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Consumer complaints and reviews about ACT BROADBAND

Broadband Chandigarh
Oct 5, 2014

ACT internet services in chandigarh

ACT broadband is good option for commercial & residential internet consumers. If you live in chandigarh & you want to know about all available broadband choices, then you may visit www.broadbandchandigarh.info for better comparison of all internet broadband service providers. you can select best one broadband connection, easily by examining their monthly internet tariff schemes
[email protected]
Oct 2, 2014


Hi act broadband.. last 5 month i got it u r connection.. still now working good, but payment i pay everymonth 15th date. Bill payment 725 plus 100 rupees extra for my add my account because delay payment service charge. Y u cheating for me last 3 months i pay extra 100 rupees. I call u r customer care is nt attend the call everybody stupid. If u give me a clear bill i can pay my amount if u cheating again again i go to compliant to court. I write seriously thank u
Sep 29, 2014

ACT broadband not refunding the money


I had applied for ACT broadband connection on 8th sep, 2014 by paying 1 months subscription fee and installation charges (total- 1860 Rs) . As per the ACT, getting the connection activated would take about 7 working days. After waiting for 7 days, there was no connection established so raised a request for refund for the same amount paid initially, the complaint id is 0002722209. As per ACT it would take 15 working days to refund the amount. I patiently waited for 15 days and again contacted ACT for refund. For every call to customer care center, the customer care person would respond back that someone from the billing team would call back and give the details of the refund. I have been mentally tortured by the ACT people for not refunding the money. Almost everyday, I am calling them for the refund and they would give the same response that someone will get back to you.

Please register a complaint on this and ask ACT team to respond.

Application No :179878, Refund request ID : 0002722209
sachit kaunds
Sep 29, 2014


User ID:1014435-Based on the user id my complaint is that the ID was raised on the 23rd & to creat an ID the sales staff came over to my residence &check for the feasibility. Based on the conformation i handed over my documents & a cheque payment was made which was dated on the 21st of Sep14. I have opted for the service based on the market review which I liked. Now I am told that it could not be possible for you guys to get a connection after 5 days. Which is totally unacceptable. Request you guys to find a way out since it was committed at your end.I do not want to be penalized just because of your inefficient staff. Also i have brought a router which has cost me 1500/-INR based on the commitment made by your sales staff. Please make sure i have access to your connection in the next two days. Will not take NO for an answer .If need be will take issue to the Ombudsmen.
Sep 25, 2014

I was cheated by ACT Broadband

I Took ACT Broadband 1 Year + 2 Months Free(ACT Blaze and Customer Id :10942415) connection on August 24, 2014. Connection was installed in Three days and no issues with the connection ...But when i visited my account in "portal.acttv.in"..it shows 1 Year + Wifi router free..I didn't receive any WIFI router moreover i applied for 1Year + 2 Months (I have the receipt)..I called them immediately and they told me they will update info in 1 day...From then I'm calling everyday(Called customercare morethan 10 times)...After a week they gave me a complaint No : 0002700597 and i received massage that my problem is resolved but they didn,t resolve(I was calling them and getting the same msg everyday). I recorded all calls made by me to customercare(if any one want to listen please mail me "[email protected]", i will attach them and mail u)...I have sent emails regarding the issue to managers("[email protected]" and "[email protected]"), not even a single response from them...Today i met my layer and described about the problem.I gave him all proofs and recorded calls..I decided to pull them to court...worst customer care from ACT Broadband...please dont go for ACT...better go for AIRTEL (good customer service)
Sep 23, 2014

Act broadband - worst broad bast

ACT Broadband is fraud, they are collecting money from new customers, and simply they telling us in our area no Act coverage.
They doing illegal business in public.
Sep 21, 2014


They will be nice till they take the money and they will insist for the money first they will take that in advance. After that their sales person would not respond to your call. You will call them several times but you will not get any response. They do not check their records they have a complete useless customer care which has no understanding at all. They will continue making promises with you and no one would turn up after that..

Please make sure you have a connection working before you pay...

Not recommended if have any other good option please go with that...

The service is pathetic
Sep 18, 2014

Don't pay till they connect

Hi...please don't pay to sells person any money untill they make connection..usually they used to take money before and for taking money they will provide a very good service ,they will come laye ni8 also for taking money and if u don't have id proof they will make xerox also and give u back but after this dey don't provide any services..next they they will not receive ur call and when u will become angry and ask for ur money back they will say it will take 15 days....my suggestion would be betr go for otr services.......its hell
Sep 14, 2014

Worst ACT Service

My friend had taken act connection in KR Puram Bangalore and after paying one year fees they took three weeks to connection after regular follow u.

Thanks you all who posted your comments and pathetic experience people will knew about ACT broadband services at least they away from the worse ACT service.

We never ever see this much complaint against any other services in the world. Think and don't go for ACT broad band.
Sep 11, 2014


Sep 9, 2014

ACT Fibernet doesn't deliver on time

The sales executive was just so prompt in collecting the money on the day he came to our house to fill my application, but ACT is not so prompt in getting the connection activated. The sales executive said the connection will be activated in 6 days, and then after the 6th day, the customer service officer said they needed 4 more days. And it's been over 10 working days, the connection is not activated yet. So far 4 complaints have been raised to no avail. Each day a new complaint request is filed and each day the customer service officers promise that I will get a call back on that day or the next day, and that day never comes.


This is my first impression -

Also posted a review here - http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Act-Tv-Broadband-review-protunlsms
Sep 8, 2014

Wifi router not delivered


I have subscribed for one year at 14414 to have fibernet broadband connection on 17th August and the connection was delivered on 27th Aug after multiple followup. As a part of the one year package, they were supposed to deliver wifi router along with the connection. However even after 15 days of followup, I don't see any updates. My complaint number is 0002618896.

Sep 8, 2014

ACT Broadband

The companint# for the below issue is 2653797.
Sep 6, 2014

ACT Broadband

I started using ACT broadband since August 2nd. From that day till 15th, I had raised complaints at least 5-6 times and the availability of the net was not even 50%. The general reason given is "Fiber Cut".

For 2 weeks it was all OK. But again, I registered a complaint yesterday (Sep 5) 11:00 AM and till now the issue is unresolved. Today morning I got a message saying that it is resolved whereas it was not.

When you ask for customer representative to connect to the escalation team they put you on hold for long time and after a while it gets disconnected.

Airtel were ready to give connection but I opted for ACT as they promised 20 mbps speed. I really regret the decision now.
Junaid Khan
Sep 2, 2014


My friend name waseem pasha and his registered mobile no is 9739821786 had applied for new connection on 19 th aug 2014 through one of your sales executive person his name is Ramachndra and his mobile no is 8884423100 and his employee id is 1857.
This person created a big issue as he not gave the internet connection till date. contact me soon or m posting on social media soon.
Sep 2, 2014

Regarding billing and charges

my id is 577384

I was using act broadband 20mbps speed plan, I am not at all satisfied your service very bad,

when I use to call the customer care number its not toll free number my balance will waste and no proper response from them,

for late payment charging 500 its really ridicules ,no service charging that much amount ,

and when ever I use to connect to net the starting its very late nearly its take 15 to 20 mins to find network and connect .

in July month there is no 12 days net ,for that what is the compensation and how I will charge for u guys ,
we trusted on act but the service is not good, billing generation really very bad ,
every time we need to call and raise complaint for not getting net for compensation again phone bill waste up 20 rupees ,

we are paying right its not a free service

please take care of these things

ACT Broadband
Sep 2, 2014

ACT Fibernet

Dear Naveen,

We regret the inconvenience caused. We will get back to you regarding your concern.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
Sep 2, 2014

ACT customer support is pathetic

Hi Team,

I am Naveen Kumar, using ACT connection from last 9 months, my internet connection is not working from 27th August 2014, but I have registered the complaint for the same on 28th 0002609882, but no one made an attempt to call me back from ACT support even after 6 days of complaint registration.

I called up customer care so far 8 times, whenever I call the support they say our field engineer will call you back and the same message repeats and they said ticket is assigned to the field engineer Mr.Shiva Prasad, but the support were neither ready to give the phone number of the field engineer nor to transfer the call to any of the support managers.

I have not seen such a pathetic support with any of the service provider so far.

I was in bad need of internet because I was suppose to do work from home on Friday 29th, that made me attempt to search where the problem is.

My house internet cable is from my neighbor's house, but the person residing in that house vacated the house and house owner disconnected the power to the hub placed in their house and they are not ready to connect back the power.
Aug 28, 2014


I have paid my ACT broadband 1st month bill + 500 Installation charges and was told that within maximum 10 days it will be installed, even after 18 days my internet connection has not been installed,. These people are rude and do not pick up the phone. Nobody is entertaining my complaints. The ACT representative Diresh (Manager Panappa) had come into my society and without seeking permissioin were collecting money and making false promises.
Aug 24, 2014

Don't take ACT broadband connection

Hello friends,

Please don't take this connection. This is a humble request to everyone. They have the worst customer service I ever experienced. My Internet is not working and I logged a complaint 3 days back and I called atleast 15 times by this time to this customer care. The only answer I receive is "your issue will be resolved ASAP". But till now, I haven't neither received any call from them nor anyone visited my place to check the problem. Pathetic service. Please DON'T TAKE THEIR CONNECTION. Let them understand how to serve the customer first.
Aug 14, 2014

Worst Internet connection ever had...

Here in ACT customers request have no value and its only a waste of our energy, time and money talking to their customer care executives! Last week an employee from ACT came to our terrace and removed the ACT box when enquired he replied, some of our neighbours are taking ACT connection so he is shifting the box somewhere. After 2 hrs we were unable to connect to internet. Though we checked all the cable connection it is proper, but in vain we could not connect. From that time onward I was speaking to the ACT customer care and learnt many of their names too..but till now no technician came nor the problem resolved! Horrible experience...Beware of your money, time, energy and health too.....Keep away from these people...Going to take up new internet connection from a good ISP!!! tatz a best idea :))
Aug 14, 2014

not speed enough

i have paid my act broadband bill and it is 20 mbps . but then i only get 0.50 mbps everytime
Aug 9, 2014

Dont Take Act Broadband pathetic service

18 days connection got disconnected after repeated call to CC they fixed the cable which got cut.Again in 10 days same issue happened and issue still persist even after repeatedly calling customer care. CC answers it will be fixed no SLA .Its pathetic service i have seen in my life . Technical guy come by name Mahesh and goes telling it will be fixed in 2 hrs and after that he does not turn up and not even respond to calls.Even after calling daily 4/5 times the issue is not fixed

complaint no :0002478037
KA upadhyaya
Aug 5, 2014

Worest Customer service , please donot take Act connection

I had taken act connection Kamalanagar bangalore and after paying one year fees they took three weeks to connection after regular follow up .

Now due issue in the local cable operator my Connection got disconnected and even request for last one month i didnot get back my money

I dont know what is customer service SLA made by Manging director of the company . How can company play around with Customer money. Its horrible experience . If i dont dont get teh refund in next 3-4 days i planning to sue the company though it may cost something and at least other customer shouldnot suffer
Venkadesh Nagarajan
Jul 31, 2014

Connection Issue - Worst Customer Support

SAME Experience >>> :(

I got ACT BB installed in FEB 2014 with 12months advance paid with free wifi router as offer.
Problem started after 1month when there was no network connectivity. I got to call the Customer care - believe me - we need to wait like DOGS to catch hold of those customer care (Customer care number is Land Line number there are no toll free numbers too) and finally got the complaint logged.
First thing they say is problem will be rectified by END OF DAY, and no one will attend the call - all of sudden after 3 working days, my complaint number got closed. Again try reaching the customer care, wait like dogs to get one more ticket logged.
None of the customer care will be aware what is the issue, they will just say - Problem will be resolved by EOD.
Finally field engineer visited my place after 10 days and said, there is an fiber cut and it has to be checked by 3rd party vendor.
When i want to escalate the problem, again no other option rather than calling the customer care, they will again say - problem will be rectified by EOD, apart from that WORD they have not trained to say ANY other words. and when i shouted, Finally i got my line transferred to team lead known as as Harish, i started explaining him the entire story happened 10 days before, he too will assure that problem will be rectified by EOD.

I would advice not to take this connection, its not all that cheap when your connection is down and you are dependent on it for your work.

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