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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Aug 27, 2017

MNP Issue

This is in reference to mobile no. portability request submitted by me from Vodafone to Airtel. It's almost 10 days over still no response from Airtel.

From Vodafone side all approval is done .I went to Airtel store many times but still no response.
Kindly check and do the needful, now i am thinking of continue vodafone instead of Airtel worst service.

Mobile Number : 9916077944
Complaint Number : 30827038040
Port Code : VX443187
Aug 26, 2017

Broadband pROBLEMS

have a Broadband connection with 100 MBPS , but its been 2 months I am getting 20-40 MBPS.
Numerous complains are filed, multiple times called up the customer service and everytime which I get is problem will be resolved within 24 hours.

But its not the truth , The latest complain I have made is 4 days before , where every day I get call and Airtel guys tells me that it would be resolved 24 hours.
Everyday someone calls me up and says that Technician will visit the priority is raised which is absolutely false , no-one came to my door for which I have been waiting last 4 days.
Now its the time to say enough is enough.

I have paid for whole year on which I absolutely regret, nevertheless I want to opt for another ISP in my area due to running problems with Airtel.
I have been given numbers to call for escalation but none of the numbers actually work.

Got your email address by searching the directory.

Request you to please fix the problem and escalate if possible to someone who has authority to take action.
Complain Reference : 86779642
If this cannot be resolved, can you please atlas raise a disconnection request. The customer support team don’t file a disconnection request when I ask them as they come up with many workarounds which does not work at all.
Aug 26, 2017

Not owning the No. and requested to deactivate the no. and not to send bills

This is a complaint against Airtel. I am and was send a bill for a no. Airtel datacard number 9972293704 which I do not own.
I have officially complained many times to Airtel customer care and on 26th July 2017, I was send a mail (reference number SR78115573) that the above no. will be de-activated but still I have received bill for this no. on August 24th, 2017.
The no. has not been deactivated till today.
I had even again complained through customer care on 25th August 2017 and I was told that this issue will be resolved by 25th August, 2017 but with no effect.
I am calling customer care so many times without any action.

Airtel is simply playing this cheap dirty games. Action must be taken for the gross inaction taken by Airtel.
Aug 24, 2017

Sim not working once given a request for migration from prepaid to postpaid from past 3 days

hi, would like to bring to your attention regarding my personal mobile number that is not working (complaint number: 78817532) from past 3 days due to an issue at your end!! Had given a request on 21 Aug for migration from prepaid to postpaid. From that afternoon there is NO SIGNAL' on the mobile phone and the phone not able to receive or make any calls. This is a serious issue as important and urgent calls are being missed. Ontop of it all, i've made numerous calls to airtel customer service with everyone promising to resolve the issue by end of that day and promising a call back. But the 'promise' was never kept and the phone is dead from past 3 days. (most of the time connecting to a supervisor takes atleast 7-10 mins of wait time holding the phone) And even today they have promised to resolve the issue by end of the day, when they don't even know whether the issue will be resolved today!! This kind of service and customer issue handling is not expected from Airtel. I've had good past experiences with airtel broadband and mobile service.
Aug 21, 2017

Do not buy Airtel 4G Wifi Router in MS Palya Vidyaranyapura Bengaluru

Dear All,

Take my humble and honest advice, "Do not take Airtel 4G Wifi Router in MS Palya Vidyaranyapura Bengaluru".

I stay in Teachers Layout, MS Palya, Vidyaranyapura, Bengaluru. I have purchased irtel 4G WiFi Router around May 2017.

I used to get upto 5 Mbps only the month I subscribed, but since June 2017 I do not even get 2 Mbps (attached test result).

I have raised complaint about this issue around 4 times, escalated twice but in vain.

Airtel are just money hungry parasites. They need nothing but money from you. Please switch to any other ISP but Airtel.

Note: You may test your Airtel data speed from your mobile by installing 'Speed Test' Android app. This will give you a reality check.

Do not buy Airtel 4G Wifi Router in MS Palya Vidyaranyapura Bengaluru

Aug 21, 2017

Rs 399 recharge scheme not working after one month

I recharged my Airtel number ( 8971206602 ) from Airtel website( between 16-19 July. I confirmed that offer from airtel cust care also ( Rs.399, 1GB/day, Unlimited calling)
Now after one month, its showing no internet data to me.I am not able to use internet now.
I approached to Airtel Service center in Electronics city, Ananth nagar, Bangalore, but the main staff found not interested to support and resolve the problem, she was interested to escalate the issue, rather than giving the solution. Hundreds of times I tried to call Airtel cust care, but not connecting.

Its my humble request to Airtel Team, Please resolve the issue as earliest, OR I will go with Jio.I am thinking to port for whole my family to Jio, If issue not solved by Airtel.

Its not about only money, its about the value of time, I stucked up for some of works which were not completed on time due to airtel worst service.

Please contact-

Yogesh Nagle


Aug 20, 2017

Airtel phone is not receiving call

Airetel landline phone 08042053049 is not able to receive phone call. Repeated complaints to the Airtel is not yielding any result. Urgent action is requested to repair the phone.
Aug 19, 2017


I recharged my number 9960796878 with Rs 399 on 16-Augest-2017 using MyAirtel app. On the app it was showing plan as unlimited local+std and 1 GB 4G data/day for 84 days. After recharging, the plan that got activated is unlimited local+std and total 1.2 GB data for 28 days. Airtel is providing misleading info on it's app.This recharged only provid weekly 1200min . plz dont recharge 399 and only 28 days validty ,
Aug 19, 2017

recharge 399

I recharged my number 9960796878 with Rs 399 on 16-Augest-2017 using MyAirtel app. On the app it was showing plan as unlimited local+std and 1 GB 4G data/day for 84 days. After recharging, the plan that got activated is unlimited local+std and total 1.2 GB data for 28 days. Airtel is providing misleading info on it's app.This recharged only provid weekly 1200min . plz dont recharge 399 and only 28 days validty ,
Aug 18, 2017

Prepaid recharge - amt deducted but not recharged

Prepaid recharge - amt deducted but not recharged
I recharged my prepaid mobile online for 349Rs. Amt has been deducted from my account. But the mobile has not been recharged.
Kindly look in to the issue.

Transaction details:

transaction id - ############
Aug 17, 2017

Mnp, new Sim not activated

My mobile number is 9177557999. Recently I applied for mnp from airtel andhra pradesh to airtel Karnataka zone. My first Sim's signal is deactivated on 16th august night but new Sim signal didn't appeared till now. I am stuck . Everything is linked to my Sim.
Arghya Roy
Aug 17, 2017

Harassment with no resolution

I have been an Airtel customer since 2012. As of recent development my company Oracle, has signed a carpet approval from Airtel to furnish all bills under a carpet contract.

PO Number: IN6088089
Requisition Number: 1785756
Line Description: Infinity Plan INR 1,399.00/-
Upfront payment: INR 16,788.00/-
date: 25-MAY-17

There was a delay in submitting the PO due to the numerous processes surrounding the transfer of my mobile under this agreement. To fulfill this gap I have paid off INR 4,000.00 towards Bharti Airtel with a net outstanding of Rs 1,030.00/-. The last bill of Rs 1,030.00/- should ideally have a net payment term of 30 days. However my phone outgoing are now stopped factoring the Rs1,030.00/- due against my bill.

My current plan is under Rs 890.00/- per month, however I have been told that I incur an additional charges between Rs 500 to Rs 600 every month, due to my over usage of internet. This has also been questionable & can be tracked and monitored through your billing solutions.

My bill exceeding INR 600/- every month is highly questionable.

My only intent of sending this email to your mailbox is to on get an acknowledgement that Airtel extends extremely well fabricated customer support for retention of it's base customers.

I also understand that Airtel may not be too worried about transactions worth Rs 1,030.00/- or Rs 16,788.00/-.

Please advise on the next course of action.

Thanks & Regards,
[email protected]
Syed Mansoor
Aug 17, 2017



This is to inform you that we have not been getting Airtel phone signal (either 3g or 4g) in our office for a while now. Not only can we not access data on our mobile phones, we are unable to receive or make any calls to our clients. we have a corporate connection Airtel phones (approx 25) and are extremely unhappy with this situation. We are a distribution company and require high quality network to be able to work efficiently. We have made several complaints to customer care regarding this, but nothing has been done to resolve this issue. If this problem continues to persist, we will have to switch to other mobile service providers.

Office address:
#24,New Bamboo bazaar,
city market,Bangalore.560002.

Roshan Rane
Aug 15, 2017

4G network does not support Calls

When I set 4G as my preferred network on my mobile phone (Moto G5 Plus), incoming and outgoing calls do not work on my airtel sim. The problem is that Airtel doesnot support voice-over LTE (voLTE).When 4G network is selected on the phone, it relies on switching to an older network 3G/ GSM for calls. This switching is not working correctly. Airtel support is not providing a solution to this either. They are cheating customers with a half-baked feature just to stay in the market against Reliance Jio.
Rithesh Kumar GR
Aug 14, 2017

WiFi service

I was promised that I'll be getting 24MBPS speed to my area and they charged and changed my router as well. But for 1 week I got that speed and again it is reduced now and it is running in 4 mbps speed. This is not acceptable. Provide me constant network speed. If this happens in future then you might tend to lose your services with me. My DSL number is 08041115269.
Please fix this as soon as possible.
Aug 13, 2017

No internet

Worst service and pathetic response from service agents interner not working from past 20 days in my mobile every day iam calling customer care no response from them they are harassing customers like anything still they are mentioning in adds Airtel is no.1 network
Leela Manasa
Aug 12, 2017

Regarding Airtel 3 months advance rental payment not reflecting in my bill

I have already paid the Airtel rental for broadband connection for 3 months before installation, and still I see the bill for this month.

Below are the details for your reference:

Receipt nunber of the bill paid: TBLR7299432.

Can you please clarify on why billing is being done again even though amount is paid? Attached is the bill generated for your reference. #3 above is the receipt number issued by Airtel representative Khan (Mobile No: +91 84949 61949)

Please revert back at the earliest and ensure that 3 months paid advance is taken in to consideration and this amount gets reflected from the current bill as well.
Aug 9, 2017

False comitment

Hello guys
This is ultimate cheating to a customer who believes in you guys and ports his number from other network, your executive promised me of 349 plan and given me 499 plan and the data they have promised me of 25gb every month but they are telling me now that I have only 5gd everymonth,
Y do you guys play with the customers like this
Aug 8, 2017

Tax evasion on purchase of all Airtel devices

This is with regards to the above subject that the Airtel outlet residing #746, opp to icici bank BTM Layout 2nd stage bangalore 560076 have been selling all the telecommunications devices like dongle, hotspot wifi router with a duplicate bill of their own that has no VAT or GST applied.
I had purchased a hotspot device which should cost rupees 1950 as per the company norms but was sold to me at 2050 rupees with two different receipts.
Below are the details,
Bill 1 details
Shop name: Intuitive teleservices 2
Service tax code: BTKPK1147GDS001
Sl no 2378
Amount 2050
Dated 31/08/2017
Bill 2 details
Shop name: intuitive teleservices 2
Sl no 248
Tin no. 29711302865
Amount 2050
Please take this on high priority as these people are looting public.
Also please find the attachment for the duplicate invoices.
Thanks and regards,
Shailesh C S
[email protected]
Aug 8, 2017

Increased Bill amount for almost every month

Hi Team,

This is Nihar Ranjan Sahu, and my airtel post paid number is 9439490088. I took the corporate plan of Rs 199 plus tax.
I've never exceeded the allowed usage per month yet. But every month, when the billing cycle is completed, I used to get surprised billing amounts. I don't know, how you guys calculate or do you think me as dumb that without investigating anything I would pay the bill amount as it is.
I used to call the customer care, tell the problem, and then they used to adjust my billing amount to actual one's. Every single month, I am facing this issue. So, this time I am raising complaint on you guys. Requesting you to take it on serious node, don't repeat same scenario from next month on wards. Stop cheating people.

Nihar Ranjan Sahu
Aug 7, 2017

Refund of 27,756

Respected sir,
This is regarding my post paid mobile 9008699588, i had received the bill for the month of May for RS 275.56 paise. I by mistake made the bill payment for RS 27, 556 on 16th of june due to some error and immediately reported to Airtel and they assured me it will be refunded.
They have mentally harassed me for two months by calling g and sending mails that they have refunded the money and i have to check with my bank and indeed i had gone to bank and checked with the bank manager and he had given me bank statements duly signed with bank seal and informed that there is no Trace of any money refunded.
I had shown the same to Airtel and they still insist that they have refunded and I'm in a mental agony i never had hype tension because of Airtel holding back my money I'm going through all these health issues
I demand Airtel to refund my money or i have to go legally and into the media
Anil raj banakar
Aug 3, 2017

Poor signal

Anil Raj Banakar

Hello sir/madam
I have complained several times to customer service about poor connectivity from your side.. nobody is taking seriously..everytime signal drops and all my business is getting spoilt..moreover I have to wait to get ported for 90days...

If this continues I will go to consumer court asking a quection..
1. Your executive forced me to come to airtel and how can they call when I have activated DND.. this is first offence..
2.when you cannot give service why you ask us to port..
3.why I should suffer for 90 days spoiling my business ..
4.you have to answer me in writing saying u will give good signal or you will allow me to port..

Anil raj
Aug 1, 2017

Broadband not working

My broadband is not working from past seven days. I have lodged a complain with number : 85507878.
I have called to the customer care more than 20 times but still the issue is not resolved.
Aug 1, 2017

Full talk time not credited

I had done full talk time recharge of Rs200 on 31/07/2017 (Transaction ID 15561099). But to my surprise only 170 was credited. Can you please credit back the balance 30 ASAP? Number: 9845498023
Jul 31, 2017

No network

I had called airtel customer care for issue in network. Regarding this issue they had given me some immediate solution such as reinsert the sim/ restart the phone. Which din serve my purpose. Later, they had asked me get a new sim from airtel store.
I had got the new sim, store guy had told me the sim will get activated within six hours, which didn't happen.

So, again i called the customer care they asked me wait upto 24 hours. Then for my bad luck even this wait was shorter. I got back to customer care.

Now, they again asked me to go back to airtel store.

The above mentioned issue is 5 days old.

I hope n wish I can make a call.

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