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Vijay Tv

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vijay Tv

Sep 27, 2016

names of actors not knwon

Please show names of actors in the series
Sep 27, 2016

Program not telecasted

We're is the final episode of atcham tavir.
govindan kumar
Sep 27, 2016


Dont change the pair everytime please maintain bring more jokes as 1st pair of saravanan meenakshi. we cant find the ending please bring the ending soon as possible.
Sep 27, 2016


first of all i congrats for your previous shows and serials. eathavathu holiday apdina first na vijay tv enalam shows pota poranga apdinu than parpen rempa nalaruku ana ipa konja nal ah sila programs serials eathir partha alavku ila ana serials morning la irunthey pota unga trp earum nu nampurengala apdi trp eariduna happy than ana eathavathu yosuchu different ah try panunga atcham thavir show enatchu innovative ah think paunga vijay tv la na paka aramcha first serial kana kanum kalangal than rempa rempa nalarunthathu
Sep 26, 2016

saravanan meenatchi 3

Vijay tv has lost its range completely bcoz of some idiotic serials like sm3.plz stop stop stop stop stop stop this kevalamana serial.oru serial kana motha name.poiduchi I think its time to change everything no sm any more do some other program Vijay tv has lost the support of audience.i think decently the director should have stopped after sm2 completed.it just 2 months so can stop sm3.nobody suits sm3 spoiling the name of beautiful love stories sm1 and sm2.its the right time to stop the serial.plz take immediate action regarding sm
Sep 26, 2016

Hot star app Vijay tv

Hot star app should be available in USA for desi audience
In addition to that most watched programs are marked premium
Sep 26, 2016

Saravanan Meenakshi

Hmm, don't know what to make of this serial.... cast wise, the male lead (Rio, is it?) seems tailor made for the character he is playing... he acts well and is quite charming... Female lead is pretty boring... she too suits her character, but we have seen her expressions and mannerisms so often which she keeps repeating, so it's getting annoying to watch her.... the supposed friend Myna looks and acts cheap and the hero's friends are also irritating... on the whole, Serial itself is verrrrrrry boring.... how many times to watch slightly different versions of the same old story with the same actors? Fervently hoping Vijay TV will stop his serial.
Sep 26, 2016

remove rio and sm3

complaints la padinga first.rio va plz sun music ahh thorathi vitrunga avana la pakave mudiyala.oru hero kana look avangita ila athan unma.rio and rachitha love panna athu brother and sister love panra maari irkum asinga ma irku.intha request ahh kandipa pakanum sm3 ahh stop pannanum.there is no way in doing sm3 audience la veruthutanga.KAVIN RACHITHA pannangale athu than love.antha jodi again varanum.rio venam sm3 venam and missing sm2 very badly.VETTU JILLU LOVE U.what a pair avanga.evlo per vandhalum kavin rachitha pola varuma.Vijay tv olunga sm3 close panidunga.kandravi ya irku.unga perum poitu irku take immediate action
Ranj Kris
Sep 26, 2016


Please stop SM3...Really disappointment to us. It was nice serial when senthil and sreeja acted. The way they acted was so amazing and lovely to watch them both. Rachitha is amazing actor, but not Rio. Please remove this guy or stop the serial. So irritating to see the both pair up. If you all can't get a story, please stop and relax, take a break then write a new script then come out with story. Please don't spoil the name of the serial. I used to watch everyday..but since SM3 started ...aiyoo tanga meduiyale...So i stop watching it. Please vijay tv in Malaysia u all have a good name....currently don't what happen to you guys....everything is messed up. Lots of serial, and mokka show going on. Please do something about it.
Thamizh Karunakaran
Sep 25, 2016

Atham thavir

Where is the final episode???? eagerly waiting to see who won the finals.
Sep 25, 2016


Where is kavin...?.bcoz of him Vijay tv gained more trp ratings.kavin is the best serial actor i have ever seen rio la thorathi adinga avala oru actor kandravi mudiyala.bring back kavin I miss him very badly.then stop the stupid idiotic serial sm3 aiyayo koduma da saamy thanga mudila.ivlo kevalama serial panringa nu theritha ilaya vijay tv very worst.stop this utter crap and retelecast sm2 @ 8.30 pm .we want VETTU AND JILLU love and romance.vettayan meenatchi than cute pair and also best jodi forever.kavin rachitha vazhga.sm2 missing badly
Sep 25, 2016


Please vijay tv u giving many new serials to get more trp...but the fact is if u telecast EN KANAVAN EN THOZHAN at evening then see how ur trp increasing ?????KAILA VENNAIYA VACHIKITTU NEYIKKU ALAYATHINGA .......EKET unmailayae Romba nalla serial...ellarkum kandippa pudikkum...athuvum mission MAHABALI...track la Romba kashta pattu athiga saelavula eduthathu...Romba hittana oru serial......season 2 varapothuna pathukkonga!!...eppadi patta serial ku konjamathu mariyatha kudunga...nalla serial la yaarum pakka mudiyatha timela pottutu..kudumbatha kedukkara serial ku prime slot vera ............VERA ENTHA SERIAL LA NEENGA AFTERNOON POTTU IRUNTHALUM NA KAVALA PADAMATTA ...POIUM POI ORU MASSSSS HITTANA SERIAL LA POI MATHIYAM PODARINGALE..?????APPADI ENNA KORA IRUKKU ENTHA SERIAL LA ?????????????......
Sep 25, 2016


With the introduction of so many hindi dubbed serials telecasted as "KAVIYA NERAM", I anticipate that you will be soon losing your viewers. Pls stop telecasting SIRIPUDDA and KALAKKA POVADU YAARU always. Grow up ppl. We are not so dumb to always watch the same type of serials. Where did all the old golden days go? When you were manage to entertain all age groups with the balance of both hindi dubbed and tamil serials. The old serials like KANA KAANUM KAALANGAL (2006-2008), SARAVANAN MEENAKSHI, KOFFE WITH ANU, ANU ALAVIL BAYAM ILLAI, SHAKKA LAKKA BOOM BOOM, HATIM (2003-2006), KAADHALIKA NERAMILLAI (2007-2008), DEIVAM THANDA EN THANGAI were totally cool and awesome. Atleast please telecast them in "VIJAY SUPER" channel. I wish you don't bring down your reputation.
Sep 24, 2016

regarding retelecast kadhalika neramillai and kana kaanum kaalangal

dear vijay tv do u knw how much fans u got in earlier days during kana kaanum kalangal and kadhalika neramilai serial and many innovative shows. but nw u spoil ur name. plz stop this nonsense sm3 and pagal nilavu serial plz dont waste ur money. u just retelecast kana kaanum kalangal at 8:30pm and kadhalika neramillai at 9:30pm. plz stop tat stupid siripuda show also. erode mahesh purely waste.i am sure u ll get ur old fans again when u retelecast this two serials.u just ask a suggestion to people based on that take a decision. and also retelecast paatu paada va show plzzzzzzzz......
Sep 24, 2016


VETTAYAN MEENATCHI ahh pakama irka mudila da Vijay tv plz sm2 va maraka mudila.intha serial ahh yarum oru show vaa pakala avanga real life nu ninachu pathanga.epdiyavathu sm3 ahh close panitu azhaga sm2 va retelecast panunga plz naraya peruku athan venum.intha request la olunga parunga.kavin and rachitha va onna pakanum.avanga pair was awesome.sm3 oru asingam waste venam close panidunga.plz retelecast saravanan meenatchi part 2.its everybody request.hope u ill do it.VETTU JILLU VAZHGA
Sep 24, 2016


En da ipdi panringa.rio ku konjam kuda nadipu varla.first avanuku nadika solikudunga.Sun music la poi anchor panna sollunga athan avanuku therium.epdi pa rio va hero set panninga thanga mudila.vettaiyan na thirupi kondu vanga avar vandha than sm ku oru intrst and avaru natural ahh nadiparu.best actor is kavin.rachitha bore adichiduchu.vettu jillu oda romance love chemistry vera level.they r the best actors and pairs also.etuku rio ku rachitha mudiyala.konjam kuda set agala.rio va plz remove panunga vijay tv avan la oru actor kadayathu.rio erode mahesh la ore type of jokers SARAVANAN MEENATCHI kadayathu epome VETTAYAN MEENATCHI THAN KALAKAL JODI PAKKA JODI.avanga again onna act pannum.
Sep 23, 2016

saravanan meenatchi 3

Suthama mudiyala.kavin maari oru hero vaa pudika sonna rio maari oru kaluvadha moonji pudichi ivar than saravanan solringale ithalal nyayama director ku arive ilanu ninaikren sm2 asinga paduthiringa.sm2 evlo hit aacho sm3 avlo kodumaya irku.nandhini and kumaramoorthi and so on ella characters waste saravanan meenatchi serial ku oru per irundhudhu adhu ipo suthama ila poiduchi.Vijay tv romba back la poitanga.sm3 close panita nalladhu.ilana avlo dhan rachitha saree la evlo super.modern dress kandravi ya irkanga.mothathula sm3 marana mokka serial nu cnfrm.kavin epdi act pannaru.avarukum rachitha kum chemistry was amazing.vettu and jillu always best jodi in sm
Sep 23, 2016


Wow...wow...vijay t.v. today ur serial EN KANAVAN EN THOZHAN ...supera irunthuthu.....chancesae illa....eppadi oru azhagana serial la kuduthu enga afternoon time ma interest aakana vijay tv ku nandri....romba romba azhagana karuthana serial na athu vijay tv EN KANAVAN EN THOZHAN mattutha....thank u vijay tv...
Sep 22, 2016

Saravanan meenatchi

Elarum SM 3 ya kazhuvi oothraanga. aana naan sm1, sm2 ae pathadhu illa. thank god. Rio oru aalunu avana hero va potrukaanga. sun music la avanuku girls fan following adhigam so adha vachi director thappu kanaku potutaru pola. ivan ena nadichaalum rio semma cute apdinu solvaainga nu. suttu potaalum ivanuku nadipu varaadhu. Remove Erode mahesh, mokka balaji . summa thandathuku ivanungala vachirukaanga. ivanunga enna apdi saadhichitaanganu ivanungala judge ah vachirkaanga. mokka pottu avanungalae sirichikraanga. Aiyo that KPY runner up nisha dai evlo karupa da ava. nalla vella painta moonji fulla oothi vachirkeenga. paaka thanga mudila. avanga original colour laiyae kaaminga. Compere DD romba mosam,mokka podum compering panra perla. chumma kathitae irukum participants veladum podhu. pls change RIO, ERODE MAHESH, MOKKA BALAJI, DD from your vijay tv team and stop stupid bull shit serials. Mark my words innum konja naal la ZEE tamil ungala overtake panna podhu parunga.
Sep 22, 2016


Aiyooooooooo...evlo thadava sonnalum intha Vijay tv ku puriyathu pola.inum en da intha sm3 ahh stop pannama irkinga.ithala oru serial nu telecast panni savadikiringa.podium close panunga.kavin than pa eppovume sm oda real hero.rio oru mokka comedy piece antha moonjila hero va thanga mudila sm3 start panathuku aprm Vijay tv oda per poiduchu.naraya serial podranga athanala ipa mothama poiduchy.kavin vachu etha oru show panunga ilana avara sm3 la act panna sollunga hero va.sm2 than best.kavin rachitha super jodi....
Sep 22, 2016

Plz stop this serial

Saravanan meenatchi....yena da ithu oru serial ah,unakae asingama ilaya???mudhal la

1. Rio ku rachita set aavala???
2.rachita periya modern girl???Way she dress is totally disgusting.sm2 la yevalo family ithula apadi roomy ah iruka.Since she got married,y she wear such type of dress.
3.Myna character totally spoiled.
4.Stop panuga da unaga serial ah
5.Kandipa oru naal vijay tv closing ceremony nadakum for sure
6.Apart from neeya naana u can't run ur serials
7.Kpy next boring program
8.NKDP Magesh thola thangala
9.Acham thavir nd NVOK yena aachu kuda terila.
10.Inum few month la paadiya saga adipanga...Super singer nu.
Day by day u losing ur viewers.....
Sep 22, 2016

Pagal nilavu

The director has simply spoiled the character of minister sakthi. It is foolish to project that a minister does not have an account of his own. Moreover the saying that tiger will not eat grass even if it is hungry is not known to the director it seems. It is very wrong for a character like minister sakthi to go and stay at revathi house and begging for money even to pay the auto. You have projected him as a popular minister and MLA. You have also projected him to win the election even if he contest in an election as independent candidate. Such a popular figure won't have any dependable friend in his constituency. Rediculous
rogini siva
Sep 22, 2016

Stupid Shows

dear vijay tv, what the hell is going on in ur channel ? dont make fool of us. what happen to acham thavir finals and kod grand finale? previously there was a promo for kod finale but u ppl did not telecast it. let ppl knw bout the cancellation of any shows. stupid channel..
Sep 22, 2016

i want saravanan meenakshi part1 all episodes

Sir, i am big fan of saravanan meenakshi.i want saravanan meenakshi part 1 all episodes,i was searched all sites ,i got only upto 82 in some parts,so i want all episodes in saravanan meenakshi part1.pls you are kindly send me the link pls,pls.my email id ;akarthickraj4594@gmail.com

i want saravanan meenakshi part1 all episodes

Sep 21, 2016


Intha complaints la papingala matingala..?.Vijay tv do you think the we r fools telecasting such an idiotic serial like sm.its all.over in sm 1 and sm2.plz don't spoil the name of sm1 and sm2.there is no way in doing sm3.I completely hate this nonsense.Vijay tv should take serious actions of our complaints and stop this serial and retelecast sm2 where our vettaiyan and meenatchi is the best pair and good love story.

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