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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel DTH

Apr 4, 2020

Mistakenly recharged Airtel digital TV wrong number

Dear Sir/Madam,

While recharging my Airtel digital TV pack, I have entered a wrong number and recharged, Hence sincere apology for the mistake an requesting you to reverse the amount to my wallet of to my correct VC number.
Details are given below.

Wrong VC number:-3002933760
Correct VC number-3029337600
Amount recharged-301.00
Recharged Through: Axis internet banking
Paid by- ICICI internet banking
Transaction reference ID:-20040480371
Transacted on- 04 April 2020.


Jul 30, 2019

Recharge validity practice

Now a days , all mobile networks & cable networks are started 28days validity for recharge. When we are getting paid for 30 days, why these guys are practicing/imposing the rule of 28days validity. Finally we're paying 13 months payment to this guys.
Jun 25, 2019

refund of debit in my bank account

I have made a payment of Rs.4,727 to Airtel Digital TV (DTH) which they have confirmed that it was not received to there account.
I have repaid the amount which was success in my 2nd instant.

However when I am asking for the refund am not getting any good response from Airtel DTH customer care Chennai for the initial payment which was got debited first time from my bank a/c.

Till today, the refund was not received by me. I have attached a debit confirmation from my bank A/c/

refund of debit in my bank account

May 31, 2019

For activation

When my digital tv activation is completed, I have no coustmer id my mobile is not registered. He has not gived me coustmer id
May 24, 2019

No signal

Often facing no signal problem even the whether is normal
Priyadarshiny Banerjee
Apr 28, 2019

No Technician assigned even after 48 hrs of complain

My customer id is 3021674433. I have been very regularly facing problem of not been able to view certain or all channels. This happens once every 7-10 days. Calling the Airtel Customer Service is a complete nightmare. I had lodged the same complain on 26th April. Ranjith, a technician was assigned to come on on 27th April. Despite my calling him more than 30 times from my registered phone number, he didn't reapond to my calls at all. On top of that, he had the audacity to send a message to me saying the case is resolved. This is the 3rd time he has behaved like this with us.
I called up Airtel customer service to complain about this and requested repeatedly to ensure Mr. Ranjith is not assigned to any of my complains is future.
I had spoken to Floor Managers: Mr Bhavesh, Mr. Dilprit and Ms. Aman. They all assured me they had documented my request.
Even after 48 hours of my complain they have not managed to send any technician. Each time I call up to follow im given a new timeline which is again postponed till next day. And whenever i ask for the technician's details, I'm told Ranjith has been assigned. Despite repeatedly requesting not to send him, the customer service team again assigns only him saying there is nothing documented in my records about my complain and request about Ranjith.
One Floor Manager, Ms. Prapdeep ( i think based in gurgaon office ) actually kept on insisting that I have allow Ranjith to attend to my complain as i had no other choice and if i refused it is my problem and that no other technician will attend. Despite knowing the harassment i had been facing, Ms. Prapdeep actually had the audacity to insist that only Ranjith will be send, otherwise it is your problem.
This is pure harassment from Airtel service center. There is absolutely no accountability and no responsibility. Complains are not documented properly at all and everytime you have repeat the entire story again. There is no adherence to timelines.
Also, whenever i ask for the call ro be transferred to the supervisor or the floor manager, the response is always that no manager is available, you have to talk to me only. When i insist, then they will keep me on hold for min 20 mins and tyen transfer the call. The supervisor or floor manager has no idea what the issue is and you have to start the story all over again.

I'm srill awaiting a genuine response where someone will tell me which technician will come and when my complain will be resolved.
Feb 8, 2019

Compliant with regards Airtel DTH service

This is compliant with regards Airtel DTH service, Customer ID: 3000277677.

As per new guidelines from TRAI, I ensured that I changed the package and got a confirmation from Airtel DTH on 30th Jan 2019 since the TRAI deadline was on 31st Jan, this task was completed. Thereafter TRAI was implemented and my family was using DTH normally but on 6th Feb 2019 most of my channel displayed the error code: 04 except for a couple of sports channels, I called Airtel DTH customer care on 7th Feb morning and informed them and the agent Krishna mentioned that their systems are down and he was not able to see my details and not to worry this issue will be resolved in an hour. The issue was not fixed and I had to call the customer care numerous times but I reached the IVR mentioning that all lines are busy and requested to callback later, I tried the whole evening but had no luck to reach the customer care, the following day (8th Feb), I managed to get a hold of another customer care agent and she informed that the issue will be resolved soon and that their systems are down and he was not able to see my details, this was very frustrating and I requested her to arrange a callback because I was not able to contact customer care the previous day since the lines are continuously busy, she promised that “yes” she will do that, but that was just a fake promise and no one called. Again I called customer care towards the end of the day I spoke to Rahul he placed my call on numerous holds and I was confident that he will help, he asked me to restart the set-top box and check, but it still did not work this call carried on for almost 20mins and then he said to wait for another 10mins and this issue will be resolved, however, he also said that he has many more call to attend and I could wait offline. I believed him but the issue still persists, most of the channels are still blocked and I do not know what is the next best move.

I hope they call me back to fix it.
Sankara Cinthamani
Feb 5, 2019

Cheating airtel not activating plan i requested

My consumer ID for Airtel DTH is 3026997544.I have requested for a new plan as per the new TRAI regulations.they are not activating the plan and everytime they call they ask me to wait for 2 hours.The previous plan was costing me 305 rupees.Now they have changed that rate to 475 without my approval and they are not activating the low cost plan that i requested.They are cheating my money.they have already deducted money for this costlier plan for almost a week now and no one in their customer care is providing any response

Feb 3, 2019

Not migrating as per TRAI

My DTH NO IS 3010483948 and requested through online for my choices which total comes less than 400 inclusive of all taxes but not yet implemented since Feb 1st as promised because my old package value is 555.
Airtel is crazy and creedy of money because anything comes more value in amount then they will initiate within a second at the same time any thing is lesser values are not bothered at all. I have send three request but till date nothing has happpened. Hence I am going to complain TRAI with all references regarding my revised choosen channels to up hold the consumer choice.
Oct 21, 2018

Worst customer service

I have shifted my home yesterday and requested for reinstallation of DTH. The technician was assigned yesterday afternoon and they were no response from him yesterday. I called back the customer care for allocation of another technician but they didn't respond back properly and I have been waiting all time with false hope. Such a worst customer service. No value for customer. They are not returning back my money also. Waste of choosing this network. I never recommend to any of my friends.
Aug 7, 2018

Money debited but transaction failed

I have recharge my airtel dth for rs.305, money was debited from my bank account but transaction was not successful. Could you please refund my money ASAP.
Transaction id#############
Apr 20, 2018

Dual connection not working

Dear sir,
iam using airtel digital tv for the past 6 years recently as per your customer care guidance i purchased additional set of box (dual connection) they said if you recharge Rs. 450 you will get in one connection all HD channels and another connection you will get existing plan but now i recharged Rs. 460 on 14-april-18
now 2nd connection is not working and i complained regard three times about this issue they all are simply saying sorry sir it will resolved soon nothing has been done till now iam fed up about your customer care executives. i had one complaint ID regard this issue: 364099757
Feb 24, 2018

Problem with Sony Ten 1,2&3

I have changed my package having sports channels. However on live match day channels are not broadcasting properly. When I called on 1st day they issue is with the broadcaster, 2nd day they activated HAD channels for me to watch the match and deactivate the channels post live match. 3 Rd day they said issue with settings in DTH box so they will send engineer to fix the issue and I have to pay ₹150. as service charge. I wonder what is the actual issue. I suspect Airtel is trying to make fool of us to make money.
Dec 19, 2017

Cheating the customer

My Airtel Digital TV consumer number is 3011931312. This is regarding the set top box issue I would like to register my complaint.Recently in the month of July-2017 I replaced with new set top box.I paid Rs.400/- for that. Again today, 19-Dec-2017 the same set top box issue surfaced. I registered a complaint in the call center (service ref#. 67797418). I received a message from the call center and received a message there will be no service charge received for replacing the set top box. But the technician was charging for adapter which cost about Rs.200/- plus service charge Rs.150/- .So a total of Rs.350 I paid for the issue.I received the receipt (receipt #4201). Because of the technician fault (not fixing cable properly, not fixing connector properly) I had called him for service a couple of times for the past 3 months.For each visit I paid him Rs.150/-.
When I want to escalate the same to the call center, the people are simply asked me to wait and finally the call got disconnected. I fedup with this company and the people.
I want to register this as a complaint here.

Cheating the customer

Dec 1, 2017

DTH 3 months validity devali offer paid Rs.806, but today dth cut off the connection - reg ,

i am Valarmathi,i am using Airtel DTH connection and the acc No.3017603260, we received a information about the three month validity deepawali offer of Rs. 804/- from airtel telecaller,so we recharged the amount Rs. 806/- on OCT 2017. but on today 01/12/2017 the DTH connection was cut off. when we addressed this issue to your Airtel DTH service authority they did not give a correct and legit answer,they did not maintain their honour to their consumer and as far as we know also this practice is also against the Indian TRAI rules and regulation act. hence we hope we get the suitable remedy.Also,today we received a call from your telecaller through the land line no.044 44448080 and also were given the same information about three month offer of Rs. 804/- So we request you to take necessary action in this regard, and do the need full action and re connect the dth to me and do not lose the valuable customer.
Abu Tahir
Nov 18, 2017


I have exchanged my reliance big tv set-top boxes with airtel digital tv connection. The engineer installed it but the set-top box not activated yet.I have called their representative several times but there is no response and no necessary action taken for my set-top box activation until now.
Dora Velu Reddy
Sep 27, 2017

Misguiding Airtel DTH Offers

Hi Sir/Madam,

I am currently facing worst Experience with Airtel DTH Customer Services.

Customer ID : 3012024172
NAME : Dora Velu Reddy Poluru

Please find the below Issues for last week :
1. The Back-end team of Aiterl DTH provided 6+6 Offer(Need to Recharge for 6 Months so will get Additional 6 Months of South Value Sports pack at free of Cost) on 30 or 31 March 2017.

2. Based on their Confirmation, I have recharged for 6+6 Offer. But My Account has been suspended on 21st Sep 2017 due to Insufficient Balance.

3. When i have raised a Complaint against this with Customer Support on 21st Sep 2017, they informed that they will check with backed team.

4. Everyday I am patiently calling Customer Support, they were resuming my Connection for 1 DAY and Suspended my Connection after 24 hours. This was happening for last 5 days.

5. Finally on 25th Sep 2017, I got Confirmation from One of the Supervisor that they will activate 6+6 months offer and Adjust my Account within 24 hours and I should not face the same Issue again. But on 26th morning again my connection got Suspended.

6. Please find the below Escalation and transaction IDs :
Escalation 1 : 65758791
Escalation 2 : 50806528
Escalation 3 : 50785488
Escalation 4 : 62752893

I have attended CALL with 4 Store Supervisors So far.I was calling every day for the resolution, please find the Interaction IDs:
1. 1048482350
2. 1048476537
3. 1048464259
4. 1048526924
5. 1048491460

7. It seems like giving fake Offers and Playing with the Customers is not good, It will impact Relationship between Customer and Airtel DTH.

If any Escalation Opened, It has to be resolve in maximum 24 hours, but for Last 1 week, I am running behind Customer Service to get Justice for the commitment given by Your team.

I am requesting you to take action against this Escalation and resume my Connection with 6+6 Offer which you have Committed earlier.

Dora Velu Reddy Poluru
Raja Samarasam
Sep 2, 2017

Poor service on customer complaint

no connection issue from 24th aug 2017 and complaint number : 64816383

we received a call from airtel on 1st sep 2017 and asked to call 12150 CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER again.
why we need to call again and again since we registered complaint for the service issue on 24th aug 2017 itself?
we payed already and every single day calling customer care again and again to request for service to be restored.
what is the response from airtel to resolve the issue?
today 2nd sep 2017 i spoke with Customer complaint escalation Department and requested again
this is a simple issue , airtel service team visit my home and fix the issue with in 10 min of time
the connection is disconnected from the distribution box in the wall outside my home

there are multiple connection distributed on the single Dish serving the entire apartment
with out customer awareness the cable is disconnected .
why this kind of Poor Service response from Airtel?
kindly address it and resolve it as soon as possible.
My email: [email protected]
Aug 16, 2017

Bring animax back an easy way to get many grateful customers.

Its such a nostalgia when it comes to animax ,but you and every dth service have taken this away..
And also it could be added advantage for you guys since no other dth offer this channel and also there is increasing number of anime fans in india.. and generally anime fans are all little crazy about anime(im being one) and you could capitalise this and could get lot of very grateful customers... think about it...
[email protected]
Aug 14, 2017

Regarding the service

Hello Team,

This is Manoj kumar nayak, my airtel DTH customer id-3021951654, i bought it on February 2017, since 07th of aug 2017 , there is some technical issue in the set up box, so it is not working properly, when i have made a first call to air tel customer care number -044-44448080, there is one executive picked my call named by suhas and confirmed with in 24 hours this issue will be sorted out by our engineer, and the there is no action till 11th of aug 2017, so again when i called to same customer care number on 11th then there is multiple senior supervisor came in line in multiple times, like (imran, suravi, arati, sukbinder, ruvi), but end of the 13th of aug they send one engineer who asked me to pay 640 for the new set up box when my existing one is in 01year warranty period, when i denied to pay this much amount then no body is list bother to rectify my issue till date , and when i am trying to call again to the airtel customer care number again some new exicutive coming on the line and if i asked to transfer the call to any one of them who has already communicated with me they are not ready to do that and informing there is no facility to transfer the call to that person , and again starting from the begining,
Jul 15, 2017

Still not delivered after 12 days

Airtel dth purchased on 04.07.2017 still the product is not delivered. What's goingon there. You people's want money but don't deliver the product. Want to eat like this?? Don't have any sense about your work. There no response from the branch staff. & the customer care is atter waste. Nearly 10 times complaint booked several calls to the branch staff. Still its not cleared.
May 15, 2017

Request for a Disconnection one of my two connections


I am holding two Airtel DTH connection cust ID-3000095079, I raised a request for disconnection for one of my Airtel DTH on April 8th 2017 reference no-60043313 and CPE recovery ID-60112810 and no one turned up to my house to recover the disconnected for SD BOX, But the connection has been Suspended on the same day of the request and not working so I thought it as been disconnected from back end.
Then I came to know that the rental has been still shared to both the Digital TV connections and again I call to customer care and asked why the rental has been share for the disconnected TV and they told until the recovery of the SD box the rental will shared and request to kindly take the SD box and request to reverse the rental for charging to the suspended connection. But no use again they raised the ticket -60966100 and recovery ID 61035999 on 11th May 2017 and today is 15th May 2017.

For another 5 days gone still they taking the rental for both the connection. This clear shows How Airtel Makes money from customer without rendering service to them, if they cheat the customer. I will surely make them to feel in front of our Law.

Beware of these Thief.
amirdha jacquline
Feb 16, 2017

payment done by bank. but not recharge

i was recharge my airtel DTH Connection( dth no is. 3017785049) at Rs.676/ on 27/12/2016. through paytm app.i received my transaction is successful. and debited Rs. 676/ in my account. but in my airtel dth is not recharged. my transaction no is. ( order no is. 2468891239) till date. i already registered a complaint through mobile phone. there is no response.
Udhaya kumar45001
Jan 23, 2017

Very Poor service


I have registered a request for service 20 days back. Till now no technician has turned up. I am not able to view any channels, signal problem. Everyday I am calling them but giving me false commitments. Till now issue has not been resolved. Is this the kind of treatment they give for a customer who is using their product for more than 6 yrs ??? Very disappointing.
Aanan Haque
Dec 27, 2016

No service

No signal post cyclone period..
Complaint to customer care umpteen no of times. No solution. Package got expired on 22 Dec 2016.. They renewed it although no signal was there.
Connection taken on 22 Nov 2016. One technician came and charged Rs 900 for repair. I asked for the bill. He left without repair.
Matter brought to the notice of customer care executive namely Jack, sanya, Anita, avishek. I called customer care umpteen no of times... Only assurance.. The fault is not rectified..
Horrible experience...
Idiosyncrasy at its best..

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