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Consumer complaints and reviews about Vodafone

Oct 21, 2014

Not allowing to Change Plan that is offered to general Public

Thank you for your email dated 20/10/14, regarding Activation of Red 899 plan for your Vodafone mobile number XXXXX52299.
We regret to inform you that Red 899 plan is currently not applicable for your above mentioned Vodafone number.
We also wish to inform you that below are the red plans which are applicable for your above mentioned Vodafone number.
• The_Vodafone_Red_Plan_1599_Post
• The_Vodafone_Red_Plan_1299_Post
• The_Vodafone_Red_Plan_1999_Post
Given below is the Service Request reference number for your enquiry; in case you need to check the status on the same, you can share this number along with your cell number with us.
Service Request Number-1034291459
Also, the interaction reference number is mentioned in the subject of the email; in case you wish to write to us for the same query again, please do mention this number in your email subject line. This will help us trace your previous communications.
In case you need any further assistance, please do call or email us. We’ll do our best to help you.
Power to you! For easy access to an array of services you can Dial *111# from your phone and access our phone based menu for information regarding your bill, account balance, data plan details/usage and more.
Happy to help,
Ganesh Surwase
Vodafone Care
Contact numbers
For Enquiries : 111 or +91-9820098200
For Complaints / Requests : 198 (toll free)
E-mail : vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com
Website : www.vodafone.in
deenu sharma
Oct 21, 2014

disconnection of service

I had stopped my 3G activated on phone no 9867111091 and activated 2G Plan of 2GB data. However, i was surprised that i was charged 3000 approx and my services were stopped without information. I had to face a lot of problem due to the disconnection. Although my limit is restricted to Rs 1000 yet my limit was exceeded and i was informed that i should first pay the bill and amount will be adjusted in the subsequent month. But why should i pay anything in excess and wait for its adjustment subsequently. why cant it be adjusted now and my phone no be activated. I am penalized for no fault of mine inspite of regularly paying my bill. Earlier when my 2GB plan was activated i was never asked to pay anything extra but now When i have activated my 2GB after discontinuing my 3G plan .

Deenu Sharma
bheru lal
Oct 16, 2014

deducted balance

I am bherulal suthar .My vodafone number 8879135310. I use internet everyday .. last 4 years . the vodafone 3G used . Everytime reduse balance in use internet in 50 up balance ... at last time today reduce balance me call coustmer care he asked me you are open hangama side so she will charges to you..
what is this answer sir. hangama charge why to open those side.. what we will charges to give me any information.. the company costmer care asked not give balance and not given what will be charges..what is benfit hangama.com to charges 50 rupees..
please sir asked company vodafone to any reduced bakance first will ask coustmer to you are goted or not.. costmer care in 11:30 am asked me I transfer to you balance & 11:30 PM after 12 huors I asked coustmer care my balance not taken so he asked I am not given you..
Oct 3, 2014

Sending me annoying emails with the name- ADVOCATE HARISH GORE for false bill

Hi, I've sent almost 3-4 emails for the closure of my postpaid # 9819522583 but every time they used to ask me to get the number converted into a prepaid account free of cost. I also tried for the same but they were asking me to pay additional 250 when I actually visited the store, in-spite of I paid all the last dues. I've attached the emails too for your reference. I'd request you to please get this resolved as this company is sending me annoying emails of a lawyer just for 280 bucks.

Sending me annoying emails with the name- ADVOCATE HARISH GORE for false bill Sending me annoying emails with the name- ADVOCATE HARISH GORE for false bill

Sep 17, 2014

Wrong Billing - Disconnection of Services Mental Harassment.

T.No./ Mob. No - 98333 72980

Alternate contact number - 99305 08620

Complaint reference no. - 994926968 / 1579848438 / #4573864.

Date of complain - 11/07/14

On 6th jul 2014 I received a bill of Rs.87,992.74 from Vodafone which included roaming charges without any discount which I have already opted for. Immediately on the same day I registered a complaint to customer care where they said Vodafone will reply in 48 hours but there was no reply from there end so on 11th Jul 2014 I wrote a complaint to customer care. I did not receive any reply from Vodafone and started receiving calls from Collection department for payment of Rs.87,992.74. They started threatening and sending executives to my residence for collection and sometimes denying for any reversal also sometimes asking for settlement of the bill for Rs. 30 - 40 thousand and many a times my services were barred. So I escalated the matter to Nodal Officer and later to appletete. But Still there was no reply on the same even after my continuous follow ups. Later on 3rd Sep 2014 i.e. after 59 days I received mail from Vodafone where they mentioned a reversal of Rs. 77,364.81 without any explanation of the derived amount. So immediately on 8th Sep 2014 I wrote them for the explanation for the basis of reversal and reason for late charges levied, but without giving any reply for the same they have suspended my services on my the number for non-payment of the bill.
Due to discontinuation of the services on my number I’m bearing losses on daily basis and earlier gone through mental stress due to continuous harassment from collection department.
I would request for some action to taken against Vodafone for mental harassment and negligence of services to customers like me.

Sep 11, 2014

Recharge failed

I have requested to recharge my Vodafone mobile number 9920133155 with 71 rs, 43 deducted from my credit card but its not done yet. Please refund back or make it happen.
Sep 1, 2014


Thank you for your shedding of responsibility call & email trailing below.
Vodafone is well aware this is a racket & you have confirmed in the call just made few minutes back that lot of customers are facing this problem.
I have lodged my 1st complaint as under marked in yellow ever since I started getting blank calls
To this email I did not get any written reply except a call from a very junior executive asking not to dial the number, I am very specific that I am not Dialing any such number but I am getting blank calls in the middle of the night at odd hours here is the mail as below sent on

From: harresh vasudev [mailto:harreshvasudev@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2014 3:07 PM
To: 'vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com'
Cc: 'harresh vasudev'
Subject: i wish Vodafone to investigate certain numbers & BARR & BLACK LIST THEM
I am a Vodafone user since many years My Mobile no is : 9920219859
Off late I have been getting calls from different numbers in the UK
These calls are pestering moment I pick the call they disconnect the line
These calls are so irritating they come at odd hours
12.30 a.m , 1.am , 2 a.m , 3.0 am . 6 a.m , 7.am , 9. a.m , moment I go to answer they disconnect.
I have noted these numbers & even put a call reject from my fone software but the calls come from different numbers.
I want Vodafone to 1st block these numbers from their server too & investigate these international calls it seems to be a Phishy racket, req Vodafone take it up with vodafone UK / network provider of these numbers in UK.

The numbers are as follows:

Harresh S Vasudev
Mobile : + 91 9920219859
Emails : harreshvasudev@gmail.com // harresh@aol.in

To the above mail I received a call and a 2 line email as under highlighted in Blue :
I would again reiterate my problem:
2. I do not call these numbers.
3. MY PROBLEM IS THESE CALLS COME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT EARLY MORNING WHEN I AM FAST ASLEEP , these are blank calls , is there no system to solve blank Calls
4. Naturally the calls are not initiated by Vodafone but I am using your network so only you can stop these calls from coming by taking up the issue with VODAFONE, BRITISH TELECOM OR WHOEVER IS THE NETWORK PROVIDER IN UK.

Vodafone is well aware this is an international racket & you are taking no steps to anything about these calls & giving us information that there are many such customers who are facing this problem , which means you are well aware , by just making a one line statement your mobile no shows you have made an 81 minute call to a number in UK your responsibility ends ??????????????
I need to know if I have made a 81 minute call is there a voice conversation , if there is I need the recordings else vodafone is fooling me & many others into paying ISD bills.
Vodafone has to get it investigated at their end, UK , Police , cyber cell whatever.
Pls note weather payment is made on this ISD portion of bill or no this matter is going to be contested , investigated, legally challenged to cost & consequences of VODAFONE.
PRESS , POLICE , CONSUMER COURT & CYBER CELL are all going to be a part of this complaint which please note , we shall be pleased to move to better operators after this case is over & made public.
rahuol lohani
Aug 24, 2014

huge postpaid bill

i am using vodafone service from last 11 years.using the same cell phone no from 11 years, always used postpaid But recently i went to singapor for 5 days. my cell phone network was on. i avoided taking any in coming calls. may be 3-4 calls i picked up for total approximate 4 min i spoke. sent 5-6 text messages. used majorly my hotel's free internet service provided in free wifi zone. when i landed mumbai airport on 19th aug 2014 at 2pm, i got 5-6 message one after the other from vodafone care saying you have crossed the max limit which was Rs 21600/- , in 5 th message it says " dear customer you service would be interrupted as usages is 34934( approx). while the credit limit was Rs 21600/-. make immediate payment. i got a shock of my life.
Vodafone sent me an another message for cutting my net facility on my I-Phone. i am using 3G on my phone. i spoke to customer care. they had no specific answer. they said i have used internet so international roaming internet charges are very high.
i asked them that i am your customer. why dint you warn me for crossing limit by sms ? they said you were not in our network area.
I said though i dont believe in what you are saying, but again i have a question for you. "When my max credit limit is Rs. 21600/- then why you dint cut the internet connection even the phone service for that matter?. whats the point of keeping max credit limit then?
Customer care guy replied" sir we will adjust. we ll give you discount but pay Rs 34934/- right away or we ll have to disconnect the phone outgoing facility. i said if i pay Rs 34934/- right away that means 1) i agree that i have used that much of internet 2) then i ll be on your mercy weather you want to give discount or no.
I said " in this way if i would have been in Singapor for 4-5 more days, bill would have been more than lakh? So where is customer care, what facility is there in international destination from you? if you cant approach me there or inform me or warn me so should i consider that you shouldn't get the bill as well. because i used that country's local service providers service.
Mind you my monthly mobile bill never crossed Rs 3000/- in last 10 years. avrage is between Rs 1200/- to 1500/- .per month .
I was in south africa for 8 days in march 2014. where actually i used my ph for call & sms a lot without considering weather i was in free wifi zone or not. still my bill came Rs6000/-. Even in south africa calls are expensive.
Now my whats app is off as vodafone has blocked my internet. i am not able to make calls. They are saying 28th you ll get the exact bill which is my billing cycle date. what should i do?
I personally feel whatever the situation they cant cross my max credit limit without taking my permission. If i was not reachable , they had all the more reason to disconnect my phone temporarily. pls. guide me
Mandar Sakharkar
Jun 18, 2014

Incoming call details from Vodafone

I mr. Mandar Sakharkar using cell no. 9820367905, I got some threaten call/Blackmailing call from some no. which deleted due t some mistake or some technical problem, call date was between 21.05.2014 to 10.06.2014.

I expected the call no will get in my mobile bill but only out going call mention in that, I visit your gallery but they also don’t have the record of that.

However I do not have the correct no. so I can not launch a complain to police station.

If I get the incoming call list from your data base its very very helpful for me and my family, I am ready to pay for same.


Mandar Sakharkar
Cell : 9833982235/ 9869397909
nandita sawant
May 8, 2014

wrong billing

myself Nandita sawant, cell no. 9930677440 got a call from vodafone telling me about a tariff plan of 899 rental in wchich Intrernet usage was free... so i opted forb that plan ..as my billing date is 18th of every month the 899 Rental Plan got activated from 18th February 2014 to 18th March 2014... but after i got the bill i called up Vodafone telling them i want to switch back to my previous plan.
My Previous Plan already incliuded internet usage of 250 Rental.. So when i ask Vodafone to switch back to my previous plan i was under the impression that the Internet Usage will also be activated by them...
But i got the shock of my life when i got a bill of Rs. 2651/- for 18th March to 18th April 2014...
i immediately called up Vodafone asking them about it. they told me as my internet usage was not activated these are the charges for the same..
my complaint is as a Service Provider , when i asked them to switch back to my previous plan , they should have asked me whether i wanted to activate the internet usage also...just a simple question from the executive will save the customer a lot of hassles and mental tensions...
i need somebody to look into the matter at the earliest nd either waive off or offer discount or charge me on a prorata basis.. taking into account muy previous bills..
karan bhather
Mar 26, 2014

billing issue



This is Karan Bhather using Vodafone post paid Sim Card for my blackberry Mobile phone since last 5 years(Relationship number -9833233241).

Two years back I have taken Vodafone combo plan in Vodafone raghuleela mall gallery, kandivali(W) As they lured me with lots of promises to get this scheme. And then I have incurred Rs- 3500 to get this combo plan. According to this plan I was offered to charged with below mention rate:-

STD- .50 paisa per minutes
Local- .30 paisa per minutes
1000 Local minutes free
Roaming- .75 paisa per minutes
And two internet dongal with 1GB free

But, even after taking this scheme I was charged with previous plan for three months as this new plan were not activated.

But, after harassing me for two month they finally activated that plan with apology.

Now I got text massage from Vodafone customer care in which they mentioned that "200 mins Local pack will be charged at Rs 60 from the next bill cycle" but, this action is not as per combo plan that I had taken.

After getting this text massage I have visited Vodafone gallery Borivali,(w) and met with Mr. Vinayak Singh and Ashish who is senior in-charge and my complaints request No. Is- 859272626.

I have registered my complaints to nodal.mum@vodafone.com and Appellate.mum@vodafone.com but couldn't even get their reply yet. I think they least concern about my issue.

So now it is my request you to please resolve this issue and Please bail me out of this issue ASAP

Karan bhather
Mobile no.-9833233241.
Mar 24, 2014

No Network

We were using Voda data stick from last 3 yrs, with No. 9820046466. As Earlier We were residing in sectors 30 Vashi but on Oct 16' 2013 we moved to Sector 14,Sanpada.

Since then we are not able to use Voda stick at our new Address as there is no connectivity of Voda 3G in this area.

We have raised 3 complaints as well in Nov ’13 requesting them to resolve the issue .Complaint No’s are- SR-1438255182 / 1438256554 / 1428479716

But all in vein as no one called or visited us to resolve the issue.

Finally in last week of Nov ’13 we visited Vodafone Gallery and requested to suspend the no. and deactivate it as there is no network available since Oct’13.( and on inquiring we come to know that our complaints are soft closed as no network is available)

But believe request given at gallery was not fulfilled.

Finally in Jan '14 they terminated after written complaint. But still being haunted for Settlement from CN Collection Agency..
Why we should we pay when there was no 3G Network.

Vodafone Please waive off all rentals for last 3 months (Nov, Dec, Jan) as there is no network, hence customer should not be charged any rental as no service is being provided.

Service Request Numbers: 816393233, 816394971 and 816395750

Thanks & Rgds

Yojana Gupta
Feb 17, 2014


i have a post pade no. 9654784264....

i recived plan 300 rs....
i found from this plan 500 min. local. & 500 std. min..
but you can not give me a number ...then i check seprate min. local & std min...
i give a suggesion that you provide me all customer a number as *111*1# ...
i check saprate min.. local & std.. between in month....
please do the action...

Rohit sharma
Jan 9, 2014

Wrong Billing



I am using Vodafone post-paid mobile no 9820XXXX05 since last 9 years.Today I got the mail with attachment of my surprising bill amount Rs 883 including ISD call of 4 mins for Rs.350

We never done this call from our mobile. It seems that a scam is in progress. People are reporting calls from +232 country code (Sierra Leone). When they answer the call is disconnected and it is to be checked by Vodafone that without dialling ISD no Bill should be raised to the innocent customer of Vodafone. Please rectify your bill and oblige.

Thanking you


Dec 29, 2013

speed issue

Vodafone such a worse service provider my contact no is +919769059368 this my internet Number when they offer my this Internet scheme they commit u get 3-21 mbps speed but now I am using this even i am not getting 1 Mbps such a service and the people of vodafone fake commiter after selling the product they even not receive a call

My alternate number to contact is 9867516337

Vodafone cutomer

Tushar kapoor
Nov 10, 2013

not giving proper reply

Respected Sir,

I m using vodafone Dongle for my office work, and also using vodafone net in my mobile tht is also use for my day to day business. I m using vodafone dongle but i cnt open the vijaya bank web page bz of tht i cnt do online transactions. Thts why i m not going to pay my customer. In other language i cnt do my online transaction.

When i visit the vodafone gallery tht person on duity tells me thts not our compnies problem, its problem form on the vijaya bank side. So i hv use reliance dongle, airtel net in tht i cn open the vijaya bank site. Wn i call and told this in vodafone customer care tht time thy reply me our company cant tk third party assurance, tht time thy are not taking my compliant and when i hv told tht i cn tk some action tht time thy hv transfer my line to head thn thy hv jt take my complient (742874743 dt. 24/10/2013 time: 9.03 to 9.23 from my vodafone no. 9819333790). But till today no action have taken from thm. My dongle no. 9930461036). I hv try from my mobile also but same result found same page cant be load. I hv try this vijaya bank site from diffrent telecom user including vodafone, but same result found all telecom net provider cn open the page or load the page accept the vodafone.

Plz tell me wht to do it will affect on my business transaction. U cn also ck from ur system using vodafone network.

Plz reply me so i cn tk some action and cover my loss from vodafone. Waiting for ur reply.

Thanking you,
Ami shah 9819333790.
Oct 21, 2013

Undue billing

This is regarding to my Vodafone no. 98335678346 ( Service Request Number: 733751718 and 733752342 )
I have purchase Dongle on 29.03.2013 by paying Rs. 2000 chargeable rent for 3 months 3GB & than Rs. 250 per month 1GB, As there was no net available in Village Bidada Kutch GUJARAT , I was unable to use service in April &May 13.
I Received following mail.After some days I recd. call from Vodafone to pay Rs. 331, I told to that person to stop my Vodafone service, he replied me that he will do needful & pay Rs. 331.
I approach to Vodafone Vileparle E & met to Mr. Chetan & ask for payment of Rs. 331. I have told him that I want to discontinue this no. He immediately given instruction on there Computer & told me to pay only Rs.331. I Immediately paid amount. I was under impression that my no. got discontinue
Than I got Phone call from retention & told me that they will waive Rs. 875 & continue , I have given them permission
but I surprise that Am getting continue reminder for payment of Rs. 2252, though I have not used service.
but surprisingly I was getting reminder call to pay amount. I sent them all mail about waiver but still they are demanding balance payment.I Stopped to use service. Only use for April & may in Gujarat.
On Saturday19.10.2013, they restricted service outgoing of my other Vodafone No. 99300 78346 payment of this mobile thru ECS. I have regularly paid my all bills. It s very very shocking for me & I could not sleep properly for last 2 nights & had chest pain due to harassment by Vodafone. I afraid that they will also stop incoming call & harass me further, being Insurance advisor - service industry, I will not be able to reach my client & loose business & image
Jagdish poladia
99300 78346 / 93245 78346

Undue billing

Sep 19, 2013

Unnecessary calls regarding third person

My vodofone no 9819228853 having this connection for last 3 years

I am getting regular calls from vodofone asking about some devroskar. I told several times that this no does not belongs to him. This information has passed on to the operator. Last month also i had updated them. but today i got again from the operator from 02271636841 at 10.46 and one Ahmed called me on 13th. I have registered a complaint with Nodal Officer of Vodofone on 13-09-2013. Now on the same subject I have received a call from Vodofone from Mr. Pradeep today at 12.45 p.m and again lodged complaint with Nodal officer on 19th Sep 2013.

Kindly give necessary instruction to mobile service providers
Jul 6, 2013

Change the data plans without intimation

I have purchased a new mobile samsung grand on Febraury '13 vodafone offered me a 3G plan of 2GB for 2 months free. then they deactivated the plan in 2 months so, far they were perfect. They actually send a message to inform customer that the pack is deactivated in the month of April. But in my case they never sent me any message and activated the 3g plan on tariff (10 KB 10 paise) without information (says in smart phones gprs is automatically activated when we try to use) well as per vodafone smart-phone buyers have made a crime. I paid the bill for the month of April '13 of Rs 2546/- if they would have informed me i would have easily changed to 2g plan of just Rs 199/- unlimited usage, which i am currently using. They also sends messages for every 200 MB usage for 3G plan, but again in my case they never sent me any message if they would have sent me message of how many MB i have used, i would have immediately changed my plan. by which we could have avoid this problem. Now, again i have received the bill of rs 1630/-. Vodafone is not accepting their mistake whatever happens they says its an system error. I have followed-up with vodafone customer service a lot of time but nobody is trying take call on this issue i have never said that i will not pay. I am ready to pay the bill excluding these data usage charges. why pay so much if you are getting internet service in just Rs 199/-.
Jul 3, 2013

Misguided on regular basis for tariff plan

The Customer Care,

Complain on my Vodafone Cell No 9820899159

Dear Sir,

With reference to above subject for my cell No 9820899159; please note; Today 1.7.13, I was misguided by your person, while I call to your help line no 198 and ask for current recharge for 1.2p/second. He told me that by doing recharge of Rs. 82.00; I will get 1.2p/ sec on Local & STD. he told me that he will send me SMS for the same offer. Meanwhile I did Rs. 82.00 recharge, But received SMS was uncompleted so I reconfirm on 198 again. another person surprisingly told that there is no such offer.

By doing recharge of Rs. 82.00; I get local 1.2p/ sec and 2p/ sec STD. I ask to put me to Nodal Officer he again refuses to do so; even he is not ready to give me email ID of your customer care.

This is second time during six month with me that your persons are not so sound to guide (See Below Email). I am also afraid, that my talking plan may be changed and you are requested to transfer my money back and also look at the matter that my talking plan will not affected.

Your immediate action and reply in this regards will be highly appreciated.

With Warm Regards,
Deepak J Shah (CEO)
Adinath Industrial Input,
No. 5, 2nd Floor, Shanta Bhuvan, Gangawadi, Agra Rd, Ghatkopar (W) Mumbai 86. India
Email: adinath316@gmail.com; - Ph 91-22-23112729, Cell: 91-93230 67898, 91-98208 99159
Jul 1, 2013

Bill Issue

I am Sanjay Kurup Mobile Number (8898432316) For past 2-3 Weeks i'm facing problem regarding my vodafone Bill. problem starts when my outgoing calls banned. so i paid online a small amount of 500 Rs. So i can make calls but after 4-5 hours of making the payment again my outgoing calls wer banned. so i called vodafone care to inquire about it. den i got to know my bill is 8000. Just b'coz of internet use of 7000. I was wondered how it can be. 1st of all i was given 3 months of free internet to use and 2nd I was informed by the Vodafone care that my free internet plan will over on 10th July. And I only use internet to use facebook and gmail... I have a cable connection at my home. and how can it be possible a normal person use a usage of 7000 Rs. of internet... Then i went to Vodafone Store to resolve it.. even there the Vodafone Executive told me that ur free internet plan will expire or 10th july 2013. and enen u just use the 900 mb of data. So your wrongly charged just wait for 48 Hours we'll resolve it.. (Complain Number:1353261826)The next day i got a call from vodafone saying i have to pay the bill as i used the data. I said i'm not going to pay the bill as i didn't use the the data as much and even i was in the 3 month of free internet period. so he given me a offer of 10% of discount to pay my bill. I told him i'm not going to pay the bill so he said as your a valuable customer of vodafone i wont force you.. and he hung up.. on me.. After that day no one called me. After 2 days i called vodafone care to inquire about. the executive told me as by seeing the senario on his screen he told me your right sir.. you would not paying the bill as it's system error.. i'll just put another complaint so wait for 48 hours.. (Complain number:1355253742)i waited but stil i didn't get any solution. On18th 06 2013 i called vodafone care the executive told me as i can see the problem of yours. you were wrongly charged but i can't do anything from here so you have to vist vodafone store. So i visited vodafone store around 11 am the guy for vodafone store name Pradeep he even told me the same thing as i can see the screen you were wrongly charged. So for that my manager will look into this and he will call you around about 1 pm, I got a call from the same guy Pradeep around 6pm he informed me that he had word with his manager he told him it's a system folte that it's wrongly updated. So we can't do anything from here... So tell Mr. Sanjay Kurup that he has to wright a mail to vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com and shantnu.ranjan@vodafone,com regarding the issue your facing.. I did that too but no one respond to it.. so i again went to vodafone store at malad hypercity branch there i met faayaz he told me you have to pay the bill as it's accurate i told him for the past 2 weeks all you vodafone ppl saying it's a system error so w'll reverse the amount and now your telling me to pay the bill. he told me your free internet deactivated on 20th may. and you are charged as per mb used.. i told him whenever i called costumer care or visited vodafone store they told me your internet plan w'll over on 10th july. So i used as per the date i was informed.. he said i can't do any thing you have to pay the bill. So he told me to call costumer care and i'll talk to them so i called costumer care and turn the speaker on so even he can listen the costumer care executive. he informed me that your free internet plan will over on 10th july. by hearing that faayaz saying it's his system i don't knw you have to pay the bill.. after exiting the vodafone i got a call from vodafone backup department asking about the matter so i again explain him the entire senario he said i look into it and call you back within 2 hr. but no one call me. so i called 198 vodafone complain department about the same issue they told me yes as i can see on my screen it's 10th july and you are wrongly charged so you'll get reverse back the money. Complaint Number (1358888616) just wait for 24 hr. and my senior will call you. and tell you the correct amount.. i waited no one called me. so i called again 198 the guy told me your request on process so just wait for 24 hr. again i waited but no one called me. toady morning 24th june 2013 i called 198 the guy told me you have to pay the bill as it correctly charged. i told him the entire story he said i can't do anything you have to pay the bill.. i denied and ask for the recording whenever I called Vodafone care I want the recording they denied saying we want give that it’s for us.

It's a humble request whom so ever reading this. i was wrongly charged as vodafone system not been updated. I'm not going to pay that wrongly charged amount..

So please relief me out of this...
Jun 27, 2013

Wrong Charges on Bill

I just received my first ever bills for 2 Postpaid connections. The bills are inflated against the discounts which were offered. International SMSs are charged. Surprisingly the SMS timings are around my phone activation times. There is a previous balance shown on both the numbers. Since these are my first bills, how is it possible to have a previous balance?
Free internet usage of 500MB was offered on first month for new connection. On one of the numbers I am charged for Rs.150 extra which I never used.
I do keep track of my cellular data usage on my Phone. No videos, no music. Only News and stock updates. My usage never goes beyond 200MB in a month being a Wi-Fi user at office & home.
Tried reaching customer care over phone, email & chat several times. Its repetition of explanation and very frustrating. Whenever I ask for supervisor, they are in meetings.

My numbers are
9619 Double Nine 66 9 Zero
9167 Double Nine 22 4 Zero

Sandeep Patil
Jun 21, 2013

Wrong Commitment and no repy from corporate assist team

We have been facing problems in getting our tariff plans changed in Vodafone. Ours is a corporate account and as per the discussion with customer care we had instructed Vodafone to make the necessary changes. However even after repeated follow-ups thru mail and direct discussion with customer care no action has been taken till date. Last week we had written to the team leader who probably is not inetersted in getting our plans changed as this is the most expensive plan provided by Vodafone.

I think vodafone is now not at all bothered to hear to complaints any more.I am thinking or rather you are forcing me to change the services from VODAFONE to some other service provider.

I guess Vodafone out let in Mulund west have considered our case right and hence have refered our case to Mr.Shaikh (Vodafone Corporate Relations ) but......no use.

I would personaly request you to look into the my case and take some serious action

My out going is barred from many days.kindly request you to reverse my charges and let me knw my exact bill so that i can pay and my services are activated soon.

Yours disatisfactory coustmer

Yogesh Saraf
May 27, 2013

Vodafone port out offer

I have been offered a plan by being charged 600Rs as port out offer. 400 mins free every month along with 350 free local sms, 1gb internet free. vodaforne to vodafone 2 nos free every month. Only recharge 50 rs every month. Two people had come. One person's name Amit.
Apr 24, 2013


I am Vodafone Customer for past many Years and I hold 4 Vodafone Mobiles and one Data Card Connection.I use online methods for bill payments and the no 9930376133 is also linked with my Credit Cards. I receive OTP on this no.

On 16 Apr 2013, I lost my Mobile (NO : 9930376133), I registerred a request to block my the Phone SIM immediately with Vodafone Custome Care. The Executive assured me that within 24 Hours I will receive duplicate SIM at my residence.He also confirmed my Residence address for the same.

When no courier was received for 3-4 days, I enquired with Customer Care and they said we have despatched it and you talk to courier person. When I contacted Courier agency, they said that it is Vodafone that claim for 24 Hrs delivery service not us and again sid that since there was incomplete residence address mentioned, the courier returned undelivered.

After 2 more days, I received the courier. When I called Customer Care again to activate the SIM, they discovered that a wrong SIM Card was delivered to me and told me to visit the Vodafone Store.

On 23rd Apr 2013,I somehow managed to take leave from Office early to visit Vodafone Office at Kharghar, They provided me a new SIM Card and told me that this will get activated within 2 Hours.

But when even today i.e. 24th Apr 2013 at 10:00 AM, this was not activated I call Cust Care Again, the gentleman told me to visit Vodafone Store again to resolve the issue.

Why Vodafone is doing this with me time and again. The inconvenience that I have facing because of this -
1. The Many Bill Payment dates (including Vodafone Bill for the no 9819876133) are missed and I have to bear the penalties.Who should be held responsible for my losses.
2. I missed all the important business deals/opportunities and personnel calls due to this.
3. How many times I have to take leave from Office and visit Vodafone Store.
4. If this is the service Vodafone is offering, should I think again to move to some other service provider and disconnect all my nos with you.
5. Your bad services are more painful than the person who stole my mobile.

Rajesh Verma

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