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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Ruchita Chougule
Jan 23, 2017

Dotbot services

Refund my amount
Vodafone is debiting my money from my main balance....by activating DOTBOT ,VVidia ,etc without my permission.... Vodafone needs to refund my money.... I did not expect from Vodafone like this stupid wrk... Vodafone no 7507642223
Jan 16, 2017

Making metally harassment by the VODAFONE by sending Unauthorized VAS

Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm so sorry to bring a complaint you that the following unauthorized Value Added Services (VAS) were automatically added to my Ported Vodafone No 9615200514 (formerly aircel no) without my knowledge & permission. In this regard I have talk 3/4 times but its useless.
Dated 08/01/2017: Added VAS
1. MAZAA MOBILE PACK (Rs.49 deducted)
2. GAME PIND PACK(Rs.35 deducted)
3. MOBILE MELA SERVICES (Rs.4 deducted)
Dated 09/01/2017 :
4. GAMIFIVE service (Rs.2 deducted)
5. GLAMOUR PACK (Rs. 5 deducted)
9. VuClip Subscription store Pack
10. RE 1 Store Pack
11. Follo pack
13. Fashion bunny Pack
14. Unlimited at 30 pack
15. NexGTv Fovourite show
16. Vvideo video pack
17. Silk pack
18. HOTTZ bkvideo Pack
19. OHBOYE Pack
Dated 15/01/2017 added VAS by Vodafone
21. Hungama Video Alert FTV Comboo Pack
22. VuClip Subscription Store pack.

So, the mentioned above VASs were activated automatically to loot my main balance without my knowledge & consent. Due to the fear of auto requesting of unauthorized VAS done without my consent, I'm still not recharging my main balance account & not using for phone calls. The deducted amount can be had from above mentioned. Complaints were also made to the customer care regarding such problem, the official of the Vodafone told me that I might haved opted the requests for the VAS acctually that was not so. Again , on other day when I talked to one of the customer care 's staff, the staff said that might be ON your POP up of your browser (chrome) but acctually every thing is okay in my smart phone. All the pending for activation of the VAS (automaticaly request done by the VODAFONE) due to the low main balance in may voda number had been deactivated after complaining thanks for that but after few minutes Some unauthorized VASs had been resent again. So this makes me nuisance very much so now I plan to Port/change to other service providers if such looting nature is being done continuously.
lastly, I request to you that there is nothing error in my smart phone system therefore immediate action must be taken so that such inconveneinces and nuisance be avoided.

Please think that if such so many VAS has been added automatically in a day (dated 09/01/2017) who will like to use VODAFONE. This is too bad so to say. At the same smart phone I use an Airtel No. too, in this no there is no any VAS activated still today not only this but also at Aircel no 9615200514 which now I use as VODA no.after porting to Vodafone service. So see the differences among them.

I hope that the VODAFONE will not act such activities in future.

with regards
khwairakpam Joychandra Meitei
Imphal, Manipur
Jan 11, 2017

MNP request rejected 9768320383

Hello Team,

This is onkar pimple from pune. I have complaint regarding my vodafone service. Every time my porting request got rejected for uncertain reason. Now this is third time the same got rejected.

Recently I applied for porting no. As write sms to 1900 for porting request no. So I got call from Vodafone team they offere me some different plan but I m not agreed.
Again I got call from Vodafone they offered plan for 399 rs. That includes 2GB data and 800 min and some sms. Then I done with the same and service got activated. But after few days i got realized that I haven't received data of 2gb i have to pay 173 Rs amount .then I accelerate they same matter with Vodafone. Now they apologize for the same and give me offer 4gb data 2000 min and 800 sms. Amoumt of 173 waidoff. They service got activated agin same thing happened i got only 1gb data and 173 still reflecting in my bill amount.

I request you to pls have look into same and help me out.

Kind regards,
Onkar pimple

MNP request rejected 9768320383

Andrii Kukharchuk
Jan 9, 2017

Online Recharge

Today recharge mob. +91 8879155199 by mob.app. NEFT payment for 250 rs. Money deducted (Kotak Ref.No.0035998472) but balance the same (not the first time this happens).
Nallan Duraiswamy
Jan 8, 2017

sms not out gping

My phone. no 9655358040 theis no sms not out going
Pls re solutions
kavita salvi
Jan 3, 2017

Unnecessary value add services have been added

unwanted deduction
I didn't activate the service, but i don't know how it is activated and they cut my balance of 45 RS in dec..... also in this. Months 35rs twice time....therefore please refund it.

I don't need all this service...and don't want ...i recharge only net pack and calling...why unnecessary services have been activated...why unnecessary balance is deducted.....please look into this ..... almost lots money these are taking.....45+35+35=115...i could Start postpaid connection... because it is not in my budget... please . Refund it .....
Satya Naidu
Dec 28, 2016

Lost my gadget MiFi 9920445990

I have lost my MiFi this morning from Sikanderpur Station area. Kindly block my no. 9920445990 immediately.

Do confirm
Manojkumar Seksaria
Dec 27, 2016

Suspect snooping

The snooping of phone as well as my email:manojseksaria@yahoo.com happening since UPA-2 due to which I stop using my in early 2014 .My mobile number is 9820443856.
On 22nd January,2015 late in the night there was theft in Juhu Vile Parle Mumbai & culprits are large
Even my landline MTNL , Mumbai is also being tapped
Tel.No.022 26243424
I have taken new mobile 9619594765 on May,2016 which also seems to be snooped.
Plz investigate the matter.
Manojkumar Seksaria
Dec 22, 2016


Vodafone people are the most terrible people I dealt with and they are absolute cheats :

1.) To begin with there is no option in the Vodafone support number to speak to customer representative. If you keep typing wrong options then you would accidentally end up speaking to a customer representative. If you use right options you will never be able able to speak to a customer service representative
2.) They do not have a direct line to Post paid service. If at all you are able to connect to the customer representative he will be a prepaid helpdesk representative. They will transfer to postpaid support. If you insist on getting the direct postpaid service number they bluntly refuse to give that.
3.) The customer support representatives are shockingly rude - I would not even speak to my enemy like that.
4.) If you insist on finding out why your issue is not resolved or if the conversation gets into an argument mode they will cut the connection.
5.) Now back to square - by luck if I am able to get a customer service rep, by luck if my call gets transferred to postpaid connection, by absolutely sheer luck if that person is not rude and does not disconnect, then I have to start telling my story again from scratch.
6.) I was using a 3G dongle and I was charged during hours where I had even switched off my dongle
7.) Within 3 days of my billing cycle 8 GB out of 10GB was consumed - absolutely no clue how can this happen - I haven't downloaded any movies or no application upgrade or operating system upgrade has happened during this time. That is when I noticed that even when my dongle was switched off I was being charged (my Vodafone app provides this detail).
8.) When I raised this to the support - the customer service rep was saying that I was lying - I made a big hue and cry and spoke to some senior folks (or probably the neighbourinng helpdesk reps acting like Senior people). - It was a torture and it was affecting my health.
9.) I asked them to close my connection and they said that it will be take 7 working days to close the connection and they will charge me during that period (for their inefficiency).
10.) I had no choice but to agree. On 4th or 5th day after I gave closure request a tech support person called and pleaded me to reopen the connection and he will get my problem of overconsumption rectified. I agreed. After that no trace of that person.
11.) Now, I had to call them back and asked to close my connection and guess what - same 7 days to close and I was charged for that.
12.) Again after 4 days of the connection closure another person called me and asked if I want to reopen my account - After my previous experience I would have been an idiot to agree for that. I pleaded him not to reopen and I want get rid of vodafone
13.) When I checked for the status 3 days later, the guy who had called me had reoopened my account again. I called the support and you can guess - Again 7 days and I have to pay >>>>> .
14.) Same old process and after 3 days a person calls me and says he is my relationship manager <<<<. I asked him where the hell where you for the last 3 months during all the blood shed. He said he was assigned just now. I had to plead him that I do not want to hear Vodafone again even in my dream and please let me go and what ever money they have charged I will pay.
15) For the first time in the entire transaction - some one really listened to me and he ensured that the connection got closed properly without getting reopened and as per my request called me and confirmed that - God bless him (his name is Gowtham. I am not sure I am doing the right thing by quoting the name since Vodafone might fire him for helping the customer - TRUST ME - That is the atitude, DNA of this company. - By torturing their customers they think the customers will not call them even if they have problem.
16) I have switched to Airtel 4G dongle and touchwood for the last 6 months I do not have any issues.

My contact : 9940108226
My Vodafone datacard where all this happened : 9176670415
Dec 14, 2016

no network

From yesterday there is no network coverage, we could understand that it may be due to cyclone affect bt I request to make it normal as soon as possible
Ashok Ganager
Dec 10, 2016

VAS activated without consent

Yesterday i have enquired regarding the rise in the bill amount although i have taken this sim in corporate plan restricting bill amount Rs350+ Taxes (Rs.49 rental + 299 unlimited internet ie. Rs350+ Taxes) . In the reply of my call , I had been informed that Value added services of Rs.196/- activated to the number 9930821028. Therefore I have asked the vodafone officials send the details through email. Also requested to stop all the value added services immediately and never to activate VAS until my written request.

Sitll i have not received any email - ashokganager@gmail.com please help , otherwise i have to take this issue to higher officials.

Ashok Gurulinga Ganager
Dy. Manager (HR), MSEDCL
Mbl - 9930821028 / 8879627621
email : ashokganager@gmail.com
Shubham Singhania
Dec 5, 2016


Chirag Padiyar
Nov 6, 2016

Vodafone Cheating - Number Disconnected

My Number 8451085016 Gets Disconnected without communicating with me. Vodafone is Cheating us. I am at Rajasthan & cannot talk to Mumbai circles executive & the toll free number is always Busy.. i don't know what to do now..No Support from Vodafone company. I will Launch an FIR against the company if they doesn't support me, because its just cheating.
My alternate number is 9602901955
Md Raja
Oct 30, 2016

Unable to make and receive calls

I lost my prepaid sim (7045813789) on 25th Oct night, after which I asked the customer care executive to block it so that i could get

that same number again in stores. The customer care executive registered this complaint (tkt no- 2005035498).
However when I went to Vodafone Store on 27th Oct Morning (near Hiranandani, Mumbai) the store person informed that my prepaid sim has

been deactivated permanently, and I can't get a prepaid sim on the same number.
I was really clueless, as to what I should do. I was paying for the mistake which I didn't do. It was all due to the careless attitude

of that representative.
I was forced to get a postpaid sim on that same number.
I asked them to activate a plan of INR 375/- (for NITIE Students). It got activated within some hours, I was able to make and receive

However the very next day (28th Oct), I was not at all able to make any call neither was able to receive any calls.
It was really frustrating for me, as I might be missing out of important calls. I called the customer care executive to know the

reason behind it. Then I came to know that they activated a wrong plan (INR 850/- for dongle)
I again have to go back to the Vodafone store (at Hiranandani, Mumbai) to ask them to check it and correct it. They simply gave the

excuse that it was a problem of back-end and told that it will be corrected by 2 hours. I went there at around 10:30 AM, and now its

30th Oct and its still not activated.
This is not at all acceptable for any customer.
I really want a strong penalty and compensation for this series of irreparable mistakes.
Oct 22, 2016

Wrong plan activated without permission

This is Mahesh Raut here from Pune Maharashtra
Recently I have transfered My Mobile Number from Reliance to Vodafone.
At the time of enrollment store person explained me postpaid Plan of Rs.499/-
When process is completed and shocking is postpaid plan is different of Rs. 249/-
Store person has selected plan without any intimation or approval. I had tried to contact customer care... They are saying we can't do anything now.
Store person is trying to convince that please use same plan which is very costly and non affordable.
This is very bad experience of Vodafone services which is affecting customer pocket.
If I will not get plan of Rs.499/- with same benefit I have to raise this issue with social media as well as higher authorities.

Mahesh Raut, Pune
Mob: +91 76666 11 444
Jaikishan Bamer
Oct 19, 2016

Jaikishan Bamer

Vodafone has terrible service in Gujarat state especially in Saputara and Dwarka. Too many call drops and lack of stable network.
Hiten Parekh
Oct 19, 2016

call drop

I'm facing call drops in most of the Konkan areas where I have to travel for business. Call does not connect to Jio at all!! Vodafonne services are terrible.
Hiten Parekh
Oct 19, 2016

Bad Service

I'm Hiten Parekh and while I was on my way to Ratnagiri, there was no signal on my Vodafone number, got lost because of this.
Sep 18, 2016

Deducted money without acknowledging me

Hi, My name is Swapna and i wish to write this letter to inform that my account was debited by 678Rs on 30th July 2016. I have written several mails to your so called "customer care" on which i received an reply stating they (vodafone) have not received any amount. I did attach my bank account statement which clearly reflects amount of 678Rs deducted and credited towards Vodafone. Will you kindly let me know where do i go begging for my own money.
I am not sure if writing here will make any sense. I feel bad seeing common men needs to struggle so much only to get his own money back. Let me tell you, we earn by working hard. So stop fooling us. Hopeless service by VODAFONE
Sep 15, 2016

Mobile Voice Network

I am facing Call Drop on VODAFONE NETWORK since the last few days
When I speak to soembody they cannot hear me after some thime - this problem is in one area only i.e. Rmadaspeth, Lokmat Sqare, Nagpur - 440 010
Arun Ayyam
Sep 14, 2016


My vodafone call rate is more
Prathamesh jathar
Sep 2, 2016

Pin code on the voucher is not clear due to rough screeching on it

I brought coupen on 199 2g unlimited but due to rough screeching on the coupen it got damage. coupen serial no is 230616116323 my mobile no is 9821556457 and Email I'd is prathmesh.jathar@gmail.com I request I to give the pin or to recharge on my mobile no as soon as possible
Sep 1, 2016

Fraudulent activation of services

Vodafone is activating services without consent - my fashion bunny and charging for it.
Aug 22, 2016


I Abhijeet Mane using Vodafone services from past 3 years. My no. is 9764576544.

My plan was Gold 399. Vodafone changed it to 499 without my permission which increased my bill by Rs. 140 approx.

Vodafone did not informed me in advance about change in advance and sent only one SMS on 25/07/2016 when my bill cycle starts. IF you can not call for such change why do you call for useless services for 10 times in a day.

I called customer care services nobody have any idea. I requested call from resolution team did not received it till today. They requested me to mail. MY QUESTION WHY SHOULD I MAIL. HAVE YOU MAILED ME FOR CHANGE.

Vodafone can not change my plan autocratically. You are not ruling in India. Sent SMS and everything shows casual attitude towards customers.

I have already paid my bill REIMBURSE ME FOR THE SAME.

Solve my problem immediately.
Aug 22, 2016


Abhijeet Mane, 9764576544. Vodafone changed my plan without my consent. I was using GOLD 399 plan they changed it to 499 without my permission. They sent me SMS for the same on 25/07/2016 where my billing cycle starts and not found it it necessary to inform me in advance. They will call you for useless services at least 10 times in a day but not for this SHAME.....Upward revision in my plant will increase by bill by 130-140 WHY SHOULD I PAY THIS.



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