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Airtel DTH


Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel DTH

Jan 11, 2019


i have refer 4 new connaction have not recived cash back money my id no 3025946307
Jan 4, 2019

DTH not working for one week no body visited

Ac no. 3027840480

My DTH stopped working with b0001 code 2 days after taking connection. I lodged a complaint with airtel on 27 dec and so far called several times. Every time they say request is closed but no one visits or solves the problem. Ian fed up with this for loosing money on this. I want to get my money back and shift to Tata sky instead.

Dec 25, 2018

Issue with pack

Im new customer of Airtel dth. Before taking connection airyel guyz told first minth free snd next 3 months i just have to recharge 165 to continue with the same pachage. Now they are asking me to recharge with 477. Curstomercare telling they raised complaint and they will callback. No msg recived for complaint and no callback as well. Such a worst services, calling them repeatedlt.....you became worst airtel, i am using airtel sim for more than 10 years, now i recobsider using that as well.."
Dec 25, 2018

Issue with pack

Im new customer of Airtel dth. Before taking connection airyel guyz told first minth free snd next 3 months i just have to recharge 165 to continue with the same pachage. Now they are asking me to recharge with 477. Curstomercare telling they raised complaint and they will callback. No msg recived for complaint and no callback as well. Such a worst services, calling them repeatedlt.....you became worst airtel, i am using airtel sim for more than 10 years, now i reconsider using that as well.."
Nov 30, 2018

fradulent behaviour of Airtel DTH company

My subs no is 3005163536

on 17th november2018, I was asked to recharge with rs 4299 to view all the existing channels in the package for one year. Accordingly I paid rs 4299.
From the next day, three channels of the package were blocked. I asked customer care several times. everytime a new person receives the call and promise to resolve it in 24 hours with a new no. But all in vain. Finally, on 30th december, one person from customer care informed me that these channels are not in your package.

It seems that these mobile and dth companies are WORST THAN PICK POCKETERS.
Nov 11, 2018

Poor service- reinstall the Airtel DTH

Since last 10 days I am chasing Airtel customer care and service engineer to reinstall my DTH without any success.
Airtel DTH is the worst service ever experienced. Customer care / service engineer is not bothered about the customer and they are only searching for excuses.

I am fed up with Airtel and now left with only one option that to scrap the Airtel DTH and buy some other.

Amrit Kumar Choudhary
Nov 5, 2018

Fed up with Service Engineer and careless Airtel

My DTH connection no is 3000185215 almost 10 years long.
In last 10 years anytime if I asked for any service generally of no signal error the so called service engineer make some good money from us. I have no option at that time because if i don’t go with their option they raise their hand with no fix. We do get no signal but they make some other reason purposely. Major point is Airtel do assign these third party to provide service to their own customer but Airtel never take feedback from us about quality of service specially overcharge issue.
On 22nd sep again I asked service for no signal and this time again the so called service engineer make the bill of 820 instead of 150. He asked me to upgrade the STB with offer of all HD channel free for 2 months. I had no plan to upgrade as of now because I have plan of purchase new smart tv and so planned to upgrade with new tv in coming 2/3 months. But as the offer placed I accepted.
But later I found it was some selected HD channels are free that I really don’t watch. If It was open that I will get selected channels then I could see the list of free channel and decide accordingly This time I complained because it was not acceptable for me that this service engineer will make me fool on his interest and Airtel silently allowing them. I decided to discontinue my service with Airtel and not gone for recharge again after my balance over on 2nd October. But Airtel came forward and asked me to continue again with a negotiation with field management. On request again I recharged my account with 400 but the assurance I received not fulfilled. I made call on daily basis but I only received assurance but no commitment on deal. It was proven that these third party field agents are not in control of Airtel.
As a 10!years long customer I feel to express my grievances that I got double cheated. So finally I am discontinuing my service and not going to recharge my account again.
Bye bye Airtel

Nov 4, 2018

very very very bad service

airtel dth has very bad service..not at all customer centric..i had raised complaint regarding no picture coming they had assigned engineer...and ttold they it will get resolved before 12pm...and 11:30 when we call they say ticket has been closed and enginer says aplifier issue...now engineer has become god where he knows without coming wht is the issue...

very irresponsibe...uneducated people are hired...update whtever they like and close the ticket....never refer anyone to buy airtel connections.
Oct 20, 2018

Airtel DTH

They are just making fraud. Just looting public money. They don't know how to support customer. It has been every month I pay 350 I get connection only for 10day. Fraud network.
Royston Cardoz
Oct 19, 2018

Upgrade to HD

Faced a lot of inconvenience, extra charges, poor customer services, numerous calls made and no one bothers to resolve ur issues
Royston Cardoz
Oct 19, 2018

Upgrade to HD

Staff are not trained how to deal with customers, technicians cheat by overcharging and when you report this you have to wait for ages for someone to call you
Everyone should stop airtel and move to dishtv
Aug 16, 2018

Very careless employees

I had raised a complint regarding upgrade to HD box, but no one bothered to take care of my complaint, this is very embarrassing for me infront of my family that i couldn't change a simple set top box, and the behavior of your employees are terrible, they didn't know how to talk to the guest, sorry for that but from today onwards i can't continue the services of Airtel Dth, i would like to take a new connection from any other service provider. Pathetic experience ever, i also make sure that in my building there are 10 families who are using airtle i will tell this to all of the and influence them to switch the services from Airtel, never recommend anyone to take the bad services from team Airtel, and i will destroy your box and antinaa infront of my society so that people are aware from all the situations.
Jul 26, 2018

No P{icture

I have 12 connections from Air Tel and always pay my Full Annual Subscription in Advance. The Height of efficiency is that when payment and renewal are due I get Host of messages and personal phone calls from the company and Franchise But soon after the performance becomes Hopeless and disoriented All communications to the Franchise are bounced off with a curt reply please call customer support The customer care has one line answer that all routes are busy please call again later And that is true for 24 x7
On the other hand I have Two connections from TATA Sky WITH Hardly any complaint And very Prompt Service

Probably I Have made a huge MISTAKE
Jul 26, 2018

Worst support and looting money

Really don't go and recommend Airtel digital Tv, They are looting money by suspending your account even if you not recharge in in one day delay. They are not giving any grace period after subscription end date.

And also customer support is worst, they told we will call back to you with our hierarchy but didn't get any call at any time. irresponsible fellows.
Jul 17, 2018

Worst Service

Have raised compliant on 13th july 2018 for "No signal" issue. Still today 17th july 2018 it is not resolved. No technician visited my place to rectify it. When I call customer care they say technician will be visiting in next 2 hrs, but no one. Its been repeated for multiple call over these 4 days. I have subscribed for annual full tv package plan. Usually when we register a compliant within 24hrs the area manager should call and rectify the issue. But nobody responded. Also there is no way to escalate the case to upper management. Very pathetic service, I am planning to switch to other service provider, I want my money re-funded. My kind request to new consumers who is looking for DTH connection, please don't go for airtel DTH.
Jul 10, 2018


Do not how to repair always take service charge in every 2 month theyincrese rate of their plan i always complaint Airtel in every 2 month and everytime they visit charge for non sense item i have paid in last 2 year more than a new connection
please do not buy a airtel connection for your home
bashir a shaikh
Jul 3, 2018

no response to compalints made to customer care

I have an Account No. 3000038153 of DTH with Airtel since the inception of DTH.
I have made several complaints with the customer care for the last 2 weeks
with regards to unable viewing of the TV channels which has gone dead since.
Till date the complaint has not been closed by the Airtel technicians. I, Promptly, have been
paying my subscription on regular basis, which you may check ,if you can retrieve the records.
I would request the Complaint Board to take up this issue as we do not expect such lethargy
in the follow up of a company of National Repute.
Jul 2, 2018

Worst and irresponsible service

i have raised a complaint No. 76920878, 77019141 for simple thing setup box upgradation on friday and they said that slots are not available on saturday and sunday so I have booked on monday 10AM to 11AM, but they sent an engineer number which is switched off and i have called monday morning about informing the same and from monday morning to till night 9PM also they are saying our engineer is on the way how funny they are from morning they are saying we have "escalated", "raised on high priority", escalated to higher management and called almost 6 times and they did not sent the ticket number to another available engineer or they did not given any resolution and because of this i missed my office today such a bad and blody service dont take airtel DTH they are playing dramas like customer busy , not available and blaming on customer without calling only. Airtel is not having proper support and comparitively tata sky is good in service. Atleast they dont have courtesy to call to customer and tell that this is late because of so and so reason tomorrow if they dont come i am going to cancel the connection. Please careful dont take there fresh connection service is damn worst in the world and irresponsible after paying the money they dont want to respond you because they got the money and there service
Kavitha Ranganath
Jun 27, 2018

Not received Technical Support - Requested Cancellation

Airtel DTH Connection No : 3008604841
Reference Number :76330108

This complaints with regards to Airtel DTH Customer Service/Technical Support , I have been having regular technical issues and was not receiving any channels and was often getting error msg B001, raised issue with Customer service and no one turned up to resolve the issue , I patiently waited for 2 months and finally decided to cancel the connection and move on to TATA Sky,

Meanwhile , I have taken 1 yr subscription paying 5800 on May 2nd 2018, I want my connection to be cancelled, and refund the amount, some one to come home and pick up the set up box
But to my surprise its been 7 days after i raised cancellation request and no one turned up till now, what is wrong with Airtel? is Airtel paying its employees to do this kind of work ?
I am struggling with this connection for the last 3 months ....my issue is not resolved , In my apartment at-least 12 of us decided to cancel the connection because of this pathetic service by Airtel

Please stop looting customers money and try to refund and resolve the issue at the earliest ...and not to forget ...have proper escalation matrix in place , the team is Chennai is useless ....
Jun 23, 2018

Dont Use Airtel Camcorder

Dear Friends,
I am staying in Multi Storey apartment at Electronic City, I am suggesting if you stay in city like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai , Pune, Dont upgrade to airtel camcorder, it became a pathetic situation for me.

Airtel introducing Common dish system in multi storey appartment, I donno what is happening after connecting to common dish I got Error 14 lot of times & scrambled signal, If I call customer care she is asking me to go and check the dish angle and check to neighbors is the DTH connection is working for them, I have a question " How I know who are all using airtel dth"

Later I come to know Common dish system will not support some transporters with airtel camcorder, So You need to pay 600RS for the airtel camcorder to be replaced with Set-top box.

If airtel is providing common connection, airtel need to take care all connection should be compatible to both set-top box and camcorder connection, For installation simply connection two wires that is called re-installation and 250rs is very high for this(which should be less or should not charge for this) . If I have individual dish installed then 250rs re installation charge is reasonable.

Finally after swiching they will take your camcorder even it is working, so you pay 600 now later if u need camcorder that time you need to pay for the camcorder again what a stupid procedures, I paid for set-top box still you are taking my camcorder for that also I paid money. Both are not airtel property. But these are stupid procedures of airtel to take camcorder along with them.

So Best never switch to airtel camcorder.
Jun 23, 2018

Bad Service


To whosoever it may concerns,
I am very much disappointed with the service provided by airtel. I am not able to view tv since 2 months. I have called customer care 3 times. Aftet installation of dish, some of the channels were not running. After 1 week,all the tv channels stops. I have called customer care and they take 150 rs for visiting. They resolved the problem by setting the dish position. After 1 day again the problem started. I am not able to view the tv since 2 weeks now. I have again called the customer care, they said they will take visiting charge. How could they always take visiting charge if they have not properly worked. Hope someone is there to do instant resolution. It seems the technician are not very experience, they does not know where to place the dish so that it does not affect by mere wind.
We already know thay in rainy season this issue can happen, but this issue persist when there is no rain. What the hell..lets see today they come or not for resolving the issue..i am not sure what to do now..

Yogesh kumar
May 17, 2018

network issue

i called on 16 th of may,2018 and the airtel guy showed up on next day i.e., on 17th .In evening today the network again went off . D local airtel guy left his number.I tried calling him but he kept on saying it wil be ok after some time . then he avoided my call.My registered number is 9971269989. I suggest all never to go for airtel services whether it be mobile services or dth.The service of airtel is really poor. Plz dont go for airtel.
May 14, 2018

Customer request Not Addressed

I have raised a request for service on 4th May, I was assigned the Service Request No 74106680, This service request never attended by any technician till 14th May, My repeated call to customer care will be kept on hold, most of the time, with no proper response.
May 12, 2018

About Airtel dth service

I've recharged my account with 1900 rs. And it is for 6 months and 15 days according to the plan. But at today's date my main account balance is 0.00 at the 4th month of service. And costumer care executives are also not giving satisfactory answers.
Rahul Singh Chauhan
Apr 10, 2018

HD channels not working after paying 560 month

Customer I'd 3004865434 ,vAirtel is worst dth ever used, I paid. For all hd channels, not even one are coming, calling customer care for 2 weeks, now they saying there system is upgraded,

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