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ACT Fibernet

Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about ACT Fibernet

May 11, 2016

Connectivity Lost from Two weeks

From last 2 weeks am not getting net connection i called several times act technician.

They dint fix the issue

They are not even lifting the

And When i call to customer care it always say busy.

Worst Internet Service by ACT Fibernet Hyderabad.

WTF with the employees of ACT
May 9, 2016

Internet not working


I am using Fibernet internet in hyderabad. My A/C ############. Internet is not working since last 5 day. I have called them 100 times and they dont pick the call (+91 40-66272727). Even registered multiple complaints on their web-site. After 3 days, i got the mail that your ticket have been registered (ticket number 10121639888).But so far problem is not solved.

Is there any forum or board where we can complaint about such poor service.

Vinay Kumar
May 8, 2016

no internet since 4 days


My registered mobile number is 7416859591
I am not getting internet since 06-May (Friday) morning which is 4 days till now.

I am unable to send mail because i did not had net and now i am posting this from my office.. I have called several times to your number 66272727 and its always busy.. dont you have an other number where customer can reach you immediately.

I want this problem to be solved immediately asap max by the end of day otherwise i will go for an other service provider .

Vinay Kumar,
[email protected]
May 8, 2016


May 8, 2016

Internet not working

Hi I am using fiber internet and it's not working since last 3 days. I have called there customer care as well many times but looks like they have blocked it as well. I raised online complaint multiple times but still no response.

Please help
ACT Broadband
May 7, 2016

RE: irresponsible and arrogant service

Dear Valued Customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, we will get in touch with you regarding your issue.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
May 6, 2016

irresponsible and arrogant service

Gave complaint on 5 may 2016, not yet rectified. technician called me after few hours i registered the complaint, promised to come in a hour not responding when i call back. I tried calling the technician since 10.30 am of next day and he's just rejecting the call. All customer care numbers are not responding whem im trying to ask about my problem even nodal officer. It's been more than 24hrs with out internet. From around 11am on 5th may 2016. All doors has been closed for my issue.very irresponsible and intimidating service from ACT. Im planning to file case in consumer forum for their arrogance.
May 3, 2016

Connection not installed

Customer Name: Rattan N Whig
Account Number: ############
Ticket Number: 10121566881 and 10121545099

I registered a request to move my connection from my old address to my new address in PBEL city, on 27 Apr 2016. I requested de-activation at my old address on 29 Apr and activation at my new address as soon as possible after deactivation. Your customer care adviser told me that I need to call again after deactivation to register another request for activation at new address.

On 30 Apr 2016, I registered another request for reactivation of internet connection as shifting to PBEL city was complete and paid the fees Rs. 550 and also submitted the required documents incl photograph to your executive at PBEL city. Your executive assured me that the connection will be activated within 24 hours, by Sunday, 01 May 2016.

On Sunday, 01 May, I waited entire day however no one called me or came to my new address to activate the connection. No one even bothered to inform me that there is a delay.

On Monday, 02 May, i again waited entire morning. In the afternoon, when i called your customer care department i was again told politely that connection will be activated by evening. I again waited entire afternoon and evening however yet again no one called me or came to my new address. I tried to call The mobile number of the executive who took payment and photo on 30 Apr, he answered the call amd assured me that the connection would be installed during the day. I called him again in the afternoon however his number was switched off throughout the day.

On Tuesday, 03 May, i again waited entire day, however no one came or called me from your company. I called the customer care department at least 8 times and on each occasion i was told that someone will call me shortly but no one called me. I called the executive who took the payment on 30 Apr again in the morning; he assured me that connection would be installed during the day at any cost. However once again no onr called or came to our residence to install.

Today, Wednesday, 04 May, i again called the executive who promised once again that the connection would be installed before afternoon.

I fail to understand why and how this is happening? How can your people not install a connection after 5 days of continuous follow ups by the customer? How can you ignore a customer despite at least 35 actual phone calls where all your executives continuously assured that the service will be installed soon?

This is ridiculously sad standard of service. I have moved other utility connections, for example Airtel and Tata Sky, both of which wete de-activated and activated on the very same day, in fact in less than 12 hours. I cannot believe that in this age, you people are taking 4 - 5 days after all formalities are completed to move one simple household internet connection. Well, that must be some kind of an inefficiency and incompetence world record.
Apr 28, 2016

no action since 3 months

Hello guys,

I sincerely suggest NOT to go for Actfibernet. No action will be taken since 3 months. And finally disconnected their services.
Speed test says 10mbps, but the site shows 10mbps, its fully fault information. Seems sometimes are speedtest also bypassing the original site.


ACT Broadband
Apr 8, 2016

RE: Portal is dumped with Ads causing slow response

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience. We will look into your issue and get in touch with you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet Hyderabad
Rama Krishna Chunduri
Apr 7, 2016

Portal is dumped with Ads causing slow response

I've done an FUP reset on 30th of march and never got the package (or) portal might not have recieved the information updated.

Raised a complaint, after spending lot of time on calls with executives, they said the FUP had been reset, but there is issue with portal which will be fixed in 3 days. But to my surprise same day noon complaint had been closed.

Tried to send out the call recordings to Act to indicate how poor knowledged the executives are via email. But recieved a rejection mailer that audio content cannot be sent :) so sent text mail which obviously is ignored saying action will be taken :)

9 days from then, I now tried to pay bill.. The Portal is still showing Ads, by the way i am a web developer and these ads are embedded into site content itself and AdBlock has no impact on them. I just ignored to pay and guess what the payment gateway never returned to act and kept showing a blank page for nearly 10 mins. then the page arrived with message indicating success with an Ad filled webpage and ok is indicated in a message box. so ultimately even though we paid bill the portal greats with a clumpsy advertisement page not something that greats thanks for the payment :)

Being an broadband they should be aware that ads are not something that must be seen by every user instead its users wish to ignore them just like we switch to a different tv channel if we wish to ignore while watching tv :)

While the page is waiting to load ads i managed to call customer care and know the payment status. Also registered a complaint with ticket no 10121282866.

Unfortunately the consumer care has no ease on me. For asking why the hell ads are hosted on the portal when you are still counting the data used on accessing portal, he asked to make things more professional. I guess something out of his context seems unprofessional :) Making him understand just took 16 minutes :)

Another issue is that whenever someone calls act you will be greated with hungama ad involving offers. Unfortunately this is not happening while we wait for an executive to talk to. instead even before asking for language to continue on the Ad is hosted and all this ad happens on a non toll free call.. Atleast airtel,idea etc will charge only once executive is available but in act you pay for every second to talk to them while still continuing to listen to Ads :) I don't think TRAI allows hosting Ads on non toll free calls.

I just wanted to let everyone out there that if you are someone busy all the time and could not live without reliable and professional internet then Act might not be the wise choice. You have to be kind hearted to ignore them multiple times :)

I will be glad atleast this time if complaint gets closed only on resolving :)
ACT Broadband
Apr 7, 2016

RE: size usage is wrong

Dear Valued Customer,

We will look into your issue and get in touch with you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet Hyderabad
Apr 6, 2016

size usage is wrong


This is the third time complaining against ACT fibernet, but no action has been taken so far.

Asked and send mails for "How much net usage done on daily basis". almost 3 months gone, but so far nothing is happened. Moreover, I am getting messages for upgrade and pay the bill.

Account id: ############
I am not sure FUP reset was done or not. Till now in this month (6th April 2016), showing that used as 29.25 GB (Quota 35.0 GB).

Thanks for the worst service.


size usage is wrong

Mar 26, 2016

Fraud data usage

Hi Sir,

I just want to bring to your notice that this is second complaint against Act Fibernet. I have complained and escalated to Nodal office and Apellite Authority regarding the fraud data usage. Still the same story and no action so far taken by them. Finally I want to give negative feedback for their services and service disconnection.

FUP reset was not done but they said will take care of reset.
I asked daily usage for every month; because I am sure not used in certain days and so far no action.

Please find the attached files.

Fraud data usage Fraud data usage

ACT Broadband
Mar 20, 2016


Dear Valued Customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, we will look into your issue and get in touch with you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
Mar 19, 2016


i am using ACT internet, i have selected to use 60 MBPS speed, for which i am paying Rs 1487/- including taxes, to them. But i am getting a speed of only 2 MBPS to 15 MBPS, when i complained, i neither got full waiver amount. I was given waver only for 7 days . I have checked the speed in speedtest.net. ACT company is cheating the customers showing high speed, looting money and giving no service.

I have called ACT for atleast 16 times and spoke for almost 14 hours. But ACT executives were non responsive and biggest problem is the communication gap between ACT group.

User i.d - [email protected]
Mobile no : 9908311481
ACT Broadband
Feb 14, 2016

RE: ACT Fibernet Internet Down

Dear Valued Customer,

We have tried calling you, but were unable to get connected. We request you to share your alternative contact number or a favourable time to get in touch with you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet Hyderabad
ACT Broadband
Feb 14, 2016

RE: Internet Down

Dear Valued Customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, we will get in touch with you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
Feb 12, 2016

Internet Down

Hi Beam/Act team,

I am a customer subscribed to your services since 2008 at Hyderabad.
There have been several outages till now, but I continued being a loyal customer.
Twice a month your DNS servers are down, outage for a few hours, yet we don’t complaint (we’ve been used to it)

I am in the midst of an outage since the last 3 days, having raised multiple tickets/escalation but of no use.
It is always 24hrs, even after a day and multiple calls.

Please equip your technical support with proper tools to troubleshoot these issues, and 24hr resolution time is pathetic, we are in 21st century.
I work for a Data center and our SLA’s are minutes !!! please update your processes/Tools/People/Technologies to remain competent.

There is no escalation matrix/point defined, this is the last resort.
Please google yourselves and you will find thousands of irate customers, Wake UP !!!!!!!

I am with hope that atleast now, somebody will call me back and resolve this, else we will have to switch.

My Details:

Email: [email protected]
Mob: 9963266011

Thanks & Regards,

Amair Soofi | Solution Architect| 9963266011

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Corporate Headquarters: 16, Software Units Layout, Madhapur (Hi-Tech City), Hyderabad - 500081, India. Tel: +91 40 4203 0677 | Fax: +91 40 2311 6055
Nandi Vrinda
Feb 10, 2016

Speed and FUP limit reached very fast

Not getting subscribed speed since package was upgraded. Also FUP limit seems to be reached within 13 - 15 days after new package with higher FUP limit was purchased. On the old plan, which had lower FUP limit, the Limit was reached in 23-26 days. Kindly clarify FUP usage and provide daily statistics on our usage. Thanks.
ACT Broadband
Feb 9, 2016

RE: Irresponsibility of service

Dear Valued Customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your Customer ID or registered contact number and we will get back to you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
Feb 9, 2016

Irresponsibility of service

I am an existing customer of act fibernet. I faced a problem in connection. I lodged complaint against it. Customer Care gave me the assurity of getting it solved within 4 hours. It's already 3 days but my problem hasn't been solved yet. I am calling customer Care in every 4 hours duration since 3 days. Today I had a talk with customer care supervisor Mr. Karthik who told me that it will be solved within tomorrow 12 noon. I am really fed up with the way of response of the customer care support. So kindly take some necessary actions as soon as possible.
Thank you
Feb 2, 2016

FUP counter

I have been an Act ( known as Bean earlier ) customer for more than 2 years now. I was earlier at 10 MBPS speed with a FUP of 40 GB which they doubled on their own to 20 MBPS and 60 GB usage and later to 40 MBPS and 100 GB. My usage when the speed was 10 MBPS was just about touching 40 GB and after they increased my speed to 30 MBPS I was touching 55GB. Now after it got changed to 40 MBPS, my usage pattern didn't change but the FUP touches 100 GB. This I find it hard to believe that mere increase in speed means increase in usage also? I tried checking with Customer care and they informed that since the speed has increased automatically the usage also went up as the data is coming fast !!! - beautiful explanation.
In Jan my 100GB usage was over between 4th and 20th Jan. After chasing their support team I get an excel sheet that gives details and usage which made no sense to me. I was forced to opt for a higher plan from this week as my work got suffered because of the crawling speed that comes after FUP is exhausted.
I have seen similar customers complaining about this usage going high when the speed was increased. This is something that ACT has to clarify in the open domain as to why the usage doubles when their speed is doubling. If I am working 8 hours a day and at speed 20 MBPS I used 1.5 GB a day then how can my usage go to 5 GB in the same 8 hours when the speed is 40 MBPS.

Need complete clarity on this counter of FUP measurement. I see it as a ploy to force the customer to upgrade to a higher package.

ACT Broadband
Jan 15, 2016

RE: Nor getting the speed subscribed for more than 15 days now

Dear Valued Customer,

Please share your Customer ID or registered contact number and we will get back to you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
Jan 15, 2016

RE: Exceeding Data 50 GB..

Still it was not resolved. It seems Act Fiber net is not interested in customer care only interested in customer money. When it comes for money lot of followups.

I am not happy with Act fiber net service and i will not recommend to any body.

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