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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vijay Tv

Oct 30, 2014


It is really annoying to watch such stupid characters in this serial. It is no way doing good.Either change the story line or Stop it.
Seetha's character is irritating to the core. She is just an illiterate. She is not mentally retarded. Seetha is equally bad as Priya.
We feel like fools watching the TV serial. She narrates the incident to Ram. Cant he atleast understand, Priya did the trick.
What the hell is happening? Chitra Devi is the only solace in this Serial. And even her charter is becoming like a fool because of seethe who is a big time idiot. No Sympathy is created for this character but just frustration. Chitradevi is helping her and she knows Priya is the reason and why that Idiot cannot open the mouth.

Director, don't think the audience are fools. Just to keep extending, dont continue this tricking drama and seethe crying drama.

Vijay TV, I am great fan of your channel. You are going to loose the audience if you encourage stupid serials with senseless characters in the serial.

Oct 30, 2014

pudhukavuthai serial

I am very choosy fan of vijay tv. Now a days vijay tv become dull due to serials like Pudhukavuthai n deivam thanda vedu. Pudhukavuthai has become very stupid now a days... N today's serial s worst to the core. To disclose about pradeep Kaviya Is trying yes it's acceptable but didn't she got mobile? Y can't she take the pic r vedio to show those things to her family members. Pls stop the serial. It was interesting before but now it has been seems to be copying the serial deivam thandha vedu. Appa pls stop pudhukavuthai deivam thanda vedu. . Very sorry to put this review. But hope we viewers r hvng rites to share their opinion. Thank you.
Oct 30, 2014


Showing Seetha in such a stupid way is so so so irritating.What the director is doing ??Is he trying to bring any change in Seetha's character?? Showing a woman in such a foolish and innocent way is not fair..Even the students who are studying with her are not as coward as her...In yesterday's episode, there seems a small change in Ram character..But again his character will fell down soooon..cudnt even expect a big change in this serial....Priya,an other extreme irritation in this story...Do remember that there are fans for Vijay tv all over the world..turn it in a positive side or end that serial soon..
Oct 30, 2014


Hi Vijay Tv .............. I Am The Fan Of Vijay Tv And Their Programmes The Program Telecast in the channel are really supper but only one request coz of this deivam thanda veedu serial the vijay tv loosing the image ........... the serial is good but seetha charter and priya charter are really irritating, i don't think now coming generation having such a fool charter ........... like seetha ....
MR Director do some changes in the serial its really boring......... when people are commenting soooooooooo much why vijay tv is not taking any action against it ......... VIJAY TV PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ DONT BEHAVE LIKE SUN TV ......... WE ARE FED UP WITH SUN TV SERIALS ........... i think the vijay tv will take action against it and do some of the changes in the serial ........ we want to see BOLD SEETHA SOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNN .......... VIJAY TV HOPING FOR THE BEST
Oct 29, 2014

Deivam thandha veedu

Dear vijay tv, I beg you to stop serial Deivam thandha Veedu.
I've never seen a carractère as seetha.
This character is the character of all the dumb world or even all the universe.
If I ever see the director, I'll slap him and I'll ask if he has a brain because they say he has no brain.
plz finish this series with the death of seetha that will come soon plz plz plz plz plz plz plz.
Oct 29, 2014

Deivam thandha veedu

U can translate in Tamil or English.


Pouvez vous arrêtez la série!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dans cette série la caractère de Seetha est la caractère la plus idiote de tout l'univers.

Je voudrais bien savoir quelle est l'idée du directeur en montrant une caractère comme Seetha!!!!!!!!!!!!
Le directeur est-il fous? Il a déjà vus une femme comme Seetha dans le monde???????

I am sorry to tell u this all in french. I'll just tell you that the serials of Vijay tv everyone watching, in every country so stop thinking people for idiots!!!
Oct 29, 2014

Irritating deivam thantha veedu

Tis serial is utter waste. Nobody can b tis much foolish as seetha character.fultime crying.getting scoldings. No change at all in her character. Whats d idea of tis serial director don know. After two years only he s planning to show seetha as a brilliant nd bold women or wat? But tat time nobody will b watching tis idiotic nd irritating serial. If possible pls show some changes.
Oct 29, 2014

deivam thandha veedu

Plz try to change the story. Chandhanamazha is going better when compared to this. Ram character is good now. Bt priya is so irritating ya. Plz change.
Rajee Rajan
Oct 29, 2014

Request to re telecast Mahabharatham serial


This is request from viewers of Vijay TV and Mahabratham serial.
We request you to re telecast Mahabratham serial from first at night 10.30pm, as this serial is getting over by tommorrow.
We request you to re telecast this serial again from episode1.
Oct 29, 2014

Office serial

Is there is any meaning in writing in this page at least
Oct 29, 2014

deivam thantha veedu -irritating serial

I can find many reviews about the serial deivam thantha veedu ..no review was praising it.. this is the worst ever serial people could have watched in Vijay TV. Only because of this serial Vijay TV will lose its fame soon. Priya character is such an irritating one. Even priya ’a mother character is irritating. A mother should be a role model for her daughter in running a family and she should not teach all bad things that may spoil her daughters life.. . Its very idiotic.. . Director thinks people watching this serial are fools and they will watch what ever thing he screens.. . Show something in the story which is acceptable and with some logic. And to tell about Seethas character.. .OMG this kind of stupid person in this world...no one can be so so so stupid, always crying without confidence...she knows everything about her sis Priya but she will never reveal that to anyone. ..Ram is another idiotic character, suddenly he will show extreme love and suddenly he will show full haste towards his wife... on the whole worst and stupid serial.. . Please stop telecasting this serial or bring some change which will make audience to watch it. ..
Oct 29, 2014

Deivam thandha veed

Hi I like deivam thantha veedu serial.But i didnt like everytime seetha was crying.Will u please change the seetha charactor role in a different way.Make seetha as a brilliant to help Ram and make their life happy. seetha has to maintain the Company.Because womens are the backbone of their husband. So will u please make a change. I like Ram character and Arun Prakash. Thanks
Oct 29, 2014

Mahabharatham dialogue mistake

Hi.. I am a die hard fan of mahabharatham .. I am from USA.. I love the way it is dubbed.. Couldn't make out that it's a dubbed one. The tamil is so pure and awesome but in the recent episode where Ashwathama kills pandavas sons , there was a mistake in the dubbing I noted .. It's a very big mistake . Ashwathama should be mentioning as "Pandu vin pudhalvargal" but instead it was dubbed as " pandavargalin pudhalvargal" but in the English subtitle it was given as sons of Pandu. How could this mistake wasn't notice .. This will change the story itself snd brings misconception to others .
Vidhya Madu
Oct 29, 2014

office serial

We are diehard fans of office serial and we love KR a lot. But in season it's very much disgusting to watch them and they way of their relationship.please change the script. Patch up KR and move the story in positive way.
Vidhya Madu
Oct 29, 2014

office serial

Please stop office serial
Ramya K
Oct 29, 2014

Deivam Thanda Veedu

Deivam Thanda Veedu is such an worse serial. Everytime Priya does something and seetha gets caught.

Please Quit this stupid serial from Vijay TV

It is the worst Serial in the Viya TV series
Oct 28, 2014

Office serial

நானும் என்னைப் போன்ற பலரும் விஜய் டிவியில் வரும் ஆபிஸ் சீரியலை மிகவும் ரசித்துப் பார்த்துக் கொண்டிருந்தோம்...இப்போதுள்ள இளைஞசர்களால் மிகவும் ரசித்துப் பார்க்க கூடியதாக இருந்தது ஆபிஸ்...ஆரம்பத்தில் ஒரு அலுவலகத்தில் நடைபெறும் சில விஷயங்களை அருமையாக கொண்டு போனார்கள்...ஆபிசில் ஏற்படும் யதார்த்தமான காதலை கார்த்தி ராஜியின் மூலம் மி அருமையாக சொன்னார் டைரக்டர்....அந்த காதலோடு நாங்களும் ஒன்றிப் போனோம் என்பதுதான் உண்மை...கார்த்தியும் ராஜியும் காதலித்தார்களா இல்லை நாங்கள் காதலித்தோமா என்று சந்தேகமே வரும் அளவுக்கு அந்த காதல் இருந்தது...எங்கிருந்து கொண்டு வந்தார்கள் கார்த்தியையும்.. ராஜியையும்....உண்மையான காதலர்கள் கூட இப்படி நடிக்க முடியுமா என்பது சந்தேகமே.....அந்த கேரக்டரிலேயே இருவரும் ஒன்றி போய்விட்டார்கள்...கார்த்தியின் நடிப்பு மிக அபாரமாக இருந்தது...ஒரு ஆண் இப்படியெல்லாம் இருக்க முடியுமா என்கிற அளவுக்கு...மிக சிறப்பாக நடித்திருந்தான் கார்த்தி ....காதலில் கலக்கிய ஆபிஸ்....நட்பையும் விட்டு வைக்கவில்லை.....விஷ்ணுவிற்கும் கார்த்திக்கிற்கும் உள்ள நட்பை மிக தெளிவாக காட்டியது நன்றாக இருந்தது....விஷ்ணு ஒரு நல்ல நண்பனாவும் காமடியனாகவும் நன்றாக நடித்தான்....மிக தெளிவாக போய்கொண்டிருந்த நேரத்தில்தான் டைரக்டர் மண்டையில் தவளை புகுந்ததது போல் கதையில் விஷ்ணுவின்கேரக்டருக்கு திருட்டு பட்டம் கட்டி அவனுக்கும் கார்த்திக்கும் இருந்த நட்பை உடைத்தார்...அங்குதான் சனி பிடித்தது ஆபிசுக்கு.....கார்த்தி விஷ்ணு நட்பு பணால் ஆயிற்று....சூசன் தற்கொலை.....கார்த்தி ராஜியை பிரித்தது.....ஒரு அருமையான நட்பும்....அழகான காதல் வாழ்க்கையும் அங்கே கொல்லப் பட்டது....கார்த்தி ராஜியின் காதலும் கல்யாணமும் அர்த்தமில்லாமல் போய்விட்டது....ஒரு நல்ல கதாநாயகன்....குடிகாரனாக்கப் பட்டான்...அவன் வாழ்க்கை நரகமாக்கப் பட்டது....அதயும் மிக சிறப்பாக நடித்து காட்டினான் கார்த்தி....கணவனின் கோபத்திற்கும்...வெறுப்புக்கும் ஆளான ராஜியும் நடிப்பில் எங்குமே சோடைபோகவில்லை....ஆனால்.....ஆபிஸ் என்ற மிக அருமையான சீரியல் சோடை போய்விட்டது.... இதற்குமேல் கதையை எப்படி நகர்த்துவது என தெரியாமல்...கண்டபடி கதை போய் கொண்டிருக்கிறது....விஷ்ணு எப்போதும..பெண்கள் விஷயத்தில் வீக்கானவன் என்றே காட்டப் படுகிறது...அவன் காதலையும் ஒடித்து விட்டார் டைரக்டர்....அவனை விடுங்கள்.....கதாநாயகன்....நாயகி....உயிரை கொடுத்து காதலித்ததெல்லாம் பொய்தானா....அப்படிஎன்றால் காதலித்து திருமணம் செய்து கொண்டவர்கள் யாரும் சந்தோஷமாக வாழ்வதில்லையா...இல்லை வாழக் கூடாதா...என்ன சொல்ல வருகிறார் டைரக்டர்....கணவன் நேர்மையாக இருப்பானாம்....மனைவி மட்டும் பழைய நண்பனுடன் கூத்தடிப்பாளாம்.....கணவனை வெறுப்பேத்தி கொண்டிருப்பாளாம்....பொறுமைதான் பெண்களுக்கு அழகு என்பார்கள்....இங்கு ராஜி பொறுமையை இழந்து இப்படியெல்லாம் நடப்பாளாம்....மிக கேவலமாக போய்க் கொண்டிருக்கிறது ....கதையின் வேகமும் ...டைரக்டரின் விவேகமும்....எங்கு போனதோ தெரியவில்லை....மிக மிக ஒரு மோசமான நிலையில் இன்று ஆபிஸ் சீரியல் போய் கொண்டு இருக்கிறது....பேஸ் புக்கில் ஆபிஸ் ரசிகர்கள் பலரும் இன்று வெறுப்புடன் ஆபிஸ் பார்ப்பதையே நிறுத்தி விட்டார்கள்....வேறு ஒரு விறு விருப்பான சீரியலுக்கு போய் கொண்டு இருக்கிறார்கள்....ஆபிஸ் சீரியலில் மிகப் பெரிய மாற்றம் தேவை....ஒரே மாதிரி இழுவையாக போகாமல் ....கார்த்தி ராஜி கேரக்டரில் மாற்றம் வேண்டும்...ஒரு சிறந்த நடிகனையும் நடிகையையும் வீணாக்கி கொண்டு இருக்கிறார்களோ என் சந்தேகமாக இருக்கிறது....இப்படியே போனால் ஆபிஸ் ரேட்டிங்கில் குறையுதோ இல்லையோ...ரசிகர்களை இழந்துவிடும் என்பதில் எள்ளளவும் சந்தேகமே இல்லை....இனியாவது டைரக்டர் உஷாராகி கதையில் மாற்றத்தையும்....விறுவிறுப்பையும் கொண்டு வர வேண்டும் என்பதுதான் என் போன்ற ஆயிரக்கணக்கான ரசிகர்களின் விருப்பம்.....பேஸ் புக்கில் எத்தனையோ பேன்ஸ் கிளப் இருக்கிறது இவை எல்லாம் தொடர்ந்து ஆதரவு தருவதும்....இழுத்து மூடிவிட்டு போவதும் இனி கதையின் மாற்றத்தில்தான் இருக்கிறது....ஆபிஸ் சீரியல் ரசிகர்களை டைரக்டர் கையில் வைத்துகொள்வரா அல்லது ரசிகர்கள் கை கழுவி விடுவார்களா என்பதும் அவருக்கே வெளிச்சம்......மாற்றத்தினால் மட்டுமே ஒரு அழகான மாற்றத்தை டைரக்டர் பார்க்கமுடியும்.....இல்லையேல்......மிக மோசமான மாற்றத்தைத்தான் அவர் பார்ப்பார்....ஒரு நல்ல சீரியலை இழக்க நாங்கள் தயாரில்லை.....மாற்றத்தோடு வாருங்கள்...மனமார பாராட்டி வரவேற்கிறோம்......நன்றி...
Oct 28, 2014

Deivam Thanda Veedu

I am the Great Fan of Vijay Tv, I like the Programes, telecasting in VIJAY tv's, But i feee very sad on the Serial, which makes foool on all over Fans of Vijay TV, that is Dheivam Thanda Veedu, . As a wellwisher and the diehard fan like me, will recommends to ban the serial or try to change the Timing from 8.00 p.m to 11.30 p.m, try to give some other different programes, this Serial irritates all the fans.

Small request to Serial director, better to do some good logic stories, its UTTER Noncense, Pls, Try to consider my request., LADIES are not like this serial...., Seetha character is not a ideological character, its just make ourselves foool...
Oct 28, 2014

Deivam thanda veedu

You are making a fool of the ladies watching dis serial... on d day we saw like seetha fighting with priya was a good one nd after that we expected that for the rest of the days... but after that u again showed her like making fool of herself... do take the story in a different way... its just irritating people...
Oct 28, 2014

Deivam thantha Veedu

We are watching this serial and we think that you are bullshitting everyone. It is absolute non-sense and you cannot fool the audience like this. Especially, Seetha Character is complete idiotic/fool and you show her like innocent but no one can accept this cause even people who are not educated and living even in the villages are clever enough to handle themselves. The main story is good but the sequences in the story is very nonsense. The story director should know that people for not fools and they can accept anything you show them. We are watching all the other serials in Vijay TV and this series is the only serial that majority of the people dont like it since it is irritating that how you are fooling everyone. I think the director should know the audience and what you accept.
Oct 28, 2014

Saravanan Meenatchi

Why Ishwarya is died.Insted of died,the director makes her character to be silent in Coma.Its very painful moment and not able to tolarate anything in tat serial.More Over she is very silent and innocent character n,No one likes her dead.

If possible please change the concept in ishwarya role
K R Thiyagarajan
Oct 27, 2014

Neeya Nana programme on 26th Oct 2014 night

It was quite interesting yesterday till Gopi asked people how many would agree to marry Dalit Guy? Why should we look at Caste when the Girls were telling that they never see Caste or Religion and they only see mental matching and decide only after some sort of friendship/relationship for quite sometime. This question is uncalled for and also if we ask, whether Gopi opted for a Love Marriage and again a Dalit or Tribal Girl would he be ready to answer! It is like Cinemas being prduced now where the cycle mechanic would fell in love with a B Tech Rich Girl and they finally desert the house etc etc but in real life, none of the actors marry so and they only spoil the society by such movies.

Moreover, as a parent of two girls I also have similar fear and views and take the case of Delhi Nirbhaya had she been on time at her house without spending time with her Boy Friend and then boarding an empty Bus, she would not have faced such a horrible experience on that fateful evening and imagine even today, the parents sufferings. We have been well split into several groups by the British Rulers before they left India to ensure no unity. Caste is nothing but a group of people adopting to a particular culture, custom and practices and if we arrange marriage within that it would be easy for moulding each other with lesser of misunderstandings. We can call otherwise also in different name and hence Parents always seek marriages within the group. Even when we arrange such marriages, today, many are going for divorce because of NIL patience and intolerance between them. Also we see lot of arrogance by the bridegrooms' side and there are cases where the girls are burnt alive. As such, when they choose and marry on their own without any support from their parents' side and again outside the Group, imagine what will be the safety and security of the Girl. Very few really lead a very good meaningful long married life, which I have seen, although from different religions. Like dress etc. both girls and boys today may not like tomorrow what they like today. Moreover, in general there is a trend to harass the girls even after they chose to marry a different caste boy with lesser qualification, at a later date, because of inferiority complex and domination of the caste.

This programme many a times becoming out lived and also the conductor exceeds his limit and sometimes even abuse the participants which went on LIVE and we really the viewers felt sorry. One of my friends who have just retired as Letcturer from a College in Chennai did participate in the programme and felt no freedom of speech and the opportunities quite selective.
Oct 27, 2014


Deivam thanda veedu Seetha is the ultimate Indian DOORMAT....She tolerates an indifferent husband with sheer pleasure and loves her cunning sister from the bottom of her heart. she is so docile that she cant take care of her homework and never comes out with real facts. She is portrayed as a downright stupid oaf with no self respect. The serial defies all logic- the big Chakravarthy household has the women of the house mopping floors and washing clothes by hand--nowadays even housemaids have a fridge and washing machine--whom are you trying to fool?
If you want to show a real Indian woman, you have to portray someone who is strong and dignified- not this Seetha who can't handle even her own self-- her husband treats her like dirt and she is happy in that--what kind of a moron are you portraying? The only thing the household discusses is how to make sambar and how to do puja. One morose husband ram and one idiot husband ravi----Guys...STOP THIS NONSENSE
menka patel
Oct 26, 2014

trying to disturb love story

i think raman and ishita is very good couple they liik nice. but ekta kapoor is not interested in happy married life so always trying to create problem in every married couple/. ye hai mohabbatein is very nice and interesting serial but now kapoor creates problem and serial will become full of treajedy and again happy family will convert into disturbed family
saro ra
Oct 26, 2014

potta padathaiye podringa

I m rajkumar i love vijay tv and also all progarms ana neenga yen potta padathaye podringa e nnakis athu pudikala apuram sunday sunday hollywood padam podunga nalla padama podunga k.

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