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Airtel Broadband


Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel Broadband

Bhaskara Reddy P
Jun 10, 2013

Receipt of Online registration

Dear Sir,

This is Bhaskara Reddy P([email protected])

We took Broadband connection on 09/06/2013 Ref No.0804168990 is 33898404 and for the same registering in online is not happening as it is showing invalid Phone no.9901632168 and even didn't get mail confirmation for accessing monthly bill, data usage verification, so please resolve the issue as early possible.

Bhaskara Reddy P
Jun 2, 2013

Fixedline/Broadband new connection fraud

I am Ramani K N from JP Nagar-7th phase, Bangalore and this mail is regarding the Airtel Broadband connection I had applied for. My application number is TBLR645496 & Installation ID is 14567907. This was the first time I opted for Airtel connection with high expectations but sorry to say I got a pathetic experience in return.

A representative from Airtel franchise at JP Nagar-7th phase came and agreed to provide the connection within 2-3 working days and took Rs.500/- as security deposit but after taking money he didn’t come back at all. I got some lame excuses from him when called several times. The representative’s name is Gopi his number is +91-9738313409 & his manager is Gowda whose number is +91-9900001252. It seems that just for the sake of achieving targets these people are cheating the customers.

I hope Bharti Airtel Ltd. takes disciplinary actions against those who attract the customers just by words and not by their service & ensure thst such cases does not happen again.

Below are the details, which might help in tracing and cancelling my application and return my money at the earliest if the connection would not be possible.

Name: Ramani K N

Application number: TBLR645496
Installation ID: 14567907
Date of filing application: 27-05-2013
Tariff Plan opted for: Flash 30GB (2mbps)
May 26, 2013

Airtel Broadband Complaint

I had an airtel broadband account at Bangalore till 5th January 2013, when I moved out of Bangalore and raised a request to terminate the account. The Customer service asked me to suspend the account instead of deactivating it and then I can resume the account in Hyderabad after a month or can deactivate the same at that time. I was also told that I won't be charged anything for this. I suspended the account then and then later raised a request to terminate the account permanently. I paid all the bills till date 5th January 2013. Now I get a mail from airtel asking for an amount of Rs 1016.94. As I already terminated the account and never used the same after 5th January 2013 (infact I no longer stay at Bangalore since then), this amount is definitely NOT payable. I am really disappointed with Airtel on this issue.Its really frustrating and annoying mentally as well as financially. I used the airtel services for 2 years and all the reputation that they had built up during that period is all lost now just because of this issue.
Eagerly waiting for some response on this and help on any further legal actions that can be taken.

[email protected]
May 24, 2013

Airtel Broadband refund issue

I am Pritam Mishra.I applied for a new airtel wireless broadband connection. I provided the necessary documents and 3 months advance to the airtel agent.On 28th march 2013 I received a message that they have received my documents.Installation request number is 13570923.It will take approx. 3 working days . Then I waited till 4th April but still they did not provide me any updates.I again called several time for the updates,lodged complaint and then I got the message "Reference no for my airtel fixed line 08041425795 is 30875034.They will revert to me by 03/04/2013 12:33.After that also no updates.Again I had to call for 10 - 15 times and everytime I asked for the status of my request no and complaint number. Then they said there were some other building permission issue and it will take 5 days to resolve.I waited and at last the technician guy called me today morning and updated me the issue has been resolved.I will get the new connection soon.Again after some hour he called again and told me in my area there is some network bandwidth issue so connection can not be provided.Also he cancelled the request and told me it will take 20 working days to refund my money. So I wasted 10 days for the connection and again 20 days to get my money back. What kind of service airtel provides.The funny moment was when another guy called me and told the connection has been provided the neighbor building.

I have cancelled on 14th April 2013.But actually the request got cancelled on 26th April 2013.I dont know why, but it got delayed.Again airtel customer support told me I will get my money back within 20 days that means by 16th May 2013.Still I have not received any call or updates about my money.Today again I called, they gave me a complaint no 32990296.

1>Airtel took money in advance:28th march 2013
2>I requested for cancellation on 14th April, but it got cancelled on 26th April ---28 days
3>I waited for 25 days still I have not received my amount-----------------------------25 days
Total 53 days I have wasted and still no result.
Some important points I want to share:
1>Before committing Airtel guys should know that they must know in which area they can provide the connection and should not take documents immediately.I am staying in Vijaya bank layout,bannerghata road,bangalore.
2>The airtel customer support sucks.They are just liars.
3>The service is the worst I have ever faced.
4>If they take money in the same day I requested for the connection, they should refund in the same day the request gets cancelled.
May 21, 2013


In my complaint i would like to highlight the highest level of customer service ignorance done by Air tel.

i took a broadband connection from Air tel on 20/04/2013 which they promised me super service.

The connection was down from 12/05/2013 and i registered a complaint also on 13/05, against which i have been given continuous assurance from the customer care that their technician will call me next day. its been more than a week now and the connection is still down and no body contacted me.

the worst part is i need to call the customer care every day and they repeat the same story of getting it resolved by next day.

when i asked to speak to the manager many times, they put my call on hold for 10 Min's no body answers and then the customer care will say the manager is busy and will call back, but no one calls.

I even tried to cancel my connection by calling the customer care, they transferred my call to the concerned department, but there also my call was on hold for 10 - 15 Min's and no body answered so i had to disconnect.

The conclusion of my problems is, no one from the Air tel is calling me to update, nor i have the broadband for more than a week now, nor i can disconnect the connection and i have to pay the bill on time as its a post paid.

request you all to take some steps on the service provided by this Big corporates where the small customers don't get the service even paying 1150 a month.

Thank You!

My Details:
AIRTEL LAND LINE NO - 08041550933
COMPLAIN NO WITH AIRTEL ARE - 3296116, 32864186, 32707650,
Veenu Arora
May 17, 2013

Incorrect Bill


I am having airtel broadband 3GB lifmited connection with 700 rental + tax.
My default bill used to come for Rs. 786. But this month it has come for Rs. 842. As they have shown the consumption more than 3 GB.
I used to regularly check the consumption on airtel.in with my accont details.
And i checked that on 8th of may, where it was showing 2 days left for the bill to generate and 1.11Gb is left which i cud use.
But still there was not much usage on 9th and 10th(last 2 days) and even in the bill what they have sent doest show much usage.
But still the bill says usage more than 3GB.

This is not the first time this happened to me. It happened 5 6 months bacxk as well, that time they showed the consumption of 10Gb, and i forceed to pay Rs2200 for that.

I am not the only user who has faced this issue. but there are many people who have faced it. And more of this, if we speak to airtel customer service, they never respond properly, they will put you on hold for long and after that wil never pick the call.

Please take some action on this.
Airtel AccountNumber:7005713651
Apr 17, 2013

Frequent Web browsing not working


Please find the link in which i have recorded the screen of my browsing for 12 Mins 30 Secs where the internet is being interrupted though the link is still on. Kindly find a permanent solution for this problem as it is affecting my share trading business and i am not ready to accept any sort of losses because of your internet connection. Please refer my complaint no: 31274754.

The youtube link is: http://youtu.be/3qK5xq_kh7E

Please feel free to contact me for any queries at the below no's:
9900145434 (Idea)
9845145434 (Aircel)

Frequent Web browsing not working

Mariah Khan
Mar 16, 2013

New Connection Fraud

I am Tanveer Ahmed Khan, residing at 130 A-6 BDA Flats, Austin town layout, Bangalore 560047. My phone number is 9845401167.
I was needing the airtel broadband connection and I called 9845098450 to check the plans and airtel representative gave me other number to call and the number was 080-44444121 stating that this is the number to book broadband connection.
I called that number and a person named Lakshmipathy (9901249835 - Laksmipathy's personal number) picked up the call from Connect Hub Agency from wilson garden bangalore, I told him that i want to book a new connection. He took my details and told me that it will take 48 hrs to check the feasibilty.

Then the next day i received an SMS from airtel mentioning that feasibility is there for my area and keep one passport size photo/ ID proof and address proof ready. In the very same evening i got a call from airtel representative and he asked me to keep the documents ready, i told him to come on wednesday (13-march-2013) at 8:00 PM, he came on wednesday at 8:00 pm and was waiting for me, I came from office and picked him up from the landmark point. He said his name was Naveen and his number is 7760585120. He came inside my house and asked to select the plan, I selected the Transonic plan which is 8 Mbps upto 60 GB. He filled up the form for me and asked to handover the documents, and then he asked to make the payment of Rs.3700/-. I told him that no body informed me about the payment. He said "No sir you have to make the payment now, and Rs.500 installation charges/the first month bill/the modem & the telephone instrument price will be included in this amount". I gave him Rs 3700/-. He told me someone will be calling me the next day and will be coming and give me the connection. He said in the carbon copy of that form there is my managers number, if you have any issues you can call that number, the number in the form was 9945045452-Naveen B.K. The person who came and collected the money he was tall like 6 foot and fat with moustache and curly hair.

I waited for 2 days no one called, then i called 9945045452 thinking that this is his managers number. Naveen B.K picked up the call and i told him no one called me about the new connection from 2 days. he said he doesnt know what I am talking about and he is completely unaware of the issue. This person Naveen B.K is working in YMC building (Gandhi nagar or gandhi bazar not completely sure). I called him up and he asked me to speak to his manager Ranjith about this. Even he was not a hellp for me. He didnt take the responsibility of it.

And then I called up again and Naveen B. K was not picking up the call. I messaged him asking why are you not picking up the call and he replied back stating that "Boss I m not free to pick your call". This is how I was treated. Then I replied him that I will lodge a complaint in police station then he asked her manager VijayaLakshmi to call me. She called and said I have to go to Airtel Benson Town Office and meet someone to get the refund for Rs 3700/-.

I wanted to know who will take this responsibilty.

New Connection Fraud

sarika saxena
Mar 14, 2013

airtel broadband

I have paid Rs 850 for modem and Rs 1650 for WIFI for Airtel broadband to Prasad mob No : 9740990996 but I cancelled the plan and I was assured that I will be getting a cheque of the same amount at my address but did not receive any cheque...
I have customer enrollment form with TBLR CEF NO :514806

BHOIR PLAZA , B wing, Flat no 7 , Near Spandan Hospital, Dange chowk ,Pune 411033... please do the needful.
Mar 11, 2013

Airtel Broadband refund issue


I have applied for Airtel broadband connection through online on 03-Mar-2013 (Ref 1583406159). Very next day i got the call from airtel and they collected my house locality to check the feasibility. Later they called me again and confirmed that feasibility is there and i will get the connection once submit the requred documents. On 04-May-2013, one person from collection agent came to home and collected required documents along with advance rental of Rs. 5750/-.Same day i got an SMS from airtel that they did received my documents and my request will be processed in next 3 working days. (Ref number: 13175907)

On 07-Mar-2013, i called up customer care to get the status of my request and they did not have any info. So, i decided not to go this connection and asked customer care person to raised a request for cancellation. In another few minutes i got a call from one person from airtel (His number is 9845005117) there is no feasibility to get the connection. So i did asked him to return all the documents which i submitted which applying and that person is reluctant to reply.

Now my money is with airtel and they did collected without done any service for me. When i asked the customer care, they were telling i will get it in next 21 working days. Which is more than a month.

Like wise so much money Airtel is making without doing any service to the customer and they are increasing their credit balance with people's money. Who will pay the interest for those 21 working day (i assume i might get my money with in 21 days.)

1. Initially Airtel said, my house has feasibility to have internet connection.
2. Once they collected the money, now they are telling no feasibility to get the connection.
3. They need 21 working days to give the money back to customer. Will they interest for those 21 days?

Can you please take necessary action against such cheating company. Since many people are facing this issue and Airtel is enjoying with people's money.

Mar 9, 2013

Hopeless Service from Airtel


1. During Nov 2012, Airtel changed the existing Tariffs for Broadband, I was
initially on the INR 999 Plan, this changed to INR 1099 Plan. When i received
the bill, i was not satisfied as i felt it was too much for the services being
provided. Hence, I opted to cancel the Connection.
2, Next day, i receive a call from "Retention Team" and was made an offer that
i can opt for the INR 1400 Plan which gives 4MBPS speed and upto 40 GB free
browsing at high speeds. I was told that i would be given a 25% discount on
this plan, thereby my monthly bill would remain the same as what i was paying
at that point on time.
3. I agreed to this plan and did not cancel the connection. I was told that I
would be upgraded to the new Plan within a week's time. Also, i was told that i
would receive an email when this was done. i received a confirmation about the
Plan migration on the 5th of Dec, 2012.
4. Since this date, i have been charged as per the new plan, i.e. the INR 1400
Plan for 4MBPS speed.

Issue & Complaint:

1. I noticed that even though i was being charged more, the speed of my
internet connection still remained at 2MBPS itself.
2. Hence, I have logged several (About 10 or more complaints) by calling 121 to
report about this issue that the speed of my Internet is still not upgraded
between the period Dec 2012 to Feb 2013.
3. For the first few complaints, I was told that there was some Backend Issue
and hence it would be resolved shortly. But nothing changed, nothing improved,
so i raised more complaints.
4. Then few Techincal People came to my residence, inspected the connection and
told me that the configuration at the site was for a 2MBPS connection and not
for a 4MBPS connection. They said i had never applied for an upgrade.
5. on showing the email which Airtel had send to me as a confirmation, they
then started blaming the "Retention Team" and said it is a Backend issue and
nothing that they can solve.
6. Meanwhile, whenever i called 121, they used to say a technician would solve
it, the technician would say, it needs to be done on the Backend.
7. Finally, one technician revealed that the "Userid" to which my connection is
linked is also linked to one "Sneha Rao" from JP Nagar and it may be possible
that the Backend Team has processed the upgrade for the wrong person.
8. But nobody was ready to own up the issue, take responsibility and solve the

Effect of above:

1. I have emailed Airtel numerous times in Feb with the above information.
2. I received a call from Airtel Central Customer Care, promising that the solution would be reached before 26 Feb.
3. It has now been 3.5 months since the issue, and nobody at Airtel cares.

Can someone really respond to this?

Sumanth (+919900087310)
Mar 4, 2013

Money charged but connection not provided

i have applied for new airtel BB connection on 2nd Feb got reference number 150335526. Got a meesage on 4th Feb that post checking availability in my location my documents will be collected. On 4th itself an Airtel representative visitied came to collect documents and Rs 3150 as package charges. On 7th Feb i got confirmation that my documents have been submitted and installation will be completed in 3 working days. No more calls from airtel after that. I called them on 11feb and checked the reason for delay. to my surprise i was told its not feasible in my area as lines to my apartment are damaged. i asked them my neighbor is using Airtel how is it possible lines are broken they had no answer and just told that this was feedback from there backend team.

It seems Initially no Airtel representative came to check availability in my area and they just charged me 3150 INR for no reason. i raised a request for refund of my deposit reference number 28580372(feb 11) got no response from airtel, 28616308(feb 12) still didn't get any response and finally on 17th Feb 28850508 for which at last i got a call back and was promised full refund. Surprisingly on 18th i got message that services to my fixed line (which was never installed ) has been started.

I am waiting for my cash refund and a prompt response from Airtel. Services have been degraded drastically, same thing has happened to my many frnds where money was collected and after that it was informed that lines in area are damaged. how is it possible that all lines get damaged at the same time. is this QoS from Airtel.

Whenever we are late in payment Airtel charges us 75rs as penalty, is Airtel going to keep on other side also this time they are late in payments.

saurabh arora
Feb 18, 2013

My payment not updated

New connection no: 7006058027
Old connection no: 15565832
Final settlements Receipt no: 0077555
Payment date: 22-Oct-2011
Person who came and collect the payment no: 9739646473 / 08042093137

On Jan I got a new connection. Now the connection get de-activated due to my old connection outstanding. But i already payed the payment for my old connection(Acc No: 15565832) and the receipt no is 00775556. And also i got a confirmation call from legal department. The reason for the old connection is the broadband was not working more than 25 days due to cable cut issue. But they generated bill for those period also. I explained all the issues to the legal department and they ask me to pay half of the amount and I payed. Now they are asking to pay again.
Dec 8, 2012

Airtel Brodband Fraud

Airtel branch Brs nagar ludhiana has cheated me also . They have eaten my 15000 rupees. i think we should all together give fir against them in police or we should take them to consumer courts.

All of you should expose here the names and numbers of people who are calling you, threatning you or harassing you.
Dec 4, 2012

Horrible Service, Wrong Commitments from Nodal Officer's & customer Service Executives

Hi Rakesh,

Thank you very much for your reply. Yes one of your team member responded and is looking into it.

Dec 2, 2012

Horrible Service, Wrong Commitments from Nodal Officer's & customer Service Executives

Namaste Rony,

This is to inform you that your concern listed 02 Dec. 2012 has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.

For any queries you may have you can also get intouch with us at www.airtel.in/airtelpresence

Rakesh Kumar
airtel Presence (airtel Customer Service Team)
bharti airtel limited
[email protected]
Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

Twitter - www.twitter.com/airtel_presence
Facebook - www.facebook.com/bhartiairtelltd
Linked- http://in.linkedin.com/pub/airtel-presence-bharti-airtel-ltd/1b/119/a33
Nov 22, 2012


That was it! I could not bear to go though the torcher and at last i called it the Quits and have asked for a disconnection.
Customer care told me it was cancelled, the Airtel Escalation team called me and told me it is cancelled and the applet team has called and told me its cancelled.
Now since i am out of it, I hope i still don't get the bills like the other people complaining here so i am going to keep a close watch and burst out back to them if required.
BUT to say, they do have good broadband connection but their system and people are CLUELESS!
Nov 21, 2012


Another update - Yestreday when i called the customer care, the first one told me that someone from the relocation departement will call me by end of the day and will give me the connection.
In the evening, when i never recieved the called, called the customer care again and this time they said that my number has been put up for cancellation.

After an hour of discussion with them, I was later called back and told that i can't have the connection again. What the hell is going on!?

Its funny to know that i can get a new connection but my previous connection cannot be relocated.

For God Sake, can someone in the high end authority will have the sense of acknowledgement and call me and let me know what is the fact!
Nov 20, 2012

Litigation moved for not paying the bill for which i haven't used the broadband services

They are also telling that a case id registered against me in a delhi court - 7005362583
The person who called me was Mr.Ashok - 08862925056

Nov 20, 2012

Litigation moved for not paying the bill for which i haven't used the broadband services


I am still getting calls from people introducing them as people from advocate office (Delhi), and asking me to settle the bill amount.

This is really intimidating experience, for a simple reason that i opted to take airtel connection.

Please resolve this matter with proper resolution.

Nov 20, 2012

Worst Service in BTM Layout

Yes, our issue is resolved now.
Nov 16, 2012

Airtel Brodband Fraud

Airtel Brs Nagar Ludhiana branch is full of cheaters and liars . Dont trust them . They cheat and fool people . You should better complaint in consumer court or in police against these fraud Airtel Brs Nagar branch people.
Oct 29, 2012

Litigation moved for not paying the bill for which i haven't used the broadband services

Thanks for the reply.

Hope the resolution to this issue will be expedited.

I am receiving calls from your collection department almost on a daily basis, asking for the payment. If i have any data usage registered which remains unpaid, i am ready to pay, which i am sure is not existent.

Request to close the issue on priority

Oct 29, 2012

Worst Service in BTM Layout

Our phone still doesn't work. Again we just get canned responses like the one above.
Oct 25, 2012

Litigation moved for not paying the bill for which i haven't used the broadband services

Namaste Dhanesh,

This is to inform you that your concern listed on 25 Oct 2012 has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.

For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at www.airtel.in/airtelpresence

Deepak Mohod
Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
Bharti Airtel Ltd
[email protected]

Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

Twitter - www.twitter.com/airtel_presence
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