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Nov 23, 2015


pls telecast the serial uravugal thodarkathai..
Nov 23, 2015

shocking elimination

Sowmya should have not been eliminated. She's such a great singer with clear singing. There's so much clarity in her singing. I used to like Priya, but lately I found that her singing especially non western songs are more like mumbling in her mouth and cannot hardly hear the lyrics. As much as Irwin is a talented singer, he's very limited to the types of song he could sing. It feels like Alagesan story from last season all over again.
vani murugan
Nov 23, 2015

super singer

Hey guys....dnt be angry...superbh singer is good
Sangeetha kumar
Nov 22, 2015

airtel super singer 5

This is not thamilagathiin chella kural thaedal. But it is Kerallavin chella kural thaedal. Further talent should be the main criteria and not based on compassionate ground. Priyanka anchoring is very poor. Priyas tamil pronounication is very bad and disgraceful.Bring only tamil judges and tamil contestants.Mano and chithra are very biased.Every round mark should be announced so that clarity will be seen.
Nov 22, 2015

super singer 5

It is unfair to eliminate Latha soumaya. Chitra and mano are showing lot of bias for Malayalee singers. Vijay tv is showing bias even to Srilankan tamils just to get international converage. NIrujan sang the song siva sankari superbly. But in the privious junionr 4 season spoorthi sang the same song with quite ease. Chitra doen's have the coutesy to mention that. Chitra always promoting Hari priya in super singer. Even vijay tv is promoting hari priya only. Now days super singer is very biased Malayalee singers.
Nov 21, 2015

Super Singer 5

Super Singer program is going very worse year by year.

Marks of each contestants should be displayed in every round.

This season,so sad that first Latha krishnan was eliminated and now Sowmya,both of them are deserved to be in Top 10.I don't think Irwin deserves to be there.please do not show partiality as well as sympathy when you select contestants.Selection should be based on talents.

Be fair and do not discriminate Tamil singers who are equally talented like other singers.

Vijay tv CEO and other ppl who are in charge of this program please make sure that all these do not happen going forward.

I would definitely stop watching this program from today.
Nov 21, 2015

Super singer

Talent alone shd be the criteria.whereas in super singer,other than talent ,every thing else plays a part.Let Vijay TV be transparent & inform the viewers on what basis judges r selected?It is not a coincidence that majority of them r mallus & so the winners too.At every stage, marks awarded to contestants shd be displayed to know the fairness of judges.It shd be played within the rules already framed.The goal posts cannot be changed to the whims- fancies of judges,tobe precise, mallu judges.

.Music alone should be the criteria to judge the persons performance.Other extraneous matter shd not cloud the minds of judges.Let their be only Tamil judges to judge tamil songs& other irrelevant matters like linguism, physical deformity, other than musical talents like dancing,mimickry,marital status of contestants r given a
goby.Merit alone,not any other reasons on compassionate grounds , shd be rewarded.Otherwise to hell with Vijay TV& supersinger.
Nov 20, 2015

Sowmya elimination NOT FAIR

Very disappointed to see Sowmya eliminated. First shocked to see Latha s elimination. Expected Sowmya to be eliminated because of judges partiality
Nov 20, 2015

Soumya elimination NOT FAIR

Not fair for not selecting Soumya in to Top 10...
Very openly visible the favouritism of Judges.. No use to complain herafter... it is time to go forward against organisers of this program.. Request James vasanthan & Gopinath to intervene
Nov 20, 2015

LR Eshwari

I 100% agree with Sridev20's comments. Please don't bring LR Eshwari to these shows. She was rude, only positive comments, no encouragement. Not the person you want in a competition for up coming future singers. She only boasted how she can sing well. Yes, she did sing good, but those days are gone, enough blowing your own trump.
Nov 20, 2015

super singer 5

It is well known from beginning that judges are not doing their job properly.. Not only sowmiya and laths..so many good singers are rejected by them.. How suddenly nirjan and arjun singing well.. God only knows what happing in super singer...sowmya elimination not acceptable... Her performance is very good from beginning.. But suddenly her performance is not good for judges..
Arti Arvindh
Nov 20, 2015

Airtel Super Singer

Ms. Chitra, Ms. Suba and Mr. Mano's return to judge the contest at this crucial phase is bad. There were lots of complaints about their partiality in the past seasons too that they were favoring malayali contestants (audience still remember well Ms. Chitra was so openly partial against Priyanka). Ms. Suba, though cannot be considered so vehemently partial, none of her decisions showed that she was not just tagging along with the decision of Chitra's.

It is hard to believe Latha Krishnan deserved elimination!
Sri Raj's recall after his elimination defies logic and justification.
Chitra's return is ominous for non-Keralaite contestants.
She has the knack of demoralising the spirit of non-Keralite singers and openly and unashamedly support the malayali singers even when they openly commit mistakes - audience recall the instant when Arjun Adapalli forgot a few lines when he was dispatched to danger zone instantly while Siad repeated full four lines just a passing remark was given by Mano.

Chitra is beaming all the while when Keralite singers sing and so magnanimous on their mistakes - " onnu rend idathula dhan - mattha padi romba nalla irundhadhu oru korayaum solradhukkku illa" - Mano follows echoing Chitra's remarks dutifully - Suba tags along as usual. What a Killer combination!

The contest between Priya and Sowmya clearly showed excellent performance by Sommya and obviously better than that of Priya's even going by Chitra's comments. Yet, when the decision was made, simple statement by Chitra was "Tie". On what basis "tie"? she did not elaborate; just tie! Finally, as the audience feared and expected, Sowmya was eliminated by virtue of "marks" based on past performances, etc.!! Shame!

Most of the Keralite singers' pronunciation is horrible especially that of Priya's. I am sure, she translates the lyrics in Malayalam. LR Easwari had the guts to point out the wrong pronunciation when Lakshmi sang the 'Kadhodudhan nan paduven" song. Mano came to defend her without shame that they do not expect them to perform as good as LR Easwari and put LR Easwari on the defensive! She had to say that I only point out the need to repeat what is in that song! Why Tamil audience has to put up with the wrong pronunciation - will malayalis accept a Tamil guy singing with wrong pronunciation?

We all have sympathies for and appreciation of Irwin, he definitely cannot be considered as equal to Latha Krishnan or Nirujan or anybody else. His performance is all so monotonous and lacklustre. It is perceived that he is being used as a trump card to eliminate any non-Keralite contestant who is a potential threat to any Keralite contestant.

While as a member of the audience, I keenly watch this program, I wish to point out that this kind of partiality is totally unjustified and people will lose interest in this program eventually and that situation will not certainly be in the interest of Vijay TV which is doing a great job bringing up and encouraging such nice talents. Please ensure that judges with prejudices are not included in the panel and make this contest open for talents and talents only and not for Keralites.
Nov 20, 2015

Super Singer

Chitra and Mano are biased. Their continuation in super singer will spoil the image star Vijay TV.
Soumiya is a fine singer .her elimination is due to hatred shown by Chitra and mano.
Nov 19, 2015

Airtel Super singer senior 5

Hello chithra & mano,

You both know very well that sowmya was undoubtedly a better singer in that Group, If you have that much hatred towards tamil singers just get lost and go to your own state, who called you here. Its you who spoiled sowmya and priyanka's career in super singer Junior just to bring alka. Nirujan is the worst when compared to other singers but he won all the challenges. Money plays a better role than talent. To be a super singer two things needed one is money and then you should be a malayali.
I would definitely stop watching this idiotic program from today.
Nov 19, 2015

Quality of the programs

I was a huge fan of Vijay TV. But now a days the programs are worst. I have almost stopped watching this channel, except 2, 3 serials, but thinking of stopping that too , especially this Saravanan Meenakshi.. It's so so so irritating.
Nov 14, 2015


It is unbiased or biased that is not the question. The first and foremost thing people should understand one thing. This is devotional and carnatic round which is actually the base for all type of songs. If a person is good enough in carnatic in particular he can go to any level due to the nuances involved in it. I hope that could be the reason for selection of Hari and Raja Ganapathy who are well trained in their respective levels. Let us think about the grand finale which is the place where partiality and favoritism will play in plenty
Nov 12, 2015

super singer 5

The selection of Hari and Raja in Top 10 are very biased. Other singer like nirujan sang the song better than raja and hari but they have not selected him in top 10. One more thing i would like to point here is from super singer junior 4 vijay tv is promoting Hari priya more. They have not given that much chances to spoorthi after her winning the first prize. Some how vijay tv is just not giving that much importance to spoorthi. I don't know the reason behind that.
Nov 12, 2015

Selection of Raja Ganapathy in top 10

It is very strange that the panel of judges on 11/11/2015, selected Raja Ganapathy direct to top 10. How come they missed to notice the pronunciations of Raja Ganapathy. He has pronounced "Sindanai" as "Chindanai". "Sai" as "Chai". Why double standards. On earlier occasions, they singers were corrected for not properly pronouncing. It is a great mistake. Raja Ganapathy has clearly capitalised the situation, seeing that all the judges belong to the same category. It is very Bad.
Nov 11, 2015

super singer 5

Yes Arun. I do have the same feeling. With bias only the judges placed Hari in Top 10. His performance is not that much superlative. They should waited for other people to complete the singing. They should not have given the birth in top 10 just because he was married in that day. Judges did the same mistake when the recall sriraj. Eventually he was eliminated.
N.Arun Jose
Nov 11, 2015

Airtel super singer sessions 5

Dear Star Vijay TV CEO ,
Last monday airtel super singer sessions 5 in classic and devotional song round with out given chance to others the judges selected. Mr Hari ,it is totally unfair to all others.It might be avoided.Even if he sang well announce at end .

Please maintain the super singer quality like as before.Don't mix any politics.

Anbudan Vijay tv Fan,

N.Arun Jose.
Nov 7, 2015

mahabharatam retelecast

Please retelecast mahabharatam show at next day morning or afternoon...we are not able to watch this show at 9pm...so please please please retelecast this show....waiting for the positive response....
Nov 5, 2015


Please change the super singer timings in old timings.9.30pm is very late for school going childrens, office going peoples. Pl. Pl. Change the timings after mahabaratham ends.
Nov 4, 2015

Super Singer 5 LR Eshwari Amma 's week

I thought LR Eshwari Amma was very rude and very critical with her judgements. She never had any POSITIVE comments for the young and new aspiring singers. She bragged and boasted her singing talents. I do not thing Vijay TV should bring her back to judge in future Super Singer Episodes.
Nov 2, 2015


Madam, L R Easwari, was pointing out the pronunciation of La sound, zha sound with Lakshmi. I hope pronunciation is very important in Tamil songs, Mano Supporter Lakshmi. Please do not see super singer any more - they are not searching TAMIZHAGATHIN CHELLA KURAL THEDAL - They are searching Mallus Chella kural thedal.
Those who do not sing well, do not pronunce well Tamil - they will be selected....
Nov 1, 2015

super singer

If my guess is correct in Top 8 definitely major malayalee people plus two srilankan tamils and also Farida will be there. Apart from this you will not find any tamils in the top rank. Slowly they will eliminate all tamils in the competition. I don't know Anand arvindashan is from tamil nadu. If he is from tamil nadu definitely he will be eliminated from the scene.Super singer is more biased towards singers from Kerala. Especially in Sri raj Case they showed lot of Favouritism. He is not worth for it. Because lot of times he came in danger zone. Due to lot favouritism in these kind of competition people like jesudoss and illayraja are not coming as judges. Because the have to follow what ever channel people are saying.

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