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ACT Fiber Net


Consumer complaints and reviews about ACT Fiber Net

ACT Broadband
Jan 12, 2019

RE: Wrong billing an unattended complaint

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please be assured that our team is looking into this.

ACT Fibernet
Jan 11, 2019

Wrong billing an unattended complaint

its very pathetic customer service from ACT. I had lodged a complaint on ACT billing to customer care shamelessly they close the complaint with a remark resolved and post back the same bill with wrong credentials. When customer service is contacted they tell a statement bill cannot be re-generated. Then why mistake is created in the bills and who created the mistake, they are not answering. Really pathetic. ACT management should seriously think how to upkeep customers for their existnence. My fibernet id is 11571592.
ACT Broadband
May 14, 2018

Very Bad service

Dear Valued customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your Customer ID or registered contact number and we will get back to you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
Arun Kumar
May 14, 2018

Very Bad service

The company collects the payment in advance for 6 months and the network is bad and if we complain they take their own time. We cannot cancel their service immediately and have to be with them for 6 months. Worst service from this company.
Jan 31, 2018

Pathetic service - Not removing the Junction box even after i vacated my premise.

I raised 2 requests in 23rd Jan 2018.

1. to know the feasibility of ACT in my new locality --- they asked for my aadhaar to check the their feasibility. I wonder how my aadhaar could help in knowing an broad band service availability in a location.

2. Shiftremove the Junction box kept in my Electricity board. ---- they never minded of removing it even after a week saying the same that they will remove it today and tomorrow.

Till now the junction box is not removed even after requesting for service disconnection, they keep the service active inorder to charge me with bills.

Pathetic and worst service. I was using ACT for past 4 years and for renowned customer only they are providing such a worst service. Think about new customers, please dont agree for keeping junction box in ur home or flat under ur ownership. You will suffer for sure.

Since the box was not removed yet, my house owner has not paid back my advance amount refund. I lost Rs.10,000 due to these ACT guys.

I never recommend to anyone to go for ACT Fibernet service. Please be aware of these looters.
Jan 3, 2018

No fisebality

There is no fisebality at all in the location but every one has a connection in Bangalore all are happy by this but we are the cRazy mad people calling form past year to get a connection being the best doesn't mean you give more data and speed it also comes with better wide spread of fisebality along with speed and data.i was a customer year back when I was moving to a new location they denied to relocate my connection as well dew to the word called fisebality.Its been a big headache all over the area people are there who need better connections rather than slower and local connections.I even spoke with the near by locations head he also from a year has reject my request whats the point of all this waste of this complaint cause I know they don't wanna take any action to this as well even if they are told please help nothing is going happen very disappointed in the fisebality point of view
ACT Broadband
Aug 14, 2017

RE: Bill

Dear Valued Customer,

We are sorry to know about this. Please share your contact number and city name; we will get in touch with you.

ACT Fibernet
Sreepathi donakal
Aug 13, 2017


Id ############
I am harassed for bill even though I had disconnected the service.
It was a prepaid service.
I am harassed by the Tele callers for the service which I haven't used.
ACT Broadband
Aug 3, 2017

RE: Issue with ACT Fiber net - Billed for unused month

Dear Valued Customer,

We are extremely sorry for the unpleasant experience. We will get in touch with you and set things right.

ACT Fibernet
Aug 2, 2017

Issue with ACT Fiber net - Billed for unused month

Hi, I have been using act fibernet since 2 years, but from 26th June the connection is not been working due to connectivity issues, from then on i have been calling ACT on regular basis to get the connectivity activated but inspite of regular follow up they never gave us a permanent resolution and they kept closing calls, inspite of that I reopened the complaint and they use to close the complaint stating that this belong to a different dept and reopen the new complain. Many a times I have called to follow up on the complaint but there has not be any positive response. I had called them to remove my name from the ACT data base since as the bill was generated for the unused days. Not even for a single day for the month of July the connection was active. Again after few days some technician called to inform that he can still provide us the connection, but he was not able to. I have been contacting act customer care for then on to nullify the billing and close the connection registered under my name. However they take the complain and don't act on it, again when i call to check the status they state the connection is disconnected due to non Payment which is not true. As i have not used for the single day in the month of July and half a month in June due to GX box permission issue. Now i have been getting continuous calls for making payment. This shows how ACT loots the customers. Request you to please help resolve.
My account number - 11176728
User Name - Mukambika S

1st Complaint registered on - 26th June 2017
Complaint Number - 10210340455

If I calculate the used connectivity. ACT has to pay me the amount for the days I have not used in June.


Mukambika S
May 10, 2017

fake commitments

the ACT guys are all big liars giving fake commitments the sales executive had promised that my new connection will be installed in one day but its been 4 days nobody bothered to give a call regarding a update when i called their customer care executive they said they will give a call back but nobody called i have lost my trust in these guys i thing local broadband connections are better at providing good customer service i think i have to complain to the consumer court regarding this if they don't resolve it by tomorrow

name : varun
user id : ############
ACT Broadband
Oct 17, 2016

RE: Biiling extra amounts

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your Customer ID or registered contact number and we will get back to you.

ACT Fibernet
Oct 16, 2016

Biiling extra amounts

Most of the month, ACT fiber net have ended up charging me more.
The team is Careless about tracking the usage, for the moth of August i had asked for the disconnection of the connection as there was a relocation of the connection. the team has charged me for the time when the connection was disconnected and was not used (after fighting wasting money on customer service calls the money was refunded ) . For the moth of october i am charged 25rs extra. On raising the complain the team has not agreed for refund without any sending any breakdown of why that 5 was charged.
Oct 13, 2016

No activation done till now

Even after paying advance and all documents. Company has just installed a box on my outside wall been 5 days but no one has come for activation. I call their helpline everyday... but all stupid falsr idiotic scripted promises...
I am so irritated that i want to go to consumer court.
I get list of masseges saying shitty things after i speak to them but nothing works and no one comes.

No activation done till now No activation done till now

ACT Broadband
Sep 24, 2016

RE: False commitment provided for Internet connection

Dear Valued Customer,

We will look into your issue and get in touch with you.

ACT Fibernet
Sep 23, 2016

False commitment provided for Internet connection

hi Team,

On the eligibility by ACT I had taken new ACT internet connection on 15-09-2016 and paid 7928 (6 months) plan. They confirmed me that within 3 days I will be getting connection. But no one turned and after continuously following up on 19 Sep the came for installation. They found that ports are full and will come back to me. None of them turned back. I kept on following up with them. Later Sales executive told me wire is already pulled up and just installation of router is required. I went home and checked nothing was there. My brother went to regional office on 23-Sep to Rajajinagar and inquired it, concerned person says the port is choked and we cant give connection for next two months and alternative option is refund will be provided within 10 working days. I said them then why did you guys commit me that connection will be done in three days. If there is a problem in that area you should have rejected saying that I am not eligible. I said refund me with the amount of interest which you people used for delay and false commitment. He said its not as per company policy and even I said its not in my personal policy also.
Later he had a discussion with sales executive (Chandan) and they came to a conclusion that they will provide me new internet connection and will put up a new setup box in our building , as I am a tenant I dont have right to provide this permission and talk to my owner for this. He disagreed and said we cant talk and will provide Rs.50 as cash back to my account (Rs.50 is for current bill of set top box and current will be pulled from electricity board ). As I am a tenant i am paying rent why will owner allow a set top box in his building, if he allows also he may charge rent as he charges me. The person on call said this is not possible and I need to convince and get approval. Although I convince and get approval I dont want to fall in this payment you do direct transaction with owner I said. For this the ACT person said this will not work out and I will proceed for refund and disconnected. This is the same person who said initially that he cannot provide internet for next two months and suddenly agreed in 15 min to install a box in our house and provide a connection in next day. The person is not sticking to one word and providing wrong commitment. Today is 23 Sep and still I am not getting a proper solution for this, either provide me connection (sought out with my owner) else refund me the amount with interest (for wrong commitment and delay in days of refund ) .

As a Citizen of Republic INIDA I hope I get a correct resolution for this problem.

Jai HInd

Vishal R
ACT Broadband
Jun 22, 2016

Re : Poor Customer Service

Dear Valued customer,

we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your Customer ID or registered contact number and we will get back to you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
Jun 21, 2016

Poor Customer Service

Poor Customer service the engineer who they sent is not ready to listen to the customer at all. Very poor service which I faced in the form of customer service.

Made a complaint two days ago but still not rectified and nom proper response also
Govardhan Yakkaluri
Jun 11, 2016

De activate account


I am trying to de activate act account. Customer care is not available. I gave a complaint, technician does not know the process to de activate account. Please deactivate my account.
My user name: 11883119
Apr 29, 2016

Speed of Net

My Plan is 100 GB at 100 MBPS and it is giving 1 MBPS .The limit is not crossed and I am getting a message everyday to reset my FUP limit so please don't cheat your customers and give proper service.My user Id is 1298126.I live in Green Glen Layout Bellandur.
Gunashekar Hindiskere
Apr 22, 2016

Wrong data usage claim - FRaudsters. They should be banned

User ID: 11741162
I observed many complaints of wrong data usage in this forum. Wish I had done this due diligence before taking the connection. I was so excited switching from BSNL to ACT as I had got couple of good feedback. I was proven totally wrong and ACT proved to be a fraudulent company. I took the connection on 10th March, data usage exceeded in 10 days, I though initially I might have unknowingly used it by running LIVE TV or something, and asked them to reset for the last 5 days of March as I badly wanted internet for office work. They did the reset on 30th of March which is of no use to me and sent me the invoice of Rs.300 and I thought some mistake would have happened and kept quite. I got a shocker of my life when the speed dropped to 0.5mb in one week's time in April and when complained they said data usage exceeded. All they share as the data usage proof is one excel by which no way to validate. It shows data usage on daily basis when I am at office which is 30km from my home (can't claim office in the same building using the same WIFI) . They are unable to provide proof to this. They are just cheating people.

I had engaged them by calling more than 25 times to the customer care since i took connection. They promise call back in 2 hours, which they never do. My phone bill has shoot up calling this customer care. Then I asked for a FULL REFUND and they asked me to give a final chance to resolve but week's time nothing happened.

ACT FIBERNET should be BANNED. They are REAL FRAUDSTERS. They are NOT fit to be in market. People should boycott them. I AM PLANNING TO RAISE THIS ISSUE IN SOCIAL MEDIA (FACEBOOK AND TWITTER).

Wish the executives of the company wakes up before they loose the customer base by these negative feedback.
Mar 22, 2016

collection activation fee without invoice

Act fiber net collects activation / Installation fee of Rs.500 and they do not give Service tax invoice for same.
when asked to give invoice agents disconnects call and executive don't know what is tax invoice.
i doubt this amount of 500 from every connection is not going in proper channel.

ACT Broadband
Feb 7, 2016

RE: ACT Fiber Net NO connection even after a month

Dear Prithvi Shankar,

We have tried calling you, but were unsuccessful. Request you to share an alternative contact number or a favourable time.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
ACT Broadband
Feb 7, 2016

RE: ACT Fiber Net NO connection even after a month

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused, we will get in touch with you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
N Prithvi Shankar
Feb 6, 2016

NO connection even after a month

Hi ,

Its been more than 20 days since my documents have been approved and they have already deducted Rs 7207 from my account. Mr Naveen who is incharge doesnt respond properly when i ask when will the connection be installed. There has been no response for my messages too. Already an HUB has been installed in my apartment , just a cable has to be pulled to my flat. To do this thing i dont know why so much time is required. Your representatives collect money on time but no service has been given. This is really sad service from you people. If you cannot install within 14th Feb, kindly give back my money am happy to take service from other vendors where atleast they give connection on time and ticket is raised for every complaint. Kindly respond to this complaint, or else i will definitely take necessary legal action.

Contact number : 9916293455
Name : N. Prithvi Shankar
Area : Rajarajeshwari Nagar , Ideal Homes, Surya Park View Apartment, Bengaluru.

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