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Consumer complaints and reviews about ACT BROADBAND

Jul 30, 2014

Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill


Hope some one could help from the Complaint Board team.

This is an ongoing issue since April and ACT people are not responding/addressing my issue.

I spoke to CSR's (many),Nodal Team (Kavya,Kiran,Ravi,praveen,Suresh and so on) members but are of no help.

I call them almost every 2 days and they keep giving me one or the other excuse without giving me a solution.
They say us that they will get back in few hours but that few hours will never come.

All they do is - They give false promises and get rid of the call without a solution.

Almost every one in the nodal team knows my name and they recognize me with my name and they ll run out of giving excuses and say that they are still looking into the issue (since 3 months).

I have sent emails and tried to get in touch with them on the phone- but they are careless.

I waited for long and listened to their excuses and have no patience to prolong this.
This has to be actioned immediately else I will take this to Civil Court if needed and will explain how they are treating customers.

ACT gives a good speedy internet (thats the only benefit) but they are very poor in customer satisfaction and they dont address customer issues at all.

They may be targeting and focusing on sales and gaining new customers but not retaining the ones who are already taken up their service.

I am not judging ACT here but atleast a new customer should not experience these issues as ACT will show you what Pain is once subscribed.

I have emailed ACT my issue on may 2nd which i will be attaching the same here in JPEG format for your reference along with the chain of emails and documents/complaints made with BESCOM.

I also have all the calls recorded.
If needed i can send all the calls list which i spoke to ACT CSR's,Nodal team and Claims department.

Kindly help me to get solved ASAP.

Praneeth Reddy
[email protected]

Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill Intervention with Power Meter fetched to meter failure and high bill

Jul 19, 2014

ACT Broadband:


I have been using ACT broadband for last 4 months; out of those at least for 3 weeks it was not working.
I agree with almost all the complaints here. In spite of pathetic service, they black mail the customer of disconnecting the connection if they dont pay the bill. If the connection is not working for 3 weeks continuously why should anyone pay for that matter. When i told the same thing to their customer care, the response was "we will consider that in the next month bill" but one can guess how reliable they are. ACT is totally pathetic and dont fall into their traps so called "get 20% discount in your next bill by referring to your neighbor".
Jul 19, 2014

ACT: Adamant Careless Torture


I have been using ACT broadband for last 4 months; out of those at least for 1 month it was not working.
I agree with almost all the complaints. In spite of pathetic service, they black mail the customer of disconnecting the connection if they dont pay the bill. If the connection is not working for 3 weeks continously why should anyone pay for that matter. When i told the same thing to their customer care, the response was "we will consider that in the next month bill" but one can guess how reliable they are. ACT is totally pathetic and the so called "get 20% discount in your next bill by referring to your neighbor". Even if they give 100% discount, please don't fall into such traps.
Jul 9, 2014

ACT broadband not refunding the money


I had applied for ACT broadband connection on 31st May, 2014 by paying 6 months subscription fee. As per the ACT, getting the connection activated would take about 7 working days. After waiting for 12 days, there was no connection established so raised a request for refund for the same amount paid initially, the complaint id is 0002207778. As per ACT it would take 15 working days to refund the amount. I patiently waited for 15 days and again contacted ACT for refund. For every call to customer care centre, the customer care person would respond back that someone from the billing team would call back and give the details of the refund. I have been mentally tortured by the ACT people for not refunding the money. Almost everyday, I am calling them for the refund and they would give the same response that someone will get back to you.

Please register a complaint on this and ask ACT team to respond.

Application No : 131968, Refund request ID : 0002207778, Userid : 819205
Jun 28, 2014

ACT Broadband downtime

Hi All,

I dont have any extra word to add , comments from other ACT BB describes a similar issue which i have under gone.

1) Frequent service disruption
2) service not available for more than 5 days
3) They provide dynamic IP and we cannot trace the usage of BB service.
4) They downgrade the speed and say that we have already consumed the quota.

ACT BB plan : ACT privilege 1200 Rs ( Sincere collection ) 15 Mpbs speed (Which never came) 40 GB ( which we never consume )
Account ID : 423622
I would request all our Frazer town users to refrain by going with their Bazooka speed ads.
On one side i really like the concept of providing High speed broadband and affordable speed, but just using the customer requirements ACT is not making its efforts to provide the standards.
ACT executive team, please look into this and save the reputation,

Nick Gs
Jun 28, 2014

worst service

please anyone who is even thinking of taking act stop that process right now. i am a resisdent of basaveshwara nagar bangalore and i recntly got a act connection just this last month.it hasnt even been 2 weeks since i got it.alredy thers a problem with the cable.i am out of connection from the past 3 days and i have placed 5 complaints.This is where it gets fructuating ypu have to wait for atleast 20 minutes for da customer care to connect it will cost you atleast 10-20 rs evrytime.Even though i have placed complaints theres no response. And i would like to mention someone else called arun who was at my house at the time he came to tell me thers a cable problem and i wont be having any connection. this guy when i tried to argue for a connextion told me to file a complaint with ease.He too knew that wouldn make him any difference.this custoner service and support is unargueably the worst worst in da entire world.Please choose a differnt connection
Jun 25, 2014


Friends, I have been using ACT wifi in Banaswadi area for the last 13-14 months by paying around Rs1200 monthly. Whenever there is a link down/problem, you try the customer care you will get a Ring Tone "all our customer care executives are busy attending clients" which means, they are poured in with so many complaints are they are keeping the phones in busy mode. If we use Airtel data card the speed is good, but when we wanted to used wifi the speed is too low. However, system shows a speed of 15mbps. Particularly during month ends, your net will not work.

Jun 20, 2014

Dont take ACT Broadband

Same as rest of the above ACT Customers, Till couple of months back, their servie / internet connection was very good, there wsa no drop, but since last one and half month their service is very bad, and their customer service # is even worst, I am paying 1200/month, now a days it is not worth, If any one looking for ACTConnection, wait for sometime if the things are worst, then go for another service provider.
The existing customer, look for alternatives

If anyone goes to consumer forum, please let me know I also will join, as a customers of ACT, we can approach consumer court

[email protected]
Jun 19, 2014


I am from BSR PARADISE , KADUBESHANAHALLI area. Almost 50 apartment in my Building using ACT broadband. The service is very unstable and pathetic. Internet was down from 9th of June. ( Several times before that) and after regular followup with customer care the internet is got fixed on 15th. AND AGAIN DOWN on the same day ... What a service.. The Team Leader Balaji promised that they put a new server and now the service will be good etc. etc. before that they have given excuse like fibre cut , junction box issue etc. etc. no consistency in the version , absolute scrap... DON"T EVER THINK to take ACT service in BANGALORE
Jun 19, 2014

ACT BROADBAND- worst customer support

My Act broadband connection is not working since last one week and I have registered a complaint with ACT customer care on 16 Jun 2014. I have been following up with their customer care team every day for resolving the issue. The surprising act is that I have not received any call from their technical team as promised by their customer care executives that I would be receive a technical team member call to fix the issue over phone. I have made repeated calls to customer care to arrange a call with technical team and still no response from them. To be more specific, I have made 3 calls on 17 Jun 2014, 4 calls on 18 Jun 2014 (each call would make a customer wait for 5 to 10 mins and then customer executive would answer the call) for just to request them to arrange for a technical team call to resolve the internet issue as promised them earlier on 16 Jun 2014. However, I have not received any call from them until today (19 Jun 2014) and I have decided to disconnect the connection if I do not receive technical team call to resolve the issue. The customer care executive says that they would need 24 working hours (i.e. 3 working days) to resolve the issue and its been 3 working days since my initial complaint registered (Complaint # 0002218361) and I do not see any action happening from their end today also (i.e. 19 Jun 2014). I have never ever experienced such a worst customer care response towards any issue in my life and the ACT team looks like they does not want to resolve the issue even after making so many false promises to arrange a call with technical team person. Please guys, whoever is reading this post, don't be a victim of ACT broadband false promises and promotions. If someone from ACT broadband team reading my complaint, I request them one more time to resolve the broadband issue as soon as possible. Its so scary reading remaining complaints in this forum as people say their broadband issue fixed after 20 days or after 3 weeks...I dont have patience wait for so many days just waiting for someone to call me or fix my internet issue. I hope my issue will resolved soon.

My account details:

User Name: 10765003
Registered mobile number: 9902231223
Complaint number: 0002218361
Jun 18, 2014

Service Pathetic and Customer care are rude to answer our questions

I got ACT BB installed in 2014 with 6months advance paid with free wifi router as offer.
Problem started after 1months when there was no network connectivity. I got to call the Customer care - believe me - we need to wait like DOGS to catch hold of those customer care (Customer care number is Land Line number there are no toll free numbers too) and finally got the complaint logged.
First thing they say is problem will be rectified by END OF DAY, and no one will attend the call - all of sudden after 3 working days, my complaint number got closed. Again try reaching the customer care, wait like dogs to get one more ticket logged.
None of the customer care will be aware what is the issue, they will just say - Problem will be resolved by EOD.
Finally field engineer visited my place after 10 days and said, there is an fiber cut and it has to be checked by 3rd party vendor.
When i want to escalate the problem, again no other option rather than calling the customer care, they will again say - problem will be rectified by EOD, apart from that WORD they have not trained to say ANY other words. and when i shouted, Finally i got my line transferred to team lead known as as Harish, i started explaining him the entire story happened 10 days before, he too will assure that problem will be rectified by EOD.
Now cabling team came home and confirms that - problem is not with the cable its with the router - WHAT A PATHETIC thing, believe me its crossed 15 days +
When any engineer speaks to you, it means the ticket is closed - thats the cleverness from ACT. They will never keep the ticket open for more than 3 days a new ticket is opened forcefully, they don't even take any confirmation from our side.
Lastly but not the least - Field engineer Syed and Sharavan arrived home and said due to rain Wifi router is burnt, and guys FYI I am an Tech person for the past 15 years (What an lovely answer right). They think people don't know any thing about technology, my son who is of 9 years old can configure my home router.
Again keep calling customer care and blast, Whether I ate or don't i have placed 100+ calls.
Pissed of those guys - and asked for Team Lead Harish, they will say no one works here as Harish. Then speak to other TL and inform the same issue.
Finally got my BB working after 23 days - I was very happy.
You know what happened after 2 day - AGAIN THE SAME PROBLEM.
Now i have taken new Tata Photon connection as alternate solution - Waste of Money.

Suggestion from my side - Don't ever fall in prey with ACT BB, Don't ever pay 6 or 12 months advance money, please pay on monthly basic at least we can change over to other service provider.
Jun 17, 2014

Intermittent connection

I got a new ACT connection yesterday, on referral of a neighbor, ever since its activation the connection has been intermittent. It never stayed connected for more than 5 mins. This appears to be worst service provider in the first day itself.
1) They take advance rent, so even if you are not satisfied with service you will lose money.
2) No toll free customer care line, its a landline number.
3) Customer care line does not connect even after 30mins of holding, which is chargeable.
4) Writing emails or complaining online goes into deaf ears, no one even cared to acknowledge my email.
5) Their service engg who installed my connection yesterday says he will come at his time of convenience and not as per my availability.
6) I suspect they would bill me even for the downtime.
7) My neighbor had told me in advance that they take more than a week to fix any issue even as they claim 4 hours time for resolving the problem on their website.
Jun 13, 2014

Internet Connection not working

Hi Team,

This is horrible, how many complaints a person can raise and remember useless ticket numbers and waste money calling you customer service, its almost 12days I don't have internet connection, your team kept on telling sending technician, where you are sending him, United States to sit and search in GOOGLE from there my home address, from Bangalore to Bangalore local how many days you need to send, I am telling you people are not ready to fix the issue get rid your useless connection from my house, you are not only the one to provide service, I can take any corporate connection, and keep in mind its once you get a customer its your duty and responsibility to fix the issue with in agree TAT, you are not offering any FREE service, WE ARE PAYING YOU IN ADVANCE FOR WHICH WE STILL NOT USED FOR THAT MONTH.

Value the days and time, do you know 12days what does it mean you people. What all can happen in 12 days, to fix one small issue you are taking 12 days that would be 288 Hours. Don't be in dream of thinking that if you give good speed internet people will come for connection, looking at these chain of complaints they will opt for others.

Unsatisfied Customer of ACT
a kumari
Jun 12, 2014

Connection issue from last 15days

since may Last week the connection broke and getting to the customer care is anything like 30 minutes waiting on the phone. My Customer id 10766862
Jun 11, 2014

Connection Issue

Anyone facing the issue claim for a reversal of the bill amount for that month. Ask for reducing the bill for the number of days the connection was down. I am asking for it and they have agreed.
Jun 11, 2014

Terrible experience once connectivity down

My connection has gone down, on Saturday afternoon (7th June).
Called up Customer Service, and raised ticket and was assured of a fix in 24 hours.
Since then I have been given them calls almost everyday, sometimes even multiple times a day.
Every time I call, I get the same response - "The problem is with the junction box. Our technician has visited the place to check. The issue would be resolved by the End of the Day."
To this day, and today is the fourth day (11th June evening), that the Internet service has been down.
Totally fed up calling their customer service. In billing also they charged for full 30 days, same problem i faced in last month 24th May , no one came at my place to fix the issue at last i fixed the problem by my own after 3 days.

Would never recommend ACT Broadband service to anyone.
Jun 11, 2014

Connection Issue


After reading through most of the complaints here I feel I am facing the same issues all of you are talking about. I am thinking of moving the consumer forum. Is there anyone else interested? I have paid Rs.6000/- upfront for 6 months thinking it would work seamless. But after experiencing the issues past two weeks I don't think these issues will get fixed. Is there anyone else in this forum interested to move to the consumer cell with this issue?

Please write to me.

[email protected]
Jun 11, 2014

Connection issue

I took the new connection in April, it took a bit of an effort (more than 1 week) for the person to finally come to my place and establish the connection. Last week the connection broke and getting to the customer care is anything like 20 minutes waiting on the phone. Even after multiple follow-up no one fixed the issue nor they never contacted me back.

I would advice not to take this connection, its not all that cheap when your connection is down and you are dependent on it for your work.

Jun 10, 2014


They are providing the worst service in market. In every two to three days internet connection goes off and when you call to rgister a complaint, they just don't response.Some strong action should be taken against this.

Customer care number : 080 4284 0000
Jun 7, 2014

i hav paid mony on 31may no connection done nd no response

No response
Jun 6, 2014


ACT Broadband customer care is worst.
I registered a complaint yesterday night nobody has attended till now.
I tried calling in the afternoon, they recognized that I had registered a complaint.
Since nobody came, I tried calling in the evening, they said no compaint has been registered so far and ETA will be another 24 hrs
Such pathetic service with bunch of liers
Jun 5, 2014

Transferring existing connection


I am Biswajit Tamuli an existing customer of ACT Broad band. I have changed my house on 25th May 2014 from that time onwards I am keep on calling ACT customer care service for transferring my existing connection to my new address. But one gentle man said sir your connection will be transferred within 2 days and I will close your complaint no (0002124887). But nobody has turned up till now. Then again I called up and spoke to a lady called "Sreedevi" then i told her that i want to speak to your Floor Manager. She told me now manager busy so i will arrange a call back after 10 min. But nobody has turned up to call me back. Again I have called yesterday for seeking help from ACT but again a Person Called "Ansari" has promised me that He will arrange a call back by tomorrow morning at 10 AM. But till now I have not received any call from anybody. Now tell me what should I do ??

This is pathetic.
Jun 3, 2014

worst customer service, not given the conenction

I have paid on 22nd May 2014 for 6months, they came and fixed the main box by 26th may and not given the connection, since 30th May i have been calling to them morning and evening, the customer care team is telling we will forward the request to area manager, they will call back you and solve your problem, from 3rd June they are repeating the same, no one called me, no one attended to give the connection.

I sent mail as well twice, no one replied. My complaint number is 0002140696. Is there any thing can we put a case against them

I fed up to call them, but trying with my patience

Sanjana Chidanand
Jun 3, 2014

No connectivity for the past fortnight

I have been suffering in unimaginable ways unable to get connectivity for the past fortnight. My husband and I work on the computer and with no connectivity, we are suffering huge losses.

Worst part? They refuse to pick up the phone and if they answer (Which is rare) they come up with all new stories running out their imaginations on us! Every given phone number has been contacted and till date it's our phone bills that running in hundreds, and no connectivity yet!
May 31, 2014

ACT broad band reduces speed after 80%

1. ACT broad band reduces speed to 256 Kbps after reaching 80% FUP, Which is ridiculous. Looks like it is their business model. Isn't it ACT team ?


2. Broad band service will be interrupted frequently and they 3-4 days to fix the issue and restore the connection. How can they prepaid billing when they provide such a bad service ? Ridiculous to fee late fee as well. What about the SLA to restore their services ?

Who will answer these from ACT ?

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