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Viveks Service Center, Chennai

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Viveks Service Center, Chennai

K. Balasubramanian
Feb 26, 2015

Undue delay in servicing

The ambience at the Viveks Service Centre is the least desirable. Only five seats in a corridor are available for the customers. This corridor is not ventilated at all. It is stuffy and suffocating. Moreover it is the only path way for the employees to to enter and exit.
Only one employee is there to attend to the customers. Customer care is totally lacking. It is a shame that such a huge corporate is found wanting abysmally in the services sector..
Jan 31, 2015

Totally annoyed with the service

Hi Team,

I am with deep frustration writing this to you to let you people know about the kind of service the end customers are getting.

I ordered Godrej EDGE PRO 240lts PDS Refrigerator on 28th Jan'15 in Viveks (No 14, Shanmugam Road, West Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600045 India.

I was told by the Vivek's Salesperson Mr. Raja (+91 9003608384) that the fridge will be delivered to our hour in Tambaram the next day which is Wednesday. We completed all the formalities.

On friday we receive a call saying that the colour(Lush wine) that we asked for is "Out of Stock".

And asked if they could deliver the Silver Colour fridge instead which is totally ridiculous.
The Stock should have been checked by the seller before signing a deal with the customer and trying to convince a customer to accept what the seller has is bull shit.

I told Mr.Raja that I need what I ordered for and he asked for another day to make arrangement to get it delivered which I accepted since I had.

The next day, Saturday I receive a call from a guy named Praveen (44-66544358) saying that he is from Ambattur Godrej Main office. He said that due to some vechile problem they cannot deliver the Refrigerator today and it will get delivered only on monday. It was not even polite, its like an information is just passed to the customer with having absolutely no sympathy or empathy.

When I told the person that I have already waited for three days for the fridge to get delivered he just casually says that he cannot do anything about it and I was given no other option than to wait till Monday.

I then called Mr. Raja and I get the same response from him too.

I am asking you now GODREJ, is this the kind of service you give for your customers.

The reason why I wanted to get a fridge was because the one i was using has gone bad and you know how important it is in everyday work and now I had to wait for 6 days without it because of your Poor service and the kind of Vendors like Viveks ( I have also lodged complaint with Viveks on the same ) and I work in Cognizant Technology and I have already written a mail to the entire organisation so that everyone would know about the bulshit service its giving to the customers.

I am a genuine customer of viveks, everything in my house - from a microwave to ac, everything I got for Viveks.
Now you have already lost that one loyal customer.

Thank you.

i am not even sure if anyone would read this and respond, but still hoping that someone would read this and take some steps for the benefit of your own company,

Shiva Ravishankar
+91 9952990460
Dec 14, 2014

Whirlpool Machine Poor AMC service

I have purchased a Washing Machine on 01/01/2012 in Viveks @ East Tambaram Branch ..... Whirlpool company has given me 2 yrs warrenty and viveks has given given me 1 year AMC .....
I have registered a complaint ...... bt no steps has been taken further .....
Please come and do service as soon as possible or else I"ll taken severe actions later ...

Roshan J
Nov 24, 2014

Pathetic service...Need to be fixed immediately

I am filing this complaint on behalf of my Husband Mr.Roshan J
We bought a new AC at Viveks (Anna nagar) and due to some voltage issue or so, the compressor got failed. At the time of purchasing the product we enquired about the stabilizer twice they told single booster is more sufficient and double is not required. Post that when the AC stopped working all of a sudden and we called the mechanic he blamed, AC stopped working because of the power fluctuation at our area and we should have put double booster at the time of installation. Despite changing to double booster now, AC did not function well as the compressor had gone repair.
Finally the AC mechanic took the compressor i.e. the whole system of AC and left the window with an AC plate and a newspaper which is very dangerous at any point of time. It’s been more than 15 days now the mechanic does not turn up with the compressor.
It’s becoming a great head ache for us and causing a security concern which is a very serious issue. Even on repeated calls the mechanic is saying the same story that the compressor has to come from Pune.I can understand it has to come from Pune or whatever area but it cannot take more than 1 week/10 days and its more than 15 days now which is not at all acceptable. We are really unsatisfied and frustrated with your kind of service.
Is anyone bothered to listen our issue and fix it at the earliest??????????????
If yes then it would be fine else we are ready to escalate it to the next level and get the work done.
Very pathetic, Poor & horrible service!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 11, 2014

TV Service

Worst Service from them.... Their AMC is an extraordinary Cheating...

I had Purchased most of my House Hold Items from VIVEKS, 6 Months back I had given my SAMSUNG LCD TV for an Shade complaint, During their Service process they Damaged my Panel , they request as their employee will loose their Job if we make complaint & request to Pay 10,000.00 to rectification work. I had Paid 10,000.00 for the same & now the same complaint repeated. When I contacted them they response is worst... I am going to file a case at Consumer Forum for Leagal Action.

I recommend not to go for any Purchase with these & especially AMC Service Contract.

Priya Balachandran
Oct 4, 2014

useless Amc in viveks for AC. Worst service

I would like to lodge a complaint against viveks. We have bought a Samsung AC 1 ton from Viveks in may 2011. Since then, the ac has some or the other problem. They just cheated us in making us to put a double booster 2500rs, when we had a problem and for every visit they charge 750. Every 10 days we had to call up and lodge our complaint tat ac is not working. They wil send someone and they fill gas, brainwash us to change the aluminium condenser to copper and charge 6000rs. Worst of all, we have spent more than rs.15000 for an ac worth of rs.26000. Poor service, poor quality, defective product and they just know how to cheat customers by making them spend for AMC and still they will charge for worthless services and suggestions.
Naveen krishnan
Jul 3, 2014

A.C Till not deleverd from viveks Ambattur

I faced a problem with viveks ambattur. I have ordered Hitachi 1 ton split ac from viveks ambattur on 27.6.14. cheque date 27.6.14

city union bank ambattur Amount Rs 41,500/-.To clearing cheque viveks Ltd on 1..7.14. Till date not delivered AC.When I repeatedly
calling I am not getting any response from viveks Ambattur. mobile switced off. mobile no 9884964116.The service provided totally unsatisfied and waste of money and time. I will never buy any thing from viveks again and I will share my experience online too in consumer forums and sharing my friends BEWARE OF VIVEKS Ambattur. Next step I am going to consumer court.
A. Navaneethakrishnan
rengarajan narasimhan
Jun 28, 2014

Service unattended

Videocon 1ton split Ac have with a price paid close to Rs.2750/- or so. I had people visited and tried to rectify on 3rd of June'14. Components are charged for Rs.560/- which was paid as well. I had a problem reported on19th of this month in June'14 having email id: customercare@myhomeservice.com, info@viveks.com. No response till date also the no given in the web site have 044-30442201 and 3345230 many times, still the problem is not attended. I am not getting the service despite the complaints done and no one is responding as well. Can some soul from vivek will attend else will go to customer forum
German Srini
Jun 14, 2014

salesman using bad language in viveks

I am srinivasan. .working in a reputed organisation in chennai my native is trichy.  I used to buy most of my home appliances from viveks.  I thought of gifting my old parents a led tv and flew to trichy.  Went to viveks on 07-06. Inquired about the sony led tv, sales man of trichy mr.pandian in that branch attended and after viweing many models I finalized for 2models and asked for the best price they could offer...he said the price and I asked him if viveks could take my old tv they agreed for 500rs and I asked how they vl take my old tv, and about this new tv delivery...salesman said it vl b delivered to my house and they vl pick up the old tv, do installation of new tv on the time they deliver...this was what I was promised. Then I asked about finance option...a model was assured to give @28800 and he said no document charges since am salaried person and no additional charges....need to pay in installments 28800 rs and no extra costs. I told I vl bring my parents in t evening and went.......

Evening I and my parents went to shop finalised on the model...I sat with bajaj alliance for emi....they worked out and gave me plans which all was above 28800rs...I asked mr.pandian. ..he said he does not know about finance and then he said its emi card for which they are charging 250rs additional for the plan which I selected. ..I told I dont want any card and asked him to reduce the amount. ...then the finance guy told its mandatory. ..me and my father got pissed and asked y he was giving false information wen I inquired about if there will be additional charges if I pay through emi....then I agreed to pay full cash and purchase and paid the amount. ...after that when I asked to installation. ..they told they could send person on monday only.....!!! when I inquired morning they told it vl b installed in the same day wen I prompted and said I vl purchase in the evening after 7pm only....

Fine then the salesman said he will fix the tv with stand so that wen we go home we could watch it. ...fixing in wall they said it vl b done on Monday....I too agreed.

Now the third issue I asked tgem to send to my address and take my old tv...they told delivery charges vl not be borne by viveks. ...wen I asked you accepted. ..the salesman and his supervisor told they said I am given more discounts and cannot give delivery.

Now my question is customers vl ask for discount if you agree does it mean that the promised facilities vl not b given!!!!.......

The most irritating and real shabby inhumane incident happened after this point....my father got irritated and started to shout at the salesman and supervisor as why so much false promises and information is given?...out of anger he told instead you could ask as donation we will give...rather than you slipping from your promised word of mouth.

Suddenly a guy his name ends with sarathy...started to shout at my father who is 72years old...with all bad words...my mother was there and other few lady customers were there. ..he was using profanity. ..abusive language....I got irritated and started to use abusive language too...then the whole team of salesman joined and there was a big quarrel:(...

Dont you teach about customer satisfaction. ..enlightenment to sales staff???....what a rude behaviour and wat made him to speak bad words wen we were speaking normally? ??!!!!....is this the way customers are treated????.

I am really upset from that time....I cancelled my order...asked them to pay back my money...they returned immediately 28700rs...and wen I asked to that person sarathy is tjis the way u behave I vl complain this to to your higher management. ..he said his name and said the word in tamil as unnala enna pudunga mudiyumo pudungu....no one can ask me questions from management. .

The word he used wen my father was asking the reason for false commitment. ..

Kuthi mavaney pundai...translate in tamil you will know the exact pronunciation and is tjis tge way a staff speaks in front of female customers! !!!!...what a shame.....:((....really unhappy. ...if I would hv gone to other shops if they hv charged 500rs extra too my father and familys respect would hv been saved.

Such a disaster people you have....very very disappointed
Jun 13, 2014

AC Maintenance


I just wanted to convey my disappointment and dissatisfaction I have about the Service I have been receiving from Viveks Customer Service.

I had bought a LG window AC a year ago from Viveks OMR shop. The customer service was supposed to be handled by Viveks. The AMC for the first year is over and I have renewed it now. But, for the past 3 weeks, my AC has not been working. I have called the helpdesk / Service Center many times but, no result. Two mechanics visited my place. First one said it was a wiring problem inside and he would someone else to fix it. The second person came and said it was a gas leak…..!!

The AC had a gas leak last few months ago and its was serviced by Viveks then. And within few months the same issue came up again!! Whatever it is, in the scorching heat of Chennai I and my family (with a small child) have to spend the night without an AC even after buying one. And I am still waiting hoping that it will be fixed today or tomorrow. Just to remind you, its been 3 weeks… The the ladies at Service Desk who called me atleast 10 times to renew the AMC have become completely silent now....

Ajith (mobile: 9884714584)
Jun 13, 2014

ac repair

Dear Mr. Kalpanar,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We would like to take this opportunity to resolve the complaint you have regarding our service. We will look into the situation right away and get back to you shortly.

Customer Care
Jun 12, 2014

ac repair

under number 9094888305 i had registered my heir ac for amc. but correctly im april end it stopped working in spite of being under amc. the tecnician siad no gas it has to be taken to service centre. for 10 days they did not pick up the ac. after repeated calls to call centre and service centre. they picked up the ac in mid may. but they havent still repaired and fitted it. probably i will get indecember when the weather is cold and there is no aneed of ac. what is the use of amc if they dint check the coolant level during service and even under amc the unit is not repaied for over a monht and i have to waste time with the call centre people who dont know what is happening to the unit.
i also called ove rfor service for another ac underphone 9710342141. they charged 550 to take alook say coolant is not here. somebody will pick up the ac. its 5 days and still not a single call from your side.
your service is poor, very costly especially just to say unit has to be taken for repair . it shows that the same response is ther whether unit is under amc aor not and the amc doess not prevent breakdown, there for ebetter tocall occassionaly for service.

Jun 8, 2014

Price inflation at Viveks

I bought a headset from Viveks at Kandanchavadi for RS. 890. But later came to know that the same headset was bought by my friend for Rs 650 at the same shop. When I complained this you viveks, they said that they would adjust the price with the next purchase. Is this a marketing strategy? Really disappointed on how Viveks is services...
Jun 7, 2014


I have purchased a 1.5 ton Hitachi Split Ac on 10.02.2014 from Vivek Annanagar. Installed by technicians from Vivek. On and from the Third week of May 2014 i felt the Cooling is very low. I formally lodged a Service with Vivek on 30.5.2014. Complaint No,735282.
After making nearly 50 calls only, one service technician from Vivek came on 6.6.2014 i.e., after 8 days. He checked and said the low cooling is because of faulty installation and because of that Gas has leaked. He said he will come the next day i.e.,7.6.2014 and fill the gas and rectify other defects.Till such time i cannot use the AC. But on 7.6..14 (today) call came from Vivek Annanagar (04430442270, 044-30442270)-that it will be done only on Monday, 9.6.2014. I requested them to do it today itself..Nothing happened. I sent Messages to the BRanch manager, Vivek Annanagar, and complained to Vivek Corporate Office at Mylapore (044-30551700) requesting them to resolve the complaint today (7.6.14). Nothing Happened. I called Hitachi Service number (044-35324848) requesting them to interfere because it is their product. NOTHING HAPPENED. Imaging the fate of customers like me, spending nearly Rs.40000/= on split AC and even during the Warranty period, for regular service that too because of their Faulty installation, the esteemed Vivek has shown so much of indifference. Is this not Deficiency of Service? Such a big firm, selling AC's by the dozen, for filling of leaked Gas they take 4 days. Or do they have sufficient service personnel? In which case why is Hitachi liking with Vivek's for Service? Is trusting the brand name Vivek a mistake ?Peethambaram,
karthikeyan K
Jun 7, 2014

Viveks AMC for samsung 1ton AC

Worst AMC ever in my life. Please some one from Viveks answer my plea. I have called your number more than 10 times and still couldn reach any of your executives. I have spend nearly 100 rs fro calling the useless number which is given by them:+91-44-42229666. Totally fed up with Viveks AMC. I paid 1750 and i am totally dissatisfied. If anyone from Viveks really checking this message. Please regulate your process of calling customer service. Thanks K.karthikeyan 9551077479.
Mar 8, 2014

Useless Viveks & Fraud

Dear Mr. Sathish531,

We deeply regret for the inconvenience caused to you. We will look into the situation right away and get back to you shortly.

Kindly provide us with your contact details.

Customer Care
Feb 28, 2014

Useless Viveks & Fraud

I am Sathish; Shame on vivkes, I bought my 1 ton AC on 2011. Last year your technician came for free service and put scratchs on the outer white panel. It looks ugly now. For that I claimed to change the panel, but no response taken.
Now this year FEB11th, they came for paid service. A technician murugan came and did the service. He said the gas limit is 50. Need to upgrade the gas limits. He tried to convince to put AMC. I said I will put next time. After 1 month AC stopped working. I call for paid service, the same person came and he manually rolls up the panel fan and checked for one hour and said its working. I paid that service. And he brain washed to put AMC, so that all service will cover, so I believed and put AMC on 11 FEB 2014.
14 days later from 11 FEB 2014, now AC stopped working, again I called AMC service, they send on person (technician Sridhar) he opened the panel and show the FAN is not working due to motor failure. He said that the technician murugan knows there is a problem but he didn’t fix it.
Finally the person technician Sridhar took the motor to show room, till now they are not responding, I called over phone but they told it will not cover under AMC, so you need to buy the motor for RS 3500, after buying they will come and connect to AC.
One point I have clearly understand ALL are cheating fellows to collect money from me.
If the problem not solved as soon as possible, I will bring my AC to your show room and put infront for your showroom (adyar Chennai) .
May 29, 2013

Viveks - Worst Service, Lying Technicians

Technician name: L Vijaykumar Kalaiyarasan

I had a very bad experience with viveks service center and its technician. I called viveks service center to file for regular service for my window AC. The technician who came to the house cleaned all the dust in the AC and said that because of low voltage the cooling in the AC is very less, so he told me to change to double booster.

He told me to call him directly if I wanted to change to double booster. The next day I called him directly and said that I wanted to upgrade to double booster. He promptly came the next day with a Guardian double booster AC and fixed it. The stablizer seemed to work fine when he fixed it, but soon after he left, the stabilizer stopped working. The stablizer was under warranty.

I called him the next day and told him that the stabilizer had stopped working, he said that he will come in the evening and look at it, but he never showed up in the evening and when I called him he does not pick up. The next morning I again called him, he promised me that he will come in the evening and fix it, but he never showed up and when I tried to call him in the evening he never picks up the call.

The 3rd day I called up Viveks service center directly and told the representative about the entire thing, the rep told me that I need to pay Rs.450 for them to come and look at it. I told the rep that I had warranty and why do I need to pay for a fauly stablizer which is under warranty. The rep told me that she cant do anything and told me to contact Guardian dealers directly and gave me the number.

I had called up the Guardian dealer now and they are sending a technician tomorrow to get my stabilizer checked and if faulty it will be replaced.

Viveks is only good at milking money from customers and once they have sold the product they don’t give a sh t about you. The quality of the AC service is very poor. The technician who came to my house was lazy and slow like a turtle and also a liar. F ck Viveks service center in the arse. Because of them now we have sleep without AC and you know how hot Chennai is.
May 9, 2013

viveks AMC complaint

Dear Mr. Jaye,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We would like to take this opportunity to resolve the complaint you have regarding our service.

Could you please provide with your contact number for us to be able to address your situation immediately and keep you posted on the progress of the complaint.

Customer Care.
May 7, 2013

viveks AMC complaint

Worst AMC ever in my life. Please some one from Viveks answer my plea. I have called your number more than 10 times and still couldn reach any of your executives. I have spend nearly 100 rs fro calling the useless number which is given by them:+91-44-42131616. IVR which makes us to wait for more than 15 mins and still no one is answering me. Totally fed up with Viveks AMC. I paid 1750 and im totally dissatisfied. If anyone from Viveks really checking this message. PLease regulate your process of calling customer service. Thanks.
Apr 16, 2013

Worst Amc suicide from Viveks service center

Dear Sunray,

At Viveks we are serious about our customer satisfaction and work hard to get to the bottom of any customer complaint.

Could you please provide with your contact number for us to be able to address your situation immediately and keep you posted on the progress of the complaint.

You can also contact us at 91-9382386657

Customer Care.
Apr 15, 2013

Worst Amc suicide from Viveks service center

They won't service your ac timely basis and you have to keep calling them.
And after service it stops working. It's 1am in the night for me and my ac is running at 28°c
thanks to you guys who send your super qualified technicians
who ran a call center with their boss while servicing
this is the last time I am going for Viveks useless AMC

can anyone suggest me better ac mechanics in chennai?

Jan 3, 2013

Useless AMC @Viveks

Dear nkc,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We would like to take this opportunity to resolve the complaint you have regarding our service.

Please provide your contact details and CAF number at marketing.digital1@myhomeserveindia.com, and we will look into the matter immediately.

You can also contact us at +91-44-42131616

Thanks & Regards
Viveks - SME Team
Jan 2, 2013

Useless AMC @Viveks

Pls don't go with AMC for any kind of product in VIVEKS. They are simpley cheating customers. They are not approaching at all for services. The entire amc team is useless and escalation contact also USELESS.

You are the topmost foolish in the world if you go with amc in VIVEKS.

Apr 2, 2011

Poor service

Worst service from Viveks.
They have a service number to attend service call. But most of the time no one will attend. Even somebody attend, they will not respond properly.
Also their technical capability is very poor. They are good in sales but not in service. Please dont put any AMC with Vivkeks for electronic service.

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