatever out of this program and stage .. don't do a silly things in the program like all time let fareeda go straight away to next level! Please don't spoil other good contestants dreams and life... I hope the judges will give a honestly and good judgements in finale..
Vijay tv is on of the favorite channels for all the tamil people including me.. so best of luck for your future,upcoming programs.. thank you.
Feb 4, 2016

Super singer 5

There are so many things we need to address about this growing biased show.

LOL, first off, is this Thamilahathin Bramaanda maana Kural Thedal or Malayalathin Bramaanda maana Kural Thedal? Why would you call it a Tamil show when majority of the damn participants are ALWAYS Malayali/Telugu... and they're the ones who get supported WAY more than the Tamil participants?
Nonetheless, all these faulty judges (minus Unnikrishnan) just want Rajakanapathi out, when we all know how talented he is in ALL genres. Mano, oh my God, this Buddha looking monkey is the WORST judge in the history of judges. This Mano monkey only supports is those who are like him; either Telugu, of his religion, or both. I love Fareedha, but Siyad, lol, he stands NO chance next to Rajakanapathi but gets praised like he's the kind of the goddamn world.

It's funny because Bhavana and Makapa who are TAMIL, don't do much to voice their own opinion of the show when they most clearly know the loopholes behind the show...

Two years ago, they tried to let go of Diwakar, but thanks to Anand Vidhyanathan, he got to stay. This year, they want to let go of Rajakanapathi. Does this sound fair to you? 4 years ago, they let go of Sai Charan... Regardless thanks to God, Diwakar and Sai won, so without a doubt, may Rajakanapathi win this year's title!

If Vijay TV's going to continue supporting this biased show and have them letting go of the actually talented contestants, I'm cutting Vijay TV.
Feb 4, 2016

super singer 5

yesterday i saw super singer 5 semi final. It is real pathetic to see the biased nature of judges except unnii. In case of Raja ganapathi we are expecting standing ovation from all the judges. But he is not got it. But in case of siyad he got standing ovation from all the judges under pressure or instruction from subhaji(i just saw she is instructing everyone to stand). Siyad performance is not superlative. I thing this time vijay tv decided to promote someone from kerala. If the selection process is same like last year definitely raja or arving or farida will win the competition. Otherwise with the support of you judges siyad will win the competition..

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