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Consumer complaints and reviews about ACT BROADBAND

ACT Broadband
Mar 14, 2019

Disconnection and Money refund

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact number and city name below. We will look into this for you.

ACT Fibernet
ACT Broadband
Mar 14, 2019

RE: ACT executive Threatening and not processing my disconnection request

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please be assured that our team is looking into this.

ACT Fibernet
Mar 13, 2019

Disconnection and Money refund

My registered mobile number for the following ACT account is 9036420085. I've faced so many issues regarding the connection and asked them to disconnect my wifi. They took 2434/- for 3 months in advance I've to get that refund but they said they've to disconnect the connection and then refund my amount. But they didn't disconnect at all. Please take required action.
Mar 13, 2019

ACT executive Threatening and not processing my disconnection request

I have been using ACT broadband from past 2 years and slowly their service started getting degraded and it started hampering my office work too.
Even after raising tons of complaints,no remedy had been provided so far .So finally I decided to go for disconnection and raised a disconnection request on 02-Mar-2019 for the below things

(i) Broadband disconnection request.
(ii) Movement of setup box from my building.
(iii) Removal of power cord from my building

and also dropped a notice Email to the Customer Care and NODAL Officer too mentioning all the reason .

So far there has been no response from anyone .

Anyways there are 2 tickets that I had raised SR#1023947450951 SR#1024072636125

Finally today (13-Mar-2019) I got a call from one of the ACT executives named "Tyagraj" EMP ID :460051 who is threatening me and telling that he cannot carry out disconnection request this month and had closed my ticket multiple time .

Though I got the ticket reopened but immediately i got a call again from Tyargraj and started questioning me for the reason for re-opening the ticket .

According to Mr ACT executive Tyagraj ,ticket must in closed state for the disconnection process to happen.

I am really feed-up with such pathetic behavior and un professionalism shown by the ACT broadband provider and seeking an immediate disconnection

Can anyone please guide the next step to teach these guys a lesson or do I need to knock the doors of Consumer forum seeking a hefty amount of compensation and action against these culprits.

ACT Broadband
Mar 12, 2019

Refund of advance rental charged after disconnection

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact number and city name below. We will look into this for you.

Vinay Marihal
Mar 11, 2019

Refund of advance rental charged after disconnection


I was using ACT Fibernet(Reg Mob No: 9986898700) connection for past 5 years. I raised a disconnection request on 10th Feb 2019 and also same day I raised a request to stop charging advance rental against my credit card which used to happen on 15th of every month, ACT Customer Care Executive confirmed me that it will not happen. Also I mentioned that I will pay Pro-Rata charges that they charge me for using 10 days.

However ACT charged me Rs 808 on Feb 15th 2019 which was the bill for complete month and now not providing refund and closing the tickets raised for the same without any resolution.

So I would like to make the netizens here aware that please be careful before choosing ACT Fibernet service, the moment you choose to leave they will treat you very bad and also say they have no refund policy.

If they have no refund policy then they should have not charged me for whole month as I raised disconnection request on 10th of February itself.

Request all to avoid going for ACT Fibernet.

Mar 9, 2019

act broad band failed to resolve the complaint

Dear Sir,

Sub: ACT braod band poor service

We have been the customer of act broadband account no:############ since 2016 but the service is very poor (frequest & repeated disconnections) since the last one year. We have made many complaints but they are not responding, instead they are closing the complaints without resolving.We have also mailed to appelate authority of ACT braodband asking for cancellation of the connection and refund of money we had paid but there is response from theri end. We request you to take necessary action in this regard.

Thanking You,
M. Surendra
csk polymers pvt ltd
25-37, 4th cross
kabela road, rr nagar
vijayawada - 520012
[email protected]
Mar 7, 2019

ACT Fiber net

I am applying for new ACT Fibernet on 05/03/2019 and paid for the six-month subscription. Cable only laying modem and activation was not fixed. My user id is ############. Please ask, technical team, to connect immediately,
r krishnamoorthy.
ACT Broadband
Mar 7, 2019

RE: New connection Payment has been done but the installation process hasn't started

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact number and city name below. We will look into this for you.

ACT Fibernet
Mayan Gorky
Mar 6, 2019

New connection Payment has been done but the installation process hasn't started

Hi Team,

Opted for ACT FIBERNET connection and as soon as i enquired for a new connection. Team responded immediately and within 30 mins the representative was at my door step and made sure that i made the payment for the new internet connection and told within 3 days the installation will happen. But after that there has been complete silence from the ACT team. There hasn't been a follow up message saying when the technician will drop by for installation or atleast a date when they may come for setting up the internet connection.

Tried calling support center many times and they tell that they will check and get back but still no follow up mail/message. I cant have someone at home all the time expecting the technician to drop by and later when no one is there to report saying the house door was locked.

Again, today i sent a message enquiry for connection for that the response is immediate. when you show keen interest in getting the users to apply for a new connection. Why not show the interest in giving an update on the status of the application.

I really like to know, when the technician will come home and set up the network connection,

ACT Broadband
Feb 15, 2019

RE: Payment Failed

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your city name below. We will look into this for you.

ACT Fibernet
निखिल राठौड़
Feb 14, 2019

Payment Failed

Made a payment of INR 4103 to ACT broadband from GooglePay via Billdesk which failed at ACT website but the amount was deducted from my account. The next direct payment through debit card was successful. the Payment was made on 9th February 2019. Please do the needful to return the amount.

Nikhil Rathor
Feb 14, 2019

No Refund given

This is soo bad. The connection has been disconnected before 20 days and whenever i call customer care they simply say within 24hrs, But then they will never call back . This is soo bad,I request others not to take this connection.

Feb 14, 2019

Autodebit payment

Hello All,

Has anyone tried to deregister auto-debit payment for ACT Broadband? Any success on doing so ?

I have charged 100 bucks extra on the month of November, when I approach customer care I was
informed "Late payment charges". I was surprised and responded "I have subscribed to auto-debit payment and is that a problem of mine? " - 2 min of silence from customer care.
As a result, they agreed to tally in the next month bill and I informed them to stop auto-debit. Now the actual problem begins, I was redirected in wrong direction,and informed by customer care " To stop auto-debit, you should inform bank"

As he(customer-care) mentioned , I made a call to bank and there was a clear cut information - there is no control on our end. It has to be deregistered from service provider.

I thought it's better to perform payment on my own, I raised complaint again in the month of
December - to stop auto-debit and still I'm raising complaint(pathetic situation ever faced with other broadband service). Every time complaint will be registered and closes the ticket in 3 working days.

Any solution for this complaints?

Terrible experience with customer care. Sometimes, they put me on hold after 2~3 min, they will disconnect with any information. Is this the way to handle ?

I have requested for disconnection,even that request also not considered :(

Account Number is ############
Feb 7, 2019


Hi All,

Since last 30 days i raised 3 times for disconnection. and they every time they are closing my ticket and not disconnecting service. they are charging money from me monthly. Could you please let me know what kind of action can we take legally on act broadband?
ACT Broadband
Feb 7, 2019

RE: No Internet

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact number and city name below. We will look into this for you.

ACT Fibernet
Feb 5, 2019

No Internet

It is pathetic, that ACT doesn't have any proper mechanism to register complaints. You can't reach them over phone ad they don't provide any number. The customer care is lousy and there is no way you can escalate your issues. One of the worst service.

Please provide a proper service team and share the list with the customers.

Dr. Shesh
ACT Broadband
Feb 4, 2019

RE: Very poor horrible support team

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your city name below. We will look into this for you.

ACT Fibernet
Feb 2, 2019

Very poor horrible support team

Hi act team,

I am trying to discontinue fron the act since many days. The unprofessional customer care team does not know to speak and they can never get the work done.
I wanted to discontinue due to a travel but thought of connecting back after a year. But you guys dont deserve to have given a chance. Horrible team with horrible management.
New connection can be made easily but if someone tries to discontine with connection then they have wait for ages.

Saurav mittra
Feb 1, 2019


As I was about to relocate my house, I have placed a relocation request on 12 Jan. I have shifted my house on 12 Jan. After placing request there where no call from the ACT regarding the feasibility/relocation. I have waited till 16th Jan and called Customer care. They told we will contact you shortly.

Since Internet is very essential for my job, I have called them. The customer care told it will take another 48 hours.

I got annoyed of the reply and requested to cancel my service. The poor customer service executive, put my call on wait and after few minutes they disconnected.

This happened couple of time.

Finally a person on cancellation dept picked and requested for 24 hour time to fix the issue. Then goes another 24 hours, no reply then I finally placed the cancellation request.

No Answer yet. After 2 days a guy from retention dept called my and try to convince me stating that he will WAIVER my amount for the duration of non usage etc. But I didn't take his advice coz I have placed request for new connection with new vendor.

After 30 mins of conversation, the retention personnel stated the below  statement.

"Since you are not convinced, I will extent your connection till this month end, so there will be no need for us to repay/ Also my top management will not question us regarding your cancellation."


"ACT never have the option to return the paid money though the cancellation/Disconnection made either of side"

WOW. wat a policy.

I knew that am going to relocate and also am so genuine in paying the prepaid payment for whole month, still no rewards or respect for my payment.

ACT Broadband
Feb 1, 2019

RE: Delay in issuing new connection

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact number and city name below. We will look into this for you.

ACT Fibernet
Jeevaratnam Sivapragasam
Jan 30, 2019

Delay in issuing new connection

I have opted for Act broadband connection because of their good service. It has been 2 weeks since their executive collected money and not even turned up. After getting excuse for 2 weeks they are not even providing proper response/ communication.
Even customer care doesn't know what has gone wrong.
The ACT executive is not even picking the call or sometime disconnecting it. Is this how ACT treats their customer.
Is there any way to escalate this to higher authorities.

ACT Broadband
Jan 21, 2019

RE: disconnection due to infeasibility - no refund given yet

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact number and city name below. We will look into this for you.

ACT Fibernet
Jan 19, 2019

disconnection due to infeasibility - no refund given yet

I was using ACT since more than a year. Account ID ############. Recently I shifted to a different apartment on 1st Jan in the same area but ACT connection was not feasible there. So they told disconnection will be done and refund will be given after prorated deduction for 15 days. I had paid ~7100/- for next 6 months just 15 days(15th Dec) before this shifting.
Now I'm calling everyday but no customer care executive has given any info.
Some say it's pending for approval, some say there is no ticket, and others with standard reply "under processing".

Nodal officer number doesn't work.
Nodal officer email not replied.
Jan 9, 2019

48hrs no resolution yet

Hello There,

Whoever is reading this, please note that this has been a very annoying experience with you people. It's been 48 hours and yet no resolution.
First when I raised the complaint, i was being said that within 24 hrs the issue will be resolved. There was no intimation, no message, no followup being made. Neither any of your representative called up nor any technician turned up.

When I called back to check on the status, I was asked to wait till 24 hrs are up. I called in again after 24hrs and I was promised to have it resolved withing 1st half next day.

I wait for next day. No calls, no message and no technician assigned. I call in again and this time asked to transfer the call to a senior executive. The representative places the call on hold. I keep listening to the irritating sound in the background. The call drops. How annoying is that?

I call in again and everytime I call, Ive to explain the situation all over again. I again ask the rep to transfer the call to a senior executive. She does but no luck. The response I get is the lines are busy. really???? Lines are busy or you just want to avoid to talking to an irate customer??? However, she now gives a new timeline. The issue will be resolved by 5pm. Wow great!!!! And she also said that a representative will call me to provide a status within 4hrs. Okay! I wait for 4 hrs and I do receive a call. And surprise! I'm again asked to wait till end of the day. And yeah end of the day, I call again and guess what, this time ive been promised to have the resolution by 11 am next day. Wow you guys are just brilliant!!

Will this ever be resolved????

If this is not gonna be addressed by tomorrow, let me know the procedure to cancel the subscription because I am done with you guys and it's enough.


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