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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Jul 7, 2011

Customer Service

My customer care service is stopped every now & then by your executives. I want some information from your side then how should i take it. Even complaint number is blocked.
My name is VarunKumar Mishra. My number is 9096158034.

Varun Kumar Mishra
Jul 1, 2011

Airtel TV Setup Box

Dear Sir,

From Monday (13-06-2011) I am contacting on Airtel customer care helpline 18001028080 to solve Technical error but no one providing any solution. I call them for atleast 30Itimes in this week but every time they commit to send engineer on same or next day. But fact is that no one visited my home untill 20-06-11. And after visiting on 20-01-11 they installed old and defected piece of setup box. Again I start calling and registring my call to customer care and also at the same time I am calling there Nodal officer Mr. K Rao. But the responce and service I am getting is entirly unsatisfactory. Even for the period when there is signal problem, airtel deducted my account at the rate of Rs. 9 per day.
One request no. which is registered is 9102873.
Now on today they instaled new setup box again.
For the same i already in advance deposit Rs. 350 in my account. As you see there no delay from my side but the way Airtel giving service is unsatisfactory.

Error code Id B001 in the set up box
Current address
Flat No. 21, Bldg No. 11, vijay Vilas, Ghodbunder Road, thane West

I had invested atleast 5 to 6 hrs in talking to solve the problem, it causes some where Rs 10000 to me as my time invested in solving the problem.

Please do the judgement ..


Jun 23, 2011

Bill not delivered

I wanted to conclude my relationship with Airtel and opted to Port out. The final settlement bill was requested by me. I have been following up for my bill copy for number 9967654710 which would have got generated on Jun 6th and due on Jun 24th. But till today (Jun 23rd) there is no bill copy. I received a request number as 37900303 on jun 10th mentioning the bill will be delivered to me by max Jun 20th. However, there is no bill received since this email reply.

As I have opted to port out from Airtel, they are harassing me by calling min 6-7 times a day for payment of the bill amount. But I have asked them a bill copy that is not yet made available to me. When checked with the Relationship center, they don't give a copy and talk rudely. I think they have forgotten that they are working in a RELATIONSHIP Center and expected to build good relationship with the customers.

I had raised the concern through email to their Nodal Office which proved to be a waste of time.

- Rajesh J
Jun 20, 2011


I want to block my airtel number and i am trying from the morning but their is no
response from airtel people whether they are interested in business or not i dont no
i suggest them to close their company and do some other business which is suitable to them
Jun 13, 2011

Postpaid CUG Bill Plan

It has been a hell out of experience with Airtel Customer Service this time. I was promised to be given a WIN CUG 149 Plan activated by 1st June on my 4 Airtel mobile numbers however the promise was not kept for my Airtel number 9867152025. I would have requested them to resolve this issue by sending atleast 20 e-mails and double the number of calls. However, there has been no resolution given.

Hope, through this I may be able to reach the higher authorities and get what I wanted.

Jun 13, 2011

Defficiency in service

Dear Team,

My name is Rahul P. Hotwani. Cricket pack service was activated by Airtel, without any intimation and the balance of Rs. 20 was deducted for the same. Airtel refuses to pay these Rs. 20.
Jun 7, 2011

Complaints regarding call

Dear Sir /Madam,

I received a sms from +917738830858 on dated 07/06/2011 at 12.30 AM, related to sexual abusing & harrasment.

I request you to trace this user detail, as it was new mobile number & unfamilier voice to me.

Please do the needful.

Thanking you in anticipation and with kind regards.

C. Pednekar
Jun 3, 2011

Mannerless Customer Care Representatives

I called up 198, the complaint number for airtel, and started speaking in Marathi.
The representative wanted me to speak in Hindi.
I requested him to speak in Marathi as it is the state language of Maharashtra.
He told me to call back and hung up on me.

This is utter disrespect towards the customer. I am thinking of disconnecting airtel and would never recommend anyone to buy a new airtel connection. I have been an airtel customer since 6 years and this is total disgrace.
Jun 3, 2011

complaint regarding services of AIRTEL

Dear all,

I am trying to contact with Airtel customer care since 1 week regarding avtivation of service which is not activated and they reduced my balance for the same.and I am contact them through my cell phone but not getting any response from CUSTOMER CARE OF AIRTEL .

Please look in this matter & resolve same as soon as possible

Thanks & regards
Roshan Y
May 31, 2011

Activation of unwanted value added services

Unwanted activation of "Ringtone ka Maharaja" service.

Rs. 3 gets debited from my balance everyday.
May 31, 2011

SMS problem

Dear Sir,

My phone no is 9730792928. Since last 2 minths I m failing to sent SMS even after all setting is correct.. No proper responce from airtell service executive. Pl look in to the matter and try to resolve SMS service problem as early as possible.

I m not happy with your responce.

[email protected]
May 21, 2011

not activated do not disturb service

i had activated do not disturb service before 1 month but still they sent sms and calls
after that i made 2 more complaint but they just helpless.
May 19, 2011

bal rejet in my a.c any time

dear sir,
mujay mere mobile se bal har waqt cut khuy ho jata hai mera mo no hai-9004706918 ye no par mujay mera bal wapas chahi ye koi bhi keemat par
May 19, 2011

Perpaid plan changed

Hi I am nikhil using airtel no 9860259882 using prepaid service from last 5 years.

Due to airtel poor customer care services and unwanted dedutions I was porting to other operator , i.e.From airtel to vodafone and I had already paid the porting charges.

On 11-5-2011 I got a call from Airtel customer care that will provide me a plan i.e. 1 paise/6 sec Airtel-Airel & 1 paise/2 sec others plan, free of charge without any Deductuion for 6 months and 50rs talktime, to activate above plan I was asked to cancel my porting by sending an sms Which I did and i was told my new service will be activated within 24 hours.

My current plan was per sec deduction which is 1 paise/sec for all local and std calls .
On 13-5-2011 I received 50 rs balance but my prepaid plan was changed to some thing else i.e. 60paise /min for local calls, so now if I talk for 10 sec it charges me 60 paise previously for which I was charged .10 paise. On 13-5-2011 I had called customer care and registered my complaint Complaint no : 30513575855 & the person told me it will be solved & the difference balance will be credited in my account on 16-5-2011 till 11 a.m. but still I am facing the same problem after that I complainted thrice but still facing the same problem.

I mailed the complaint to nodal officer but from there i didnt received any respone .I am really disappointed due to such problems created by airtel and not full filling the Commitment made by Airtel. I hope I will be heard here and my problem will be solved as soon as possible,

Nikhil Jirapure.
May 13, 2011

deactivation of [email protected] SERVICE

I have been getting a message saying that I have renewed for the airtel's [email protected] service and rupees 5 has been deducted from my balance. I have not subscribed to it. but it is deducting money every day. I called customer care and told them about the problem but they cut the call without intimating. Immediately i called again and told them that i called few minutes before and i did not get any respone. He asked me to wait, in order to check details but he did not come back. i waited for 20 minutes on line. And when i call again it is not allowing me to connect to the customer care executive anymore. Instead asked me to dial *121# . But eventhough no use. Plz deactivate this service on my number. My number is 9967433898
May 13, 2011


I have been getting a message saying that I have renewed for the airtel's [email protected] service and rupees 5 has been deducted from my balance. I have not subscribed to it. but it is deducting money every day. I called customer care and told them about the problem but they cut the call without intimating. Immediately i called again and told them that i called few minutes before and i did not get any respone. He asked me to wait, in order to check details but he did not come back. i waited for 20 minutes on line. And when i call again it is not allowing me to connect to the customer care executive anymore. Instead asked me to dial *121# . But eventhough no use. Plz deactivate this service on my number. My NUMBER IS 9967433898
May 8, 2011


I want to swtich from airtel to docomo. The procedure says that You have to sent sms to 1900. But i am trying since more than 2 days to send a sms to 1900 from airtel but inspite of repeated attempts, it says message sending failed....!

May 5, 2011

False Billing

AirTel has activated of 3G services in non-3G serviced areas by promotions through IVR and cancelling out any existing 2G discounted plans.

They charged me ransom amount of 5800/- for GPRS usage for around 750 MBs of data.

When asked for reason, they always made some framed answers and praised themselves as we have top class billing architecture and other reasons.

They should not activate or intimate user first that this is ZERO Rental plan also if user is trying to activate from Non 3G serviced zone, they MUST not activate it.

Moving away from AirTel.
Apr 28, 2011

deactivate airtel tv

i have complaint in airtel gallery & on 121 also for 21 times but every week they send me sms that u hav been debited 40 rs but actually they charged800 rs in unbilled amount
please do somethin

my name is sachin s. bhosale
my cell no is 9892224949
Apr 28, 2011

Issues with Airtel Prepaid to PostPaid conversion

I am holding Airtel prepaid sim card. I received a call from airtel agents suggesting for prepaid to postpaid conversion. I got convinced and a guy named Jeetu Pavale(+917738748154) came for collecting necessary document on April 07, 2011. I was assured that the whole process wud take max 7 days. I was charged Rs.300/- for the conversion and received the receipt (Receipt No. 106449) and a welcome kit (sim card inside). But till now it is not activated. I have been calling the airtel representative who came for collecting the documents since long and that fellow is not at all picking up my calls. Pissed off calling hundred time daily to the Airtel representatives and on the top of it they assure me tht the complaint has been registered and I would be getting call from the responsible person in 24 hrs. Also provided me with the Request No. 37027043. Its been a week but didnt receive any calls from them!

This agent is seriously spoiling the name n image of Airtel.
My question is - Is there any way through which I can check if my documents have been submitted with Airtel or not.
I m afraid that by doing this kind of act they are just making fool of general public.

please look into this matter n reply soon!

thank you.
Apr 21, 2011

Deliberate delay by Airtel in processing mobile number portability(Mobile No. 9892282427)

Dear Sir,

I am a Airtel consumer of Mumbai circle(Mobile No.9892282427).I would like to draw your attention towards deliberate delay by airtel in processing my request to port my no. to Vodafone.I had applied for number portability from Airtel to vodafone on 6th April after receiving my unique porting ID(AM159155).However till date there is no response from Airtel on this issue.When I enquired from Vodafone's local representative here at Thane,he informed me that Airtel has sent them sme misleading information because of which they are unable to process my request.I lodged a complain with Airtel also on this account(Request no.CMPRO30420574236) but I am still to hear from them.

I would like to draw your attention towards this harassment and wish to express that consumers were better off when government has not announced such sophisticated policy which is hard to be implemented in our country because of the lost moral values and innate greed.Ignorance is a bliss some times!!

Through this mail I wish to convey a message to airtel that in any case they will not going to retain a customer with such deceitul ways of doing business but through improved services.Once I have decided to I will definitely migrate.However a fair business practice could have been well appreciated.



Md. Zeyauddin
Apr 21, 2011

incoming and outgoing details

e incoming and outgoing details of 1month from 20/03/2011 to 21/03/2011 my no. 9987009061 request you to mail me to my e-mail id i.e [email protected] thnking you
Apr 20, 2011


Apr 15, 2011

prepaid de-activation& activation

I am from Kerala..I'm staying @ belapur CBD now..I have took an AIRTEL sim from a street vendor (I don't know whether it is okay to took the connection from street vendors...if there is any issue why the AIRTEL people providing the SIM to them????)
the no: was 7738557753 and it got deactivated within a month..how come it deactivated ????then I recently took another SIM from another vendor, this time was for rs 10 and rs 35 talktime (offers-1p/5s to Airtel nos:, 1p/s to other , daily 100 sms after 1 sms) I took the sim as the plan seem to be very nice ...the sim was activated instantly ..he told me that within 15 minutes I will get the talktime...WTH...I didn't received the talk time even after 4 days...that no: was 7738345476..I'm ready to recharge and use the SIM..bt the thing is that first recharge will be the important one to provide the offer...I called customer care from another no: the guy was telling that there is no such OFFERS and there is no FREE SMS offer for AIRTEL!!!!!! Is he really an employee of AIRTEL??? idk...I disconnected...AIRTEL is losing so much customers because of their faulty services..please provide me the solution..
Mar 26, 2011


I have Airtel sim from last 3 years which was procured at Mumbai ( Thane ) . Now I am at Kolkata. And I have recharged with Rs 100/- ( hundred rupees only ) and its Transaction ID is 41184683 dated 26.03.2011. But I have got only Rs 1/- ( one rupee only ) top up. So, if there is any changes in the TOP up rules Airtel has to inform their customers first. Without informing they have given only Rs 1/- against 100/-. I want my money back. And looking forward for the better service from Airtel.
my cell no is : 099872633
Name : Ajay Bhat

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