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Ahmedabad Traffic Police


Consumer complaints and reviews about Ahmedabad Traffic Police

Dec 21, 2016

Breaking traffic rules

Hello sir,

Belonging to chandigarh, I am pretty well versed with traffic rules. As you know, chandigarh police takes road safety and implementation of traffic rules very seriously, I was shocked when I was reprimanded by traffic police for following a basic traffic rule.

On judges bungalow road, there is small roundabout which has lights also on it. As per rule, whenever one has to cross the road where there is a roundabout, you have to go about the roundabout whether u have to go straight , right, left or take u turn. I did the same. Waited for lights to turn green and then took a u turn via the roundabout. All other traffic just ignored the circle. This police gentleman came up to me with a stick and started shouting at me for doing what was right!!!!I was with my 2 small kids who got really scared because of his behavior. I didn't know that when we have to drive on gujrat, we have to let go off our good traffic sense and learn to drive like maniacs...coz that's what is acceptable here!!!

Shocking.. I think before asking people to learn traffic rules to get license, you need to teach your officers something about traffic rules...worst city as far as traffic rules is concerned....thanks to Ahmedabad traffic police...the worst in the country. Lived in punjab Delhi Bombay. They are far better than gujrat any day.
Nov 25, 2016

Traffic Rules

Dear sir,
Modiji is doing very good job. He is also giving examples of Gujarat Model. But when it comes to Ahmedabad traffic, the model goes up for a toss. The problem surely lies with the people of Ahmedabad that they do not adhere to the traffic rules,Why?

I suggest some measures to improve the traffic sense among the people of Ahmedabad.

1. As the staff is ill staffed and understaffed, i suggest to employ/deploy more staff. Get some staff from Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkata.
2. The home guards on duty have no power to fine errant drivers, give them power. I feel very sorry for entire traffic staff when they are humiliated by an ordinary civilian. It is very shameful that the people do not fear them.
3. Start collecting "Hefty Fines" from the traffic rule violates .Ahmedavadis will feel the pinch and improve.
4. Close all unnecessary cuts and openings.
Oct 24, 2016

Heavy Vehicles Traffic

Dear Sir

1.please solution traffic from the heavy vehicles the rules is heavy vehicles not come in city morning to night 9.pm but the driver broken the rules in MADHUPURA TO IDGA , ODHAV TO RAKHIYAL ROAD,CIVIL TO ASARWA ROAD

shubha rani
Oct 24, 2016

The commuters who are supposed to go straight or take a right turn, block the way to take the left turn

This is regarding handling the traffic at ISCON circle. If one is coming from Bopal side, left side turn is open forever. But all the commuters who are supposed to go straight or take a right turn, block the way to take the left turn. Today I had to wait at the circle for 7 – 8 mins (it was morning 10:15 am) though the turn was open. When I complained the same to the traffic police, he replied “there are only 2 people to manage and that is why this problem is”. Please look into this issue and have some permanent solution.
Thanking you for your cooperation.
Amarnath M. Bhatt
Oct 23, 2016

parking of vecle in front of entrance gate of our Aaprtments

Jivankung Apartment is behind Ghadiali complex ,Krishanabaug Maninagar Ahmedabad which cause inconvenience to all resident /and members of our apartment day by day the problem became acute Usual answer of the vehicle occupier / owner BE MINUTE MUKEL CHHE/.Very Strange./ this is every day problem Please solve problem at the earlier..
Oct 21, 2016


Dear Sir,

Location : Near Fire brigade Odhav, Ahmedabad

Time: Pickup hours Morning : 9.00am to 11 am & 6.00 pm to 8 pm

Please solve this problem
Nikhlesh Samkuniya
Oct 18, 2016

heavy traffic in peak hrs - sarkhej to juhapura

Dear Sir,
Our company bus everyday passes thru this route in between 6.30 to 7pm, but due to heavy traffic occurring because of undisciplined parking & driving of rickshaws, two wheelers, it is too difficult to pass this road of 3km in 30 minutes.
Requesting your team to intervene into this to sort out traffic matter for permanent.
Oct 8, 2016

Taking illegal money & misbehaving, slaping innocent citizen

I was on cg road i was not wearing healmet traffic police stooped me they demanded for 100 ₹ i gave 100₹ and take memo while i just asked sir i am a student if you can catch me so many other people are riding without helmet plz catch them. In this time he slapped me for arguing and misbehaved badly and also didn't return my 400 ₹ change. Can anyone help me in this thing they are servants of public not our boss.
Oct 1, 2016

Complaint against traffic police for taking illegal money

Actually I was coming from saibaba cross road to thaltej and suddenly traffic police came and stopped me.I was wearing helmet and I also have licence .I have all materials like PUC and RC Book but he took my license and scolded me to give 100Rs Otherwise he will not give me license. This is really terrible I couldn't expect this from traffic police .His name is H K Rathod at Saibaba Cross Road.He finally Told me that he have to make 50 Memos daily so He have to catch any people .It's my humble request to the head of the traffic department to take strict action against him.

Complaint against traffic police for taking illegal money

Sep 10, 2016


Maru name sooraj 6. Hu vastral ma rahu 6u . Hu aaje 11-09-2016 Sunday . samay 10:00 vage gahare thi nikadyo .Mara mitra ne liye jashoda thayi Maninagar under bridge nikadyo tyaj mane traffic police wada ye rokyo.Mara Jode helmet hato , licence hato , R.c book hati , toye Mara jode thi, 100 rs lidha and Naa aapu to licence jama layi leva nhi damaki aapi . maro gunoh hato ke re helmet kem nhi pahareyo ..me address puchwa mate helmet kadyu ane ye trafick wada ye pakdayo . Mane Mara desh me aatki pad aazadi nathi ke hu helmet vagar address puchchi asku .Mare helmet kadwanu pan nathi.
Aava niyam to kya j nathi .
Complain karu 6u kem ke hu trasi gayu 6u.
45 divas ma me 800+ 100 rs bharaya 6 .Traffic police wada ne ..Badu 6 toye paisa Ni mangadi kare 6 .Darek char rasta upar traffic police wada ubha hoye 6. Mare ghare thi pad nikadanu hoye to bik accident thi nhi pad traffic police wada o thi thaye 6 .Mari salary 9000 rs 6 jema thi me 900 rs to bharaya 6 ..40 diwas ma .paisa Naa hoye to public ne heran karwa maate licence jama le 6 .Kalmo jem pawe tem thoki de 6 .
Aau to rules kya nathi .Court ma pad loot chale 6 .Kagadiya ne jaj passe mokalwa mate 100rs aapwa pade 6 ..aanu to koi hisab nathi .
Waah ...traffic police thi layi me court sudhi cruption chale 6 .aaa maru personal experience thayo 6 4o diwas ma .Jo tamari thi Kai thayi sake to karjo warna mare to aavi government and aava rules uper koi trust nathi.

Aug 25, 2016

Ahmedabad roads-our death traps

We have one of the highest rate of road fatalities. we carry the statistics and little is done to do anything constructive.

The law makers, the infrastructure providers , the law keepers(traffic police) and we the citizens all need to partner to save the lives of our own.
Today my complaint is about the law keepers- the traffic police in Ahmedabad is the least sensitive to rules being observed pr broken. They are more interested in clocking "hafta". there would be 4-5 policemen standing at the same spot, doing nothing unless a hapless truck or commercial goods vehicle passes by and all of them will then pounce on him like VULTURES!!!

It is only in Ahmedabad that people drive with impunity on wrong side of the road (including gsrtc buses), large vehicles operate with any brake lights, people merrily texting and driving, overladen vehicles, vehicles with no number plates (just durbar or police or something written on them) , parking in no parking zones, and the traffic police would not bat an eyeliD- TOTALLY UNCONCERNED AND INSENSITIVE!

Yesterday, the kid preet bhavsar who died on the road was not due to his negligence but plain stupidity of the TRAFFIC POLICE who allowed stopped vehicle on the road with NO HAZARD WARNINGS!! and that too in the overtaking lane..

Apart form corrupt contractors and politicians taking us for a ride with potholed and badly designed roads..... it is the ineffective law keepers(that is the traffic police) who are the single largest cause of avoidable deaths and injuries on the road.
Ashwin H Patel
Aug 15, 2016

ગાડીઓના ગ્લાસ ઉપર ડાર્ક ફિલ્મ બાબત.

ગાડીઓના ગ્લાસ ઉપરથી ડાર્ક ફિલ્મ હટાવી લેવાનો કાયદો ઘણા સમયથી આવ્યો છે. હજી પણ ઘણી ગાડીઓ જેમા સરકારી ગાડીઓ, વગદાર લોકોની ગાડીઓ અને પોલીસ કર્મીઓની ગાડીઓ ઉપર પણ ડાર્ક ફિલ્મો જોવામાં આવે છે. આવો ભેદભાવ કેમ?
આ બાબતમાં યોગ્ય કરી શકશો?
આપનો આભારી,
અશ્વિન પટેલ.
pinakin Rathod
Jul 15, 2016

collecting money by threateningly

Dear Sir,

Today morning 10:30 when I was going to city gold bapunagar .... There is traffic police ven out there,,, they checked my scooter n then asking for some money, I showed them everything license, helmet, all required documents but they threaten me that my vehicle would be detected. If I not gave them money...... There are many innocent people they detained n collect money by threaten them .... The officer who took money from me his name is R.Solanki something,, unfortunately he didn't carry his name properly.... I'm highlighting this issue because I have faith in Gujarat police, please take some strong action against responsible person.

Jul 9, 2016

stop noise pollution to two wheeler vehicle

Respected sir ,
ahmedabad city m kafi sare bikes k owner h jinhone apni bikes m booster silencer lagawa rakh h jis k wajh s kafi sara avaj hota h.
aur jab aise vehicle road pe chalate h to janbuj k race jyada det h.jis k wajh se aspas wale vehicle ka balance bigta h aur mind se kafi dsturb hota h .aise bikes pe traffic police ko jald se jald action lena chaiye .aur ye silencer pe ben lag dena chaiye.

jai hind.
Jul 9, 2016

Remove encroachment in the road and solve traffic problem

jai hind sir,
respected sir ,
as you are inform death remove all chines food loris and chairs and table in the airport road.

talawadi circle se airport circle tak mein road pe illegal trah se chines ki kafi sari laria khedi ho gayi aur ye lari wale rad pe he table kursiya rakh dat h .jis k wajh s in lari walo k costmer road pe gadia park kr dat h.
jis k wajh s traffic jam hota h aur cinier citizen ko road pe chalne ki jagh nai rahti.

adress.talawadi circle se airport circle tak,airport road talawadi sardarnagar ahmedabad
Jun 16, 2016

Cant wear helmet

Jai Hind Sir,

I want to know the option that if I am not able to wear the helmet because of nervousness how can I avoid receiving memos, the other point is it is not a kind of any illness that I could get the certificate so in that case I would never be able to wear helmet and for the same matter I want to submit my application to be saved from the unnecessary bothering for both me and the traffic department.

Kindly provide information for the same.

Paresh Thakor
May 1, 2016

Regarding Fine Amount and rules


I have been charge for 600/- for Not Wearing Helmet and Violation of stop line at traffic junction.
Place of violation was G2 lane2 Income Tax Ahmedabad
Date Of Violation: 07/04/2016
Time of Violation was 08:07:42 AM On this time non of traffic signals are working than how can i charge for traffic violation? even you traffic officers are not on duty at that time daily, on this time i am daily traveling to my office from my home.
Not Wearing Helmet :184, 129, 177 .. Only not wearing for helmet they charge me with three sections.
Violation of Stop Line at junction: 119, 177 For this they charge me with two sections. and 177 is repeated.

please suggest me what do i do. i can not pay 600 rs for only not wearing helmet
Please help me with this is there is some mistake to fine me for this violation ?
because 300 for not wearing helmet and 300 for traffic violation is not correct fine

Regarding Fine Amount and rules

Apr 27, 2016

Parking at no parking

I live at talawadi road newar airport road my house is between shop as it is on road outside of my house there ia no parking sign board people den also park there if i have to take out or park my vehicle in my house it is difficult as people park there vehicle its a no parking zone please do something as i dnt park outside of my house i park insode and the path out of my house not after that please do something as its creating alot of difficulties nowadays

Apr 23, 2016

Can juice shop on middle of road 12 Fts

Huge 12 foot circle stud used manually for can juice chakki shop on middle of road at,near traffic light on BRTS ROUTE,AND CUSTOMER CARS CREAT SITUATION PERFECT FOR 100% Accident,being park temporarily on road and 2 out of 3 lanes are blocked.Lary Galla,can juice factory Larry by Madrasi must be removed immediately.
MY NUMBER CEL 9825028111 Raj Patel
Mitesh Dave
Apr 16, 2016

e-Challan issued already wearing seat belt and issued after one and half month gone

Dear sir ,
As per above subject , I had received e challan No AMD04311-16020100205. CHALLAN Date is 1-02-2016 .and due date was 03-03-2016. I received it 16-04-2016. after one and half month gone and your police said that it was issued this month. as per rule we have to pay within the 10 day since it issued . and it is clearly shown that I have wearing seatl belt but challan issued for not using seat belt.
Request you to take care of this case and help me out for resolution this matter.

e-Challan issued already wearing seat   belt and issued after one and half month gone

Mar 31, 2016


Dear sir our residents in kanchandeep appartment opp satyakam society nr bikanerwala
Problem there last few days you put Barrick on road to go on satelite road round from Nehrunagar there are lots off traffic due to barricade I also inform local traffic Police they also knew that for that step traffic jam up to shivranjani
Do something about feriyas in Nehrunagar
Some tree between them they do also heavy traffic
Also make divider in our gali how we turn in society heavy road block by animals bh our gali I give photos
Please look
Mar 16, 2016


Dear Concern

I have complaint for misbehavior of traffic police. Yesterday i was passing through hatkeshwar road one of traffic police said me to take car a side it has no badge on his uniform i had taken my car a side after that he asked a senior of him he came there and asked for my licence i gave him once he get my licence i was completely shocked he started shouting on me and abusing me publicly i am civilized person not used to this kind of behavior. It was time of around 11:45 and out side temperature on road is around 39 he shouted and start insulting me publicly i was trammeling and one strange thing is i am seriously feeling with this behavior women are not safe in ahmedabad. I don't know name of this people because of pocket of his uniform was not able to read his name i attached picture of this criminal who is threatening humans and misusing his power. Please take strict action against this kind of people so we can live peacefully in our city. You can see due to his misbehavior how he created a crowd on road and due to some civilized human on road who came to help me i get out of trouble. But the strange thing is how on duty police people can behave like this and where's safety of woman?
Prakash M Shah
Mar 12, 2016

Traffic Jam

From : Prakash M. Shah
34,Panchshil Society,
Nr.Usmanpura Under Bridge,

Date :12th March 2016
The Police Commissioner
Traffic Police,

Sub: Traffice Jam near Income tax under bridge Railway Track Road due to un-authentic car parking.

With subject to the above I had complained on June 2015 and also article published in “Ahmedabad Mirror” newspaper on dated 24th June 2015 with photograph for heavy traffic jam at Railway track road nr. Income tax under bridge due to un-authentic Car parking by old high court staff & visitors, That time Ahmedabad Mirror News Paper reporter discussed with staff & lawyers of old high court & convince them not to put their vehicle on road for the public interest.

The location is from Income Tax under bridge to Navarangpura Police Chowki road parallel to Railway track.

Now it is again start car parking by visitors & Heavy traffic Jam Situation create, it is very difficult to pass this road on 4wheeler at morning and evening time and it is very congested to drive this road.

You can depute P.I. traffic at 11.00 o’clock onwards & see the harassment public is facing.

Kindly request you to place “No Parking” board or declared “No Parking Zone” & depute traffic policemen to toe the car & punished car parkers this complain is for public interest.

I expect your immediate action.


Prakash M. Shah
M.98240 51466

Traffic Jam

prafful arora
Mar 6, 2016

ट्राफिक समस्या हल करने के लीये

MOBILE: 9913890148

Ahmedabad traffic police
SUBJECT: ट्रैफिक समस्या हल करने हेतु
आदरनिय सर,
‌ उपर्युक्त पते पर में पीछले 40साल से धंधा कर रहा हु,पर कुछ दिनों से मेरी दुकान के आगे कुछलोग गैरकायदेसर अड्डा जमाकर धंधा कर रहे है,और दादागीरी कर रहे है,जिस से हमारा धंधा करना मुशकिल हो गया है,और नाक में दम कर रखा है.उनकी वजह से ट्रैफिक जाम-छेड़ती-चोरी इत्यादी बनाव बनते रहते है.कृपया इन्हें हटा कर हमारी और पब्लिक की सहायता करे.
Ishvar Ahir
Feb 24, 2016

No intimation for Road block on 14.02.16 from Helmet circle to Shivaranji

I am the commutor from Helmet circle to Shivaranjni staying at Gurukul,Drive-In-Road.On 14.02.16 due the marathon the Road were blocked by Police from Helmet circle to Shivaranjani.There is a large industries surrounding the Ahmedabad & shivaranjani is the centre point for Transportation.There are also a GIDC like Vatva,Odhav.The private industries are working on sunday.It has been observed that such events being organised on sunday.For the last event there was no intimation or alternative route declaration in the newpaper.Many commuters were stucked & could not reach to their work place.
We request you to organise such event at River front or S P Patel ring Road to avoid the such trouble being faced by commutors.
Also request you to declare such events in advance with alternative routes in all the local newspaper as well as on TV/Radio.

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