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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Jan 30, 2018

499 infinity Postpaid Plan

Airtel has never been known to have great customer service, but their new postpaid plans seemed attractive so I made the switch in Sept-2017.

Since then, Strange things have been happening to my phone.

On or around 27th of every month, since Oct, My Mobile internet speed dips down to >100kbps.
It displays "4g" in my phone, but i get speeds of 0.01MBPS.
I've had this issue repeat every month after this.
Oct-27th, Nov-27th, Dec-27th, Again now Jan-27th-2018.
I have complaint ID's matching the dates I've mentioned.

Every Time I raise a complaint, Airtel people say "There is an Offer I.D. Mismatch" on my number.

How can the mismatch happen every month yaar?

If you don't wanna give us the data, just don't give it. Playing around like this is such a bad move. extremely disappointed with Airtel Mobile.
Pragadeeswaran S
Jan 25, 2018

Airtel postpaid bill payment even after cancellation of number


Postpaid no.: 8861079004

1st July, 2017 - 1st call to customer care to cancel the connection.

18th July, 2017 - 2nd call to Customer care, connection was still active. Requested to cancel it.

29th July, 2017 - (3rd call) called customer care, escalated & spoke to next level - bill was waived off, charged for only number of days used and he said that the connection will be cancelled in 24 hrs. Pending bill paid immediately.

11th Sep, 2017 - (4th call) called customer care, told about the previous call and the bill generated again for Aug month. Asked him why I should pay the bill when the connection is not at all used and it is their problem in taking such a long time to cancel the connection. He told that the connection is still active and he will take a request again and work on it to cancel in next 24 hrs time. Was told that I will receive a confirmation in 48 hrs but no response after that.

Got an Incoming call from Airtel personnel for the bill due (I don't remember the date). Told them about the previous calls made to customer care and that I will not pay this bill as I stopped using the number from July 1st after placing the cancellation request.

23rd Jan, 2018 - email from Airtel asking to pay Rs.1905 in next 7 days time failing which they will initiate legal proceedings for bill arrears.

*** I have all the above calls recorded for proof ***

Please help and advise on how to proceed further.

Pragadeeswaran S
Email: [email protected]
Sagar Bangalore
Jan 24, 2018

Airtel Store disrespectful behaviour

This incident took place on 24th Jan 2018 at your store located at 25/26, A Block, Brigade Majestic Complex, Kalidasa Marg, GandhiNagar, Opp to Girias, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560009. The time is approximately between 1pm to 2pm.
I came here with my mother who is a senior citizen. We wanted to port her number to Airtel. We took a token (E0xx- Shailaja - 98xxxxxx48) and waited for our turn. When our turn came the guy said to wait at counter 2 and the person there would assist us. After about 30 min, we got our turn and sat at the counter no 2. Another customer came in between and the airtel guy decided to assist him instead. I politely told him that we have been waiting for half an hour and still you are serving customers who just came. He said just one minute and continued with the other fellow. I thought he would assist us after he finished. But he himself went away to assist another. I asked him what the matter was and he said he’ll be back. I told the other airtel guys too. They said he will assist. It was disrespectful behavior. And that too for a customer who has come for the first time. I can only imagine what hell I may had to go through if I had ported to Airtel. Very unhappy with the experience. They do not have any respect for senior citizens. If you do not serve customers as per token, why do you have one? Even in fish market there is a system. You guys have none and no courtesy. If you continue treating customers like this, you will not go very far with your business. The person’s name is “Balram” I understand that there may be work pressure, but that does not justify ill-treating a customer. Just say no. It is a valid answer. I wasted 45 min and my mother was not happy at all. I came here because my friends recommended me, but after sharing my experience, I am sure they will be more cautious in future. I probably am wasting my time writing about my horrible experience, but I believe change is only possible if I tell what happened and that the company should take this as a feedback to improve themselves. I was not expecting business class treatment. He should have honored the token and served the customer as per the system instead of displaying such lousy behavior.
Krupa VS
Jan 9, 2018

Deducting money from my account for VAS which I had not activated

I am Krupa. Airtel has activated two value added services for my number automatically without my request and deducting money from my balance amount. I had deactivated the first service but again another service got activated the next day. I gave lost rupees 35 and rupees 30 back to back , a total of 65 rupees from my balance.
Yamini4 Upadhyay
Jan 6, 2018

Prepaid recharge done,but wallet is not loaded with internet pack

I did 448 rupees recharge on 3 rd January 2018 in mobile number 9108707284 from airtel prepaid plan,but still I m not getting internet services. I always trusted on airtel, but now I m facing too much inconvenience from airtel.I will disconnect it if it happen more than a week.
Yamini Upadhyay
Dark man
Jan 3, 2018

Not able to make incoming calls

It's have been a day that IAM not able make calls fromy Airtel service provider. There promises are fake and they just focus on ads rather than customer service
Jan 3, 2018


Jan 3, 2018

Restart my number

This is to inform you that my landline number (080)41491441 is lying dead for quite a few days. Also i have cleared all the bill amount and I hope you will consider the case and do the needful adjustment.
Balraj Chinnappa
Jan 2, 2018


I have done my payment through Mobile App


Dec 30, 2017

not able to make outgoing calls


I have recently migrated from Airtel postpaid to prepaid connection. I am not able to make any outgoing calls.
The customer care had suggested to replace the SIM, even after doing that, it is not working.

Please have a look asap. This is the 2nd day of the issue and I have suffered a lot becuase of this.

I just now spoke with Mr. Biswanath K from Customer Care and he has logged a ticket OGCL21231870922 with technical team.

Priyabrata Panda
Mobile# 8826310887
Dec 30, 2017

Outgoing not working on Airtel prepaid sim

I have recently migrated from postpaid to prepaid SIM, I am not able to make any outgoing calls even after changing the SIM again as suggested by customer care. The Airtel team has not been able to resolve this issue for the past 1 day.

Please take some strong steps against Airtel.

Priyabrata Panda
Vlk sarma
Dec 30, 2017

Sending and charging for unsolicited SMS reg: VIDEOPINDW service even when such service was not asked for and was NEVERactivated at my end.

Being charged Rs.30/- per SMS received FROM Airtel reg: VIDEOPINDW ---sent by Airtel UNILATERALLY despite NEVER asking for OR activating such service. The option given to STOP the unsought "service" is to message 15523 which never receives any message and is a bogus number. This is a fraud on unsuspecting subscribers and the company must be severely PENALIZED. for this unethical practice.
Dec 28, 2017

Rs 448 not added to my account

RECHARGE TIME : 20:55:00
REMARKS : Successful

Why am i not able to see this amount in main balance ?
Why am i not able to access the net under this plan?
I had to recharge twice after having paid Rs 448 to have internet connection

Rs 448 not added to my account

Dec 27, 2017

No service, blocked or deactivated

They had deactivated my sim last year and asked me to submit photo with ID and address proof. This was 30 days after I bought a prepaid number from airtel after submitting my photo and aadhar card copy as id and address proof. When I went and asked them why, they said faulty sim. They also charged me 20 rs for it. Now again the same thing is being repeated and they are demanding me to link aadhar for reactivation. So how safe are the documents and data you provide with airtel? They now want me to give them 20 rs and aadhar. I think it is better to boycott such networks. I have also used Idea sim for years before and had changed to 4g sim a couple of years back, never faced any problem. But why this repeated problem with airtel?
Anusha sravan
Dec 22, 2017

Poor network

No voice clarity at home always network issue.hope issue will be resolved as soon as possible
Dec 18, 2017

Airtel199 offer

I had 199 Airtel offer. My location is hyderabad. When I was in Bangalore, I am not able to make any call from 199 plans. I tried to call 198 for support. Still there I am not able to reach to operator. I was in a bad condition. Even having 199 plans I was not able to reach any one.
ravichandra ms
Dec 15, 2017

reagrding paymet

i, ravi chandra MS using your airtel broad band from past 7 months and i used to get bill of rs 588 every month even my broad band payment was only that much now this month i have got bill of rs 1178. please verify my bill. My broad band number 7899473390.
if at all i get this bill again i will disconnect your broad band.
Dec 11, 2017


Hi Team,

Am Kavya from Bangalore. I would like to highlight this issue to you as it is creating a big problem for me.

1. I took a duplicate sim from airtel showroom on 6-12-2017(Wednesday) due to some network problem and got SMS from airtel stating that my SMS will be bar for 24 hours due to security purpose and my duplicate sim got activated on same date at 9:30pm .

2. I waited till Thursday i.e 7-12 -2017 to get my SMS activated, but it didn't, so i called up to customer care asking for solution on 8-12-2017( Friday) morning for same issue as my number is linked to bank and am not able to get any important messages from the bank like OTP (one time password) and other bank related message, but to my shock the customer care representative told that my sim was activated on Thursday night according to their record and it takes 48 hours to release SMS bar and they cannot do anything , only thing is i have to wait till Saturday night .

3. I even went to airtel showroom near Banashankari BDA to double check on this issue they told I have to contact customer care for this.

4. I had got proof of when i initiated activation of my duplicate sim and I didn't have any proof that my sim got activated on same day i.e on 6/12/2017 so i ended up waiting till Saturday as per their instruction. to my bad even on Sunday this issue remained same.

5. So I called up customer care for the same issue on Sunday 10/12/2017 morning. Person i spoke to heard my concern and told he has raised a complaint ticket and it will take 24 hours to resolve and i had to wait till Monday morning.

6. when this issue continued till Monday morning I called them again to get it resolved but to my shock first lady who picked my call told they cant do anything I have to contact airtel showroom and cut my call , she was not even ready to listen to my respond. I tried calling them again regarding this issue to clarify so the next person who picked the call , I explained her clearly that I had registered complain on Sunday and they told it will be resolved in 24 hours, but she strongly disagreed on providing me solution in 24 hours and told it will take 72 hours and my complain is registered and they ended the call.

7. As i learnt that I can highlight this issue to you I thought of calling customer care again and taking the complain number that was registered on Sunday from them so that I can proceed with it , but when I called them again firstly they were not ready to provide the complain number after long talk and 2 mins of putting my call on hold she provided me my complain number stating that she has booked complain just then and she needs 48 hours to resolve this.

my complain number goes like this V51211920196.

This is unexpected behavior from Airtel and am extremely disappointed.

Am facing really big problem from this as all my online transactions are held up because of SMS bar.if your not the right person then I don't know whom to contact please help me out with this.

hoping to reply soon from you .

Thanks and regards
Dec 10, 2017

Airtel money

I ve loaded money in Airtel money for my no 9060734934 for 2000 rs ......I ve given all the documents and mailed my pan card and adhar to Airtel ...now they are telling they can't able to activate my account..
My amount is stuck I cannot able to use it. ..
Plz solve the problem
Dec 6, 2017

network error

more than one month am facing the network issues.none of ppl are solving the issues so please don't go Airtel postpaid connection in Bangalore all friend suggesting Vodafone too good in Bangalore
Nov 29, 2017

Wrong charging on sms

I have been charged Rs 5/sms daily unnecessarily yesterday and today on sms which I have never sent. I am furious why the mobile service provider is doing this on a regular basis.
Kavya Lakshmi
Nov 29, 2017

No mobile services since 8 days after SIM port from postpaid to Prepaid

I have converted postpaid to prepaid and they gave new sim. My postpaid services got disconnected on 22nd, nov'17. I have inserted new sim and it always shows 'no service'. I went to airtel store 5 times since then. Every time they say my sim will get activated next day morning. On 28th, i got signals and i received a message to restart my phone. I have done so and again i am getting 'no sevice' on my phone again. My phone number is 7760011900. If i am calling from other number on this number it is saying that this number is 'invalid'.
when I call 121, they say SIM is not activated. when I go to Airtel store, they say SIM is activated. They are playing with me literally.

Punith Kumar k n
Nov 28, 2017

I forgot my Mpin and registration details

I forgotten my Airtel money account Mpin and login details please help me to reset my Mpin and my no is 9535198664
Sharmi Alphonse
Nov 27, 2017

Complaint not resolved and Bad Experience from Airtel

Dear Sir/Mam,
I have requested a SR(89612752) to shift my fixed line services to the same premises (same house at different Point) and followed up many times to resolve the issue, got the same reply they will be addressing immediately but no further action.
I have waited almost a month and the issue is not resolved and the SR is closed without noticing me.
Finaly i got frustrated as this has not been solved and had to go for disconnection.

I would really want to take action on this. Please get back to us.
Sreekanth Reddy
Nov 27, 2017

list of call history

list of call history of last months

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