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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

May 5, 2011

Do not send msgs and calls to my numbers

Please do not send me msgs and calls from company.
My airtel numbers are 9970410120 and 8600123126
May 4, 2011

balance deduction


I have airtel mobile connection. Last one year they automatically on any of their value added service and start deducting money.

each time I have to call airtel service center to stop their value added service. initially they revert back the balance but now they are not reverting back the balance, they have only one answer SORRY. we can not reverrt back your balance.

Its a cheating with customer, if customer do not want buy service how can they sell.

I am not only customer. They are cheating many of customers.

Please take strong action against them.

Rahul Saxena
email: [email protected]
mobile: 9960898524.
May 4, 2011

I got a Missed call from +92 country code numbers

Today ,4th May 2011, Wednesday at 01:57 pm, I got a Missed call from +923244075880. This is 3 rd time I got missed call from numbers strating with +92 code. It came to my knowledge that call is from pakistan. I am concerned about how did the calling person got my number. I would appreciate it if you would look into this matter and block the such calls in future.
May 4, 2011

I got a Missed call from +92 country code numbers

today ,5th May 2011, Wednesday at 01:57 pm, I got a Missed call from +923244075880. This is 3 rd time I got missed call from numbers strating with +92 code. It came to my knowledge that call is from pakistan. I am concerned about how did the calling person got my number. I would appreciate it if you would look into this matter.
May 3, 2011

automatic service activation

Myself Amitkumar and my no is 9975686855.
I am using aitel simcardfor about 2 yrs, and since air tel is deducting my account balance by activating unwanted services.
Recently they deducted Rs.50 from my account for the same. When i asked customer care executive for the same,he exlained me using their fake logs as i am not using that sim card daily. I use that sim card rarely in emergency situations only when my 1st sim balance is 0.
I am facing this problem eversinc i bought this sim. Also there are many people who are facing the same problem. I wish they should be punished for the same as they do it intentionally for their profit.
Thanks and regards.
Apr 29, 2011

suspension of connection

we have taken two airtel connections under the group connections. the nos. r 9860022533, 9860264991. we have taken a third no. which is 9730627776. this no. was operative for only a day or two after which it was suspende widout any intimation. wen contacted they told that an executive by the name nigharish who took our documents has not submitted them. this shows a very poor customer service. if no action is taken within 24 hours we wud cancel all our connections
Apr 27, 2011

Not activated Postpaid Connection

I have applied for conversion of prepaid tp postpaid 45 days back.Upto now it has not activated.
Apr 27, 2011

Stop Bulk Messages


Please stop receiving messages like TD,DM,AZ,DZ etc. on my cell no. 9766099838.

Apr 20, 2011


DSL Number# 020-41284196. I am getting call to pay my next 6th month advance pay to continue my Airtel Broadband Connection which I already requested to disconnect/cancel in the month of March - 2011. Now, when I ask them to Cancel the same, they said that it is already renewed and cannot be disconnected/cancel no matter if I use it or not.
I don't understand why do I pay for next 6th month if I don't want to use it. I am ready to pay any outstanding bill for my previous internet usage.

Please help !!!
Apr 19, 2011

DTH Service

My customer ID: 3000038612.

Complaint No: 7045471 for STB problems &

Complaint No:6733229 for No Signal (error code B001)

I brought HD multi connection 4 months back n since last 2 months I am faceing probles regarding the

1) No signal as well as the


Despite many requests and customer executives & Supervisors (Sachin Singh last talked to) false promises it got delayed a lot and we had to suffer lot of mental torture calling them several times as if we had no other work to do. No engineer has come till date to my place.I have registered for this at least 5-6 times. Every time I just receive a msg saying the service request no is ----.I dont get any engineer's number from customer care where i can call up and resolve my problem.
Everytime sms comes that reqquest is resolved...Who resolved it. Did they confirm from me? Then why is my complaint closed without resolving it.
Please specify if they dont want to solve it.
Even today when i called the customer care i requested that cant i talk to the senior most person at the call center they just put me on hold for nearly 25 mins...what the hell!!!
Dont we have other things to do.............
If customer care Dept. has any shame please give me the details why this issue is still unsolved till date.

If the service agents cant work for free service for 1 year i am ready to pay you people Rs. 100 as donation.

Last two days back I got a no: of Mr. Rao 022 40213261 either its not working or it doesn't exists.
I am paying Rs 520 a month for ultra Pack & i am not able to see movie channels as well as some imp news channels.
Who is going to compensate on that. The Service Dept. owe me an explanation on that.
I have given several complains of this issue but it is not paid heed to, this is really annoying.

Mr Customer care executives just dont care about customers and give blank replies.A limit is crossed now.
I want the airtel head office number or any top bosses number to show them the reality in a city like pune where no airtel service engineer available in prime area like Kondhwa which can solve a small remote issue.

Shame on Airtel!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 19, 2011

my money getting deducted every day

Hi,I am using airtel number-7709660430 from last few months,evry time sum or other thing get activated on my number 7709660430 n my money get deducted,for which i complained b4 and dt issue was resolved,but yet again my money is getting deducted re1 per day..but for what i don't know,i m getting sum URL: link from airtel from many days for which re1 is deducted from my account every day.So please stop this service as my balance is reduced to rs27 from rs49.and every day is deducted by re1 ...its really sad as i had already told that i don't want any service on my airtel Sim,Till today rs 20 had been deducted and more time airtel provider will take to deactivate this problem,more money will b deducted..please stop this service as soon as possible,as i m using micromax in which i dont like browsing so i dont want any URL.please deactivate and try refunding my money which is deducted due to this service.
Apr 18, 2011

puk code

i am asked for pukcode
i asked my airtel postpaid PUK Code mobile no. is 9561840632.
Apr 16, 2011

inconvenience due to sim card problems

the outgoing calls and messages in my simcard are blocked,
i contacted the customer care and even visited the Airtel Store also, but i see no responce or results. This is very irritating & i am not going to bare this anymore.
if i see no response from your side,i will deactivate the sim card.
please make a note of it.
my number is 8600199065.
Apr 16, 2011

Harrassment of bil payments after connection has been terminated

Dear Consumer Complaints forum,

I was previously living in Pune uptil August 2010 and duly cancelled my Airtel broadband and home phone connection - all outstanding bills were paid and the equipment was returned to Airtel. I have since moved out of Pune to another city and Airtel constanly call me asking to pay them for monthly bills for a connection that does not exist! It has been over 8 months now and it has reached a point of harrassment where we are constantly bombarded with calls and threatened. Kindly help
Apr 15, 2011

Automatically activated Services

Dear Sir
I had never subscribed for Astrology service but you are charged me for this service.
It had also happened for last two or three times. So, please stop (deactivate )this service to my mobile No -9860554085 with immediate effect. Also no any service provide in future to me on this number.

Sandip Wakchaure
Apr 15, 2011

Final bill for 9665098068

I have shifted from Airtel and have asked them to send the final bill so that I can check and pay. Earlier I used to pay on-line but since the change I cannot access my bill. Despite numerous reminders and feedback to Airtel call center staff, this is yet to happen. Can you help drive some sanity in Airtel so that instead os wasting time on calling me disturbing constantly, they just send me a bill at [email protected]


Apr 14, 2011

Regarding Service & Behavior

Hello Sir,
This is Shailesh Kasture and my Mob no. is 9096267784.I am customer of Airtel for last 6 years.Just now my service get expire so I renew my service with consult to customer care executive of airtel.But the according to plan airtel is not providing me service.That's why I again did complaint to customer care center of Airtel.But they not properly give respond for that and also their behavior and the way of talking is not proper.And whenever I told them to give to your supervisor that time they just disconnect my call.I give complaint for 6 times but still they not providing me proper solution on that.It just mentally harassment for me.
Sir please take some action against this complaint.
Thanking you
Apr 12, 2011

No proper network in kharadi Pune

My name is Tejas Patkar.
My phone number is 9987519488.
I am facing issues with Airtel connection since last couple of weeks and its still not resolved.
I stay in Pune Kharadi.. There is no network in the entire building and its disconnects waste of calls.
Please let me know what needs to be done i have complaint but no action...
Please help.
Apr 11, 2011

balance deduction

i have recharged my airtel account.my balance was Rs.60.on today morning i got a message that my balance has been debited by Rs.50 on downloading so and so.but the fact is tyhat i have not downloaded anything so when i called customer care no answer is been given so please refund my account niether i have to switch to other service providers rather than airtel
Apr 11, 2011

sim card activation delay

Dear Sir,
2 weeks ago i brought an airtel prepaid sim card,but still 2 weeks on my card has not been activated.i have submitted all essentials(license xerox,photo).when i go to the airtel retailer i always have been told that my card will be activated within one day,but hte same my phone shows inactive sim.so please register my complaint

your faithfully
Apr 9, 2011

inspite of disconnection request, they are not disconnecting my postpaid numbers

We have asked Airtel to disconnect airtel post/paid connection (mobile numbers : 9766363688
and 9096020005 ) but Airtel is not sending full and final bill and they keep adding monthly charges.

Post paid mobile number: 9766363688
Post paid mobile number:9096020005
Apr 8, 2011

Spam from Airtel Live

Background on the issue:

1. On 6th april, 12.24 PM, I got a message that I have been subscribed to Gamesclubsubscription service from Airtel live <54321>.
2. I got two more messages the following day 7th april and 8th april at 1.31 and 2.06 PM respectively.
3. I get a message that some game has been downloaded and 75 Rs were deducted. There is no physical file/app of the game.
4. I got subscribed to a cricket service a while later and got a message from airtel live.

I called the Supervisor and he verified that I had browsed through my gprs connection to a site called wap.mauj.com and registered to the Games subscription service, which somehow got automatically done. Nor did I have any downloaded game nor do i acknowledge going to that site manually.. He reimbursed 85 rs into my account and advised me to disable any settings in my messaging applicaiton which auto opened any push service messages. I found no such option on my samsung galaxy S android phone.

To investigate further, I opened one of the android apps and clicked on an advertisement and it redirected me to website which I found is airtel live webpage, where I could see that no services or subscriptions are registered. However that ad that i had clicked led to a deduction of 50 Rs downloading a game again with no physical application file downloaded on my phone.
Note that I have deleted airtel live and airtel mms APNs on my mobile since I have switched to Prepaid almost a year ago and never had I faced such harassment.

Later at 10.30 pm on 8th april I get a message saying that I am not registered on DND and every 20 minutes thereon I got a Push message for Airtel Live WAP Cricket subscription. I strongly suspect some foul play with Airtel trying to push the airtel live messages deliberately.

and thats it staying loyal to Airtel for 4 years comes to an end.

pilotpats - 9970906660
Apr 5, 2011



Today i received multiple SMS stating you have been charged for downloading Games
Total amt charges going beyond 250

But i not downloaded any games

This issue i have been facing last six month. every time i need to call customer care to remove this charges.

My Mobile Number :9096200625

I need a permanent solution.
Apr 3, 2011

prepaid service activation without request

I hold a lifetime prepaid sim card from airtel and the number is 970428086. It happens that after some time airtel activates some of the value added services on my SIM without my knowledge to eat my prepaid balance. I come to know about this when i see a sufficient balance in my account. This has happened 3 times with me. Whenever i call customer service for this they say that they can block the service now but won't repay whatever amount has been deducted for that service. I am fed up with airtel . I feel this as a serious case of fraud being done by airtel with its lifetime prepaid customers.

Harpreet Singh Marwaha
Apr 1, 2011

Billing errors by airtel

Respected Sir,

I had been using Airtel broadband connection for my internet accessibility purpose. I had decided to relocate to a different City and had asked Airtel Customer Care to log a request for relocation of the connection on the 25th January 2011. On 27th January, 2011 I received a call from the Airtel representative specifying that Airtel would not be able to able to provide the connection at my requested new address. I was in this case would I want to disconnect or keedp the connection as it is at the current address. I had asked the person to disconnect the same.

Till date the connection has not been disconnected and the bill's are still getting generated on my name. The original bill amount was suppose to be Rs. 991.00 from which it has now jumped to about Rs. 3000.00 Inspite of me making repeted complaints. Kindly help me in this regard

Details are as follow

Airtel landline number : 020 40096010
Name : Neerav
email id: [email protected]

Neerav Shah

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