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Consumer complaints and reviews about 100 BEST BUY

Oct 13, 2017

Refund for my money

This Company is cheating for more than 4-5 years.
Consumer complaint board should take strong action against the co,/ website owners.

I had paid Rs.13000/- around 5 years back and was sent a free gift of Lenovo Tablet.
It was promised that my money will be kept as balance in my account with the 100Bestbuys and I can buy other goods from the website whenever I want and my membership will continue for winning Samsung Smart phone.

I tried to buy things from their website but the products were mostly obsolete and the costs were exurbutently high and I never bought.

How can I get my money refunded with interest?


biryani gully
Dec 15, 2014

not sethsfy my self

this is ankush sachdev my prodect no. *33263239* my con 880211799

your side one of the most ... rubbish side i think
you navr flow yr proms and all ..

so finely i navr vist this side agen . & and i well tell every my frnd about this
goooood by ......
Jul 2, 2014

Cheating The Online Customers with the Name of Phone Contest


I have got a mail with the name of Iphone contest, and it is stating that pay 333,699...to get Iphone 4S, 5S.., I paid 333 and 699 for two phones, the next day i have got a call from 080 - 67536400, he has told me that I am in Top 15 and to continue further in the contest i have to pay 9999 and will get a HCL Tablet and 1 watch as a complimentary gifts, I have received the products but HCL tablet is a illegal product as its serail number was not registered with HCL, when i have called to HCL Customer care, they are telling Serial Number was not registered and need Invoice, i have called 20 times to100 Best buy call centre, it is taking avg 5 minutes to connect and too much of noise as many people are sitting together like a fish market and dropped couple of mails, but there is no reply , finally decided to return and get replace, raised the request on 5th of June 2014, finally courier(Delhivery ) guy with the name Christopher came and picked the two products on 20th June 2014, I have called couple times for the new product, customer people are telling that they don't see any update in the server.

100 Best Buy agent has told that, winners will be announced and displayed in their website on 15th of June, but I never seen that and don't know when it will be happend, i have called many times, they are Blindly telling you didn't win without taking any details, which indicates they are cheating with the name Contest.

I have logged into 100bestbuy account and shocked as i can see only 1600 points instead of 11032 points which was also a praud as agent told that money will be return, but they gave as points, checked my mails and found that there is an order cancel which i haven't ordered HCL Tablet again. howver it is i should see 11031 points in the account, but can see only 1600 points.

Please find the detailed information for each and everything for the same which i have explained in above,

Contest : Apple I Phone 5S Contest Coupon - Rs.699

Merchant Website : 100bestbuy.com
Date : 2014-05-27 22:59:27
Merchant Reference Number : 14609703
EBS Payment ID : 25476802
Payment Mode : VISA
Amount : 699.00
Customer Name : Sreenu Chinnapureddy
Customer Email : mailtosreenuc@gmail.com
Status : SUCCESS


Contest : Apple Iphone 4S Contest Coupon - Rs. 333

Merchant Website : 100bestbuy.com
Date : 2014-05-28 08:24:48
Merchant Reference Number : 14610978
EBS Payment ID : 25479192
Payment Mode : VISA
Amount : 333.00
Customer Name : Sreenu Chinnapureddy
Customer Email : mailtosreenuc@gmail.com
Status : SUCCESS


Combo of (HCL Me Champ Tablet + Watch) With Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest Coupon Contest Coupon - Rs. 9999

Merchant Website : 100bestbuy.com
Date : 2014-05-28 09:17:44
Merchant Reference Number : 14611279
EBS Payment ID : 25479809
Payment Mode : VISA
Amount : 9999.00
Customer Name : Sreenu Chinnapureddy
Customer Email : mailtosreenuc@gmail.com
Status : SUCCESS

June 5th:

Return Request for(HCL Me Champ Tablet (White)) the #30697060, pickup Receipt: 59311724645 20/06/2014 2.53 PM

Return Request for the #30697455 (Harry Smith Analog Men Watch) pickup Receipt: 59311724656 20/06/2014 2.53 PM

I don't want anything from 100 Best Buy including Complimentary gifts, Please give my Money RS. 11032/- back, called customer care and asked to raise Complaint, he told the complaint number as 88628576.

Please don't cheat innocent people as they are hardly earning the money.

Jul 1, 2014

money back

I need money back as I didn't get any product till now
Jun 27, 2014

product not received


I was sent a mail saying that I will soon receive tracking number of the order I have given on 22 june 2014 but I didn't get any mail later.May I know when will I receive my order? The helpline number dosnot respond
Jun 18, 2014



Last day ie 3rd jun, when I opened google one message has come as for purchase of samsung mobile for Rs.699/- then I give my card no and mad purchase, but after that one msg has come as you have successfully registered for 100 bestbuy contest and also they are mentioned as result will update in email.After made this transaction one call has come from one mobile no and asking RS. 999/- more for getting mobile. Actually this is very high level fraud to public thru by making wrong msg to.If not get my money within a time I will go to consumer court or Ombudsman.
Jun 3, 2014

want refund

we ordered two celebrity lehengas from 100bestbuy on 24th may2014.the amount 4999/- has been deducted from my account.the tracking no.s they mailed us are invalid.they dont respond to our calls .they are cheating people .please help me .now i dont want any products from them. i just want refund i am ready to go to the police if need be to get back my money.
May 15, 2014

100bestbuy.com cheater & fraud co

dear all,

100best buy .com is cheater & fraud co.
i have participate contest rs.699. i am pay 6999/- for free watch & bsnl penta tablet but till date we have not receive from 8th march to 15.th may2014. also the comany contact not pickup by any person all time all the executive are busy it means this company repaet the same answer.
pl. spread this message to all over india for such type of cheater & fraud comapnay

dear all,

pl. contact me on vilas_nakhale@rediffmail.com & 08511124737 for complaint on cyber cell pl......spread this message on socila network site also so this company not cheated other people.
Sandesh Dixit
Apr 20, 2014

About Moneyback

I want to back my money pls
Apr 15, 2014

i need my money back from 100bestbuy.com

on 05.04.2014 i saw a add on facebook that. There was a contest to win a samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet for rs 99.i was just try to see wht will happen when i pay of tht amount.
Same day after 5 mins I get a call from them asking me to deposit Rs 9999 for a free acer iconia tablet and Reebok wrist watch. (ref number 29785662)but its 10 day crossed still i didnt get anything from them.i dnt want anything from 100bestbuy.just back my money.
now i got that i have done foolish things in that day.if possible then pls let me know hw to get my money back from them.

Apr 15, 2014

mobile nahi bhejana

ham ko 5-04-2014 ko phone aaya tha ki aapne apple 1 phone jeeta hai jo aapko free of cost hoga iske badle aapko ek jodi shoes lena padega jo hamne liya per sath me kuch bhi nahi mila.
Apr 10, 2014

i have not received the item.

Order ref. id 29643272
I have paid Rs.1190/- 5 shirts to 100bestbuy on 29 March 14, through online SBI but still not getting any product or acknowledgement. Also I have mailed for the same for more than 10 times but they didnt reply.

Plz do the needful,


Sanjeev Pathania
Mar 4, 2014

Cheating by www.100bestbuy.com

Dear Sir, I was trying to buy a bed-sheet from www.100bestbuy.com today but cancelled at last second because shipping cost was high. I got a call @ 080 67539400 at 11.50 from them and the exec told I have won a lucky customer contest and they are giving me Lenovo Rs10K mobile for absolutely free . I said how do I believe and that I am getting this mobile as gift, he said this product is absolutely gift and payment will be 100 percent refunded. He guided me on the call to pay for the product code also he gave me on call and after making payment he said will call back to be in 2 minute and refund my money. Now when I called just now @ 080 67536400 the customer exec says Rs10k I will get back in terms of points. I never asked them to take my money and give points in the name of lucky contest. I need my money back in the same way I paid them as I dont even need a mobile. Pls can you help me getting justice on this. It is cheating and is surely against online trading policies and a letdown for people who by products online. If it is not stopped by proper action then e-commerce will never develop in India.
Mar 3, 2014

please close my account

I am not interested in any kind of marketing please pay the balance credit points of rupees399 and close my account.Please do the needful (Riddhi Paul,assam)
Mar 3, 2014

please close my account

i am not interested in any kind of marketing please pay the balance of rupees399 in my account that is the credit points as i want to close the account .
Feb 15, 2014

100BestBuy fraud

100 Best buy is luring people with 100% money back offers to get their money and contact details where they can offer more such dubious offers.

1> There was a samsung phone luck draw at Rs 699
2> Same day I get a call from them asking me to deposit Rs 7999 for a free iBall tablet and Reebok wrist watch. (ref number 29004439)

The money in both cases would remain in the account for future purchases in both cases. Later I was told that the deal included just the tablet and not both. As I have no email confirmation, I take it as my fault to not get into dealing with these people over the phone offers.

There is no update on Samsung lucky draw or the tablet they had promised.

I have received numerous phone calls from them with similar offers but no update on the order for which I have already paid for.
Jan 22, 2014

order is not deliverd

My order no.28007608 tha jo theek nahi tha wo pick kar liya 31.12.2014 ko
wo apke pass 06.01.2014 ko pahuch gaya ref.no.70018086725 hai.
per mujhe mera order nahi returne kiya gaya. jab phone karte hain to jawab milta hai
kal dispatch ho jaayega .
aaaapke grahak pertinidhi misbiheb karte hain .line hold kara ker 15to20 minet ke bad
phone cut kardete hai.07.12.2013 se leker ab tak main daily phone karta hun
per koi result nahi aaya.
aap service itni poor hai ki uska koi jawab nahi hai.
ab aapki kirpa aap ki meherbani.
Kam se kam 10th mail kiye per jawab dene ka time nahi aap ke pass.

Jan 20, 2014

payment/product not received

I have paid 599 rs to 100bestbuy on19 oct 13, through SBI but still not getting any product or acknowledgement. Also I have mailed for the same for more than 10 times but they didnt reply. Bank – SBI bank Ref No. – ################IGN0907916 TRANSFER TO 30994075970 Pls do the needful, Regards, Kartik 9228333355
Buddy Notellingu
Nov 25, 2013

Worhless Best Buy Warranties

Don't get ripped off by buying one of best buy's worthless warranties.

Nov 21, 2013

Product not received

I have paid 599 rs to 100bestbuy on 19 oct 13 through SBI but still waiting for product / payment received acknowledgement.

I have mailed to 100bestbuy for more than 10 time for the same issue but thy are not responding.

Pls find bank details.

Bank - SBI

Ref No. - ################IGN0907916 TRANSFER TO 30994075970

Pls dothe needful,

sravan tallam
Oct 25, 2013


am purchase the 2 jean pants am already paid the amount in online 1288rupees my mobile number9666661961 not yet delivered purchase date 18-9-2013 refno-7401243 order-12485439 please action my problem am complint the consumer court please delivery my item
Oct 22, 2013

Order not delivered


I have ordered a saree for rupees 687 including the shipping on 2nd oct 2013 and till now i have not received the item.

The details after calling to customer care many times and sending mail i got below details.

Consignment No:70016092042
Reference number:23666832

I am unable to track the order.

Please deliver the good or refund my money.
shubha R shetty
Sep 27, 2013



I have got the first call from this no 9036013514 saying that I m the one winner out of 20nos and woned apple i phone 5 and I will get the complimentary of austin pair watch and Rs.300/- shopping voucher along with the secret pin code which i need to tell the person who calls me on 15th october and then I will get my I phone...

26th September I have received the COD of Rs. 960/- for pair wtched but there were no secret pin and nor 300 rs voucher.

I dont understand is this the right way to deal with the customer??.. My friends told many time not to book anything from 100best buy I still dint listen to them and participated in the concept..

Could please clarify why this is happend?

I tried calling them many time but no reply..
Sep 16, 2013


Dear Jawahar Raina,

We kindly request you to mention registered contact number so that we can give updates on same.
we unable to trace details from give number.

Sep 16, 2013


Dear premlata tiwari,

We like to confirm you that we have already refunded you from our end,


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