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Consumer complaints and reviews about Aircel

Aug 4, 2011

Not allowing me to PORT OUT for my existing mobile number

Respected Sir/madam,

I am Thiyagarajan.R. I'm Working in HCL Technologies, Chennai. My mobile number is 9941441421(Aircel) Prepaid. I'm using this number since 2007. Now i want to port out my existing mobile number to Airtel. But Aircel service provider not allowing me to port out. Simply they are rejecting my application for silly reasons eventhough i'm submitting proper documents. Simply they are telling system related problem. For past one and half month i'm trying continuously. Because of aircel bad network signals i have lost many phone calls. So only i'm urging to port out. Please help me. Please do the needful.

Yours truly,

Software Engineer,
HCL Technologies,
Aug 2, 2011

MNP rejected due to wrong upc

I gave a MNP request from Aircel (Mobile no. 9941929924) to AIRTEL (CHENNAI Circle). Within 4 working days, i got a message from AIRTEL stating that Aircel has rejected my request due to mismatch of the Porting code. The default reason one can think of is : While filling in the form, code may have been entered wrongly.

But that is not the case here and it is AIRCEL that is at fault because in the message received from airtel, the UPC code they received through the application form is mentioned clearly SAME. The message i got from aircel also SAME. I have both those messages in my inbox i.e. 1. Aircel sending its UPC code and 2. AIRTEL telling my request is rejected by aircel for wrong upc code (which also contains the code). Both are same. I again requested for upc and submitted to airtel and again rejected by aircel. Today i tried to get UPC, but same code is coming, it was got rejected by aircel. Please help to get out from aircel.
Aug 1, 2011

Disturbing Calls

Dear Whomsoever,

I have tried calling aircel... but in vain.. whoever picks up the call disconnects it without manners.. is this the way you treat your customers.. Calls again.. oh my god.. really fed up.. getting the disturbing calls every now and then.. are we there to attend these calls alone.. we cant even talk to the other people always disturbing.. for every minute we get a call... while driving it leads to accident.. i met with an accident while trying to stop my scooter just because to attend one of these calls... if this is going to continue i will sue this company for the same reason... because i got a big scar on my face...can these people make my face look like before??????? can any one give back my face?????? this accident happened on 27th Feb. 2011.................. pls take action before anybody looses anymore.. let me the last person to loose my beauty.... if there is no response for this i am for sure going to consumer court after 7 days time... thank you my fone number is 7299246772
Jul 9, 2011

MNP Not done


This is Marimurugan V, I had applied for AIRCEL to AIRTEL MNP on 27th June 2011. Porting code is DT748378. I had received a replacement SIM from Airtel showroom.
After this i had received a sms says this request will be resolved on 9th July 2011 (Yesterday). But till now its not resolved. I have called Aircel customer care several times. But they ignore my call saying their server updation is going on and call us after some time. Some executive says it is not pending with them (Aircel). I need Justice for my genuine request.

Thanks in Advance.
Jul 6, 2011

change of caller tune

My phone no 98410 10269 has had a caller tune of classical carnatic "Sri Chakra Dhara" for many years, all of a sudden without prior notice the caller tune has been changed to some western tune. All my friends called me and asked me why I changed the tune, which was my favourite and a sort of tune associated with my beliefs.
I contacted the customer service department to of no avail, and also informed them that if they charge me for caller tune which was not my choice I shall take appropriate action.
Now , my complaint is that I want my caller tone back.
Jul 2, 2011

Unauthorised activation of Service

This is to bring to your notice about a fraud that Aircel customer care has committed.

3 days back I received my bill for July and found that the bill amount was Rs. 2440 which is 3 times more than my usual bill amount and usage. When I checked with your customer care, I was informed that the 3G usage has amounted to about Rs.1677 in that.

I clearly explained to them, that somtime back I received a call from the Customer Care / Marketing department and they asked me if I want the 3G to be activated. I rejected this offer as my usage is not so high and the GPRS I have is more than enough. The caller said it is fine and disconnected the call.

However, your customer care took a complaint for this and gave me the complaint number 1-5110320561. They informed me that they will get back in 2 days after checking with the concerned team. Since I did not get any further information, I called them today and when I enquired about this, I was informed that I had made a request for 3G activation on 11th April. This is shocking, because I never did so. I am sure you cannot show me any proof for such a request made by me.
I wanted to speak to the manager and was put to one Mr. Ashok. I really regret having talked to him. He had absolutely no courtesy towards me. He just kept saying hmmm, ok or so what.. So without wanting to talk any further, I asked him, if I had made a request for 3G activation, there should a request number for that and I would like to have that number.

He gave me the request number 1-4263210099. He also informed me that I had raised the request on 11th April at 4:20pm and that I better make the payment for the usage.

Now, I have the following questions to make.

1. When I called 2 days back I was given the request number 1-5110320561. Immediately after I raised the request I received at least 4 SMS saying that the complaint has been registered and would be resolved in so and so date. If that is the case, I should have got an SMS, IF I had raised any request on 11th April, but I did not. You may argue that I could have deleted it, but I am sure there should be a log in Aircel's server or archive. If any such SMS has been from Aircel's server, I would like to have the records if such an SMS was sent!

2. If, I had raised the request on 11th April, then the 3G would have been activated on April itself, or at least by May. In that case, I would have had a similar bill amount for those 2 months also, but I did not! How is that possible?

3. This is the best. On the early morning of 10th of April I left for US and returned back only on the 8th of May! During my stay in US, I had removed the SIM card and used a US card in my phone! So there is no question of me calling someone. Of course, I did not send any mail for activation also. If there is any such mail that I had sent, you can show that as proof. I can provide you any number of proof that I was not India on 11th April!

Now this is a very clear case of fraud, and I suggest Aircel better fix this.

I have already raised quite a few complaints with the Appellate team for the customer handling debacle of Aircel and I have proof for that as well! I am once again raising a complaint with Aircel for both this fraud and the way Mr. Ashok spoke to me. I need this fixed.

Following are my details

Name: K. Ramasubramaniyan
Mobile: 9841082877
Jul 2, 2011


Iam getting a phone call from 9841227533 number and he is abusing language and torturing. Please I need the address of the number.
Jul 2, 2011

Mail Configuration Issue

Am using Nokia 5130c-2 xpress music mobile would like to configure mail in my mobile to send and receive yahoo mails. Have tried customer care 57777 to install the same but they are asking me to call 121. I tried the same but call is routing to complaints team and they are not helping me. Can I have any solution on the same? More than 8 times called both CC & 121 but nobody providing permanent solution

Note: Already PI is active in my mobile but still issue persists. Need your help on urgent basis.

Mob No: 9841405051

Name: Raja .S
Jul 2, 2011

Wrong GPRS Charges

I have requested for MNP on march. Aircel has retained me and offered free extra mins and free unlimited GPRS usage. hence i used GPRS. but its not getting deducted from my bill and getting charged on every month.

April and May month WAP usage was wrongly charged on my ac but I had activated free GPRS component. But both months I was charged 359 & 130.

I paid my bill except that but still shows balance on every bill.

Mob No: 9841405051
Jun 22, 2011

Unsubscribe from aircel music connect


I have not subscribed the aircel music connect service. But without any prior information for the past two months i have been charged 30/per month totally 60rs for my sim"9094081689". I am trying to call the customer care but in vein. I need to unsubscribe from the music connect service and the charged amount should be repayed to my account.

senthil kumar
Jun 22, 2011

balance auto debit

i am not done subscriber any aircel music connect but i got the msg from aircel ur successfully actived and debit in my account Rs.30 also . Very day l am receive lot of unwanted calls form aircel more then 30 call like hello and offer call &msg .i spok to coustomer so may time for DNA service but no response .

Kindly do the take action..
Jun 19, 2011

Recharge through Net Banking

Sir/ Madam,

My name is Rama and my aircel mobile no is 9710630973.

I used net banking to recharge my Aircel mobile with Rs 70. The amount was withdrawn but it did not get recharged to my mobile. I called 198 and lodged a complaint stating the same. For the first time, the person (I dont remember his name) who attended my call did not give me a good solution and simply disconnected the call. When I called again, the next person asked me to select option 4 from this 198 no. And for the third time, the person who attended this call asked me to send a complaint mail to "talktoaircel". Hence this mail. Pl recharge Rs 70 to my mobile as soon as possible.
Jun 19, 2011

Deduction of balance and providing wrong UPC code

More than 70 to 80 Rs has been deducted from my balance activating unwanted services like pocket games that's why I placed a portability request from Aircel to Airtel then i received a Unique Portability Code(UPC) from Aircel DT**4246 on 27/04/2011.On 10/05/2011 i received a msg 4m Airtel that my request on portability has been received and will be processed soon.On 11/05/2011 i register a complaint then i got complaint code 1-4559375180 which will be resolved on 19/5/2011. On 14/05/2011 i received a msg from Airtel that my UPC code is wrong that's y they rejected my request of portability.Again on 16/05/2011 my request has been rejected bcoz of UPC mismatch.On 24/05/2011 again i requested for portability code they sent me the same upc code.My number is 9788839234. I want this number to be ported to Airtel. I got new Airtel sim also. I request Aircel to send me the correct UPC code to me and resolve all my problems by porting this number to Airtel. Get back to me by call on my number.

Expecting a positive response from Aircel.

Thanking you,

Jun 13, 2011

deduction of the unused 3g service bill.

information i want to submit - i have asked to stop the 3g service for my mobile(no.9841269097) on 24th april 2011(stop sms to 121) and i have recived an acknowledgement and a message stating that the 3g service for my mobile no.is deactivated from 24th april 2011 from aircel. but the bill generated from 26th april 2011 to 25th may 2011 includes an amount of around 850 rs for 3g service alone. to note , i have not used internet facility also in my mobile for the bill date.

complaint is -1) to deduce the 850 rs amount for 3g service which was deactivated for my cellphone.
2) not to discontinue the outgoing service in my mobile phone until this issue is solved.

i have already filed the same complaint to sathish- customer care in kilpauk branch on 24th april
to hemanth- customer care in kilpauk branch may 1st week.
and many times to the customer care by calling thro 9841012345.
and i have voice recorded all the calls for referrence.

kindly do the favour for ur valuable customer (8.5 years)and prevent him from discontinuing aircel service.

thanking u.
dr.ashok kumar
Jun 10, 2011


pls deactivate my games .........,
Jun 9, 2011

No Responce Customer Care

I am using aircel from past 5 days, I called aircel customer care more than 10 times for GPRS settings there no proper direction from customer care executives. But the great comedy is in my 3G mobile do to aircel i am unble to get even 2G GPRS settings. Such a worse network is AIRCEL.
Jun 9, 2011

no proper response

sir i'm not getting a proper response from aircel company.... i got a new mobile on monday then tat same night i got GPRS SETTINGS... then only for sometime i was able 2 browse then later on i cant. i'm speking with the customer care for past 3 days and i.m not getting solved tis problem.... pls do help me out.....
Jun 9, 2011

No response from customer support

I Got a duplicate sim card for my number which i lost, and i was told that i will get the card activeted with in 4hrs, its been a month since i got the card and yet i didn;t get the card activated, i called the cutomer support numerous times but i did't get a solution yet, my customer care complaint number is:4510175711.
Jun 7, 2011

Issuing SIM card

I have entered my pin number wrongly & my Sim got blocked and asked for PUK code.. I called 198 and asked for PUK code, they told my puk not generated and to reach nearer AIRCEL office.. I reached main office in PH Road Chennai.. But asking there, they told that sim has to be replaced.. I accepted and asked for new sim.. But they told there is no stock of ROTN sim sim in chennai and sim will be available by 7 days.. after 8 days, today i went but again telling to wait for 10 days..

Is this the way to deal the customer.??? Already i got 20000 loss in 1week by losing that number..

Where can i get the ROTN sim immediately???
May 31, 2011

sim loss

dear sir
i lost my mobile with aircel Sim (9710304084) on 27.5.11 (Friday) so i want to block my number that i mentioned above
May 25, 2011

Bill Generation

I recently ported my number from Vodaone to Aircel on 10th of April. In the last 50 odd days my outgoing calls have been barred for 6 times for reasons still unknown to any and so far I haven't been given a single bill though I have been asked to make payments due to credit limit. The best part is I am having a 799 offer whereby i have over 2000 minutes of call free and i have't even made use of 500 yet in last 50 days.

And still my outgoing has been barred for the last 3 days for the 6th time.

I was even ready to port out of aircell with immedeate effect as i am tired of all the calls and waiting to connect to customer care team. But it seems i have to pay minimum of 3 months rental to do so. Can you beat that? I have to pay 2000 ruppees to them coz they don't know how t run their company well.

Therefore I have decided to let go of my 2 years old number and take a new connection with another provider without paying a paisa to aircell.

If Aircell team is reading this, then tryandmake a rationale response.

My number is 9176600406.
May 14, 2011

worst telecom service

I have activated P14 pack . I got a confirmation message stating " The GPRS service is activated ". Post which i have started using the service. But the amont got debited from my normal account. To check this I have called the helpline. 198. Customer Associates are very concern about there talk time. No body helped me. When i seek help from a supervisor. I was put on hold for almost 45 minutes and the line is disconnected by them. like this I have called 3 times My line is disconnected. Dropping a customer line is high level integrity. But no proper action taken. Please please please done use AIRCEL. Very wrost service.

Atlost very very worst thing is My number is added to rejection list. Now if i try to call the helpline ( 198). I am not allowed to reach the customer service associate.
Apr 27, 2011

Aircel network Customer Care very worst

Last week i went to out of station yesterday evening only came.i am not paid my aircel mobile bill.so disconnected my line.26th april night 10.15pm i called to your customer care and said that my connection has been barred reason of bill payment so please release my line i will pay my bill on tomorow morning 9.30 am .important thing is i am using web in this connection so i want to send mail to my US clients.i requested your customer care exe Ms.Ramya Ref no ; 1-4375777316 she promised that we will realese your line within 1hour but she not released my line . again i called your customer care at 12.35pm one of your exe named as Pradeep he said that we have no option to release your line.so i want to deactivate my connection. please help me to do this .I am using RPG cellular connection Last 7years.Now only the bad response.i have taken new Airtel connection.please do ASAP.
Apr 19, 2011

Missed call with ISD code +92

Dear Sir,

Today (19-Apr-2011, Tuesday) at 09:34 am, i received a missed call from +923052259133. As the number being strange, I googled the country code and came to know that it was from Pakistan. I am bit concerned about how did the calling person got my number and I feel it is important to bring this matter up to your notice. I would appreciate it if you would look into this matter and restrict further calls to my mobile or to any users.

Vijay Jebakumar
99413 55144
Apr 12, 2011

Irresponsibility of Nodal Office - Chennai Circle

If the Aircel's Mobile Porting division (Technical and Service) happens to be a mockery of effeciency and Customer service, then the second level of Quality and responsibility which is the The Chennai Nodal Office and Officer, is a standing proof of the company's derrogative levels of service and customer centricity. Not only is the Nodal officer and his/her office a standing proof of the company's ineffeciency, the lack of effort in addressing or supporting customers is criminal.

My application to port my existing mobile connection to Aircel was the beginning of a gruesome tortorous 4 days for me. Thanks to our legal system, the damages done to me due to a un-explained-un-intimated complete blackout period (lack of connectivity) for more than 72 hours through 2 official days and one day of outstation travel due to a medical emergency will go down as personal damages without Aircel having to as pay absolutely nothing in the form of money, manners or even a gesture of apology for their ineffeciency and incompetency.

I wish to give a special mention to the sheer lack of disconnect extended by the Nodal Office and Officer of Chennai circle during some of my most trying days due to the medical emergency I faced along with 2 officials days at work. I would have spent only to connect to Nodal Office and Customer care office a sum of Rs. 400 of prepaid recharge amount, spoken to 20 odd customer care officers, called the Nodal Office on Tuesday alone around 45 times and spent as many pointless hours trying to resolve the issue all by myself.

Such ineffeciences in such important roles and levels of service should simply not be tolerated.

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