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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vijay Tv

Apr 18, 2015


office serial ithuku mela karthi raji love a kevala paduthave mudiyathu director humble request to stop this serial ila karthi raji ya sethu vei..kamal am kamal inaiku kamal nalaiku pamal nalanaiku yar? idotic character. karthik ku vimala nu oru ponna kondu va raji ku kamal kandravi.pls stop radhika character.season 1 story sema super a irunthuchu season 2 la en karthi raji luv a ipdi kevalapaduthuringa......athuku serial a muduchurlam
Apr 17, 2015

Idhu Kadhala Full episode

Dear Vijay Tv can you please upload the episodes of Idhu kadhala on Hotstar, or if you can't do that then put them on youtube.
Apr 12, 2015

Participation in Connexion

Dear sir,
You are allowing only celebrities in connection show and public are disappointed. We agree it is entertainment show but you should give a chance to others apart from celebrities. It will make a good fun and people will accept furthermore.I am the fan of connection show so don't neglect public.
Prem Moorthy
Apr 9, 2015

VIJAY TV – SSJ 4 Complaints

Date: 09/04/2015

VIJAY TV – SSJ 4 Complaints

Thank you very much Mr. Bharat, for your prompt analysis and reply. Prima facie, let me state that my idea in complaining about SSJ programme was not to discourage or demoralize the singers or their parents or organizers or judges etc, but to make them realize their folly and take necessary corrective steps so that the overall quality of the Super Singer programme improves instead of dying a natural death and my letters are in response to their request. If you go through all my previous letters, you will realize the amount of time, energy and effort I have spent over suggesting improvements in every aspect of the programme starting from the very first audition in Trichy till the grand finale and beyond. I could see the Vijay TV management have also taken similar corrective steps wherever possible and I am glad about it. Constructive criticism given with objective mind should always be paid attention to and Vijay TV is doing exactly that.

Now coming to your letter, once you are a public figure, age should not matter, particularly when it is an age group competition. If you think you are competent enough to compete along with several thousand contestants for the first place in the most popular worldwide competition for a prize worth 75 Lakhs, you will be expected to know the basic discipline, decorum and protocol to be followed. Further, it goes without saying that you will be receiving enormous public comments both positive and negative which, one has to take in his / her stride, because it is viewers’ prerogative. After all, the candidate wants to become a professional singer, isn’t it? If my daughter wants to become a professional singer, she also will have to face and digest public criticisms in her path to success. These are professional hazards which they are aware of and become tough. Spoorthy has been doing kutcherries for several years now (according to her own words) and as such, you cannot compare my daughter with a public figure.

I am a person who has sponsored and conducted cricket tournaments successfully for boys below 10 and 13 years all over south, with teams invited from various states in India. My sons also used to play but not once was there a complaint of favouritism. This has to be followed everywhere in all competitions more so among juniors, lest we will lose talent to favouritism.

I do not think I have used any derogatory or objectionable words anywhere in my letter. I have not even said Spoorthy was egostic in nature. I had used a milder word in “conceited”. While “Ego” is a demonstrative and comparative term, “conceite” merely relates to his / her personal impression about self which is not necessarily exhibited to others, publicly.

My negative comments about Spoorthy were mainly a culmination of diction errors and pronounciation flaws uncorrected rather deliberately by the judges so as to create a public opinion that her songs were error free. This sort of partially results in put up behaviours and for this, judges are solely responsible. The same set of judges have done it in the past and will also do it in the future, unless majority of the public react adversely.

It has in fact happened this time in the case of Hari Priya. It was a sort of foregone conclusion that she would be the winner. However, since she was petted and pampered by the judges all the time with award for Rs. 50,000/- in almost every alternate episode besides playing her father sentiment too frequently, she lost public votes and ended up last but one in terms of public votes, despite securing maximum marks from the judges. But for the judges, Hari Priya would have been the winner. Since they could not make Hari Priya the winner, they made Spoorthy the winner and had to face it’s repercussions. This is how favouritism destroys both the careers and this is our worry.

Despite possessing a legendary status, people like Chitra do not evaluate singers with open mind but with preconceived / ideas. The opinions are formed based on the childrens’ background, community, state, mother tongue, looks, complexion, family status, connections and relationships etc. Singing talent takes a back seat. If you browse the hot star, you will notice the difference in treatment. Tamilian girls (perhaps not belonging to a particular community) like Anushya, Jessica, Monica and so on were eliminated well in advance. That is why the wild card was better than regular competition, under new set of judges. Tamilian girls were discovered under them as remarked by Devan, Vijay Prakash, Shweatha Mohan, TLM and James Vasanthan etc. If Chitra and co did not adopt this protectionism policy, Tamizh girls would have occupied most of the top positions and Vijay TV’s pet slogan (Tamizhagathin Chella Kural) would have obtained some meaning.

If the Tamilian girls were not better than judges selections, how could Jessica and Anushya get more public votes than all others including Spoorthy? Why Spoorthy could not get more votes than Jessica and Anushya despite so many chocolate showers, standing ovations, false praises, Sai Charan’s fraudulent help and so on? Why did they suddenly introduce judges’ marks without informing the viewers after realizing that Jessica would otherwise be a runaway winner followed by Anushya?

Did you ever see Chitra petting or pampering Anushya who is even younger than Spoorthy? She eliminated her with humiliation by forcing her to compete with the innocuous looking under aged rookie Angelene who does not even know what is sangathy or shruthi. I never saw her singing with any shruthi. It always used to be flat. Does this mean that Angelene is a better singer than someone who had the ability to make all the seven judges moved and rush to the stage with tears in their eyes? Do you need big music knowledge to say who is better? This Anushya was once again eliminated unfairly in the grand finale by giving her the lowest possible marks despite securing second highest public votes. This 9 year old girl who used to sing with a smile and sparkling eyes started to close her eyes while singing, scared of the judges.

Coming to your other points, nowhere did I say that a classical singer cannot sing cine songs. Once again, I never said that kannadiga should not be the winner. In my first letter dated 7.3.2015, I suggested that, no matter which state one belongs to, he or she should be encouraged to sing Tamil songs but no concessions for diction errors and flawed Tamil. The legends you have mentioned have all learnt to sing Tamil properly before entering the cine field and those who didn’t learn Tamil properly faded out like Gantasala, Udit Narayanan etc. Our celebrity singers were invited to motivate the junior singers and so, will praise all singers and Spoorthy was one of them. There is nothing much you can read in it.

As regards drinking water in the middle of the song, I happened to see both live and recorded version and I reiterate. Spoorthy goes for water in the midst of Pallavi without taking permission from the judges. You can also see the complaint from Dee C dt 8.3.2015 to confirm my point. Again, compared to the names mentioned by you, we may not be great judges but you don’t need musicality to evaluate judges’ ulterior motive, if you have common sense and are good in studying one’s body language, consistency, expressions and ability to read between lines and so on.

I am three scores and six and have seen three generations of children, thoroughly studied them, their behavioural pattern, mindset, body language, wave lengths, phycology and so on and therefore, you can take it from me that I won’t pass remarks on an innocent child without studying her properly. I must also state here that I am no relative or friend of anyone associated with Vijay TV nor member of any fan club.

Super Singer T 20 is going on and you will see the difference now. See how well the judges analyze each and every singer and offer only relevant comments, suggestions, guidelines for their future career. No loose talks or cheap comedy is seen. Scores are given then and there. There is no hide and seek methods employed. Everything is open and transparent, SSJ 4 judges had a lot to hide and manipulate to convert the winners into losers and vice versa and hence it took time for the manipulated scores to come out, that too after a lot of persuation and threat.

Apr 1, 2015

super singer

First of all Mr. Prem Moorthy i would like remind you don't use harsh words when you are saying some thing about small child of age 9. At that small age childrens will not have bad or egoistic behaviour. I don't know whether you are married or not. If you are married and if you have daughter of same age and if some one is saying some bad thing about your child then you will definitely feel bad. In the same way you treat other child also. I saw in all your mails in that you said lot of negative things about spoorthi. When compare to spb, janaki,TR, James vasanthan and ARR we are not great judges. All of them appreciated her singing talent. In your latest comment you discussed about the stopping of her song in between. For this you have to blame vijay tv only. Because she has not missed her words in between. In the beginning itself she had dry throat. After taking water she started the song and finished it without stopping it. Vijay tv should have edited this and showed. Rather for TRP they showed it.
Some one commented like spoorthi know only karnatic and she is fit for kutcher. But you Know one thing Jesudoss is from Karnatic background and her exceled in film songs also. And some one also commented how can you give first prize to kannadiga. I just want to furnish following facts about leading playback singer. SPB,janaki,susila,mano-Andra, Jesudoss, chitra - Kerala and Even TMS is a saurashtrian. When you are happily listening to their song without worrying about their state. Even Rajini is from Karnataka and is having great fan base in Tamil Nadu. If that is the case why you people are showing so much hatred towards small child Spoorthy perormed well in other Jonre also. Apart from Spoorthi and Anushaya all the others in top 6 are almost in for Senior group. From next season vijay tv should not follow voting patterns. Great singer like spb. jesudoss janaki and other judges are better than public. Because public does not know the intricasies of singing.
Prem Moorthy
Apr 1, 2015

Vijay TV – Tamil Cricket Commentary

Date: 31/03/2015

Vijay TV – Tamil Cricket Commentary

Albeit Hockey is still the National game, Cricket is the most popular one as it reaches every nuke and corner of India. Even illiterates and semi literates follow the game in spite of the fact that the commentary is in English most of the time. To understand every minute detail of the game, it is always better to convey them in the language which they are more familiar with, in addition to English.

Towards that purpose, Vijay TV’s attempt is a novel one. There could be many shortcomings and teething problems but still, the effort is laudable. All the commentators made earnest attempts to make it as effective as possible. Selecting as many former Indian cricketers as possible for the job too was good.

Examples from Thirukural and Kannadasan were icing on the cake! Many more such innovations are anxiously awaited!

Prem Moorthy
Mar 30, 2015

Super Singer T 20 Season 2 vis–a–vis SSJ – 4

Date: 31/03/2015

Super Singer T 20 Season 2 vis–a–vis SSJ – 4

It is refreshing to note that all the three senior biased judges have been replaced with the scholarly Ananth Vaidyanathan, followed by the knowledgeable James Vasanthan, the upcoming Vijay Prakash and Shweatha Mohan Karthik. It is with a sign of relief we observe that anchor Priyanka has also been replaced. These inevitable changes that have taken place should improve the quality of the show by leaps & bounds.

It is also observed that all those singers from SSJ – 4 who were earlier intimidated and ignored are performing very well despite competing with seniors and their talents are being recognized with awards.

I wish at least now the previous set of judges realize that, by being partial, they were not only ruining the careers of young and budding talented singers but also promoting incompetent ones thereby doing disservice to the music industry. The favouritism openly exhibited by them episode after episode wouldn’t help either.
Prem Moorthy
Mar 30, 2015


Date: 31/03/2015


While browsing hot star for SSJ – 4, something curious was seen in episode no. 173, meant for duet round, level 2. Singer Spoorthy, having forgotten her lyrics halfway through, goes to her mother, drinks water and comes back and joins Mano who was her duet partner, who in the meanwhile goes ahead singing his portion of Saranam, thereby enabling Spoorthy to recover from her loss of memory and continue her Saranam. This happens in top 5 selections round! Spoorthy never took permission either to salvage the forgotten verses from the judges or from her partner Mano but leaves the stage in the midst of the competition round even without looking at any of them (for an apology). Neither Mano nor Chitra nor Subha nor her parents took objection to her conceited behavior but on the contrary, Mano courteously enquires if she drank adequate water and Chitra says “Don’t Worry” and this happens in the Top five selections, when the competition was fierce and contestants were getting eliminated even for minor mistakes. For the same mistake, Nazim and Sharan were eliminated in the preliminary rounds! Spoorthy, apart from this, also makes a couple of diction errors; yet she not only escapes elimination, but also makes Jessica the scapegoat, since Chitra and Mano eliminated Jessica instead of Spoorthy! Jessica must have been shocked beyond words since her performance in that round was praised by the same judges a bit earlier!

In SSJ 3 Mano and Chitra saved Aajit twice for the same cause and now it is the turn of Spoorthy to escape. Leave alone the “great escape”, what about her atrocious behavior? Perhaps at that time itself she knew who was going to be the winner and therefore, took the judges for granted!
Mar 28, 2015

back ground dance of vijay tv reality show

You are bringing good talented people to bring up the show in a high level but the back ground dancers and the choreography is so bad.I am from 24 frames cochin there are a lot of good choreographers and dancers team mingled with our company I will recommend a new team to you to rock your stage show back ground dancing.contact me on 7034425725
Prem Moorthy
Mar 26, 2015











(A) (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI) (VII) RESULTS
JESSICA 432.00 274.60 706.60 2 26,01,535 6 6 + 2 = 8 1ST RUNNER UP
ANUSHYA 408.00 275.90 683.90 1 15,68,011 5 5 + 1 = 6 FIFTH PLACE
SPOORTHY 497.50 291.00 788.50 5 12,46,976 4 4 + 5 = 9 WINNER
SRISHA 495.00 290.50 785.50 4 7,75,149 3 3 + 4 = 7 FOURTH PLACE
HARI PRIYA 520.50 294.00 814.50 6 7,54,901 2 2 + 6 = 8 2ND RUNNER UP
BHARAT 495.00 277.30 772.30 3 6,13,093 1 1 + 3 = 4 SIXTH PLACE
Mar 22, 2015

supersinger junior4

the mani and band is playing their best. Especially KARTHIK is awesome and SAMY too. Please inaugrate them without them the children won't be at such level. In the last episode all the judges and technicians are greated with some prizes and gifts but the band is not meant as much. Make all of them to express their views in words KARTHIK is superb there is very big fan for him...........
anitha a
Mar 22, 2015

fraud cheating

SPOORTHY sang only classical songs indeed her voice is the worse she just shouts and so many flaws in her singing. HARIPRIYA deserves to b the title winner she dint go for elimination even once then why did she get 3rd place. Stop cheating like this.
Mar 21, 2015

Jodi season 8

In this program judges and anchors talking useless things and viewers getting annoyed also loss temper
Prem Moorthy
Mar 21, 2015


Date: 14/03/2015



An in depth study of the attached statement of votes and marks will reveal how the judges have given their marks to the various contestants in such a way as to ensure that their favourite candidates were pushed up and the actual winners pushed down.

Example I: - Bhavna, perhaps inadvertently, uttered that a majority of the 30 judges gave Jessica full 10 marks for her 2nd song in the grand finale. (This has been recorded). If it was so, how come she got only 432 judges’ marks out of 570 for the grand finale, which was the 2nd lowest!

After Jessica completed the second song, eminent singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Manicka Vinayagam, actor Dhanush and above all Mano and Subha themselves were touched by the intensity and patriotism with which she sang. A sense of melancholy and a pensive mood prevailed for a few minutes. “Vidaikodu Yengal Naade” was easily the best song of the evening. After all, she chose it only because it was a time tested one too, she having sung it sometime earlier and secured a chocolate shower from the same set of judges who gave her the second lowest mark now!

Example II: - Anushya had to be given the lowest mark by the judges (683.9) as otherwise, she would have had a podium finish, which she richly deserved after her “Parai” song from “Thenral” when she made everyone of the judges shed tears and all of them go up the stage to congratulate. One of the judges Mr. James Vasanthan remarked that after Jesudoss, no one has sung like that from 1990. The music director Vidyasagar also phoned in praise. During the wild card rounds, she ended up the best in all rounds and here, she is almost last. Why? Different set of judges!

I am sure if the other set of 7 judges were there, she would have stood first in this competition.

Example III: - In the case of Jessica, the judges realised that she had secured such a lot of public votes that even if they give the lowest mark, she would have a podium finish. Therefore, they gave the lowest mark to Anushya and the next lowest to Jessica (706.6) the worst they could do to her. Even then, they could not prevent her from securing the second place ahead of their candidate Hari Priya. I do not know what was wrong with Jessica’s “Vidai Kodu Yengal Naade” and Anushya’s “Chinnan Chiria Vanna Paravai”. They were perhaps the best. Let the judges touch their heart and say that two Tamizh girls’ performances were the worst in pre finals and finals. The judges had another choice. They could have given the lowest mark to Jessica so that Hari Priya would have come second by venture of her highest mark given by the judges but in that case, Anushya with the second lowest judges’ marks and Jessica would have tied for the third place and one more Car might have been required! Basically, they didn’t want any of the Tamizh girls to win despite securing position No. 1 and 2 with enormous vote difference in online voting. Vijay TV could not get Tamizh judges for a Tamizh competition but public wanted it!

Example IV: - Spoorthy, who had secured less public votes than Jessica and Anushya, had to be lifted up to the first position since their other favourite Hari Priya secured so low in terms of public votes (last but one position) that she would not have been able to overtake Jessica. So, the judges gave Spoorthy the second position (788.5) after Hari Priya (814.50) so that they could prevent Jessica coming first and Spoorthy would be declared the winner.

Example V: - Hari Priya, the favourite, secured very poor votes from public and therefore, in order to make her finish at least third, the judges had to give her the maximum mark of 814.50. Because of this, Shrisha, who sang better than all others in the Pre finals in all the 8 rounds, had to be given lesser marks (785.50). Hari Priya, who received adverse comments for lyric mistake and sangathy from Vani Jairam was lucky here and Shrisha lost her podium finish to Hari Priya. Shrisha, the best candidate in Pre finals for 8 rounds had to give some marks to Spoorthy as well to make her the winner and she returned empty handed. Spoorthy managed to perform Katcherries throughout the competition with flawed Tamizh, which nobody pointed out.

On the contrary, the judges repeatedly gave a standing ovation to Spoorthy and Hari Priya regularly and tried their best to get rid of Jessica by placing her in Danger Zone at least half a dozen times right from 1st round of 25 contestants and eliminated Anushya just because she had a common cold, despite singing well and made her fight through the wild card to be declared as the best candidate under wild card entry, by some other set of judges.

If the judges’ evaluation differs from the public opinion so much as proved in no uncertain manner in this case, you must either get rid of public vote system or get rid of the present judges. In my opinion, both should be changed / altered as I have already suggested in one of my earlier letters.

Most of my letters may appear to be only criticisms but they are all constructive. If analysed thoroughly, you will find a lot of suggestions that could be implemented for improving the quality of the show.

This Super Singer is, despite my adverse comments, an wonderful show which gives the following benefits: -

1) Genuine attempt to develop music and musicians in the country.
2) Systematic procedures and well organised teams.
3) Recognition of present and past performances and encouragement.
4) Career opportunities for Super Singer Seniors.
5) Huge entertainment value.
6) Exposure to the top musicians in the country.

At any cost, the show must continue. This show will unearth wonderful Tamizh singers in the near future and Tamizh music industry will rock very soon. To me, this is the best show not only in Vijay TV but other Tamil channels as well. I am an ardent cricket follower but opt to watch Super Singer even if a world cup cricket match is on. Other viewers will also do so once improvements are made.
Mar 18, 2015

Airtel Super Singer

This is a suggestion: Airtel Super Singer program should introduce a round dedicated to 'comedy songs'. Songs in this genre generally call for highly energetic singing, understanding of the lyrics and displaying appropriate expressions to suit them - so they are bound to challenge any singer. There are umpteen songs in Tamil films in this genre and contestants have a wide choice. We have Kalaivaanar NSK's & J.P.Chanrababu songs in addition to many others - at least one from each of K Balachandar's movies, and several from yesteryear's comedy movies.
Mar 17, 2015

youtube episodes

we are greatly disappointed with youtube episodes of NEEYA NAANA, ADHU IDHU EDHU and couple of other programs. please kindly update the episodes regularly.
Prem Moorthy
Mar 12, 2015


Date: 11/03/2015



The following are the discrepancies noticed when the final results were announced by Bhavna Balakrishnan on last Friday night: -

1) What has happened to SMS Votes? A few days back Bhavna read out the following incomplete information:

Total public votes polled by SMS: 5,05,234 (Including Prefinal & grand finale)
a) Spoorthy (Highest): 1,16,977 – Judges’ Mark 6
b) Hari Priya: 95,768 – Judges’ Mark 5
c) Bharat: 91,910 – Judges’ Mark 4

These votes were not included in online public vote figures.

She said that the balance information will be revealed later but the later never came.

On two different occasions, Bhavna read the Total Unfiltered votes. The first time it was 1,51,70,444 but it was 1.46 Crores, the second time. What is cooking?

2) The weightage of the judges’ marks & the viewers’ votes shall be in the ratio of 75:25 as given in your Highlights. Can anyone explain this anomaly?

3) Wild card Entries: - What was the reason behind not revealing the votes & marks secured from the public & judges respectively for the wild card candidates, when you are able to give us elaborate calculations (with decibels!) for all the six candidates for the finals now? It is obvious that Shrisha would have secured very poor marks, lesser than other candidates which would have prevented you from disclosing her votes.

4) Would you have recommended Anushya or Jessica if one of them was in Shrisha’s place?

5) Why was Priya eliminated in the 2nd round itself from the last 25 despite singing beautifully as per your own records? If she was over aged, how about 4 of the 6 finalists who are 15 years old?

6) Bhavna says that the procedures for counting of public vis–a–vis judges votes, 50:50 ratio etc etc were clearly told well in advance to the contestants & their parents, in a threadbare manner. However, it was not felt that, being a TV show, it should be told to the TV viewers. Only if someone conducts a program with an ulterior motive of cheating the viewers, he will not spell out all the terms & conditions to all concerned. Even in the most unlikely event of disclosing the scoring pattern etc to the contestants none of whom an adult, how many will understand this deliberately prepared complicated procedure for marks allocation in decibels right from the beginning?

When the Anchors had time in between songs, why did they not explain the voting activity – Rules at least at prefinal, final & grand finale stages especially about equally important judges’ votes? It is clear that it was kept as a closely guarded secret wontedly, for further manipulations. In fact, I have feeling that the pattern of allotting marks itself emerged only after public & SMS votes were received. It has been carefully drafted so as to ensure that the favourite candidates got maximum benefit.
Mar 11, 2015


Dear sir,
Your TV Reality Shows Super Singer Junior 4 I Like Very Much.But I am Not seeing full episode towards i am working in chennai every day i coming late night. i download this show up to 28.5.2014 episode than after 29.5.2014 episodes i can not download from youtube . i go that episode youtube it will come this video private. Please I request How to download in this show full episode any website or any option there please inform me.
Saranya K M
Mar 10, 2015

olly belly

we wish to join in Olly Belly show.... kindly give the details as soon as possible....
Mar 9, 2015

Manipulation of marks

I feel the results were all a fake. I feel VTV has become too greedy for cash and why cheat people?
Mar 9, 2015

vijay tv lost its reputation.Clean match fixing

Super singer junior 4 was a fixed game.Spoorthy doesn't deserve 1st place.If vijay tv is going by judges score then why public voting? We don't want any new calculations from you vijay tv. Either make it public voting or judge score. You want to get money from us by sms and u will decide a winner by finding a new calculation till your baby face is selected.Do you think we are fools here voting? Vijay tv surely lost its dignity in one night. I stopped watching vijay tv & I will never watch it in future as well. Though jessica might not be the great singer but she got the maximum votes, then anushya. You should have given prizes based on votes and not based on some match fixing. To tell about spoorthy she is a good singer but not great one and her voice is so horrible.Even if it was form judges score it should have been for haripriya or bharath. Definitely something wrong has happened and vijay tv is trying to cover it under the slaves. Spoorthy definitely doesn't deserve that title I can bet my life on it.
Mar 9, 2015

Giving Chance to the poor

Vijay TV conducted the Grand FINALE airtel super singer in a very grand manner. So many sponcerers made money. The main is AIRTEL by bagging the amount through SMS. I strongly feel that Shri Senthilnathan a handicapped having a good talent should have been brought to the stage as a special case and allowed him to give some performance which would have attracted some livelihood to him and his home. He should have been honored by the sponcerers. When so much of money can be given for the winners and runners Why not for Shri Senthilnathan? I hope many will accept my view.
Mar 8, 2015


Vijay TV thinks audience are naive enough to accept whatever results they publish. There has been some sort of FIXING REGARDING SPOORTHI AS WINNER. Throughout the season she has got away with singing Carnatic based songs in most of the rounds. Had it been any other contestant, the judges would have expected variety but with Spoorthi they kept silent. They never pointed out any of Spoorthi's mistakes, be it shruti problems, pronunciation errors, missing out words at ends of phrases, and what not.I also remember that once Spoorthi forgot the lyrics of the song and stood searching for the right words in the judges round when she sang with Mano.I was expecting her to get eliminated considering the stage in which she made such a flaw. However, the judges very craftily covered up this saying that rest of her song was good and that she should take care not to commit such errors i future. In fact, the first contestant to be eliminated in the semi finals should have been Spoorthi. She wasn't good at anything except carnatic singing and put up behaviour.

Haripriya,with her flawless singing and who was praised by all legends like AR Rahman and Shankar Mahadevan(here i must mention the way she was able to imitate all the sangathis of Shankar Mahadevan was amazing), was ditched by the 3 so called judges at the most important stage of finals.Haripriya should deserve 1st position and no other. And by no way did i find Haripriya getting overconfident. She has always been a perfectionist and a sincere and dedicated singer.

Bharath was also completely ignored and discarded in the finals whereas Jessica through her Quotas grabbed the second position.

The only thing that Vijay TV has proven here is they are no way transparent nor fair. They have been manipulating the audience to believe what they telecast is true.

Just by announcing the way the marking has taken place doesn't ensure accountability. One can always play with marks in the background. These guys said that they have informed contestants and their parents about the marking scheme, then WHY WAS THE MARKING SCHEMES NOT ANNOUNCED TO AUDIENCE? The parents of super singer contestants are also bound by certain T&C and are not able to come out and express their views. Vijay TV has wasted everyone's time and broken the trust that we had on them. I will never watch this programme ever!
Prem Moorthy
Mar 7, 2015

Competition Results – Super Singer Junior 4

Date: 7/3/2015

Competition Results – Super Singer Junior 4

So, the voting results were not only not to public satisfaction but to Judges’ satisfaction as well. Only Spoorthi is the beneficiary and the one to lose heavily in this tug of war is Anushya a 9 year old middle class Tamilian girl, youngest among the contestants who secured second best votes after the above political votes. The only mistake she committed is that she is neither an international candidate nor Judge’s favourite. However, I am sure she is the best contestant – I am not saying this but the votes she secures will tell. In a few years from now, she will rock the music industry. Please see what Subha 123 has to say about the program which I agree entirely.

As for others, Hari Priya was the best, secured maximum sympathy from the Judges, got several 50,000/- awards for the best singer awards for a no. of rounds, only to be betrayed by the same set of judges who encouraged her because they found a Spoorthi as Hari Priya was becoming overconfident. Shrisha was good, very good in fact but too good for juniors, I thought. She should been singing in the studios. Entering a junior program for the second time despite being over aged was a mistake. In fact, apart from Anushya and Spoorthi, the other finalists should have been Monica, Pravasti and Shivani. As far as I am concerned, injustice has been done to all the five contestants mentioned above by permitting over aged contestants, some of them for a second time.

One last word before I close this letter. The judges must realize that they can’t vote or give marks capriciously. They are responsible for the career prospects of the children. Nor can they select a candidate without any basis. The company has a noble ideal and they should carry it out Spoorthy’s selection has no basis. She neither got maximum votes nor her Tamizh pronounciation was approved by knowledgeable people. For example, see the special song sung by her in January “Vidukadhaiyaa Indha Vazhkai” she sings “Madiyuma” for “Mudiyuma”, “Vidutharuvar” for “Vidaitharuvar” and “Adipadhavo” for Adipadhuvo and so on but no judge objected to or pointed it out. In the beginning stages she was permitted time to recover from illness, come back and sing while other equally good or even better Tamil singers were eliminated. In the semifinals, Sai Charan deliberately permitted himself to be defeated by singing badly so that she could enter as direct finalist. I am not the only stating it but Mano himself made this remark openly. The casuality was Shrisha. To compensate, Shrisha was entered as finalist through the back door and promised cine chances in two places. For Bharat too, the same was offered by Dhanush and the net result is that every finalist got something except Anushya, the youngest contestant, who could sing any song at any scale and has proved it so many times. I do not know why irrelevant factors and background play such a major part even in music and why a Tamizh child should be treated so very shabbily, despite securing the highest no. of votes for music and music alone.

I challenge. Can everyone from SSJ make the entire panel of 7 judges give not only a standing ovation but sobbing and running to hug her, creating a history, by a single stanza of a song? I will eat my hat if someone can do so.

Prem Moorthy
Mar 7, 2015

Votes polled by individuals – Super Singer Junior 4

Date: 7/3/2015

Votes polled by individuals – Super Singer Junior 4

As regards counting of votes, I have already mentioned that I am in total agreement with Mr. Ram Chandran, Cary, NC 27519, U.S.A. and the single judge would be Mr. Ananth Vaidyanathan, I am sure. I am saying this because, right through the entire process, not a single objectionable word was spoken by him. Not once did he criticize a candidate or scold but taught all of them whatever he could do, with utmost care. He was trying to unearth talent even in someone who was totally rejectable and encouraged all candidates without an exception. Candidates improved by leaps and bounds under his tution, within a year. I am sure majority of the people will swear by him if he is made the judge. One clear proof that he was above board, honest and unbiased can be seen from Vijay TV complaints on SSJ 04. Not a single complaint on him from among thousands or remarks! Why go for someone else when have the best teacher available? After all, all candidates acknowledge the fact that he is the best teacher. I am sure all children without exception would say that they gained more from him than by way of awards.


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