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Jul 28, 2015

super singer 5

Anand Sir is a good example of how commitment and hard work pay off.His determination to achive the goal has been admirable.

All three judges are superb. Makapa and priyanka has been great support in super singer 5 journey.

very enjoyable .
Jul 28, 2015

தமிழ் பயன்பாடு

Tribute to M.S. Viswanathan என்ற நிகழ்ச்சி இசை மேதைக்கு நன்றி செலுத்தவும் அவரின் அரிய படைப்புகளை மீண்டும் நினைவுகூரும் அருமையான நிகழ்ச்சி. பாராட்டுகள. ஆனால், நிகழ்ச்சியின் பெயர், பின்னணியில் ஆங்கிலம் தவிர்த்து தமிழிலும் இருந்திருப்பின் மேலும் சிறப்பாக இருந்திருக்கும். விஜய் டி.வி.யின் சிறப்பின் இது மேலும் உயர்த்தும் என்பது மறுக்கமுடியாது.. அத்தோடு, நகழ்ச்சியினை வழிநடத்து நர்கள் ஆங்கிலப் பயன்பாட்டை தவிர்த்தால் தமிழுக்குத் தாங்கள் செய்யும் நன்றியாக அமையும்
Jul 28, 2015

Priyanka bad hosting

I like to watch Vijay Tv shows , but i dont much prefer the way of hosting by Priyanka.
She does not talk decently and too rude, this can low down Vijay tv reputation and level.
Please, we as indian should show good and culture , recently in game show named "Nadavella Konjum Disturb Pannukom'
she spoke too rudely and use the word "mudhu".Which this should be avoided in public telecast.
suja situ
Jul 22, 2015

airtel Super singer

Pl change priyanka desh pande. Indecent behaviour. Touching all d contestants. Bloody fool. The programme head is not getting very good host.
Mathan Kumar
Jul 19, 2015

wrong information

Before giving any info to people especially to students double check it the info given regarding how to become an Ias officer was wrong a ug degree is more than enough to apply.
Jul 18, 2015

MaPa Ka Anand's Indecent Jokes

Ma Pa Ka Anand's attempt at humour during interludes is crossing the threshold of decent humour. They are either about binge eating or toilet jokes which children outgrow at four or five. He seems to be stunted in growth frozen at five years of age. Priyanka is another Hardy to Ma Pa Ka's Laurel whose teasing Mano and his idiotic retorts are not just amusing. mano can be forgiven since he is compelled to the moronic Ma Pa Ka. Both Bhavna and Divya conduct themselves presentably decent. Producers must caution Ma Pa Ka Anand and Priyanka Deshpande them and ask them to read up some joke books which contain decent humourous anecdotes before appearing for the episode.
Wellwisher Vijay TV
Jul 16, 2015

Super Singer MC

Super Singer is a great entertainment show. But the hosting has totally lost its decency. They comment about things they talk about, are totally inappropriate. Why don't they just talk about the contestant and their musical background? People watch the show only to hear the contestants sing. The hosts must think twice before they comment on anyone. The hosting is taking the show totally down. The quality of the singing and the credibility of the judges are overshadowed by these inappropriate comments.

Do consider!

Let's talk less and sing more!
Jul 12, 2015

Shivam Serial

Hello Vijay TV Team,

What happens to Sivam serial which is my favorite serial in Vijay Tv.

Could you please start the telecast the serial again

We hope soon we will see the aerial again in Vijay TV

Thanks in advance.

With Regards
Manikandan P
Jul 11, 2015


Please don't drag rettai vaal kuruvi to many episodes. I'm not happy with office2 and sm2. Most of the time the story gets altered and the director himself is not able to do justice to the original story. At present rvk doesn't move in a slow pace.
Jul 6, 2015

Super singer 5

Priyanka super in super singer 5
Jul 3, 2015

Theivam thanta veedu

சீரியலில் ஊருக்காய் கதை போர்.ஐடியா சுதா சந்திரன் தரலாமே.
Jul 3, 2015

Super singer 5

ஒருவருக்கு ஒருவர் கலந்து ஆலோசிக்காமல் மார்க்கை கொடுத்தால் என்ன?கிட்ட கிட்ட உட்காந்தாலும் பரவாயில்லை.தூரமாக உட்காந்து வாய்யை மறைத்துக்கொண்டு நெருங்கி வந்து மார்க் போடுவது பார்க்க நன்றாக இல்லை.
Gana Muthu
Jul 2, 2015

Change the panel of Judges in SSS5

Why con't you change the three Judges in the on going SSS5.Because they are only listening to the song and they are not worried about the Tamil pronounsation,hence a wrong person has to be selected by these Judges and a genuine candidate's chance was denied or rejected.Please nominate Neutral Judges to avoid contravercy in the near future.
Jun 29, 2015

Background Musics

Hello super singer team,
You're running a very good program. I need a favour from you guys. I need the BGM's were running background in the today program(29/06/2015). Please send me the link or movie titles.
Jun 23, 2015

airtel super singer dress code

Your program airtel super singer is good.Bringing out the talent in someone is quite overwhelming. Thoroughly enjoying your programs.A very good footing is given to learn a lot related to music,which is awesome.I would like to place a suggestion here,which I felt can be changed.As far as dress codes are concerned it can be made some what modest.If the dress codes are more concerned to our nativity then it would be far more respectable.It is my concern,this change will also kindle modest dress code value in others.Thank you.
Vijeya Anu
Jun 17, 2015

Change of timing

Your recent time change for SS5 is so difficult to accomondate by lots of us here. We have gotten used to this timing, as this is when we gather as a family which includes our school going kids and working people to watch this great talent show. I humbly request you to give consideration to the worldwide crowd who are interested in this programme. I sincerely hope the change is just temporary for the super singer selection period and the drama rettaivaal kuruvi can be moved to the usual time slot.
Vijeya Anu
Jun 17, 2015


Your recent change on timing for SS5 is so difficult for lots of us to accomondate. We have attuned ourselves to this timing in our country for such a long time which include school going kids and working people. My humble request is please give consideration to the worldwide crowd who have made great sacrifices to sit as a family to watch your programmes,especially these super singers and their efforts. Hope the change you made is just temporary for the selection of singers.
Martin Jeffery
Jun 11, 2015

Adhu Idhu Edhu - Siricha Pochu Dated 30 May and 9 Jun

In Vijay Tv program Adhu Idhu Edhu dated 6 jun 2015 and 30 May , Comedian Diwakar is abusing / Touching lady participants in siricha pochu round . Thy should know how to behave in a public show watched by kids. His act is intentional as he is doing in both rounds. He is touching contestants hairs and kissing them .
Jun 10, 2015

super singer 5 selections

Now thE selections for super singer is going on and mostly it's seen that malayalis have been selected so far it would be better if u stop allowing Tamil people to participate because your wasting the time of all Tamil peoples you will run ur channel in tamil nadu and we are fools to watch your channel and make you earn money but u ppl give chances only for malayalies mostly so better stop fooling as and and change the title as malayala singers we are no more fools to watch your idiotic programs and waste our time
Jun 9, 2015

Thanks to re-telecast mahabharatham again at 11.00pm

It's not a complaint. I just here for say to thanks. Bcos of the mahabharatham re-telecast at 11.00pm.
suji J
Jun 8, 2015

mahabharatham timing

pls change the time of mahabharahtam to its old time
Frustrated serial viewer
May 19, 2015


Sarvana meenatchi is the world's most worst serial in the history of all serials. And because of my room mates, i have the unfortunate luck of watching it every day. The foolishness of the character displayed is not even humanly possible. As a girl I feel the heroine is shown in the worst way ever possible. The Meenatchi character clearly lacks moral and brain. I have seen scenes where the heroine's father raises his voice and wrath against his wife, people, I tell you this is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Is this what the Tamil culture about??? Marry one guy and run to another no matter the intense( in truth I found Sravanan a big douchebag, vetayan is a saint) love they supposedly shared. The side characters like the heroine's mother , father, best friend and the hero's best friend and mother are characters that are complete waste of time. Actually the whole serial is a complete waste of time. I am not gonna suggest you guys to change the story line because who ever is the script writer made me lose all my faith in human intelligence....... I am warning you airing serials like these will produce psychopaths like Meenatchi in the Indian society. Please think about the future of our country (actually the whole human gene pool is gonna be corrupted by this sarvana meenatchi serial) and STOP AIRING THIS SERIAL.
May 19, 2015

New Proposal for SS T21


Congrats for the great success of "Super-singer T20 -II".
Hats off to the organizers.

After watching this programme ( ie Super-Singer T20"), a Novel and
unique concept came to our mind- for which we named " Singers' Premier
League-SPL ". This will be similar to Cricket’s IPL.

If you like this idea, - this programme( ie SPL ) may replace "
Super-Singer T20 " from next year inwards.

But the spade work has to be started right now. ie Ranking system has
to be compiled based on the points scored by the individual singers
,which will help in re -grouping Teams for next year's SPL.

If you think of introducing this New Programme (SPL-Tamil), please
inform us. We are ready to meet the concerned personally for further
discussions- because a lot has to be discussed in this regard.

We are trying to get the ' copy-right' for this Idea.

If you don't like to take up this offer; we will be going to other
Tamil Channels.

Then we are planning to extend this to other languages like
Kannada,Telugu,Hindi etc .

P.S :- Hard copies of this letter have been sent to :-

1) Mr.Sriram,K.CEO.

2)Mr.Ajay Vidyasagar,General Manager,

3) Mr Gopinath Chandran.-Senior Anchor.

AG. Prakash.
1) Mr. A.G.Prakash.
2) Mr.Arun Prashanth.G.P. and
3) Mrs.Shanthini Prakash.
Address :- “ Prashanth Illam” ,No.7, I ‘A’ Cross
Kuppuswamy Garden, Amarjyothi Lay out
R.T.Nagar Post, Bangaluru-560032.

1. Name of the Programme :- “ Singers’ Premier League”...Tamil* (SPL)
2. No of Teams :- There may be 8 teams representing 8 Cities / Towns of the
Particular state.
3. Franchisee :- The Teams can be sold either to Corporate Companies or to the
Sponsors, as in the IPL. As young girls are participating in the
Competitions / Tournament; singers should not be auctioned as in IPL. Modalities may be worked out in consultation with all concerned.
4. Venues :- Instead of Shooting the programme in the Studio, the events /
Competitions can be conducted in respective cities and towns.
Some of the competitions at semi-finals level can also be conducted in other venue – may be outside the state; depending upon the response. If possible the FINAL can be conducted in abroad.
Definitely, there will be tremendous response from the public.
5. Musical Troops :- Franchisees may be given option to engage their own orchestra . Thereby, we are encouraging/introducing more Musical Troops.
6. Ranking System :-As in other sports, “Ranking System” based on the points scored by the singers/Competitors in each competition can be introduced ,which will be a continuous process of updating after each event.
7. Uniform/ Costumes :- Each team will have its own unique out- fit to be decided by the
8. Coach / Team Leaders :-Each team will be in charge of a senior established Singer, Who will coach, & Trim young singers.
9. Mentor :- Each Team may have a Mentor ,whose presence will inspire the Team.
10.Judges /Juries :- There should a permanent Team of Judges.Then only they can compare the performances of each one of the participant and able to give impartial “Points”.;
11. Guest Judge: - If required there may be one or two guest Judges for each Match.
12.In addition to singers ,other artists like mimicry, Dance, Mono-act, Magic etc can be introduced to entertain the people.
13. League Round :- Round Robin League Tie can be followed in the I Round ,Where each team will be competing with other Team. Out of 8 teams, 4 will be eliminated at the end of the Round Robin League level.
14. Playoff Round :- There will be 3 Matches in the Playoff Round.
1) I and II Teams meet in the Qualifier.
2) III and IV Teams meet in the eliminator.
3) Loser in the Qualifier and winner in the eliminator meet in another Qualifier.
15. Finals: - Qualifier Vs Qualifier. If possible the FINAL may be conducted in foreign soil.

Benefits / Advantages
1) The budding singing talent will be groomed encouraged.
2) The singers will get sufficient financial help.
3) Franchisee will also get good returns for their investment.
4) Not only new singers but new Music directors will be introduced to Cine field.
5) The Channel will definitely get a lot sponsorship.
6) More revenue can be generated.
7) Music will be taken to the Mass not only to entertain but to give them the basics of music.
8) Viewership will be increased.
9) Popularity of the programme will be enormous; once the programme gets telecasted.
10) A Forum called “Singers’ Guild “may be formed ,which will take care of the welfare of the singers. This Forum will be a platform for the future singers.
jaysen pillay veerasamy
May 18, 2015

super singer junior 4

Its a pity that due to unpartiality of the judges , children with talents are made to suffer . They have been murdering talents live on Tv .... Anushya has been my favourite and she deserved better .
May 18, 2015

super singer t20

Spoorthi's rendition of Ellam Enba Mayam in Finals is superb when compare to Malavika's performance in Yesterday's T20. Spoorthi sang that song with quite ease. For her age it is really great. Spoorthi is real child Prodigy.

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