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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Mar 31, 2011

Rejection of MNP request

My airtel no is 9890722514
MNP request no. is AZ887921
airtel has rejected my request citing some legal obligations. i have called 198, 999 and even met airtel personnel at customer care point karve road pune. All gave me different reasons but no one was sure.
Can airtel please explain the LEGAL OBLIGATIONS. Airtel has to stop fooling around with customers as we dont have time to waste on them.
Mar 31, 2011

Unauthorised Deduction of prepaid ampount

My mobile no is 9960053790 and have free GPRS activated (Promotional with purchase of Nokia N-8 Handset) that is still valid.
Since 25 Mar 2011 (till 31 Mar 2011) there have been deductions worth more than Rs 270 from my prepaid account.

Rs 198 for Javadownloads (WWELegendsofWrestlemania and ZombieAttack) that has not been downloaded by me or has it been downloaded on my mobile (25 Mar 2011). (Customer care call reference CBDL20326277167)

Rs 3 cut for WCVideoPack subscription without my activation / request for same (SMS received for activation on 28 Mar 2011 at 2215 hrs.) Same activation and Rs 3 cut again on 29 Mar 2011 without my request. (Customer care call reference CBDCC############ and COLWP20329107561)

On 30 Mar 2011 received an SMS thanking me for javagame download from airtel (No details of what game and why it got downloaded) and Rs 50 got deducted.

On 30 Mar 2011 received an SMS thanking me for downloading cricket pack from airtel (No details of what and why it got downloaded) and No details of what amount got deducted.

On 30 Mar 2011 received an SMS Tadkalive subscription from airtel and Rs 20 deducted.

Airtel live services are getting activated on their own and amount deducted from prepaid account. This is despite my calls to customer care three times since 25 Mar 2011. Every time there has been a promise of refund and deactivation of Airtel live services but the same thing happens the next day and some new service gets activated.

I have sent NOPROMO and LIVEDEACT SMS to 511on request from customercare but the same is still not taken into affect.
Mar 29, 2011

documents rejected

I have made my airtel prepaid converted to post-paid. i have submitted all required documents but still my form is rejected . customer care doesnt have any explaination why form has rejected and i am asked to refill form .

i want to know why my form was rejected.
my number is : 9766006821
Mar 28, 2011

Pathetic service

This is regarding landline and brad band connection.

Last year in the month of sep 10, I called up customer care to disconnect my connection as i was going away for 2 months. one of their executive advised me that instead you can keep your connection in safe custody by paying some charges and resume it back once your back. I agreed and it worked fine. but I didn’t know this gonna turn into nightmare for me in few months

Suddenly in Feb'11 I realized my broadband is not working. on enquiry I came to know that airtel has disconnected my connection based on my Sept'10 request. Firstly how come they acted on such old request. Anyhow they gave me new connection as it was there mistake. In the mean time I called many times to customer care to get my previous connection closed so that bill shouldn't mount up. I received more than 10 calls from different people asking the confirmation to close the previous connection. I was literally fed up explaining same thing again n again to these people. But now I realized it was all in vain as now I have received the bill for the month of march'11.

I need to know these corporate companies actually try and understand the state of customers. They have kept such untrained staff who just know to call and do nothing. it has been more than 2 months and I am really fed up with these guys. I would request proper action from your side.
Mar 28, 2011

Billing Problem

I have been continuously asking for the Itemized bill to be delivered to me in hard copy since 2 months now and still these IDIOT people are not able to do that. i've changed my billing address which is also reflecting in their records but still the bills are even as of 3 days back were delivered to the old address. I had informed even the last time to deliver itemized bill but even in the absense, last time i paid but i'm not going to pay this time.

I sent a mail even today that i need itemized bill and the reply that i get is that we have delivered at your address.. are you that stupid and dumb? why would i be sending mail for non-delivery if i had already gotten the bill? As mentioned the bill that was delivered was not itemized and my requirment is of an itemized bill. What do you eat to become that stupid and dumb? I am now wondering if Airtel appoints stupid and incompetant people or do they train them to become like this.

Please note that as already mentioned in the mail, I will not be paying any outstanding amount which as of today stands to the tune of a total of approx. Rs.2000/- untill i get the itemized bill for the last 2 months and within the next 2 days.
Mar 27, 2011

Sim card not yet activated

Hi ,

I have purchased one Airtel sim card from one of Airtel marketing person named AFZAL and given all documents for Corporate plan.iTS BEEN TWO WEEKS THE SIM HASN'T BEEN ACTIVATED YET,EVEN AFTER MAKING REQUEST FOR ACTIVATION TO THE AFZAL.i have making calls to about 50 to 100times,but he is not picking up phone.so i need this complaint solved as early as possible

Mobile details:
Mobile number:7387835353

Sim card number:8991901101801178334H4

and my contact number:9422383993
Mar 27, 2011

Improper Treatment and Appraoch by Company

Dear Sir / Madam,

I had availed the services of Airtel Broadband for my internet connection, Customer ID: 02041213015, for the period February 2010 to July 2010, at my rented apartment in Kothrud, Pune, which was a prepaid connection and total payment was done in advance, Rs.2500=00.

Later, in August 2010, we had shifted to Warje, Pune, where Airtel din't had any connection(this is what the reply was provided by Customer Care when asked for transfer of connection), hence had asked the ISP to dicontinue the services.

Thereafter no action of discontinuing the link was done and we had received many phone calls from Airtel Customer Care to pay some outstanding bills for the services which were not at all availed.

We had been Airtel Mobile customers from last 4 years and have 3 connections and there had been no case where the payment have been defaulted or even delayed.

This is the last request to Airtel Customer Care Executives to stop harassing the Customers which have been loyal and not defaulted ever.

Gautam Lapsiya
Mar 27, 2011

Blok my number

Dear Sir/Mam,

I want to block one vodafone number as I am getting fake calls from that number from last 2-4 months .
I talked to customer care but they tod me that its not possible for airtel to block some other number.
As that number is from Washim and i am staying in pune ...

My number is 09096279184

Please block the folloing number for incoming calls to my number .The number is :-

Kindly do needful.

Amol Musale
Mar 25, 2011

Unwanted SMS alerts

As a result of some contest, I am 'awarded' a spam message from AIRTEL's 55558 number. I have been receiving 5-6 Spam SMSs everyday & there is no way to stop that. I have tried sending all keywords like UNSUBSCRIBE, STOP, UNSUB etc. but there is no use.
Such services who con the customers for spam should be brought to books and severely punished. I am not sure how to stop this and so writing on this forum. Does anybody have any clue on this nuisance?
Mar 22, 2011

Activation and Charging money for Alerts without my permission

I have called airtel customer care seven times and all seven didn't gave any solutions to Refund my money. For your kind information i did not activate the Alert option. It got activated by Airtel and they charged me for these alert without my permission. The details of Alerts activated by them and my money deducted them is as follows,

Alert Type Activation date Days/ Frequency Money deducted

Ramayan Alert 25/01/2011 48 96 Rs.

LKD Alerts 02/01/2011 2 or 3 times 20 or 30 Rs.

The customer care didn't respond my complaint and refused to refund me. I want my all money back and also the money charged for calling customer care. Please provide me the way to take serious action against the company. This was happened with me for third time , so I want aware all customer using mobiles and to teach a lesson to the company. Here I briefly writing my complaint because, the Aitel company has 13 cores customers and I calculated that if they deduct money from each customer illegally 10 Rs. each, they can earn 130 cores yearly. I know that they earning by this way, on my fathers mobile they activated number of alert without their permission. Please contact me on email or mobile no. and we have to file a common complaint in court if they deceived you. This is My address and contact details

Mr. Bhushan Shivraj Kantode
C/O Kavtekar.
Vishwa Residency, Dange chowk,
Thergaon, Pune.
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Mobile: 09730580510, 08928089149
Mar 22, 2011

Balance Deduction

whenever I recharge my account with the Airtel recharge card, I get a message stating that I have downloaded some games and I have been charged 50 Rupees.

I called Airtel Customer Care and they promised and assured me that they will credit my account balance within 4 hours but my account was never credited.

This has been happening since last two weeks and the amount is getting deducted in the similar fashion. Now when i try to contact Airtel Customer Care the line gets disconnected and I have been trying to reach them since then but in vain.

This is a modus operandi of Airtel to cheat the customer first by deducting the balance and then by blocking the customer to speak with customer care to get a clarification.

I would appreciate if you take immediate action against them as it is effecting our daily life.


Husain. Barwaniwala


Mar 21, 2011

Regarding MNP


I have applied for MNP on Airtel website to change my exist service provider into Airtel.

First of all after putting the request they call after 10-15 days stating that you can change your existing service provider to Airtel and after 2 days their executive come and collect the documents.

Now after collecting document NoBody is responsive even after calling to concern persons many time they are redirecting to me somebody else.

If this kind of services Airtel providing before taking the service then what will happen after taking the Airtel service?

Airtel Agency Name: Groom Agency, Pune (020-66000294)
Mar 19, 2011

Charging Extra Charge

I have actived the Gprs Plan of 98 per month for which I was suppose to get 2gb free download for number 7738628005. I have activated this service on 7th of Nov 2010 and I did not deactivated it.By there end it was deactivated and I did't know and now when I used it in Feb they say that it was not activated and they charge me 2300 rs for GPRS usage. I called them continuesly but no respont came from them.

Please I request to see over it.

Gajanan Tangde
Mar 18, 2011


ON 13TH MARCH I recharged my no 9860468518 by amount 333 for which i should have got full talk time, but i received only 301.90. when i complained about this, i was told that i will receive the balance amount in 48 hours but i received nothing. when i complained again....MY NUMBER WAS BARRED FROM 198 SERVICE.


the day my talk time is over i m going to switch over to idea.
Mar 18, 2011

Calls from Pakistan + 92...


TODAY i.e on 18.03.2011 i received a call from +923477443582 which belongs to pakistan.I am surprised that how can i get a call from this number when i m not concerned with this rubbish country .This is unnecessary harrasing me .requesting you to take this matter with your head office so tht further this incidence should not take place.

Thanking in anticipation

Mar 17, 2011

Money got deducted from Airtel many times

Hi,i took my airtel number 7709660430 sumwere in february,then i kept that sim for few days unused as i had given my phone for repairing.when i inserted my sim in march to use this number, i found my balance is reduced to Rs 18 ..When i bought i had Rs 32 as balance and automatically sum caller tune was active on my number,then i again recharge my number 77096604309 by 30 rs voucher,then onwards every day i start getting sum gardening tips messag.after 4-5 day i found every day re 1 is deducted from my account for those Gardening tips that was activated automatically,being a bachelor n living in PG i dont need any gardening tips,finally i deactivated that application n also caller tune application.So please check into this matter n try refunding my money that had been deducted from my account without my notification and please dont activate any application on my number without my notification.
Mar 14, 2011

Unsubscribe me from tadkalive service

I have been subscribed to Tadkalive service without my permission. I've asked them to Unsubscribe but they haven't done that. So please help me to Unsubscribe me from this service. My number is 8600924722
Mar 13, 2011

Games club

I have been charged Rs 5 every day from 10Th March to 13th March, i never used this service and never downloaded any games,i called up customer care on 13th morning and they are saying you have not started any services, we will re add Rs 5 with your account, It is not added till 11 PM on 13th but also deducted rs 5 again for the same, I am really not understanding what is the issue here
Mar 10, 2011

regarding monthly bill of prepaid card


This is Mahantesh here.my contact no is +91 9970925898.
my mail ID [email protected]

I am a user of AIrtel prepaid card and I was on roaming for last 3 days. So I would like to recieve the billing statement of my number for the last 10 days. Although I made a request to the company throught custome care regarding this, I am sorry to inform you that I have not yet recieved any responce regarding this till now. So Kindly direct me to resolve this issue. My contact details are mentioned above.

Thanks and regards

Mar 8, 2011

Faulty Bill

Airtel has charged me for those calls and SMS that I have never done.

1) I have sent 1 message and I am charged for 7-8 times for the same message
2) My GPRS service got enabled without my permission. I never requested airtel to activate the services. And they have charged me 110 rupees for last month. I got know about it when I received the bill.
3) I have raised the issue with airtel but no body is responding. Even when I am trying to call customer care no body picks up the call.
Mar 8, 2011

Unnecessary activation of pakages on account, thereby deduction in balalnce


This is regarding mobile number 9975931556.

I have called customer care multiple times and did not get solution on my issue.

Without my notice some model of the day pack is activated on my mobile by airtel.

They are deducting 50 rs every fortnight. I came to know it very late and when i noticed this i called up customer care on 4th march again.

The executive agreed to refund the deducted amount in four hours.

Till now i havent received any refund from airtel.This is absolutely not acceptable. Airtel should deliver what they commit.

The issue is since model of the day pack is activated on my account I want refund of all amount deducted under this name.

Further I have applied for do not disturb in month of September and still i am getting promotional calls from people.

I have received several calls for credit card till now.

I Need this issue to be address as soon as possible.

Further I am escalating this issue to consumer complaints as I have not received solution over a call till now.

Nikhil Hande.
Mar 7, 2011

airtel company cheating its users

I have got GPRS activated on my mobile but it never shows any signal. First of all calls to customer care chargable and whenever I call the customer care service they make me hold for long time otherwise they waste a lot of time talking irrelevent things just to charge us more. They also charge us for the time the phone is busy not connected to the customer care. I am facing this problem every time i give a call. They have asked me to call end number of times till now and still have not solved my problem. I have spent my entire recharge of Rs 295 calling them. They also charge me anything they want for my calls. I am really frustrated with these people and strongly feel that some action must be taken against them.
Mar 7, 2011


Hi, I use Airtel since 5-6 years now. Previously, i did not have any problem with Airtel but now, they have been deducting amount from my account for something i have not used at all. They have been deducting my Rs.10 weekly for TIPS BY YUVRAJ SINGH service and Rs.30 weekly for Video Mode Activation. I have complained earlier to their Customer Care and deactivated whatever was activated on my number. But still, I am facing the same issue. Whenever I call them, they say i have gone to their site (Airtel Live) and downloaded some stuff from there that is why the amount is getting deducted. And they can see it in their system. But i never go to Airtel Live for net surfing. They promised me to refund my amount as i was right. But it is only half refunded. I am trying to call them but I am not able to connet to their Customer Care Officer. Today again they deducted Rs.30 for Video Mode. I am not ale to understand what should I do regarding this issue.
Mar 7, 2011

Bad customer care service

Respcted Sir/Madam,
My name is Soma Samanta, i stay in Dehuroad,pune,maharashtra. On 4th Jan,2011 in the noon time i had done AIRTEL recharge of rs.98 for facebook browsing from retailer on this number: 9860220233 and it got activated. Later when i called customer care (for which i faced a lot problem to get connected ) for internet settings on my cell, the person misguided me due to which one more recharge of rs.98 got activated and that balance got deducted from my account balance. Again for 3 consecutive days i dint get connected to customer care service and today i.e, 7th jan when i got chance to talk, the person is telling that he cant refund my lost money and i have to use unnecessarily 4gb net browsin due to addition of 98 recharge. I requested him to transfer the call to executive and talked to her but in vain. Sir due to this big amount of loss and deteriorating customer service of airtel, i am very much annoyed. Besides this any scheme message even if read gets activated by no means. The service is literally getting disgusting as am an airtel user from past 6 years. Please take necessary action. I am lookin forward to you. Thankyou.
Mar 7, 2011

unwanted sms from 54321 and deductions

My number is 9096121071, I am receiving unwanted SMS from airtel 54321, My number is in DND list, Plz Stop all this nonsense. I don't want any sms from airtel


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