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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Pushpinder Singh
Oct 22, 2018

Airtel Network and service Issue

For over a month chasing for network issue or convert to prepaid but they are not doing either of the things. I am having knee injury not able to visit the store for prepaid conversion and they are not not cooperating in that as well
Reena kashyap
Oct 19, 2018

4G network

I'm facing problem last 6 month.. this 4G network doesn't work properly.. I have complained for this so many times but I didn't get any solution.. is this u work fastest or saying fastest network... Worst Airtel Network
Oct 17, 2018

Not receiving any Incoming Calls

Dear Team,

I was upgraded my 3g sim to 4g on 15/10/2018 from a airtel store, but now i can't get any incoming calls. Please solve the same as soon as possible. I can only make outgoing calls and not able to send any text messages.

My Airtel No. 7293837122.

I am not satisfied with the airtel service.
Oct 17, 2018

Airtel Service

MOST PATHETIC SERVICE PROVIDED AIRTEL, Apparently they dont know what product and services that the are providing. I had ordered phone online under Airtel Plan and they still have'nt reached out to me its been over 1 month and they are still providing resolution on the same. Customer Care, Airtel Store and also [email protected] team also dont know what is the resolution to my issue. They dont even bother whats going on neither the give a shit about customer leaving the network.
Oct 11, 2018

extra billing

Dear Sir
I am using 9717391320 [email protected]_unlimited usage (VTS) Connection from the last 10 years (2008- till now). from the last two months i am facing problem of extra charges( data usage). but my connection are of unlimited usage
Previous month - Rs 180 extra + tax
Current month - Rs 182 extra+ tax
I got mail on [email protected] 3:34 Pm that this matter will be resolve but still i am facing the same problem this month also
Kindly wave off extra amount and increase the credit limit upto Rs 350.
and resolve the issue as soon as possible
If you have any query , You can call me on my number 9582463569(after 2 pm)
kedar dhuri
Oct 5, 2018

against airtel worst network

I was suffering from past 9 month my airtel network not working.
I was send so many mail to airtel but no any 1 reply from airtel. Airtel showing so many advertise for best network using OOKLA APPLICATION but as per my statement airtel network and airtel response team is so worst.
Now my all service was block from airtel because i was not paying last 3 bill but i will ask you 1 question to airtel team IF I WAS NOT USING UR NETWORK JUS LIKE UR CALL AND INTERNET SERVICE SO WHY I WAS PAYING ANY BILL.

Shasha Chettri said india's best network but where ???

Sep 30, 2018


Facing network problem ,,really airtel users are not happy with ur service ,,,,i was updated to 4g, when i was suggested regarding network issues ..but still network is worst ,,,,,i changed settings of mobile as instructed ,,,and also chamged phone to 4g ,but in any phone network is too slow ,after calling to cusypmer care they said regarding some site issues ,,,they are setting up some sites in our area and it will take time ,after that we can use good network,,but my complaint is why it is too late ,its been 1month i am unable to get network not only me many airtel users in my locality are unable to use network properly ,,we lost our recharge plans rs 499/-,we are unable to utilise service for which we paid ,,,,if it continues like this we will lodge a complaint on airtel,,, pls airtel management help us ,,
This is Srikar ,my number is 9100643137,,,
Thank u
Sep 28, 2018



Harsharan Kaur
Sep 24, 2018


This is regarding the deduction of international roaming rental from my phone having number 8827740963.
I was briefly visiting Spain from 16 July 2018 to Sept 2018. My Airtel sim was having a balance of Rs 1.I took out my sim and used an Orange company sim. I didn't activate international roaming on my Airtel sim as it had no balance. On 11 Sept I replaced the Orange sim with Airtel on but didn't make any call to India.I came back on 12 Sept 2018.

On 21 Sept I recharged my phone with Rs120 (txn ID 334170). I got a message from AM-AIRCMM that Rs99 have been deducted from my recharge of 120 as international roaming was activated on 11 Sept. How can you deduct for a service which was never activated and used by me? I want you to cancel the deduction and give me my full recharge.
Sep 12, 2018

Iphone Home button not working - treat this as a P1 , else i will ending my 2499 plan by 9/13

Hi ,

This is my last communication to airtel team for any kind of help, 9/13 I will be initiating a port out for all my three devices ,

It's been around 8 months i have been using airtel services for 2499 plan , 2 years since my wife is using airtel dongle and 3 years since my brother is an airtel customer, it's like a airtel family for us, there were few hiccups in 2499 journey but those were fine as the customer services from airtel were amazing with quicker resolutions to all my problems , however my overall experience went in a toss since today morning when my phone suddenly stopped working around 10 am , it was all fine until 9 am i left for office and once i reached office somehow my home button became very hard and earpiece voice was very low,

Below is the summary of follow up's i did with your teams since morning 10 AM untill 5 pm :-
I called up the airtel 121 store and they asked me to reach out to the airtel dealer for the phone replacement.
I tweeted and got a response from Dev from social media team that he will arrange a callback once i get the screenshot of the error from device protection plan and phone images, i asked him to call me back however i never received any call, i gave my spouse number as well to which she received a call mentioning that phone will be replaced in 15 days , which was a shocker for me , what you expect me to do without a phone for two weeks.
I again got a tweet from airtel social media team to reach out to the near by apple store for replacement.
I visited airtel store to which the team told me that manager is not there so i need to visit at around 1 pm as she can help me better.
I used this time to visit the apple store in seasons mall , pune and they asked me to travel to viman nagar B2X showroom another 10 kms from there to get my phone replaced,
In the meanwhile i thought of checking at the airtel store and manager told me to it's better i get my phone chcked with apple store.
Now was the time for me to visit the apple store B2X in viman nagar , pune as soon as me and father entered the store and told them we have the phone owned by airtel, they declined any kind of checks with the phone, on further argument a gentleman named badrinath pawar referring himself as an assistant manager came and saw my phone and said we don't entertain phones guaranteed with airtel instead you should have bought a Apple care services and we would have helped you better , this guy was so rude that he was not even ready to write anything anywhere on a paper that they are not covering my phone, on further argument he gave his manager's name as Mangesh kadam and this Assistant manager said this will be the same response from my manager as well , but i was adamant over a written communication on which he took my phone inside for 5 mins and said sir your phone has a liquid damage as well , i didn't understood two things until morning 9 am my phone was in working condition, first that a screen is broken which was there in an initial month itself and phone was working all fine untill then , i never even thought of using my 2499 damage protection plan as my phone was working absolutely fine since past few months , now i showed this a tweet from airtel to reach out to the airtel store and he said ok i will issue you the service report nothing more than that and in his entire conversation he was making me feel as if i did a mistake buying an apple phone from airtel and apple don't holds any responsibility of my phone repairs, at-last he gave me a service report of damage and phone restarting on it's own and i left the store .
Another nightmare for me was when i called 121 again and asked the lady about my previous complaint which i raised in morning, strange thing for me was no report was filed untill now and i explained lady my problem again and asked her if i can speak to to her supervisor to which she responded that supervisor is not available and she will arrange a callback on my number in 10 mins and here i am waiting from past two hours for this 10 mins.
Around 5PM in the evening on 9/10 I spoke to a lady who is the store manager for Pune (Hadapsar area) , I was relieved after speaking to her as she assured me a response from airtel management by 9/11 and I narated the entire story to her with all the proofs and sent an email to [email protected] ,
When I visited the store on 9/11 around 6PM I was again disheartend when I got to know from the frontdesk that store manager is in training and will not be available for another 3 days he assured me to call me back after speaking to her however I never received any call back,
Around 7PM I called up 121 again to meet another rude guy who was not even interested in writing my complaint and he was even fine in me porting out.
Around 9PM I spoke to a gentlemen whom I had to narrate entire story and atlast he gave me this heroic email id to which I can write an email to ensure faster response,

Ahmed Haqqani
Aug 27, 2018

Billing information

Dear Sir, I have been using Airtel Postpaid quite a long time now. My monthly plan is 499/- with 100 sms every day. In my billing statement i noticed that every number being sent 5 times. All my settings are perfectly ok and even my sms i checked is only once then how this got five times when i saw my billing. I feel this matter shall be resolved and amount adjusted. Regards

G Madhusudhan 8331863748
Jul 29, 2018

SIM not working after MNP

My mobile number 9915716769 was ported from Airtel Punjab to Airtel Uttar Pradesh on 21 Jul 18. The old SIM got out of service on 28 Jul 18. The new SIM was inserted and it is not functioning. showing error "mobile network not available". Despite all permutation and combinations, ringing up customer care all efforts are in vain. The number has been ported out but not created in new circle. the reason for the same is unknown. As a result iam totally helpless as iam unable to carryout any transaction incl banking. Help me out at the earliest.
Jul 28, 2018

Sim blocked and unregistered.

I am Airtel Prepaid User Located in Bangalore. This incident happened on 26th July 2018 in the evening hours. i finished an incoming call and coming out of a clients place in Indira Nagar Bangalore, My phone gave me an alert saying sim is blocked and in few mins sim is unregistered. i just found a Airtel showroom in the locality went there with a hope that they will fix it. when i told my number to the guy who was attending to my query, he checked on his system and said ur sim has gone bad. he didnt even see at my phone. and told me to pay 24 Rupees and get new sim and it will take 4 hours to reactivate and 48hrs for sms to be active. even though i produced my aadhaar card and ID proof. i lost precious 4 hours and a client conference meeting. it was helpless condition where i cant even call or get in touch with some one to inform i will not be able to join meeting call.. later came to know this kind of thing was done to other users also, seems they are indirectly forcing users to furnish aadhaar and other details. i am Vodafone customer since 10years and reliance customer since 7 years, this never happened with me in the past. Anyways i have opted for porting to other network. This information is to alert others, this might happen with you.

Sethi Renu
Jul 27, 2018

Landed and broadband is not working

My landline number 01294046019 and broadband connection is not working . Kindly do the needful as soon as possible
Madhavi Ghurye
Jul 25, 2018

Cashback amount of Rs. 100 not credited in my wammet

I had balance of Rs. 50 in my wallet. I reloaded my wallet with Rs. 450 to pay my mob bill of Rs. 478 on 23rd june 2018 from airtel payment bank So the balance was Rs. 22 in my wallet. Rs. 50 cash back was not given. The balance still showed Rs. 22. Now this time i reloaded the wallet with Rs. 495 to make payment of Rs. 517 on 24th july 2018. Now the balance shows zero. Again Rs. 50 cashback is not credited to my wallet account. I have been trying 121/198, their helpline nos, but on the ivr there is no option to resolve my query or speak to an airtel executive. How ridiculous the worlds largest network is not able to connect their home customers easily.
Rudra Narayan Panda
Jul 22, 2018

Slow Net Problem

I was getting Net very slow
Jul 21, 2018

Network issue

The people living near Nizampet (blooming dale road) are facing heavy call drop. Unable to continuously talk for at least one minute. Multiple complaints where raised but not solution was provided. We are looking for alternative network in our community of 290 families.

Jul 21, 2018

Regarding Port

Dear Sir/madam,

I inform you that , I proting my number Airtel(Jharkhand) to JIO(West Bengal)dated on 12.07.2018 but till date not approved by you for the same.


Arun Kumar Gupta
Bajrang lal kaushik
Jul 20, 2018

Money deducted recharge not done

I recharged my mobile no. with rs 199 using my airtel app and made payement via balance . The balance was deducted but the recharge was not done.
Jul 18, 2018

Service Inactive

My sim got automatically deactived for past two days. and i have changed new sim but that also not activate. no proper response team from customer care
Vineet Saini
Jul 17, 2018

Inappropriate data balance

I m on airtel with a currently active pack of Rs.499 having unlimited calls and 2gb per day data. When check my balance of data evrry morning it doesn't show me 2gb remaining instead of it shows different data balance but today it shows 197 mb left with whole night mobile data off.
Ishwarya Srinivasan
Jul 13, 2018

Network issues

I have been facing this issue for past one week .... I came to Bangalore to work , here I could not able to contact my parents due to Airtel network issue .... Resolve my problem as soon as possible or else i will change my network
[email protected]
Jul 10, 2018

Airtel MNP Issue


My number 7092285023 was from Tamil Nadu IDEA, ported to Karnataka Airtel. Sim was ported on 60 days back i lost IDEA network, but still AIRTEL is not activated. whenever i ask in Mangalore airtel store they are escaping with silly reasons.

Please do help on this, that sim is very important.

[email protected]
Jul 10, 2018

MNP issue


My number 7092285023 was from Tamil Nadu IDEA, ported to Karnataka Airtel. Sim was ported on 60 days back i lost IDEA network, but still AIRTEL is not activated. whenever i ask in Mangalore airtel store they are escaping with silly reasons.

Please do help on this, that sim is very important.

Jul 9, 2018

net issues

no net properly since 1 month.....
its worst airtel 4g network. before i was using BSNL Network it was good,after seeing advertise i changed to airtel 4G but no use of that.

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