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Consumer complaints and reviews about ACT TV

ACT Broadband
Oct 20, 2015

RE: No Signal

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused, we will get in touch with you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
Oct 20, 2015

No Signal

No Signal

I am sharing my bad experience with ACT cable TV in Nellore, i am previous customer of Act Digital box customer since 6yrs. I never happy with the customer service in nellore. We have changed Act digital tv into Act HD tv on 19/10/2015, but its not working on that time its showing as "NO SIGNAL". We complaint on that time , complaint no is 0005570994- a few hrs i will received a message (8.35pm) its resolved but its not resolved again we will call the customer care but their response is not fine again they taken complaint is 0006186435, but its not resolved. Today 20/10/2015 we will call again 12.00pm they told it will be resolved shortly.

Their response is too bad, when the customer call the customer care upto they will not respond. If any problem in the network they will inform to the customers to call or if not possible atleast any msg to sent the customer, will be happy.
Oct 13, 2015

Waiver for NO SERVICE

I am writing to you as I have been regularly getting issues for my internet connection. I usually do not complain as the net comes back within 24 hours. But loss of connectivity has now become a habit.

On 10th of Oct I had registered a complain of same kind and I got my connectivity only few minutes back, ie on 12th Oct at 10 pm!!
So I demand waiver for the lost 3 days of service. Also I shall make sure I register my complain without wait so that you may always give waiver on the lost days of connectivity.

Just to weigh the situation, I pay more than Rs 1000/-- per month. So a loss of connectivity for approx 7 days (which usually happens) should result in waiver of Rs 250/--. I, being a consumer who by the way work very hard to earn money, cant allow this Rs 250/- being stolen from me every month.

Please keep me posted about the waiver : whether or not you are going to adjust this in my bill. FYI I had prepaid for 6 months. Please find details below:
Name: Shailesh Kumar
Registered Mob: 9953190318
ACT Broadband
Oct 8, 2015

RE: cable tv bad service ACT

Dear Valued Customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact number and we will get back to you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
Ravi Prabhu
Oct 6, 2015

cable tv bad service ACT

ACT Digital TV - very bad service. Since last two weeks errant service. Most of the time I get "Signal not found"
To register complaint over phone you have wait a long time because no body picks up. After long wait you get the answer- it will be set right in 24 HOURS! After restoration it will not last long only a few hours. Then again same problem.

They collected annual fee Rs.2,600/ on few selected channels. The fee paid by be lasts till May 2016. I invite them to disconnect and take away their set top box after repaying my fee paid up to May 2016.

The Service is nor worst but it MOST WORST SERVICE

R. Prabhu, Banaswadi, Bangalore Set-top Box Id No 00223AC533A1
ACT Broadband
Oct 5, 2015

RE: cable is working

Dear Valued Customer,

Your mentioned grievance has been resolved. For further queries you can contact us on 08042840000 or [email protected] Thanks

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
ACT Broadband
Oct 5, 2015

RE: cable is working

Dear Valued Customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, we will look into it and get in touch with you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
Oct 4, 2015

cable is working

Act cable worst service in bangalore do not buy the cable past 2 month cable is not working we want paid money to cable management in j.p nager 7th phase near RBI layout please call me (9035615201) or mail ([email protected] )
Sep 30, 2015

no connection but need monthly payment with connecting cable. what a worst service I never seen like this before

If we go and ask for connection there are not connecting past one and half months but there need cable money for that day's also . What a worst service and administration
Organization is not good
Sep 28, 2015

not connecting the cable connection for past 1 1/2 months but asking cable money

Sir shifted our house to shanthinagar to VINAYAKANAGAR and we told to VINAYAKANAGAR cable to connect the cable he is not responding and saying that is not our extension I am bother about that
And he took 2 months cable moneyalso.
That time is not his extension sir
Only for money there are ready to take
But ask for cable connection he didn't bothered very bad service
And administration
joseph frank
Sep 9, 2015

No Signal

i am Act Cable TV Customer From Bangalore we are facing No Signal problem from past one week and the same has been communicated to Customer Care.on 05/09/15.compliant no 0005685843 The technicians visited and told somewhere cable is cut. the after an hour again same problem No signal when we called customer care. after some time technician is calling and informing us their no power.the whole day went of giving some fake reasons. The next day again i called up customer care compliant no 0005685843.then the technicians call and tells their is some problem in generator .don't call customer care call me i will rectify . then again same problem No signal Again we called Customer Care..compliant no 0005722895. still it continues No signal cable TV come for just one minute and again no signal . Then again the technicians call and tells their is some problem in generator .don't call customer care. i don't know why technician is telling not to call customer care when we facing problems. Again we called Customer Care..compliant no 0005733612. still its the same No signal . technicians call and tells their is some problem in generator i will switch on generator or i will inform my manager to replace with UPS . and every time i get the msg your complaint have been resolved.nothing as been resolved till today 10/09/15.its the same No signal. i unable to view channels for which i am paying.The services has become very very worst . can someone take look into this problem and take strict action.and resolve the problem...
FAIZ Ahmed Tajammul
Aug 30, 2015


HI All,
We are existing customers from 5+YEARS and our STB number is 10069816. From 1+ year we are facing channel freezing problem and the same has been communicated from time to time.The technicians visited on time and agreed to replace the STB but due to change in technicians from time to time the complaint is still not resolved. Today i raised a complaint 0005620715 as i am unable to view channels for which i am paying. The technicians visited promptly as i had escalated the issue but they told to replace the box and now they are asking RS250 only to replace and that too an old STB. My only concern is why should i bear the replacement cost when there is no fault from our side. This service is become pathetic, day by day they are increasing the charges as well. When asked for channel subscription form they never turn up. Its really a bad service and I want TRAI and government in bangalore to take strict action
Aug 16, 2015

Not providing the proper number of channels for 206rs


ACT is not providing the proper number of channels for rs 260.
They are providing 150rs worth channels.
Sriram Balakrishnan
Aug 11, 2015

Pathetic Service


Last 2 weeks from July 31st the internet connection is not working,I have raised 3 cases for the same issue and till now the issue is not resolved.


Without 2 weeks of connection,I have to pay the broadband bill for that also I dont have internet connection

Please resolve the issue ASAP...

ACT Broadband
Aug 11, 2015

RE: ACT Cable is worst and troi please take action against ACT Cable network

Dear Valued Customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your Customer ID or registered contact number and we will get back to you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
ACT Cable worst in Bangalore
Aug 10, 2015

ACT Cable is worst and troi please take action against ACT Cable network

ACT Cable TV network not provide channel details to consumers, Their asking more money from customer FOR FREE CHANNEL ,

ACT cable TV is worst cable in bangalore,

Please government take action against ACT cable TV Bangalore

And also TRAI also take action against ACT cable TV because of consumer protection
ACT Broadband
Jul 26, 2015

RE: ACT is worst cable TV Operators in India

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret to know this. Please share your contact number, we will get back to you.

Warm Regards,
ACT Fibernet
reliable babu
Jul 26, 2015

ACT is worst cable TV Operators in India

Any one who is trying to consider going to ACT TV OR ACT BROADBAND. Think four times after reading the following:
I had Broadband and Cable connection from ACT. Disconected the broadband as one mild rain is sufficient to the internet go off. and it will take atleast 3 business days to get it rectified.

Talking about Cable: they will collect the fees promptly and no money to place an UPS that caters power supply for whole Nagavara for a mere 1 hours, they can run their UPS only a part of nagavara and other part will not have cable connection and the surprising information is nagavara is a maximum diameter of 2 KM. Talk about technicians and explain them to change a channel it takes 45 seconds to go to the next channel they have no answers. Customer service you have to wait 10 minutes to talk to them they will pick the call to disconect the call.

So think 5 times before you decide to go for ACT product
Shaheer Ali
Jul 20, 2015

One of the useless cable service

This is to inform you everyone Act is the one of the useless service provider in jakkasandra Bangalore, I had complaint several time to concern cable operator regarding channel issues. But still they not taken any action.

Whenever rain comes all the channel status will be no signal .

I just keep on complaint still they all not mind about that.

And I have some good news about this cable operator month end for cable money they will come on time with out fail.
Sumit Ahuja
Jun 14, 2015

No Broadband connection after 2 weeks, Money Deducted


I have requested for ACT Fibrenet on June 1 2015 and made advance payment of Rs. 7176/- towards the same.
However, its been 14 days already and there has been no installation or verification yet.

I have called customer care numerous times but have not received any suitable response yet.
I have already escalated Request No 0004857432 on June 12th, even then there is no response.
I have already mailed to appellate authority/nodal officer previously but to no avail.

This is unacceptable and I fail to understand the state of service.

As per the ACT website, the connection will be installed within 7 working days:

"Depending on the feasibility, after applying for ACT Fibernet within 7 working days ACT Fibernet connection would be installed."

No Broadband connection after 2 weeks, Money Deducted

May 26, 2015

Refund after disconnection ACT cable TV

Hi All,
I am sharing my bad experience with ACT cable TV - Cable operator, Anjana Cables, Ittamadu, Banashankari 3rd stage, Bangalore-85. I had taken the connection for Rs.2000(set up box)+Rs.250 monthly with the above mentioned operator, earlier service was quite normal, but later the connection used to be disconnected, and also he stopped giving star,Sony,discovery, English movie channels, English Entertainment and news channels. And I asked him to give the channels as agreed at the time of taking connection and he is not ready to do the same but used to give assurance. But after waiting 2 months also his service had become worst. So I asked for disconnection and the operator agreed then had taken the setupbox also. As per the policy which he agreed at the time of taking connection he should return the deposit amount i.e., Rs.1300. But he is not returning & doing rowdyism, so I had complained the same in ACT website 3 times each I had got a reply by saying 'Regret the inconvenience and solved in 24 hours' but I had not received the deposit amount and also there is no action had been taken against the operator.Both act and operator are cheating people on their mutual agreement. I do not have time to fight for to get the deposit amount, but seeing my problem which I had faced from Cable operator, Anjana Cables, Ittamadu, Banashankari 3rd stage, Bangalore-85 people should aware of these cheaters.

So I suggest people to do not take any cable or internet connection from Cable operator, Anjana Cables, Ittamadu, Banashankari 3rd stage, Bangalore-85, as they are not having any business ethics

jitendra damani
May 5, 2015

about channel

They are giving outsource to local cabel oprater but local cable oprater doesn't have any information.when I contact act TV they are saying we will not help you contact. Cable oprater
Where consumer will go
Mohammed Ismail
May 4, 2015

Acttv fibernet

I have not seen such a worst broadband service till now, once you ask for new connection, there have not given the connection for one month after the payment done, then i requested them to cancel the connection and refund the amount, whenever i call the customer care, there used tell me that refund team will contact me within one or two day, but there have not contacted me, then once again i have call the customer care, every time when i gave a call to customer care there says that there have escalated to refund team, there will contact you next day, but till now no one has contact. ACTTV has bad service and worst customer service. if anyone are going to take the new connection think 100 time before you take any service from ACTTV.
Apr 11, 2015

constant disconnection

The worst ever cable TV operator. They charge as per their whims and the channels dont work.It takes many tries to eventually get to the call centre. You are put on hold and get a recorded message saying all are busy...try again. eventually you get to speak with a customer care executive and the usual answer is your complaint is registered and will be rectified within 24 hours.I have subscribed for sony six only to watch IPL matches,but that particular channel does not work....I get a message "you have not subscribed to this channel.The operator confirms it is activated.This is the worst cable service . Their collection agent promptly comes to collect cash every month,but the service provided is very very bad.

Please dont use their servive ...complete waste of money and tension for cricket fans...

Colin Rozario
[email protected]
Mar 15, 2015

reference insensitive never given

we have refereed customer , through portal , in march -2014 , still not given any incentive as per web advertisement , also then never give any acknowledgement for the same , if you want insensitive you have to beg like beggar from company , also they don't have any senior person to reply , only one person will give reply of your mail (he may be paid for harrasment to customer who paid 12 month rent in adavance) his name Mr mohan

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