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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel DTH

May 15, 2011

Poor Service/No Service

I'm getting a Low balance message on screen. Number of times i have called to customer care, reported my issue. They are telling few tips & tricks but it not works. From 02nd April'-11, I have start facing the problem. Spend lot of time to report this call to Customer Care and done lot of calls. When i asked them about complaint number, they said we don't have complaint number system. you can send mails.
After discussing on phone from last one month, when i send mail on 2nd may and done lot of follow-ups then they replied me on 14th May with same tips& tricks story and saying that they don't have any complaint for this. I'm facing a problem from one month. Called on Customer care more then 10 or 15 times and they say their is no complaint. Pathetic Customer Care. I told them that i will recharge only if you will solve m y problem. But still they don't care about their customer pain. I called again on 15th May
repeated complete story but still same story. I discussed with team lead "Mr. Gajinder". After listening my problem that he will revert back within 30 minutes.But no response. I called again after one hour and asked executive to connect me to Mr. Gajinder. They pit the cal on hold and after few minutes it disconnected. I have discussed this case with their number of team leads. Few of them i remembered, like Maninder, Perminder (boss of Maninder), Ruchika, etc. I told them i will not recharge untill you resolve teh problem or you can disconnect the services. Instead of resolving the problem, they have disconnected the services. Now, I'm start thinking to file a complaint in consumer court. I will not let them go. they have wasted my of time and given mentally disturbance. I suggest everybody, i you have sufficient tiem and mind to take bodrashen then go for airtel then choose any other. My few mails are attached below that i have sent them.

From: Sushil Sareen <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Mon, 2 May, 2011 10:48:30 PM

Subject: Lowaccount balance on Screen"My name is Sushil Sareen. My account id is: 3006692632. From approximately 2nd April i'm getting message on screen that my account balance is negative. My account balance is sufficient. But i was getting the message. I have reported this issue on customer care. then as per their instruction i have done some solutions but still problem was their. From continuous few days i'm regularly calling to customer care, registered my complaint, every-time i got new instructions, i followed them discussed with three or four team leads but same story.

During every call, new executive, new team lead but old story. After passing one month my story is same. Still i'm getting same message on my tv screen number of times a day. Everytime i have told your executives that its very im-braising that if somebody is sitting in your house watching the
TV then this message comes. I done lots of requests but no response.

It was my first experience with Airtel digital TV. What a pathetic customer care. I'm sending this mail to you just to tell you that now airtel has reached a growth where one or two or few dissatisfied customer will not impact. but this story will increase to the number where it will impact badly. Now lot
of social media sites are there, where each negative impact makes sense and gives second thought to customer to thing about before going or it. Earlier due to poor services, i have switched from my airtel mobile number to IDEA. i think now its time of digital tv. i dont now how you can retain, but i'm very


----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Sushil Sareen <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Sat, 14 May, 2011 4:52:31 PM
Subject: Re: Lowaccount balance on Screen

"Dear Sir,

Number of times i have called your support center and asked them about complaint number, but nobody has given me complaint number and told me that my request is forwarded to concerned department. every time i have received this message and they have told me that i need to send a mail at [email protected] There is no system for complaint number. It's very strange that you have not received my complaint. you can refer my mail. on 02nd May i have send you mail.

What is it. i didn't expected this reply. Shame on you Sir, what type of support is...........haaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm sending a mail for complaining and you are saying that you have not received a complaint.

I want resolution for my problem. I'm in same customer support profession. I'm also dealing with customer and know all the customer rights. So, don't get into it otherwise i have enough time and resources to legal fight against you for harrasment and mentally disturbance to your customer. I have record for every call in my bill and all the mails.

Daily two or three times i'm getting a message "to renew the account otherwise it will be disconnected. I'm waiting for disconnection after that i will start a legal action against you.

Now stop sending such non-sense mails. and act for my problem that is pending from 03rd 0r 04th April. Now its more then 40 days for registering my complaint and you are saying you have not received my complaint."

Sushil Sareen <[email protected]>
[email protected]
05/11/2011 05:20
Subject:Re: Lowaccount balance on Screen

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have not received any solution or reply for my problem. It's very strange that after raising the problem and mentioning your clearly that if this problem is not soled then you will loose your customer. Still there is no action and i'm getting the messages that renew or it will de-activated.

if this is your attitude then please go ahead and de-active it. i'm not going to renew if problem is not solved. I was not expected this behavior form AIRTEL.

i think this solgan fits you. "UNNCHI DUKAN FIKKA PAKWAN". I will not let you go. "
Apr 29, 2011

Peace TV to add on list

I am following with airtel for last 6-8 month to add Peace Tv in my list but they have not yet introduce it to their list and only assuring no final commitment made as of now.
Feb 22, 2011

worst service ever seen

i bought mt airtel dth on 1jan2011. since then i am feed up with their service. i launched 4 complaints on 21 and 22 feb respectively. they came to my house to recover the problem but they didn't got it. they promised to come the next morning but they did't. i called their customer care more then 20 times. sometimes they even DISCONNECT THE CALL. i called the local outlet to know more. they said to send the person but did't.i feel lik kicking them all. i want to disconnect the connection but couldn't do that because i paid for 1 year. BUT HE FINALLY CAME AND RESOLVED THE PROBLEM
Nov 9, 2010

Wrong info about channels given to sell connection


I recently booked a Airtel DTH connection.

Before taking this connection, I had spoken to the customer service to confirm if God TV is a part of Airtel’s package. The exec confirmed to me that it’s there.

Based on this confirmation, I booked a 12 month Mega package, with multiple connections.

To my shock and surprise, when the connection was activated on 5th Nov, God TV channel was not there. I immediately called the customer service and they said that Airtel does not offer God TV now. I was really disappointed and placed a request for disconnection with complete refund immediately, as I wanted God TV and took Airtel only because you provide this channel.

I was told that some one would call me regarding my complaint. I got a call today from Airtel telling me that God TV cannot be provided. Moreover, if I cancel the connection, I will not get any refund.

I am shocked at the way Airtel is behaving. This is straight forward case of cheating and fraud, where wrong information was given to sell a connection.

What is even more surprising is that they still provide GOD TV on Airtel IPTV, but not on DTH.

I need strict action to be taken against Airtel.They should either provide GOD TV or refund my money fully.

Mobile: 9811072731
Nov 7, 2010

very pathetic service

My customer id is 3004117208 and I requested to all of you. Plz never buy Airtel DTH its really painful experience. I have Airtel and i am suffering since i bought. Very bad service, customer care is useless. i feel handicap i have no option to do anything.
I destroy Airtel DTH and going to buy new DTH. Plz don't buy Airtel DTH, they are big cheater in market and they spoiled our image. Go to hell Airtel DTH
Oct 14, 2010

airtel Cheated my after purchasing DTH HD

I purchased airtel dth over the phone and was assured the installation within 24 hrs. The cusomer id for the installation was given to me is 3005466135. Nobody came to install even after calling to sales people, customer services and even nodal officer airtel digital tv, chandigarh. Three days later i sent a request for cancellation of the dth purchase and refund. I was assured that refund will come to account in next 7 days. Now its been over 10 days and i have sent many reminder to customer services, nodal officer and made several calls to customer services and wasted lot of money and time. But they dont seem to interested in refunding my money, neither they are replying to my mails.

PLease help Me to teach these people a lesson and get my refund of 2264/-

Sher Singh
Customer ID:3005466135
Date of Purchase 02/10/2010
Mobil Number: 9910116645
Address: 1476 Maruti Vihar,
Gurgaon, Haryana
email: [email protected]
Last 4 digit of the credit card used for booking 0013
Sep 16, 2010

Relocation Charged for what???


Please refer to the complaint below:

I was told by the managers that the relocation will not be charged.

Why the hell should I pay you Rs. 300 when you have only partially provided the services.
The service provided was pathetic and I demand a refund.

Else I should take this matter forward legally.

Customer No: 3003348386
Sep 13, 2010

Bad Service

It is very interesting things that all Airtel DTH team working hardworking but solution is nothing in Airtel DTH dictionary Team. I logged a call on 8th September, My digital TV Remote not working. Solution Time and Date was 10th September before 4:30. And reference case was 3793832. Two days gone, nothing happened. I raised the second call(Reference no. 3833255) once again on 10th September, Solution time and date was 12th September before 4:30. It was GOOD. Third time i logged call once again, this time Solution Time and Date was 5:30. I have called to Chander Concavity also, there i found they are all More Intelligent than Airtel DTH Customer Care Team. Nobody picking phone.

Entire Airtel DTH Team Sleeping. Team Taking SIX DAYS for replacing the remote.
Aug 20, 2010

Airtel DTH after sale service PATHETIC.

I have a Airtel DTH Connection Customer Id: 3001586237.
When I turned on my TV on 18th August, I got a error message B001 on my screen. This error message suggested checking the DTH cabling, I checked the cables to the best of my knowledge and that did not fix the issue.

I called Airtel DTH customer care on 18th August at 10:30 am, They registered my complaint (Complaint # 3591734) with an assurance that an on-field technician will visit my place and fix the issue before 3:15 pm on the same day. However there was no call/no show by any Airtel Representative that day. I tried calling the cell phone number provided by Airtel in their customer complaint opening confirmation SMS, and the person disconnected my call after a couple of rings. I called back
Airtel DTH customer care the same evening around 5:00 pm for a follow-up on my complaint, the Customer service representative had nothing to offer other then asking me to wait for another day and he logged another complaint for the same issue (Complaint # 3595133) with a assurance that my issue will be fixed on the following day before 4:19 pm.

No one called or showed up the next day till 12:00 noon, so I called Airtel DTH customer care back for a follow-up and this time I got another assurance that I will get a callback and an onsite field technician visit later in the day and the issue will be fixed before 4:19 pm. I also reached out to the "Grievance redressal" section of Airtel DTH website.

But history repeats itself and I still have not been contacted by anyone, forget a technician visit to fix the issue. Today is the third day that I am living with this issue.

I have had very good experience in the past with Airtel Broadband customer care and thought that I will have the same experience with Airtel DTH but unfortunately the service is so pathetic that a cable operator would have been able to provide better service than Airtel.

I have demanded a full refund from Airtel and am planning to move back to cable TV.

For those who read this review before planning to purchase Airtel DTH, please reconsider your decision. I don’t know which DTH service provider is better but for sure Airtel DTH service is PATHETIC!!!.
Aug 6, 2010

Services Discontinued


I am Anubhav and my Airtel DTH Customer ID is 3003348386.
I got the Airtel DTH connection is March 2010 in BAngalore.
In July, I have re-located to Gurgaon.
On re-location I booked a service for dismantling the DTH Dish and STB for re-location purposes.
The service was booked for 6th july, 2010. I stayed in Bangalore till 9th July and no one turned up from Airtel DTH even after numerous follow-ups.
Before this when I enquired about this service, I was told by Customer Care that if I dont book the dismantling and re-setting of STB services together then I have to pay for the services twice and the condition was that I should provide them the complete address.
Only after writing a complaint mail that I got a confirmation that charges will be deducted once.
I had already paid for these charges anyways.I have been following up with Airtel customer care atleast half a dozen times everyday since then and problem is not solved.
Everytime I call, I have to make the Customer Care understand the problem and then they give false assurances.

I have also spoken to what they describe as floor supervisors.
Some names which I can recollect are:
Pramod from Indore, Mariam from lucknow, Nitesh Upadhyay, Sonu.
These peopel have harrased me giving false hope that problem will be rectifies.
Nothing has happened till date and I am not sure what next step should be appropriate form my end.

Whatever it is, I would not recommend anyone to go for Airtel DTH.

[email protected]
Jul 2, 2010


Airtel sales department Mr.Rahul called me, he said that if I am taking the connection direct from Airtel it will be Installed in 24 hours even I have not recievied any confirmation regarding the my money paid to Airtel. Its almost 6 days it has not been Installed. Whenever I am calling to customer care they are disconnecting my call or only forwarding my complain but till date no action has been taken.

First its a miss selling, Second no confirmation regarding my money, Third very bad custmer care.

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