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Ahmedabad Traffic Police


Consumer complaints and reviews about Ahmedabad Traffic Police

Suresh Prajapati l
Apr 7, 2017

Hit with hand on my head and my face.

Respected sir,
I ride platina with my friend at c.g.road Ahmedabad.
I forget my wallet at home so I don't have the licence.
Asi natubhai hit on me 4-5 times.
This is behavior to hit on head and face of traffic police because don't have the licence.
Could you tell me that traffic police hit on public like this yes or no ??
Could you give me justice or you always hit on public like this.
I try to attach the samadhan sulk pavati but it not attached because the maximum size you attach is 2 MB.
How can I attach my pavati then??
It's so bad that you behave like this with Ahmedabad public.
I hate this kind of behavior to the public and hit on public please don't allow traffic police to hit on public.
Apr 4, 2017


I have received E memo of Rs. 100 from Ahmedabad TP, my vehicle no GJ 01 LH 2129 Activa which was not there at the time shown in memo also vehicle is not shown in photo. One bike having same no 2129 is there in photo, i understand the memo is wrongly generated hence requested TP to cancel the same
Mar 31, 2017

false complaint generated

I have received first challan of 100rs. for crossing 2 wheelar just 1 feet from two white line in the main cross-road at income tax. It was 2:00 pm at afternoon and no traffic was there. I paid the amount. then I received another accusing about not wearing helmet while the photo is not at all clear and I never went to the route without wearing helmet since I started driving. Now I am not going to give money and regret why I even paid first time. I want to take my money back. I should blame the sensors which are poorly designed and also traffic police who doesn't even care to look at the photo before sending memo.
Mar 30, 2017

traffic in ahmdebad

Please look for traffic menace on stretch from parimal garden to gujarat college because of VFS office and supratech labs located on that roads. people park just on raods and it causes lot of traffic problems. even there is a mercedes car showroom that also creates lot of traffic problems
[email protected]
Mar 30, 2017

E memo

I have recieved e memo for violance of stopping line but you will see there is poor maintaince and stop line is unvisible properly.
i think if you generate e memo first learn rule and regulation yourself you guys are very poor in road maintainace, you are giving name about gujarat model. my concern is that if you generate e memo please elevate stop line with florocent notice board With "STOP HERE" sign board and first Make Zebra crossing in properly without any hinderance, if you see there is advertisement on zebra crossing with divider. I could not understand i had followed all rule and stopped my vehicle about 2 meter away from zebra crossing. You should not generate e memo if there is invisible line.
Mar 29, 2017

Heavy Parking in No Parking Areas

Respected Sir,

There is heavy parking in the no parking area in the lane between Cargo Ford and Yes Bank at C G ROAD AHMEDABAD.

The vehicles are being parked between the roads in such a way that not even a single car can go through.

Inspite of several complaints on 1095 there is no result which leads me to think on the part of corruption.

Citizens are paying vehicle tax, road tax and several infrastructure taxes to the RTO and other government branches. But due to some personal reasons government officials are not taking any steps to correct things out (Kindly find out such reasons).

If there is no outcome in such matter then the government should stop taking such taxes stated above as that is the hard earned money of the citizens and they are the only persons to suffer at the end of the day.

Kindly revert it ASAP so we can also understand that some one is there for our care.
Mar 29, 2017

Parking in No-parking Areas

Respected Sir,
There are heavy traffic issues at the lane between Cargo Ford and Yes Bank Lane at C G ROAD as the peoples are parking vehicles between the road.

The vehicles are parked like that not even a single car can pass between them.

I had done a complaint several times on 1095 but in vain which reflects several thoughts on the mind of citizens. Big question to think on the corruption part.

Citizens are paying their hard earned money on vehicle tax and road tax and on several infrastructure taxes towards RTO and AMC, Should it be stopped????.
Mar 28, 2017

For received memo again

Respected Sir,

My bike no: GJ1 NJ 6846

I am appreciating your work. Work with CCTV. Any one who not follow traffic rules then he/she received penalty slip, And remember traffic rules when he/she drive.

I have also received penalty slip of Rs. 300 for broken rules in November 2016 and received penalty slip in 23rd February 2017. after apx. 3 months. I have submit fine Rs. 300 at police station as per define in penalty slip and sure to my self that I will always follow traffic rules.

After some days on 28th March 2017, I received again penalty slip for broken same rule on 11th January 2017.

My Question is “Please tell me How can change my past..?”

After February on First penalty, I have sure that I will never mistake again at least same mistake. But how can remove past mistake. Please tell me.

If I have make mistake after submit first penalty then tall me I have no issue for submit penalty. But If you send me penalty for broken rules which I made by mistake before submit penalty slip.

Then It’s not fair..
I am sorry If I am wrong..

Sandip Prajapati
Mb: 7817065524
Mar 22, 2017

wrong e memo

my activa no : GJ-27 BC 8244

mere ghare pe e memo aya hay...
phn pe bat karne ka..1000/- rs ka

lekin me phn pe bat nhi kar raha tha
Mar 22, 2017

wrong e memo

my activa no : GJ-27 BC 8244

phn pe bat nhi kar raha hu to bhi phn pe bat karne ka e memo aya hay 1000/- rs ka...
shruti insurance
Mar 18, 2017

parking on roadside


MANISH K PATEL..9825757848
Mar 16, 2017

Wrongly taken fine just for standing on side of road.

Respected Sir,
I Shanay Kharidia was wrongly charged on the basis just for standing on the side of the road near RTO circle. I was Standing ad the policeman just came and took my pic and went away. Upon asking the reason he couldnt even answer properly why had he held me. I was standing on the side so i was wearing any helmet also so he couldnt take charge for that also. So i need to know the proper reason why i was charged.
Thank you!
Shanay Kharidia
Mar 15, 2017

Wrongly charged fine 100 rs. at Zydus hospital circle, thaltej

Wrongly charged fine 100 rs. at Zydus hospital circle, Thaltej, Ahmadabad-380054

At our loading vehicle TATA ace zip, at same place one more car is standing aside. than also they charge me only and wrongly pressurized me and taken 100 rs. Please call me on (m) - 7575868633

I need my 100 rs. back in 7 days from today other wise I will mail to traffic police commissioner

My residence:
Bhavesh Darji
A3, Amar-jyot appt, surdhara circle, thaltej, ahmedabad

(m) - 7575868633

Wrongly charged fine 100 rs. at Zydus hospital circle, thaltej

Mar 15, 2017

Wrongly charged fine 100 rs. at Zydus hospital circle, thaltej

Wrongly charged fine 100 rs. at Zydus hospital circle, Thaltej, Ahmedabad-380054

At our loading vehicle TATA ace zip, at same place one more car is standing aside. than also they charge me only and wrongly pressurized me and taken 100 rs. Please call me on (m) - 7575868633

I need my 100 rs. back in 7 days from today other wise I will mail to traffic police commissioner

My residence:
Bhavesh Darji
A3, Amar-jyot appt, surdhara circle, thaltej, ahmedabad

(m) - 7575868633

Bhupesh agarwal
Mar 3, 2017

Wrong side Traffic sense is ridiculous

Dear all,
I request you to look into the matter what is happening on roads nowadays. Wrong side vehicles are the biggest problems on the road. Even the traffic police ignores them . I know there is a law against the wrong siders but even the traffic police ignores them.there should be something done to this problem and wrong siders should be heavily fined...its really shameful to drive in ahmedabad with guests because of the very poor traffic sense and lack of traffic policemens inability to handle the traffic situation.
Lovekumar supeda
Mar 2, 2017

illegal taken money from sarangpur police

Traffic police taken my 100rs but refused to give challan.... Kya badala hai Ahmedabad mein... Jaisa pehle tha vesa hi to he... Policewala gunda
amar singh chouhan
Feb 16, 2017

Ref:-Snatched money (Rs700/-) from me on 10-01-2017 (01.30 pm )by your traffic staff.

Traffic police

Dear Sir,
Sub:-Complaint against traffic staff posted Near the toll Naka of “Vadodra Express way”
Ref:-Snatched money (Rs700/-) from me on 10-01-2017 (01.30 pm )by your traffic staff.

Please take action against the culprit traffic staff and Recover snatched money.
Detail is as under:-
1. On 10-01-2017 I was on the way from Jodhpur-Nashik for joining my duty.
2. I was on my official car “RJ 01 CB 7910”.
3. About 1.30 pm near toll naka of Vadodra Express way ahmedabad traffic staff stoped my car for checking. I stop car and produce all relevant documents (driving license, car registration, car insurance and pollution certificate etc.)
4. Even than traffic staff talking irrelevant about “BLACK PATTI” on head light. I told this is not necessary on new models of cars because it is inbuilt in system.
5. He arguing unnecessarily and demand some money.
6. I told him that I am in hurry and have to join duty same day at nashik.
7. I start my car towards toll naka.
8. He snatched the money from my car desk board (Rs 700/-)(Money was for “toll” purpose)
9. All incident was occurred near 10 meter of express high way “Toll naka”
10. you can verify all incident from “vadodra express high way toll naka”

I once again request you sir Please take action against the culprit traffic staff and Recover my money which they have snatched.
1. Very next day (12-01-2017) I sent online complaint on your “Ahemdabad police complain cell” but no action.
2. After waiting 25 days on 07-02-2017 I contacted telephone on 079-26561580 they given mobile no of inspector Sh Pandya sir that area.
3. I contacted Mr pandya (9727722289) he listen my view very well and said that he will look in to the matter and he told he will verify from “toll naka c.c footage” also.
4. Now my request you sir to please look in to matter.

Yours truly,

Amar singh chouhan
Principal(Deputy Zonal Manager)
Sales training centre
Gole colony
Feb 13, 2017

Illegal money taken by Ahmadabad traffic policeman

dear sir,
muje english nhi ati is liye hindi me likh rha hu. aaj date; 13/02/2017 monday mene mera bike gujarat s.t. stand ke bahar no parking area me park kiya tha ye meri galti thi. mera bike towing officer kakariya lake ke pas football ground me le gye. me fine bharne gya to vha par 2 homegaurd police the unhone mere pas rs.1000 ka fine bharne ko kha. mene kha two wheler ka itna fine hota he kya? to wo log gali galoch karne lge or kha 999 bhi nhi hoga agar bike chahiye to 1000 bharna padega. varna danilimda towing station jao or vha se memo lekar aao. me vha se auto me danilimda gya vha par muje bataya gya ki apki bike jha pdi he vhi par fine bharna padega yha par kuch nhi hoga. me normal insan hu muje kayde ke bareme itna pta nhi chalta. me vha se fir auto me kakaria lake football ground pahocha ab vha par 2 homegaurd ke alava ek police officer bhi the unka behavior bhi bhot ganda tha vo bhi gali se bat karne lge. fir jese tese karke 350 rs diye or mene kha memo bnakar do to gussa ho gye or bike rakhva vapas rakhva di. muje kha memo chahiye to pure 1000 rs lagenge. uske bad mene bhot muskil se request karke 350 rs diye or bike le li.
sir please ye bhrastachar band kro or des ko age badhao. publik ko kayde or fine ke bareme pta nhi he isliye ye log jese tese dra dhamka kar publik ko lutate he.
jai hind
Jan 27, 2017

Traffic jam

There is always traffic jam nearer to science city, Sola under bridge.Other Jam nearer to Bhavsagar sweet char rasta nearer to S
attadhar cross road.
It is advised,kindly depute the traffic police to the cross roads at Morning 9-11 & Evening 6-9,because especially these times more traffics are there.But rarely police are working there.
Kindly take the matter as more urgent,so that public cannot be harassed.

One of the responsible citizen.
[email protected]
Jan 22, 2017

Illegal money taken by Ahmadabad traffic policeman

Yesterday when I was entered from Vadodara -ahemadabad highway to sardar patel ring road few policemen stops us they have checked all documents like license, insurance, puc & they found all documents are correct
But one policeman observed sun light film to car
He told me, you have to pay 5400rs fine for that & we will remove it & damage may happen to glass so tell us what you want do (sun glass film is my mistake)
At that time I was not aware about fine charges are 100 rs only as per rule for sun light film
I was worried because I don't have 5400 cash at that time l am with my family & my vehicle no starts with MH..
So as per his demand I have given 2000rs without fine slip
Now I don't expect any actions against currpted policeman for above issue because I know, that will not going to happened
But I will wish to god don't punish his family members for his bad work
Jan 13, 2017

Car Towing

Ahmedabad traffic police,

I am resident of Samarpan Tower, Nr. Gharda Ghar, Naranpura, Ahmedabad-13. Due to scarcity of parking few of our members are parking the cars outside the tower. We park the cars on the internal road only when the space in society is fully occupied. But since last 3 days continuously cars are being towed away from the spot.

Sir, this parking is done on internal road & not on main road i.e. 132 ft ring road. But to our surprise vehicles are towed from internal roads and not from main road. We fee that deliberately cars of Samarpan Tower are being towed while other cars are not being towed or fined. Surprisingly vehicles are being towed from same place for the third consecutive day (that to from internal road)

Sir, everywhere in our Ahmedabad, people or guest parks their vehicle outside the tower. But surprisingly this drive is carried in our lane only & cars are being towed from outside of our Tower only

We feel that if traffic rules are to be strictly enforced than vehicles parked outside every society should be towed. Laws should be equal for all. Priority should be like towing the vehicles on main roads where there is heavy traffic.

There is always unorganized parking at Ankur cross roads, specially near food joints. But vehicles are never being towed. Even many second hand car dealers park their cars on main road but again they are never towed.

Sir, if you see that vehicles are being parked outside every society & tower in Ahmedabad. Similarly our members were also parking it. Our members always try to see that vehicles parked in lane does not obstruct any one & nor does it should be a pain point for any resident. We understand & respect the right of every citizen.

Sir, it is humble request that either law should be enforced equally for all residents of city or please see that vehicles parked by our society members (that to on internal road outside our society) is not towed.

We have full faith in administration & believe that this matter will be looked upon

Seeking co-operation

Resident of Samarpan Tower
Vijaysinh damor
Dec 24, 2016


I have travelling in bus during every vehicle overtaking from left lane ,heavy loading and slow speed vehicles always in right side so what is the rules of overtaking and which lane driving for slow speed vehicles.
(Which lane for emergency vehicles during emergency)it should be fix traffic rules.

Vijay Damor
Dec 21, 2016

Breaking traffic rules

Hello sir,

Belonging to chandigarh, I am pretty well versed with traffic rules. As you know, chandigarh police takes road safety and implementation of traffic rules very seriously, I was shocked when I was reprimanded by traffic police for following a basic traffic rule.

On judges bungalow road, there is small roundabout which has lights also on it. As per rule, whenever one has to cross the road where there is a roundabout, you have to go about the roundabout whether u have to go straight , right, left or take u turn. I did the same. Waited for lights to turn green and then took a u turn via the roundabout. All other traffic just ignored the circle. This police gentleman came up to me with a stick and started shouting at me for doing what was right!!!!I was with my 2 small kids who got really scared because of his behavior. I didn't know that when we have to drive on gujrat, we have to let go off our good traffic sense and learn to drive like maniacs...coz that's what is acceptable here!!!

Shocking.. I think before asking people to learn traffic rules to get license, you need to teach your officers something about traffic rules...worst city as far as traffic rules is concerned....thanks to Ahmedabad traffic police...the worst in the country. Lived in punjab Delhi Bombay. They are far better than gujrat any day.
Nov 25, 2016

Traffic Rules

Dear sir,
Modiji is doing very good job. He is also giving examples of Gujarat Model. But when it comes to Ahmedabad traffic, the model goes up for a toss. The problem surely lies with the people of Ahmedabad that they do not adhere to the traffic rules,Why?

I suggest some measures to improve the traffic sense among the people of Ahmedabad.

1. As the staff is ill staffed and understaffed, i suggest to employ/deploy more staff. Get some staff from Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkata.
2. The home guards on duty have no power to fine errant drivers, give them power. I feel very sorry for entire traffic staff when they are humiliated by an ordinary civilian. It is very shameful that the people do not fear them.
3. Start collecting "Hefty Fines" from the traffic rule violates .Ahmedavadis will feel the pinch and improve.
4. Close all unnecessary cuts and openings.
Oct 24, 2016

Heavy Vehicles Traffic

Dear Sir

1.please solution traffic from the heavy vehicles the rules is heavy vehicles not come in city morning to night 9.pm but the driver broken the rules in MADHUPURA TO IDGA , ODHAV TO RAKHIYAL ROAD,CIVIL TO ASARWA ROAD


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