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Consumer complaints and reviews about VTU

Feb 8, 2017

VTU even semester exam dates for final year

Dear sir,

The exam dates announced in the VTU calendar for 8 th semester 2017 is way too late. This would affect the results as it would be postponed.... many final year students have already planned for higher studies in foreign university, many govt exams asks students to show the final semester results within 30 th june 2017 ,failing to which they will be not allowed to go to the interview. Eg: SBI PO deadline for final sem result is june 30 th.
Also students who want to get into IIMs for MBA are also affected because of the final results.
I kindly request to prepone the exams for final year students and please announce the results within june 30th.
Jan 31, 2017

Reopening Of Colleges on 13/02017

I am studying engineering in MANGALORE INSTITURE OF TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING. Our college REOPENED on 23rd of January. And they also started taking attendance.. We come under VTU BELGAVHI University. we had our last exam on 13th january.
and placement training on 18th-21st january. we got only 5 days of vacation, no internship, no extra curricular activities.

So I just wanted you to know this..... If anything is possible from your side please do it....
Jan 30, 2017


Sir/mam when you announce holidays and reopening dates, why does it wont be compulsory for every one...@ this point of time some colleges are in vacation and our college is goin on..If colleges wants to conduct classes when ever they wish, then why do you announce reopening dates...please take this to consideration😑
Jan 29, 2017

College Started Early at 23 Jan 2017

I am studying engineering in Sahyadri college, Adyar. Our college started working on 23rd of January. And they also started taking attandance.... If v fail to attend the class they will cut the attandance and submit those attandance to VTU University..... We come under VTU BELGAVHI University.

So I just wanted to make to u know this..... If anything is possible from ur side please do it....

College Started Early at 23 Jan 2017

Mudhu chinnu
Jan 23, 2017

Lost hopes in engineering

So many students lost their hopes in Engineering...many students suffering from year back. . due to year back they losing there confidence in engineering.. Many problems.. Plz cancel year back system sir....its humble request from every vtu students
tejesh kumar k
Jan 10, 2017

improper maintenance

Here I am the student of ekalavya institute of technology, Ummathhur village, chamarajanagara.

Respected sir,
In our college there is no lab equipments, lack of faculties, lack of experience, portions were not completed, they collects 500 rs as breaking fee for issuing admission tickets and lots of problems we have.
Totally they are spoiling our future...
Please notify to our college administration...
Thank you......
Jan 5, 2017

for need of exams for 15 series detain students in the month of feb as they are coducting for 10 series

Sir as the about subject we also need exams in feb as u are conducting for 10 series... in the 2014banch also have written module wise so we have then why only for them there is exam why not for us....sir plzzz our life will be spoiled because of this one year pllzzz help us out
Jan 4, 2017

Advanced Computer Architecture 10CS74

Respect Sir,

It is our kind request to give atleast 20 grace marks to all students those who have got less than 75 Marks for the subject Advanced Computer architecture 10CS74 as the question paper was not set according to university rules.As per rules questions should be corresponding to unit and there should be at least 50% direct questions. But these rules are not followed. If you give grace marks to only those who have less that 35 then that will be partiality on students part. So it is my kind request to grant at least 20 grace marks to all students who have got less than 75 marks or conduct the exam again.


7th Sem Students
Saif Ali Khan Asif
Jan 4, 2017

Regarding the ACA question paper dec2016

It's the journey set by us from the very start of our engineering we manage to keep no backlogs till the end and coming so far to 7th semester this kind of paper is given to us which can fail us with no doubt....what's the point of this journey for students like me who come up to 7th semester and may probably fail if the correction goes not so linient is it the mistakes of ours or is it by the system . .....and yeah I heard from somewhere whether it's true or not that previous year ACA papers were leaked so this hell of a paper was given for us...The questions of a particular unit shud be asked in dat unit itself if at all u wanted to shuffle the questions do it for one or two units it ll still make our mindset right to attempt it since this paper ACA DEC 2016 all the questions were shuffled and more over no direct questions all the questions were tricky ....just my concern is to justice the students of 2013 batch and at least give dem the passing marks "35" so that it doesn't affect their upcoming placements or for the ones who are already placed ...hope for the correction to be lineant with regards student of 7th semester computer science branch
Jan 3, 2017

Rescheduled time table

Respected sir
We Kindly request you to reconsider the time table,instead of 12th and 13th please reschedule it to 9th and10th,it would be very helpful for us
Such long gap after 7th is really not required
Jan 1, 2017

Difficulty level of 7th Sem CS Advanced Computer Architecture Paper

Respected Sir,

This is to bring to your kind notice about the Difficulty level of 7th Sem CS Advanced Computer Architecture paper.

The question paper was very difficult. The mind set of the students is that they expect the question of particular Unit is in corresponding question No. Say 1st unit is in 1st Question and 2nd unit is in 2nd and so on. This question paper was exactly opposite to the mindset of the students because of which they could not attend the questions known.

Non of the questions were direct and also questions of different units were mixed up. 2nd question had questions of unit e and 3, 4th question had questions of unit 3 and 4, question 7th had question of unit 7 and 6 and I would like to mention about question 3a) which had 2 cases to explain which was same.

Student in 7th Sem aim at increasing their percentage so that they can atleast attend the upcoming interviews in 8th sem. Now because of this difficult question paper forget about the increasing percentage, students can't even clear this subject. As a result they cant attend any interviews.

So I kindly request you to do the correction leniently so that students can clear subject and increase the percentage.

And I also request to give the grace mark for question No. 3a) for all those who have attended that questions.

I hop that correction will be lenient and students can shape their future well.

7th Sem Students
Dec 30, 2016

Setting tough Question Paper in Final Year to Fail Students

Respected Sir,

The question paper for 7th Sem CSE : Advanced Computer Architecture 10CS74 - December 2016 was extremely difficult, the unit wise ordering was not followed and the questions were mixed up in Part A and Part B. For a subject whose questions are always repeated there were barely questions from the same unit, leave aside repeated questions. Question 2 had only questions from unit 3, question 4 had a mix of questions of unit 2 and 3. Unit 6 and 8 questions were not even there in the paper. As we are final year students a lot depends on our marks and ensuring that we don't have backs because of such question papers should also be in the interest of our university. Having a back could mean we can't sit for placements and even apply for further education. This would adversely effect us. I request that the correction be lenient and such question papers which are meant to fail students should be avoided. Our entire life can be effected by this, this is an extremely critical matter and i hope you'll look into it.

Imtiyaz khot
Dec 28, 2016

on shortage of attendence and leaving college

After having 80%+ attendence they are taking too much fine.I was having 81% attendence an I payed 3000 fine.This is not fair.
I want to leave the college,but they are not giving back my documents. They are asking me to pay four years fees.My parents can't afford.Please help me
Raveendra Hegde
Dec 25, 2016


Respected Sir/Madam
I am the student of 3rd year EC branch ,but i don't eligible to third year because I am failed in first year subject chemistry .
The 2014 scheme chemistry has 5 modules and each have 4sub question for only 5 marks for each,how can we write these whole thing in 3 hours and also don't give full marks ,
I attempted 3times but not passed because of your strict valuation ,and i waste around 2000 rupe for this only subject for revaluation and photocopy for this subject. I am sure last times I passed after revaluation by seeing the photocopy but dint. only up grade 22 to 25.
I am EC student what is the need of chemistry for future in this branch
Now I wrote 4th times and I requesting to you please please please pass me by loose valuvating and I trust you please don't give me sad result and give me an eligibility to get next semester by new chance announced by you to eligibility to 5th semester by crash course, other wise VTU is the directly a reason for lose my future life.
Thank you
Jessie Cathrine
Dec 24, 2016

A serious issue regarding syllabus

Im a 3rd sem cse student. Please please please please change cbcs module system. The syllabus is too much & even lecturers find it really tough to finish the portions. The last modules of all the subjects were just rushed through by the lectures and it is really a burden on the student . Please bring back the unit system. The module system is not actually letting us learn. We study the modules inorder to complete the syllabus & not learn it. The unit system lets us learn somethng as the saying "something is better than nothing."
As a cse student I'll have to learn many other things other than the vtu syllabus to fetch a job. Due to the module system time is just spent in reading the vtu syllabus. We dont get time to learn other things due to the vast syllabus. Please do respond to this complaint.
Dec 24, 2016

About answer script

Respected Sir/Madam,
I am a student from DBIT Bangalore .Today we had Chemistry exams and I wrote all the answers but in hurry I forgot to darken the OMR sheet in the answer script (2nd page in answer booklet) . Will my paper be valuated. If not, is there any other way to get it valuated.Please suggest me what to do next. Please reply sir/madam.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
Dec 16, 2016

Re exams

Sir I have back papers 4 subject if u guys keep this subject in between my present subject's I can't concentrate on both of them and I won't have time to study u guys should keep the back papers at the last after all the present exams are over .
varalakshmi .M
Dec 13, 2016

year back

sir i am yar back student 2010 scheme but for next year syballus will be change what we should do
muhammed aman
Dec 2, 2016

usn number

i didnt get my usn number my lab exams are started but i didnt get it.my exam started two days before but i didnt get itso please do something about this
faisal manzoor
Nov 29, 2016

taking too much fine from students

After having more than 75% of attendance and above 80% of attendance they are taking too much fine from students. For per Percent they are talking 1500-2000 rs. Students are really FED up with this college System and VTU also ! because VTU is not taking and Responsible Act against HKBK CE ....

This is The worst College The Students Are Facing in Their Lives {statements of Students}....

Now, We hope u (VTU) will take action as soon as possible against HKBK......
Nov 18, 2016

attendence shortage

its better you stop this attendence shortage rules.Because we may not be knowing about the people problems that they are facing.evn if the oppurtunities like placement or any other career its mandatory that we should participate cant stick only to engineering.though medical certificate is submitted along with the undertaken letter,parents letter than whatelse you need,continously torturing students,just because of this no friends stay with us,Its my humble request because of this attendence shortage people of different college simply inetrfere in personal life of the students torture them and force them to take a drastic step..like this many students commited suicide.Dont see attendence see their progress,it will help to grow the college and also people start loving vtu instead of remarking it as a useless,hatest university ever.
kindly make sure you take some responsibilty towrds this rules.
M Rehan khan
Nov 15, 2016

Abput M-tech result

I have good opportunity in education sector but i don't have a PDC (mtech). with out that i cant appoint. My viva exam also over.
i am waiting for results 1 an 1/2 month.
so i humble request to examination board please announced M-tech result as soon as early possible.
Nov 10, 2016

Not valueing revaluation papers

Is there any challenge revaluation ...i tried my best to score in atd because i dont have avg .i have to get 42 to pass...i ve done my exam very well.....still i got only 39....what is this ...revaluation also no change....dont play with the life of others....im 100% sure that i I've scored above 60 then why u people are not correcting well....you can do whatever you want...no one will question...but please im requesting dont play with life...there are students doing hardwork and not giving them any value...no challenge revaluation....what we will do..u only give us a solution...my roll no. Bem123851...1tj12me014...u can check anything ........i really lost my trust in vtu...you are reducing our confidende 9495461658
Sowmya p
Oct 24, 2016

Wrong revaluation results announced by vtu

I wrote MATDIP301 & MATDIP401 this year June 2016, I got 31 in MATDIP301 SO FAIL, I got 59 in MATDIP401 SO PASS. but I applied for MATDIP301 revaluation results in August month ,the challenge no is 3077 dated on 20-08-2016, but they have announced the results for MATDIP401 which is already pass, kindly help me in this matter, I have applied for 3rd sem revaluation but why u have announced 4th Revaluation results??
Aaliya fathima
Oct 21, 2016


I have cleared all semester,just because of math-1 I got year back...scoring FC & getting year back is not fair...before I had got 18 n math-1 after applying for revaluation I got 28 marks but still it's year back...I'm facing lots of difficulties...not just me many of my friends got yb bcz of maths...pls don't spoil our life's....kindly Show some mercy on us....plzz pass me just in math-1 so that I can continue my studies instead of wasting one year for one subject...

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