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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Feb 10, 2016

Getting unwanted calls from vodafone

My name is Vishal Valanju & mob no is 9773332002. My concern is related to vodafone sales team. Everyday i am getting calls from sales team and every time i said i dont want your service and please delete my number from your data base. But still i m getting this calls on daily basis. few days ago i got 4 times in a day and every time i told i don't want it but every one was rude on call and saying "Sir DND activate kara lo na". But why should i activate DND ? i want calls from others but not from vodafone.

So pls look in to this and delete my number from Vodafone's data base

Vishal V
uday bhagwat
Feb 1, 2016

Amount deducted from bank but no recharge

On 1st February 2016 my account got debited twice for Rs.50/- each...but didn't get recharge so far for my Vodafone No.9819572195.. Please recharge for Rs.100/- immediately or refund me Rs.100/-...Keyur
Parag Patel
Jan 11, 2016

fraud by vodafone


My vodafone no.is 9022246007 i have port my no from RCom to vodafone 4-5 month back
your sales employee committed me the plan of 299/- in which i will get 900 min monthly talk time
and unlimited 2G for lifetime..
but in last month i got bill in which rent they charge is 648/- rent instead of 299/-
i have visited mumbai(Ghatkopar-east) branch but they are not helpful at all and saying i have to pay all amt and we cant do anything..

beware of Fraudster VODAFONE

Parag Patel
Sagar Mulik
Dec 7, 2015

Not getting benefit as per offer

I have done recharge of 397 from Vodafone site after checking, available offer on my number through generating One time Password. As per offer i should get 3 GB 3 G data @ 397, but I got only 1.5 GB data. I wrote several mails to vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com but there is no response till date. I also contacted 198-customer care but they said they are unable to check offer due to sever down of Vodafone. This was done on 20th Nov'15 & still till date there is no response from Vodafone. I have also forwarded screen shot of offer available but still no one responding.
Attached screen shot for your perusal

Thanking you
Sagar Mulik - 9967338610

Not getting benefit as per offer

Sagar Mulik
Dec 7, 2015

Not getting benefit as per offer

I have done recharge of 397 from Vodafone site after checking, available offer on my number through generating One time Password. As per offer i should get 3 GB 3 G data @ 397, but I got only 1.5 GB data. I wrote several mails to vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com but there is no response till date. I also contacted 198-customer care but they said they are unable to check offer due to sever down of Vodafone. This was done on 20th Nov'15 & still till date there is no response from Vodafone. I have also forwarded screen shot of offer available but still no one responding.
Attached screen shot for your perusal

Not getting benefit as per offer

Geetha Kamat
Nov 21, 2015

complaint booked in this sight is misutilised by some miscreatants

A made a complaint of unsuccessful vodafone recharge of Rs, 500 on this sight.Within a second a got a call from +919911031445 at 11.45 on 22-11-2015 asking me details of my Credit card and three digit no and also one time password of 6 digits of my credit card. The person stated that he is from Vodafone online payment galary from Gurgaon. As i found it is something fishy I refused to give him my 3digit no or OTP. and I asked him his details.Then he switched off the phone. Please verify whether this sight is bogus or some employees are misusing this sight. I will report this to cyber crime deptt.
Nov 4, 2015

Bill amount not process

Hi, I had paid my two mobile bill Rs 675/- at Earth Cellular at Nalasopara west Vodafone mini store. Concern person name is Kuldeep. on 7th October 2015 on 20th october i had notice that vodafone put restriction on outgoing calls, after informing the vodafone call center regarding the issue they had allow me to do call.

Now today is 4th november my second bill had generated but still no action had done by vodafone.

I request you to refund my amount & do the necessary action on Earth Cellular at Nalasopara west Vodafone mini store

Bharat 9769973797
Nov 4, 2015

bill payment not process

Earth Cellular Vodafone mini store at nalasopara west.

Karuna Lulla
Nov 1, 2015

Wrong bill charge

I am a Vodafone postpaid user (+919619091838). On August 25, 2015, I had asked Vodafone customer care to change my Data Plan from 500 MB - RS 150/ month to 1GB - Rs. 175/ month. Instead, they charged me for both the plans for the months of September and October despite immediate and repeated complaints. They never bothered to reply to my complaints on email.

This has happened to me before as well when I asked them to stop charging for a deactivated service and yet they charged me for 2 months.

I have also complained against the poor network in my house since the past 4 years. But they never made a single effort to do anything about it.

I have posted more then 30 posts on twitter, but no one can manage my request either.

Please look into my request.
Mohini Mukund Bhat
Oct 23, 2015

changing plans without asking me

my mobile no.-9819331020-plan changed once without my asking to what I said in my followings -went to Goregaon-east gallery near Rly station-change was done in system with complaint--2 nd time in bill period 25.08.15 to 24.09.15 again to 1234.48 rental not asked by me-i have not paid it-informed to same gallery-told to shift to 299 rs. rental-what staff had put in system i don't know-objecting to ask anyone by this or any company to have their connection or for any plan information and any plan change & also they make changed in their systems in gallery for any no. connected to them when the customer goes--sits with staff and then done but any how the customer doesn't have a stamped-duly signed---official copy of the said things---so no proof is with the customer--who is the authority speaking on your phone---no one has legal identity of the speaking person of the said or any mobile company--Urgently legal full action under all the concerned laws on Vodafone--for deceiving their customer--exploiting money by doing such things and still they ask to pay such bills--I need compensation for troubling me by doing this by by all means--recovery of my bill previously paid as the plan was changed by them-not by me-- compensation under consumer act--for my mental--physical--financial loss--deceiving me!-- for also their services are not proper---calls disconnected many times!---legal action for all and compensation for all---now my plan as was told to said gallery is 299-rental--they must all send call details even to customers--including land-line & mobile services given by all the legal companies--M.M.Bhat--Mohini Mukund Bhat.
Oct 11, 2015

Lost mobile with Vodafone Sim

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Sachin and
I have lost my mobile along with Vodafone SIM card. The mobile number is 8879122760 . Kindly block the SIM cards to prevent misuse.

Sachin M25
Oct 1, 2015

Migrated from Airtel Prepaid to Vodafone Postpaid by giving false plan information

I was telecalled and communicated about Vodafone Billing Plan 299 rental within which I will get 800 local calls + 100 std calls (if no std made same will be adjusted for local calls), 100 sms and free 3g internet upto 1gb post which free unlimited 2g internet.
The same was confirmed on telecall and also by person who came to collect documents 7 to 8 times but its been 4 days that my number is ported and I downloaded My vodafone app and found that I have been cheated by Vdafone. Ive been given 399 rental and the customer care says that afte 2 months there would be additional 299 towards internet, this was not at all even communicated to me by the girl who called neither the boy who came for collection of documents. Vodafone has outsourced their marketing to one agency and these agency people are telling lies and selling plans like this. I request your good self to kindly take strict action for such wrong promises made and shifting customers to their network and now not addressing to my concerns. My mobile number is 9819451999 and my name is Navin Ramsinghani.
Siddharth Nayak
Sep 28, 2015

Billing Error.

I have received the bill for 750-626-3188/89. As mentioned above I my numerous unanswered emails, I am disputing the bill, because of the error caused by Vodafone store employee (Roja) New Panvel. I have calculated the bill amount as below & need to you resend the bill with the corrected amount, which will then be paid.

Current Bill Should Be Current Bill Should Be
Cell 750-***-3188 750-***-3188
Chargabke Items Charges in INR Charges in INR

One Time charges ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00
Monthly Charge (rentals) ₹ 461.58 ₹ 248.00 ₹ 999.68 ₹ 199.00
Call Charges ₹ 0.90 ₹ 0.90 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00
Conference Call Charge ₹ 2.40 ₹ 2.40 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00
SMS Charges ₹ 3.00 ₹ 3.00 ₹ 8.00 ₹ 8.00
Mobile Internet Charges (Rental) ₹ 9,565.33 ₹ 299.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 299.00
National Roaming Charges ₹ 20.98 ₹ 20.98 ₹ 8.20 ₹ 8.20
International Roaming charges ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00
VAS Download` ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 1.00 ₹ 1.00
Discount / Other Charges ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00
Other Credit/ Charges ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00
SUB Total ₹ 10,054.19 ₹ 574.28 ₹ 1,016.88 ₹ 515.20
Service Tax @ 14% ₹ 1,407.59 ₹ 80.40 ₹ 142.36 ₹ 72.13
Total ₹ 11,461.78 ₹ 654.68 ₹ 1,159.24 ₹ 587.33
Already Paid in advance ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 1,000.00 ₹ 1,000.00
Adjustment -₹ 10,807.10 -₹ 412.67

Monthly Charge -

Calling Charge ₹ 199.00 ₹ 199.00
Data Rental ₹ 299.00 ₹ 299.00
CUG ₹ 49.00 ₹ 0.00
Total ₹ 547.00 ₹ 498.00

During the discussion with ROJA - Following was to be done - Calling Rental - 199.00 Data Rental - 299.00 & CUG on 3188 - 49.00 - Same has been mentioned above.

Until the time, bill is not corrected, there will be no payments released & I will not take the liability of any late payments. In case the connection are terminated - this will only be an addition to the petition I will be filing with the consumer court. My CIBIL has a score of 790 - any changes due to this being reported will again be considered as an addition to the complaint. I have an impeccable record of making payments, I have never defaulted on any payment till date across any vendors/organizations/sellers/institutions/loans.

I am surprised at the service level of your grievance department, which has till date never taken steps to resolve the bill, except the automated messages that I keep receiving - which states that I will receive a reply in 2 working days & no one cares to resolve.

As soon as I get this resolved, you can be very sure that I will discontinue with you for you the lack of customer service & resolution.

You can certainly give an award to the employee (ROJA) at the store (New Panvel) who has achieved the impossible, a good paying customer since a year now is going to discontinue, because he approached her to help him reduce his bill amount & she did the opposite. Since this is a corporate connection be sure that within my capacity as a SDM, you will never see a Vodafone stall in the organization selling any new connections. Only an efficient manager could have spotted this loss coming very early.

Sunil Sood - Will be very proud of this event.

I am a service delivery manager too & if I would have received such an issue, in 48 Hrs would have provided a complete resolution & would have apologized to the consumer,which would have ensured the customer never leaves this organization, which has taken Vodafone 9 days & still counting with no resolution, despite me taking the effort to go to the store & writing numerous emails, be rest assured this is my last mail until something is asked of me to reply too.

Siddharth Nayak.
Sep 18, 2015

de activation of mobile no.

I visited Vodafone store to transfer my cell no 9930301256 from my name to my wife's name on 4th September 2015. I was informed to submit relevant documents along with the forms to complete the process. After submitting the required documents at the Vodafone store in Mumbai I was assured that the request will be processed. The entire process took me three visits and 2 hrs at Vodafone stores.

On 7th September 2015 I received a message saying my request is processed. However on 8th September my no. got disconnected and after calling up the customer care no. they activated my number. On 18th September 2015 my number again got de activated and this time the customer support executive informed me that I should visit the store with documents to get it activated. I told him that I have already done that and can't go through the tedious process again. Moreover when I asked him the reason for de activation, he had no answer and just kept repeating that you will have to visit the store.

I am a financial consultant and my entire business is dependant on phone, further the disconnection message also harms my reputation.

Hemendra Gandhi
Sep 15, 2015

recharge not success

Debit 111rs from my account. But rechage not success
Virchand T. Hariya
Sep 9, 2015

Deductions for service not requested

I am Vodafone customer using 9820398679. Since last two months I was being charged daily for
Net Serivces which I have never used. On advise of nearby Vodafone Shop I tried to send the message
STOP on 1925 but the message could not be sent with message "failed to send".

Today i.e. on 09/09/2015, I was charged Rs.90/- for service which I have never requested.
I again approach Vodafone Retail Shop. There were many customers in the shop with same
type of complaints. Shop Manager took my mobile and deactivated the service which I had never
requested for activation.

This is the day robbery by Vodafone.

You are requested to take stringent action against the Vodafone.



Virchand Hariya
Aug 31, 2015

Network issue & Data Plan

I am use of Vodafone, I am facing problem of network & same with use of data also, when I am at home area there are network only 3 bar, and when i use data of 3G but I get speed of 2G, I have complains again this issue to Vodafone , 17/08/2015, but they are not register nay complains, only they give only suggestion they will solve the problem with in week , after a week waited no solution i have fount ,then again i called, i told enter process again that time they lodge complain and then give complain no.112777460. same they told me ,they solved yet not solved problem tell what is next step again this issue
Aug 20, 2015

Balance getting deducted even without calling


My wife lost her phone a month back, we have reissued by blocking the number on same day. From the last three days 40 Rs balance is getting deducted. first on 18-Aug-2015 and once on 20-08-15.

When we tried to esquire by calling customer care. He answered recklessly by saying it is your number you did some international call. What if some illegal activity is going on. He was not even ready to take a complaint. I just don't want something illegal happening by this so worried regarding the issue. Request to resolve this.

The customer care guy answered saying that we called some number starting 00370.

Kunal Gupte
Aug 18, 2015

Billing Issue and harrasment from Vodafone Store 4 bunglows

Dear Vodafone care center,
Im writing this email as ive not been getting any response from your store (at 4 bunglows, andheri west mumbai), & also there is not action taken from your customer care site despite regular calls.

before i present my case, i hope this email is read by someone senior in your group and take this case up on immediate basis.

The case

Problem : Billing issue

My name: Kunal Gupte
Mob num - 9833617184

- i have several customer complaint nos which all are of no use
110446010 & 109178464

- I have got my bill dated 28.7 (June to July bill) with amount of Rs.2081 as outstanding. however in the amount of 2081, Rs 834 is as an adjustment of my previous bill (as from the store they say its for the month of May 2015)

- However i have PAID THE bill of 834 via net banking (HDFC bank)
- i have provided all the proofs of the payment done (foreg: sms from vodafone of payment done + HDFC bank statment from month of June to August 1st) all the info is provided with an email and scanned copies.
- I have made several visits to the vodafone store at 4 bunglows, andheri west, but every time they take my papers and proofs and a vague reply is given that "Vodafone will get back to you within 48 hours" -- my visits 11th August & 16th August" -

- there not a single SMS/Call from the Vodafone center that i have filled a complaint regarding my billing issue

- also as they mention that within 48 hours your problem will be solved but i havnt heard anything from the store or nor email or anything regarding the same

- my bill still shows Rs. 2081 as outstanding and the last day of payment is 26th august


Need you guys to look into the same, before the problem persist for which i will be forced to take action against the company.

This is a very disheartened service from the company. i will see to it that i no longer be associated with this tele com services. and i will cancel my connection as soon as this problem is solved. if ive paid for something, i will not pay again just because your system holds not records or you guys keep on harrasing the customer by sending additional amount in the outstanding amount.

Let see if this email is read ...awaiting a response


Billing Issue and harrasment from Vodafone Store 4 bunglows

Aug 14, 2015

Vodafone excessive bill

i have been billed with rs 23431 rs. I cannot pay so much of amount and my services werent even restricted over me crossing a certain amount. i need the matter to get resolved
Pallavi Dandge
Aug 14, 2015

Recharge money deducted but nothing was credited

Yesterday 13th August I rechargeD my mobile 9930108194 with rs 250
Axis bank
Via internet banking
INB /342501642
The money wasn't credited to my vodafone number
Shiju James
Aug 8, 2015

Unsatisfied service from Vodafone custercare centre.

This is Shiju james,I am using vodafone post paid sim(7208216639) from last 1 year.I given an application for converting my vodafone post paid connection to prepaid in the middle of june at kharghar vodafone custercare centre.but till the date it is not converted it in to prepaid.in between these periods i visited atleast 4 more times for asking the same in this customer center,but i am getting the same answer that,it will activate with in 2 days from custercare employee.(His name is Mr.Sadnam)

Avdhut Kumbhar
Jul 24, 2015

Not a customer still receiving bills on mail

Dear Sir,

I am not a vodafone customer, but still receiving postpaid bills , i have already asked through mail to unsubscribe my mail Id , but only auto reply is received. Kindly correct the mail id of your customer and do not send the bills on my mail. My mail id is avdhut.kumbhar@gmail.com

Avdhut Shamrao Kumbhar
golam mostafa
Jul 9, 2015

unnecessary bill

I am using the Vodafone no. 7797712222 from last month. But the sim card is showing a huge bill of rupees 11000 inspire of not using the sim card for more than 10minutes of calling and no internet. I am from a middle class family and a huge bill like this is tatally harassing.
So kindly solve my issue.
Thank you
Your sincerely
Chandtara Bibi
Jul 4, 2015

Illegal Mobile Phone Tower Installation by Vodafone at Shreepal Nagar, Borivali

I stay at Sharaddha Niketan, Satya Nagar, Borivali West, Mumbai -400092.

Approximately 200 meters from my building is Shreepal Nagar society. The society has about 30 mobile towers placed on its water tank facing in all directions. Out of 30 cell towers, 10 are facing towards my building. I suspect very high levels of EMF radiations at Home as my family members are having the symptoms of exposure of EMF radiation.

I want the mobile towers to be removed immediately.

- Ajitesh Madai

Illegal Mobile Phone Tower Installation by Vodafone at Shreepal Nagar, Borivali

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