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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Oct 27, 2015


sir i am airtel disrrubuter my demo no.8105738026. i have given alaready given
duplicate simcards to customer and submitted forms,but incoming and ooutgoing
calls bar numbers are 9108191714. 8197351184. 8105967484.9535093305.8197522987.7259588189. 8105300848. 9901498214. 8971907679, 9663184754, 9972576930,7259846154, 8197805509, 9686163608, 9591095253, 9900782040, 9900549233,9591683814,8105472364,8971689076,9845983137,8105287502,9686678478,9972911826,7022736375,9611006239,9972196329,8971695928,9535758152,9880022931,9740724503,9945063189,9902600196,9663566021,9900188162,9880916223,8151060569,9686792031,9900350309,9980653050,9945485818,9686070918,sir pls releas bar
i waitig your solution. thank you already
submitted apef forme pls releas sir urgent
arc address/nimbal communication bijapur karnatak
Oct 12, 2015

Unresolved complaints and wrong guidance

Unresolved complaints and wrong guidance
I have been using Airtel DTH for more than four years. Customer id is 3007854241 I have a DVR setup box and it is connected to a dish antenna. Since few months, we noticed issues with video, some times there is no video while the audio continues uninterrupted. Logged complaints with Airtel support and everytime the technician would visit my home , do nothing and assure that everything is working fine. He would charge 150 Rs for each visit. This has happened four times over the last six months. Since the issue was intermittent we didnt bother.

Since July end, the issue started increasing, video would stop suddenly for a period of 20 seconds and would resume on its own. So again we logged a complaint 45709137 on 31 July 2015. The technician said that the setup box has to be replaced with a new one. He was not able to speak in english or hindi and told us to pay 600 rs for a HD setup box (recording option) with external recording in USB or pay 2500 rs for a HD setup (with recording option) with internal storage 500 GB. He was not able to explain properly when I asked him a few details about file format , file size for recording. He said 600 Rs setup box will with a minimum 4GB USB drive. We paid him the money , he installed and left. I have two separate cables from the antenna , one for recording and the other for Live watching. When I asked him why he is using only one cable, he couldnt answer and only said that the setup box would work.

While watching we realized the limitations - it would not allow us to watch a different program than what we are recording. This defeats the very purpose of a DVR setup box. Next day we called this guy and he tells it is not possible to change the setup box and we need to pay 4000 rs for an equivalent of the one we were having previously.

During all this the technician took our old setup box without informing us and now they are not returning the setup box. They took it without our permission and downgraded the entire setup.

I must have called (several ( may be 20 times, need to check mobile bill for call records) to airtel customer support and everytime I would need to repeat the story. Everytime they would say we would escalate to the escalation department and they would call you in the evening ( if we call in morning) or morning (if I call in the evening).

In the last call , I told the customer support guy to put me across to escalation department and spoke with one escalation lead. He conferenced me with the technician and that fellow was in complete denial mode, rude and argumentative. Sometime during the call, airtel customer support guy dropped off. I called back and asked for a senior rank to speak to. Details I was given are - Nodal officer , Ramkumar , phone number 080 41704930 to speak with. Since it was 8.30 PM in the night , I was told to speak with the Nodal officer next day and this phone number does not work at all when we tried next day.

This is cheating and extremely painful.

I need my money and setup box returned.

Further , I am using airtel app and the DTH connection is also linked. The airtel customer support are not registering the complaints also, I only see two complaints 46016628, 46054046 logged for the several calls I have made to airtel support. Further the resolution notes mentioned on the tickets are irrelevant and false.
Oct 6, 2015

Call Drops


Oct 1, 2015

Rs 1000 Excess charged in Post paid Bill


Iin the current month billing cycle i found some excess amount been charged saying 3G usage was more.

i would like to say there was no such additional usage was done from my mobile, as you can check my data plan is 500 MB 3G + 500 MB 2G plan, once my 3G gets over my data plan speed will gets reduced to 2G after exceeding 500mb of 3G.

If that is the case how come 3G data exceeded without my knowledge, if any additional data is required i will always go for smart bytes, here my data itself is not exceed but still airtel is charged for that.

I request you to kindly cross check my previous bill upto 5 Years, where my post paid bill average was from Rs 600 to Rs 750, if you look at my current month bill it is Rs "1662", as i feel their is Rs 1000 is been charged excess.

Regarding this i have raised a complaint "65150804" in customer care center and the same is closed without interacting with me saying issue is resolved, am really surprised to see this kind of worst service is giving to customer.

I request you to kindly reverse Rs 1000 in the current month bill & i would like to highlight that this is not the first time which is happened to me from airtel.
Sep 29, 2015

3G network issue

I had lodged 3 queries to airtel about not able to connect my SIM on 3G mode and the Airtel people didnt take enough action about the complaint. I can only use 2G mode only. No one can work with 2G mode and that too its in Bangalore, the IT hub. I want you to take this matter to higher level and take some action against AIrtel. My mobile no is 7259919807
[email protected]
Sep 23, 2015

Unknown Call

Unknown Call
I am getting frequently miss call from Airtel number 7259912607 from Karnataka. A unknown person giving offensive miss call and disturbing a lot.

Please enquiry and take action against him. He may be mad or criminal.
Sep 15, 2015

Cheating the consumers

Raised an issue vide PR091600049.Got a mail from [email protected] asking for more details. Within minutes of replying to the email, an SMS is sent to my mobile stating issue is resolved RefNo.CONRC20916223883 without even fixing the issue.Outrightly cheating consumers.No confirmation asked and simply status
Sep 15, 2015

Unsuccessful Recharges

TN->KA PortIN(AT892386) successful (01/09/15). After all recharges failed through MyAirtel App, Airtel.in and Airtel Store (Marathalli,BLR).Visited 4 times ARC and Airtel Store.Customer Care dismissive.No Follow up from store.Immense inconvenience and pathetic service.Utterly unprofessional conduct. The Airtel Preseence Reference number is PR091600049
Pearl Sharrell
Sep 4, 2015

Temporary suspension of my number

There is a temporary suspension on my number 9686139082. Please check and let me know as to why is it so.
Aug 31, 2015

Recharge unsuccessful and amount not Returned

I have recharged my airtel mobile no:7790293623 on 19 aug at 5pm.(photo attached).It was shown that the recharge was unsuccessful but the amount of Rs.145/- was deducted from my HDFC account( I have used online HDFC internet banking method for payment),. I Called the customer care ,as was informed that the amount would be refunded back to my account which till date is not credited. I tried filing an online complain in airtel website(2nd photo attached) for which i got a complaint no,which is of no use because when i try to track my complaint it either shows "service not available" or website itself will not load. Again i called the customer care ,for which they responded that i have to wait.This is a very bad situation wherein the customer even after waiting for more than 10 day is not refunded back his account and every time we have to call back to the customer care,explain the whole situation,then they start saying that they are filing a complaint.what the hell is this airtel customer support.I even mentioned my alternate mobile no. 9739395615 for consultation as the above number for which i mentioned,i am using in Data card.

Recharge unsuccessful and amount not Returned Recharge unsuccessful and amount not Returned

Aug 31, 2015

The airtel executive had called and gave a wrong information about the plan for porting.

Actually i am a vodafone user, your sales executive called me on 22/8/2015 from the number 7026638903 and told me an impressive offer to me so i got ported to airtel. Nw if i call the customer care executive they are telling there is such offer. I dont know whom to contact and complaint about that sales executive. Please take a strict action againat her.
Aug 23, 2015

Airtel night 3g rs 49 recharge for one month

Dear sir,

My number is 09738031935, I have recharged in airtel online recharge portal rs 49 which was stating as 1 GB 3g data night data for one month on that day of recharge I used only 200 MB 3g after wards I am unable to access that pack even though my 3g balance showing as 700 MB. They are not giving 3g speed which I am entitled to.!
Aug 11, 2015

poor service and assistance

Iam ranghaswami and iam using airtell dongle for past six months and my no is 9632031322.for the past two days the speed is not the one they have promised . i launched a complaint and they told me that they will launch a complaint and you will recieve a message in your mobile and you will get it solved in three days.but the complaint itself is launched on the next date
after the day i called them and when i contacted the help center they are giving vodafone customercare nos.i now paying bill to something which is not productive to me.
Aug 9, 2015

Fake Call

I received a call from +18766480048. It was a female voice talking about her beauty and then saying do you want me as your girlfriend.
Aug 8, 2015

Threatening to get legal notice

I was a 4G dongle user and cancelled the connection long back.
When it was in safe custody, retention team called and told me to get a pre-paid number
But mean time activated it, so i got rental changes for whole time period.
Not m getting lot of bill, not used any service when i called them to check this issue.
They instead of solving it Threatening me to pay the bill else i will get a court notice.

Why !! Why should i pay when i have not used any of their service
Such a bad customer experience, and should ban airtel
Jul 22, 2015

frequent call drop

my area is b narayanapura bangalore karnataka 560016

for the last 2-3 months there are frequent call drops on my phone, be it incoming or outgoing, STD/local but the problem persists and the problem getting worse day by day.

i am unable to use internet on my mobile too, but i am paying every month for mobile data. it is kind of LOOT or cheat by airtel people, i already give complaint to airtel but NO USE, second time i gave and now writing here

It is somewhat uncalled for to the brand value & reputation of Airtel. People admired the brand for its quality service but now it seems that they are also fell prey to Chalta Hai attitude of other service providers.

Hope some positive steps be taken and the quality standards, which was once firmly associated with the brand, be upgraded at least upto the prior level, maintained and adhered to.

thanks and regards,
Mrinali Rao
Jul 21, 2015

Pathetic airtel services

Let me first start by congratulating you on the worst customer service
in the country!

My CEF No. is TBLR 6984311,
I have been in contact with your executive Norman -9880296818 for the
past one week for a simple broadband connection.
Your executives didnt even ask me for my address proof to begin with,
when i follow up with your team i am informed that the system update
for my CEF number is incorrect address.
Now even though the address is correct, the incompetency of your team
wherein they didnt even ask us for an address proof in the first place
has led us the customer in this frustrating situation.
Now in such a case wherein your team does not call back, pick up our
calls or update us about the status where is the customer getting any
kind of service?
Now by my knowledge airtel has taken my money and the whole company
seems like a fraud ponzi scheme.
I was told by your customer executive to mail at the 121 ID my address
proof after which it will take 8 hours for a revert with an action. No actions have been taken!
The only action that your executive has taken is to send me flirty texts on whatsapp!

Now i dont want a diplomatically correct apology mail from your end. I
need an action!
Please be rest assured that no good word of mouth promotion shall ever
happend from our end towards your company. I will make sure of putting
social media posts on how pathetic ur services are.
A disgrunted customer
Jul 20, 2015

no free internet

no free internet is provided all other services provide free internet but not airtel,i am an engg. student being an student for me internet is too important but in airtel internet packs are too high and i am from poor family so i request airtel to provide free internet to me or reduce the cost of net pack
guru prasad bk
Jul 20, 2015

Worst Airtel Service


I have not received my Broadband refund of Rs.1000 from Airtel since 1 month since the connection was not feasible.

Please never ever go for airtel.

Irresponsible Nodal and applette team and they dont respond properly.

Guru Prasad
Jul 13, 2015

wrong amount recharge

2G internet pack 189 wrong amount reacharge
Jul 9, 2015

broadband not working

For the past 4 days airtel broadband and the landline number is not working.i made numerous calls to airtel office.no action has been taken.very very disappointed with their service
Jul 7, 2015

disconnect my airtel connection

please change my connection to prepaid due to worst service of airtel's post paid.
i want to away from you before eating my full body.

Please retain the customer by providing good services(customer has to tell the services as good services).

8050549573 is the mobile no

Edwin Peterson A
Jul 4, 2015

closed my postpaid service

sir. my name is sanjay kumar suman . I am LNT employee. my postpaid number is 7894412683.so I request you please closed my airtel postpaid service immediately .
Praveen manjunath
Jul 3, 2015


I am Praveen TM, has taken Airtel Dth(3016651041001) last 3 month back. This time I have recharged through online , even that I am getting the ERROR CODE 6 from past 3 days.Since then I have contacted the customer care regularly they said technical problem from their end, It can be resolved in 1 hour. Even repeat calls they have not turned up. On 3rd day One of their executive told me to recharge it again and to receive the channels in 20 minutes. and they will return back my first recharge. Believing that guy, I have done, till it has not rectified.
Jul 2, 2015

Deducted amount 125 for NexGTV without asking - Need refund (Stopped service with 5 min)


Suddenly I got message that NexGTv has been activated and amount 125 has been deducted from my balance.
I have although deactivated the plan with 5 Minutes of activation as per message received for deactivation.

I need refund of my money.

Suggestion: Airtel should not do this kind of act. Like if they create problem in returning my amount or start again this kind of service without my consen , it will lead to distrust and would never gain faith to continue or use the service.


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