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Consumer complaints and reviews about ACT BROADBAND

May 28, 2013

Broadband speed has been reduced 25% before Fair Usage Limit

I have 40GB fair usage plan. The speed reduced from last 2 days. My current usage shows around 32GB ONLY. Same thing was happened for last couple of months. Given multiple complaints. Every time customer care people says technical team is working on the issue. Simply they will drag till the month end. If ACT not able to provide enough speed, they should not fool the people by making such commitments.. Poor support.. Poor technical team.. poor maintenance..
May 28, 2013

Broadband speed has been reduced before Fair Usage Limit

I am an ACT customer for more than one year. And this month, our broadband speed (10Mbps till 50GB) has been reduced to 512kbps much before the consumption of Fair Usage Limit. I have called their customer care several time to raise complaint, but they were ignoring my complaint and haven't done any action to fix this. I called their Nodal Officer Suresh Kumar, and he agreed to resolve it in 24 hour. But he has also done nothing and he is not even picking my call after that.
May 28, 2013

ACT Broadband

Just like the rest, am facing constant issues with the ACT broadband connection. If its not the unreachable DHCP server, it's fiber cut or some electrical problem with the junction box or battery replacement etc.

Am stuck with them because of having paid 6 months in advance (got lured by the free wifi router). there customer care is impossible and forever committing to getting it fixed immediately. Their network engineers, supervisors never call back to update on the problem and we end up waiting on the call center number.

Is there nothing we can do now ? Is anyone planning to lodge a complaint in the consumer court ?

May 25, 2013

Broadband is not working

I have had the Worst Service Expereience with Supervisor Mr. Shayam, Techinial engineer Mr. Ramesh also Helpdesk executive:-Pramod,Raghavendra, Murthy, Arun, Naresh, Sujith, Chandrashekhar and Savitha. No one is giving proper respond and not taking interest to resolve the issue. I have logged a complaint on 19th, My complaint number is 0000917741. After one week the issue not yet resolved and no proper response. No responsibility towards the complaint. If requested for supervisor or manager,there is no one response from executive, either they have to connect to the manager or provide the number to speak the manager, both they are not agreed.

Kindly provide us the Escalation contact so that, there is a strict action taken on such poor service. Still the issue is not fixed. And this is my worst experience with ACT TEAM
Amitabh Tiwari
May 24, 2013

Lack of service, transparency and ownership

Two month I took ACT broad band connection and to my surprise they give me connection next day it self. Which eventually activate after two days. Then it all started next day of my activation i faced the problem on connectivity and customer care told me they are raising complain on priority basis and it will be resolved in a day. I waited for almost 5 days and i got the message the complaint is closed. I again contacted ACT customer service, about the issue and finally it got resolved for a day and next again same problem. Again i raised the complain but no response.

I finally took decision of closing the connection. I thought now my headache is over but then their transparency comes in picture about refund process. On inquiring for around 10 times they give DD number. When i need courier number to track the courier and raised more than 15 complains asking for courier number neither customer care nor the Nodaloofficer provided me the courier number.

On each day customer ask me give one day (today's time) and their supervisors will call me and inform me about the status.
But that never happened and in-turn i got closed complain messages.

On one day they said your DD is returned back to our regional office come and collect it.

In the span of last one month, I struggled a lot to get my refund and I'm still struggling.

I started feeling they actually don't want to refund.
May 24, 2013

No Internet connection

Last month I took ACT broad band connection (Customer ID: 10552004) and unfortunately, the connection keeps on giving issues. To resolve this problem when I contact ACT customer service, the issue is not getting resolved nor there is proper response from them. I am sorry to say that even floor supervisors or managers never take any escalation calls or they call us back even after several requests.

In the span of one month, I oversee such disconnection problems three times and never the issue sorted out in-time. I am very much disappointed with the kind of customer service provided by ACT and would request you to kindly initiate necessary action.

Ravi Shankara
May 15, 2013

No Internet service for the past 3 days

I'm having the internet issue with ACT at HBR layout. I have been trying to register the complaint with ACT helpdesk, but all my calls were answered by automated response and no one picks the call afterwards. I have been put on hold for more than 15 minutes every time I call [tried at different timings in the day for the past 3 days] and it never answered by the helpdesk personnel. I even tried the nodal officer number which is always busy. Sent email to help desk, but no response, escalated to nodal officer email, still no response. No idea whats going on
May 14, 2013

issue not resolved for 5 days

I have registered a complaint on May 9th (complaint number 0899184) regarding the Internet issue and i had called the customer care multiple times. Everytime i call, i get a response that it will be attended shortly. But no response after that. Worst customer service.
Fouziya Khan
May 12, 2013

No INternet Service Since three days

I took ACT connection 3 months back and initially the connection and service was fine. But suddenly the network went down due to rains and after which I lost my net connectivity. Its been three days and no one has attended my complaint after making continuous calls. Customer service executives lie telling that there is a fiber issue, hub issue ext.. whereas my other ACT connection is working. Horrible customer service and service provider.
When asked to speak to manager there is no one responsible who can speak to the customer and attend the complaints.
PLease assist in attending the complaint and taking necessary action.
May 8, 2013

Motor & Capacitor replaced

Last two years back I have purchased a SHAKERS-ORCA kitchen chimney and now it required servicing. On last 05/04/2013 I reported Shakers Sodepore service center (Tel No: 033-64505980) for servicing and as usual they send a service boy (Name: Sumon Ghosh, Mob: 9126119863) for servicing on probably 12th April. After servicing the service boy asked me that right motor and capacitor have been disordered (although the motor was working with little slow before servicing) and need to replacement. Anyway I agreed with him (against paying cost of Rs- 580/-) and he asked me that the motor will be delivered in next week (expected by 17/18th April). Thereafter in every week I am calling them for my motor replacement but always Shakers authority assuring me that motor will be positively delivered by next week.

Unfortunately in this week their system not showing anything in related with my motor replacement and as such yesterday they have lodge a new report (No: SH05/08/03) in related with motor & capacitor replacement. I am not sure that when the motor and capacitor will be delivered.
May 8, 2013

want to cancel installation process which is taken place till now.

Subscriber date : 4/04/2013.
Amount: 1398/- Rs.
Tickete No.: 1679824

After waiting for a two week for the installation I decided not to take a connection. I requested for the cancellation. I called many time to my sales person Parsanna mobile no. 7829012481 but he kept saying he would come and return the money. Thereafter, after a two week he stop receiving my calles. When I visited their office could not meet to senior person but talked over phone and he said he would do the process but sad, no response.

Then I called customer help line 42840000. they put me on conference with sales person parsanna then he said he would come and return the money.
However, in the same day on 08/05/2013 some one come to my home in my absent and give the wire connection without my approval. It seems they intentionally want to give us a connection and don't want to return money. Isn't this ridiculous? Let's see.
May 1, 2013

Worst support by customer support team

Frequent service outages in one whole month, on 10383959. Had raised complaint 4 days back. first day tech guy said 24hr to resolve the issue so did the 2nd and 3rd representatives. After 3 days another tech guy says 48hrs, however cannot promise the timeline. After calling the customer support repeatedly on the same issue. Technical support team does not take any accountability to get back to the customer to inform its taking some more time. each technical experts are scripted and payed to calm down their irated customers instead resolve their issues.

No responsibility towards the complaint. If requested for supervisor, tech guys says there are no tech leads managers available on the floor. for complete two days. tech representatives give false information to the customer. Only job they are doing is typing the case logs, and telling the customer its now wit different team to work on.

Still the issue is not fixed. And this is my worst experience with ACT TEAM
Apr 18, 2013



JV Electricals

To Act BroadBand,

I have had the Worst Service Expereience with the Connection, : Registered Mobile Number : 9886846157

Registered Complaints : More than 10 in 6 Months

Issues : Wire Cut , DHCP not Giving IP address Connection Down Due to power failures

I have raised multiple complaints with ACT Care to Resolve issues related to wire cut, connectivity down time and waiver of non usage, which was not resolved on time. They promised to give me a waiver for the 18 days but I didn’t get a waiver for the same, due to that they suspended my service and didn’t give me a waiver for non usage of days, Today 18/Apr i get a call saying that they would give me a waiver only for 8 Days including the days of suspension of my Account.

No of days not used : 18 in the month of Feburary and March 2013 .

No of Days of supension : 15 Days

Finally now we have to pay for the time our connection was suspended which is not agreeable.

This is unfair on the companys part


Gyan Punjabi
Shruti S
Mar 26, 2013

Pathetic Service


We are having ACT broadband connection since 1 year. From past 3months we are experiencing slowness & disconnection.
In-spite of raising several complaints every month there has been no Action taken by ACT. From past 2-3 days, the connection is highly disappointing. We call the incharge manager Girish - 9538863043 & Mahesh - 9538886507 who is the Network Engineer (is what we were told) - call them multiple times a day but they either keep buying time or do not respond to the calls at all.

Kindly provide us the Escalation contact so that, there is a strict action taken on such poor service.
Mar 11, 2013

Wrong Rental Charge Applied

Dear Friends,

Please be double sure before any of you'll guys decide to take an act broadband connection. Following is a true life incident that happen to me due to Act guys foolish act. I had taken an act broadband connection in the month July/2012 under Rs.599 plan and the connection was given promptly by the guys from Act and also an acknowledgement for enrolling in the requested plan, my nightmare started the next month when the bill came, I was shocked to find that they have enrolled me under the Rs.1050/- plan this is in spite I receiving a welcome call from Act to confirm on my plan. When I spoke to the customer care number they told me politely that I just have to send an email to them and this problem will be solved. But, this kept prolonging every month and the same response from Act customer care. And now finally they have disconnected my internet connection saying non payment whereas, I had deducted the extra amount and paid them the amount that I had asked for and used.

Also I was informed that if i agree to install the modem i would get a rebate of 50rs per month. They later fixed a metal box case outside my house with modem inside and also gave direct electric connection.

A couple of months later an ACT guy came home and said that there was some problem with the cable and that he needs to fix it. Later I realized that he had actually provided another connection to somebody staying next door. When i spoke to the customer care they said that the modem is to be used to provide 8 connections. In short, I have the metal box with the modem drilled and fixed in my house, I have to provide electric connection required for the modem and later 7 people will have their connection is there in that modem.

Sep 23, 2012

violation of fair usage policy

yes same is happening with me...their database is updated daily but when i make the complain to CC they are telling i have crossed my limit of 50 GB. but it is not so. i keep a record of my all downloads but their database show double usage of what i have actually download. i have to fight with CC and have to convince them that their database is wrong after complaining continuous for 4 to 5 days they will give me again 10 Mbps speed. but this is happening from last 3 month...my four to five days are wasted because of it...i think they cheating the customer by saying they are giving 50 GB limit but actually it is not so...
Feb 10, 2012

Fraud, No connection after payment

Hi Friends,

I live in H M Green Oak Appartment, Marappa Garden and I am Totally happy with ACT Broadband service.

Usually people come here to complain, however i have come here to appreciate someones effort.
I had been Airtel broadband costomer from past 5 years and recently i noticed that they have been taking the customers for granted. So i dicided to switch over and tried many options like tata docomo which was a nightmare.
After considering many broadband companies, i heard about ACT. I went to many reference sites from which i got a
negative response about ACT mentioning the delays in installation.
So finally i called there executive to check there plans and luckily that gentleman told me that there software has been updated and the services have been improved, but it was still hard to trust.
He took me outside my Appartment and showed a box fitted and also said he has installed a connection in a near by primeses.
That was my chance, i visited the neighbour and asked how is the connection and the answer was not the one i was expecting. He said the connection is awesome, but i wanted to check myself and i ran speedcheck on his computer!!! and that was hard to believe
A complete 10MBPS download speed. I was thinking at least it should get 2 to 3 MBPS but here the speed was lightning fast.
Here is another thing which makes me happy, I subscibed on 30 jan 2012 for 3 Months package where installation is free. Now the point is Some people came to my place the same day, on the day i issued them a cheque and fixed the box on terrace. later the cheque was realised after two days that same evening one engineer came and connected the wire and i was connected.
Since that evening i had no problems.

Few advantages i have noticed
ACT used optic Fibre Technology
Modem is not connected to computer, its connected on the roof top along with a battery backup of 4 hours.
Every time you reconnect the ethernet cable you have to login to http://portal.acttv.in/ and enter your password.
Bill amount is fixed, no variations

Thankyou ACT and all the very best to you.
Syed Moen
Jan 26, 2012

Fraud, No connection after payment

Jan 26, 2012

Fraud, No connection after payment

My Name Dinakar, Dec 23rd i got connected ACT Broad band service, before taking the connection i told to sales person as well as to the technical peoples, you have to connect the ACT broad band to my Server 2003 operating system, around 20 times i called in five minutes and 10 minutes when u are available to connect like stuppid questions they are asking, how these peoples are calculating the download in dont know, in 15 days i got a mail from ACT that u have reached FUP(fair usage policy) of 20GB, after that you speed is limited to 256 kb, but my speed showing 0.026kbps.

"""""""""ACT IS WORST SERVICE IN BROAD BAND AND HELP DESK PEOPLES ALSO''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
My dear friends dont preper this stuppid broad band service.
Dec 11, 2011

Fraud, No connection after payment

Thank god…I didn’t believe in all these posts. had suffered a lot with Airtel broadband…worse service…always wrong bills..was tired of fighting with them..

got ACT broadband 3 months back..my surprise was the sales guy committed 4 days for installation but I got my connection very next day after payment…using 5 Mbps rs. 999 plan…great speed..happy with ACT broadband..it's cheapest and fastest
Jan 31, 2013

Frequent services / IP down

I am using this broad band for 3 months consecutively; I have raised 5 service requests due to technical problems and alone in the month of January there are 3 raised. The Service was down for almost 15 days in one month. The common reason given is ‘IP is down’. Most of the time the customer care representatives are not reachable and unable to place a request. There is no regret with the speed or the turn over time for the request solution. The main problem is with the technology and getting hold of a CC representative to launch a compliant.
Dec 18, 2012

Refund not received

I was owning an ACT Broadband Internet Connection and decided to cancel the connection on 1st October-2012 because i shifted the house to Bannergatta Road, Bangalore where this internet provider is not having feasibility.

There was a refund of Rs 494/- against the security deposit which i have made. I tried reaching customer care through mails and calling them directly several times. They are telling that DD was sent to my address on Nov 03-2012, but still i have not received it. There is no response from their side nor replies.

Please help me out to resolve this.
Dec 10, 2012

frequent service outages

I put up in Kasturinagar and I have been using ACT's 10 mbps connection for the last 5 months and my customer id is 10415113. While the service had been excellent up until recently, I have been suffering frequent disruptions of service for the last two months. The most recent episode of such a disruption started on the 4th of december and this was rectified only on the 8th of dec after I kept calling the customer care frequently everyday. The problem was solved by a technician who goes by the name Vasu , he informed me that the problem was caused due to a faulty adapter connected to the box. Anyhow I was happy that the problem was finally solved but my joy was short lived, I tried connecting to the internet the next day (9th dec) and I was unable to connect to the internet yet again. So I called up the customer care and told the representative about the issue and was assured that the problem would be fixed soon. But as expected nothing was done till the afternoon. So I kept calling repeatedly till the time the call center closed and kept getting assurances and new timelines. I finally lost my cool today and yelled at the customer care representative and managed to get the call escalated to the floor supervisor (Mr. Sumanth). I specifically asked Mr. Sumanth not to send someone other than Mr. Vasu as he seemed to be uninterested in fixing the problem in a timely manner. So finally after all that and a lot of frustration the problem was solved again today at 3 pm by Mr. Shravan, he also informed me that this outage was caused due to the power adapter which malfunctioned again and that he had replaced it.

My impression about ACT after being put through this harrowing experience has been :-

1) the customer care representatives have no clue about how things work in reality and are given a script to read from to mollify harassed customers.

2) the CCRs are instructed to make false promises and give fake timelines in case they are prodded by irate customers.

3) there are too few technicians on the field and they have no accountability.

4) the equipment being used is substandard and is prone to frequent faults.

5) the demeanor of the employees is extremely unprofessional and laid back.
Dec 3, 2012



Nov 20, 2012

Connection Problem

I live in Domlur layout bangalore. I have subscribed for ACT broadband since Feb 2012. The service was awesome till mid of OCT-2012. Then start the problem with the ACT people as well as a person in neighborhood. The ACT box is setup in one of the homes with out the permission(house owner argument dont know if it is true) of the house owner and the house owner had to argue that his electricity bill jumps beacuse of ACT box. There have been multiple complaints with ACT customercare to shift the box since mid of OCT 2012. There has been no action taken nor the technicians come to ACT DOmlur office. Such a bad support system I say. Fix this problem immediately. There are 10 connections disrupted due to this all because of ACT and worst landlord who switch off the box even after getting paid for installing the box at his home.


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