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Consumer complaints and reviews about Air India

Jul 3, 2017

Stolen items by AI baggage handler staff

Had a horrible experience from flying with AI international. While in transit in New Delhi airport following arrival by AI 102 on July 1st and waiting to embark AI 764 to Kolkata, numerous items were stolen by the AI baggage handlers from 3 suitcases. Though complaint was raised by calling various AI numbers, the staff is extremely rude, unresponsive and came up with vague websites and phone numbers to lodge further complaint and escalation. They said we should have checked each baggage right after getting those off the conveyor belt. This does not make sense as no passenger checks the baggage in the airport for ensuring all contents are there. Essentially the monetary value may be handled for this stolen episode, but want to raise this to AI higher authorities to ensure they are cognizant of these type of fraudulent unethical activities. We do fly AI consistently for past several years and have travelled in both economy and business classes. Time to rethink about flying with AI in future.
Jul 3, 2017

Customer Care over phone - The WORST EVER THAT CAN EXIST

I think the Air India Customer Service is THE WORST EVER POSSIBLE. I think the guys are specifically trained on how to do bad Customer service. My BP shot high and I fainted because of their unscrupulous and utterly pathetic handling of queries.

So, this is the story: I booked a ticket for my 64 year old mother, and I wanted to make a seat reservation for her, one that offers more leg space.

I called them the first time. A guy got all my details, and said "I will check seat availability" and put me on hold for 5min. He got back and said "Seat is available.I will transfer u to the concerned department". Then 5min of hold. Now a second guy picked up, and asked again for all the details from the beginning, and said "we are checking seat availability" and put my call on hold. 5min...10min...15min passed by, and no one came back.

I called them the second time. The same story. 1st guy. 5min. 2nd guy. Now he said u can pay through debit card. "Maam, please I have to check something about seat. Can I put ur call on hold"? 10min passed by. Suddenly, the call got disconnected.

I found one. I called them the third time. Same story. 1st guy now 10min hold. 2nd guy. 5min hold. And then said "sorry maam payment system is down. We will call you back in 10min.

And you guessed what happened. No one called back.

I called them the fourth time. The same story. 1st guy. 5min. 2nd guy. Now he said u can pay through debit card. But oh, we allow only ICICI debit cards, and we dont accept other bank cards (what nonsense). I didn't have an ICICI card.

I called them the fifth time. The same story. 1st guy. 5min. 2nd guy. 5min hold. Now I asked them, how else can I pay? Then this guy said "you can walk in to our office and pay for your seat". But if you walk in, you have to pay 25$ more for the seat. If you pay online, you dont pay that extra money.

What the hell? why should I pay more if I visit the office? Why wouldnt they accept other VISA cards?

What the hell should I do guys? I am so so angry with the time and money I wasted for every call, and yet havent accomplished what I wanted to. The call centre simply sucks. They do not even reply back professionally. I hear background chit chats so loudly, and some one is singing a song so loud that I cant hear what the guy on the phone is talking.

I have decided that I will NEVER EVER fly Air India again.

Who takes ownership for this bad customer service? and who pays back for all the time and money I wasted? Who answers for my loosing of calm, and my shooting of BP?

India's National Airline it is, and IT IS THE WORST WORST AIRLINE.

Equally terrible are their Air host and Air hostess. They have such attitude issues, and talk so rudely.

I love my Country, and it pains to see that it has the worst airline ever.
Jose Venables
May 31, 2017

No solution for delayed flight

The flight AI135 (11/05/17) was delayed and I had a bus conection that I knew I will lost after we was inform of the 2:30 hrs departure delayed. In Delhi I ask one of the crew what is going to happens about my situation because I will not be able to make my conection to Sevilla when I arrive to Madrid on the new schedule time. He told me that all the passangers who had any inconvenience will be "compensate" and it will be a solution about every case. Trusting what he told me I took sit and wait until the flight started (more than 3 hours later than original schedule time).
Before we arrived, I asked to another member of the crew what is going to happens with the people who lose or miss a conection because of the delayed, so she told me I had to talk with Air India helping desk, just after I pick the luggage. It was 12:30 (at night) and obviously the help desk was close so no help or anwer was given to any of the people who had the same problem (there was at least 5 passangers with the same problem).
All the other passangers found a way to spend the night somewhere or reach to their destination but I could not because I lost the last bus to Sevilla so I spend the night in the airport waiting until the help desk open to give me a solution.
I waited until 7 am and nobody open the helping desk so I leaved the airport to find my own way to get Sevilla.
The delayed it was your problem but I suffer the consecuences spending a night in the floor of the airport and paying for a new ticket to my destination.
I wrote them demanding a "compensation" because of the bus ticket I lost and the extra expenses I have to been through (the new ticket it was not until 13:00 of the next day (12/05) so at least 2 meals I had to pay because of this issue.

After several e-mails with the company, they said sorry about inconvinience but they told me they will not be responsable for any extra expenses because they brought me into my final destination. They also told me they don't have to be responsable for customer issues after the flight arrived destination (even if they had a delayed). I tryed to make them get inton reasonable therms but they just close the conversation arguing they will not be responsable for nothing because it is not obligatory for them under Aviation Rules. I told them they have to be responsable so that's why I started to escalete this compalint until I get what is fare..
Jan 28, 2017

Air India

I'm an extremely frequent international business traveler. I had easily my worst experience with a flight hostess last night in my flight from Singapore to Mumbai. This is a woman named Neha Arora, a flight hostess with Air India. I was sleeping quietly and get woken up.by the passenger next to me, who creates a very silly fight. The woman, Neha Arora, then comes and without having any understanding begins to abuse me. This will be last Air India flight, until I'm informed by Air India management that Neha Arora is disciplined or fired (I'm sure there will be many similar complaints against her rudeness which has not been serviced).

Abhijit S.
M.b.gopala Krishna
Jan 17, 2017

No staff available to issue boarding tickets

I have reached terminal 3 by 20.05 hours were i approached to boarding pass their was no staff on the counters I have booked tickets in air India flight no.AI 839 dated 17th Jan. without giving proper reasons they simply saying to book another flight for next day.m.b.gopala Krishna.B.A.LLB 9393322195
Jan 8, 2017

Quality of snacks

In the past over 40 years of both domestic/international air travel, I had never ever taken such a tasteless snacks/refreshment as served on flight AI 441, DOT Jan 08, 2017. I had asked the serving staff to check as to how many passengers have finished the served snacks and bring it to the notice of superior staff. PNR Y094Z, seat nos 21E and 21F.
Pankaj Narkhede
Dec 22, 2016

Pathetic customer service by Air India

This is all started from day of my flight. I had booked return tickets from Newark to mumbai. My flight was on 17 Dec 2016 at 1:30 am from mumbai but unfortunately I missed it due to confusion on time. I thought it is on 17 night but it was on16 night and I didn't receive any communication from Air India about my flight ( but for newatk to mumbai, I did receive sms about my flight) .when i called customer care on Dec 17 morning to inquire about flight, that guy said it is tonight means Dec 17 night and when I asked him that it is reaching to Newark on Saturday morning (how is it possible) he said it is system mistake. Again i confirmed with him on timings. After 10 mins, I got a call from Air India saying that I missed my flight. It was last night. So here point is even they got confused on timings and said sorry for the confusion. When i requested him to give me seats for tonight (dec 17) he said i had pay for date change, no show charges and fair differences if any. I was shocked. When I asked them about no communication being sent, he just said sorry for that and I had to pay charges if i want to travel and it was only my responsibility. This shows that they don't care about customer and don't want to take any responsibilities. I had no option so I paid charges ($1891). During travel, none of the tv screens were working for our seats( i was traveling with my wife and child). Air hostess said nothing can be done. Also there was shortage of food too. When we arrived at Newark On 18, we found that they didn't bring our luggage (all economy class) due to weather conditions but they brought luggage for first class and business class. They asked us to fill luggage form and we were waiting for almost 2 hrs in a queue to submit it. Till date we didn't receive our luggage.

I will never travel again with Air India now and will tell my friends the same thing.

Pankaj N
+1 914 414 9667
Dec 20, 2016

Stranded in Delhi on international journey

I booked my ticket from SFO to Patna with Air India. The Delhi to Patna leg (AI 407, 9th December) was rescheduled to depart before my flight from SFO landed in Delhi. The next flight AI 415 was cancelled and then I was booked on AI 409 for the next day i.e. 10th December.

When I arrived on airport the next day Mr. Suraj Singh Chaudhary on the Delhi airport denied me a boarding ticket for this flight and left me stranded at Delhi. He mentioned the reason was that the flight was overbooked and he couldn’t deny confirmed passengers a seat. However, I too was a confirmed passenger who had booked his trip two months in advance and I had already covered over 12000 kilometers in distance, and was stuck in an unknown place. Upon explaining my situation he said that I should go ahead and complain to anyone and he dared me to try and escalate this matter. I mentioned that I had nothing to gain by that and I only needed to reach my destination. It was only later that some other personnel gave me a 12:30pm flight.
Hemangg Singh Rajput
Dec 9, 2016

Rescheduling of Flight

My Air India flight AI415 on 18/12/2016 was rescheduled to depart on 13:30. It will now leave two hours before I get to Delhi from Chicago on Air India flight AI126 on the same day. The airline can only accommodate me on a flight the next day. They are not willing to pay or arrange for food and accommodations for the night. Because of the recent demonetization process I don't have any cash as all of it is in old 500 or 1000 rupee notes. They are also unable to transfer my booking to another airline so that I can get home the same day.

They are offering a refund, but if I book a domestic ticket on another airline so close to my travel date, I'll be charged more and they will also charge extra for my baggage because domestic allowance is lower than the international allowance. Again, I don't have any money to pay for this.

My name is Hemangg Sing Rajput and my booking PNR is HD9K4 (booked via GoIbibo). I will leave Chicago on 17/12/2016 and reach Delhi on the 18th. Please help!!
Nov 29, 2016

Issue of Travelling Certificate

I have travelled by Air India from Delhi to Pune on 25.11.2016 but I have lost my Boarding Pass which I have to submit to my office ( Ordnance Factory, Muradnagar, Ghaziabad). Details are as follows:
Name: Chander Shekhar
Flight Number: AI 849, Air India from Delhi to Pune
Date of Travel: 25.11.2016 ( November 25, 2016)
Ticket Number: ETKT 098 1124837307
EMail Address: [email protected]
Nov 23, 2016

nobody at the boarding counter

How the hell this airline become part of star alliances I don't know. My flight at 2.10 on 24 th Nov 2016. I was at the counter at 1.45 but at the counter nobody was there. When we got in touch with so called senior Mr Santosh Rao after waiting for like 45 mins he spoke to us very rudely asking us to go away he can't do anything abt it.
I hv travelled with almost all airline but nobody has ever behaved like this. U guys don't deserve to be in star alliances.
I wish to discontinue my association with air india.

Thank you
Sangeeta Prajapaty
Sep 25, 2016

Refund from Kolkata to Guwahati

Hi, I've travelled on the 3rd of September, the flight scheduled departure was at 6:00 am however it was delay n depart only at 9:40 am from Hyderabad, which i eventually missed the connecting flight from kolkata to Guahati. I was informed about the delay neither by sms nor email. The staff at the airport told me that i will be assiting by an airindia rep from Kolkata and will be getting a flight via jet airways at 3:30 pm on the same day, Hence with assurance i boarded the flight, to my surprised there was no flight scheduled from kolkata at all. I was informed that they cannot scheduled another flight the same day which caused much inconvenience for me as i had some urgent & personal requirement to reach my destination the same day, the staff were very cold & less concerned about the whole thing that happened , they told me we can issue a full refund if you want to cancel, i have no option but to cancel the flight and i booked via Indigo which cost me approx 7000 rs. more.
I am with the assurance that i will received a refund within 7-10 days and I have not recieved anything untill now. I have called the 1800 # and have spoken to a Supervisor name Shakar n Senthil they keep pushing me back and forth . It had already more than 15 business days. I was advised to visit the nearest airindia office the address is more than 30 kms away from where i live. My question is how much more inconvenience would you like to cause. I need my refund asap. And also just you should know that when they issue me a ticket in hyderabad they issued under another passengers name .I will not provide the name of the passenger here . Ticket # 0982256894283.
Please reach me on the phone listed on your data anytime after 8pm.
Please issued the refund asap.
Rakesh Rampal
Sep 12, 2016

9 hrs delay

Please be informed that me & my wife Bela Rampal were booked in flight AI-116 on 8th September 2016 from London to Delhi,
Without any intimation to us we were confirmed in AI-112 which eventually brought us to Delhi 9 hours latter.
The delay caused us undue stress in London on 8th September 2016,
We request you to kindly compensate us as per the Europa. eu guidelines for the delay & misinformation

Rakesh Rampal

9 hrs delay 9 hrs delay

Ravindra Kumar
Sep 2, 2016

Delay Certificate

Dear Sir,
I travelled by Air India Sanghai to Delhi which was scheduled to fly on 12-07-2016 from Sanghai at 10PM but due heavy storms and rains the departing flight couldn't go that day and even next day on 13-07-2016 I was accommodated in another flight. My insurance provider is asking delay certificate with reasons. It is requested that you may kindly provide me delay certificate with reasons.

Yours Sincerely
Ravindra Kumar
4-15 CRRI Staff Colony Maharani Bagh New Delhi-110065
Ticket no: 0982117206590 , AI349 , Sanghai to Delhi, Date of Journey : 12-07-2016
Aug 29, 2016


Dear sir, I booked online for 12th Jan. and return 7 March.PNR#J7GPV WHEN I print it was show 13th Jan. return 8th March. i have no idea how this happen. So I Modified and show extra charge rs 9218.00 please credit me back I did in only less then 2 hours. something wrong on your technical side. please credit me back. If $137.60 not credited then please cancel both including $185.76 tickets and both refund. If I will not see credit I will dispute charges.
May 2, 2016

Customer service

I would like to share my recent experience with #Air India AI309, from Melbourne to Delhi flight which was supposed to be departed on 29th April 2016 at 9.45 AM from Melbourne. Initially it was announced that due to some to some technical reasons the flight was delayed for 2 hours and will depart at 11.45. At 11.45 we were informed that flight was cancelled, and after that I faced a very horrible situation due to management and behavior of Air India’s staff.
Firstly when we asked them at boarding gate, what are we going to do now, we were informed to collect our baggage and move to check-in and they will give further instructions only after that. There was only 2 to 3 ground staff available to assist and guide all the passengers. There was no additional help available even for elderly people or to women travelling alone with small kids.
After reaching check-in counter, no proper announcement was made regarding what options were available to us for further journey. They gave instructions to small group of passengers standing at front and the passengers at back were conveyed messages from the passengers at front.
In total 3 options were given to us. First one was to go to Sydney, they will provide accommodation for night and travel to Delhi in next day flight with the same schedule and so we would reach here next night. Second option was to take flight of emirates airline, which will reach Dubai, have five hour halt at Dubai and then take connecting flight of Emirates to Delhi. Third option was to take flight of Singapore airlines and we will reach by next morning (i.e. 1st may).
They did not bother to even inform us timings of flights, if we need to choose which option to take based on the timing of arrival in India.
As I had connecting flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad I asked that what needs to be done to travel to Ahmedabad from Delhi once we would reach at Delhi airport, I was informed that further instructions will be made available only after we reach Delhi. I being vegetarian, enquired about food arrangement in Singapore airlines and was answered no special food will be made available and hence we were given $ 15 food voucher, for approx. 12 hours journey and 6 hours of wait at airport as the next flight of Singapore airline was at 6.25 p.m.
As I was coming home just for 15 days, I chose to take Singapore airlines so that I thought I would reach home at least by afternoon and my entire day would not be wasted. There were around 10-15 passengers of Air India travelling with us on Singapore airlines, and from that 3 of us were of Ahmedabad. Also we chose this option as when we saw flights of Air India from Delhi to Ahmedabad online we found that there was one afternoon flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad and we could reach here by afternoon, as no information of connecting schedule from Delhi to Ahmedabad was given to us in Melbourne.
The staff of air india left after every one chose their option of journey provided by air india. No one was there to escort us during check-in in Singapore airlines in case some difficulty happens during check-in.
However experience of Melbourne was just the beginning, actual trouble started after we reached Delhi. On arriving at Delhi, when we approached air india’s help desk, they said next flight was at 4.40 and that is the only earliest option they can provide us with to reach Ahmedabad. They said that as per ITA they had collaboration with only jet airways (2nd option we could use) and flight was jet an airway was scheduled for Ahmedabad at 7 p.m.
There were flights for few more airlines departing in noon to Ahmedabad, but they could not book us in that flight as they did not have collaboration with them. I had one other option as per air india to cancel my flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad and they will provide refund of Rs 12000 back to the account from which payment was made. I asked my family to check if there was seat available in any earlier flight so that I can cancel the flight of air india. They said that they will check and get booking done from Ahmedabad, however I had one more problem, in getting flight booked from Ahmedabad, I had 25 kg baggage with me and I would have to pay for additional baggage. Unfortunately I did not have any money with me on hand and could not pay for extra baggage. I requested staff of air india to at least help me in some way so that I can take 10 kg extra in other airlines whose ticket I will get booked from Ahmedabad. But the manager there clearly refused they cannot do so. I even requested if they could send the baggage in some later airlines of air india, I will go and collect it from airport later. However they even refused for that. They said that the only thing they can do is provide for accommodation in hotel till 2’ o clock. We thought there was no point in going to hotel for 5-6 hours as we did not want to risk being in some trouble. As if air india had some issues with us staying at airport instead of going to hotel, we were not provided for any food options during our stay at airport from 7 in morning till 4 pm.. I made a written complaint in complaint book at air india Delhi, and when I asked that by what time the written complaint will be reviewed, the staff at help desk said that there is no such duration they can provide me with and instead of taking it seriously, they were giggling as if it was some joke for them.
So finally we stayed at airport without any food or facility till check-in for our flight began and boarded 4.40’s flight to Ahmedabad. We felt stranded in our own country.
Only answer I got from air india’s staff during entire journey was that technical difficulty can happen at any time and it was not there responsibility. I felt it was my bad luck I chose air india, because during the time of actual trouble, the staff shrugged all the responsibility.
If I would have been communicated in Melbourne that after reaching Delhi , the only option I would have is 4.40 flight and that I will reach just 5 hours early, I would have never chosen this option and got strained for more than 32 hours at airport without food or any facility but would have stayed back in Sydney.
Basically I can say that
The staff of air india was completely non cooperative.
They were not ready to assist the passengers. No proper communication was provided to us.
They were unaware of further arrangement for passengers to reach their destination and this created puzzle for us at every stage.
Nobody bothered about basic amenities of food, accommodation and travel of passengers.

To sum up my experience teached me that if other options are available people should not select air india as it is not passenger friendly.
Being educated and responsible citizen I do understand that technical error happens, it is not in anyone’s hand but still the way it was handled could have been different, things could have been communicated in better and transparent way. We don’t know if my feedback will be given any justice or not still I put forward my point with hope to have justice and also so that future passengers can be given some feedback to think twice before taking decision to travel in air india.
kirti kum ar sharma
Apr 13, 2016

Theft of baggage

We had booked two tickets by Air India flight No. 826 on 12 Apr 2016 from Srinagar in the name of Kirti kumar sharma & Manisha Sharma with boarding No. 120 and 121. We booked 03 baggages. When we reached home we found that one latch of suitcase is broken though lock along with Air India seal placed at Srinagar air port is intact. When we checked our luggage we found that one small bag containing Rs 5000 in cash and some artificial Jewellery purchased in srinagar is missing. We are unable to attach photographs because of size. It is requested that matter be investigated, guilty be caught and our items returned.

Col Kirti kumar sharma
Sekhon Vihar
Palam, Delhi cantt-110010
Mob No. 8587900269
Mar 13, 2016

Damadged bags

After Lodging the complaint with you i have been trying to contact Air India Baggage services on the no provided by Del airport baggage services to contact Mr Midun Kumar who would be handling this issue.
it is now more than one week i have been calling this no 08800197842 to get in touch with Mr Midun Kumar , i make average 12 calls a day either the phone is ringing or a reply this no is busy pls try after some time. sir it is more than 2 months since my 1st complaint is filed with Air india, they dont seem to be bothered at all in even reading complaints. how does Air India Expect us to be truly Indian & patronize the national Carrier ???????
Mar 11, 2016

Damadged bags

i travelled Mumbai Delhi on AI 101 16th Jan 2016, landed at Delhi 17th Jan 12.00 a.m., i was with family with 5 bags, 3 bags badly damaged, one bag had minor damage [ repairable] so i went to baggage services & reported the damage, they gave me damage report for 2 bags & said i could repair anywhere at bag shop who would provide bill & claim the same from air India ticketing office in cash. On return to Mumbai i could get only one bag trolley assembly repaired the 2nd bag beyond repairmen have sent several mails & every alternate day calling air India Delhi , Mumbai as to what compensation i will get for bag that cannot be repaired as per IATA & other international baggage rules, there is no response at all from air India, i flied a feedback complaint with all photographs & ness. documents to prove my bag is beyond repair they have no response system since Jan 2016 i am following up with them.

due to damage to main trolley assembly damage i had to carry my heavy bags on my entire vacation in himachal, the 2nd bag main wheel assembly broken & had to lift & carry the bag all around instead of pulling it by wheels all over the hilly region of himachal where trolley, wheel bags are easy to monover, due to damage i cannot use this bag anymore mainly its a large size full suit carrier bag, i travel for international sectors with my suits etc. i cannot use this damaged bag.

the bag that is repaired at a cost of 1350 Rs Air India Delhi has to authorize Mumbai under copy to me to collect the amount from AI Mumbai airport & i want compensation of damaged bag to purchase a new bags with wheels as per IATA , General conditions of carriage.

Damadged bags

Jan 26, 2016

Missing hand bag

I boarded a flight AI-114 on 23rd of Jan from Birmingham to Delhi.I reached Delhi on 24th but while getting off left my handbag in the flight. I know I made a mistake but since then I have been all the ridiculous responses from Air India baggage authority.If I call a helpline number,I get another number. No body even tries to look into the matter. They make some excuses that its airlines responsibility or its airport authority who should look into this. I have been struggling since then for my bag have dropped mails and phone to every person I know but no help.
Jan 11, 2016


On December 4th 2015 my grandparents who are 92 years old were scheduled to travel from Delhi to Pantnagar, Uttaranchal. We got to the airport 3 hours in advance and waited there peacefully, until Air India employee Mr. M.B. Rathore said flight won't depart due to bad weather in Pantnagar. We were told flight is cancelled and issued a letter signed my Mr. M.B. Rathore and stamped by Air India stating flight is cancelled due to bad weather in Pantnagar and we should be provided full refund. Later when I called Air India to the refund, they said that flight did operate on December 4th and we travelled in it.


kadam prashant
Nov 14, 2015

loss of luggage

I was travelling from kolkata to mumbai on 14 nov 2015 in AI 676. When i reached mumbai found my luggage missing .The ground staff from baggage cell gave me confidence that my bag is in kolkata airport and will be in mumbai in very next flight.Evening at 2100hrs i got call from same counter saying no joy; my bag is still missing.
Nov 12, 2015

meals not served

I am speaking on behalf of my father who was travelling fro AI-821 flight fro jammu to srinagar
As per the booking it mentioned meals will be served but there was nothing as such offered.

Can you please look into it.
Shivani Govind
Sep 6, 2015

Poor delivery of retirement services


I am writing on behalf of my mother, Mrs. Mohini Govind. She retired as a flying crew with the airlines, on 15th February, 2015. As part of her retirement benefits, she has access to subsidized medical care, for which she needs to visit their dispensary in Safdurjung. She has been complaining about discriminatory treatment against retirees - the doctors are negligent and sometimes do not even show up, making elderly patients wait for hours.

Traveling to get to the dispensary is an additional physical burden. She is an elderly woman, and is treatment with extreme carelessness and lack of compassion for services that is entitled to.

Please advise us as to what the right course of action is.

Thank you!
Ajay Sahi
Aug 6, 2015


Dear Sir,

1. Pl refer Formal Complaint filed by me with Air India Ltd at IGI Airport, T-3 and accordingly Acknowledgement No 001963 and 001964 dt 18 May 2015 were issued. Scanned copy of following documents has been attached as separate file:-

(a) Acknowledgement No 001963 and 001964 issued by Air India Ltd, IGI Airport, Delhi, T-3.

(b) Three Boarding Passes.

(c) Three x tickets (Tickets Nos are 0982112503398-399, 0982112503400-401 and 0982112503396-397) issued by Air India Ltd Jaipur.

2 A luke worm reply has been received from Sh M.R. Subramanian Asst Manager, Delhi Airport on 22 May 2015 which is not suffice and failed to restore / uphold the pride and honor of lady. My complaint was transferred to GM (Operations) and no reply / action taken has been received so far. Reply received from Assistant Manager, Delhi Airport is as under:-

DEL MDA <[email protected]>

to me
Respected Madam,

This has reference to the complaint filed by you upon arrival in Delhi from Jaipur by flight AI-611 of 18 th May 2015 narrating unpleasant incident due to behavior of the pilot.

At the outset, on behalf of the organization, we tender unconditional apology for the incidence. We may assure you that matter has already been referred to the office of General Manager (Operations) as pilots come under administrative control of General Manager (Operation) with a request to make thorough investigation in the case in view of the seriousness of the matter. While regretting once again, we assure of corrective action to avoid similar situations in future.

We assure you of our best attention at all times.

Yours Sincerely
For Air India Ltd

(M. R. Subramanian)
Assistant Manager
For Manager Delhi Airport

3. I had again sent email to Manager, Delhi Airport on 01 Jun 15, but no reply has been received so far. My email is as under:-

Mona Sahi <[email protected]>
Jun 1
to DEL
Pl intimate action taken against the Captain and Air Hostess otherwise I will be forced to exercise other options since that day not only my but also of my two daughters dignity and honour was tarnished in front of entire passengers. Probably, either ego of the Captain was heart or else he may be under the influence of liquor. He used un parliamentary language. His actions, reactions and behaviour was not at all befitting and it was utterly in human against girl child of four years old. Moreover, when he failed in his arguments in front of all passengers, then he had audorcity to lay false excuse that plane security was at risk.The plane engine was switched off and arobridge was fixed and passengers started getting off.
I again humbly request to take suitable action immediately since already considerable time has elapsed.
If U don't get justice for myself and for my two little daughters then I shall be taking other actions so the fear of God is installed in that Captain and they think twice before misbehaving with lady passengers during night.

4. Details of my complaints are in succeeding paras:-

(a) I along with my two daughters (14 years and 04 years old) were scheduled to travel by AI 611 from Jaipur to Delhi on 18 May 15. We reached well in time at Jaipur Airport, checked in and Boarding Passes were collected.

(b) There was delay of approx two hrs probably due to technical snag in the aircraft.

(c) Passengers were asked to remain seated for almost two hours in the plane due to technical problem. Senior Pilot (Captain) had heated arguments even before engines were switched on with one of the passenger who was a (Cardiologist) and was going to Delhi to perform urgent heart surgery. He just enquired about delay and Senior Pilot got wild and threatened him in front of all passengers of shooting him. It seemed that Senor Pilot was not mentally balanced/stable since his behavior was totally awkward as well as not desirable.

(d) During flight, refreshments( namely Fruity) were served.

(e) While plane was hovering over Delhi, seat belts were tightened, then my younger daughter, Maiara (04 years old) told me that she urgently wanted to go to wash room to attend to the nature call. I counseled her to exercise control since landing preparations were going on. But she had taken Fruity and was finding it very difficult to control.

(f) After plane landed and reached its designated parking slot, engines were turned off, then I asked the Airhostess to permit use of Front Toilet. Airhostess told me to use Rear Toilet since use of Front Toilet might block the exit/deplaning of Pilot and she even told me that Senior Pilot gets very angry / upset if he finds passengers standing / obstructing his way and it is the privilege of pilots to get down first followed by other passengers. Use of Rear Toilet was not possible since all the passengers stood up and started collecting their hand baggage and it was just not possible to go to the other end of Plane after criss-crossing all the standing passengers with hand baggage eager to get down/deplane.

(g) In the meantime, my younger daughter Maiara complained about Extreme Urgency of using of Toilet and I again requested Air Hostess to allow me to use the Front Toilet since plane was stationary, engines were off and passengers were standings and getting ready to deplane. She very rudely told me that Senior Pilot (Captain) is coming out of Cockpit and since his passage will be blocked if Front Toilet is used and Pilot will get very angry. Also she told me that as per drill, Senior Pilot is the First One to deplane followed by other passengers. Airhostess was totally discourteous and was extremely rude and totally insensitive to the requirement / need of girl child passengers and did not provide any assistance.

(h) Seeing / sensing the urgency of situation, fellow passengers suggested me to use Front Toilet. Since my daughter was not able to hold the pressure of nature call and plane was parked, seat belts removed and passengers were standing and also to avoid embarrassment as well as inconvenience, I took her to Front Toilet and helped / assisted my four year old daughter to attend the nature call.

(j) After, I came out of Front Toilet, I saw Senior Pilot with Red Face, fuming with anger and waiting for me outside the toilet and started shouting relentlessly and used Un-Parliamentary language. I tried to explain him the entire episode but he did not listen and misbehaved not only with me but also with my elder daughter Mridul. Other passengers also strongly objected himfor his rude behavior and improper conduct but he did not stop and started putting false allegations that Plane security was at risk. Even passengers also told him, that engines were off, plane was parked in the bay, seat belts were removed and were about to get down, thenhow a lady allowing her daughter to use Front Toilet, will jeopardize Planes’ security.

(k) Pilot’s misbehavior, use of threatening and unparliamentarily language and inhuman treatment to four year old girl child was extremely shocking. His behavior, body language, actions, threatening and Unparliamentarily language turned out to be nightmare and haunts me even today..

(l) I even told the Senior Pilot that I am wife of an serving Army Officer posted in Mizoram and are travelling to Aizawl (Mizoram) via Kolkata (after transit night held at Delhi) and are well conversant with rules and regulations but he did not stop and continued with his undesirable and unruly behavior which clearly hinted to everyone that he is mentally unbalance/disturbed personality.

(m) His behavior, body language was not at all desirable and expected out of Senior Pilot.Sensing / seeing active support from fellow passengers, he threatened to call the police. I was so aggrieved and shattered with tears in my eyes that I also asked him in presence of other passengers for Airport Police’s Intervention so that FIR of the incident can be lodged. By then, I had made up my mind / decided to file an FIR with Delhi Police as well as with Women Cell of National Commission for Women (NCW).

(n) After about 15 to 20 minutes of his relentless shouting, Airport Police came inside the plane and Pilot fuming with anger, went out of the Plane and after hearing my discussion of lodging an FIR and recording of fellow passengers statements, he disappeared from the sight.

5. Therefore, before filing an official FIR with Delhi Police and going to Media (Print as well as Visual), I would like of exercise the creditentials of Air India Ltd being a responsive Govt Organization, so that ends of justice are met.


6. I would like you to investigate following issues:-

(a) Use of Unparliamentary and threatening language, disrespectful toward women, misbehavior, shouting with undesirable / improper body language with lady passenger as well as with girl child.

(b) Leveling false allegations on the pretext of ‘Flight Safety’.

(c) Flight Staff (Senior Air Hostess) totally insensitive to the
needs/requirement of passengers and non cooperative and discourteous behavior and needs grooming /training like Private Airlines

7. In my opinion, Senior Pilot is not at all a balanced personality, full of ego, disrespectful to women and other passengers and requires Psychological Counseling. If fear of God is not installed then safety of Plane will be seriously compromised.

8. I will sincerely request you to take necessary actions so that trust of citizen as well as honour and pride is restored. I will again reiterate that if no action is taken against the Senior Pilot (Captain) then I shall have no option but to take either Police Assistance by filing formal FIR, Media Trial as well as going to Court of Law.

Thanks and regards,
Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Monica Sahi,
House No : 539/4,
Partap Lines Officers’ Quarter,
Jaipur Cannt – 302012
Mob No : 8764322943

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