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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Shaurya Salhotra
Jun 30, 2015

Unwanted services activated

Dear Vodafone Team,
On 26th June 2015 I got a sms from Vodafone Care that a yearly MCI service has been renewed and Rs 129 has been deducted There was no such service I was using in past, for which there should be any such charge applied. On 26th June I have spoken with customer service and they told me that my balance will be refund in next 24 hours and since now no such amount has been refunded.
So I request you to look into the matter and kindly refund my amount for wrong charges of MCI services as I had never subscribed for any such service.Waiting for your positive response.

Kumar Shaurya
pardeepkumar behl
Jun 26, 2015

complent for 0 net work in faridabad 75 sctor and sector 7 faridabad

sir i give tghe complent in your voda phone no 9813098130 this is your no but thir employee tell to me your no is not open in my co she is talking 6 to 7 minut but she is telling your no is not open in my coputer please iam telling to your network is poor and your service is zeero youare demanding the bill payment i am not given any payment if you are not right net work 1pm to 6 pm your net work is 1second come and gone every time if you are not correct the my net work 9873195119 is my no my son is given complent my daughter given complent and my freinds give the complent your mobile is switch of no not my switch not of if your lesson then ok
Jun 19, 2015


I am a vodafone user. My no. is 919819280276, zeeditto service has been activated on my no. without my knowledge. I have not activated this service and an amount of Rs. 35 has been deducted from my balance. Immediately refund my money back. This is a case of fraud and cheating. I want my money back. Unnecessary service is not required. Do what you are asked for, extra help is not required. I got this msg on 19 june 2015.
Kindly find attachment.


Jahnavi Dubey
Jun 14, 2015

Wrong charges

Respected sir,
I had a corporate connection with plan of Rs. 375 and my number is 9168765444. I have not subscribed for any value added service still I got a message for activation of 2 VAS services- one is Glamour zone pack that was activated on 1/June and for which they charged Rs.90 while the other is ZEEDITTO that was activated on 22/June and charges for which is Rs.35.

Apart from this I got my bill for 27/05/2015 to 04/06/2015.The bill amt is Rs.212.92. My sim was activated on 27/05/2015 and my plan is of Rs.375 the how can you send the bill of such amount for 9 days.

I request you to look into the matter and kindly refund my amount for wrong charges of VAS services as I had never subscribed for any such service.

Thankyou and Regards
Jahnavi Dubey
Knowledge Consultant Specialist
Jun 11, 2015

zeeditto service

zeeditto service has been activated on my phone number without any prior intimation..plzz revert the deducted amount..
I am Urmila Thakur, using Vodafone post- paid service.mobile number 9819434912 I have received message from Vodafone that ZEEDITTO service is activate on my phone. However, I never opted for this service. The charges for this service is Rs 35/week

I dont understand how can any service forcefully activated without knowledge of consumer. Please revert the payment which is cut against unwanted service activated.
May 22, 2015

Wrong Bill

Vodafone Bill dated 18-May-2015 this Wrong...
Rentals (includes Tariff and other Service rentals): Rs. 1078/-
Local Calls: Rs. 535/-
SMS: Rs. 3/-
STD: Rs. 9/-
ISD: Rs. 0/-
Roaming: Rs. 0/-
Data: Rs. 0/-
Others: Rs. 100/-
Discounts: Rs. -212.6/-
Service Tax: Rs. 186.95/-
Total bill due: Rs. 3603.8/- all total Wrong Bill...
Apr 29, 2015

harrasment through mobile calling

Continuously receiving call through mobile no. 08551081734 from last four days , asked not to call still calling.
Apr 29, 2015

juice up pack

My name is kunal kumar, I got a message that your juice up pack is a weekly rental 35/- is deducted from your account.i beg to say that this is a fraud company which is cheating us.i strongly believe that this company deserve strong legal.
My prepaid no is..7507246294.
Apr 28, 2015

Wrong Recharge

Dear Sir,
On 26th April, I approached a retailer to recharge my mobile no. 8879237336 in Chinhwad, Pune with Rs 550/-. The retailer
by mistake recharged the amount to 8879237386. My sim belongs to Mumbai Metro Telecom Circle (includes Navi Mumbai and Kalyan) in Mumbai locality.
Vodafone customer care says this being an out of circle recharge cannot be reversed. The retailer and my self has tried calling
the Voda customer care repeatedly but in vain.
I tried calling the customer to whom it was wrongly recharged and pleaded to transfer the amount back she refuses to budge.
The Vodafone transcaton id is: RM15864334591.
I have paid the retailer Rs. 550/- as it was not done purposely.
Please revert if I can get this payment reversed.


Mrs. Bindu Manoj Kumar
Apr 22, 2015

sim card not converted from prepaid to postpaid


a guy from vodafone came and collected my documents and 150 rupees for sim conversion from prepaid to postpaid on 20th April 2015. and today i.e. 22nd April 2015 i received an sms as 'unable to process your request for activation of number 9833750562 kindly get in touch with SYSTEMATIC KNOWLEDGE SERVICE PVT LTD - LCT10.'


Apr 12, 2015

Fraud Bill Payment of Vodafone

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to Fraud bill Payment done by unknown person from my Bank of Baroda account .Details are Below :

1)First Transaction of Rs 1500 Dated 10/04/2015 Timing : 22:44:51
2)Second Transaction of Rs 1500 Dated 11/04/2015 Timing : 06:57:00

The above mentioned transaction was not done by me and some fraud person has hacked my details and paid bill of Vodafone . I have also contacted Bank of Baroda but under Bank statement only amount and beneficiary name is mentioned Mobile no is not mentioned for which bill has been paid or recharge has been processed .
Kindly request you to provide support so that such frauds can be stopped and i can get back my hard earn money in my account.I am ready to provide details needed to track fraud person who has done this .
Hoping for the positive response from your side .

Alkesh Mishra
Apr 10, 2015

Unacceptable Bill

Hi Vodafone!
Sanay Sharma
Mar 27, 2015

Vodafone service is very poor

Your Vodafone service is very poor because I am Dail 111 no then no pic up my call customer care executives please issue my port no because vodafone network is very poor then I am go to return airtel I am all friend suggest to please do not use vodafone connection my contact no is 9717919190
Mar 25, 2015

failed mobile recharge

my mob number is 8948160078
Mar 13, 2015

no network

my mobile no is 9823301116 , i ma facing extreme network issues since augus 2014, assurances given by vodafone have not been fulfilled till date. i have filed complaints with the customer care/ nodal agency/appellate and only received assurance with no deadlines.
i am being charged rentals and incurring heavy business losses on account of bad net work missing calls and having to call back.
Mar 10, 2015

delay in gift courier

Hii this is sunny yadav and my vodafone no is 7506940099 i have purchased vodafone billing sim card since past 4 month,thus i was applicable for vodafone gift,hence i have selected I-pod as my gift and i got a call from your end that my gift has been dispatched on 27 feb but since then i have not received my gift and i am waiting since 12 days but their is no confirmation or any update from your end regarding my gift.Therefore i m cluless whom i should follow.so kindly look into these matter asap and let me know .
if you want to have a conversation with me kindly call me on this no-8097107665 and help me out
Feb 27, 2015


MOBILE NO:8877419358 (a mobile number from Bihar or Jharkhand), is a number of a fraudster. This man says that he is calling from some association that includes all banks of India and they deal with ATM usage verification and renewal of ATM card.And ask the victim whether he wants to continue his/her ATM card and if the victim says yes, this fraudster asks for the 16 digit ATM card no.
Please i request to any one reading this . If possible take necessary action .I was smart enough to know that the call is a fraud call and didn't revealed any information.But i am afraid that many people may become victim of this fraud.

Thanking you.
Naveen Pant
Feb 23, 2015

converted my current monthly plan into other

Respected Sir,

I informed you that my Vodafone no. is 9711776647. When I was purchased this no. my vodafone monthly plan is 149.00 rs (approx) in which the facilities is like:
150 local and std sms free
200 local calls free
One vodafone no to vodafone call free etc.
but before 2,3 month suddenly converted my plan into 199.00 rs without informed me.
I requesting you that Convert my current vodafone monthly plan into my first plan otherwise I don't want to use vodafone.
Feb 19, 2015

Dubious Billing for ISD call never made

Respected Sir,

My sister (Yogini Chandratre) who uses the Vodafone number 9920034937 which is registered on my name (Yogesh Chandratre) was shocked to find that Vodafone has billed us Rs. 720/- for an International Call to an number that is - A. UNKNOWN to us. B. Was never made by her, and C. of which there is no entry in list of phone calls in the handset.

When my sister first called up Vodafone to complain over this matter on 30/01/2015, the call attended refused to acknowledge her complaint and insisted that their database shows the call is made and that we would have to pay up. This inspite the fact that we never made any international call to any international number from the cellphone and neither does the cellphone call list shows any such entry of a international call being made. The Vodafone call attended hung up the phone without taking down her complain.

When my sister brought this to my attention, I called up Vodafone again on the same day (30/01/2015) and after explaining the matter, the call attended Mr. Mahendra checked the details and informed us that the concerned call was made to some unknown international number on the evening of 16th January 2015 for 12 minutes. After telling him that no such call was ever made by her or any one of us in the family, and neither does it reflect in the phone call list of the handset, Mr. Mahendra then noted down the complaint and gave the complaint number 166182182. He assured that matter would be looked into and we would soon get a call from Vodafone.

However, when no response was received from Vodafone, I wrote a letter of the same complaint to vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com on 2nd February 2015 at 12:14 P.M.

After this, I received an SMS from Vodafone saying that they are unable to get in touch with us, and to call 111 for updates on the same complaint. Upon calling Vodafone on 4th February 2015, they said that the case has been closed as they were not able to reach us and we didn’t get back in touch immediately. This is absurd. There was never any call received from Vodafone. I refuse to by their statement, as we were receiving all other calls, our cellphone was always on, we were in the city and not outside coverage area. It is very, very hard to believe that Vodafone itself was the only one who get not get in touch with it’s Vodafone customer. And if for some reason, as they claim they were unable to get in touch, does that mean the matter is closed and no inquiry is warranted? What kind of customer service policy is this?

When I insisted (during call made by me on 4th Feb 2015) the call attendant Mr. Karthik relented and gave the details of the “closed complaint” status which had nothing new to say. All that was said was textbook copy - our bill shows a call made on 16th of January 2015…. etc. etc.On the same day, I also received the same response via email from vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com to my written complaint of 2nd Feb 2015.

Firstly, we don not know this number and never made this call. There is no record in our phone’s handset of any international call made from our cell number on 16th January 2015. Secondly, there is no record of any missed call from Vodafone in connection to their revert in this matter. All incoming calls made to 9920034937 were able to connect on the day Vodafone says they ‘could not get in touch with us’. As such there is every reason to be suspicious of Vodafone’s integrity in this matter

More importantly, this is a not just a matter of paying Rs. 720 for a call, but A VERY BIG CONCERN OVER PERSONAL REPUTATION & SECURITY AT STAKE. What if this unknown number supposedly called to on 16th January 2015 belongs to some terrorist group, hackers, scamsters, drug traffickers etc? By Vodafone’s record that would be enough proof for the police to consider me/my sister to having links with such criminals, and we can easily be imposed with criminal charges and face arrest.

I request this matter be taken up for investigation in all aspects.Unless there is a thorough investigation, I as a citizen and a consumer find myself at high risk and vulnerable to fraud, conspiracy & THREAT TO PERSONAL REPUTATION & SECURITY.

For the record - I have paid the due amount minus the Rs. 720/- and the service tax applicable on that amount to Vodafone.
After this I applied for Porting my number which was rejected due to pending bill as I do not trust Vodafone anymore.
This again, I feel is sheer harassment on Vodafone's part.

I request this matter be taken up with Vodafone, and justice be done.

Thanking you,
Yogesh Chandratre
email: whiteriverworks@yahoo.in
Contact: 9819650803
Feb 16, 2015

recharge unsuccessful

recharge not successful
RS 147 recharge not successful. my mob number is 9595155571.
Order no is 763331415.
Paytm cash transection no 2025024422250460.
Recharge processing
What is reason
Please cash back in my wallet
Feb 5, 2015

call from abroad number

Dear sir,
I have received missed call from these number +37270077056
After calling back there is no reply and 60 rs deducted .
Please block these number immediatly

Amit Bhosale
sophia Dsouza
Jan 28, 2015


Hi I have 5 number with vodafone for which im trying to change the plan but evry time i call vodafone they are rude and does not want to help they mislead the customers and cheat me by sending high bill.

no 1 is ready to talk and solve the problem.

Jan 25, 2015

misuse of my acct, breach of privacy and wrongful billing

A month or so back i recd a call from one of ur marketing guys asking me to switch to vodafone red plan i heard him out and tol him to give me a few days to decide and call me back after sum days.
However without my permission or an activation sms from my end u wrongly switched me onto the vodafone red and i come to know abt this when u coolly send me an sms stating tht u have switched me onto RED.
On recieving tht sms I immly called up customer care and asked for my old plan back however while switching to my old plan u conveniently deactivated my internet 2G plan and did not bother to inform me of the same.
Whn I called the cust care to verify if my vodafone red had been deactivated they calmly informed me tht yes all plans had been deactivated without my knowledge and i was not on ne internet plan and asked me to reactivate the plan which i did.
Now u have charged me an exhorbitant amt of 800 for the internet used which i was nt aware of nor was informed and now whn i call to ask why my bill is for 2164 this moth i am informed tht its becoz of all this bullshit that happened by wrongly activating the RED plan.
How dare sumbody activate any plans on my network without my permission this is a sheer breach of my privacy and my account. Using my own acct I am made to go thru various authentications and any marketing executive has the audacity to activate any plan on my network without my permission is absolutely unacceptable.
Today u have done this tomm god knows what other breaches u will do.... either u solve this issue and take it up in a very serious manner or I will be forced to complain about this to higher bodies. I am extremely angry and upset at whtever has happened due to ur marketing executive and then thru ur customer care ppl.
Please give me a reversal of this amt as its totally unfair on ur part to charge me for sumthing I have neither asked for nor used.
I am absolutely fed up of the callous n useless attitude of ur customer care ppl who have no idea how to deal with situations beyond the usual BILL n netwrk issues and use the convenient shield of pls email to this id for further details.
This email was sent to u on 14th Jan and all i hv recd from u is auto acknowledgements saying u wl get back in 2 working days to evry reminder mail i have sent u from 14th jan to 14th jan i must hv called ur customer care 2 to 3 times and all i get is a promise for a callback whch nvr happens. Finally one of ur cust care has the decency to register my complaint and sends me this message aftr 9 days of nonstop complaints reminders emails n calls....... Your service registration number 1657962948 is registered on 23-Jan-15 04:05p.m.
Jan 17, 2015

sim block


I am mohan bhosale. I have lost my vodafone sim card. The mobile number is 9029470575.

Kindly block the sim.

mohan bhosale
Dec 30, 2014

Balance Deduction

Balance deducted....called 198 for a complain......called number of times each time they kept the phone on hold when I asked to contact to supervisor.....now they blocked my number....I want my balance back... (they said I clicked to some link...when I know I haven't).....
I tried calling them from other number they hung up the phone on their own or put it on hold.......
I want refund of 99...or else
I need to port my number...
Is this really India's leading mobile network?

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