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Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Aircel

May 5, 2010

Caller tune charges

You might have attended to any promotional calls or messages unknowingly which has resulted in the activation. In future you can avoid such instances by getting your DND Service activated . Good luck.
Apr 26, 2010

Worst service from Aircel.

I am also one of the FRUSTRATED customer of Aircel!

The major issue 'm facing is with Roaming facility.

Last four days I was on kerala, and as soon as I left the HOME network from TN and entered to Kerala, my mobile has not gone to the Roaming mode, and stopped incoming & outgoing calls.

In the past also I had faced this problem, with reference to that I decided to talk to the concerned people.

Today I returned to my home location and I called up customer care and my day has become useless due to the non response from these people. Even customer care person is least interested to reveal his name and giving the complaint number.


If you are person who is on ROAMING frequently, before opting AIRCEL think thrice no no 100 times
Apr 23, 2010

Worst service from Aircel.

This is strange, even I have been using it for quite a while now and so far my experience has been very good. I would suggest you to visit the nearest Aircel store and discuss it with them, which I generally do and trust me it works most of the time.
Feb 2, 2013

complaint against krishnagar distributor,tm ad,tsm

I am the owner of m/s Sucharita Enterprise, last 22 days ago I had submitted 3 documents against 3 sim(new activation). But already its 22 days left those sim dose not activated.For these reason I informed the distributor point to take some step to activate them . But it very embarased to say you that they dose not take any proper step. And now the customers become very iritated and throwing some very poor language to me. When I am calling the TM,TSM,AD they are not receving my phone calls. So I bound to send this e-mail to you. That either you take a proper step against them or I will be bound to take some legal step against the caompany with the customer in consumer foroum.
Thanking You
Himendu Das
contact no. 9775235844
Jan 30, 2013

Aircel Charged for Free SMS

Hi I am Tharanipriya, My Mobile No : 9841669055 ,
In my Jan month bill (Bill Date : 20/01/2013) i found that extra charges for my SMS , I am using SMS Booster (TN_SMS [email protected] Plan - 6000 SMS (L+N) ) according to this 6000 SMS free local and National , In This Billing i used nearly 5972 SMS, In this Jan month bill they use to give only 3000 free SMS remaining they charged one Rupee, when i enquired in customer care they telling that this pack not in use , Whats the Comedy is in this bill they charged Rs50 for that booster also, I don't know without any intimation how they cancel this Booster , I am using this same plan for a last four months

Pls do needful
Tharanipriya N
Jan 24, 2013

There is no network in siruseri cts

This is Nandhini and my number is 8012940656.I am working in CTS siruseri branch and the signal is so poor and my mobile is always in not reachable state whenever i am in office.I will get many important call but now i am unable to receive any calls.Its really irritating.Take the steps ASAP.

Jan 17, 2013

Pathetic customer service

I have been trying to get my ISD refund from Aircel service (Rs.1500) for last 1.5 months. Very first response that my request is forwarded to concerned team and it will be resolved in 40 working days. After one month, I have requested to know the status, then i was mentioned to wait for 48 hours.
Later, it is moved to concerned team, they will get back at the earliest.

For everything, we are asking to send mail to [email protected] and the response is pathetic and sick.

Airtel and Vodafone are the best. Sick of Aircel service and customer service.
Jan 3, 2013

No response

No response & No use in Aircel customer care
I am Kannappan Thiruman from Poonamallee and I am working as Software. I am bought Aircel data card before 10 days. But its deactivated after one week due to Bachelor address reason. I am clearly said to sales person while buying the data card as I don’t have address proof in Chennai, I have out of city address only. But he is said there is no problem. Because he aim is only for sale the data card. He does not thinking about future problem. There contact number 9940563611, 9094031550 & 7299950994.
After this issue I am try to contact the sales person, but I could not get the prepare response from them (I think the sales person died) as well as customer care 121 and the appellate Office. At finally I am mailed to Nodal officer and appellate officer, there are replied to me as deposit 300 rupees in near Aircel show room. I am also went to the near show room (Nerkuntram) they are said you can’t deposit the amount in here, go and complain where you get this data card (already I am mentioned that stupid person died).
I don’t know what is solution for this issue?
How I can get back the waste data card amount (Rs. 1500/-) from Aircel?
Who is the correct response person in Aircel?
The waste Aircel data card number: 7299973397.
My name: Kannappan Thiruman, Contact no: 9566665443 & 9094232670
My advice to public, please don’t buy and don’t pay for any data card from Aircel without activate process.
Dec 19, 2012

aircel powerplay

I am pavitra. I want to unsubscribe aircel powerplay. My number is 9941557126. If you deducted everyday 10 rs i will go to customer court. Pls unscribe immediately.

Dec 19, 2012

Poor Service

Being an aircel user for about 2 years now and all of the sudden this year ive got a lot of problems with aircel's service.
1.Very poor 3G speed,i appreciate the low cost and all but max speed i ever reach in 3g is 300Kb/s its not bad but for 3g thats poor when i have full signal .if i call customer care they say the samething"we will check and get back to you" lol that never happens.
2.Recently got really mad at the customer care.I couldnt deactivate 3G,i send "STOP 3G" it comes "Sorry this cannot be processed ,your previous process is still pending>" so i wait for a week and try again still the same !! i called the customer service and they are like "ok wait and put me on hold for A minute and they say ok we have registered your complaint and they gave a number
1-1078005577. and tell me to wait for a day,"i wait and call up the next day and they say"sorry sir your complaint was not registered ..and we cannot help you" so now i am still stuck ,unable to deactivate a process or activate all the time it comes "Sorry this cannot be processed ,your previous process is still pending>"..
I am waiting for some help from Aircel.
Thank You
Dec 16, 2012

unsubscribe pocket store from

My no. 9841886539..Please unsubscribe pocket store.Iam feeling terrible for choosing aircel.My money is getting wasted.
Dec 10, 2012

Unrequested Activation and Debit

My Aircel balance account was debited rs 30 on 3/12/2012 for NDTV news which i didn't activated. I called the customer care within 10 minutes of activation and complained about it. They said they'll credit the amount by 5/12/2012 but they didn't. I called again on 7/12/2012 and asked for the status they said it'll be credited within 36 hours but i didn't get any credit. I called again on 10/12/2012 and asked about the credit now they said that it was activated by me and I'll not get credited. I asked them to connect to their higher officials they said they'll connect and I waited for an hour, but i heard only the music no one responded , I called again but the same happened. Can i get credited
Dec 8, 2012

depletion of balance

My aircel number 7401634981 balance is deducted by 50 ps/day for cricket service.My request to stop the service a number times is of no use, Almost rs 50 has been deducted
Dec 2, 2012

need puk number

my aircel sim is 9841385535 blocked and is now asking for puk code. Customer care is unable to help me and aircel office in the region is now closed.
Nov 30, 2012

Poor Customer Care Service, Uneven tariff

Very poor response from the Customer Care. I directly went to the main Aircel showroom, Spencer plaza, Chennai. I asked for the last dialed call list of the October month. They said it will be mailed to you within 15 days. But yet I didn't get any mail or SMS till now.
Nov 21, 2012

VAS charges

Im using Nokia 1100, each month Im getting charges for internet usage for the past 5 months.
When I raised complaint, they close the request without reversal after promising reversal.

My phone numbers :

Each month Rs.98/- is charged for each number. a total of Rs.490/- per number for 5 months.
Now for 9283786786, I have got a update saying reversal of Rs.220/-, not sure untill I get a bill. Which should have been Rs.490/-
No information yet for the other 2 numbers.

When contacted customer care today, they are saying I have given request(activation) for internet which is the usual thing with customer care, which I have not given any request(activation).

They are saying they will give a reversal of Rs.394/- for the other 2 numbers in the next bill.

Who should I contact to get a complete reversal of the charges. A total of 1470/-

Nov 19, 2012

Amount Refund

Hi Team,

Good day!!

I am Rajadurai.
I am a loyal customer of Aircel, I have been using Aircel SIM card for almost 4 years. My number:9941376269 I had a balance of rs 30(approx) on 12th Nov'12 and I sent around 40 messages to my friends. I have msg booster pack which is activated on Nov'12 beginning Rs.33(One month validity). But they charged for all my messages and my balance showed Rs.0.36/-. Immediately I called the Aircel customer service and asked the charged amount, but they said still not updated in system so let you can call tomorrow for check that details. So, again I called on 13th Nov'12 and got the same answer. Then, I called on 13th Nov'12 and spoke with one lady explained about this issue with details. They accepted that the mistake happened from their end and said will refund the amount which was charged for the messages. The complaint no received from Aircel is ############on the same day. Then the next day 14th I received a message from them stated "Reference number has been resolved on 14/11/2012. Manage your account online at aircel.com" Till date I didn't get the refund amount from them. Hence, I called them on 19th for this, but they are simply saying we won't charge anything on 12th and even it charged for message won't refund the amount. The most one is I received a worst reply from them. they are not even know how to answer the customer. Eg: One lady replied and suddenly disconnected the call. She doesn't allow me to speak. I must want my amount which they charged for that.
Oct 21, 2012

Comsumer Exploitation



I am writing with frustration about the Poor Service provided by Aircel. Not just poor service due to inability of Aircel Employees to understand any issue but also Consumer exploitation to the highest level.

My Number: 99419 10995

Let me describe the problem.

I am using postpaid service from Aircel. On 22nd Sep 20102, I activated 3G after speaking to customer service agent who asked me to activate 3G service by sending an SMS. I request to add 3G pack (Rs.198 for 1G for 3G Pack) which was activated on 24th Sep 2012. The Customer Service Agent also told me on the phone that on activation of 3G Services (not 3G pack), I will be getting FREE 250 MB of 3G Data and 50 Mins of Video Calling. I used the Free 250 MB 3G Data between 22nd Sep 2012 and 24th Sep 2012 before the activation of 3G pack. On 24th Sep, 3G pack was activated however I got an SMS saying my bill amount is Rs. 3700 plus. When I escalated this to Corporate Care of Aircel, they first denied but later reverted the amount on 26th Sep 2012.

I do have the email proof that on 26th Sep 2012, my unbilled amount was Rs. 238. However, the billing cycle ended on 5th Oct and I have been again charged for the usage of 3G between 22nd Sep and 24th Sep. The amount was reverted on 26th Sep with Email proof. But the Customer Care is refusing to waiver the amount which was already waivered on 26th Sep. Aircel is simple repeating like an answering machine over emails and phone calls that my 3G usage has been authenticated and the charges are valid. The reversal amount of Rs 3700 plus is not shown in my bill that was generated on 5th Oct 2012 as well. I do have the email proof with the series of email.

I keep getting the same reply that they cannot revert the amount since I have used 3G before the activation of 3G pack (between 22nd Sep and 24th Sep 2012). But I was offered FREE 250 MB of 3G data. Aircel once reverting the amount on 26th Sep and again charging the same amount at the end of billing cycle is not at all acceptable.

On top of this, my outgoing gets barred 2 to 3 times a day and I need to call and explain the issue everytime to agents and supervisors who are just equal to an answering machine just like the Aircel Corporate Care ([email protected]).

I cannot pay the bill until the amount of Rs.3900 (for 3G usage alone) is waived.

I want to escalate this to the highest level. If Aircel cannot revert the amount, I do not need the service of Aircel and my number can be disconnected. I am not ready to pay the huge amount towards the services that have been offered to me for Free.

Thank you for understanding.

Kindly request you to take necessary action and get my amount reverted.

Oct 18, 2012

Incoming and out going barred


I am Sitaram, I am using the Aircel prepaid number 9941331955, i had received a message that my validation has failed and contact customer care. When contacted them i came to know like i had to submit address proof and Id proof even having submitted as i had bought this to the shop vendor when i had being bought this SIM card. my outgoing facility had got barred on 17/10/2012. I had submitted the required documents at the velachery Aircel outlet on 17/10/2012 9:30 am. till now the services has not resumed.


Sitaram Budati
Oct 16, 2012


MY MOBILE NUMBER IS : +918000441248
[email protected]
Oct 4, 2012

Aircel Postpaid excess billing


I am Elamparithi, i have taken an Aircel Postpaid connection holding the number 9841283841, in the Year of 2003 and i paid my last month bill on 11th of Sep 12 and soon after this i got my outgoing bared without any intimation of any kind what so ever on 11th June itself. With my inquiry i have came to know that due to my excess internet usage over 3G, my connection has been barred and to my shock my bill was Rs 2423/- Rs, again I had received a message from Aircel on 13th Sep 12 Morning stating that to pay 4500/- RS the big surprise is I don't have any incoming and out going facility till 13 th morning. and I am very much aware that my mobile's credit limit was Rs1000 and also I never been used my phone for internet usage.

I have been talking to several people from Aircel to have this problem resolved at any cost but i haven't met any person taking my problem seriously.

I have requested them to provide the itemized bill to know the actual usage of my number but until now I didn't got it

I sent several mails to them but until now my problem was not sorted out

I have all the mail proof with me and ready to provide the same.
Sep 26, 2012

PUK Code Blocked


My Aircel number 7299320749 puk code is blocked .

Sim Number is 89914 10000 01101 77438..

please send PUK code to 8108166893 or [email protected]
Sep 25, 2012

Poor customer service


Am having mobile connection with Aircel network, for the past three weeks i could not able to use for incoming/outgoing through my mobile due to the PUK code issue. I called up with customer care many time but the result is still zero. All the excutives are saying the first word as "sorry for the inconvenience, i will help you to resolve this issue" they keep saying some time limits to get solve this issue. Finally i dont know whether i could able to get the PUK from them or not.... Unfortunately i have recharge some 150 ruppes inbetween.

My number 9094763335 (Aircel)
Alternate number 9884049030.

I had very bad experience with Aircel network ... The customer care which is not feasible to reach there is so many restriction which i dont face in my alternate vodafone network... i prefer you just spend only 19 rupees to change your network before you get this sutiation.

Sep 20, 2012

online recharge

I recharged with top up of 1000 rupees 5 times with aircel and each time payment was successful and recharge is failed . I want the total amount as soon as possible.

Reference details are below.

date and time billdesk transactionid payment status transaction amount mobile number recharge ref. No. Recharge status
20-09-2012 14:30:31 mici2812793230 success 1000.00 9941534630 ch0912646963 failed
20-09-2012 14:24:39 muti2812789428 success 1000.00 9941534630 ch0912646950 failed
20-09-2012 14:20:36 muti2812786475 success 1000.00 9941534630 ch0912646939 failed
20-09-2012 14:09:47 muti2812777883 success 1000.00 9941534630 ch0912646898 failed

date and time billdesk transactionid payment status transaction amount mobile number recharge ref. No. Recharge status
21-09-2012 07:49:58 mici2813191146 success 1000.00 9941534630 ch0912648450 failed
Sep 20, 2012

Micro-sim 3G for iPhone with Unnecessary VAS charge added

I was forced to buy a new Aircel micro-sim for my iPhone with 3G facility. Though i was already using my postpaid connection for over 4 years, i was told that i need to get a new number. That's why i quote it as forced. I'm now the forced bearer of the aircel number 9941550111.

My credit limit is 1000 and my plan is 218.18. I was told that the first year 3G would be unlimited and free. But the monthly charge (last month) was close to 8000 Rupees.

Not sure why. the bill split-up shows that it's because of the VAS charge. Infact there's no certain service that i used using my 3G connection. I was rather using my WIFI connection to do any service related work.

Also i was not told that the credit limit is exceeded. This is a serious issue and i was made to ask my colleagues and company not to use Aircel service.

Your response and action is appreciated.

Rahul JR. Contact me via [email protected]

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