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Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Poorni 1832
Aug 10, 2020

Recharge done on wrong number

Recharge done on wrong number
Pls recharge the correct number with same amount

Correct number: 9566661832

Wrong number: 8526017388

Amount: 251
Transaction ID: 367957689
Jul 19, 2020

Payment fraudulent and not updating my request

Sir / Madam
Greetings for the day
I am R.Radhakrishnan, age 56 yrs, Ex-service Man served in Indian Air Force for 21 years and presently working in Mahindra groups. And my mobile Number is 7708336661.

I am being asked to make the payment of Rs 6000 + for the month of Jun 20 and Rs 8000+ for the month of Jul 20. Whereas I have cleared all the payments till May 2020 and I made my last payment on 20 May 2020 for the sum of Rs. 4720/- which was asked by Airtel staff at Avadi Show Room. To resolve the issues amicably I also made the payment and again I raised my concern and left the show room with high confident that next month all the issues will be resolved and I will be receiving the regular bill for the sum of Rs. 1899 + taxes as applicable. Whereas it was vice versa and again same type of bills were generated and I am being tortured to make the payment by the customer care for the sum of Rs.8000/- plus for two months.

Simply Airtel is duplicitous the customers. Not listening and undertaking the distresses to resolve the issues. Both customer care & Show room staff. They are interested only on payments / incomes by any means. Airtel is number one cheater in communication technology. This is really ridiculous.

On confirming my payment details, Immediately I rushed to Avadi, Airtel show room and I blasted the staff who offered me new scheme / package in the month for Feb- 2020 and I asked them to cancel all offers like simcards, DTH, broad band and land lines. And I told them very clearly that I will not make any payment and I am ready to face any sort of challenges.

The real story follows now…

When I went to make the payment formy postpaid mobile at Avadi Airtel show room in the month of February 2020, sales guys (Particularly Mr. Keerthi Raj and his senior some lady. Name not known. But still she is in show room) convinced me and probed me to shift to plan Rs. 1899/-

I also accepted the new offer which was costing only Rs. 1899/- The package includes three sim cards, DTH of worth Rs 500, broad band and fixed line.

And further I requested to cancel all other channels which was earlier costing me around Rs. 850 PM/- Team assured me that everything will be activated by the end of the day itself. Then I left the show room.
All the three sim cards activated on the same day but not land line and DTH . (DTH was not reversed back to TN pack which costs Rs. 500/- as assured till now).

I tried to reach out Airtel customer number for several times to escalate my concerns. No use at all. Airtel is very tactically framed in such a way that no access is given to talk to their representative regarding payment issues or to escalate our grievances. Superbly organized. We cannot register our complaints on payment concerns.

Till now, as on date - the land line is not yet activated and my Airtel DTH package was not reversed back to as I requested. (I requested for Rs. 500 TN pack). I used to remind the show room guys every month while I make the payment or when visit over there. They take the complaints and assures us that it will be resolved within a day or next day . Whereas no action taken yet to resolve my concerns. Just they give us false promises and false commitments.

Request all the concerns to take necessary action for the justification. If possible cancel all my airtel connections. I am not all interested and I do not have enough time to visit Airtel Show room often for any grievances. I am tired enough. We need to spend around three hours to enter into the show rooms. Such a long queue existing always there.

Request organize to terminate all my connections and no one should come to me for any sort of payment please. I do not have any more patients.

With Regards,
Jul 17, 2020

Wrongly recharge to another company

The number we recharged (8531953857) is belongs to Vodafone. But it's recharged under Airtel. For that Airtel taken money four times. We recharged for Rs 219. At total the cast were Rs 876. Shall we get the refund. What are the procedures for getting our money back. Kindly refund us.
Jul 14, 2020

Recharged wrong number

Dear sir
I Prem Anand Kumar tried to recharge my number. But I wrongly recharged my father's number 8870681224 instead of my number 8754778093 for amount Rs 399.Kindly do the needful and revert the recharge to my number 8754778093
Jul 5, 2020

Mobile recharge done wrong

I have done wrong recharge through Airtel thanks app. My number is 7397411384 but i did recharge to 7397411484 for Rs.249. So kindly revert recharge to my number.
Arjun Nandhan
Jun 28, 2020

Wrongly recharged to another customer id

Wrong dth customer id: 3030468501
Correct dth customer id : 3030468516
Transaction id: ############
Transaction amount: 1982rs
Transaction date: 27 Jun 2020

Plese help me to get my money back

Wrongly recharged to another customer id

Jun 18, 2020


Dear Sir

We have an a Corporate numbers. The Airtel number is : 1373490993. We have already kept request for Porting and Airtel been rejecting it repeatedly, As per TRAI rules the decision is up to customer, All the payments has been cleared, Rejecting the request repeatedly is not fair, and please tell the reason for the rejection. we received mail related outstanding issues that's why portal issue we tried so many time to take portal 29.5.2020 and 9.06.2020. that time we cleared outstandings but we got portal but after 4days we receive error related authorization letter error. Please support us in this Porting issue.
Pavithra prema
May 30, 2020

Money deducted, recharge not done

Bill payment of Rs. 558.0 has been initiated towards your airtel mobile 9994690657. Txn ID: 2005302329862. The payment will get posted to your airtel account within maximum 4-hours. Please keep this Txn ID for future reference.

Please solve my issue or refund my money
Wilson mohana
Apr 29, 2020

Money debited from bank but not added in wallet

My money is debited from bank but the transaction is failed and amount not added in wallet account
Syed Ameen
Apr 28, 2020

Recharged the wrong number

Today recharged the wrong number

Correct no :9994339525

Wrong no I recharged:9994339524

Trans id:FCVA200428900659595

Amount :598 plan 84days
Apr 25, 2020

Wrong Recharge

Wrong Recharge

Wrong number 8754681664
Transaction ID 20042495080
Amount 399
Correct number 9578461603
Date 24 Apr 2020

Please help me to get a reversal
Apr 20, 2020

Refund claim

Hi sir,

I have made Airtel TV recharge on April 11,2020. That amount rs.3026 instead of rs. 300.from Airtel App via phonepe UPI transaction.that time OTP not asked this the biggest problems. At once I wrote mail to airtel customer care and they were mentioned that then they gave reference no 23309360. And same day I made rs.250 again recharged but theire not give service.
DTH customer id 3019728882. This customer name is my brother kanagaraj.

I kindly requested you to resolve my issue..

Herewith I have attached transaction receipt.. please find it.

Thanks and Regards..


Refund claim

kavithamani muthukumar
Apr 16, 2020

Recharge amount deducted but recharge is not done

Hi I have recharge my Airtel number on 16th APRIL for Rs.548 through Airtel App, and during the payment amount is deducted but recharge is not done to the Airtel account.

Recharge amount deducted but recharge is not done

Apr 6, 2020

Network issue

Airtel team members we the people of sivananthapuram near saravsnampatti post we are facing few network issues from past few days consitently slow internet & call drop out problems quality of voice call is also bad so please try to fix it in our area specially our region.

its very frustating for all airtel 4G users now...

Kindly do the needful...
Senthamizh dharma
Feb 4, 2020

Wrong recharge

I have done recharge for the wrong number and I need to reverse the recharge for the correct number which is 9443076681
Jan 4, 2020

Fraudulent Billing & Stealing by Airtel IR PAck

I strongly recommend please don't activate the Airtel international roaming package.
I am using the IR service and all of the sudden received 24500 INR approx. as bill amount.
Raised complaint and no proper response and I have been additionally charges for the service 649 daily pack.
Without my knowledge this has been activated and bill got generated for the same. Customer service provide it as valid charges and u must pay this amount.
This is completely stealing process...
Better switch to some other good network not this fraud telecom Airtel.
Nov 23, 2019

Very very very worst network

Hi, I'm from Chennai actually the airtel network is the one and only top 1st worst network in the entire world, because I had given a complaint about their network almost 20 time from the last 1 and half years but they are saying that we are improving the network and upgrading our towers. I dont know that how many days it'll take to complete a upgrading or improving process. In my home I'm getting only 1 point of signal so when I'm calling someone, I'll face a heavy lag and voice breaking. I couldn't use my network inside my home. In this case they are making pride themselves that indias fastest network. But they dont knows that they're the worlds worst network. I dont know who reads this but please take this issue to the consumer court because we are paying money and they are just cheating us by lying and enjoying our money.
Madhuparna Bose
Nov 20, 2019

Recharged My airtel number twice

I have Recharged my Airtel number twice,with the same plan.
I just want to know, whether the plan will replace the another plan or the other plan will be activated next month.
Oct 12, 2019

Recharge twice on airtel prepaid

I had recharged twice on airtel prepaid on 399 plan one through shop and other google pay. Whether the amount will be refunded or not. If not refunded how it works.
Aug 26, 2019

Unprofessional staffs at Airtel Store.

This is the Airtel Store at 100 feet road, Coimbatore. I go there two days back (23.08.19) to get some incoming issues solved for my Uncle. I walk in and find a table that I could find help from. The lady at the table treats us with an attitude. Throughout the interaction regarding my network issue I could not hear what she was trying to say as her voice was literally like whispers, and the moment I do not understand an instruction she gives me a rude, offensive look and snatches the phone to handle it herself. Till the time we left the store she made us feel as though we know nothing not looking at the part that she was not audible at all. Today( 26.08.19) after 2 days when we walk into the Store again as the issue was not solved . The same lady, recognized me with an offending smirk and I had a sling on my hand due to an injury the day before. Heaven knows what she saw that she could not control herself from laughing which was literally mocking me, "who does this?" and I do not at all know what the problem was. Such poor EQ holders is not expected at the customer services table. It is really very sad to see this at Airtel's Store being such a Big Name for Mobile network. At least a simple professionalism is expected which can be found at the local grocery shop also. She is the only female representative there. The name of "The Lady" can be disclosed but I do not find it interesting to make a mockery for no reason. Hope this feedback at least reaches her eyes.
Aug 7, 2019

Unauthorised sale of no

My son Ramprasad ramshankar is having airtel prepaid no 9900728296 for more than 4 years.Last year during March 2018 as per
govt mandatory norms he linked his AADHAR no with this mobile no . The same no is linked to his three bank accounts.
He was getting SMS messages with regard to bank transactions Suddenly off late weare not getting any such messages When
the local Air tel office at chinmayanagarchennai92 was contacted they told that the same no was sold to someone at bengaluru& they could not do anything. They have not bothered to reply when we asked how they can sell the same no without our knowledge.
My son is on onsite job. To avoid fradulent transactions in the bank accounts or in any other manner kindly allot the same no to us
If not delete the AADHAR NO linked to the mobile no so that it cannot be misused. Pl inform how can you allot the no when the
persons fingerprint with Aadhar is linked to the said mobile no I have not received any communication or SMS withregard the sale or
Jul 31, 2019

My number given to another customer

I used Airtel number 99441***** more than 8 years.
I traveled to abroad and not able use 3 month. Try to use on 26/07/2019 and it's de-activated..send mail to customer care on 26/07/2019 and they replyed It's de-activated 8/06/2019.and asked my details to activate. But 30/07/2019 it's activated to new customer.
I called customer care and they 90 days inactive so we given to new customer.

I am not understand .how they can give existing customers number to new customer.

I need my number. But airlel not giving which I used 8 years.
Jul 16, 2019

Airtel recharge

I recharge through Airtel app for 300 on 17/7/19 by 7:20 am the transaction went through my bank and the recharge is not updated.the txn I’d 19071616217

Airtel recharge

Apr 22, 2019


50% Cashback has been mentioned if I use Airtel Money for first time. I registered it for the first time in MyAirtel app but I didn't any cashback to the Wallet. Recharged for Rs.448
Apr 11, 2019

amount deducted but not recharged

I did on line recharge on 08.04.2019 for Rs.119/- but the amount was deducted but recharge was not done. Refund is also not received till date.
Again on 09.04.2019 recharge for Rs.119/- tried online, again amount was deducted but recharge was not done. Refund is also not received till date
Details as follows:
Phone number 9962133462.
Total refund pending Rs.119/- +Rs.119/- = Rs.238/-

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