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Consumer complaints and reviews about Air India

Ajay Sahi
Aug 6, 2015


Dear Sir,

1. Pl refer Formal Complaint filed by me with Air India Ltd at IGI Airport, T-3 and accordingly Acknowledgement No 001963 and 001964 dt 18 May 2015 were issued. Scanned copy of following documents has been attached as separate file:-

(a) Acknowledgement No 001963 and 001964 issued by Air India Ltd, IGI Airport, Delhi, T-3.

(b) Three Boarding Passes.

(c) Three x tickets (Tickets Nos are 0982112503398-399, 0982112503400-401 and 0982112503396-397) issued by Air India Ltd Jaipur.

2 A luke worm reply has been received from Sh M.R. Subramanian Asst Manager, Delhi Airport on 22 May 2015 which is not suffice and failed to restore / uphold the pride and honor of lady. My complaint was transferred to GM (Operations) and no reply / action taken has been received so far. Reply received from Assistant Manager, Delhi Airport is as under:-

DEL MDA <[email protected]>

to me
Respected Madam,

This has reference to the complaint filed by you upon arrival in Delhi from Jaipur by flight AI-611 of 18 th May 2015 narrating unpleasant incident due to behavior of the pilot.

At the outset, on behalf of the organization, we tender unconditional apology for the incidence. We may assure you that matter has already been referred to the office of General Manager (Operations) as pilots come under administrative control of General Manager (Operation) with a request to make thorough investigation in the case in view of the seriousness of the matter. While regretting once again, we assure of corrective action to avoid similar situations in future.

We assure you of our best attention at all times.

Yours Sincerely
For Air India Ltd

(M. R. Subramanian)
Assistant Manager
For Manager Delhi Airport

3. I had again sent email to Manager, Delhi Airport on 01 Jun 15, but no reply has been received so far. My email is as under:-

Mona Sahi <[email protected]>
Jun 1
to DEL
Pl intimate action taken against the Captain and Air Hostess otherwise I will be forced to exercise other options since that day not only my but also of my two daughters dignity and honour was tarnished in front of entire passengers. Probably, either ego of the Captain was heart or else he may be under the influence of liquor. He used un parliamentary language. His actions, reactions and behaviour was not at all befitting and it was utterly in human against girl child of four years old. Moreover, when he failed in his arguments in front of all passengers, then he had audorcity to lay false excuse that plane security was at risk.The plane engine was switched off and arobridge was fixed and passengers started getting off.
I again humbly request to take suitable action immediately since already considerable time has elapsed.
If U don't get justice for myself and for my two little daughters then I shall be taking other actions so the fear of God is installed in that Captain and they think twice before misbehaving with lady passengers during night.

4. Details of my complaints are in succeeding paras:-

(a) I along with my two daughters (14 years and 04 years old) were scheduled to travel by AI 611 from Jaipur to Delhi on 18 May 15. We reached well in time at Jaipur Airport, checked in and Boarding Passes were collected.

(b) There was delay of approx two hrs probably due to technical snag in the aircraft.

(c) Passengers were asked to remain seated for almost two hours in the plane due to technical problem. Senior Pilot (Captain) had heated arguments even before engines were switched on with one of the passenger who was a (Cardiologist) and was going to Delhi to perform urgent heart surgery. He just enquired about delay and Senior Pilot got wild and threatened him in front of all passengers of shooting him. It seemed that Senor Pilot was not mentally balanced/stable since his behavior was totally awkward as well as not desirable.

(d) During flight, refreshments( namely Fruity) were served.

(e) While plane was hovering over Delhi, seat belts were tightened, then my younger daughter, Maiara (04 years old) told me that she urgently wanted to go to wash room to attend to the nature call. I counseled her to exercise control since landing preparations were going on. But she had taken Fruity and was finding it very difficult to control.

(f) After plane landed and reached its designated parking slot, engines were turned off, then I asked the Airhostess to permit use of Front Toilet. Airhostess told me to use Rear Toilet since use of Front Toilet might block the exit/deplaning of Pilot and she even told me that Senior Pilot gets very angry / upset if he finds passengers standing / obstructing his way and it is the privilege of pilots to get down first followed by other passengers. Use of Rear Toilet was not possible since all the passengers stood up and started collecting their hand baggage and it was just not possible to go to the other end of Plane after criss-crossing all the standing passengers with hand baggage eager to get down/deplane.

(g) In the meantime, my younger daughter Maiara complained about Extreme Urgency of using of Toilet and I again requested Air Hostess to allow me to use the Front Toilet since plane was stationary, engines were off and passengers were standings and getting ready to deplane. She very rudely told me that Senior Pilot (Captain) is coming out of Cockpit and since his passage will be blocked if Front Toilet is used and Pilot will get very angry. Also she told me that as per drill, Senior Pilot is the First One to deplane followed by other passengers. Airhostess was totally discourteous and was extremely rude and totally insensitive to the requirement / need of girl child passengers and did not provide any assistance.

(h) Seeing / sensing the urgency of situation, fellow passengers suggested me to use Front Toilet. Since my daughter was not able to hold the pressure of nature call and plane was parked, seat belts removed and passengers were standing and also to avoid embarrassment as well as inconvenience, I took her to Front Toilet and helped / assisted my four year old daughter to attend the nature call.

(j) After, I came out of Front Toilet, I saw Senior Pilot with Red Face, fuming with anger and waiting for me outside the toilet and started shouting relentlessly and used Un-Parliamentary language. I tried to explain him the entire episode but he did not listen and misbehaved not only with me but also with my elder daughter Mridul. Other passengers also strongly objected himfor his rude behavior and improper conduct but he did not stop and started putting false allegations that Plane security was at risk. Even passengers also told him, that engines were off, plane was parked in the bay, seat belts were removed and were about to get down, thenhow a lady allowing her daughter to use Front Toilet, will jeopardize Planes’ security.

(k) Pilot’s misbehavior, use of threatening and unparliamentarily language and inhuman treatment to four year old girl child was extremely shocking. His behavior, body language, actions, threatening and Unparliamentarily language turned out to be nightmare and haunts me even today..

(l) I even told the Senior Pilot that I am wife of an serving Army Officer posted in Mizoram and are travelling to Aizawl (Mizoram) via Kolkata (after transit night held at Delhi) and are well conversant with rules and regulations but he did not stop and continued with his undesirable and unruly behavior which clearly hinted to everyone that he is mentally unbalance/disturbed personality.

(m) His behavior, body language was not at all desirable and expected out of Senior Pilot.Sensing / seeing active support from fellow passengers, he threatened to call the police. I was so aggrieved and shattered with tears in my eyes that I also asked him in presence of other passengers for Airport Police’s Intervention so that FIR of the incident can be lodged. By then, I had made up my mind / decided to file an FIR with Delhi Police as well as with Women Cell of National Commission for Women (NCW).

(n) After about 15 to 20 minutes of his relentless shouting, Airport Police came inside the plane and Pilot fuming with anger, went out of the Plane and after hearing my discussion of lodging an FIR and recording of fellow passengers statements, he disappeared from the sight.

5. Therefore, before filing an official FIR with Delhi Police and going to Media (Print as well as Visual), I would like of exercise the creditentials of Air India Ltd being a responsive Govt Organization, so that ends of justice are met.


6. I would like you to investigate following issues:-

(a) Use of Unparliamentary and threatening language, disrespectful toward women, misbehavior, shouting with undesirable / improper body language with lady passenger as well as with girl child.

(b) Leveling false allegations on the pretext of ‘Flight Safety’.

(c) Flight Staff (Senior Air Hostess) totally insensitive to the
needs/requirement of passengers and non cooperative and discourteous behavior and needs grooming /training like Private Airlines

7. In my opinion, Senior Pilot is not at all a balanced personality, full of ego, disrespectful to women and other passengers and requires Psychological Counseling. If fear of God is not installed then safety of Plane will be seriously compromised.

8. I will sincerely request you to take necessary actions so that trust of citizen as well as honour and pride is restored. I will again reiterate that if no action is taken against the Senior Pilot (Captain) then I shall have no option but to take either Police Assistance by filing formal FIR, Media Trial as well as going to Court of Law.

Thanks and regards,
Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Monica Sahi,
House No : 539/4,
Partap Lines Officers’ Quarter,
Jaipur Cannt – 302012
Mob No : 8764322943
Jul 27, 2015

undue delay in takeoff of AI 821 fromDelhi to Jammu

AI 821 was scheduled to take off at 1120 hrs on 27 Jul 2015. Air craft arrived late and final boarding was done at 1230 hrs. Even after boarding the craft did not take off as some more passengers were to be boarded. Now it is 1355 hrs and still not taken off. I want the responsible officials to be booked.
Anita Ahuja
Jul 2, 2015

Refund of air ticket


We have cancel our ticket from Mumbai to Delhi but till date we have not received our refund
for the same the detail of ticket are given below. Kindly refund the same immediately.

Air ticket transaction against our HDFC Bank SmartBuy
Please find below your transaction details.
HDFC Bank SmartBuy Ref No : 143375777767903
Goibibo Ref Number: AMD66YOQ5
Booked Request ID : GOFLDAPIHDFCc89361433757884
Booked on : 08-06-15
Mobile No 9810006247
charu abichandani
Feb 26, 2015

Flight Delay

I, Charu - Passport no - L 8157701 & My Son Manit - Passport No - K 7274495, had to travel from Air India Flight no AI 120D from frankfurt to Delhi on February 20, 2015 at 9:30 however due to some issues at Air India end the said flight got canceled and it took off next day - February 21, 2015 around 5:15 pm.

Due to this unscheduled (no pre-intimation) long delay, my meeting with clients could not happen as per the schedule which at the end resulted in FINANCIAL LOSS to me. Besides, am enclosing Air India concerned authorities letter, our passport copies and ticket copies for your reference while expecting for a Refund of our ticket prices.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Kohlrauschweg 23, 60486,
Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Germany Contact No:- +49-01743475251
India Contact Number :- +91-9654806194, 9899019494
Email:- [email protected]
Feb 26, 2015

Helpless: Flight Cancelled with short notice. Have to travel on urgent


This is regarding Air India Flight AI9813 that has got cancelled with a very short notice. I have to travel to Dharamshala from Mumbai via Delhi on 01 Mar 2015, Sunday. Hence I had booked this connecting flight from Delhi to Dharamshala. Now with a very short notice period (received call today afternoon, 26Feb2015, Thursday), Air India people have cancelled this connecting flight and are not accommodating any other flight. Since my father is a Stage IV cancer patient, he is unable to walk and there is no other option for me to take him till Himachal Pradesh. It is my wedding for which his presence is necessary. He cannot sit for longer duration due to his Hip cancer and hence I cannot make him travel via road. Even though after explaining the reason and situation Air India people are not doing the needful. Now I am in a helpless situation on how to make him travel.

Please look into this issue on urgent and consider doing the needful or suggest what further could be done.

My contact details: Pooja Rajendar Sharma, +91 9885672970
email id: [email protected]

Thanks and regards,
Pooja Sharma
Dec 9, 2014

Refund of cancelled ticket


I had a flight on 5th of Dec'14 from delhi to new york but Icancelled that ticket on 4th of december through customer care and as instructed I drop a note to [email protected] subject line with cancelled. Now it's being more then 5 days and when I follow up with them , they are saying contact to makemytrip which I fail to understand why should I contact makemytrip when I booked ticket directly from air india. I keep trying those guys but so far no help. I am planning to travel on 12th of Dec'14 so I wanted to adjust those amount in my next trip.

Ticket details

Adult 1 Himanshu Prakash NA Vegetarian Jain Meal NA 098-2111179375
Adult 2 shuchi agrawal NA Vegetarian Jain Meal NA 098-2111179374
Child 1 Darsh Agrawal NA Vegetarian Jain Meal NA 098-2111179373

Appreciated if somebody can help me on this. It's really frustrating.

Aug 27, 2014

not received refund


i have not received the refund of my cancelled ticket ......Web reference


please refund the same.
Jul 18, 2013

A nightmarish experience on Air India flight – family off-loaded from the flight: case at the consumer forum

I would like to lodge a formal complaint against the treatment meted out to me and my family, and the extra amount that I was made to pay.
I had checked with Air India’s safdarjung airport office in New Delhi whether the airlines will allow us to take our small pet (Pekinese breed) with us in-cabin. In two visits, we were told that it is allowed subject to the pilot giving the permission. I therefore booked my family and the pet on flight AI 380 on Jun 20th from Delhi-Singapore.
I reached 3-1/2 hours before the flight departure to complete the formalities. I checked into the flight, the staff examined the pet and asked us to wait for the pilot to arrive. I kept checking repeatedly with the staff if the pilot had arrived, and was told that he was yet to arrive. 45 minutes before the flight departure, I was suddenly told that the pilot had already proceeded to the aircraft. I was then escorted by a ground staff member, went through the immigration process and proceeded to the boarding gate. On arrival at the boarding gate, the staff asked us why we had come to the Boarding gate at all, and that pets are never allowed in-cabin in international flights ! One of the staff members was rude.
Our boarding passes were then cancelled, and it took us two hours to cancel the immigration process.
I asked the staff to mention in the PNR the reason as-to why we could not travel. Next day, when we booked the same flight, we were charged extra amount of Rs 28000/- !
Due to the callousness of the AI staff, I suffered heavy damages since I had spent USD 1800 (~ Rs lacs) in completing the formalities for importing the pet into Singapore.
I also lodged a complaint in writing at the airport on jun 20th, but no one has bothered to revert to me.
I would like to inform you that I intend filing a case against Air India at the consumer forum, and will use the social media to publicise the way AI staff handled this issue. Following is a summary of my grievances:
• Why did the ground staff not tell me that the pilot had arrived and proceeded to the aircraft
• Why was this told to us at the last minute when aircraft was ready for departure, and we were offloaded WITHOUT being given the option of carrying the pet as excess baggage in the cargo
• Why did the staff ask us to go to the boarding gate only to be rudely told why we had come to the boarding gate, and being incorrectly told that pets are not allowed in-cabin on international flights
• Why was I asked to pay Rs 28000/- extra for taking the flight next day
• Why no one has bothered to revert to me even though I lodged a formal complaint.
I have suffered a monetary loss of Rs 1.3 lacs, apart from tremendous mental agony. I am proceeding to file a case at the consumer forum. I expect Air India to compensate the monetary loss, and take action against the staff who misbehaved on June 20th 2013.

Parag Agarwal

+65 91854190
harish chandrasekar
Jun 16, 2013

TV Baggage allowance


I bought a TV in US and brought to chennai as part of the free baggage and the linear dimesion is below 62". However I have been charged penalty of $200 USD.

As per the International baggage allowance it seems the penalty clause will apply only the TV is part of additional baggage.
[email protected]
Jun 6, 2013

airticket refund money

ticket-money not refunded ,ticket done on 9 april,money deducted ticket not done,paid through sbi debit card,name naveen kumar,reference-ticket booked for travel to new Delhi from udhampur and Delhi to udhampur and back
Mar 28, 2013

Seat allotment

This is with reference to the reference number WB-IDEL290313003 wherein I lodged a complaint regarding the allotment of seat in AI 127 dated 29 03 2012 for the ticket number 098-2632579038 . DEL-ORD.

I had checked in via the Air India website (at round 0830 Hours on 28/03/2013) online for my parents for that flight (more than 16 hours in advance) so that we could get a good seat but despite this we were allotted the last rows ie 48 B C . Thereafter I rang Air India customer care service and was told that the seats have been reassigned in accordance with my telephonic request and the new numbers were 19 J K .

I again reconfirmed this with the customer care ( 1800 180 1407 ) that whether the seats have been reassigned at around 1200 hrs and again at around 1930 hours and was reassured that the seats were 19 J K but to my utter dismay my parents informed me later that they had been allotted the seats 48 B C only and not the seats 19 J K as told to me by the customer care reps.

I wish to know who is responsible for misleading me and giving false information as well as assurance .
In all probability the person at the check in counter did not assign my parents the reassigned seats or the customer care representatives mislead me THRICE.

I need an answer for this and the people responsible and I will explore all possible legal means to fix accountability for giving fraudulent information,misleading , cheating and causing undue harassment for one of the purposes for providing web check in facility is to give the passenger an opportunity to choose the seat of his/her choice where as in this case it has proved to be a nightmare!
Jun 23, 2011


my case is similar, with PNR HB7BT, cancelled ticket (IND-SIN), more than a month back, however, haven't received the refund amount.
i emailed [email protected] many times, but there is no response. The customer care is pathetic, they either don't answer the phone or is always engaged.

Air India should no longer exist in airlines business.
Mar 13, 2011

missing checked in luggage

sir I have travelled in Air india flight AI 467 on 7 TH March2011. On reaching cochin from Delhi my luggage is missing. PIR booked at Cochin air port. Till date i.e. after one week also it is not traced. No proper responce...
Feb 11, 2011

ltc 80 fares

LTC-80Fares (latest)
Jan 13, 2011


Delayed/Lost luggage complaint---- My daughter Ms.NEHA SHAH. travelled to Detroit (USA) from Ahmedabad Int. Airport on 2nd, Jan.2011 via flight #AI0633 to New Delhi with luggage slip/tag AI181576/Seq.No.059 & AI181577/Seq.No.059.(Two baggages) which are handed over to Air Lines Authority. Further onward journey was from NewDelhi via AIR INDIA flight # AI0101 on 3rd, Jan.directly to JFK (NEW YORK).On reaching at JFK Air Port she had complaint to concerned authority but refused to receive /attend and told to make the complaint at your last destination which was through DELTA Air lines to Detroit via flight #DL3054 on 3rd, Jan.2011 evening.She made a complaint to Delta Authority. File Ref. #DTWDL22659.
It is surprise to note that till date we have not received one baggage # AI181576/Seq.No.059.
We are constantly enquiring to JFK-AIR INDIA OFFICE at Air port and at DELTA authority at Detroit.
please track back her luggage at the earliest and arrange to hand over at Detroit.-------- On behalf of my Daughter. Arun. N. Shah. Mob.#9909035306-Baroda.India
Jan 31, 2013

delay of loss baggage

dear sir,

I travelled Bangkok to Delhi on 26th dec 2012. i not received my one baggage from airline Air India till today.

My file reference number is DEL AI 46449 Dated 26-12-2012. I also called so many times 8800197821-01149637840/41. But no body received my call.

Kindly do the needful and helpful action.

NEW DELHI-110015
Nov 26, 2012

Worst Management and the staff doesnt know how to speak to a passeneger

I and my friend had a booked a flight of AIR INDIA the flight no. was AI-688 and the date and timing of flight was 25th nov,2012 and 6:00 a.m respectively from Indira Gandhi International Airport new delhi and we had to go to mumbai we reached the airport at 4:45 and after the entry we were mislead by their staff members itself to stand in which queue as there was no announcement and there was a lot of crwod we changed the queue again and again three times as told by there staff that stand in this queue this is going to mumbai again some other staff member came to tell stand in that queue for mumbai passengers and when we reached for the boarding pass the person sitting over there said boarding is closed and you are late although we were not then they behaved so reudely to us they even throwed away our tickets and then finally they said we will take 1600 rs extra charge and make you sit in 7:00 a.m flight but again due to there so lazy work they missed our 7:00 a.m flight too and then said we will give 8:00 a.m flight.And finally took 1580 rs from us per ticket an gave us a boarding pass of 8:00 a.m flight.
They even embarresed us with no fault of ours made us run through so many counters and gate as all of them wanted money.The manner in which they spoke to us was untolerable and worst thing was they even throwed away our tickets.And not only us there were many passengers who were told that they are reporting late infact the reason why we all were getting late was due to there staff miscommunication and poor management and everyone there was complaining for the same and searching for next option which was given when you pay them.It was horrible experience in AIR INDIA,the worst flight i had ever travelled.Many other things too happened but i have given the summary of all thaht scene.
BHASKARdey Send email
May 14, 2012


with due respect to everybody, I post this complain on this site and also in airindia.in/contact us/feed back. On 14.05.12 at about 1030 hrs I recived a call from Mr. G. C. Anand business manager from IGI T3, that he has enquired about the complaint and I can come any time to the counter to take my refund, in cash (it is always avaliable for me)!!! He was so kind and say sorry for his staffs inconvenience. In the evening I go to the counter and it took just five minute to get my refund in cash. It is so strange that the persons who always have direct intaraction with the public either doesn't have enough knoledge or they doesn't have minimum profesonalism or work culture. Above all I again thanks Mr. G. C. Anand for his prompt action. thank you all.
Apr 23, 2012

Non issue of boarding card and misbehaviour of staff

My name is Ranjan. I was traveling to Patna with my very young 5 1/2 month old daughter. I had flight (AI 415)at 8 pm today, for which I went 45 minutes ahead at around 7.05 pm for taking boarding pass. There was a gentleman and his family ahead of me. That family had an  infant whose ticket they didn't had. In between attending his queries, the attendant at counter 13, Ms Radhika Joshi whispered to a fellow colleague and then she informed me that I cant board the flight. Except Ms Joshi nobody was wearing a name batch that they are supposed to wear. After denying my boarding pass, she issues new ticket to that gentleman's infant. she had no room for me but she had room for 6+ people on board.  When I asked what can I do now to board the flight she said she cant help me and did not give me any proper answer. Then she directed me to go to reservation counter with my grievances. The reservation counter person was also not wearing any name batch.She told me that she can book me in another flight with additional charges of over 6 thousand.
I have been very loyal to Air India but their shabby treatment to consumers is shameful. I was traveling with my young daughter but clearly they lacked basic humanity to deal with the situation with decency. They are being disloyal to their duties and towards us consumers. I strongly advice you to send me your apologies and compensate for mental and physical trauma you have put me through by making me run counter E to reservation counter back and forth many times with my young baby and luggages. Please take strong action against involved staff and manager at that time. whose name I don't know because they were not wearing name batch. I have my Phd Viva in Gaya, its really urgent to go there via Patna.

Apr 14, 2012

Fraud/ Harrasment

Here I am writing a fraud/ Harassment done by Air-India by not allowing the authorized passengers to board into their flight AI-809.

I have booked tickets for a group of 8 people from www.cleartrip.com for a flight from Delhi to Ranchi dated on 08/04/2012, where the departure time is clearly mentioned as 1:10 PM. We reached there at 11:45 AM at row no F where we were told ( by AI officer, a lady) to wait for some time to generate the board pass.

We waited till 12 :00 PM, there was no response from their end and finally one the lady has said the "She is not the responsible person for AI-809" and asked to go to row no E ( last counter).

There ( Row E) we met another lady at the extreme last counter of E row, we she asked us to wait for some time since she was busy over phone. At 12:20 PM she said that we cannot board over the same flight AI-809 as it is closed now. With further argument with the same lady, she had written over the tickets that we had reported at 12:25 PM ( Just 45 minutes before departure) regretting, saying that boarding is closed.

We reached many concerned people of Air India there, met with Senior manager ( Mr Sengodan) who finally said that we cannot board at 12:45 PM. With the intense argument with the people there, Senior manager agreed to give us the ticket for the next flight considering our case as "Death Case"

Our main concern is :

!) Since one of our colleague ( Mr S Chidambaram) has made it to the same flight ( AI-809), complained the there was not even a single seat left inside. So how can we eight people can accommodate into the same.
2)A person next to Mr Chidambaram, has just arrived 10 minus before departure i.e. at 1:00 PM sharp
3)After the inter communication of AIR India personnel, they agreed to give us the next flight tickets, and without our consent they had given us the tickets for next day at 5:00 AM in morning from Jet Airways . With our intervention, they finally changed it again to flight for Kolkata at 5:00 PM on same day.
4) there was some other case, where a family had some heated up conversation with Mr Sengodan, and finally security guard has came down to resolve the issue. There was another person form NTPC who has faced the same issue for some other flight.
5) There was a person who reached there at 12:45 PM, made some call to higher authority and the he was finally allowed to travel into the same flight ( AI-809).

We have all the recorded conversation with video proof. I am looking for the detail description of the above mentioned points,otherwise we are forced to released the documented proof and videos to the news channel and will file an RTI against AIR India.

Looking for a quick response from your end.

Ishant Jain
RAJ SHARM Send email
Jan 16, 2012

Lost luggage

on 25 october 2011 my bag was lost while travelling from mumbai to abudabi vai delhi
my bag number a1763906
flight/date a1660/250ct/aI941/250ct/
complaint number auhai13343
Jun 13, 2011


I have cancelled two tickets on 27-APR-2011, which was booked for travelling from singapore to india(delhi) and india (delhi)to singapore

PNR Number: Booking reference no (PNR): J53XH
Ticket Number:098-2100151417
Name: Avnish Yadav

Till now i have not got my money, even though i have chased and called each and every days, every time i got ansswers that this will refund in 15 days or please contact [email protected], no customer support no ansswers nothing is happening. Please help me in this asap.
Jun 13, 2011

Refund & Strict action

Have not received any resolution for below compliant.
sonia.sh on Aug 26, 2010

Refund & Strict action
June 27 : The problem started the day there was some online issue with Air india express website when we were trying to reschedule the booking( of my brother – Amit Sharma ) because of personal emergency but were unable to do so due to website issue. Booking details given below
Name - Amit Sharma
PNR - ix07752584
Sector - del – Mumbai
Travel date & Time – June 28th, 2010 & 9.30 am
A day before I tried for hours all the customer service numbers of air india & Air india express. To my surprise that Air india staff does not have any knowledge of how air india express work. All of them keep giving me phone numbers only of one or the other office. Infact I have spoken to duty mangers of air india & Air india express but both of them denied helping. The situation was very harassing. Finally, I marked an email to customer care for immediate help.
July 21 : After many exchange of emails & calls customer service figured out that the mistake was from there side & they will reschedule as per details sent by me.
August 5 : I went to the Air India office for rescheduling. They refused to reschedule

Mumbai - Delhi 29th or 30 Oct reason - stating sector can not be changed of rescheduling.
Del Mumbai 8th Nov Reason - refused stating validity is till 30th Oct.

Ticket is waste for me in case not rescheduled on above mentioned dates.

Solution we are looking for

1.Refund of entire money or reschuling of ticket as per below details without any extra charge.
Mumbai - Delhi 29th or 30 Oct or
Del Mumbai 8th Nov

2.Airlines should pay penalty ( Rs 5000 )for harassing & not helping us on time.

I have all communication from airlines in written to show as facts if required.

Looking forward for solution of this.

[email protected]
Jan 6, 2011

Loss of Check-In Baggage




MY TICKET NUMBER : 0582304682719
Jan 5, 2011

ltc 80 fares

sir kindly send me the ltc 80 fares from delhi to jammu on 21-11-2010 and jammu to delhi on 24-11-2010
as i need to submit it for my ltc claim

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