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Aadhar card center


Consumer complaints and reviews about Aadhar card center

Bubun patra
Feb 18, 2019

Adhar center dose not work

Khakurda post office west medinipur west bengal dantan II west bengal 2 month they are no work and telling every person his system dose not work. Plz action against this adhar center. Pin-721445
Feb 14, 2019

Aadhar enrollment centre are mostly closed here

Most of the time when i visit they give a date and later they say machine are not working who's fault is this of citizen or of enrollment centre and specied only specific days for changes only monday there will b changes and in that also there machines are not working
Nov 28, 2018

Aadhar card update service centers are not working properly

Most of them are saying server problem always...we r unable to provide aadhar update service...even though server working.......in some of the centre's help desk is there but no authorized persons present...in working hours.....last one and half month onwards iam visiting almost all aadhar centre's in guntur... For change of D.O.B but still iam unable to change the date of birth...... It is very pathetic situation.... Government is saying aadhar is necessary for any service......but not providing proper aadhar update and enrolment centre's....that will run exclusively for aadhar services...government should run separate aadhar enrolment and update centre's... Then only problem is solved... Bcoz other people are irresponsible.
Aug 29, 2018

Chaild addhar not allow

Malda Town Mein Jitna ve Aadhar Centre Hai Bank mein
Koi ve child Aadhar Card nahi hogaa. Bataye ja raha hai yaha pe nahi hota hai.
Jul 28, 2018

Unauthorized charges for services provided and highly unprofessional behaviour

Name of the centre-RK CYBER WORLD,Chandannagar,MAHESHTALA,South 24 parganas,Kolkata-700141.

Visited the store to update mobile number.she asked 100 rupees for the sevices.decently asked her why the charge is so high.she immediately refused to provide and threw the form.she was highly unprofessional in her approach.
This kind of attitude is unacceptable.
Jul 19, 2018

Aadhaar service not good

My locality pin code is 711103 I wanted to update my phone number and my email I'd with my Aadhaar but as my near locality it was a bank where I can update bt when I went to the bank the person is on holiday and when I went to the second near by office which was a post office the person gave me the date of 27th of July and when I ask why is that then he told me only 5 person a day how is this possible to help only 5 people a day. Is this the way how India is going to be a digital India. And now I have to wait till 27 of July very poor service at Aadhaar enrolment centre
Mahender Pal Rana
Jul 18, 2018

Adhar card center - Ek Mazak

I visited above 2 aadhar card centers for updating mobile number. HDFC bank representative said system is not working where as SBI representative said that concerned boy is not well and you come after 3 days.

My humble request is that you pl take strict action against these banks as these rascals are spoiling the government initiative.

Adhar card center at wazidpur, near Jaypee, sec-134' is charging Rs.200/- per card for updating mobile number.

It seems that system in India does not care about anything. These complaint should be taken seriously.

Mahender Pal Rana,
Jun 8, 2018

Irresponsible reply to customer

I am writing here to raise a complaint against the Aadhar center - Axis bank in Mount Ponnamallee road, Kattupakkam. I stepped in to ask for updating phone number with my aadhar. The person said me to come by 1.30 pm inspite of no reason. When i asked the procedure even he didnt bother to reply. He was really rude and pointed me to check into some other center if thats too urgent. I really dont understand what instructions are been given to these people and what is the purpose of having such useless centers.

Please let the person know his responsibility why he is made to sit there.
vasavi yennu
Jun 2, 2018

there is no punctuality in centers

Dear sir/mam,

since couple iam trying to do new aadhar for my chlid 5yrs old the center which is located at ashok nagar ramchandrapuram
at gramina vikas bank those guys behaviour with the customer is very roude and they have any punctuality they dont maintain time at all
they will inform the cistomer to come at 10:00hrs in the morning but they come to center at 12:00
may i know the reason only 40 tokens are giving for a day .

i request that kindly go with a online aadhaar its so help full for us
and also i request you that take an action on that aadhaar center.

May 29, 2018

denial & misconduct

Yesterday I went to Behala municipalty for making new aadhar card for my 8yrs old daughter(as to be submitted in school urgently), they directed us to Kotak mahindra Bank(branch-behala chowrasta), but officer refused to do that as their quota 40 is fulfilled.after checking UDAI SITE ,My husband called in permanent aadhar center near my house,namely-BANGIYA GRAMIN VIKASH BANK, SARSUNA MAIN ROAD,satin sen pally,kolkata-700061.ThenThey told me to come in today .I also called the bank today at 10:10am & they told me to visit with my daughter.I visit there at 10:45am for updating my aadhar card & making a new aadhar card for my daughter.after many request they denied to make it as their quota is 5 for the day which was full filed then & they can not do new aadhar card.After that I ask the name of the designated officer & branch manager.Even they didn't told me any name & they threaten me to call the police infront of my little child; my husband requested them,but they also misbehaved with him so rudely.I told them that Bank should notify how much aadhar card they can make per day; otherwise we are facing so much hazards.after that they humilate me so rudely specialy designated aadhar officer that I can't express it by words and they insist me to leave the bank premises though bank is public place & they are public officer??? I have all the voice call records in my mobile.We are a general citizen, if we are being humilated like this where we should go? This type of irresponsible manager will not give any service(I don't know 5 aadhar card / day is a generous number???).please take action. My email id is-- [email protected]
May 28, 2018

Giving token but not calling as per token no

Its rediculous behaviour of SBI indirapuram, D Mall Adhaar card center. Fourth call person is dealing this work and they used to award token in the mronding but calling some of token person and some of their known person in between fourth class. I visited the branch at 9.45 AM and they have given token no 28 for my son biometric upgradation but since whole day my wife waited their till 3 PM there was the same dealing and also they dont know how to behave female ( guardian) of child. Need to award more centers or need improved services .
May 20, 2018

Irresponsible Behavior of Aadhhar Centre

Irresponsible Behavior of Aadhhar Centre at SBI defence colony branch , Sainikpuri Hyderabad.
When We went for enrollment, no person was present, a mobile number was pasted in the wall.When Contacted that person he said server problem and when asked about when it will be restored, he replied don't know and cut the phone abruptly without taking further questions.When again contacted he is cutting and once again we tried and asked that he should be responsible to restore and provide service to customers, he started abusing in phone.When bank official of that SBI branch was approached, They say we are not reponsible for adhaar we have just given our premises for him to use.

Is it the way our govt ensuring adhaar Services to its citizens?.UIDAI should take stern action on this enrollment centre of Aadhhar at SBI defence colony branch , Sainikpuri Hyderabad. and suspend all licences for such centre and see they should obtain any such govt licences
May 16, 2018

Regarding people enrolling

Andhra bank Vidyanagar enrollment centre
People in this enrollment centre are not able to give details properly and people have to wait for hours. They brought their child with them and busy taking care of the child
bharti jaiswal
May 16, 2018

aadhar center

Dear Sir,

I am bharti Jaiswal. i am suffer more due to aadhar correction center not work. regularly continue i am goning to aadhar center. every day he told aadhar center employee sit very soon. but he never sit in office. because in lack of adhar i am unble to get provident fund.
my mother is very sick. and i am take money on intrest.due to govt employee not work.(bhadrabad post office -249402,aadhar center)

is this my faulte?????????

who can bear my loan amount??????????plz reply modi ji & others
bharti jaiswal
May 16, 2018


Dear Sir,

i am upset to tell you that after two month continue up and down. i was not found anybody to aadhar center( bhadrabad haridwar -postoffice-249402). who can pay my suffer and hospital bill because due to aadhar center i am unable to get my provident fund.
because lack of money i going to take money on intrest.due to aadhar center oops govt employee not work properly..........
plz resolve this issue..........he also want bribe to help in case of aadhar....
rahul boss
May 11, 2018

not makes aadhar card

I am rahul singh .I want to complaint about the adhaar cetre operater in postoffice sitapura industrial area jaipur who works in aadhar card operator His behaviour is very bad and he is not doing work of any person.
May 9, 2018

Complaint action

Does aadhar card govt. official takes action on all complaints registered against aadhar card centers??
Apr 3, 2018

Aadhar enrolment centre not doing their job

I go to register my mobile number with aadhar in aadhar enrolment centre Chandannagar axis bank barobazar and they told aadhar update is now not processed temporary and please come next month so I go there next month and they say it again to come next month and again and again and we are 5 family members they treat us same and their behaviour is so bad then know that the bank ignoring everyone in the area and I can't understand if they are so busy then why they took responsibility of aadhar enrolmentatin ... please take a action as soon as possible and contact me ([email protected] and 7003659052)...
Apr 3, 2018

Aadhar enrolment centre not doing their job

I go to register my mobile number with aadhar in aadhar enrolment centre Chandannagar axis bank barobazar and they told aadhar update is now not processed temporary and please come next month so I go there next month and they say it again to come next month and again and again then know that the bank ignore everyone... please take a action as soon as possible and contact me ([email protected] and 7003659052)....
Mar 27, 2018

Complaint about the Aadhaar Centre Operator

I would like to file a complaint against the Aadhar card centre in Thane 101, 1st Floor, Yashwant Tower, Opp Ram Maruti Road, Gadkari Road, Thane, Maharashtra 400602.The guy sitting there named as Rajendra Ramchandra Araj is extremely unprofessional, uncooperative and rude when communicating and acts as if doing a favor on us for updating Aadhar card details. Shame on such people. I wonder how he has been assigned for this work.
Mar 27, 2018

work not done

Adaar centre operater of ambala cantt civil hospital is not doing his work well and his behaviour is also bad
Mar 27, 2018

work not done

I am prince saini .I want to complaint about the adhaar cetre operater of ambala who works in civil operater centre His behaviour is very bad and he is not doing work of any person
Mar 23, 2018

Harassment at Adhar Centre

Myself - Ranjit Kumar Sahoo bearing Adhar No. ############ wanted to make New Adhar for my wife and two children.
I went to OCAC (Bhubaneswar) Adhar Centre on 06.03.2018 and standing in queue collected token no. 81,82,83 and was asked to come on 22.03.18 at 2 PM. While collecting token I asked what document required for my wife and two children . They told to bring D.O.B certificate of wife with any identity proof like PAN card; for children they asked to bring certification by school in school letter head about their name, D.O.B. When I told them that I have Adhar, the person in counter told me that as verifier I could put my adhar no. in adhar application of my wife and children and that will cater to residence proof.

On 22.03.18 I took leave from office , my children remained absent from school. I reached Adhar centre of OCAC at around 02:05 PM , filled up forms. I along with my wife and children stood in queue at OCAC Adhar centre, 1st floor. After standing for two and half hours our turn came .
Now the person insisted the residence proof of my wife and children as identity proof was already there. When I told that I stand as verifier with my Adhar card, he refused. I returned unsuccessful .

This is how with false information /misinformation provided by the person issuing token at Adhar counter on 06.03.18 I and my family were harassed and could not make Adhar for my wife and children. Besides I had observed that the persons at token issuing counter are always in hurry and wanted to disperse people at counter as early as possible by issuing token.

This is deterrent for making adhar if the persons at counter do not provide correct information and are not helpful. Now I look forward to another suitable day at any counter other than OCAC for making adhar for my wife and two children.
Feb 6, 2018

Irritating process due to interference with me

First date -The person who is updating the Adhar card came at 11 AM. To setup all things he took half hour, after that he gave us form to fill the details. Due to this I took 10 plus day to update just mobile number. But no update my aadar card. He always say network problem And printer problem.i Have to react??? Mistreat of public is common in this aadhar card center... We hate aadhar card for this reasons.... Once he addar card get but he denied due to printer. I am say that he send my old aadar card to my mail I'd .he say that 200 rupees to get them..
Dec 18, 2017

Irritating process due to interference of office staff.

I went to Adhar card update center which is in Pimpri chinchwad H kshetriy karyalay(Women ITI building),Kasarwadi Pune.
I went there at 9:30AM , some people were already in queue from morning 8 or 8:30. The person who is updating the Adhar card came at 11 AM. To setup all things he took half hour, after that he gave us form to fill the details.

He started to take one by one person for updating adhar details. But the office staff from that building were forcefully came in between the queue for update their relative's details. If we argue with that people they are behave very badly with the people which are came early in the morning for the process. Due to this I/we took 7 hours to update just mobile number .

I am requesting to the people(Government) who can control these things. If not able to do that so please don't do the compulsion of Adhar card.

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